The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1943
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME i—NO, 201. LIJO, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 1943 SUBSCRIPTION RATES ON REQUEST ' ' -THE BLVTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS Published daily except Sundajs in the interest, pf the personnel ' ' of the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Blytheville, by I he •, Ely theyille Courier News. It contains" the news of the Air Base. lacks Uncle Sam--|l050 Worth Soldiers Willing To Help Pay Cost Of War They're Fighting If yon want a tiling done right, do it yourself. That's jlist <iiiolher way of saying that Urn officers, cn- • listed; men-ami civilian employees of the Blytheville Army Air Field arc going to finance this war they're in by pulling; Ihmisaiids and llionsnnds of dollars into War Howls. The campaign starts tomorrow. War Bond sales representatives have been appointed Cor each .sqiiiidi-on, detachment aiid'unit. They, will start signing 'em up ritfht awsiy and Lieut. Oscar L. Benson, special service oll'iccr and War Boiul sales officer, declares it will foe practically unanimous. Bond.iHirchases will; be made by the, allotment plan, with a deduction from the monthly pay check. Posters will he displayed on bulletin boards to tell the facts about War Bonds as'a good investment and as being what it dikes to win the war. Here are the noncommissioned officers in charge ol the Eond sales: , 25th Squadron, Corp. Harold W. lUcGleary and Sergl. Robert E. Campbell; 2Gth Siiuadron, Corp.'Jacob Hrooks and'Sorgt..St)l KIIOIT; 7QOth Squadron, Sergt. Benjamin Schwart/.man; 701st Squadron, Stall' Sergt. Walter iMoir; 702nd Squadron, Corp. Lynn Brown and Corp. Asbton O'Dwvcr' '703rd'Squadron, Stall' Sergt. Carl Kris and Tech. Sergt. Gallon Allen; ••„,.,' 70<1 th Squadron, Staff Sergl. James C. While; 326th Squadron, Staff Sergt. Nicholas KicUonbaclicr; 309lh Sq., Pfc. Austin Moore; 945th QM Detachment, Corp. Ellis M. Moore and Sergt. George E. Van Hook; fl07th QiM Detachment, Sevgt. Richard J. Shaughncssy; Medical Detachment, Corp. Floyd V. Wider; Finance Department, Waster Sergt. Edward Morgan; lOGGth Guard Sq., Pic. Gus N. Chagaris; 856th Signal Co., Tech. Sergt. Forrest S. Burchheld; Communicalions Sqdn., Tech. Sergt, Mclvm h. White; Weather Detachment, Master Sergt. Joseph II. Muth; Band 351 si, Corp. James E. liickes; • v. Cadel Detachment, Sergt, Bill McCoy and Murphy- Tells Of Allied Air Might' —AAI'' Slair SiTgl. Forrest H. Domnr of the 1000th Guard Squadron, laid down S1050 In nclnal cash for $1400 worlli o( Win- lionets, mid then . signs un the dotted line for ft $25 bond every payday. Here his is will] I-U'iiL Otcnr L. Benrott, spcclnl .service ollicer and War liotuls cllicer, holding tlie bonds (two for $500 mill four for $101) oncli), and First Scrgl. Paul L. Yosl, ot the lOCiilli, who promises Hint this is only the Ijcslnninii: his squadron will make Iho liest record of'the Fluid. Chambers Returns To Same Old Job Win Over 701 si Squadron 29-22; Captain Johnson I s Leading Scorer I5y earning n '29-22 decision against llie 101st Sciuadron, in n game played at the Post Gynuins- iuin, Tuesday night, Ihe Flying Officers' basketball team won the fight lo enter the semi-finals of the inter - .squadron basketball tournament which Is' being held lhis : week at the Ulylhevllle Army Air I-'IcUI. They will oppose llie winner of the game to be played Wednesday night between llic 320th mid Hie 100th Squadron. Oaplain Johnson, alll'iough not n basketball player of great nxpc- rlence, scored ten points io lead his team to victory. In [mother tournament contest, the 70-Uh Squadron, Intcr-squnclron champs by reason of their 29-21 ictory ngnlnst the :)2Clh last Frl- ay nosed out the 703ril Squadron >y n score of 20-22. At tlie end of ic first quarter, the latter quintet 'us lending 12-4, but the champs nit on the pressure during the ast half and won out. Summaries: Officers ' Wist Capt. Partridge, 2 Travis, 0 A. Weir, 1 Jones, 2 Lt. Uuccl. 2 I'eevy, 8 Lt. Click, 4 Former Chemistry and Science Teacher Was Commissioned At Miami He's back ngnln. After saying goodbye to everybody last week, Second Lieut. Charles I. Chambers took his new commission and depa r t n r e for Headquarters of Southeast Train- Ing Center nt Maxwell Field under orders thnt sounded like a nc-,v assignment Operator Sent Here Tech.- 4111 Grade times S. Minv. lay lias been transferred from Smyrna, Tenn, to the Blylhcvlllc Army Air Field and has been as- siRiied to the 853th Signal Service Co, as a telegraph printer operator. Technician Murray 5vas inducted into the service April 20, 1S141. He is the son of MrJnnd Mrs. John J. Murray, St. George, S. C. In ci- vilian life he was employed as n lurnUiuc salcsmnu. To Hold Orcliirt Convention TUXTLA GUTIEimEZ, MeNico (U.P.)—Tlie first international orchid-growers convention will be held' In this southern Mexico city April 12-21. Tuxtlii Gulierrez is the center of Mexico's orchid-growing region and capital of Ihe slate of Chiapas, The convention has been organized by"the Mexican Society of Friends of Orchids. Second Lieut. Andrew Murphy, recently commissioned after completing a course nt the Officer Training School at Miami Beach, has been assigned to duly here as an Instructor in the cadet ground training school. He taught chemistry and science nl the high school of Newport News, Vn., and previously was an instructor .at Clemson, the,. University of South Carolina, niliinorc, and Lee's Normal School, Graduated in 1924 from Ersklne College, Lieutenant Murphy received Ihe degree of master of arts at tile University of Carolina in 1920, and took summer courses al South Carolina and Duke University. It Ls expected he will be assigned to lake a two months course In armament nt Randolph Field, Tex. destination known. Yesterday he Capt. Johnson, 10 Lt. Angell. 2 Lt. Adams," 2 Lt. Kclso, 0 Capt, Uebman, n H. Price. 0 West, 5 Moire Wolsfeht; Mouclmra, 0 was back: agah and on the job a usual as nssistan Heat. Chambers past commuiiicn- t i o n s officer. 'Those, were the orders I got," lie explniticC. Lieutenant Chambers previously was a warrant officer junior grade, lie Is the first, officer lo bj- commissioned by direct appointment at ttiis'Tleld. { " : 104th Glover, Hi nickers, 2 McClnndon, 2 Martin, 4 Iluth, 4 Dilvry, 0 Armstrong.- 0 Snodgrass, 0 Ghitcoal, 0 Spidlc, Hoffman, 1 Tucker, Tracy, Trcnthnm. Davis, .rvrwfe WPA—Tunisia Style; Flight Instructor Is Given Promotion Mrs. Murphy, the former Miss Mary Elinor Hunter of Memphis, is continuing to live at Columbia, S. C., with their daughter. Mary Jane 2, until llic liculcnanl can arrange aecomodnt!on-s in IBlythe- ville. i Second Lieut. Clarence N. Dlakes- Icy, n flight instructor at .the Blytheville Army Air Field, has been promoted to first liculennat. Lieutenant Dlakesley received his wings Women Want to Sail : RICHMOND, Cal. (U.P.)—One ( the wartime Iroubles of shippii! circles on the Pacific coast is U large number of women who try ' sign up as stewards for service i llie war zone, and the possibly eve In'ruor 'number who try to gi aboard (he 'outgoing 1 ships witho Under Secretary of War, Robert P. Patterson waxed enthusiastic over llie rapid grbu'lh of this nation's air aim at an interview during a press conference with Fort Worth, Texas newspaper men in Tarrant. Field's Officer's Club. The U. S. willhave "considerably over" 2.0CO.OOO men in its aiv forces by the end of 1943, he slated. Warming to the subject of America's role in the air, the War Department olli- cial said that when llic Allies invade Europe, ground forces will be covered with an umbrella of "hundreds and hundreds" of friendly combat planes. Left to right are: : Patterson, Major Gen. Ji. K. Yount and Senator Durnet n. May bank of South Carolina. (NRA photo). Policing The Grounds "When I first went into the Army,", said Warrant Officer Peter Waraksa, "we had just one type- vriter. It was in the sergeant ma- or's office, all 'covered up. Nobody knew how to use it.'' Capt. Irving B. Lee, Post Exchange officer, wishes it to be clearly understood that he himself posed [or. the picture which appears over i is name in the just published Pic- WELDS KNIVES FOR ARMY FROM AUTO SPRINGS torial Historical Review ol Blytheville Army Air Field. the CAHMEL, Cal. (U.P.)—From the backyard blacksmith shop of Calvin Hogle, retired realtor tinned metal ind wood worker by hobby, are now coming many of the Army's most ieadly and beautiful commando loggers yet to be used against the enemy In the war in the.Pacific. Plashing bsautlcs, Hoglc's knives —free for Ihe armed forces—are hand welded according to Army specifications and demands, from dirty, 'greasy, broken old auto springs, rrhey have 715-inch double- You won't be able lo fool the MP any more. Each individual pass will have on it the photo of the bearer. The new passes will be Issued as the photos arc taken. 'Ihe girls working at headquarters picked their idfal type of of- licer, at lunch hour. Guess who? Nope. Guess again. Give up'? Capt. eyen the'formality of siG«'ns "P-}j nm cs K. Holmes,'commanding ot They are invariably left at he Squadron. (He' °* "«PI»'v »--<l «',d thinks th states of resentment and language expressing the same. Hold Everything Two More Kandsmen Transferred Here and commission May 20. Tie is.a 1011 graduate of Louisiana State University. He hits been stationed here since Aug. 27. Tech. Sergl. Alexander Poskinka and Staff Sergt. Pictvo Silvcrio have been transferred from Keesler Field. Miss,, to the Ulylheville Army'Air Field and have been attached to the 351st Army Air Forces Band. Sergt. Poskinka plays the bass bass violin and the tuba. A former Chicago professional musician, he played with well known dance orchestras and is a fine arranger of music. He enlisted Nov. 5, 1341. Sergeant Silveno is a trumpet ,ilayer with several years of experience. He formerly lived in East Brady. !'a.. and was inducted April 4, 1942. Merhbers of U: S. Army Air Force ground crew get down under; the ground with pick and shovel as the>- dig slit trenches at an,: airfield in Tunisia. Ditches are used to dodge bombs and to drain, the .field when it rains. Note big warbird in background. . Training ^Squadron Again Wins Pennant The 20lh Training Squadron, which shared llic "E" Pennant two weeks in succession with the 102nd Squadron and then lost it for one week to the 309lh Aviation Squadron, has regained sole control of it this week as a result of the weekly inspection of troops, a mid barracks. Scoring 00 Mints, It was closely followed by .he 102nd, .103rd and 309th Avin- lion Squadron, each with a score of 95. Capt. John A. Martin is commanding officer of the 26th Flying Training Squadron, and its top kick Ls First Sergt. Paul T. Champion. FUNNY BUSINESS Complete Stock Slcel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 Play Full Schedules NEW YORK (U.P.)— TWO Nett York college teams have booked lull baseball schedules for this spring. Fordham will piny 15 games ind Manhattan 1G. Any Shoe Can Bt REPAIRED - ^T^M^"inn's dictating wilhUK:liiccupsugainT,' Just 4 Miles To The Phillips State Line Service Station SAVK on rlillliris Qualily Gasoline & Oil. I'rompl, Courteous Service. Oficralcil by Mrs. II. L Ueytiohls. OPERATING HOURS For A-U-C Coupon Holder, SUNDAYS: !) A.M. lo P.M. ALL WEEK DAYS 0 A.M. lo 12 Noon 1. P.M. to 8 P.M. If the upper. 1 ! arc still good, I Hriue them to us for quality "HALTER'S Quality Shot Shop W. M»to Ph. Z732 the world of his 2-vear old daughter. Anna V.I First LIcnt. Carl N. Wfinstein, plans and training officer, reports that, nil details of enlisted men going to physical training Tuesday I were accompanied by a dog. The lieutenant thought it was a funny sight. But isn't physical training just a dog's life anyway? cling. • - Since the Army does not object, Hogle prefers lo use auto springs for blades because they arc made of (he finest steel and are so hard they cannot b; drilled. ''They must be punched lo rivet on the guard and handle and take a magnificent edge after an oil temper," he said. Hogle first offered a sample knife lo the Army several months ago. He was immediately commissioned to "make as many as possible." S31 for 1'oiuid Kutler . . PLYMOUTH, Pa. (U.P.)—There was no ceiling price on Mieheal Evans' pound of butter. Evans brought a pound of Grade A bul- ter lo a Kiwam's niestini; and auc- edged blndes and handle Heavy J lol )J d «; P" for : $31. Proceeds went enough to "do a nice job of snnd-| l ° lne Ke(t or(KS if necessary." Fox hunting Ls n national sport Working directly from discarded of lhe BriUsll nt horae _ am , lhcy , vc auto springs, leather brief cases, suitcases and gun holsters, donated by his neighbors for the "cause." Hogle figures he turns out a knife every four hours. "Most of the work k just old- fashioned pounding of the blade into shape." he RaUi. "The walnut handle is fitted into 'metal caps at top and bottom, so that even if it splits it can't come loose," he pointed out. , The processing of a knife itself Includes an oil dip and session with Ian emery wheel, much punching pounding, sharpening and riv- Every \var Ixmd you buy is just a little more butler on your roll. 3-27 "Go away—I'm not wasting the eight months it took me to build this raft!" FL0WERS Say it Hcst 'At Easter It wouhln'l be Kaslcr wilhoul Flowers. I'lare your Master orders early for corsages of Orchids, Itoscs, Gardenias, Spring Honors and Plants. >Vc are prepared to serve you in Blythevllic or distant cities —we telegraph Flowers anywhere. HEATON'S GREENHOUSES AND FLOWER SHOP 200 Davis Avc. 24-1 SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY IJ'dway & Walnut Ph. 553 Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Across from High School lnhcl , , t with then -, to Tm)lsln _ Freshest Stock - Guaranteed-Hest Prices •,' Kirby Drug Stores SPECIAL Complete Motor Tune-up $3.3$ Includes cleaning and spacing of spark plugs, adjusting and cleaning of carburetor, distributor, and fuel pump. COMPLETE STOCK OF CrlAMPION SPARK PLUGS PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5lh & Walnut Phone 453 L FITTED BY Doctors J. L and J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BI,YTIIF,VIM;E SINCE 1QJ2 The Modern Ice. Box COOI.EUATOR For Economy ami Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone 515 SMALL LOANS OB Anything tt ¥»!••. ' East Main Loan Co. S0« F.. M«ln — Fhom ZM« er Flowers! I'liice Telegraph Orders Now. Corsages »f every description. THE FLOWER SHOP . DELIVERY ANYWHERE' GIENCOE HOTEL BI.DO. 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