The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1933
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER' 6, 1033 Ht.YTIlKVrU.R (AUK,) riOURlRU NEWS How Judge Lynch Ruled in Lawless Days of West PAGE THREE Records (or 50 Years Reveal Black Record of Lawlessness in Nation. BY STANI.KV A. TL'l.l.SKS NEA Service Stan" Correspondent Five thousand victims in a half century—that is the black record of lyncliln? in the United States. E'vcn this is a record from which pages arc missing, cue on which hunmedr, of names of trio's? •::' ? have eon? lo Ihi'ir graves by vla- lence are not !hlcd. one which does nc-V include these slain in race riots nnd otlK'r outbreaks. And before the time which this record covers, before r. wjs thought worth-while to investigate Knelling, hundreds of ethers died at tr.e hands of maddened crowds which acted first and looked into the fact-; 1 nficr ihe grim deed was done. NATION AWAKENING 't'iie nali-a al last is a\va^enin ir to the appalling menace of lynch law. with the hideous acts of western, midwcstern. and eastern m'^bs fres.i in mind, and a concerted effort is being launched to stamp out the evil. From Hie hero of a svltl blow struck for American liberty ccme 1 : Use name that designates this most hf'inous ol crimes, according to tae mo<:t accepted version. Charles Lynch was a Virginia planter, a member of the house of burae-iEcs. a justice cf Ihe peace, turned soldier during the war o! the Revolution. In 1780. as he prepared lo lead his cavalry squadron axaiivit the invading British, he discovered a formidable con-piracy n:n;:i? Torlcc of Bedford ciuiuy. NAME IS HORN Lynch essentially was a man of action. Without a moment's hv- lation,\after..capturing t^c ringleaders, he condemned them to imprisonment, and incontinently flung them into jail, thwarling the plot against 'the patriots. He had exceeded UK limit of ' powers, in this heavy-handed emergency thrust.'and Ircm this action was coined the name given to lawlessness parading under tr.e guise o! law. Lynching, in its early days, rarely involved death. Tar and feather parlies and riding viclims on a rai ^ were regarded as lynching. An: ' even this was not frequent, cxcep in sparsely settled frontier ccm munities. From 1830 (o 1840 it seldom meant inflicting the death penalty As "civlll7aUon and culture" ad vancHi, from 1850 to I860, it oftei had t'aat meaning. And from 187i lo the present day. lynching ha meant death by horrible violence HOPE RULED IN WEST However, except in the early set tlement of California, lynehmj stems seldom to rave been prac ticed until after the Civil War. Men trained in the rough schoo cf the wilderness were impatien of legal forms and technicalities They wanted their justice straig-, and swift. So lynch law eradieat cd outlawry and cattle rustlin from Ihe forests, mountain pass es. and valleys ol tlie far west. Then came the disorders aft? emancipation, during Reconstruc ticn days in the south. Lynchin came (o mean torture and cteatl with negroes almost always the vie tiniE. And lynch bw became i the eyes of the world, a peculiar! American institution. Be that as it may. it is a crim w!:ich has prevailed in olhcr coun tries. In England, it was prac ticed under the name of Lydfor law; in Scotland it was called I per lav:. There nbo was gibbe or Halifax, and Jeddart law in Bri tain, which indicated the same fat for the unfortunate offender. NORTH ALSO GUII.TV ' nussia, too. is not guiltless lynching, and in Germany ther ^'flas t ; -e Vehmgcrichte. Northerners arc prone lo loo toward the south when lynching mentioned. But the hands of cit zeii3 cf nlmc-Jt every northern stat arc slaliKrt with the blood of vie tltns of ihe noos2. the stake, an the gun. The casl has the cleanest rec orrl of any section, when lynchin statistics are checked. In ihe wes n:c-:t of the victims are white the sout;\ negroes are by far ti greatest sufferers. One significant finding bias Ihe belief t::at n mob is motivate by chivalry, protecting the hono of ihe womanhood of its commi nily. In 1918. lor instance, it wa shown that ol a total of G2 lyncr hits, only 16 were for criminal a. MAXV WERE INNOCENT A study by the Inl-r-Racial C operation Commission of mo murder over n period of nearly half century shows that many of the victims were innocent of the ofTen-cs for w-tch they died deaths of horror. Some were killed as the result of mistaken Identity, others on unfounded suspicion, some by mco madness. ' There were cases cf burnings, hangings, and fatal beatinss that involved crimes no mor e "serious than hog stealing, -creating' dis- linbailees'' "quarrel with employer. 1 -failing lo (urn out of road" -ii'd "not knowing his place " MOB r.KADER WAS KILLER No more ghastly evidence of the misplaced vengeance of a mob can be presented than that for which tv.'o men died at Cellna, o., in 1872. An enraged band of farmers led by Thomas B. Douglas, hanged Tiuluy's ('onlnui Tronlcm KixHii Im* MIC i-iHitnii'l fi»' (mil- M-aili's. How can ho I'l.iy tin' liuml lor tho isri'.n- i-:.t nilmbrr of 'I'k'JiS. ^Hh lln' 'in.^u »( hi-.ult opi'iiluc.' A 10V:i A :: In s 7 1 II '1 S (: Show Both Suits So Partn r Can Make the Best Selection When Jesse Knabb rnn for mayor he l»t Ilia friend Charlie Barowskl lie would eillicr boat him, or would lump off the dock. He lost, ami jumped Into the cold waters of PiWl Sound, A A ic j 'j a V K 5 t A r. :i J ,V -\ K :-,.! I'iim in n I'M I<''U'' Solution to Previous Contract Problem Aid 1 ]- the lo four clubs, Niilh |>uj|;cily slimiM jump lo sis i-l"l:'-. l:;u afi:v hi- ii:,,| |j|,| nve '•• ' -''mill hill ami- lo live .vp.idw:. Manatd-ry Gels Fire Boll RACINE, Win, (Ul')-Aii old tell, inert In Ihp No. 4 fire station here .r many years. 1ms been given to M.I.-.,!!• •! li" -fciu- iiiviriiiiiiiini I' ' '"""> Ji.iib. MHS ijcun given 10 i i- ;; -i- 1 MO i:; loV.i c : " " Il " !l<nis or(ICT ' whlch mm "y .n',, r f, k club n,^ h, , i '••"'"I'lftrJ the construction of n •i•• -it hi i-i, VI wm I- lll:tt ' "»"»'»'•«•)' '»•»'• Burlington, vl- hi < - , i <lVif - Tl1 - b=n v;l11 te usci1 lo c: >» ' I,;..., „." "1 s :, ., "orkn-s In from the fiildi. |!I.'.U-IIT, al M'viTiil tables Hie '! player no-nl •nil 'one "iVmio 'tiil^onimci! 1 O ne Sure Way to .-..:U of ,-mns,., easily is! End CoUghs 3ttd Colds coiiRhs und colds lead rouble. You can .slop »:• i:ne liea:i from dummy u-...-udi-d <.|L d-vlm-i-s spade' , s c» ! « Hunt r:iir?.l. .SI). ° Mrlmls . l--:= Is mart.! In (he loilmvin ' , r 11 " 1 ' 11 ! ,' 10 ! v wlth , ^ | emulsified ereovite Ihitl Is pleas- ew • uinnsincii creovitc uiiti i-s pien ... i>nl to take. Crromulslou is 11 IIL-W v-'M i)|«'iir; he diirnn of din-, ,.,,. (llc: ,| discovery with two-fold •'"'"I-.which I; wtin in dummy j.,[;<,„; lt Soo ,i 1( :,j mul i KA i the '"II MII< lice, nnd ihe jack <i] ,i ; tlam:d meinl-rnnes nnd Inhibits vV ),t wuinln;; wllh • kin; of ::;;.ldi^ imd rotlll'lllll','. I Mi' 1 Jack of di.uiiiiiiit;. The- lii.l: by it 1 .-Ix-el illamonds then Is IIV U-M. I.'. JIcKUNNTV j.-'i:!id l,y dec!. 1 ,.!' „,'.,( now Him 1 Eiark horror of a lynching, In the lawless days of gun and rep; rule in the far west, i.i v.v-IJly •aving, ufler the painting "Judge Lynch." by Stanley Berkeley. m SGOIIS tln*?, ant! I.ytia Fined ! for Disturbing Peace' lexamler MeLeul and Absalom :immcl for the assault and murder I Mary Sccaur, a chile! of 14. de- :ite strong indications that they new nothing of the crime. Years later. Douglas, on his ealhbed in Denver, confessed tha 1 e had slain the child and had purred on the mcb 10 turn sus- icion away from himself. Despite Hie vigorous battle waged y pulpit, press, and legislators lob violence flames periodically ig one year, falling t.-.e next 1 to rise again. JOI'E FOR U. S. LAW DECATUIi, Ala., DEC. 0. (UP) — Hope is stirred that Congress wii: Clarence Norris. negro, today was vorkers iiact a federal aml-lynehin» i fl , v ho»vcted of criminal nsanilt in thej"'" 0 "" '" cc .. v " rKe ".'hen it convenes in January and i Scoltsboro case by a jury v.-htcnj. has take a gr:at itep toward elim- j ^ .P" 1 ^;™'"! at death in the Dating the evil. to Higher Be Taken in of Both. Zed la dailies and J. T. Lytle, \- i coun fn'quenlers from (jriinr-J ] quarlei:;, were lined $10 'j.ich an j ;, ( C : Ac:ing .lud«c V. G. Holland ii: mu- ; OUl't nici|ial cauil yesl?rday. - P ; Mrs. J. T. F.yCo wa'i cleared of a •.-;,., ihiirnp cf disturbing the peace. j k i! A cha'i;c of assault with a ioaci- | ly weairja aiialnst Dan Crmn:>. ne- I j-.|. :nai:, was smlls prc.:,",:d. Tin- ciiar.: 1 , 1 i Brew out cf ail alleged altercation ; IL hi-l:! i: l..i;r nn,I 11 live-CM id .".Lt M in'ivc-y II,,n. l!ii<:ini!i'.li.n ii., ii.rlni'i' vi lh:U if. laitr l'i ill!. 1 h!<l-i ti.i—. In' ii lore-.-.I lo si-tic 1 , '.It.- :,;nt ;.) |:l:iy it,r n *-i:ihi, he am ir.'ikt: Hi.- |n:|'ir rl!-.d'. Ahuiy:. ii'iuim- I. 1 r. wiitji y-in hold n lnur-< ,iul ::il anil jMir jMiiliK't' lin . . :< Ilinvlni; wllh one .-.padi 1 nnd dis- A lii-ait is di'-ciirdcd from diim- ••' l'.'i::il I-. 1 !!'.: dj:-v.ii-ds is i;n:il.-i::,l. WI-LI h mpii.ut wllh Hie Inn of ' -:w,<'.; by ii;. |,| ay , ; 'f r ;;;;i• ?** l *^>«."• •=««™ ^ *»*»»* of that suit, tl-al unless that suil | Tl!,'- ('i,'.",',.^,'. '^,, v " ( . i" 1 , 5 ."'!,!! 1 '''";!' Is dropiK'd il will lalte only If,'. I-.,. , !n ,| jart' !f eluhs. West dlV- own hiah card Irlexs. whlie :\ c;mlin'; :i luurt. iive-lhrei: suit cjuite ofk-n can b- 1 i-.IP.t:l! hf d for valunble disc irds. \VV:,i.-i:nl vnli'nabl'!. Is Jsiidtli-d i.i ovi i(!iil!i!i:^ Ihe cirlijlnii] s t ]auV- , f ; «lric chair. Senator Edward P. Costi^an cf I A full minute of silence followed Colorado is draftin asserts Ke will ,,. hi -,. announcement of the verdict. Jud»,e \MI]l.Il I ,„ ^,_i,^, ,., _...., . introduce on w - W. Callalian, amid anotht-r pall; b ,. 1 '"- Animals Were Jlridsc I'rires .\iONTE3ANO. V/.is:!. HJP) -- Wyncoche Valley Grange h-re r.'- fcri'u n full-b!;jo;!r:l Jev:-:y calf. live turkey and live vt | :i ., ,,; y,-. ;u ,,i M,- bi charily Aslil - .i i.n\ Mij.jier U'-'en nt the -:i' Tur.-dav of IHM wee!: w.n ':•.•-,:'. p-.-crrc!-; -.\HI yo to; 1 r.p cf ','ae n'flius. '1 hani;.-|!iV!M': parly wa.. tfiven .s.-i.cul ;,isl Wrth'.OMiay nl- ' V •?• AJ I'D". V 5 :i V A 1C 0 6 K.I 1U 7 . lu 1 \v i; S 1 '''-H'-r » 7 fi 1 .1 A A Q 1 D 7 1 ' V A U J .1, A K J 7 I)ii|,ll,-:ili..—.v. ami S. Vul. ()|:i-hlrnv h.-ait- ^ (). Slllilli «','-! \iiuli * I'.'-s r,'^,' i'!,',:'s he first day congress is in ses-|°! ^ence. thanked the jurors and 'dismissed them. He then retired to ;;ri72s durini: a fis j [:;•];.-^11. Fud-<.' and or.i:i : ;c.s were nr: •.!••.• :l in nil. ~Mi"i. II»:'dln<j iicted 'I'll'- ;cveil <>: club; is led and V'.- 1 . i'. ll|i! |-, II M>e h'll III li.;l| 1; |.;_ i| m -|l : ...; (.Ulilllly 1 :; nil," ; : M: d, vvllik' Ik < ! :i.::.i the ja:k uf he:ii'i:; Ihei . I'M-iurrr will win ilu. List n/, I Iilcks uilh IK- mv and <|ii en j ' I ]|i;:rl'.. •<'<•: yi'.'/hl. i!i:i.). NKA JJrrvlcc, Inr.i Cauiild.iU 1 nHliMKKTON. Wash. 11 m f;ro\\tii. Ut nil knuwii drill;. 1 :, creysiilc Li i funni/'ed by lik-li niedlc.'i! milliGr- 'Hes MS one n 1 Iho crcnlc.'it Jical- ln^ agencies for conslii :,i'.d colds and r,tlicr form. 1 ; Oi l.,iual lr:ni)iU-i CrcomiiLsion con- li'ins. In nddltlnn to cicc:>ote, other 11 ;iiini7 I'li-iiii'iit' which f.cothc imd hi'al Hie Inficl'-d mriiilirnni'.s nna •^(ip the iiritutlmi und inlinmr.ui- iltjn, v.'hile ihe creosote ijoes on to :i«. :;(niii::i:li. Is absorbed into tin:' "iloud, u:ul atliicks the sc-ut ol the Civuiniil.vlcii Is Guaranteed sails-- fMttjj'y in Ihu trcalmcnt of p:r- .:ifiil cou^l!:; and colds, bronchial •I'ifliiita. I'i'Oiu'liilLs. and Is excclleui • or bulidin;; tin the system Hfie:' -xlda or Ilu. Your own druuelsl L> ,ii:Mif;il^ed to refund your moirr/ .ill liie .s))n'. if your roiiRh or r-olcl !:• nol ii'i'.-iviM! by <'rt [jmuLslrin. Arlv. KAKRAINS IN NEW >fc liSKIl FURNITURE H.J.DODSON I'honu 15^> ion, and cut)}>ort has been nlsU l.'fi with, twci hrnrls. 1 believe 1 Si;iilh'r, jump tc fcur clubs in be! I eiHhely loo optimistic. A bid ofil Ihrec clubs ov.r l«n lu'rirl-; would-1 \v practically fmclni;. nn il la showing two suit. 1 : whin vliliier- In a few daiia ymt'il know all about it! Americans newest priced 8-cyIsnder Automobile Watch this paper! sult. usually dodge Ihe issue. eign government is lynched by an Wife, 75, Silent OH American mob. the federal govern- U 0 , |UJ 0 l.i.,, Hut ment is held responsible, and on j " er ni SalS UUt several occasions has paid inriemni-, __, ties lo families of victims - DETROIT (UP)-John Morrow, HUGE INDEMNITY PAID S3 - wnj ! Srantcd a divorce from T'.vice this happened in it" cas" hfs wlfc - Kntc ' 75 ' herc rcc enlly of Chinese lynched in Wvomin° bcc:>use ll!; charged she was nbsent and California, and twice in cases '• itmi homc many " iel ' U <" lri "B cf Italians lynched in California wct * M>A lhru sl '° reril ^cl to tell him where she had been. Morrow and his wife cloned to Toledo and were married in 1S2C. According (3 Judge Lester S. Moll, who granted Ihe divorce decree, lie is the oldest man ever to obtain a separation writ in Wuyne County. 's'jj'i and Louisiana. The indemnity in all these cases totaled more than quarter million dollars. The greatest number of persons done to death by mobs in a Singh year was 235 in 1892. From year to year since, there has been a steady decline in the (oil , con^t'uHtion 10 !,, 15 ,^? 1 ^ 11 " 0 ""\ ' R^orTiTcTiT^TEnTonmenl congratulation. In 1932 there wero ! SEATTLE tun"—With the repls ' 0 K-ncr,,, ? s in t h? United States.; tr ^^H .g^g ™ UnlvSStv : dr^L? , UH ' , J ° SC - CM< " ' cf Wushlnstoii registrar officials rail and h 1 \ ld '" 1> - $layOTS fom j inM they- believed this year's en-; la.l and hanged them in a public j rollment will set a record. The ! Ja.k and an enraged thron? .seii-! 7.CM mark alrcadv has been I cl a Degro in jul at si. Jcc-cph. uached an1 i; we.s cxpecicd to '. MO and hanged and burned him, climb to about 7.500. • o 21. the highest mark since 1926 '.lie total to date in 1933 mounted - ~ ' a hen there were 38 lynchings. i -VQ?- Enjincer Quils at 70 YAKIMA. Wash. fUPl — J A Patchett. 70. retired from the Northern Pacific Railroad afler •ervins 45 years as an engineer or rtrcman. He figures he has covered approximately 2,000.000 miles. He has not had an accident in his 'iitire time. ..ENDS a Cold Sooner Following u-e lead of Ihe natives .' Indo-China. Dr. John E. Snm- .'ci'S of Cmalri has developed an rtificial blood frc:n the distilled Mracts of ccv'.aln plants. PROVED BY 2 GENERATIONS r.HADE A Raw Milk Phone 14 Cray's Dairy ||: llotnes Business that says it! -A Q IH), Licctrr * Mviiu TOMTCO Cn. esterfield the cigarette that's MILDER-the cigarette that TASTES BETTER

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