The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1937
Page 3
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THURSDAY, DECISMBKU 16, 10IJ7 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Television lr, Brought Into [\\r. .Open '•'ilal Accidents Relieved; To Bo Fewest For Di.s-1 lance Flown | WASHINGTON'. D-c. n. illfl- l.ate .statistics of Hit- Bureau o! Air Commerce indicate thai .-luring 1937 nil-lines in the Dni'i' States will set up i\ new all-tim iloivn and at Hi-same lime establish n new roci-d of safety. Most recent flvurrs point (ov,:ir<' 11 total mileaitc of iviv- !>i--- -000.000 cominn-ed with' 73:103.83;; last year, and tlie num!)?:- of mile- Mown per person kijlr-d n , n y exceed 1,600,000 compared will 1.332.433 last year. compiled early (hi* month showed thai 47 persons" including pilots, have been killed i» five accidents on .scheduler airways this year. Ten fata! Occi- dents took 55 lives last, year. Tlu bureau's statistics for this year d' not include Hie Pan-Americai Cirac crash near Cristobal. Panama, An?. 2. in which H died. 01 the destruction of the dirigible Hlndenburg. Kadio Facilities Improved In keeping with the expander activities of the airline companies (he bureau has launched n three- year construction program con lemptating the expenditure o ST.COO.OOO for improving radio ant airport facilities. Approximately S3.0CO.OOO of tlv funds made available by Congres' will be used In moderntzlna existing radio equipment ami inslnlhn new radio broadcastin;; station f or transmuting weather a n flight information. Another allotment will go towart improving lighting conditions 01 the nation's 21,782 miles of chart ed airways, and other funds wil go toward adding 1.500 miles o teletype communications circuit.' to the 13,885 miles which now trail'.- mtt weather bulletins to grounc 1 stations throughout the country. The program is bein? adnitnis. tered under the direction of >rcr D. Page: jr.. n-ho succeeded Eugen* Vidal as head of the bureau nf ler Vidal resigned last April. Den nis Mulligan is assistant director succeeding R. W. Schroeder. whr resigned July i. Transport Planes First On Nov. 1 the bureau promulgated the first-comprehensive "triifn regulations" for the country's airways, ..Designed to provide mnxi mum safety from collision fey scheduled airlines, the regulation' virtually turn over Die air lanes tc regular transports din-in? the imK' dangerous weather conditions, on'li those private planes which arf equipped for instrument flyin» arc permitted to operate. In addition scheduled air route.' are rated according lo their importance tind given a color- green for first, amber for scconcr and reel for third, similar to an. tomobile traffic custom, planes or the preen routes have preference at airline terminals over boll- amber and r«l. Amber has precedence over red. Airport Parley Called On Dec. 6. the bureau opened f conference of local, slate and federal officials and representative' of airplane manufacturers a n f operators in an effort to work oui solution lo a national alrporl problem which Fagg describes ,r "chaotic." A new type air transport planr to l>e put in service next spring 01 summer will be so large that run- Ways on many of the nation': principal air terminals may Ijr inadequate to permit the nev planes (o land and take off. Thu the cities, many of them already financially pressed because of in- Stations Arc Billed Otitslnndiiij. In Yi ar's Development , television Have l>-,i co-Muni l:u :! e,y lo .he studio and lafcoralavy in :»•«. going to gel om miotlie ul ,en. The rust mot.-II, television unit In , experiment-, .-ast. but 1,,-rr-afttr they United states is j;M,md h,in,> tested in New York, city. On the rool of the truck I,, front are mounted he xcnr-cip,. a:id i.arbilic microphone for pickup )f slgl.! and .sound ta.adra.sis of ontdofns nc« S eveiils inside the trucks is the transniltiinj apparams. will, aerial tower mounted on the rear truck Curfew Toils lite Knell of Pauling Day sun glares ,ls defiance of night from .the hon 2jn nnd silhouettes the .weary farmer trud B h,.. home «,gl,lcd dowu;by a heavk sack,, followed b>,two- M «, g oh,g to the barn, |o .effect^e^ does the picture, capped by A, W. Carpenter of Durham, N. a, lell ite story that it was' awar.^1flfl^ . prire in ,,„ amateur photoiji-aphic contest conducted by the State of North Carolina. Famous Chicago Obstetrician To Talk Al Osceola Rescued As Stork Hovers creased relief loads and burdened witli'debt follow-in? the depression are faced with the possibility cf having their air service severeh curtailed milcss thcv expend large sums for airport enlargement. Negotiations \verc still in progre?? after the conference. Craighead County's Revenue Shows Drop JONESBORO. Ark.. Dec. 17 (UP) —Craighead county's revenue in 1M7 fell below the mark registered in the preceding year by more than $10.000. county officials have announced. Tax collections this year amounted to S200.4-t7.77 as compared with the S2H.4I2.SG taken in durina the 1936 fiscal year. OECEOLA. Ark.. Dec. 17.—An ?venl of importance j s the lecture scheduled for next Monday afternoon at the Gem Theater by Dr. Frank E. Wliitacre of Chicago, beginning promptly at 2:30. Dr. Whilacre is a physician of national and international reputation, being associate professor of obstetrics at the University of Chi- ' |cago. a member of the sta'ft of the ' Chicago Lying-in Hospital, and ex- j change professor at several of the! ' larger European Universities. He ] t, has recently returned from teaching a post graduate course in Soot- land. He will discuss prenatal Care mid Advice. Eugenics, and other related subjects. Tile public of the entire county is invited to the lecture which is free. Dr. Wliitacre is being brought lo Osceola through the cooperation of Osceola, Uixora. Keiser. and Wilson physicians, and the Progressive Club and other women's Flying Tackle Saves Fire-Enveloped Youth DENVER (UP)—The speed of lo-year-old S. A. Sicard was credited wilh saving the life of Harold Salton. 36. ivlio was enveloped in flames when a gasoline barrel lip was loading on a truck exploded. Screaming with pain, he started running down the alley. Sicarrt pursued him. tlircw him to the ground with a flying tackle ami beat out the flames wllh his bare hands. Both i<wn are Salvation Army employes. Kilmer Forest Improved organizations. The only reason he could be secured for the lecture is that he is giving nn eight weeks' post graduate course of lectures at the University of Tennessee Medical school in Memphis, which is ^^oflhe^late'Sory' 11 ^ ^ T1 "^^f J h ="" -ll> ^ ° f l " C Wlna ' rd " ~''"'*ct"f- Whooping Cough Fatal To Abernathy Baby Jack Abernathy. 18 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Abernathy. died at 11 o'clock last night at the family residence in Caruthersville. The baby had been ill from whooping cough for several days but did not appear to be seriously sick until a short time before his death. Funeral services were held at the residence this afternoon before the remains were brought here for another brief service and burial at Ehnwood cemetery. The baby Is also survived by one brother and four sisters, of ca- ruthcrsville. falo. N. Y.. with many feet of snow, in need of immediate hospi tallzation. Mr.s. Margaret Colton. an expectant mother, is pictured being removed from her drift-isolated home by one of the expeditions scut lo aid those requiring urgent care. O.N', I),',-. 17. ,ui'l~ of ihm' Intorntorii's or liivi'MlijHtloii of regional lm >b- . "' "I' DUMUIIlllllt; ,|,. VC J. opments of the past, year In '""""ifii 1 -iirlciiltural ri'seaivh nc- cordlu,. 10 I),,. » ( . () .(,.( m ,.,,| (lf Agriculture. •Hi" l.ib'ii-alories were established by Hie Department, of Asui..... ...... ""-urn-niiton whh slates under provisions of the llnnkhrad- ivi ACI. jitmes T. ehlef the office of experiment .sin- lions said. A laboratory for study of miimal punishes was established nl Auburn, Ala., for Virginia, North Carolina. Sotilli Carolina. Ocoritln Florida. Alabnina, Mississippi. !/»!- Isliniii. Texas. Arkansas, 'I'ennes- 'i'i; Kentucky and Oklahoma. "i""tili!ii-|i'rs -if lii.vlllutr Kxperlmeiil stations of the 13 -'ad's are ca-ouerullim with the department hi developing the prn- •'nim for Hie regional studies in all Hie stales, with headquarters nl •'•i' .»i;iiwii,.i >>nivtcclinlc inslltule ul Auburn. Jnrdlne said. ll«Kl(|iiarters for the laboratory devoted to the Improvement o"f s" Ine tliMui'li breeding melhods were established at Ames. la., hi ^-opcniiion with rowa. Minnesota Nebraska and Missouri, it is expected. Jnrdlne said, that • I|MC nil,!.,. sinti-K _ Illinois. Indiana. Mlchlgnn, Kansas. North DII- kola. Ohio, Oklahoma. South Dakota and Wisconsin— and possi- '•!•• nil".)- niaifis «ip .irrniiTC for ac'lve co-onenillon with Ames. Twelve stales— Arizona, California. Colorado. Idaho. Montana, New Mex\:o. Ncvndnv Oregon, ''••"'iis. Utah, Washington and Wyoming— are co-o|icr»tlng In a laboratory progrtnn for improvement of sheep at Dubols. Ida. ' r ' •••'Nira<«ric« Set . In HWfi The three new laboratories supplement three similar developments of the •>(•!•< M» breeding laboratory for the Southeast, the soybean labor•"•" for the Corn Belt, and the pasture improvement laboratory. or the Northeast. The labaralovics, .lar'llnc said, ennL-le the stale experiment stn- itlons and the nepartincnt o[ Agriculture research scientists to pool Iheir efforts toward Improvcinent of crops mid livestock, eltmlnnting Hie old tlllon. , This program PAGE THREE He's Bluebeard II Brown, Major Selected On FCA District Board LITHE HOCK. Ark., nac. n" '• ' . irn credit administration rflWnls In ||) C si, Louis dislrlcl In wlilcl) Arkrmsn.s Is located, (his week announced thai Robert w Drown or Jeirer.son oily, Mo and I'. LOR Major of Webster a roves Mo., imve bcc-n rcnppolnled us <)|.' rectors of (ho board In this dis- lrlcl. , They were renomlnnt'cd for time yenr terms, beginning Jiumary i, 1038. niscovrry of another body In the "Urlsand's Cave" near I'm-ls nils.'d to six the number ol murders attributed Ui Bu B em> Cleoiw Weld- niniui. German expatriate, who confessed he was ihc "Irlnacr m.iu" for a murder gang rivaling bluebcard I.midru, h, custody a r d>. tec-llyes iibove Weldmann weius bundles over the wounds tlMc l «l in » buttle with detectives. l.4iler he conk'sse.l sivangllin, doKovfii, nroolilyn dancer. Reduce Oil Drainage From Louisiana Fields V EW OI11.EANS, UL, Dec, 17. (UP)— Drainage to the Arkansas urea of the Knodossu oil fli;ld from •he Louisiana side lius been reduced by the voluntary action of lilpe line companies, according to William G. nankin, Louisiana conservation commissioner. The companies acted after slute operators protested that the nn nrcvlnui VPKV thr- "»" ; " l "" B iMuw.-bu.-o inai uie nn- l,TrZ, BS1 n"r 1 ^ f™™ 1 ?' 1 *•*»"«» MClUn. 01 the trl-stute field \viis inodiiclng more than the rcsulnlcd Texas anil Louisiana areas. Purchases In Miller comity, which lidd been producing us much as MO barrels per well dally, were limited by, the companies to u maximum of 209 barrels, compared to i\ m:ixi- muin of 100 barrels In Texas nn:l (if) In Ix>iils!iina. liractlcc of jcalous'comii'e-I Earllcr Ul > ! Arkansas board ol 1 conservation postponed nnlll Jun. for of research according to regional needs "1ms the whole-hearted active interest and help of the slate stations." Jardine said. Regional research was made possible by appropriations under the Bankhead-Jones act, which— unlike previous legislation tor support. of the experiment stations- requires state appropriations to offset Federal contributions. Each state compiled with (his •emiircnicnl and. on the average. slate appropriations were several times over requirements under this provision. Jardine said, slate appropriations amounted to about $12.0(10.000. or slightly more than $2 from slate sources for every |l uom Federal grants. devL'lnpment^ ' ll ' c lsslm:1CL ' <>r proratlon orders. !„ .J.,i-.,ni Arkansas' December crude oil dc Miami Estimates Tourists MIAMI. Fla. <UP>—Twenty million vacation days and $100,000,000 will b e spent In Miami during the 1937-38 season, estimates the Miami department of finnnce. mand was estimated nt 33,1)00 barrels dally by the U. S. bureau of mines, but state fields hud been producing more than 45,000 barrels. Several Realty Deals Completed Here Recently Recent real estate deals Involve farm lands lying lu various directions from this city. I,. L. Ward has purchased 80 acres of land from R. S. Brown, which is near Oosnell. George W. Arms has sold 40 acres of land within onc-hnlf mile of Manila to Gabriel Mike Jr. B. M. McDonald, of near Uur- dette, has sold J. R, Evans Jr., <0 acres of land, formerly owned by ex-Governor Frank O. Lowdcn, of Illinois, which lies near the Lowden plantation southwest of here. Read The courier News wont ndi Head the Courier News (rat)l ads MELLOW SMOOTH STRAIGHT BOUtiON WHISKEY NOW 2 YftS. 3 m. MB RONNWOOD \J MNANI* • SHUKHT BOWON WHISKEY 1M1I WHIIK1Y II 1 JIAM 3 UONTHI Ol» 90 PROOF HIRSCH DISTILLING COMPANY CITY MISSOURI -—marastt^r Whiskeys, Wines, Gins and Cordials CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Muln and Division Hemorrhoids-Piles CURKI) WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEED I S»(e, surr and wllh Irs, dfccomttrt. All dlwiMM and conditions of nervous orlfln, foot allmrnt* ana skin cancer* Ireatrd and cured »t our cllnlo. DRS. MES & NIES 5H Mull, /KKONK ANTt-FREEZE HEATERS SOT Ward Carutlirrsville FREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS (Irt your roniplfir while r auto needs ami FKKK GltTK, 4RIAN AUTO PARTS MOTOR Oil, UKFItOSTKlUS HATTKRCKS 128 E. Main Hlylbevillc FOR CHRISTMAS The Loveliest Gift of All - - Your Photograph SOUTHWORTH Over Joe Isaacs' Store EASTPORT, Me. <UP» _ Thts'ther a Smith nor a Jones listed Uy of 4.000 population has ncl-ijti its telephone directory. IQLDRpCKSPEClAL The Abernathy family lived here for some time when Mr. Abcrnalhy „ _, — t\vas connected with the Arkansis-! ROBBINSVILbE. N. c. (Ui>) - Missouri Power company as cn»i-! More than 18 miles of fool trails ncer. before he was Iransfojrccl lo i arc being constructed In the Joyce! (linithersville Kilmer Memorial Forest in era- Funeral hom c is In charge I liam county, s .[ funeral arrangements, Say "Merry Christinas" to your good friend* viltli nn old (rlenil . . . Old Rock Special. Here is a mellow. 2-year otcl, iCO-proof stralglil. 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