Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii on May 15, 1989 · 16
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Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii · 16

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Monday, May 15, 1989
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IH Monday. May 15. 1 StarXMctin Pearl Harbor CO. Blair had flair for the ring, too T TOU probably have heard by now V that the Jetus SaludU Contrerat U super bantamweight title fight May 25 has been moved from BlaLsdell Arena to Ward Field at Pearl Harbor. Better parking, more seats etc. W hat you may not know Is that the man who made the announcement with Puna Titcomb of International Boxing Showcase, Capt. Dennis Blair, commanding officer of the Pearl Harbor Naval Station, was once a boxer himself. He attended the U.S. Naval Academy along with another amateur boxer named Oliver North, but while North was successful with his fists though he's undergone some harrowing battles lately Capt. Blair decided to forego boxing after his first K.O. It was Blair w ho got knocked out . . . ONE isle resident who's particularly 4 ' f -it, " iiAmn Dy Dave Donnelly looking forward to the Fabulous Thunder-birds concert here June 13 at the Sheraton Walkiki is Margaret Moser Malone of Guide Magazines. A former Texan she calls herself a Texpatrlate Malone Is a former music columnist hi Austin and "discovered" the Thunderbirds before they were hatched. She's been following them since they were the Monday night house band at Antone's blues club In Austin, and named them "Band of the Year" back In 1933. Jimmy Vanghan, who Elays Hawaiian steel guitar on the group's ot new single, "Knock Yourself Out," studied under the master, Jerry Byrd. Incidentally, put Byrd's name on anything and steel guitar players will buy It Left over from the International Steel Guitar Convention In St Louis (where Byrd's In the hall of fame) were a stack of business-size cards which read, "I Love Jerry Byrd" and containing his future. At the recent Hawaiian steel guitar convention here somebody put them on a table and offered them for 50 cents. Sold out in no time! ... Success stories ALLIED Builders honcho Mike Naka-bara takes special pride in being hailed recently by the D.O.E. as "outstanding Kist graduate" of Waipahu High School, akahara, a past member of the prestigious Young Presidents Organization and co-founder of the Hawaii Remodelors Council started his contracting business modestly enough at the age of 27 with a $5,000 bank loan. Today, his business employs 41 people and Is grossing more than $16 million annually . . . Then there's Nissan "Hall of Honor" Inductee Greg Gonsalves. The Kapaa senior has amassed 19 varsity letters in five sports (including football and volleyball during the same season) and he still managed to become an Eagle Scout, senior class president and score a B-plus average. Wow . . . WHEN lmclda Marcos was being introduced to cartoonist Corky Trinidad she intoned, "Of course I know Corky I'm - .,... . r-- : ' ' ' : . y .,.'.' ' -v' a . , . i , - n - U ' " - " - ; . ' Mike Kakaharo Wolly Amot his poor relation." ... As Radford senior Robert Frensley was getting in the car to head for his senior prom in tux with tails, his dad pointed out that he was about to slam the door on his tails. Quipped Robert, "Now I know how a cat feels." . . . Guest speaker at yesterday's Aldersgate United Mcthodtet Church Mother's Day service was a prominent isle mother, Mary Blttcrman, who recited lines from that classic Irish song, "Mother Machree." . . . Following a visit by Marie Osmond to his Polynesian Palace showroom, Al Harrington agreed to appear on the Children's Miracle Network Telethon originating from Disneyland June 3 and 4. Following that appearance, the Harrington clan departs for a richly deserved European vacation . . . Becks end more books WHAT do Phil Donahue, Frank Fas! and Joe Moore have In common? They're among those who've donated autographed books to the Hawaii Literacy's "Celebrity Book Auction" May 26 at the Sheraton Waiklki. Proceeds for the fundraiser will help Hawaii Literacy reach the estimated 154,000 (an alarming figure) isle residents who can't read ... By the way, Wally "Famous" Amos, a tireless volunteer for Hawaii Literacy, has been signed by the Katby Muller Agency. The agency will be representing him here and abroad. Wally's currently being considered for a major campaign in Japan . . . And finally, local writer Laareen Kwock's newest Regency Romance, "The Marquis and the Miss" is now in Isle bookstores. This is her 10th romance book, once again written under the pen name, Clarice Peters . . . Dave Donnelly has been writing on happenings in Hawaii for the Star-Bulletin since IMS. His columns run Monday through Friday. Cclvin end Hobbes GCOD NLNS. UOBBES.' I'M SORTING A SECRET club, m W CM BE IN IT.' ITU BE GREW.' WEIL THINK OF SECCCT NAMES TOR OURSELVES, SECRET CODES FOR. OUR SECRET CORRESPONDEHCE, A SECRET HANDSW&.... VCI1 HME k SECRET OUB- HO0SE WITH A SKRET KNOCK. Doonesbury PEOPLE PM MORE ATTENTION TOW VMEHTHEI THINK. XCW'RE OP TO SOMETHING, so uhw you mm of mat KSHAlP FiAGAN STANDS FOR, Y0U6CMA THlHKDtSNEY! AMI RI6HT, JEFF? CANWHP08US)', W& OR WHAT oee.ipuwo. SiP. GFAT NWepVANGLB, WTITSmNA Mt.CANH& SVU. ACT 1 yoo gotta se JtFFi (AH HE STILL AO HSU WANT ACT ING Peanuts there's nothing more lonely than sitting on -j a bench all by yourself WITHOUT A OfillfiUlWHT $ YOU LOOK KINO OF '''s 1 GUESS MAYBE I AM.. I '' r Wizard Shoo II V . 1 NORTH J 10 7 J8 Q J 10 5 EAST 'I'.' A6 K72 A B6 Q 10 6 5 SOUTH KQ98 A 10 5 K 9 2 4KJI Vulnerable: Both Dealer: East The bidding: East South West North 1 1 NT . Pass 3 NT Pass Pass Opening lead: Heart four LEAD WITH THE ACES fourth, best. against the confidently bid game, and East, puts up the heart king. The result is not good if South wins his ace, ensuring two heart winners. When- South knocks out one of East's aces, East returns the heart seven, and West ducks to maintain communications. South cannot win nine tricks without , attacking East's remaining ace, and when he . does, East wins and leads his last heart for one uown. When Bill Tully of Dallas played today's game, he . recognized the dangers that went with winning two heart tricks. Looking ahead, he refused the first heart, allowing' East to win. East returned the heart seven and Bill ducked a second time, West winning the queen. What did Bill get in return for his second heart trick? He got the time he needed to win nine tricks. He won West's heart exit, knocked out East's two aces and didn't even have to risk the club finesse. ANSWER: Spade eight. Don't give up a heart trick (to East's king). With only a four-card heart suit, choose a passive defense. Send bridge questions to The Aces, P.O. Box 12363, Dallas Texas 75225, with self-addressed, stamped envelope for reply. ... South holds: 8 7 6 2 V A Q 10 9 97J J8 East 1 NT South Pass West 2 NT North All pass -J SOU. QUCSFlE. SfCCFT TO CTT M. r HP TTi MFTUINlfi I .. i : ... .-.-. . I fill ifM I f7ncc rm f-w hj ii rnrr mi urn rv , uiinf in nil L I if i vm.Dui. i vuia.j paw 01-v.iv.c.t wv nt.u.iJ nm ru. IHt P , -A I -! ViS5 OR WHAT v m QJM m-w Gorield Eloom County VOCJ GOTTA GO VEH VOUR wH05E FACE I ... TTTI f v T"l Fnr Better Or For Worse J": " . . , . . yr. ?. X N I , s lhr Ii.wivk 1 Wnmmmm.,A ...,, 'i W 1 IL- -dfl , fiirSSSf? H. BRIDGE J. I S " ? t- kVTHW' A 1' Today's game offers an interesting choice. Should f " if" KttT iTV-,M iv t t -i V i'i South ensure two heart winners or should he play to , Jrtrh ! rv.te m&m 1 isolate suit? ; , i it r t . jTAfv.iyfcy'.v t'jw ta w n cvj wesi leaas nis Beet a bo ev I I m n n a m 4 TiiEu rpcti c I kio iTte ! i onic Okie cioliai , The result is not 743 I ELMSFORP 15 ' V THIS WAY i I RI6HT, OKIE 5IGHAL5 V THIS WAV y I V LEFT, AK1P THEY GO J f&3:rt-. t 1 " ' kJt - iir m I I it y- ill V 1 X r -H HC1. R0KNIE-! l-IWOUi &VEJLFF INIMHCAICT use wm HOT ACTING1 1 FOR HOSTAGE. AW W ft NOT AMAZING... WNHtRB! I (Ml ItHK in my eyes, JEFF! 5HtAK TO GOP f 3 mo 1 nwivisrj: 1 I, 1. irf 1 I I V V, 1.. t s K HE'S 50 POLITICAL t 1 !Xf f ASTROLOGY By Tom Pierson Tomorrow's Forecast Tuesday, May 16, 1989 GENERAL TENDENCIES: A lot of tall stories are entwined with reality, and it is difficult to discern between fact and fiction. The tendency is to impress others through stories and conversation. ARIES (March 21 to April 19): Keeping a low, profile today will help you to complete important tasks. Be aware of work techniques that need to be changed. i TAURUS (April 20 to May 20): You can be skeptical of promises made today. Keep options open. Be objective and analyze all the facts. Do only what is necessary. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21k Your mind could go on and on and on as you feel a need to express ideas and concepts. It is a fertile time for mental flexing. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21): Long-range plans are dependent on your cash flow. Reconstruct a budget that allows you to get closer to your dreams. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21): Your quest for independence can lead to arrogance. Someone at the workplace may be competing unfairly but Is not fooling anyone. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22): The one who wants to be your associate may be a candidate for the "Losers Hall of Fame." Be diplomatic when saying no. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22): You are on solid footing as you finalize a major achievement. You receive recognition and feel emotional fulfillment from your endeavors. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21): You are a person of your word but find that it Is necessary to renege on a crazy request. Family disputes will clear up. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21): You have a great sense of humor. Unsupervised dieting can affect your good health. Reorganize priorities. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20): Promises made today may lack substance. Appointments may be hard to keep. Family matters highlight the evening. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19): Social activities attract valuable contacts. You break through tradition and prefer to be independent. Make travel plans. PISCES (Feb. 20 to March 20): Your charming mood will be uplifting to those around you. Romance, creativity and intuition are working In harmony. ' Tom Pierson is with the Carroll Rinhior aii , . - - W v v. 11.11,1 lWUItlM j CROSSWORD PUZZLE WtKETO f ITW01X3MT 1 j ur iHUfl t initio ST RESTAURANTS mm B.C. , NO- ACROSS ; 1 Handles clumsily 6 Ballroom dance 10 Gag , 14 Farm unit 15 Vegetable 16 Mimic 17 Bogart film ' 20 Judgment 21 Sam or Romus 1 , . .22 Driyer'e Item-23 Tempo . r, -. 25 Assassin 29 Separatee . 33 Atmosphere: pre!. . 34 Otherwise 35 Lanka 36 Brando film 41 A Fleming 42 "The - Not Taken" 43 Accuse 44 Like some typing paper 46 Partook 48 Bacchanalian cry .. 49 Medieval , poem 50 In agreement STALL fOS TiME Till TH& UnjJ kAi s-.l Ti kfir- rvi n1-" nv-n iifvic. H-x 1 s V , v V. c Tf?roKEPir OHOBfZ Six Yesterday's Puzzle Solved: 39 l siii i tin? i F II IQ T.Tm 2 J! r v..Utflsf "(J1AH. ii, mis, -a.m fjiiif MiJiiLkiis, vp fji-IkUi-S. ..liiliiiiiUililiili 53 Like Adonis 58 Insects 61 Assist In crime 62 Nostrils 63 Review texts 64 Magic charm 65 Resided 66 Gorlot" DOWN Dabs Yearn Small bird County capital Tree In the bag Pleasant 8 Tibetan Gazelle 9 Ms Jllllan 10 Excursions 11 Oil cartel 12 Bottom of a ship 13 River to Donegal Bay 18 Regale 19 Friend 23 Ointment 24 Gaelic 25 Composer Erik 28 He wrote "The Merry Widow" 27 Matador's milieu 23 are my sunshine" 29 Civil War general 30 Acting award 31 Incriminate falsely 32 Amerced 37 Carved 38 Wolf , 39 New Haven school 40 45 46 47 49 50 51 wink (quickly) Upper house Least goofy Cover Tag Not open, not shut Forbidden 52 Frank 63 Present 54 Short distance 55 Ye Shoppe 56 Golda of I sr. 57 Medieval fortress city 59 Upshot 60 Adage 1 a a I 3 R IS ItO 111 12 Il3 1 I L L .-. ,. HMav 17 jib ie - t 1 . . . W " t4- 3 - a ij j ii J)" "" "" s""' j n" 4' ' L JLJ , r .. W 1 S2 o4 !4 (66 b 67 ' i ! I I I I I i I I I 1 i. J I. .1 ill is C5115iS3

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