Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 24, 1968 · 1
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Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida · 1

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 24, 1968
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.1 . Author -j PVi Dies YJ . . . on 1C J "jf Fair and cool today with high in the low 70s. Northwest to north winds 15-23 mph. Fair and a little warmer tomorrow. , mm FULL NEA AND AP WIREPHOTO MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AND UPI 55th Year Vol. 6, No. 16 O IMS Gon Ntwtpaptr Company FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, SUNDAY, MARCH 21, 1963 Ten Sections N 163 Pages Did W and Fail In Battle Strategy 9 lOU iJLvl Ja sLiJLXJ JLjiJLji -;.. - .. ii imiiii ii i ii i Tin fir r ri i n n ttt" prr tjj 1 imnwmipT i 1 nmii 1 1 in 1 1 iniiiin '.mmBjM'l1 w n n iinir n mini win r irttfi if I f1 a u Hi 2stntdrel By PETER ARNETT (Associated Press Writer) SAIGON. - Gen. William C. Westmoreland will be remembered for one tactic above all others in Vietnam his use of massive firepower. Some Americans here are highly critical of it. "This is the first war in history in which the infantryman has been used to support the artillery and the air strikes, and not the other way around," a U. S. battalion commander commented early in 1967. In the strategy of the outgoing U. S. commander here, American units pull back whenever contact with the enemy is made. Then aircraft and artillery are called in to do the job infantrymen did in other wars. niMi..,- ' wv $.mjhm "i-n- , , f (UPI Telephoto) HEAVY SNOW FRIDAY SPOILED SPRING PICNIC PLANNED SIX MONTHS AGO FOR CINCINNATI PUPILS ... but Debbie Hodge, Samuel Fairbanks and David Gump proved difficult to get indoors A brums Westmoreland Post By FRED S. HOFFMAN ' (AP Military Writer) WASHINGTON Some senior military officers predicted Saturday that Army Gen. Creighton W. Abrams will succeed Gen. William C. Westmoreland as U.S. commander in Vietnam. They acknowledged, however, that they are not certain what President Johnson will decide. ' Johnson in his Friday announcements did not rule out Abrams, Westmoreland's top deputy. But he did leave wide open his option to send in fresh command blood and pass over Abrams. Some military officers who are strong admirers o f Abrams suggest the President may be withholding an announcement until later, when he might choose to disclose Abrams' appointment with maximum fanfare. LBJ HESITATES? According to this speculation, the President might use such an announcement to tell the nation that he had reviewed the war strategy and decided to push ahead. A contrary theory is that the President is deferring choice of Westmoreland's successor while he searches for Children Blamed For 300,000 Fire Matches Black Out TV A fire which investigators and one color camera, which were trying to make emer-believe was started by chil-, was worth about $75,000. - gency ' arrangements to re- dren playing with matches did ' an estimated $300,000 wortn ot damage to television station WAJA, Channel 23, and FM facilities of a radio station in Miami Saturday. Jud Holstein, vice president and general manager of the UHF station, said the blaze gutted the studios and destroyed four black and white HOUSE MOVING Phone Ft. Lauderdale Transfer JA 2-1454. Adv. News!" ANALYSIS c This strategy has served its basic purpose .of saving American lives at each battle scene. But more and more Americans are beginning to question the wisdom of the relentless use of allied firepower which has scarred the countryside, obliterated hamlets, and lately contributed to the destruction of as much as 50 per cent of some major Vietnamese May Fi possible alternatives to the current strategy and that Abrams might not fit in with such a change in strategy. As the commander, Westmoreland would take the onus for any failures in Vietnam up until his July 1 departure to become Army Chief of Staff. But, since Abrams has been his senior deputy, it is pos Circumstantial Evidence Points To Cancer Cause By DELOS SMITH (UPI Science Editor) SAN DIEGO Scientists revealed Saturday that, the long anticipated discovery of viruses which cause human cancer may now be close at hand. Their mounting suspicion, backed by tightening circumstantial evidence, is that these still-to-be-found viruses are closely related to or are the same viruses involved in such common human afflictions as "the kissing' disease" (Mon The station's viedo tape t equipment and transmitting equipment escaped damage and Holstein said the station would be broadcasting by Saturday evening. The building also houses the transmitting equipment of radio station WGBS-FM. . Both broadcast stations were knocked off the air but STEAKS-MEXICAN FOOD TEXAN STEAK HOUSE 4050 NE 5th Ave. -Adv. cities. In one case, U. S. B52 bombers destroyed a Roman Catholic village 10 miles north of Saigon, killing 51 civilians and demolishing 70 homes. It was an error, the first in the Vietnam war. Although half the 250,000-lb. bomb load fell outside the target area, it was still within the surrounding buffer zone where no civilians were supposed to be. Permission for the strike had been given by Vietnamese authorities. Nevertheless, inspection revealed several government outposts were in fact within the supposedly uninhabited buffer zone. The strike was the closest ever made to Saigon, 10.5 miles to the northwest. Other Americans see this massive use of firepower as 11 sible that some of this might rub off on him and thus diminish his chances to be the chief in the next stage of the Vietnam war. Pentagon civilian, officials are avoiding any predictions. Since being sent to Vietnam last June, Abrams has spent (Continued on Page 16A Col. 1) onucleosis) cold sores, and infectious hepatitis. , However, this does not mean people who come down with those afflictions are in any danger of also developing cancer. If they were, cancer would be much more widespread. And if human cancer viruses operated in other than extremely subtle and deceptive ways," they would have ,been discovered long since. ' The scientists reported to the annual Science Writers' Seminar of the American Cancer Society. The husband-wife team, Drs. Werner and sume programming, WAJA ; program director Tony Glenn said it was thought youngsters started a fire outside the building and burning debris was sucked up by the air conditioning unit. There were no injuries. Four units brought the blaze under control within an hour. No one was hurt. SWD ... the people to see FHA-VA mortgage loans and commitments. Call JA 4-0461. Adv. the major weakness in U.S. military tactics in Vietnam. "All that heavy stuff on our side tends to give a U. S.-infantry commander a comfy feeling. He will use it against a sniper, if necessary. It builds a defensive stance in us, permitting the enemy the offensive," said an infantry division staff officer. Another officer with two years' experience in Vietnam said. NO WAY TO WIN "No one wants to see American boys dying over here. Every effort is made to keep losses down. But without the infantry follow-through, a jungle battle will never result in victory for us." A senior civilian with mili- tary experience assailed what he felt were the overly defen ;'. IPS i 4 AmiA 9 ' 4v I CREIGHTON ABRAMS ... command decision? Gertrude Henle of The Children's Hospital, Philadelphia, detailed the new powerful circumstantial case against a virus with the laboratory designation of "EB." It was first found in laboratory cultures of tissues of Burkett's Lymphoma, a cancer found only in Africa which has long been suspected of having a viral origin. Since then it has been positively identified as a herpes virus. Another herpes virus causes cold sores and gets around freely among people the wdrld over. By intricate laboratory tests they and their collaborators have found chemical evidences of its previous presence in blood samples of persons with "the kissing disease," so-called because it is prevalent among college students and youth in general who are, of course, more given to indiscriminate kissing than older persons. ' They and other scientists on the seminar's virus panel emphasized that the evidence for there being human cancer vi- ruses and for EB and other suspects being among them remains entirely crcumstan-tial. Until there is positive1 proof, the scientists can only (Continued on Page 19A) Col. 1) Expert watch and jewelry re pairs. Jewelry, rings, remodel ing. BRITTS (Fine Jewelry Dept.) Adv. fcpllS18li lillililliill sive tactics of U.S. field commanders. "They tell you that Vietnam is not really worth an American life. But look at the casualties, how they double and triple each year. American boys are dying, and we either go it all the way with winning tactics or pull out." During the post-lunar pew year military activities, five enemy regiments were deployed in the Cu Chi, Saigon, Bien Hoa zone for all of February, yet only six American battalions and six Vietnamese battalions were deployed against them. "Our units were in contact each day, all day," one American said. "But instead of helicoptering in all our other battalions, we used air and artillery. The countryside was (Continued on Page 16A Col. 2) "TT T (v Halt Flooding Perils 5 Vermont Towns (The Associated Press)' " Biting cold gripped the Eastern United States Saturday as a severe spring storm moved east after blanketing much of Dixie under more than a foot of snow. Snow fell early Saturday from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes, with freezing temperatures recorded over much of the same area. Temperatures dropped more than 50 degrees in less than 24 hours in the Virginia-Washington, D.C., area, as record cold struck from the Florida Gulf Coast to Indiana. A hard overnight freeze, threatening early-blooming spring blossoms, was forecast in Dixie as far south as North Florida. Snow flurries were reported in the Florida Panhandle Saturday and frost was forecast for the upper peninsula this morning. 1 . Pensacola reported a record March 23 low of 32 degrees in the wake of a cold front which spawned gusty winds and at least one twister. . Temperatures in the 30s were forecast for North Florida today. In Ft. ' Lauderdale and Miami, the readings were expected to be around 50. Fair and slightly warmer weather was forecast for the daytime hours today, but another frosty night was in the offing. -9 PERSONS DIE In the Northeast, a section of Connecticut Highway 17 was under water as flooding followed recent heavy rains t- with more rain in sight. Other flooding was reported throughout New England. Rain and fog delayed planes up to an hour at New York City airports and rain at Washington, D.C., where temperatures dropped 55 degrees since Friday, was rapidly turning to snow. The storm left at least nine deaths, all in Tennessee and Kentucky, in its wake. Seven persons in the two states were killed in traffic accidents attributed to hazardous road conditions, a Memphis man died while shoveling snow and a Paris, Tep., man died in northwest Tennessee of carbon monoxide poisoning after his car became mired in foot-deep snow. Many other motorists or their cars were stranded in both states. At Bellows Falls, Vt., a nine-mile long ice jam broke Saturday night and began tumbling over a power dam, unleashing Connecticut River waters plugged by the frozen barricade. ' Police and fire officials said the ice appeared to be flowing smoothly over the concrete dam without damage to the structure. :' Five towns below the dam at Bellows Falls were alerted by Civil Defense officials to be ready to stem flood waters. The ice jam was the worst in 20 years, officials said. Rains and floods in New England the past week have caused millions of dollars in damage. Massachusetts Civil Defense Director Allan R. Zenowitz estimated damage in the Bay State alone between 60 and 80 million dollars. . In Taunton, Mass., where hundreds had been evacuated in the face of a flood threat from the Mill River, police allowed most to return home Saturday urn LBJ A Hawk On Crime . 16A Porsche Win At Scoring ID An Interview With Karsh . . . ". '". . . . 6H Amusements 9-13H Area News ........ 1-12B Book Page 811 Bridge 19C Canadian Corner .... 14C Chess 2E' Classified ........ 6-24E Coins 4F Crossword Puzzle .... 9D Editorials .......... 4-5H ' New Phones: 5254271s BOAT STORAGE Power or Sail. Repairs. Brokerage. Laud. Yacht Basin., Inc. 2000 SW 20th St. JA 2-3655. Adv. (AP Wirtphoto) A PROPHETIC SALUTE BY GEN. WILLIAM WESTMORELAND ... the scene at close of his address to Congress last April Of Wintry IS Garden Pages Lively Arts " Movie Time Clock : Obituaries Sports Stocks,' Financial . Television Travel Pages Women's Pages . Weather 10-11D ... 7H ... 9H .. 15A . 1-7D 8-13F .. 23G . 8-9D 1-22G .. 16A Classified, 525-1681 Service within the hour. Call anytime. JACK'S. PLUMBING 522-8715 (serving all Broward County). Adv. TvyT m ?pig: WiSiH&MS I ''V"" 8JRTHPUCE ' 'ypf MPWUCM PARTY '5 I I M&rch i-m wa? h?U ' I - - wLr W" - the first HassMeelw - . " "7 TH wxtKtf romlry fhat : ' , I ') - j jeiiu(y ani jp'lfvefy s ' I , j cot hmedfrmelipviies I ' -1 r nd advocated a new mi ---- : ' I party under name . i I , I ; I Republican , I fi V , 1 W'fWWWWtwJ !; S "ii&Scit ' I VVWW,""i , vV (vy , , J ij;j:.T "'-- ftwMA s v '"-'Wi."w j "wow, . , f . j - t$ ' ' 1 ' : ; rt4 iff mil if Aw mm ?T " i mMmm wmm WHERE IT ALL BEGAN Republican Gov. Claude Kirk pauses outside the birthplace of the GOP during his visit to Ripon, Wise. Kirk delivered the commemorative address on the 114th anniversary of the founding of the Republican party at Ripon in 1854. (AP Wlrephoto) Federico C In Port -Passengers Back By WILLIAM MOORE (Staff Writer) Most of the 550 passengers aboard the cruise ship Federico C, which encountered trouble off Trinidad, had arrived in Miami by plane Saturday night. . The ship sailed from Port Everglades on March 15. There were two conflicting reports regarding the Federico C. One was that she was seriously damaged when she was grounded on a reef. The other , was that the damage occurred when she struck a buoy. The mishap occurred Thursday night. ' A spokesman for the Atlan Our fine jeweler can make your old jewelry look like new at PRIBBLE S JEWELRY SHOP in Sears Town Shopping Center. -Adv. n O Go op tic Cruise Line, Miami agent for the Italian ship, said refunds totaling half a million dollars might have to be made if she is too badly damaged to make the rest of her scheduled trips from Port Everglades this season. Hundreds of persons had booked passage on the remaining cruises. The Federico C returned under her own power to Port of Spain, Trinidad, whence the passengers were flown to Miami Among those aboard were Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Vinton of Cleveland, who had been visit ing Mr. and Mrs. David Cooper of Boca Raton; DIAMOND, JEWELRY-SILVER Loans Immediate cash to $600 Bank vault complete security Privacy, Hollywood Loan Br., 2000 Hollywood Blvd. 922-8684. . . ... -Adv.

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