The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1943
Page 3
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, APRIL 8, 1913 Enact Program On Farm Labor In California SACRAMENTO, CallT. (UP) California is taking cniwuciicv ac- IIOM lo give iiij farmers ciiouj-li labor to produce another bumuiM' toad cro]) in 194:). By overwhelming vote. Die California IcgishuiR' enacted Into law n slate food and fiber net, Biviiitf n cuiiiidl of seven farmers nioacl powers in recruiting and jJlaciijff /arm laftor. Gov. Earl Wnr- '''•n, who culled Uu 1 special sc.sslon to roiistili'r (lie emergency legislation, sailed the bill nnd .sanctioned a temporary setup until Hie new iiRency becomes officinl in June. West Coast fanners have despaired uf ndequsiie federal help on labor problems because of n conflict umoiiB federal agencies involved in the unrleiillm-dl picture. California agricultural leaders have long protested that uniform J-egit- Inltniis Issued In Washington, I). C., .seldom solve problems in the highly-developed rich lands ot the state's interior valleys. CriliiMzrcl 'Iteil Tape' Passage of the funii net followed. a barrage of highly - critical resolutions against federal agencies and "red tape." The act gives the Governor authority lo appoint .seven farmers lo the farm manpower council, representing (lie agricultural brandies of. citrus fruits, fruits other than citrus dairy products, livestock, field crops, truck crops ami cotton. All are. nun-paid and will advise a state farm production director .also niuncd by the Governor, who will receive not more than $10,000. The program is aimed to help the dirt fanner from start lo finish. The council can- set up local comity committees, p:iy part of the salaries of county farm directors, make contracts with private, public ami federal agencies to expedite labor recruiting. The general purpose includes recruiting and allocating of farm labor, co-ordinat- ing anil planning transportation and housing, providing food for farm labor, helping farmers obtain farm implements and necessary repairs, and help any pri- .inary producer of farm products to .secure labor. The state will be divided into regions to permit full local participation in the program. t'miihasi'/.es Slate Kffnrls State Director of Agriculture William Cecil, at 30 one. of the youngest farming leaders in the nation, pointed out lhat ••the, program is a nev; departure in the field of solutions to the farm labor problem, but it is based on the sound premise that farmers know best wha.1 they need and local participation brings the best results." Leaders of all farm groups met in .Sncramemo with legislative representatives in wofit out the bill. The purpose was not to Conflict with federal directive;:, but' to take up state effort where the federal plan left off. The emphasis will be on local recruiliiiR in schools, clubs, business firms, public agencies and oilier sources of potential labor. Tile act included an appropriation of 1,500,000 to. get the plan in cperatjon. The farm council will decide ho\v much money to spend in carli county in assisting local officials with the new program. New Chemical Makes Sea Water Drinkable WASHINGTON, April 7 (UPI — Sailors soon may bo able to drink sea water without physical liariu. Representative Mtnult of South Carolina revealed today Hint chemicals have been developed to make salt water lit lor human consumption. He says the formula was developed by Dr.. Alexander Goelr. under the direction of Dr. Robert Millikcn at (lie California Institute of Technology. Mundt says tiie chemicals separate the salts from tin: wntcr in two hours. Scientist Goetz previously det-c!- opcel a silver pellet to purify con- tnminnlcel water. This has been Irsted ftacrssfully by Amiiricnii military missions in Asia. Baseball cannot be played in Gtlpln County, Colo., since there is no level place large enough lor a diamond. Soap flakes ami eccentric dancing don't mix-even If you go in loi nn eccentricity known us "leg mnnln." Tull, Lissom Melissa Mason is a kg manlue, nut she's tiulct (im dlgntned Just tb c same. Except when she's doing her specially numbei.- oi) the stage. Tiien anytliliiB ciin happen. From whittling wood tt bunging a Inmborhic. Leg mania, she explains, Is n«—. type of dancing featuring high ,,, . hicks. There are lots of leg muni- WjlOHUIHI ncs nroimcl. But none like Alelksn, For flic combines lier dance routine H'lth specliil props nnd crazy .songs. H- was those crazy props that got her into the soap flnke trouble last Sunday nlghl. number colled "While jun.s." Usually she Illuslrales the line "I'm dreaming of a while Christ .. .,, of confetti into the air. Hut she left her confetti behind and had lo use soap Hakes. If BLYTEEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ........ * ........ sce i>n a-opponenl She was at nn Army cniiip doing .Mjnnd, composed of tiio best, nlnv- " ..... '•"" """• ....... •"- ' , , Christ- crs fnccd by (he Cowboys this 'seis- on. Heading the learn is forward Jack .tu uiummng 01 a we rs- HargLs of (lie University of Terns nuts" by throwing a few hamlfnls Hargis was chosen the oiil.stnndini' flf ('111 if I 1 1 11 ililn (hn nli- in Pill Km ' f\t i (,„ nil ~.... „.. ___ j . . _ •" l " u.-w nuH|j iiiu-Li.i. *(< iv uuJiiiiiy is [IX if I 1 01 Ht •JOlin'fi worked out nil rlelit at first, 'nion Ace Omening of iln; Denver Leuini II, \VOrl:P/5 Illir* tmv ntpnL' r»,in> n ,... i , . . ••- • »*>••'• amateur team is ul center Ant 1 Melissa rushed off stage hnlf way Jetty 'luckcr of Oklahoma and Prod through the number with tears mul I'rnll 0 of the I'hllltps "di" Olleif mascara streaming down her cheeks, amateur squad are the uuards Melissa Ihlnks llic most .sure-IIre way of making people laugh is lo .surprise lliem. Thai's why she guts in for odd props. "My legs being Die wclnlcsl." .she adds. Wehd Isu'l exactly the word. . . although they're on the long side. She's put, together so well from head to toe thai two movie com- punies are on her trail. Uncle Sam is also on Hie Irall— trying lo track down long blond Iresscs lo ut.o in Army and Navy uealhcr instruments. Tlie .icnrcli is far train simple— for the hair 1ms to be al least 14 Inches long, naturally blond, straight, anil untouched by hoi ii'ons or waving machines. Any blonde who can nil the bill should send a snip to Jullcii Frlra and Sons in Baltimore, Md. HuL judging from recent surveys it isn't aoinj; lo roil in by the barrel. A newspaper reporter roamed Broadway for more than five hours —hanging nrauncl beauty sho|js, five and tens and other places where blonds are known to congregate. "I've seen a lot of blonds," said Ihe owner of :i Mlb sirecl Ijenuly shop. "But r haven't seen a natural blond in two years." Eighteen-year-old Sylvia cnsher of Brooklyn looked like n good bnt. ivilh a of 15 inch locks. "I've never bleached it." she said proudly, "never used hot irons lit the last two years. Of course I'll donate some of it," But she'd forgotten one tiling, it was naturally curly. The government will just have lo face the disillusioning fact that most blonds wear their hair seven to eight inches long. It's curly, or made that way will) irons nnd machines, and it's almost, always bleached or "ch'einicnlly ' rinsed. Alternate uortlis were voted ,„ Harry Boykoff of St. John's niul George MnJmkcit of Georgetown The Cowboys won Hie inyllilrnl national title by defeating St. John's m a playoff gume, nfler downing Georgclown In ,tn c tiimls of (he National Collegiate Athletic Assi>- ciallon Tournnmenl. ("tenall, - Ilii! antiseptic way wild lilnck niul \Vliil( Uuituicni. Uiconly osdireclwl.Fof clonus me, nlivnysuse Hlnck and WliitcSkin Soaj BUCK M? WHITE All-Opponent Team CHEYENNE, Wyo., April 8 (UP.) -The University of Wyoming's national championship bnskelbal learn has selected nn. nll-opponenl member of Hie nil-opponent lenii" The olhw forward berth WHS given to Johnny nnxtcr of St. John's ^Vomon workers form 1C per cent "'""' Urlttsh Mother's Friend helps bring case anil comfort to e.\ r ()ec(,inf mothers. M OTHER'S FRIEND, nn exquisitely prc- pariHt ctnolllcnt. Is \isetul In nil comll- , _.;—«««a™. lions wlicre u biniul, mllrt nnodync mas engo mcclluni In still luljrlcnllon Is <lc for'more Vhni 0110 ' 1 '" v "' lch ™"« r^i 1 '^!' 0 " for "'""-"BlnB tlio" lions of DIP skin ... for the tired bncK *^SS?a 1 , 1 £l,!|! 1 , 1l JS, II | 0u iSi im IMpther's Friend f-tlio akin lul)rl«iSL- 1 Try°;t > l°i?i'|ht 1',;-. 7 e V ^fr -^^MiStHJI^-HS^Cr^ « ^^ISlSVEABJlS^l*!"^--^ -^5T I ,-r<;\^x''~^ <o» " \ f\ A > ,' 'i t • . v-V/ r Dnnfci'ng luscioui, cold Gropetnf HERE'S YOUR EASTER HAT! 1 .98 Gaily Flowered or Smartly Tailored ' A new hat makes your Easter wardrobe! In Pciuiey's brilliant collection see the lovely new sailors — all crisp anj sliming . . . the liny calols and pompadour styles . , , berets and off-face lypes. Everyone a foc.iuty— they'll set oil your new coal or suit "ml malic life brighter llie minute you make your choice. Some arc a mass of flower*, others arc trimmed wilh feathers, ribbons or fuelling. Grand choice of colors, loo! Cxqpette GIRIS' HATS V 49 'Big wde-cyc<! boiinfl!, jaunly sjilors and soft iirplon roller! Slraifj, felu wih all the rilihon'j am) flowers little ^irlj IDVC! AM EASTER HAT Far JOB, too, Sirt Cenuin* .98 I t * w '. I'X>olprints of" prehistoric men have- been found imbedded In Ihe siuulsloiie iicur Ohlfkslin, Okln, Read Courier News w»n( «t>. Cushion'l wmuj«'l>. This your our clothes musl lit' more limn JIIK! Hiislur i'lwnuois. Their job is (i» keep ti|) nioniU'— hniK afU-r the HusU'r IKirmlf is over! Thill's »'liv il is so iiii|)iidnn( to Hi'l toxU'd, iim-pled riisliions— UK.. only kind we sell itl I'enney'K! These typical Penney' Cushions will {five you not only a snmrl Kiisler— l»i( pletUy of snfisl'.viitu went', too. Kiivulmis or Cnswil Styles! WOMEN'S RAYON DRESSES 7.90 Now stylos thiit IIHVC nil Urn cull, n ^ij'l (fiflw of Hit! sin-inn seiison! Delimit fully conservative two styles with frilly liu- toiiclies . . . Hrill'iimlly ))i'inli'd r a y o n ji'rsoy.s ,11111! suil I'roclts in rayon liiillc. Durli slioci'M, soft ptis- >ls! Si/.os 12 to 20. AN1> SO IK HIIEKIt CIlFl'K itO.MAINK! K«il(re( Fnshlnns U'ilh Sijlei SMART PASTEL DRESSES • NHv Tunic Slj'li's " • Sleek Uellril :.'1>|«! B ... ; . HiKh-nccked timies! wiUi'tlc- IJKlitrul nppli(|iiG ' 1'or vwy .smart two-piece lioliet! that are always eon-ci'l! A wide nitiffc of sod pastels Si/.o.s 12-20. 4.98 Mi* If*** C)WH Cade* Colorful I'liiids Or Alisl.v Tweeds! Wonii'ii'.s W()ol-Ai»I-l{;iyon .Jackets > Strirlly Tailnrcil > Cleverly limped 6.90 Grand combined with your skirls and sweaters! Choose a crisply iailorcd typo iti bright Id'oad plait!, or a soft, misty I weed, l.ovclv spring colors! 12-20. Smart Styles! liii^nl Colors! NEW SPRING SKIRTS Smni'Uy cut wool-aiul- ruyon skirls in ;i gi-iind choice of pleated styles! f ,^ Grand with your odd ;; jackets. Spring shades. Sixes 24 lo 32. 3.98 v Voii U»irt Have Too .Many 'I ins Xjn big! RAYON BLOUSES Long or short sleeved types! Di-cssy or tai- lorcil styles in while or pastel. In sixes 32 lo '10. - Afl 1 MX *' ww THIS YKAH IT'S SJIART'lF IT'S USEPUf,. Just Received A Carload Of BEDROOM SUITES These arc suites that were purchasec] last July .. . they embrace Ik newest style trends and the most sturdy construction at about the same prices you would have ha<l to pay a year ago. Every suite offers ,_ \^« STYLE..-QUALITY-..PRICE NOT I.lKi: I'ICTlllti: NEW MODERN SUITES That give you more for your furniture dollars Beautifully designed of light colored Walnut with or without posters .. .heavy plate glass mirrors.. . twin or double bed suites i>nce<} complete with bed, chest, night stand, bench and vanity " ' ,'. H19to $ 250 NO I LIKE 1'ICTURK Beautiful Period Design Suites v.nDiei: nf Mivi'i-nl imimliir (leslgiis In help yon rreati- a nuirr lirnullfiil ruiun. Vlnlsbcil in dark Walnut (.r MulinKiuiy. Twin :i»il doiibio hrd sizes cDnsh.tlni,' of bud, Vanlly, Otirsl, nlglit Ltanil anil lir;ic)i. $119 to $250 Duncan-Phyfe Dining Suites Also Many Other Popular Designs You'll find construction features In these su- tlicntic itc-siftiis that will he very difficult ti> duplicate a few months hence. Conic In today am! view (his complete showing of hcaullfiil dining- ronm sillies. $149 to $310 Hubbard Furniture Co.

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