The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1955 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 6, 1955
Page 7
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1958 BLYTHZV1LL1 (ARK.) COURIER NEW* PACK SEVEN ouner NewsMagazine Literary Sleuth Finds Source Of Hawthorne's 'Scarlet Letter* By A.VDV ANDERSON GAINESVILLE. Fla. (AP) — An English murder rather than New England history was the basis for "The Scarlet Letter," a University professor says. Dr. Alfred S. Reid says he made the discovery while reading a group of books Nathaniel Hawthorne is known to have read. Several contained accounts of the poisoning in 1613 of Sir Thomas Overbury, a slaying which involves child marriage, adultery, witchcraft, hanging and a dying confession. Methods Clarified Importance of the dltfovery principally is a clarification of Hawthorne's creative methods, says Dr. Reid, who gives a detailed analysis of the turning of the real life action into fiction in "The Yellow R,uff and The Scar- CO-STARS GET ACQUAINTED — Elizabeth Taylor and new i Hollywood star James Denn. co-stars in the Warner Bros production. "Giant." are shown getting acquainted on the film set. Rock | Hudson also is a co-star in the film. , j Literary Guidepost Herman Wouk's New Bookls About Love—But Mostly Life M A R J 0,R I E Morr.mcsiar. By Herman Wouk. Doubleday, "She gets what she wants," says Mom Morsenstern of her beautiful daughter Manorie. But the father retqrts: "In ihi$ world? Noi even in America. She'll get what she de- servf=." Marjorie then starts'out to show, with Wouk like n kindly old Dutch uncle holding her hand, how maybe she can get both. Her father, by spending all his money, sets his family up in an apartment on Central Park West, gives the girl riding lessons, lets her have expensive dresses. Seventeen in 1933 when this novel opens, and in Hunter College, she dreams of being .in actress. She has a part in an amateur play, she's invited to be dramatic counselor at a camp, she decides Mor- genMcrn has no future and christens herself Mornlngstar. Boys Hock around, for she's witty and cour- . agcous as well as beautiful. Among sympathetic, her followers is Noel, though with' him she's as much follower us followed, and this lonp novel toils the story mainly of their troubled, torrid attachments and separations. The heart of this book, however, is no: one love affair, but a girl's, .schooling: for life, her tentative re-j beiltous s;eps beyond her mother's j reach, her acceptance of the chal-j len^e of her generation, her pride, j her ambition, her eventual .and definitive shaping. It's a story of risking a little and gaining a lot, of rubbing a little off this boy and off that until a girl grows into a woman. So this is about love, but even more, about life; it's an old, old story that becomes brand new ac.Mn in every generation. The novel has none of the overpowering tensions of "The Cnine Mutiny." This harks back rather to the co?mopoll;an. sophisticated "Aurora Dawn" and "The City Boy." But this is more mellow, more W. G. Rogers. Few High Spots Get Mired In Phillips' Novel THE LOVED AND THE UNLOVED. By Thomas Hal Phillips. Harper. I Max Harper, sharecropper's son i death's door, and sharecropper himself, is in the I There are good death cell to pay, with his life, in and a pretty daug-hter Margo. But Max managed to get on In his world — at his Harper level there wasn't much oi anywhere to go but up — thanks to the Interest shown in him by Sid and Margo, Mr. ten Hoor of the Poor House, and a sawmill worker, Victor Wells. All the time, however, Vance kept riling him; and he kept swearing again and again, to himself and directly to Vance, that he'd kill him. So here he is at the state's portable electric chair, for the murder of Vance Acroft. But then, according to the prologue of this novel, the executioner, during his part kindly, part curious visit, Is so impressed, buffaloed or mesmerized by the prisoner that he goes home and shoots himself, leaving the state with a death sentence and no one to carry It out. The body of the story shows how Harper reached this particular end of this particular road: He hud a club foot. Pa drank. Ma cooked In the Poor House. Brother Rudy had spots on his legs. The family sharecropped for rich Sid Acroft, who had a mean son Vance novel, Phillips' things in this fourth. I like his chief protagonists who are neither all white nor all black, morally speaking, such as the description of the sawmill. But some things lie beyond evocation. Phillips' outside, talent for his knowl edge. The executioner's suicide is just melodrama, and on the other hand, the actual murder isn't melodramatic enough. The high spots are high, hut you can get mired in between, W. G. Rogers. 1129.95 to J1J9.9V Baa; Icnm. Liberal trade-In. Com* In tedai Adorns Appliance Co. Inc. let Letter" which the University of Florida press has published. Dr. Reid, 30, former instructor in English at Trinity College in Connecticut and recently appointed to the faculty at Furman University, Greenville, S. C., Is a native of Wisconsin, received his A.B. at the University of Miami In 1948 and his Masters and Ph.D. at Florida in 1950 and 1952. "The Scarlet Letter" was published in 1850. It was Hawthorne's first major' work and it established for him an all time reputation. He wrote the first draft while he was still surveyor of the Customs House at Salem, Mass. But he thought it so somber he gave it to publisher James Fields of Boston with a suggestion it be printed with some sketches of a lighter vein. Publisher Impressed Fields, however, was so impressed he asked Hawthorne to revise and elaborate it. This Hawthorne did. Reid said he found in the Overbury accoutn the broad outline of the letter's plot, the unity of Introduction, the elements of witchcraft and magic, the moralizing tone and precise details of the characterizations such as Hester Prynn's skill fit needlework and the humped back of Rlger Chilling worth. He found three accounts of the Overbury case, one a prose version, one poetic and one the official proceedings of the trial. Child Marriage It started when the parents of Frances Howard, 13, and Robert Debereux. 14. earl of Essex, married them in 1606. But Essex was deemed too young to live with his wife and was sent traveling. During his absence, she and one Robert Carr. a favorite of King James,-started an affair. Overbury aided them in their clandestine meetings. When Essex returned, his wife went lo Anne Turner, a witch who invented the ruff, neckpiece so typical of the of that time. Frances pot love potions for Carr and frigid potions for her husband, then got a divorce on grounds of impotence, Carr and Frances decided to be married, but when Overbury heard this he obejcted because he thought it dishonorable. So the lovers persuaded King James Eo throw him in the Tower of London and while he was there they poisoned him. WItcb Hanged At the trial, the witch was sentenced to hang In her yellow ruff; Carr and his mistress were convicted and imprisoned but a short time later were pardoned. It was all over by 1613. Dr. Harry R. Warfel, professor of English at Florida and former chairman of the American Literature group of the Modern Language Assn.. say? "discovery of the sources of 'The Scarlet Letter' is doubtless one of the major feats of American scholarship." CURRENT Best Sellers FICTION NONFICTION (Compiled by Publishers' Weekly) FICTION Bonjour Tristesse, Francoise Sagan. Something of Value, Robert Ruark. Auntie Mime, Patrick Dennis. The Flower Girls, Clemence Dane. Excelsior, Paul Hyde Bonner. NONFICTION Gift from the Sea, Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Thc Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale. How to Live 365 Day» a Year, John A. Schlnctler. The Family of Man, Edward Steichen. Onions In the Stew, Betty MacDonald. LOUIS DLUGOSZ AND CLAY HEADS: "One of the five great creative artists ot his age American 'Pretzel Bender' In Clay Sculpts Answer To Paris Art Critics By NEA Service LACKAWANNA, N. Y. — (NEA) — This industrial community has an answer to French art critics who say American art has no originality. Lackawanna's answer is Louis Dlugosz, a 39-year-old sculptor who works in clay both for art and for industry. The Chamber of Commerce picked him to champion the American art cause after Parts critics sounded off during the U. S. State Department's "Salute to France" exhibit this year. By day, Dlugosz makes giant crucibles of silicon carbide and clay for Electro Refractories & Abrasives Corp. But at night and on weekends, he creates sculpture from terra cotta and fired His work has won him two western New York art shows, and Monroe Wheeler, curator of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, calls Dlugosz "one of the five great creative artists of his age." When they read the remarks of French critics, Lackawanna C. of C. officials wrote the Paris Chamber of Commerce asking for a chance to prove the .critics were wrong. As a result, Dlugosz has been invited to display his work at the Beaux-Arts School in Paris this October. Fellow workers call Dlugosz a "pretzel twister" because of his strange technique. Instead of carving his forms, he rolls long sticks of clay, twists them to shape such figures as the heads of Christ, Aristotle, Lincoln. St. Patrick, and Pope Pius XII. DLUGOSZ' CHRIST: Pretzel sticks of clay and terra cotta Its Eyes, Not Shape, That Count, Says Cleo By JAMES BACOX HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Any male who meets shapely , aeo - off on thc eve bit be . Cleo Moore in a secluded cocktail lounge and then talks for cause O f censor trouble "on one of an hour or two about other movie stars 1 eyes would have to ncr movies, "Hold Back Tomor- stars despite little publicity and a stoic stvle of acting. X-Ray Eyes "Cooper never has to open his mouth with those dreamy eyes. The girls all say 'Yup' for him," Cleo said. Hurt Lancaster is another box oifice king with eye appeal. "Sure, he's built like superman and he's got X-ray eyes too — sees right through all of us girls." be a real square. Well. Cleo told this square that Hollywood's overemphasis on busts and cheesecake is passe and terribly misplaced when it cornes to evaluating sex appeal. "It isn't ihe shape a star is in thai counts," Cleo confided. "The; apart." sex appeal message is in the eyes.'" "June Ally-son is not thought of as an obviously sexy star. But' when she opens wide those big, baby-blue eyes, you know every guy in the place is going to fall row." After much hassle, the pr duction code finally awarded it seal. "It was not the obvious physical attractions that caused the trouble. Many of the scenes cut were, closeups which showed only my eyes. See what I mean?" She cited examples: Even Marilyn Monroe, according to Cleo. has said more with half- It Isn't Jane Russell's obvious, closed eye ifds than she has with physical endowments that made ^ e famous wieele, top •"'- -'— - 1 -" - 1 ' 1 her movie siren, she said. "It's those smouldering eyes," Marlon Brando is Jane's counterpart in the male eyes department, Cleo said. "Shopping Eyes" Robert Mite-hum and Ava Gardner both have "shopping eyes." sometimes known as "roving eyes." "When these two look at you, brother, you know the merchandise i has been carefully inspected." I A star needn't have sultry eyes i to get over sex appeal, Cleo ar- Of course, Cleo admits that only a woman would notice the Monroe eyes. CHANGED Prior to 1937. the 75th wedding anniversary was observed as the 'diamond jubilee, but since few couples live to observe that anniversary, the change was made Gary Cooper is one of the most! to 60 years, and this revision now durable of all Hollywood box office Ms accepted generally. Can't afford New tires?.. Our RE-CAPS art Guaranteed! Tires Rotated 99c Wheels Balanced, .ea. $1.00 BURNETT'S Royal Tire Service ». Highwav.61 Ph. 3-IM2 USED COMBINES All Maktt and Models SPECIAL THIS WEEK 1951 International Model 125 Self-Propelled Only $1500.00 Also we han wrtral MaiMjr-HarrU and John Deere Self-Propelled machine* Re-conditioned and Ready to G*. 61 IMPLEMENT COMPANY N. Highway 61 Phone 2-2142 For aches, pains, cutes and stlnti try colds, headaches, bits, nrulses, n ui n > Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment Available ai your favuritt drug c*unt« C. G. SMITH PRODUCTS CO. 27* RAZOR6ACK South Highway 61 "Where Friends Meet In Blyrheville' Serving the Best Food in Town • Real Barbecue Ribs • Italian Spaghetti • Delicious Sea Foods • U.S. Choice Steaks ' HOW COSTLY? YMT hwxtioM contents add up to mwe money ttiw iw »ii*. Fi»a*re, »i)verw»t«, clothes «id electrical appliances we worth bif mo«)r. ta Mrtifc tat JM' taw ««*•* «•« <Kwmt wtien fin Kritei. la* toawrtow. NOBLE GILL AGENCY GLENCOI BLDG. 3-686S What's Sauce for Tomato Is Big Future for Peggy By DICK KLEINER THE RECORD SHOP: It looks like a happy career for Jill Corey. The cute-as-a-button Columbia singer is now comfortably settled ((or the moment) in California, where she's a regular on the new Johnny Carson Show. And she's testing for the movies. And, what excitei her most — she has a swimming pool! Complete with water. You who only know pretty, perky Peggy King from her appearances on the George Gobel Show, beware! The real Peggy King it a far cry from the wide-eyed childlike little thing who appears with Lonesome George. This is a solid hunk of woman and the sooner we all realize It, the better. In her nightclub act, for example, she sings "Whatever Lola Wants" with gestures and then adds, "See, I told George Gobel I can be sexy." She can. And one of these days she's liable to get hot on records and then, Pattl Page and Jonl James and Sarah Vaughan, watch oat. Because all Peggy n«ds the right song. Her Columbia boss, Mitch Miller, says that Peggy hat "flawless intonation," which isn't bad. Her figure's nice, too. So Tar, she hasn't had a big record hit — unless you count the toma to sauce commercial that brought her to Miller's attemion. "I never thought that jingle would amount to anything," Peggy says. "I only did it for the $93 I got to make it. And I never thought about it again, because they didn't use it in California, where I live. Then I began to get calls from my friends in New York, asking if that was me. "Then I got a call from a man who said he was Mitch Miller. I said, 'Sure, and I'm Snow White.' But it was Miller." And from that tomato sauce commercial came the record contract, the Gobel show, movie offers and all sorts of things. Including 600 cans of tomato sauce, which pretty, perky Peggy got a little bored with before they were consumed. She thinks one of the reasons for her success, of late, has been that she looks like she's ready to burst into tears. "People seem to like that," she says. "There are two kinds of people — happy and unhappy. I'm an unhappy people." But she's a happy unhappy people. She likes her work — she's been show business crazy since she was two, when ' 'I would have blown up Ravenna, O., to get into show business" — and her California patio and her two dachshunds and Miller and Gobel and especially acting. "I'm a better actress than a singer," she says. Which must place her on a par with Sarah Bernhardt. Dacca's great western singer, Webb Pierce, was a guest on Julius LaRosa's TV show, and afterwards Julie asked him about his string of 19 straight hit records. "I've used the same guitar on ill 19 records," Webb said. "Will you change guitars," LaRosa asked, "if the streak ends?" "No," said Pierce, with a frin. "I'M just start playing in key." The DeJohn Sisters had a big record called "No More," but the McGuire Sisters' version of the song sold 250,000 more. That didn't bother Julie and Dux DeJohn one white — they wrote the song, so they profited from royalties on the McGuire Sisiers' record, too. • * • DICK'S PICKS: Frank Sinatra has another great ballad in "Fairy Tale" on Capitol. Others: "I Want to Love You" (Sonny Graham, RCA); "The Sifting Whispering Sands" (Billy Vaug-hn, Dot): "Kicks" (June Christy, Capitol): "More and More" (Ronnie Gaylord, Whig); "Mine" (The Honey Dreamers, Fantasy): "Red Petticoats" (David Carroll, Mercury): "Ktki" (Hugo Winterhalier, RCA); "In Madrid" (Thc PauIeUe Sisters, Capitol.) Soft and listenable new pop albums—the Norman Luboff Choir sings "Songs of the West" (RCA): Peggy King, Felicia Sanders and Jerry Vale tell the story of "Boy Meets Girl" (Columbia); Bobby Hackett plays "In a Mellow Mood" (.Capitol); Percy Faith plays "Music For Her" (Columbia). New and brilliant orchestral albums — Cantelli and the Philharmonic - Symphony Orchestra of New York play Vivaldi's "The Seasons" (RCA); Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra play Stravinsky 1 s "Rite of Spring" end "Petrouchka Suite" (Columbia J: Beecham and the Royal Philhamionic play E 1 g a r ' 8 "Enigma Variations," "Cock- aigne" overture and serenade for string orchestra (Columbia). TV TOPPERS GROUCHO MARX ("You Bet Your Life," NSC-TV): (To a woman surgeon who said she was unmarried: That's surprising—I would have thought you'd have some man all sewed up. Minnie Lee Jones Teacher Of PIANO Graduate of Progressive Series Course. St. Louis Degree from American Conservatory of Music, Chicago. Private classes for all ages. ENROLL NOW Studio 807 Chickasavrba Phone Poplar 2-2994 PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET FOR FREEZING AND CANNING: PURPLE HULL, CROWDER & TEXAS CREAM PEAS Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries 2-2043 Call In Wt Deli-ver Come In 1044 Chick An Invitation This is your personal invitation to visit Blythevlllef oldest ready-to-wear shop. We »re eager to have you visit us. . . we want to know you better ... we want you to become acquainted with our friendly service . . and most of all, we would like to Introduce you to the most famous names in ladles fashion . . . names that have established Tht New York Store as Blytheville's most popular fashion center since 1909. 218 W. Main Phone 2-2132 In Blytheville Since 1909

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