Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on April 23, 1962 · 34
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Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida · 34

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1962
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FORT LAUDERDALE NEWS, Monday, April 23, 62 In tJaijcce Petition ' - , ,-. ;- :.y v ( PcFFY CIOSIB R imways Soughl By JDI W1IITESIIIELD (News Staff Writer) HOLLYWGOIX-A plan to close two runways at North Perry Air port to minimize collision hazards and reduce noise over Pembroke Pines will be submitted to the West Hollywood Junior Chamber of Commerce tonight. Broward International for some time now." PLANE CRASHED The traffic problem at North Perry and the hazard to surrounding residential areas was pointed up sharply last Thursday when a light plane taking off SUNRISE SERVICES More than 3,000 persons turned out for Easter services at South Beach Park just before 6 a.m. yesterday. The service was sponsored by the Ft. Lauderdale Ministerial Assn. and the Ft. Lauder dale Business and Professional Women's Club for the 20th year. Thousands more gathered at the Gait Ocean Mile for the fifth annual North Beach Service. Hollywood Bar Session raw 1,000 Lawyers To D HOLLYWOOD Florida law vers are scheduled to begin arriv ing Wednesday at the Diplomat f S? Vi H t f Hotel for tJie 12th annual conven- i? KS'Xl tion of the Florida Bar. &w44J wood group to offer them the plan, worked out by his committee when it made a complete investigation of the airport problem about a year and a half ago. "We recommended at that time the immediate closing of the east-west runw ay and consideration of closing the north-south runway,' Iris said. 1 "When that airport was laid out, they built eight runways so that landings could be made into the wind under almost any conditions; Iris continued. "But wiih modern planes ? and landing techniques, even a man qualified as a student pilot is able to compensate for sitter, named Josephine, while she! slight crosswinds. Eight runways I.., i ..- r - :i J Harvey Iris H, chairman ofjSUIierea eilne Iauure nu the Aviation Committee of the CTasnea 111 a"npmig w iwliuu i it i i .. .i m Greater Hollywood Jaycees, said!10 ine on oeaa r"1"8- lwo today he will visit the West Holly- men were severely injured. Since then, Pembroke Pines officials have engaged in a bitter controversy over closing of a town playground adjacent to the field and only a few feet from where the plane crashed. Other complaints from the Pines, particularly over the noise created by aircraft leaving North Perry, also have cropped up from time to time. Iris feels that his proposal could solve most of these complaints and make flying into and out of the field safer for those in the air and on the ground. Members attending the convention, to be held for the second year at the Diplomat, include Gov. Far-ris Bryant and U.S. Senator month and "have been around ever since." I don t see any more have a new mess tomor- Lf 1 j t 11 41. o shore. Reed said today, but Id Thursday morning. Sen. Smath-jhate to say. it's clearing up. We ers will speak Friday morning, i might vuauinan Jtaipn . tuman 01 row. Hofywood estimated approximately , 1,000 lawyers would attend the convention. All the appelate judges and a large percentage of the trial judges in Florida have indicated they would attend." John Creighton Satterfield, president of the American Bar Assn.j from Yazoo City, Miss., Louis Niz-j er of New York City, and Dr. Rob- J ert Earl Zellner of Orlando, presi-i dent-elect of the Florida Medical Assn., also are schedu'ed speak ers. A pre convention meeting starts at 10 a.m. Wednesday, for the Board of Governors. Men's and -women's golf tourna ments, and a fashion show, are on the extra-curricular activities -scheduled before the annual ban quet Saturday night. went to work Friday. During the day the boy burned on the legs and buttocks by a trash fire on the ground near a neighborhood store, the mother floating, said the babysitter told her. The girl took the injured boy to the i :i -t . i. i 0fj nuspiiai, sue saiu. Kiwaiiis Plans New PB Chili BOCA RATON Kiwanis Lt. Gov. Hugh Brown will help guide the formation of a new Kiwanis Club for the Palm Beaches. Come 50 Palm Beach residents are to meet at 7:30 tonight at the Douglas Slaying Trial Will Open DEERFIELD BEACH Pier- son D. Gossett, 18, of Lake Worth'First National .Bank Auditorium i Perry -but Vision hazard vajr juu. m t dim was great t haye uslng I are not needed, only the four- tf-.n r j l.. xL- was i runway a. pauern iormeu uy uie north east - southwest and the southeast-northwest runways." Iris said he talked to Federal Aviation Administration officials about the proposed runway closings at the time of his committee's investigation. "They said then that the plan was the logical procedure," Iris said. "They said, though, that they could, not .order the runways closed on their own initiative. But if the "county would petition them to close the runways to relieve the county of maintenance costs, - they would do so im mediately." Iris, who flies his own plane, said he used to flv out of North will go on trial in Criminal Court at West Palm Beach at 9:30 am. tomorrow. He is charged with manslaughter in the Dec. 22 "sex orgy" slaying of Francis Douglas. Douglas' battered body was on aouth Beach. Frank S. president. Doyle Rogers, brother of U. S. Rep. Paul G. Rogers, is! j n vice president of the new club, ij lCYTCCt TViA Ww flnK ntane ir mont Wright is temporary) 0 VF , . fr )ovle Ropers, hrnthor X 1 11!, 1 1 1 III 1 11 1 I r i . I M 11 found in heavy brush near Laked weawasi group ratner man asjMlf ff V a iuiiuiean ciUfj. Worth, several days after he was listed as a missing person. Gossett is accused of beating Douglas, 54, in an affray over several women. Gossett, Douglas and several other people were in a West Palm Beach night club prior to the dispute. Seaweed Li Iters Hollywood Beacli:Xol Is Burned, HOLLYWOOD - The Atlantic ;proje Lailliclied Ocean piled seaweed onto Holly wood beach "as bad as we've had it all season" over the weekend, Paul Reed, supervisor of beach maintenance, said today. "Saturday morning there was just a little line of weed on the DAMA Police are investigat- 'Career Day' Truths Awaited HOLLYWOOD South Broward! HOLLYWOOD - Oscar Gilbert, 33, of 505 NW First Ave., Hallan-dale, drove the wrong way in the wrong place at the wrong time early today. Lt. Tommie Leach and patrolmen Rodnev Rihln and John High School is making prepara- Hagen were just walking out the tions for the 12th annual Careeridoor of police headquarters when Day program at which "star- dust" usually is rubbed out of stu- Gilbert's car came around the police station travelling in t h e ing circumstances under which a tor announced today sessions two-year-old Negro boy suffered; , . , , , , f ,w; iwn. 'conducted by speakers from dents eyes and the "truth" about wrong direction. Leach said Gd- a profession is learned. ibert made three passes at an i i t 11 Frank Schwall. guidance dirnc:anSie ParKm sPace- missin3 an his legs and buttocks The youngster, listed at Memo rial Hospital, Hollywood, as Ron i three times. When the officers got Gilbert ! from his car, they said he smelled assorted businesses and industries 0f alcohol and could barely walk. wiu get unaer way at iz:4a p.m May 2 in the Career Day beach," he said. "It started com-jnie Young, 124 SW Phippen Rd.,iProSrara ing in Sunday and now it's a real mess." Reed said the weeds may have been torn loose by the storm last was reported in fair condition. At least 80 speakers virtually Police said the boy's mother, none will be educators will ex-Diana Wi liams, filed a complaint !plain faces of their fieds io smaU mat sne leu me uoy wun a uauy-j He is charged with driving while intoxicated and having no driver's license. THEFT REPORTED Kansas City Concern To Open Boynton Plant Fire Unit Needs Just 12 Books POMPANO BEACH The South Pompano Beach Volunteer Fire Dept. is ready to trade trading stamps books in an attempt to earn an emergency rescue station wagon. President Bob Driscoll today reported the volunteers are 12 books shy of the 833 books required for the rescue unit. "We're willing to trade even-steven," Driscoll said. "Some people argue that there are more stamps in one book than another, but a book is a book as far as we're concerned." The stamp drive has 'been in progress since last fall. The rescue unit would be added to a fire engine and water truck already being used by the volunteers. Persons wishing ' to contribute books or negotiate for trade may contact Driscoll by telephone (WE 3-9412). Stilt WtyA&Ay. HOLLYWOOD The mystery of how a British Honduras dugout canoe got to Hollywood Beach appeared solved for a short time, but investigation showed it was two other boats. Walter B. Marshall, 5701 NW Seventh Terr., Ft. Lauderdale, told The News that Capt. John Frates had brought a similar canoe to South Florida aboard his 50-foot schooner, "Three Cousins," but that the canoe had been stolen while the schooner was moored in the Miami River. . A check with Capt Frates, who lives in Coral Gables, revealed that indeed the captain had brought such a canoe here in 1957. In fact, he brought back two of them, and later sold one. But Capt. Frates canoes were made from mahogany logs, while the one that washed up on the beach here is carved from a lighter colored, coarser grained wood than mahogany. One source said it might be poplar. So Hollywood's mystery canoe is still that a mystery, even though F. G. Walton Smith, director of the University of Miami Marine Laboratory has identified it as coming from the British Honduras area. t It 'A n i i H For IVon-Support Seek Ex - Policeman Illinois courts "haven't been co-operative at all" in responding to requests to haul ex-Pompano Beach Detective James Bolds into court on a non-support petition, Assistant State Attorney R. E. Fagers disclosed today. Fagers, who is handling the case at the request of Bolds's wife, said he had been asking Illinois authori ties "for quite awhile" why they had not called Bolds to task and required him to pay his wife's support Bolds is reported to be living in Chicago. Under a uniform reciprocal sup port enforcement law, Fagers can ca 1 Bolds into court in Chicago and the Illinois court, will hear the case and then take appropriate action. Pilot In Crash Still Critical Three men continue to battleibeiS treated for multiple lacera- r. w tnrUv in Mpnwifll uons ana a iracuutu ieg. and Jackson Memorial Hospitals. Two were hospitalized after a plane crash at a North Perry Airport, West Hollywood, and the third, a Negro stablehand, was stabbed with a pitchfork by a roommate. Pilot of the single engine plane, James Coley. 35, Miami Beach, is still in critical condition although nurses report he spent a fair night at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. He was not expected to live follow ing the crash, last- Thursday. His passenger, Richard Wil- helm, 34. a visitor from Long Is land, N.Y., is in fair condition at Memorial Hospital, Hollywood HOLLYWOOD Thff from his groups already selected by home of furs and iewelrv valued j j ........ i Sophomores and Juniors at the at $1,500 was reported to police school. About 1,300 students are 'last night by Herbert May, 3108 points of his platform. expected to participate in the 50 Hollywood Blvd., police records minute sessions. showed today. Guest Speaker MARGATE - Sen Ted David will be the guest speaker at the meeting of the Northwest Senior Citizens Club at the Pompano Park Recreation Center on Bailey Road at 2 p.m. Wednesday. David, incumbent State Senator, will speak on Medicare and other The club has invited all area senior citizens to attend. ENGINE STALLED Federal Aviation Agency inspectors say the engine apparently stalled at 150 feet during a takeoff. John Allen, 45, a Gulfslream Race Park employe, is in fab-condition at Memorial. He was allegedly stabbed by Earl Williams, 52, Negro, during an altercation last Tuesday in Bar X Williams is charged by county authorities with aggravated assault Bolds disappeared last June after resigning from the police force. He was head of the detective division. He was allowed to quit after he received $300 travel expenses to attend a police school in Tallahassee, ,but instead went to Jamaica. Bolds was returned from the Caribbean island upon the request of City Manager William Scovell He was a'lowed to resign after h made restitution of the money WARRANT County Solicitor Thomas M Coker Jr. said a warrant for Bolds arrest is outstanding here for vio lauon oi ine lon-support Act, a felony. However, Coker said, should Bolds return to Broward County without having paid support mon ey to Mrs. Bolds, a new warrant probably will have to be drawn. The only recourse, other than through the reciprocal support VETERANS CONTACT MAN SETS MEETS During the month of May, the Veterans Administration contact representative visiting Ft Lauderdale from the Miami office will be available every other Wednesday, Hie VA regional office announced Saturday. The VA representative will be located in the Air i Force Reserve Training Center, 414 E Las Olas Blvd. law would be for Coker to swear out a warrant for Bolds' arrest in Chicago. Chicago police could then arrest Bolds and the ex-policeman could be extradicted. Fager said Mrs. Bo'ds asked hi help last year. He summoned Bolds alleged Illinois employer Hazen Ames of Pompano Beach, to determine the ex-policeman's whereabouts. - . Mrs. Bolds said she had received only about $40 from her husband since his disappearance. Bolds name reportedly came up at a closed Commission meeting when Police Chief James Boggs defended his department from charges made in a city-paid survey. Boca Inlet Bridge Job Pact Signed BOCA RATON - Contracts for construction of the Boca Inlet bridge have been signed and are on the way to Tallahassee, according to Joe Langford, a spokesman for Cleary Bros. Construction Co., of Wrest Palm Beach. - The bridge building firm will have 1ft days in which to begin work on the span, after the high way department, acknowledges the letter, Langford explained. The first work on the new struc ture will include driving test pilings, and will get under way in mid-May. The construction will in volve hiring approximately . 25 laborers. Work is expected to re quire, more than a year before completion. Exchange Cltili Content Broivard Students Win Honors Broward County students walked off with several honors in competition with Dade students in a contest conducted in Miami under Exchange Club sponsorship. Michael Garretson of St. Thomas Aquinas finished second in a speech contest on "Americanism" and was the winner of a $100 prize. Thomas Miller and Bernadette Castro of Pine Crest were se lected as boy and.. girl of the year. Each will receive a volume of American Heritage and an engraved bronze plaque. They also will represent the fifth district at the state competition in St. Petersburg, where the winners will receive $300 scholarships. Other local students in the dis- trict competition were James Updegraff and Janet Thurlow of Ft. Lauderdale High School and Mary Linda Staples of Stranahan High. Robert Mastin of Stranahan, killed in a traffic accident a week ago, had been scheduled to be one of the contestants. Contestants were selected on a point system based on their activities and also on their answers to questions from judges. BOYNTON BEACH This industry hungry "city has won another manufacturing firm . . . the fourth in a year to make Boynton its home. r Aqua-Skimmer Inc. of Kansas City, Mo., will be setting up shop in a leased building behind the fire department this June. An aqua skimmer is an un-sinkable craft .. . . a water skier, surfboarder, and speed boat all wrapped up into one. It also can be used as a base for skin-diving, for ship-to-shore transportation, as a float for deep water swimming or as a quick rescue unit. It has a 2-cjlinder engine and the apparatus drags the skipper through the water while be lies on bis stomach. John Tetyak, a resident of 132 SW 24lh St., for more than a year, invented the skimmer three years ago as a "toy" for his young son. The Navy has looked with favor on the contrivance for sea rescue purposes. Besides Aqua-Skimmer, Boyn-ton's Chamber of Commerce industry' seeking commiitee of 100 has delivered to this small corner of the county a photo laboratory, a knitting mill, and an Italian food manufacturer. , f 1 , ? ' f ' ' EASTER SINGERS Four members of the Notre Dame Glee Club tune up before singing Easter Mass yesterday at St. Anthony's Church. 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