Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 21, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 21, 1896
Page 8
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THE GOLDEN '-"'»'•" 7 W-V 1 '; EXTAORDINARY Cleveland Will Lead Opposition to Free Silver. -:- MARK DOWN SALE. i Greatest Values of the Season, I We advise Early Selections. 3000 LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS! flust Be Sold We have made Three Lots out of the Stock we offer. Lot 1. Elegant made Shirt Waists in many colors and styles. Best Bargains that we ever offered, Choice only 28c; Lot 2 This lot includes many different colors including Linen color and varied designs such as stripes, plaids, and figured, choice only 48c; Lot 3. are very fine Shirt Waists in Lawn, Dimities, Modress, Dresden Designs such as are sold for $1.2.5, $1.50 and $1.75. These are all new goods, but are broken lots in sizes, choice of any 98c. Schmitt and Heinly. HIS LATE MANIFESTO A Good Story of the Han Who Voted for Depression. SHOES THAT WEAR Arc the sort lo buy. Shoes are uot 'Cot' ornament; they for service and coan'ort. SHOES THAT FIT Are the only com f cut givers. Walden sells—and they are Thcwe arc t!ie kind of shoes Shoes That Look Well ', i • • • These three qualities are essential vu. satisfaction giving shoes. The price is way down loo. We make our goods and •save you one profit. E. M. Walden & Co. 3(5 Fourth Street. Straws That Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show that lit must have blown a tremendous gaio towards Fisher's, for they have straws of aU the new shapes and sizes, straws in straw color and any other color you wteh piled on their, shelves and waiting to be called "the last straw" In the newest style bought at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Loganspovt. Light Derby's, light nobby straw hats and jaunty; haudsome bicycle caps are .what we. hav.e a big run on now. HORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. WAR ON THE GOVERNOR. Candidates Claim He is .Taking Sides. Governor HnfUu-ws and his friends are considerably embarrassed over a j letler wH.i.U'ii by ,T. P. Ol'l'ntl, of Trafalgar, of wh>k.-Ii ulic following is a copy: '•Dear Sir: I am a candidaite for Secretary of State, subject to the decision of 'the DemocnUic Stale : convention, a/iul will Iw grateful to yoiv for any support you may bring'to my ;canse. Governor Matthews is a personal friend of mine ami should he .be Huccessftil 1 would be in position, to gilve valuable; aid lo my friends w.ho might wlsii any favors at: Ills liemds." Off alt has been one of tlie closest friends anid advisers of Governor Matthews clnring the last two or tlwee ye/ins, and bis i'Utluence nprm the Govcmor. has been frcqueiilly i-emaj-kcd by oilier I'riejids of the JaittM-. His oppoueuU la the race for Secretary of State are openly olia,rgimg that MalUKMvs 1 has taken a Iwml in it and produce this lutter as evidence. Tlio Governor yesterday .denied Chat -lie favors thu' candidacy of OlTutt a-lxive otbei-s aiitl dcctoci^tVtliat •., : ;'» ludiaiiiipolis, June 20 'Ml. Tho Sr. Louis eoiiventiwn was of couiKsc'ivrctMlic iu good stories. Oau of these TU'itt? as foHows: An oJd fanner traveling tJirough 11m \voods « r a« c;iuglit by a. lively thunder- ytorm, iicconipiuiied by a deluge of rain. I-Jc looked about for siKiltcr. am !/)<tk advairlagi: of a .hollow tain log, inl.o \vhJch. ho ewi-wlwl. Tlie .siwn passed ii'nd the rain cwscd, and lo hi* horror, tiho (»ld Ta.nner realized that tin /Id t.aniara.ck log was slir.i-nkl'ng and tin hole rajn'd'ly becmraliig smalli-T, so lie was sniR' to be imprisoned. His, 'rigli'tfnl .si'Viialioii came to him with a shock i:lm h'f-t liLm'liolpU'ss, and in a in'irt Hie dctMls of his whol 1 : life passed before Ini'in. Escape seoinwl im- jiyssii.ile, mid lie abandoned hope and prepared 1o die, wln-n suddenly the thought llaslioti across his mmd (.hat at ihc last oleeliion he voteil for Grover Chive.la.iKl. J.iu^t-ni'tly he felt so small at tho roiiiemhrauce of such a deed lhat lie had no i.roublo whatever in crawling out oMjhe liolc. This stin'y iJilnstrates perhaps the feeling o'f a great -msiuy who helped lo bring on the p.-csejut (Ivpn-aaion by voi- i'ng fo-r free lirnde. Ma.ny, howevw, wlto voleil fclwi Donnx-ratic- ticket four ,veaiw ago a.re discovering that Cleveland is attempting to do choir side sonic good by licadfng oil: tlie free silver movement. In reply to a roouest from tiW'Now York Herald for a statement conce.i'uiiiig the Democra.tio situa.fion I'rusidcJiit Cleveland said: "I have made no figures as to the probable action of delegates already C'liHMiu to the Democnvtic natjional con- vtsuiioiii. b\vt I refuse to believe tlia.t when the liinuo arrives for deliberate iWliion there wi-H be ungrafitx.'d on our Democratic creed a ilciiKiud for the free,' iiiuliiimlilted and Linlepondent coin- :lge Of silver. "I fmi noi b(ii<'i-e t.i»is because I hjiow tlie Dianixini'iiit piirey is neWier unpa- lirtotic iior fwlisi!, and because it seems <o cicii.T to mo that such a course will inflict, a very great injury on every iu- Will Be Our PRICES THFS WEEK. Tremendous Reductions and 'Great Bargains Guaranteed to Everybody. This sale is not an ordinary appening—not ah reduction in a few leading articles—but an emphatic bid to close out our entire stock. It Is an undisputed'fact that times are harder and money scarcer *.ban has been known for years, therefore our remarkable low prices must be a blessing ttues hard times to bay. $2. Worth of Goods For $1. Cash! To sell $20,000 in a few weeks demands Immense Sacrifices, but the Big Store of HARRY FRANK is equal to the emergency and can do wonders when it must. WilKyou all share in this public pudding. Respectfully, HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street' rarest of oar country wWtli it has been I the miission of Democracy to advance, I a>iid \viiU result in lasting disaster to our there wa standing • no tirraugemeii.!.-* or>.uudc.'i' WHEEL TALK. lie punctured his tire twice, 3-. K. Broadbent brought down the jitairalian 100 mile road record to 5£5:W, breaking the Australian record utaiiicea minutes. Tibe American re- oard is 4:40:09, held by A. B. McDon- owl, ut Toledo. World's record Is 4:21:43 add i>7 A. B. Walters of England,". Pocket Kodaks at the Burgruan fto 'Saadem runs hard with 1 one's 'best i£ «-a -She f roat seat. /•, . ; 3"fcr Flsetwing for ladies. There are of these wheels used in tills city l other makes of wheels. Lore sad toll-gate keepers differ Love never asks for pay fu yonr bicycle Insured ..against DEATH OF MRS. SWEETSEK. Wwd lias been received here of the death of Mrs. Ida Swecteor, wife of ,7. Q.Swecrtsor, which occurred at Gains-, vJilie, Florida, Friday morning after a.n illness of scvcr.il yeans of lang trouble. The bereaved husband tele- egra.phed at oucoto Iiavo Che body taken to Waba.sU, tbeir old home, for burhil. Tlie deceased has been In Florida since last fall, luivinig gone there in the hope •fcliat S'he would regaiiui her licalth. The Wabasli Tribune says of the deceased: Ida Keller was bom In Wabash, and prior 'to her marriage wirh ,T. Q. Swect- ser, s^ent her life here. It is not necessary to oHtor into the deUilUs of her life tho life of a merry hearted girl, a kind courteous woman, an exemplary daughter and a loving wJi£e. It stands for itself a.nd presouits a record which is known to all who vj;ore acquainted witii i her. Inrita.'ious have been received here to :> banquet at Lafayette of the Order of Eastern Kttirg. lioim, 'to Mr, amd Mrs. Tom Baruett Ofccft. Burgman Cycle Co., TV-ill do -it. '. of Ottawa street, a daughter. THE XKWSrAPEIt G ABB LEU. Walwsli Tfl'lMine: M.«, Catherine Strlj.ig.htnn is in the city krt'lie interest of lier face lotion, eyebrow restorer and soveniit oilier niixtiiiros to bo used with ;L view of beau'fJifying the, complexion and removing all female Iinpcrl'cctious. M'l-s. Su-ingiuun states Oiat her goods are as rcpMiscnted and beai-s ivi.th a tKtfl'imonial f.ram Ilunuor Suwall. pro'ii- uien't in AVashingtoii poiilHiCs, who ha.-; used her lotion in Hhe eradication of a proinisiiing crop of freckles. The lady states that her business has suffered cousiide.rn.My frojn the lidiculous ina.n- ner in which a .small article which appeared in The Tribune recently ha.S' boon giirbled by tho Peru and Anderson papers. Doubtless in a spirit of perversity they have purposely connected the fact of the poisoned faces which recently predomfouiited in fern into e circles hi tlie city with the effects of the lady's face lotion, when the two circumstances are iu 110 way couTjeeted. Mrs. Strlng- Jiti.ni has made this tho study of be.r life and claims to be able to remove all freckles, even though' they be those old so«l ftccldes with roots- deeply. Implanted in the flesh, Tliis to- be done without any injury to- tihe parties using i't or the money will be refunded. The I'oi'ii p.i.pere are eve-r incHBod, to got the cart before the homsc. A cash donation lias been sent by the local council, Older of Chosen Friends to I ho sufferers of the order at St. Louis. "There is liitllc hope that as a menus ' siu-i.t'ss Lliis Crce silver proposi tio.u, Mis- thowuglli UisCU^Sifoli OtiriDg a p'oliliical" camipaJgn, will 'attract a nia- joriiy of tin: voieiw of Hie country. If. must be nlia:!. many at iil«! .LHusions intlu- enciing t'bose now 1 i-elyjjig Oil this alleged pa.uacea for their ills will be dispelled before the time comes for theui to cast Iliitir balVrts, w-hi'-li will -express their sober' .secoiMl tijouglrf. The adoption by t'he Democracy of ;/h-is propo- siiUon vroiikl, I believe, it-ire to our opponent'-! 1111 advantage l»tb in the ijrcs- ent a.ud fuitu-re wliioh they do :iot de- ls«rvo. Aly jujtachnioiit to true Democracy -is so strong that I consider its .success as Weuhical with the promo- lion of tlie comil.ry's good. This ought aulliciiarl-Jy to a ceo out for my anxiety t.hat no ni'blakG bo made at our parly conveii.tiou. "In my opinion no effort should be spared to secure such action of tiie del- cgatus as will avcnt painty denunciation. It is a place for consulta'tioji and com- jjiirjsoii of views, ami those Democraits who believe iu the cause of sound money should there be heard and bo eoiisca.nitly im evinlcuce. A c-.viise worth fighting for is ww-tili tigljting for to the end. If sound money Democrats suppose there -Is da.nger of a mistake being inside, suidh daugrar shoiild stimulate tihcilir acth-ilty An avoiding it instead of cre.'iiiiing d.i.scoui-agenieuit. "I .1.111 very far frum arrogating to myself a coutroilliivg influence on the poilt'cy of iny paaty; but as an unflinching Democrat who has beon honored by -life ptM.y, and wiho deeirefs hereafter no grea.tcr poliiltical privileges than lo occupy tho place of private iu Us auks, I hope 1 may not lie blamed for saying this in.'iicli at this time iu the m- lorest, n.s it seems to me, of tlie grand old organization, $o r.ioh in honorable •i.radiUioiis, so jiisiJy proud' of its achievements and always so undaunted and brave im its battles for the people's welfare." It w.UI be noticed that five President say.s (Jiat a cause worth fighting for i« worth fightiing for i.o tlie cod; that free silver will work lasting disaster to the party arga.u'iza.tiou and that the people before the time aiTivcs for casting cliei-r Ixillot will express their sober •second 't-lroug-ht. The President also diisixjls all talk of a third term by stating cliat he dosi'ros Jiei-eafter no greater politioU priviiegos than to occupy the )>lncu of private .in Its ranks. Taking i.'Jiese sfci.lx«nei)Js it is clear that Presi- deiiit Cleveland will lead a revolt figaiiist the five (silver proposition if it shall prevail! at the Ohiesigo convention. What is worth OgiiriLi.g for is worth for to tho wi<l. w. s. w. HERE THEY GO! CHOICE OF ANY SHOE IX Ml", STORE FOR $3.4S. WILL HAVE A-&EECIAL, Th~c ; . Sf." Sfattn'cw's comtnaxidory, Kmgb'ltfO'f Si. .lolin, accompanied by St. George's commamlcry will leave for (lie Nation.-).! encampment at Daylou, Ohio, next Tuesday. Two special cars have beou engaged to transport the com- ina.mk'raes .to that city. On Tiursdaj- the competitive prize drill will be heM if or the ua.tiona.l eluimjuonsliip and St. Matthew's cpmaiNuuleiy will open the contest. Each com,ma.ndcry will be given twenty minutes in which to execute their maneuvers. At rlio encampment last year Logansport was third, but tills year with more practice it is thought rhaMbey will be able to take first place. XOTI-1IXG RESERVED-MEN'S AND WOMEN'S £5, .$0 & $7 FINE SHOES YOUR CHOICE FOR $3.4S. THIS SALE IS STRICTLY CASH- ALL GOODS MUST BE PAID FOR BEFORE- LEAVING THE HOUSE. I propose to close out aU my spring ami summer goods. It don't pay to carry goods over until next season. I prefer new ones, consequently this big reduction. Low shoes and slippers are low, awfully low in price, but quality very high. ^ j JKDlos, Uio Jbiistfci: ror business. ?I2( Broadway, Logansport, Indiana. INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL. A meeting was JioUl in the Baptist church last Thursday afternoon in the interest of indusluial schools. Quite a "miimber of ladies, prominent in good works, were prosanl. Short addresses were -midc by ulio ministers present. Miis. Dewey. The eame&t representative of tho project, read a most excellent paper, showing tho need of self-culture aiul self-support among the yoiiug. Jlrs. Dr. Taylor, having visited such schools, in Chicago, heartily ceiumend- •ed the movement. Anoilev meeting will bo held next Thursday at 3 p. in. at the Bap (list church. Will not a larger number attend to learu what may be done? To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of bouse-cleaningr claims the attention ot the housekeeper and not a little depends on the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly done-upcurtaln»spoll the effect of a well-furnished Lome quicker than anything else. We have experienced help in this class of work wuo do nothing else and we E2ow .we can give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being the only flnn in the city using machinery; exclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. We can save you money on frames, as we pay small rent.—C. M. Hanna, 424 Fifth street. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER :-: N«. <I7 Market Street Calls attended to promptly, day or Central Union and Mutual telephone*. Office, No. 16; Residence, No. 121. THE OPPORTUNITY OF YOUR LIFE. FOR OA5H ONLY *J , reserve our entire $14,000.00 stock of shoes and slippers AT ACTUAL COST as we STE YENSON & KLINSICK. NO 403 BBOADWAY.

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