The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHttVlLLE. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNKSDAY, THE BLYTHEVILLE COUIUEH NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOOK, E-iitor H. W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kaiisiis Oily, Lllllo Rock. Published kivsrv Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as :<-conrj class matter at )!? yot'. olfic ol Hlylhcvllle, Ar- »ii55i, under ,:ct of Congress Oc- Jf..-- tarwr 9, 1Q17. Served In Hie United Press. SUBSCRIPTION KATES By carrier m Hit; City ol lllylliuvlllc. )5c i«r wcei or 56.50 per year In advance. By muil within n rnillus ol 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 (or six months. 85c (or three months; by mull In postal zones two to six, inclusive, $6.50 |x?r 5car. In zones seven and eight, $10.00 IX.T year, payable In advance. World Co-Operation and Our N'auy \VlK']i Srci'ctmy of I in; Niivy Claiulo A. S\\;ii!::oii tills I'lvsidi'iH Housi'Mli tliut tin' I'nitnl Stales sliimld i»r<J- ccL-il promptly to .•In-nv.iiifM il.-> naval defenses, sinco inmv tr.ii 1 ; :t ik'Mili: ol sincere work for iitni-tn;'nt rcilm'tinn lias gone for iiauuiil, lio voires 1111 i<l- titiiilt! which tiiKtoiibledly lias Hit: approval of ii uix'iil many Aincriciiiis. A( the s.imu lime, by calling »l- tention to lite navy's present inniiii- plcle slate, lie cnipiui.-;!/« tho fiu-l that \vc have not reallv bad a naval policy sina- tin. 1 ond o!' the World War. We have not had a pulley, thai is, in that \vc have not had a dcl'iniU: goal or a ik'iinitu program Tor inir fleet. On the one ham!, we have- insisted that our navy l;e I'liissu:! as one of the two stron^l '-r. Hie world; on the other, \ve have l/u-ii conlcnt to let it fall below tryjiiy ^landards. v * * The result has been that the navy has gotten Jiloiijj as best it rould, an organization that please." neither I In; pacifist nor the mililarisl. Prior to the Washington conference of 1922, our avowed aim was fo build tho greatest Heel on earth and maintain it in lighting trim. In ships bnill and btiildini; \ve had that goal within reach; we needed only to wait for'the new vessels to slide down the ways "ml we would be jirc-eniinonlly the r.Te.ittst naval power in existence. But we didn't do it. Of all forms of human folly, a naval armanii'iit IMCO is the most expersive and Hie most dangerou-; mid \vo averted such a development by throw'tig away the iiUHjnilieciH new ships 'h; ; i were liiilf- bnilt and by voluntariiy accepting a rating lower than we c~idd liave had. » » «• Mow, says Secretary Swan.son, the time has come to tigble;: up our bell anew. And before we '-an decide on hi.s program properly, we need to restudy the whole problem and decide just what we want our navy for and what we expect it to do. If we have given up all. hope of further co-operation from oilier naval iwwt'i'.s—if we fcc-1 thai future naval agreements lire impos-ible. and thai we shall have to stand absolutely alone henceforth—then it is up to us to do as the secretary says a-id mai;u liie :; t>UT OUK WAY fleet ready, for anylhiir happen. Jkit if UicVe still is a chance of continuing the fijfivrmciil • of Ihe pasl decade, and of avoiding the expense and danger of ii::\;il mi ipctilion willi- mil crippling our l'"reij-ii politics, il would seem wise In gi't almiiv "as is" for a while longer, For we cannot I'm 1 ; 1 " 1 "nc tiling. If wo add lo our. Heel, utlrT nations will do the same. And no mv knows what the end of lliat might !•••. - -Hi'iK-e (,'atlon. Look in the '//oodpile A new party lias ;i! i c,i in the west, and at'lirsl gli'.inv al i 1 nvogram one would think il onj'ht I" become the savior of mankind in America. Hut, like many oilier pnntiisinir venlures, it doesn't seem i<> riiij f irue fo one's .sense of proportion. Under the name of ihe "National I'arly," ils leader, a h 'Ivl man at <)ceansi<le, ('alii'., prom;••••< practically everything lo evi'ljbiii'y except tin: button-- 1 olV his own sliirl--. lie would do away with depiv.--si<-.ns; he w:nilil abolish capitalism ai:d la-res; he would disbar debts ami hiiis and lawsuils, the rich ami the poor. In .shorf, all would si an: alike and would have mii-l of I In- time for leisure. T'ne program of (i:is Ni'tioniil I'aily looks so good io us Ui;t we have an idea there's a sellisli rc:n:'ii back of it — and that is perhaps .ill attempt lo bring more National IV-ly advocates out. to the glorious bathing facilities of Oceanside. Dying Gang Rale 11 is heartening to read ih.e report id' Ihe Illinois .stale's aUonic-y, Thomas J. Couilney, that oi'jvani/.ed gangs have been wiped ou! of Chicag", and that gang killings this year have been kept down to two. Chicago, for so many yours, has been the center of racketeerit 1 ;-- and other gang>ter activities thai it - has acquired an unenviable reputation among American cities. Thanks '.a ils aroused cili/enry, and U> the help of the federal government, Chicago ha-- succeeded finally in clearing itself of tin's stigma. There are gangsters, ye;, i,i Chicago', there may be gang nuirdeis, loo. Hut, with Chicago's law-abiding people in active control of the cily, tiie/u gang- slers snon should find t'.ioir aclivilie.s as unhealthy Ibero as elsewhere. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark I " i- ( »l'y tt hiinj,' the ehildren over here until bciltime. The Ri.s-i.ur; me wiwr llnu \'.-.-: li;iy l.iH: In l'--rins <;f I'.vc-vKir plans, no: tir:ntl>:>. Dr. Albert J. Hcnloii of Wi.stcra F.oicrvc Uimvi.'.ily. la-llovi- thai mi orciU'SiL-t i; I::*' m : ii(.-i:il i'. play.s. — !'ui!l llr; I:) v-'jii; I in:; !:• i ,md K.iiillLJi. 1)1.:.n Volt i>[ U. S. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO from Ihc files ol lh« Dally Courier Tliursday, Dec. i,, 19:>;J. 'Ihe liolary inrc-tini; loeltiy fit the Gk-nnie v.'j'i largely attended, incmbei-.s b->ii!B lircfent except one. A number of visitors were also pre.-rent. among them being John R. liowen of Indianapolis, !c;m Inspector for the American Central Life Insurance company, Alty. Virgil Greene of O.seeoln, ami P. G. Proiili of Memphis. .Mr. Bowen epoke very hljjlily of this section and said that when vc completed our system of hard roads Mississippi county would ho considered the bcsi county on the of his company, as safe for loan investinenls. The Chamber of Ct:t>in:erce cl- :lion Wrdnesdny w;'i\'. was one the clo«p>.i held v.ithin the past •w years. The "Hiue" ticket came it, best, clattint; chin of the I'i'lve new directors. The vote was canva.vecl by the i-ction conitnUtce Insi nkht nii'.l fo!lo\s'liii, r new rtir^L-coi-s dc- ared elected: R D. Oiilcn. A. G. ittle, N. p. KnlKht. J. A. Ucch, P. Mass, C. C. 1'roctor. C. E. IIl! r on, p. E. Warren. Dr. 11. S. avis, C. Ii. Alflick. H. F. Towns- nct John Neal Ca::ipbell. The x eld directors v.-lio will hold ov.'r another year arc T. J. Mahan, '. F. t-chatz, E. D. Ferguson, w. '.' Hollipetcr, A. H. Bmt. and Roy 'allon. babbits May J3c Good {-Innting •• O But -Beware of Their Disease itied lier discovered she had tula i wauling I(V 1)1!. .MOIiKIS FISirnKIN I:VITI-:.I v.ibb;i:i which Ivjr liusbaiul liitur, J'nrnul nf the American hail broiuihl lioille Iiom a lllinl!n b ' Hcdic'al A'.si:ciath>n, and uf Hy- -trip. Three or four days Ifllcr Bi'ia, the Health Magazine .-,HT pnol devcloix'd on one of lier Tile rabbit .season IIRS brouglr. r;:iner.'5. then the glands in her el- ii! n great many hunters, L}\\< bow and in lier ami began to rar. and lias rxpcscd them an:! i'.veli. l-.i'ir families to :i vivacious c!is- fc^un i.l'.i- Ind fever, cliills. liend nio. Popularly it is called nib- :U-|H>. and a 1m of riclirs all ove ill's disou'e. Among physicians i: :lie ly-*]y. A physician who exam s known as tularemln. Thc disiM.'c usually bcsins will-, icmia. > inncli like those ol a Tho •ommon co'd. In most cases an lice: 1 develops al the spot \vhe:c infei-tion catered the body. Many times the condition lasts :•>! om; and the lover is fo prolrac'.ri hat the disease resembles typhoid fever. Th. 1 d •rtnv :mk?s lii; rib, ':-.nn= ly trsi<; of the blood and by examining tin- wound and i-e'.iins the history of the case. As nn ir.diciUion of the cxlei:t ot which the condition lias .spread ItironshT.!!'. the eonnti-y. mor; 1 than ICO casrs juive bren reiiov.i'cl in uic,-,t s'.nu.s shire 1028. |; incident is ti '.vctnen who prepare lh(-ir husband's hums for cookinji ii. may be a warning, also, t Ihe hcnlcre. I-'ir.n to the hunters There's jus' or.e simple pecan lien. Don't pick up a rabbit thu i5 MC*. (i:iite well. Ti-.e hare fha :i;ns iintl r.imns is a lieaiiliy anl nial. Tiir 0!ie lha; seems stnpi or dii/ed is likely to be infcctc v.'ilh iiilarcmia. Xov [o '.he I:i pn'it.irir.Lt :'ne rabbit e;. pla}' .-:ife by v/earin' ovi-s. And i-vr the ^keri thorcuehiy Lefore I THIS CURIOUS WORLD 9Fye Wiltiam Ferguson CHISELS HIMSELF A C//A/7SQ. / h HCA\E,IN ADDITION TO Trie- i'UMMER NCST HOLE. 5AVOPHON& VWAS NAMED FOP. ITS INVENTOR., ANTOINE el. SAX. OCEAM IS ONE AND SEVEM-TENTHS FEET HIGHER. ON THH PACIFIC COAST OF THE UNITED STATES THAN IT IS ON THE ATLANTIC COAST. Garner in 'Possum C'lub WACO. Texas. (UP)—They may oc know it, but Senator Tom ionnally, Vice-President Jo!:n N. rarncr, and U. S. Marshal Guy tCL^iu{ia_ra ave hcnorary iMCinfcers 1 tlio East Waco 'Possum Club, hey will not he cx|)i?]U-U for f:iit- re to p:iy dues. Expulsion is reel vert for those who for 5 et swse Occanographers liave bccti iinnbic (o give a definite i-cascn as lo why the Pacific Ocean should be almost two teet above (lie level of the eastern coast of the United States. NEXT: How dees llic armadillo cross a slreuni? FAIRMONT. W. Va. (UP) - j education operates 10 btuws No .,, , ---j There'll be no sshool bus In Marl-• 13 \vas omitted because Severn! go with possnai on ihc I on County bearing No. 13 on its parents objected to their childicn inner table. side. Although the county board of riding In it Ik UNKNOWN B'ROOKMAN !tr-:cift HF.RT: TODAY r. ho killed 'ilt.lCY lUNfi, nr- chft.trn lender fniinil iVnd in bN luili-l ni»:irtmrnrr DAVIIJ IIA.NMSTKK. nnllinr, (11 finer iirw*|iriprr re purler, tm- UrrliilirH to find otit. Aimntn the sii'.in'Pl* art nn "linkntMvn lilnni]*' who vlsillvii Khijj: Miortly brfure hf« duaiki linmiAN SCUItr.ACII. In full nml i Ef rlnrlnn liH Innocence, wfm ttrnlr Kinft n ihn-.-irrnlnp letter: .»>!•: I'AHIKITT. Klng'a former vitEulrville rnrlncr. ivdli whom he linil had ir.uiM.-i MT.I.VINA 1101.- MKTKK. mlilillr-riKtil Mplnvlcr \vhii :iflf-r his Tin* Ti>o Cnniil-fcr kjllc her cunnry. l Ii nrrcsrnl. lirr. lutf ihr rc ^lir- runic ^ oliunt lirr- crr. In a housewife cl Tiierr an- ;omo \vlio. li:iniii t ' ttiim -hr; in n desperate dillieiilly. sec in lo ai-siinu- ll-.;it there can b.-i no remedy except 11 t'r:;pc:ale remedy. —O. K. Cl'.c-.stertoii. By Williams S YOU HAVB TO KNOW HOW MUCH TO PUT I Si VEH,BUT YOU GOT TO TRY IT OLiT TO SEE -"- WOV MUCH YOU KIM STAND. GOSH I IT'S A GOOD TH1MG IT WA^M'T A BIRD, FLYIM OVERHEAD, WE'D OF HA.O TO DIG YOU OUT. ' Abraham t "Lincoln clnd eater Conress. je acto DRN THIRTY VEM?STX)p SOON, c.^gr CHURCH EXCUSES y Gen. \V. And to families: -See ihi\\ for ea rubber :neiil is serving. hunters ond llicir have no open wcuncj^ r.n yiur h;n;;l:i when you ecu;.; into c'.n'.ict v'.ith a rabbit. wjinellmrs :hrou-:h Ihc bi'.c of a tick that i", • ir.f-v.eci. or even by crnshnn; the i;cV. c:; thc shin. I'lnally. it i? vvill to emphasize lhat iiie chief danger from tula- riiiiia lies in iliicr. cnniacl \vilh infecttji! tissues r.nti lhat Hie per- •:cn vho Sikes to eal rabbit | can avoir! the di.-crisc by matcir-3 IIF.MSH I-AXTt, Kinp'B fi^ UiMiiiaci* hc-r rtt Ihc fiirl «]n- inlkinjr tu KInp; the «lny li dii iK-alh. The- pirl ndmiln to Kin^\-< n;i:irlinrnl to cct . li-lfi-rs, Init Urntrit any kiii>\f l ut tin- nuirilcr. i)nwn irnvn Hnnnf-iirr cn COMEUOW, holding his glass ^ nnd looking so childishly pleased. Matthew HolUsiur was more pathetic than ever. The nalc eyes behind the Epectacle? hccnnio onnfidfnff- "You know," ho said, "I don't drink beer often. Melvinn doesn't like H. She's as much hfialnst liccr as she Is against • whisky and hard liquor. A""' 'Strong drink' is what, she calls them and they're all the. Sims to her. Ot course, In a way she'? richt. I don't bold thn'tJ'a- eferi' slioiihl make a slave of lilmscl! to alcohol. No sir: But 3 slass ot tieer now and then —well. 1 don't sec that it rloes macti harm and it certainly tastes might; Bond! Mighty KOcd:" Once more he raised Ih'- gl:iF? lo his lips and drank, llannister j allyt , li[lg , loll i llcr Bannister could not kEt-p tlic excitement from his voice. "You mean- ?" Sudileiily llollister was ill £.1 ease. . "It i?n't auythiug I can ti^ positive about," he said. "H's just—welt, slie ciidn't act natural. Ami she hasn't acted Kacnral since. Mclvin'a came in all (llus- tercd and excited that nifilu. Siie didn't even notice that tht "Stz- r.lers' program was on. Course I turned it oil risht away but (hat's awful unlike her!"' The little man shook his head. "Awful unlike her," he rci'.eatcd. "When I asked what was tlie matter she said 'Nothing.' Jasi 'Xolliins!' like lhat. And then she wanted to know I! I'd been home all the time and if I'd heard hadn't. :\o\v r;o ON WITH THE STOHY CIIAPTBR XXIV t'TKRWARD Bannister was never (juitc sure what Iiror-ipted him. r.ition—nn instinctive waruins o! i cijmc sort — that what this little, i lemewbered what- Mrs. KenncDcc | ,. SUc wcnt ill(o hc , ^ l]ronm bail said about Melvina IWIwer | am) s|uu thc (loor all(] ,j i<ln , COI . 1C inanagini; her own nn.l her , A|Q ^ ml 10 . 3|) l brothers joint income. \\as i: „.„„, ,„ b , possible Melvina's hold on the pnrse strings was so clore that a He hail a premo-1 10 - c «" Slass ol hccr V.T.S lor her | ' , ! brother, a r.ire treat? It didn t j " idivp w.lri:m^ mi ... I ivoiit to bed myself. I callc.1 llirotmli tho iloor and risked Melvina If she wanted nnyihinB. She id no, lo go to bed." 1 on-in-law and hire;! tin to have a differcir. or cvr:ythim: and thev. recu :m 1: -.v'knowledge and':ibili-.y. of- \ EUre that Ihe food U cooked fully, fn rim*' to me for a jeihUcaliiin ; I tiu-ir idea:;. My fon-lri-hvv soti:(. . ' r J" T II iiii'ii a.- I suppose fr«:n rrad-| ACtS 01 bOU I0p ::•; trai im:r>ti thnl rclii:ion and liie | Poi-p«t V',-a. \ !ct nrilicrt nf u-achinn it i:; dm- for' rorCat TliC LlSi bia mid rnrtical rlinirj. in he next !rw hunrlrcil y:-.ii.,. HL' '• WASHINGTON ' UP'— "Acts o'. civanccrl :lic tliccvy Iliat n: 'hon- : c ' : "'." c.' :i ' p made !.:n;M:s i;y Hrlcn >[ ri'.;;iU nieii'/.vrs to MMY p.t i ]1 atl"lhrr '.}*•'.:{ o! end-jnvor—a5 '.c:r.': or ;-.t Icrl r.lav fi'.l! u; ; !":rcli : ca;;.-c r. ot f:.T*-t fins, hi; i!ii r, 1 vii! probably h-; C.ue;:..- sinoki-i.s. ;e:el~fore top ->r'oin n[ handling tl'.i- si:'.•:>! f:n i i'ani:iL:r; ill die list of causes ol lnoii-:h a mail ordi-r s\ .:,.;n. j Midi ccnil.ipr.ilior.s. urrc relegated While :-,iv ]iired man t!ic.:i::!i: that | to scra-.d pinre in the list. irebw lie rhimhes \vonld all I;.- c!i<-ed I liRhtninu. for tin 1 sum liter, ac- u.d ih" Iniildinas COSUYIIM into j rordiui: ;o li^nrcs roca.wi by tho sta"'inns or hMd"i' fni'lOfTirc c( National I'arks. iiuiiaiti;-" nn | and lir.scrvation'i. nut - Lij;lnnhij \ias rcs;',.niisihle for 01 •nd fo:x'.-! [ires dnriiia l!ii- pait f.\r:a:i. i;:n : tt.e fiLinres .slionrd. while smokr-r.; •'•r-' nartfd only 71. Anin B. fjan-.nur- no ' c:-. tliiX'clur fit ti:o r-llice. at'.nir.i'.i-s "-*i- 1 Uiij to educational activiliei ol "'tit' many country aiici a ^rra'.rr de^re 0:1 part cl tlic tieiK'ral pnb'.ic to coo;\-rate in ?;.imping out this scours;; • cf America's woocila!:;!i. Matthew was enjoying his betr itlit:;.' •frr.e .>.;;rt of if'.icf !!'.: !i:-T.' vvoulii bl- a ]:n-:r i: rh;r.:< of a cerlain :> \•:i-' :> t^on'.a IK* rorinirrd ::•. • ar."-.- to lioi!^i ::iri!-:-. Tl'.i-v finaily '».• ni.llli lell en a linndrrd Insignificant looking man had to say mialH be important. Kx- Irenicly iinportai:t. He looked about for a place u-iie-ic- they mi^H talk ivi!ho<il [ iiUL-rriijition aini saw behind thcui p. restaurant. It was n ro.=tanrant ivliorc lie had eaten once or twice --a place that was small, not overly tt-ell patronized and clean. At this time ot day it was sure tu In; almont deserted. llnnui^tcr turned and said, i "I.o'.'s j;o ^omc where where we I c.ia inlk. How about this iilace?" >l::ithew Hollifler rhook his hi-::il. "Oh iiu," he protested.! "'I'iiat'c a restaurant. I had luncli | a loli^ wliile ago. I couldn't cat ?.:iyihin^ now—" i:an:iistcr urqeil him forward. "Then have roir.olhin;; to drml\." \>f fa;d. "Any hov.\ I'm hntigry. Coini and talk to me white I cat." In-i:lc the reslaiiranl iliey t'j'.ini] j,lacf-r, at a i'ltiall table bc- !••':;. the wall. A sirl in a Krccn dress ar:'l -•.;:iiL' apron a|i;iroachcd :o tak» nevertheless. lie s?t tlie e''"'-' down, rested his arms on Uie lutile, nnd Icnued toward Kanuis- ler. "I'm glad I met you Iliii I nrtcrnoo!!. Mr. ilnunistcr." he said. "Tliere are some iliius= I want lo talk to you about. Are you a detective?" llaniilster hastened to explain that, striclly speaking, he was not. He was working on Itie Kiac i murder case, however, making a ! sort o{ private iiivcslisiHion. The explanation teemed lo sat- U\e, isfy Hollistcr completely. "TliatV- ris-'lu in nil I wauled lo know," he snid. , fully sot in r ri!ir. pale, spectacled eye? sought i'ninnislor's. "What do you think about it?" Maiilic-.v llollis- ler asked. "Do you ihink niaylic 1 Melviua knows something—some! thing she liapn'i lold auybedy'.'" Rannifior studied the tanlc clolh. "Thai's hard to say." he said. "Of course. 1 ' Met the* ilr,llbi<>r went on ink'kly. "I wr.ul<l:-.'t have said a word .about this tc anyone '.-be. Hut you're a doiec- Mr. Ilaunister. so H's til 11. you. Melviin's nw- lif-r ways anrl it ?he \vaut to tain i makes nji lit-r iiiinil not lo . c r.y lo!" janytliiiii: :-h(j won't. Bi:'. I tlioiijilit "Is it something about thu Kills you outfit to know—" ^ Tin:;- talked for halt an hnni Matthew loiiRcr. Having coiifiil'.-rt h.i> IlclliSlei. "It may tie, and tli?:i . story. Hiiliiblor rccmed nlievttl. again I may be mistaken. Il's!n c juiiaitted tliat lie bail been about my sister. Melvina. really." | worried about his sister. Han- llaunistcr was suddenly inter- , n j b tor (|i;cr.linncil him bill ibo j "You're Ihe man I case?" Ilanuister asked. "Yes and no." said cstcd. "Your sister?" by repealed. • • • 'IMIK little man nodded. "I think Mclviiia l;r.ov:s s.»iac- shc's kccpiiiK to licrsplf. r[iies! ions ^Pticics ask NRA itpd&Fe ... liunten. oril?r. "Ohe'sc sand-.vieh .... : fur me," llannhUT iiiDtrnclci! ' ll "" E . Mr looked across r>[ Mol-! And it isn't natuial for hor to be rr. "\Vl.aiaboutyou? Can't |rlofc-inoiilhe'l. N'o sir! If Melvina nr-iiKrte ynn to have .-.t least i |]|inl;! . a ,,ythiiis 'he fays i; rishl .luhvieii? And what will yo,i .'• 10 driak?" Tiic tittle man's eyes hripht-1 t tl'llliPS lhat R'jenird ol impoi lanco. Ma;- Ibew Ilollisicr v,-as sin'e EU:VI'.'- IhillK was on his --l.-ter'd m:nd thnl it bad been !i:,l!ien::^ nn'l lier piii Kind's r They out, so nobody can her." r-ri'. d. It was tilivious tiiat w.i' an ]nvitr,Li-jn. He looked ! ^ ori ' ,i'.'i;r the room and sonic of the '. now NIP: hnr-ss tbnl ciiaractcriz..d him : tienu-il to disappear. j "I'd—." lie hesitate:!, then went on more boldly. "I'd ]i!ce a i beer." ".Make It 1*0," Ilanr.ifi-r told 111^ wni'n--s. "Wait a—i wl'al kind do you have?" Thc waitress told him a:H Ran- nisl'r made a selection. Matthew iinlliMer. without much i:r:;in,-;.' >,is persuaded to have a. ?^nd- also. "What makes you :i=ln-'l llu lie-.: r.iul snndwii S-" 1 -; nnrl left llu. rcrioa- rant. UruinisUT nnticerl ll:,il •''-- j llush'-d and tlial there was aim"-! she's ! a touch ot jannlinf ?r. In lii-: a:!£le of lliink Iti hcrsell i of the old L!::ct: bnt. IJannislor asked. | Ilollisicr held o;n bil "I'll tell you." Mallhev? llollis- , "Goodbye. 5!r. n:ia:ii.-lc: ter raid. "I'll'tell you all about : said. "I'm certainly elan it. It's been worryiiiR me a heap j yon. these last few days ami I'll be • over plad lo know what you p-.May lie I've been iv,,, r; ,a son.etl.,"" that , : ^, :i ' lliink | air.uunt to anyli:i:.< hut I ::: i 1 lohl you almnt il jus: tl.c M:;;<•. loci litiu-r now. Sr,:,x |. i: i. He look a bite of his faadwlc!i.'| . then wcnt on. "Melvina lold you ; when you re out in 01:1 ,, -,:::H,r- slio was visiting ™y cousin the lion, drop in to see :,-.. I ,1 oe.-- ii>sht lhal vomiE fc»" w «'••>* killed tainiy like to sec you ^ «-7«lalrs "Well, she was. »ui | Ilannlfler assured bin i:c would ' ' 5 minutes IM»: J do (hat. He glanred at watcii H was DM5 and saw that It v l: i- almost five The "girl disappeared and a ,,.„- - wh(>11 MIC came in the apartment. | and turned lo make his way bncK •nimiics later was bach, i.laeinn ! I know because 1 had the radio | to polieo hoar|,,, nt tcr». ihc ti>od before them anil t.our- she than sh hack told yon. the aniher liquid Into lopped with tnowy foam. Ilollislcr's pleasure was rv|. clout. He raised the glass lo hib lips and drank deeply. "My!" i lc jatd with a fish of satisfaction, "that's soorl beer!" H wasn't, particularly, ijm Bannister wanted to encourage Ml suett "l'« sUd you Hie it," . be *!<}, smilime. K ofiig and the'Saxaphonc Stzzlers'j had Just begun U'Cir progr;.m. 1 had lo turn It off-" He looked at Bannister anologelieally. "li i^len lo the 'Saxophone Sizslfirs 1 It was .1 live-minute walk and DanniMcr wan particul.irly anxious lo see Mc.Ncal. He walke I \ down S;M!I street, rcmcnibere i'^. .in alley h.^ could cut liiroueh. when I'm alone," he want on. mere by saving time. The alley "Melvina doesn't like Ihem. I «'«s nark lint Bannister did not "Bui U wasn't Just that Mel-. think of that. Puzzling over tha "fna camo fn l»l« lhat nichl.! story Matthew Holllster had hut Tlere'8EOUiciitr »lee. To tell the truth, I think «ti«'d seen tome- Ol 't. thine,'! ' .1 hli;i. wondering what to n-.,i'se turned into the alley. «» Se

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