The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1943 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1943
Page 4
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fAGTFOUB THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS; Mi THE COURIER NEWS CO. V» • H."W. HA1NBS,'Publisher SAMUEL F. NORRIS, Editor ,-JAMBS A. GATENS, Advertising Manager ' "GERALDYNE DAVIS, 'Circulation Manager ! .''Sole Nttlonal Advertising Representatives: ff»U*ce Witnsr Co., New York, Chicago, De-' trolt, Atlanta, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday filtered as second clais matter at the post- office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by I he United Press. ,/-,--,, v „ SUBSCRIPTION RATES -•By carrier -In the city- of ' Blytlieville, 2flo per w«ek,-"or 85c per month. "$t mail, within a radius of 50 miles, $4.00 per ye*f, $2.00 for six months, $1.00 for Ihree months; , by --cmi) outside 50 ' mile zone $10.00 per year payable' -in advance. ' ! More Abovt Union finances The American Federation ot 1/abor has eleven atTiliiilcs large enough to hjive cast at least 1000 votes each in the last convention, held in Ottawa in 'October of 10'I2. In order Of she were the Teamsters, 6056 votes; the frafpeiitefs, 3667 ; the Machinists, 3285 ; (he Common Laborers, 2837; the Hotel Workers, 2420; the Garment Workers, SoO,; .the Electrical Workers, 2070; the Railway Clerks, 1558; the Painters, 1226 ;V. the, Musidaiis and the Retail Clerks, iOOO each:!',*'. : Of "these Ihet Teamsters, Carpenters, I 'Cdmiriori' Laborers,'-' Electrical \Vorkers 'arid Musicians have been subjected to Tnuch '; criticism, - which . is one reason • r*' -•->•:". -f '.'..,-;.. •.-•'- .-•',>'.", : /why .Congress jsfconsMcriiig a bill to ! require that union finances be made a 'matter of public record, accessible to •the lay mciiibcrship and others. ' So far as can be determined from •the index at' the New York Public: Li- brary there is no document there which j might contain financial data from the t electrical workers since 1025, from the I carpenters since 1910, from the Icam\ stcrs since 1925. i The c.ud lecoidmg General ,{ tioh'TRepdils oi the Itod Carriers and | Common. Laborers bears a notation Publication in 1911." ;, '' j A monthly magazine of the Team- 'J bteib Union gixes reports on annual ' comeutions and gatherings of the Gcn- 1 eral Executive Board through Sepl : em ;1 i bei of 1940, but then; is,, no rncntiah'oC > finances ' Of these h\e organisations which > have been undci fraiuctil attack, ohly J.tnips Ciiesai Peliillo's musicians jnib- ' hsh an audited financial accouniing , which has leached tlie largest public ! libr<>i\ in fhe United States other than I the Congressional Library. : This is given in considerable detail n — almost in cinbaiiasiiing detail in sonic ' , respects— though (here are lump sum |, statements \vhich a good investigator Jl ^ouid want lo have broken down before ' he foimed any conclusions. I In Schedule A General Fund Receipts \l and DisbuVtiiT'nK the salary and ox- 1; pcnses of Piebidciit I'etrillo are given "„ as 526,6e9G9, while in Schedule C, |, Geneial Fund Income and Expenses, I) lhej'sho\\ as, §26,160.51. The discrep- fj ancy is sinall and' probably unimpor- |; lant Yet it might puzzle a trumpet ,;pl.uci 01 ba^s, duimmer who read that j.fai ;> In Schedule A the salary and cx- M PBIIECS of Honorary I'resi'dciit and Gcn- peial .VKisei Joseph N. Weber show as .. §20,001 11, but in Schedule C they ap- - pear as only $8,088.3.]. j _ In the A 1 of L. there are OJ.O'i,- , 382 dues i wing m:mbcrs. We doubt 1 that main of them will liiul an cnliglU- I enmg aicoimliiijr of tlicir union funds BLYTHEVILLE, CARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS in any publte library. Spotting tiifi Stickers War has necessitated so many automobile slickers, each lo be "prominently displayed on your windshield," that an actual safety hazard is created. The National Safety Council suggests how the difficulty can be met. Hide the federal vehicle use stamp and any slicker necessary to enter Army bases. The mileage ration slicker should go on the left rear side window.' State or city registration stickers can be pasted on the bottom edge of lhc;windshicld at tho extreme right. Inspection stamps might go in the extreme upper right-hand corner of tho •windshield. The important thing is lo let nothing obscure the driver's vision in any direction in which danger to the vehicle or' to other persons might lie. Co.iteii Now This is Ihe time for householders lo arrange lo convert from oil to coal. Furnaces soon will be out for the summer. Karly birds will have lirsl. call on the necessary equipment, on the services of plumbers, on the coal they will need next winter. who wait too long may lose out on any or all of these. 'Don't count upon oil being more plentiful next winter. There .probably will be a full .scale war to be provided with gasoline shlippcd from the east with gasoline shipped from ' the cast, for .those who pass up their dilutee, this summer, if they suffer next winter. What's On Their Minds? Jtjjjvoukl lie interesting lo.have some telcpalhic entree into the minds of the inspectors who juggled steel tests, now thai they know thai the tanker Sclio- neclady broke because of their criminal slovenliness. Have they .been lying awake' niffhls, wondering whether oilier brittle steel has'.found its way into warships, where it could cause them to crack up just when, the fate of a battle or a convoy hangs, in. the^bulance? ..;' No punishment will-bo loo'severe for the persons respoiiHiblc for Uiat situation, from underlings who winked to the highest 'superiors who iiistmilled or acquiesced. • SO THEY SAY The time hns come when nil of m—farmers, workers, malingers and investors—must renllzc that we cannot improve our livins standards in a period of total war. On Hie contrary, we must all cut our standards of living for the duration. —President Roosevelt. » * * Anything you see tlie monkeys C..-U, you can cat. And you can cat Ihe monkeys, too.—Guidebook for American nlrmcii forced to bail out in Jungle territory. * * + 11 is essential Mini when this war is over the United Nations should nminlniii suflkienl force lo ensure that neillicr Germany nor Italy nor Japan can ever nsain plunge Ihe world Into war. •-Anthony Edej). -.; • + • * : Unemployable. 1 ;, rich or poor, will have to be toned tip. We cannot alTord lo have idle people. Idlers at the lop nuke idlers at the bottom. No one must stand a.sirie in his working pritno to pin sue n life nf Jcllisli p 1 e a s n r e.-Wln.Mon Clinrehill. * * » Individual Gcimans are noin;; to IJulch people asking for certificates n,,,t ,iicy have be- luivcd corrcctly-and (hose Icslimonlnls had bet- Icr l-c given, or else! It is clear wlial purpose (hose ccrliticntcs cf decency are going lo scivc. -Nelhcrlands Amt,;nlor Alexander London. 'i'lIlTHSDAY, Al'RIL 8, : lp.4g.'', SIDE GUNCES * SERVICE, IHC, T. M, Kir, 'K';>, Tin ml lo Uu- Army MCX [ U wl<, ladies, lull dini'l cry nboiil it—if you i'cel p;itriulii- yon tun buy me a 'haiuinu s'ulil!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson The Chickens Come Home to Roost of her book, "Jane Eyre." The EATING LIKE A BIRD" IS A PHRASE OFTEN USED TO DESCRIBE PERSONS OF DEL/CATE .ACTUALLY, 'ACCORDING^ TO ZOO KEEPERS, BIRDS' CATMOfff IN PROPORTION TO THEIR. WEIGHT THAN ANY OTHER. OF THE ZOO INHABITANTS. BREECH LOADING RIFLES WERE-FIRST USED IN THE ACTIVE VOLCANOES..? •ar'.but nol by American troops. lume.s Joan Fontaine wears In (lit; calibre ilm version alone are costiiif; 201U Century-Fox studio 54879. L'OS- lwo 20-iiim. t'UJiiiuii Bud two .30- macliinc yinis. Also, the ANSWER: Revolutionary ..NEXT; Where did ealllc cnmr. from? In Holly\vood Fallen Sparrow" is Matircci O'ittira's last lilm for man) wings flutlcr dangerously at a speed of 400 m.p.h. .- . Notice is hei'eby given Uiat Ilm iiidcrsiencd will within tlie time ixed by law apply to'thc Commis- iuncr of Revenues of the state of irknnsas for n permit to sell Ijeev t retail nt 4Cfl West, Ash, filylhe- ille, Mississippi comity. The undersigned stales thai he < » citizen of Arkansas, of i;eod ucral character, that he has never ieen convicted of a felony or other rime involving moral turpitude; hat no license to sell beer Ijy tlie ndcrsiyncd lias been revoked willi- n five years last past; an<i that he undersigned has never been onvictcd of violating (lie laws i:f his sl.ile. or any other state, rc- •ttiiu; to the sale of alcoholic li- uo rs. N.'S." Kossie. . Subsuiibcd and sworn to before ne this 7th day of April, 1D43. II. Q. Partlow Seal) Notary Public. Wy Coimnisbion Expires 3/15/1045. 4/8-15 We Buy Loan Cotton Geo. H. McFadden & Bros. Ag'cy. Over liorum's I)ru K Slure P. O. Bo.v 218, Klyllieville, Ark. E.C. RATION «,„„««,« BAKER L. WILSON New Jaii Zeros are reported to 5 nn extremely fragile, ship with thin skin; its''wiiiys''!)!^ Tus'ela'ye nilt in one piece and armed with Arksoy 2913 Seed Soy Beans Redeemed—In Balk or Sack •$2.75 Per Bushel, F.O.B. Dell, Ark. EARL MAGERS Dell, Ark., , Phone 635 • SERIAL STORY DARK JUNGLES BY JOHN G. FLEMING & LOIS EBY COPYRIGHT. »94J,'' NETA SERVICE. INC BY KK.SKINK JOHNSON NKA SlafF CorrcjpaniliMit Hollywood's most, fmnoiis "plain montlis. Altlioiigh she has two coin" girl"—Mnrtlm Scotl—is nbonl to; nulhucnt.s at RKO, she's confiding become a glnmor girl utter ycars'Of I lo friends Hint .5)10 will follow Ims- playlng tht .young Inrty who keeps banrt Will Price to the Bust Const her men by doing nil tlie washing. She'll unvoil her legs uiui eveii-lmve n torrltl roinanc-e with Dennis O'Keclc in Andrew Stone's ftlrmis- icul for United Artists, "High Diddle. Diddle." The film will lake Mnrlhn, for the first lime. away from the small-town atmosphere of "Our Town," the schoolmartn niche of "Cheers for Mi.v; Jilsliop.'' ami the .saintly cluirm of "One l-'ool in Heaven." ... A strange prank of fnt: Is about to reunite Mickey Dooncy and his estranged wife. Avii Gardiner. She'll play a small roll- in his next picture. No—Iliey will nol piny any love scenes together. I'auiellc Cotldnrd will- be Hi? next bly-nninn star to entertain Uncle Sam's armed forces overseas. She heads for England MXMI. ... Don't be Mirpriswl II -The since Marines transfer there by the . Typically Hollywood: Ever since she arrived in ilolly- wuutl lime years a;;o, Michcle Mo'r- Bixn lins be'en Inking lessons to her French accent. Now she's been Williams SiVIA'SiVl.S SHL HOOT -R-R A BIT OLDHR TWfNM t - BUT ^\e PRESENT MM5ELT-, . UOOPLE, REPORT1M& To ^SUwe TY\£ DOTi^S Op . PUR.&ER FOR MN BROTHER {. -"-UfxsM/ JOLl>/ BO.\T NOO AMO KiO r v=sSJ BLUBBER -R.-R. / tg, • — - ' ,'•,••; OFFICE FOR'ARD cast as a French girl Tickets to London." in 'Two fl'l'litf Ml 1 .Slicila Uyan received a pircn of lfc limn a Jap parachute the oilier day from Navy Lieutenant Charles Carpenter, somewhere in (tie Smith Pacific. Afliiched was a note: "Wr nipped (Ills Nip's down trip." . . . Dale Livans, the icrcen and radio shiner, has sold her sixth -cng. "I'm in Love With A Guy Who Vlles In the sky." . . Anollier dual role lor Utm Dairy. He'll play a killer nnri a minister, his brother and himsell. in Hcpublic's "U:\<l Man of Sonnrn." . . . Ovtrhcaid; Jack Gakic shoning away a makeup iniin on Hie "Wintertime" set at Fox—"Go a\va.v--Ko away—you can't make a out of a mule." .y> , Liiiye Hainer. of all people, would llko to do a comedy role for a change, preferably with Hob Hep™. They might (nake a coed Mini tenin. nt dial. THK STIIKV: ,\lll»,,n Toj.pinc, KiM'li-lj- tirl, i:< 01V I,, (iniitciii-iln t<. r,,,, l,,. r (uthiTris fhlnli. vlniiln. II"... Hurry -Ficidlns. mtntnir r,i- Klui.«-r rn nrali- <u Ihu nninu tTonln lanrl. trlrn (i> dl«Mmtlc hi'r. nlrc-.s^- lr»R- (Tit- hnrdAMpM .shr %vill fncf. lliirr.v i.lTrrn <o nil AlHson (he "nlllr.- ,,f h(« »,., r> ( ,,,!»»I,,,, it Khf "ill lonv.- )hr «hl|, nnil rfvc III" »rr ].lnn«. Whrn «hr liron.U,.. <r ronxlilrr M:. ntlvlrr. hr r t -vcnl» hf «,. P 1<« („ ,,l,| ni ,, (hc !„,.„. .' ,"' =• 'Hil--li»llv.T-mIiir ..«n<.rf !>.' (lie ami-Ill- ln.llnn Irlhr. Ilnrry 1"rt.s im,,y in ill* K , M | ,,Wn Al- liHc.ii lolK lilm Klip iiill un| (, lrT1 '•••rli. Sl,<- foil,,,,. Mm.-|,i«l !„ Jlitip tr. xi-r n iinflrn loi>|. fr,im n Iilillnjr iilncp, n knife iiprnlacd in bin linnil. DANGER AHEAD CHj\PTER IV AS Barry strode along the dark _dcek. his -.anger al Allison faded under a strange, rising apprehension. He wns in a slate of tingling alertness when her scream rang out. With the first sound he whirled, dodging. The instinctive side movement saved him. As- the dark form of the native catapulted against him, hurling him to the deck, Ihe swiftly dcjcending knife slid harmlessly through his coat sleeve, barely second his arm. For a hideous while tlie breath wns i-UN.V ( V .S'l -KAJKIIT HAN' The-Sltaighl' man iins lurncti knocked out ot him, he fclt'tlic knife being ripped loose for another plunge. Hut control returned, and he grabbed Ihe native's arm midway in its vicious downward jab. -Instantly the dark giant rcncliet". his other hand for Barry's throat. Barry twisted free .iitd (hey went into a grim, rolling fight. Allison stood frozen, her screams FtranRled inlo breathless terror as Ihp two lithe bodies writhed and sf rained across Hie shadowy -deck he flesh.of the huge black wrist! She'heard Barry's yell and the dull dank of metal on wood al he same instant. She leaped up, grabbed the knife from the deck md ran to Ihe rail to throw it overboard. Then she whirled back —but she could sec nothing of the fighters-^nothing but blackness. A leep surging void rose lo engull CHE was in her cabin with Ihe captain taking her pulse and .he cabin boy bathing her head ivhen she came lo. '.'Where's .Barry?" she whis- icred. Tho caplain smiled at her with deep relief. "Feel nil right?" he questioned. She nodded impatiently. "I always Jainl nl Ihe most exciting moment," she said. Then she screamed at Iho captain's maddening smile. "Why don'l you tell me where he is!" The captain and the cabin boy both jumped. "Mr. Fielding?" tiie captain said, alarmed. "Oh, he's in his cabin, I believe." She began lo laugh hysterically. "That's fine. Would you mind telling me—is lie dead or alive?" The captain looked more alarmed. "Oh," ho said. "He's hfl'on Then she caught (lie t' of the Unite Rlill in the nnlivc's strong grip, waiting— ""I one fatal instant -c'mncc'inh'. Throu!;li tlie IO'IIE career i w ' !cn n '' )rr y'- t; desperate reslrnin- "••* hold re'.r.xed! Fury flowed ct 13nd Abbott Hurt has never funny linos Bui now it's Abbott's ' and Lou Costello, said BIIV of the ... as a jjnj;5tcr Hint has been -hailed by Loirs doctors as one of the factors behind the chubby comic's steady Improvement from his illness. He fiends hours at his partner's bedside . . . Don't let anyon? tell you that soldiers don't like aulosr.iphed pictures of film stars. In a letter lo Lana Turner. Private Ted Indovina re- through her, bringing strength. She ran forward with a sobbing scream. "Barry! Kill him, Barry!" Just below her now wns tlie crnol block face of Ihe native. With fastidious loathing she closed her eyes and began beating it with her fists. "Hoy!" She opened her eyes The native . - haci Iwislod over and she was Iport.s (hat lie recently traded one beating Barry's head! She drew of her pictures with a buddy for— ' ' one haircut, one pint of ice cream, five cnndy bars, n package of razor back. gasping. She saw that Barry's teeth were gritted with a liarrj last effort, his hand being lorccc hades a box of a tin ot slowly down (lie-huge black slice J>6 ish am) Uvo packs of clg- (!,al was relentlessly raising tho .':!;,* ' ' C Avmy> ls a knitc ovcr lni " bach! 'She threw """ herself widi a scream upon (hat . facts: charlotte murderous, hairy hand. Her teeth , - ..,„„. Bronte received $3000 foi (lie sale' sank willi frantic vicfpusncss into i "What happened to him?" AIH- fortune. Add startling "Thanks," said .vent on laughing. Allison. She "Sorry lo be •o inquisitive, but when I lefl him—" At thai moment, Barry's figure darkened her cabin door. His face was bruised and swollen, one eye was black, and his coal sleeve still hung in ribbons, but ho looked all in one piece. And he could grin al her. "Now what are you laughing aboul?" he accused. "You," she said cryptically. "I couldn't call you handsome now." The rubber men crowded in afler Barry, and (he- elderly lighthouse keeper broughl in his first- aid kit lo see if Allison, too, needed treatment, "She doesn't nec<! any of that,' Barry said. "All she needs is ;. good strong antiseptic inoulh- wash." He found the boltle Allison had in her bag and superintended a thorough disinfecting, while he told her what she had missed of the fight. He gave her full credit for her part in the fray. "I was just beginning to count the seconds I could hold on lo Uiat knife arm o£ his when you came to the rescue. Boy, you must pack a mean bile. Ho Billed like a daisy in a thunderstorm, under it. And once he'd dropped his knife, ho lost heart in Ihe whole mess." son nu'nnured between gargles; "I saw him," the captain broke ill, "just as he got free of Mr. Fielding. He ran across tho deck and dived .overboard. He-came up by a small boat, turned on ils molor and raced in to (he shore.", "lie musl have used oars comr ing out," Barry said. "We were around on thc>othcr side ot the deck, but we could liHve heard a motor." * * * ALLISON said bitterly, to the •^ captain. "You should have e afler him! He's n murderer! As long as he's loose somewhere, Barry's life isn't safe!" : Barry laughed. "That imagina- .ioii of yours! He was just a poor jlckpockct from Santiago who saw is tonight and thought we looked ike easy pickings." He turned to appeal to the captain. "You see low why I think you should help no persuade Ibis young woman to go back lo her home?" The caplain nodded. "The life lown where you are going is not he kind of civilization you know," he fold Allison heavily.- "It is Tilled with many such incidents as you saw tonight." "And if you go fainting at every sight of roughness," Barry cut in dryly, "you can sec for yourself you're not suiled—" "I didn't ffifnt (ill the danger as pasl," Allison reminded him belligerently. "That's a fine way lo pooh pooh me afler I saved your life!" "I'm going to thank you for that., later," Barry said grimly. "Right now I don't want you to get a heroine complex and think one, lucky incident fits you for jungle life." Allison dropped back into her pillows with a grimace at Barry. She said to the captain, "Sometimes I think I could love that inao. But sometimes he just bores me." . r Barry- was studying his wrlsl- .vatch In the flickering light of her candle. "You have just 15 min- ulcs lo pack before the boat sails," he said steadily. "Do I?" She lay watching his determined face with humor, making no move. languid She saw the urgent command slowly fnde out and stern resignation take its place. He turned and wen I to the door, lo spin around for a last bitter word. "All right. Go inlo the jungle! But I hope (o God what yon haven't B°t in that pretty, frivolous head of yours you've got in your hide," he shouted. "You mean guts," she said, cheerfully. "Well, who .-knows?" The door slammed after Barry. -(To Be Continued) - f> -<,v

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