The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1937
Page 5
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'i'HURKMV, DECEMBER 1C, 1937 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS In This Corneu By Art Krenz PAGfe i Vosmik Should Star In Boston ; Mycr Would Play 154 Games HV If.UUIV (HUYSON Snm'K Kililor, NKA Service CLEVELAND'S hesitancy in »•-•re])( Charles .Salomon Mycr 111 a di-nl with Washington recalls tlic Hill of tin; American League's two best hitters of 1935. They were this same Jlmldv Mycr and Joe Vcsmik ot I lie Indium. On (lie face of things, one might MisjK'i-t lliat tlic battle for iiic junior circuit's batting crown of (wo years ago. waged until the linn I :lr\y of (he campaign, left Myers and Vosmik exhausted. That I. 1 ; absurd, of course, but the fact remains thai it took uolh players motile time (o recover Irntu the rlicrk. Mycr hasn't ticen himself :itice, as a matter ol fact. Myer romelhin); in the «'ay of a .Mirnrta 1 winner in 1935 because he wasn't afraid to go to »al on the concluding afternoon. v.hct't lie manufactured four lilts. Vormik st«d pal. He refused to '•ike a chance. and remained in t':c rtiifoiil, where in addition to tisiivhlni; a point licliin'ri Mycr, he obviously <:r:nlracle:l tad habiUs. Tin 1 Clovelaml Bohemian .5hunp- i'd in 1930. and was sentenced to the St. louts Drowns. That was Midi .1 lesson to him. however, lliat lie snapped out of It in a hurry, and with such good re- nilt.s Hull )in recently was reprieved. He should hclii the Boston Red Sox in 1938. OMIII Vilt. ihc new Cleveland 111:1 nsgiT. was keenly interested "!un lie heard that Mver was on the market, but cooled off when he disnutfrd the brown-eyed Mis- '•issivipiim with oilier American Slyrr Ksprcls In Piny Full •Schedule Although Mycr anklet! to the plale 430 times in 125 games last season. Vitt was told that the man who starred with the National:; fcr so long was pretty well v.-arfied up. His legs were fairly well shot, they said. He couldn't get. out of his tracks. This upset your correspondent, who dislikes to see first, class <'l>aps like Myer pass out, so I telegraphed him -,l his Ellisvilli'. A!ir,s;., home, and was greatly pleased at his reply. There may be news in it for some of the l:nyn. Myc-r expects to piny a full .'chcdulc in IQUi!. He's feeling f.reat. an-j is conndent thut he will make a complete come-back. During only one scn-son could it be raid that. lie wa;; away for any lireat distance. YOU know— 1336- wiien he was out the groater part of (he time and his batting mark dropped ts .2G!J. Myers's weight. j s back to jio,- He's liunlini; quail or en- Mgitig in soinn other outdoor cx- ercis- daily to keep his pins in fhapc. It's early to bed and eiuly In rls? with him. and he. insists thai if he improving as he lias shire tlie 1537 season ended lie rani see any reason why h" tan'! roar along lls | :c ,1,1, v ,,, ije playint; such an important role in ti-cpiiiff Ihc Nationals up front When Clark Orimtli hoars this he'll l:« tougher to deal with for iiionev-pliiying .second basemen like Myer are few and tar IV.'CCll. bc- Hip Ailment Handicapped Vosmifc Myer will be y.\. March V : j Ifogcr.- Ilomsby ,-itid Frank Frisco nlayeri plenty ol second base ;i,t 3G. Charley Behringer will be '33 nr.vt Iri(>. Tcny Lezserl has jr s t turned 31. So Ihcic i., ample rrspon to }i>p- 1i!>vr thai. Mi-.vcr .still i,a.-. a f ! Bll . plR of (jooil seasons in his sys (em Mycr will ill throughout,' 1!)?6 ant! wojTied about his com.'tition „„( A hip ailment rcp^ilc „ Vosmik on (In- sideline.-; j,,, [g-jfi and the Cleveland club nnallv decided that he was too • brittle Tlie 10:i(i season also- was tl ie first of a tlurc-year contract, ' nclthic Vosmik S42.000. and tho?., w" 0 OF \VCW IT MTtJ . 349, T BfEtl W/fyLf NOW DOteN'T POINT BE HMD SLUMPED IN 193^ AND TO THE srtwis HIS WAS AND SHOULD European Author Gibraltar 1.6'Temmine 0 Uncommon. 10 Muscular Aru';\vcr to Previous :Tm\ I- rriRT door. 1 J Hornt. IfiSk-k. , 1? Apish actio'.'i: 20 Northeast ilORficll "3 Myself,'. -3 Misdemeanor. 24 Bronze. 51 Side bone. L'S RTiriieral 5prinrc 53I ' <;rls ' !1 ' n S lo pcnoo. Ifl I'uienl. 1.1 Typo stall, 21 Ozone. 2:1 To bi-irc : 2-Hff'lpeiv. 25 Cl;in unit. 27 Italian river. 28 npTOiircd. 2!) Sagacity. 31 English coin. .'12 Pest. 33 Platform. 35 Little devil. 37 Spiny . mammal. 30 To.'sij-c 3:To('lcraled. 3-! A'uciifory. 3C ^IVralli. 37 'Small child. birds. 55 Bitter herb. 56 Ever. !>7 Girl. 58 She was — ^Verbal. 4 To soak .. 5 Electrical unit. S!) Locality. G Made u nose 12To sl:il » noise. 7 Pertaining to air. by nationality, a, Northwest. surface of water. 43 Foreigner. -M Nautical. •IC'Moolcy apple. 53 Sire was rated 11 Frozen water. ' lfi Genus o£ Bun gou. I 1 ! Any leolin?. f .-5 Afternoon. j'!6 Skin disease. •17 To scrutinize. '40 Grief. among Ihe belter s. VERTICAL 1 Grain. 2 Uird of prey. 13 To merit. 15 Employs. • (he niusician, Chopin. 'IE Unless. 50 Rowing tool. :UMalc pronoun. 52 Golf teacher. during liii best 54 Onager. easy-going j oc ,-, raC i t that -such an agreement didn't ' exactly (end (o mafic him lake an-/ heller care of himsrlf. Bui, .Ion v-smik win no , ,. 23 until April -I. and pt-rformprl JII51 ,\r. well ;, •; rvfr j,, ],„., j. M I A in hiilinc .TO:, in Ml rXmcs for I^T, 'he Browns last term. V.'-d,,^ ,, marii-d now, lu, .-,e!!le,i fio , v ,;. nr.rl reallv shouliT come ' jiilo hr fiv/n in Urv-.tan. where a " friendly left-field wi.II will he to thr lik- Ini! of a Fplendid ngr.t-hai.irt povcr liittcr. i, Vcsmik has it in him U win (h» American League baUlnf.j- championship, ant) with only y, f a i r shore of hl5 old ofricicm : y, M vcr MCUM make a v/r.nle of £1''liilcr- <*"<!«• in a club like Cleveland, which is badly in need of a sc-- oml baseman. Rut tofli prefer (o foil -d |hat l).:tliiifr race cf 1935. Jt < vai followed by tpo many headaches. K.vlr (Kim; Koucl Mcl'ltail, six-foot six-inch lackle, erects .fach Semi, live-fool 11-inch Toledo sports \vrilcr. .Mrl'hail. lS-.veal'-ol(l Florida .Military Srlinol senior, is one of the rinrirta Scholastic All-Slavs ulu> tackle an All-Oiiio (cam at SI. Petersburg. Dee. 23. The Dope Bucket liy J. P. Fritnd Bears' End If (heir luck holds out, two members of this yenr's Ulylhcvlllo ChlckaMiws will witness the Hose Eowl name on New Yrivr's Vny . • . They nri> Calvin "Hlckermil Head" Moody, nnd Homer "Do' lini'si 1 . . . "Hick" nml "Bo" lell by "ulr" talr you going my way) early yestcrduy niornlnt! . Ami it wits "California or bust" with them ... On Iho >l they plan to join another former 'ivlbcsentiti. itny i.arkln, nnd (he three hope (o'crush the PasiiJcna pavtnls, somehow . . . 'J'he KII.V who mod' "when 1 there'll n will Uu're's a wny" wnsn't so far oil, ufior nil . . . lion voyage, boys! 00--00--00 11 will be "Professor Kcrr" Ihls fprliu: (or "Wee" nlckey Ken 1 , former World Swlcs slur . . . Aniiounceinent. has been made by (ha ex-White Sox Mmlhpaw, who emerged unscathed In that memorial* 19111 Itluck Sos scandal that ro-.'kcd the baseball world, Unit he and U L. "Cowboy" Jones, '.vliivuijSt'r of Pine lllulT In (he Col- Ion Slitdvi LeiiBtie. will coiuliict a bacebnll schoul n t Niitche/.. Miss. . . . The Profs will call classes (n <i«lcr I-Vhriiiuy IS and Vcuse them March as ... It will !>,• slilclly n school and not a tryout. (nui|i . . , They hnvc iio tciinrclkiii', whli ulher clubs, major r.r minor , . . nlckey miin- nned Wntisicti. Wls., uimborjncks last year, lelurnint; to the isiimd fifbr an absence of several years . . . Oir lo n bud slarl, (he club iidn'l fare so well . . . lack ol iptitPiil players was Ihc reason. . lliey operntcil Independently ind it [iruved (lisas,roils . . . Ihul 0 draw from the snnillot« and scmi-i«f, rankK . . . Their <lu<- i not enough to compete with .51' clubs iisliiu select talent srnt fjwn Hie iiutjors ... He dcesn't know what, his status will bo fur rang. . . . i.-i,,,,; there: luive oelljloin-il Dial he tic brought mek . . . Milwaukee; has Inken over the club and \\lll use It as 1 farm . . . 'j'Jiey are expected o name the pilot, . . . Dick has several ilei\ls hunting Ihc. There a .slreny suspicion thai he will id with hl.s old pal and buttery male, K;iy Srhalk, ns a coach Mickey Is now back ill hl.s pjsl '.ion with the Fcdcml Compii'.s 00--00--OO nclvlng in (he plscalorial art, Isn't exactly in our sports line . . luf, MC hciirc, a fish story Unit, ICieucs lo be retold . . . It, -.eetiis that ,loe Linly.cnlcli, ..VOIIUK '.on of "Dutch", and Pmil Oilmen; in a parly with others, were tr.\'i iiiB their tuck in Ihn waters nl I "" ' Arnioiv! ... Joe and 1'aul were '"'<• school . . , Phy.'ilcul a led up near (hs front end ol' llc " will lie added to the currlciil- ^e biial on opposite sides. Joe "in and cirilll Hlren for It 301 a bile ... A fraction later Seven -I!, inlmile periods of :o did Paul . . . rioth pulled up,classes will he in progress it almost, the snmc time . . 'ifci<1a.y ol the schocl 'lisli- surprise they had the same fl*'li • . . Kxnmhuitlnn .nhowed .. .. that (he lish had swnlltnved Joe's'One can expect better Chick bait, rushed over and gobbled kclbnll names vulfti Joivn Pnul's, too ... Joe claim- """h' own lo play. si Ihc catch ns he ''had" first. Mildred Gross To Be Sugar Bowl Representative year anil FAYETTEV1LLE, Ark., DEC. 17 HJPi—Mildred Gross. Untverslly of Arkansas student, will be otll- clal representative of Ihc college at the annual New Year's l)aj •Sugar Bowl festivities at. Ncv Orleans, it, has been announced. I 'IT.? sports carnival at the ! f/.uisinnn- city \vill fcnturc (he i football game between I..S.U. and ' Santa Clara, (ncit.rmnily. this will v.ith a.aM.tSO tons l.isi. be the srronO time in as many o live-year average nl years tte two teams have clashed Ntv; YcarVt Day classic Manila Gym Scene of Several Cage Batlle* MAN1UA, Ark., Deo. 11.—Invasion of Dio Manllft hlgii school nyinnnsluin seems to bo ft plcnslng untl profUnblc enterprise, JudBlng from IHu Jurgo attendance ««(! three different schools represented In Uasketbnll uames plnycd on the lurfiil court W«<lnes<lay nliflit. In Iho first giuno of Die evening Iho Uuchvlllc girls defeated the Btiy K'rls tenin 10 to 15. Miflns, dc- JMidaljlo forward for l^rnclivDlc, was high point girl with 10 points. And with only one s n «ic of rest, allotted them Ihcy walked on Ihe coiirt lo meet Iho stronger, .inoro cs|KTlcnfed joiiosboro sOxtot wllh Jonosboro winning by 61 to U. TlicrC ms not imicli question nboiit tho iiiperlorllj' of UIB JonesUoro ^Irls, Mil It Is very doubtful If the Lcneli- /illc girls would Imvc lost to'I hat lino Iiiul they been (he only opilo- iMils. Kellur, Joneslioro forward, «ored reiwntc<lly In Ihe last gnme, alkliiB up U4 point* for her tcniii. In tlic second ijnmft of Iho cvon- II the IjcnchvUlo boys jiluyed the Buy boys team, loslnn by 17 to 30. Iliu sensntlonnl iilnyliij of Moore, vCftclivllle fonvnrd, was iniuBcd and irwtly needed. In n KIUIIU plnycri icro Montlny nualust Netlleton he sceine<l to be. the only consistent ;onl-iniiki'r but. Wednesday night 10 rniitj up only (J jiolnls tor Ills .caintnules. MncMnslers. ot Bay, Has high point imm wllh u total ot 10 points. BUI Knrr. ))HS3 snnqeln* end o! the Clilcajo Benrc will he In aclloi at Memphis Saturday ugnlnsl ll,< All-Slats in u piolesslonal fooltal' contest, ami Httlson, p|n c ulufl IJoy and lormer Alnbnmu winginnn will perform at one .end for tin All-.SIlll.f. jjyn every . . . FOI Uic Ihst time there will be ( u- activity for the (jlrls hic ,iiiice a] him 00--00--00 There were mimy pleasant, surprises during the annual chick- saw Athletic Club banquet [ho nniioiincement by Coach Joe Mouse Hangs Itself By Tail in Spider Web -. - .,„.. , PIPESTONE, Minn. (UP) — Karl -Wdy that Pine Bluff, Little Rock, ^hnsina. n fanner living jicar here Russcllvlllc and Clarksvllle, all '"'s a .iiinpKhot of a, mouse, that ,-oiiference members, hnd agreed '"'"BKl Itself liy the tall when o hcine ami home contracts for "'come trapped In a siildcr web 18 was a tonic . . . But we also -<™ mouse, apparently falline lii- ot n ircmendo,,., "kick" out. of to the heavily woven veb hCl n st mill ,? TO n l M , I* ^"'"^"""l »>«•"» o.l.i*l«i m s»r.i "*£. .o'.;'cn^;^^^.n ^^matr"- ••HlMnBHHBH Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe 24 .HOUR SERVICE Phillips "66" Gas 2C Tax All Leading Brands of Beer, Liquor, Wine, Gin and Cordials. 'Cigarettes, 2 Fkgs. 25c, $1.15 Carlon Highway 61—Holland, Mn. Black Water, Y&rbro. Tie In Cage Battle 'Die Yarbrn Eir' s ' team li.isl two h.'K'J.'filL'.'ill game.': \vhen (.her- <cl hist night at the armory. rhc DENVER iUPj—Sugar bed pto- tcorc resulting from their, gamo 1 rtnciioii in Colorado this year is uilii the Black Water tean't was tclo-.v the 1936 figure, with (,'ie •1 to 21, and Iho score »•,(. the yield estimated at 1,980,000 tons, md of tlicjr game with konc O^»;c was 10 lo 13. The niack Water nnd Yarhro ( , r )25 ,,,, a t, )lis Thc a ,. y, M \ln the ooy.-! s ,.,mrs cted in 3 I.e. n ,o| r ym k , s(in llc( , al 12 ^ \ m . r .i. after playing an extra pcrioii | over the regular time limit.. Thc Lcfip Oak boy.s' (cam iron ivcr the Ekron team willi a score of 25 to 5. Wickel To Pilot Club In Ewmgeline League OARUTlIEnsVlLUi, Mo., Dec, 17 -U Vim disclosed hero t<xti\y l)y oltkdrs ot the Cariilliersvllle biisc- bnl! club thnl Harrison \Vlckel, mimiigei- of tfic Carndicrsvllle ri- Ints thu past two ycurs, Imcl been uniiictl nmimijei- of the New ibcrln, la.. <-litb for 1038. In the Kvnngellnc l^nRiie. The imiiiiolion l» snld to curry a nice Incieiise, hi ailnry. WJckel, wlio plnys sliortatop, led Ihc Pilots to cluiiuplonslilp o( tho Noiihensl Arkansas I.ctiKue In 1113U, nml brought them In to finish In .•icdonrt place this paM seiison. Only ar>, he IK considered one of the duUtnndbif,' yoiiuif minor tongue mrinngcra In the St. Units Cunlt- nnls' oii;ni)(7.ntlon. KertMtt Bowlers Win Over Blytheville Team Kennett, Mo., bowlers dcfcakd * B!ythovill» bowling (cam In an mtcr-clty bowling mate!) at. SuU- • bliry'B PlUyhouse here lost ulglit. 'liie K«nnett triumph gave the teams an even break ui two meet- Inns. Tlic visitors finished Uio match • with « k'nm average of 1V2 points per game compared-to an average. . of tea iwlnts lor the alythcvillo team, W, O. Qeurln ol llio local team was high scorer with an average of 212 points wlilic a Mivjstout lai tlic visitors with an aycrngc of 205. Wilds cf Africa Callcil Snfe DURBAN (UP)— Wandering m the wilds of Africa Is no raovo dangerous than In England, Mr. nml Mrs. Albert I'nrkcr. who hnvo Just completed R 23,500-mile trip through tho country, decWre. The Journey, lasting six yeare, took Ilicm uoin tho east coast to Ilia west. ' Read Courier N««m Want Ada * PRESTONF * ANTI-FREEZt * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS Complete Stffck Prompt fctfvice To Atl Makes of Cars TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 2'1 Hour Service Cull 633 You don't have to worry , . " alx>uL size or color or whether "he's already got one." or whether "somebody else thought of the same thing"—for if there's anything better than oh* bottla of Glcnmorc, it's two bottles. It's the whiskey of a lifetime, produced by men who've spent their lile- fi'mo making it—n total of nearly 600 years of whiskey-making skill. Oltompic Dirtillcrira Co.. Incorporates! Louiivillt—Owenaboro, Kentucky J^ I 6UN'MOfff'S QI tumor*- KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY KENTUCKY BOUnGON WH!SKEY_30 PHOUF Old Warship Model Takes 600-Hours Workj NEW LONDON. Conn. iU!'i-| U took Christopher Culver, local 1 maiincr. exactly COO hours to' complete reconsiritctlon cf a mod- i cl or the U. S. S. Chesapeake, a ; •:iili> of war cf Ihe old navy, which i ii owned by the New London Jib- boom club, Ho. 1. The reconstructed model now tests in a mahogany ca l :c. fa^li- by two of Us members. ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY TRIP TicVotj OB tile djily ... you may 95 -*hcn- w.i ytu picj'.c , . stjy a month if you like . , . in 1 you'll enjoy iSe ChiMmr, HoMi>s MI the more h:ciu^c you hjvc fv:tj a ple:-ir,t Irip in sjFc, all-steel fiiko CJTV . . - fiity l<;*f-pric«d rucJfi - . . free pil- lo»s on thin Jtiil night traim, • SPEED 9 SAFETY • COMFORT • ECOHOMY GIVE A TRIP TOR A CHRISTMAS PRESENT II you "n't so ho I°°««"A S ,VI"I" iny.titn in 1 -^«, Fuve iV.e folVi tht -l«iivf:y ol * i UninJ SllUl. ASX THE FRISCO TICKET AGENT We Modern-• Furnace, Stove or Stokr $7=00 ion GAY & BILLINGS PHONE 76 AfiKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Vastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insnrance • • Fire Insurance Investment Securities OSCEOL^, ARE. , .., ,

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