The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1941 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 14, 1941
Page 6
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'SIX BLYTHEVJLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS 'TUESDAY; JANUARY 14, 1941 ose Third Victory Is Juniors To Play The Chicks of Jllyiheville high school may be in for ati unpleasant evening on the hardwoods tonight. Coach t;iar- ,ence Geis brings his state champion baske'lcers from .Jonesboro to the local high school gymnasium for a little session against the Chicks at 8:#0 o'clock, seeking the third straight victory for the defending champion hot-shots. J professional A preliminary contest pils'the young junior high squad ' of BIythevJile against" the — MS UNO GOLF TITLE WITH 71 Golfers To Honor Fellow Dub Record of Never Losing A Playoff Still Unmarred After 18-Hole Round OAKLAND, caisi 1 .. Jan. H. I.UPJ —The playoff .specialist oi ilio lings from Jonesboro, with Couch \ John Ed James . giving .-tlie "go"j signal ' today to the ' quintet oi '< starters in the Manila clash last! •Friday, night which the juniors dropped.'27 to 17. The junior' g&nw begins at 7:30 p,nv Starters Arc Same. Dildy .has been pushing his players into condition after a layoff of drill sessions .during the holidays, and ; climaxed Lhe pre-gnmc work- for Jonesboro— of a trio of contests 'billed '(hi.s week—with a long, strenuous workout. Monday afternoon. The Starters circuit — -swinyiriK Leonard Dodson of Kansas City—pocketed $1/200 j, place money in the $5,000 Oakland Open tournament and talked another victory onto hi.s jjst 'Whew!' Hard Work? Big Bo Coppedfje, star football tackle, weighed 230 pounds when he reported for practice Monday afternoon. He weighed 214 after the workout ended— '' a' mere Ifi-pound decrease iu weight. Starters will be the same as ihose who opened the Manila game last Friday when the local cagers dropped ;a 41 to 28 ; decision aftor being onJy a point down to the ultimate victors at the half, 1918. That encounter was the first of the season for the Dildymen .and showed the lack of earlier COJKpetition. "; . . -Best looking lad on the squad , ,la«t week. was : young ^Hugh. Dozier, forward alongside" ; Sonriy ! Lloyd, who accounted for seven fieJd goals to get high-point honors for tlie nighi. These! forwards will start tonight with Coppedge at center and Monk Moslejv and Herschel Besharse at the defensive posts. "The Chicks will go to Osceo'ia Wednesday night to play at 8:30, following a junior' high tilt be. tween the Papooses and Osceola . at 7:30 o'clock; then will rest uh. til Friday night, when* Shawnce high of Joiner comes here for the third -game oiV'.the week for the' Chicks LJo.vd " Dc/.ier Juneshoro Mo.siey P C' G O C'annin Shannon Substitutes: BlyUieville- Spradley. Gill, Stacy, Harris, Weathers Forwards); Dark. Atkins < Centers*; Parker, Cobb, Trusty. Ross. Stafford, C a r a w a y (Guards). Jonesboro--Thorpe, Colt -1 Forwards); Nelins, Johnson (Cenrer.s); Arnick. r»eterson (Guards). The Dope Bucket By J. P. FRIEND fly IIKN'RY M United l'r«ss Stift HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 11 (UPJ Frank Condon, a 14 handicap player at #olf, but a scratch man in the game of. life and writing, is Still claiming that "We bent 'em, anyway," to one another, the Monday night mat villians—Carlos Rodriquez and Bob Montgomery—left town.,today in much worse condition than when they arrived. The rufliians were subdued in no gentle manner by the brothers Welch, Hoy and Joe. with a timely bit; of assistance'' by Referee Rill'.Canny of ansas City, in the ihrillingly hilarious aiui tempestuous ' _. •','. '.'-;.'.-' WARNING. OHDEK ' Bounl of Commissioners o£ ..',•' P'tivin^ Disfricl .XoV- of TMytU'evi'lle. jaixl . ' " '' : fionni of Commissioners of Paving Disiriei' Xo. 3 of Rlytliovilk?. Di'liii<Lunnt i'rfmds, Bloet?s,,or of Land. n»<J railroad tracks and right-of-way iti sni'.l dist .Ul p«rsons, firm.>, or cofpofaiio'n'S having of die MlowinK dii.aorib'.'il !iiii<f.< lots', tilocks, op fth'J" fifjht-of-way, «?« h^r^hy fiolififld :inij wari sn^, to nn/orc« th« coll^otioii of wriaih piivirig siilj-joifind^ lists ot lunAf,:'t-aeh niii/f)0i<pd ovfnp vrii: riajntiffa,' claimimr an inf/ „ pls of Land ™ '. , '" ™ 7 Lt «uit I * I 1- tra<?k * M ' kip on Owner Barren T,,; LotBlk Tax: Tom \V. 10. 'ityl,. l\5rs. 0. K. Sn>.«airt ^J;» F". ,T. Spciii'Of •-.'. - »»-____ 18 \V. (S. ' Maxwell ~__~1II"L1""IIHI 6 .). L. Wrlsthi - i .). 1-. \Vrijrlit _._ ._ 2 Ho. 2 ,DIST No. 3 Tik Petalty Total V2-1.75 i'2.47 $27.22 ^..•jo a!i3 ii.i?. il 23.76 2.38 26.14 21.00 2.10 23.10 j •lt.3n •> i'* 2:1.4:', II t.i^..Al.\^ tili^Jtll^I Yll>l.VJJ > \Jil\^\J 1 U.T JV*'^ ----.J ,.--. c........... of "extrn-eun-ii'iiiar" * triumphs to- P la .V '" l} ! (i Frank Condon M'emor- day. ia! touj'nament. From all ovr-r tbi- A steady of rain will) its ! country—from almost evei-y club iu whiel) Prank. ever dug A dlvoi.. /nissed u putL or Iiul)l3ed a u-i- siiol—hLs companions of other du.vs have sent in tneir But the memory of him is us green as the fairways, and on .-, «-„ Sundny afternoon many of hi.s "i:w" match liendiny tlie weekly*— i friends will pay in'm tribute nt tii»- club hi; loved so much, Lhe Situ Gabriel, deep in Lhe valley of Uiui nnme, Writers, boxers, coaches, actors, singers, playwrights, dangers o dji-ectors. T)iey all .will gather niud-jjuddli!;; I'iroved no obstacle to Dodson yesterday a.s lie covered the Sequoyah Country Club course in 71 stroke.* to oi defeat Ben Hogan of White Plains,'| lhrt ' c N. Y.. :md Dutch Harrison of Little N. Y.. and Dutch Harrison of Little i memorial I'hique Rock. Ark., in their 18-hole playoff., Here iu Hollywood, where Prank HOK:»M finished with u 7-1 to llver lor lf> ^ iiK - aa ^ wherfi n1 -collect second money of. $750 • slicck oj ' Bi'ay hair, cowboy glove.s. und Siavi-isoii took the 'show' ! outnigeous backswing, unique voc- uiul jiiUTisun took th piirsc of $550 with 7G. ment playoff In his career. He won the Hollywood Open from Horton Smith in 1937. the St. Petersburg Open from Harry Cooper in 1936. ^rst the Philadelphia Open from Bruce " Collar in 1937. and before that. outrageous backswing, uuique vac abulary, and m;iichles.s, wit, wen- known wherever men suffer Iu traps and in the rough, his friends have joined to m:\ke the Condon tournament one thnt he would have loved 10 write about. wrestling f-ard at the Legion Hut Monday night before 1,100 fan.s •.v)u> were a.s exhausted us Ihe mat- .••u-i'.s when tin? run ended. ftod dc.ts Beating- Itodriqut 1 '/, the '212-pound Mexicano from Mexico City, had a bad (•v<-niny. 'Pirsc he a one-ial) jjivliminary to Roy \VelcJi in nine' minutes of good clean fun during which time R(xi was cut in the mo.jth by {lying lists of both Wi j lcii and the 'ref in a toe-to-toe slugging match. After Monty was adjudged Urn winner of his match with Juiupin' Joe Welch, the other half of the brother combination from Paw- Jiu-sku, Okla., in 12 minutes with u slomi», haimueriock, the fuu lu'ally began and in Ihc* tag- match llkat kepi the large uudi- i-iice yelling cojistantly the Welch combine proved the- best—with the help of Canny. ing- all over again-—all over everybody in the ring—as the entire five men" held a toe-to-toe slug- .s«ssidn in die' ring. Finally Joe ginned Roy aiid Roy Welch sfcimp- Ijainriierloclced Monty out of action. The: referee, 220 pounds of dyna- inJte, has returned from ring duty in Chicago against several well-known heavyweights. He challenged' Rociviquex for next Monday night and the crowd, begged for the match, .so it's on tap. Canny is ^heavyweight champ of Kansas, hails from Indej^endence, Kans. The semi-whuhip will feature Roy Welch, 199,' vs. Yaqui Joe, 198- pound ftill-blood Yaqtil Indian from Senora, Mexico, Meroney nn- noiiticed. Mont<y Rod dropped the locals/ Champs Look Good Jcnesboro, : state champion in three of the: past four years', apparently has another '-outfit of championship caliber. Last Friday the -''Golden Gang M opened the season with-a''.smashing 62 to 28 verdict over Prescott and Sattnv day won by a 4C to 18.margin over Wyiinc. • . ' . '• * Pacing the Hurricane are Forwards Bud Daug:herty and -lames McCall and Guard Bob Shannon. They stored the following point totals in the two Barnes: , Daugherty . S5, iMcCall 20, Shannon 14. But the locals • aren't defeated until they've had a fair opportunity- to test the' scoring power—and defense of the Jone.sboro squadron UNLESS ?ome of the coaches have n change of henrt, the Blytheville Chiuks will defend their Arkansas high school conference championship tins fall against only eight, possibly just seven, members of the Big 15, Head. Coach Joe Dildy has revealed that two schools have cancelled relations- with the locals and the status of another is definitely questionable. Bill Matheuy has selected Hot Springs over the Tribe for hLs Chirksville Panthers, while Wallace Bailey evidently rates the Jonesboro Golden Hurricane more acceptable for his Russellville Crimson Hurricane. The annual "clash with Hope is listed tentatively. First Game Sept. 19 THE remahuler of the schedule will -be the same as in 1939 although' dates for the North Little Rock and Jonesboro games are 'expected to be changed. Memphis Tech helps pry off the lid at Haley Field September 19. The next Friday, originally billed for Clarksville, is open. Little Rock and P;ne Bluff make appearances before Blythevillo fans on the first two. Fridays in October, the thind and tenth. The 17th is to be filled. Fordyce is down for the 24th, with Hope the. following week,, North Little Rock is expected to play host, to the champions on November 7, provided satisfactoi-y arrangements can be made with Jonesboro foil-he Hth. a week later than usual. Benton and Forrest City retain their places, the latter being at the Mustang corral. Can't Get Together To fill these two vacancies Coach Dildy confessed he had no likely prospects at the moment, though some two dozen or more letters the Iowa and Oklahoma stale tournaments, all in playoffs. He took this one in stride, turning in a 35 on the nine and 30, one above par, in the final nine-hole round. Hogan blew up on the nth, and this cost him the match. The chunky little New Yorker, who shot a 34 to lead his two opponents at the end of thtf ninth, three- putted on the 17th—first missing a. ten-footer, grazing the cup on his next shot and then missing again from two feet away. The rain wrecked the chances of Harrison, who had led the tournament field • for two days before he. Hogan and Dodson ended in a three-way tie Sunday with 27G's at the end of 72 holes. •and the Chicks potentially have! had been written. Greenville, Miss-.. a jjood teatn. Lack of enough time to condition before, starting the season and inadequate reserve strength makes the Chick five the underdog^ tonight. ' however. " and is willing to play but dates conflict. George Terry. Hornet coach, who formerly assisted Allen Dunaway at. Pine Bluff, is attempting to switch dates TO take on the Dildy- they will have to hustle every] men. Efforts were made to schedule minute against the champs. i Camden, El Dorado, and Fort Basketball Fans—Here's Your Chance To Learn Coach Joe Dildy and his Blythc- ville Chick basketeers will hold n basketball "clinic" at the high school gymnasium 'Wednesday at 10 a.m.. to acquaint fans with in- ner'workings of the game and iu various phases. } Smith, conference members. i the same reply, "uo vacancies, sorry" was the reward. Tilghman High of Paducnh and Jackson, Tenn.. two powers in thU section, were also contacted. The matter of finances is holding up the Hope deal Coach Hammons Garuthersville Quintets Divide Pair With Hayti CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Jan. 14.—Ready for more competition after breaking even in a pair of basketball contests Friday night in. Hayti. Caruthersville's high school cage teams are drilling hard this week. The boys' quintet amassed more points than in any previous garni in blasting' Hayti 32 to 9 with Johnson netting eight points and Searle's and Tipton getting six each to pace the winners. Hayti's girls' squad won an easy victory over Caruthersville, however, by a 24 to 9 margin with Curtis leading I he winners in an eight-point scoring night, followed closely by Blair's seven. Peck fi'nd Sherrill made all the points for tlie losers, who substituted only twice. , to be sunk in . , > . •>, • •• * v* n w 4 > ,.• nvi A. WM LI * wiJiy\^v.i LIIU !."!:!!! S'"? 111 .?." 1 .*'?. 1 ! first fall in six minutes us Roy slammed Montgomery to the mat with body slams, then rushed, out, to tag Brother Joe. who came in and finished him off with kangaroo kicks. Then Joe used, a hammerlock to subdue Rodriqitez. Referee Meets Rod A 10-minute session was required for the second fall won by the billiaijs. Monty applied a body press to set Roy up for a fall that Rod completed .with a surfboard ft giant tree that guards the approach to the ninth green at San Gabriel. This is the tree that cost Frank a thousand bogies, because it catches shots that are .sliced and Frank had a slice that followed the path of the" great circle route. Its bark has felt the whack of hundreds of hi.s brassie shots, nnci for 15 years it stymied him. Many and varied were his descriptions ol SHORT SCHEDULE CLEMSON. S. C., Jan. 13.— Clemsoii College boxers' will have only three dual'meets before 'defending their Southern Conference title. this tree in the locker room, and holct - Mont y rushed out and flat- the San Gabriel members felt thai lened Joe easU - v with a bod >' P res - s he would understand and chickle if he knew Unit the placque were being placed there. One or the scv«rai feature with savage force. The finale was as furious a bin of action as could have possibly been packed into a six-minute per- .foursomes which will play in the | iod - Referee Canny mixed with tournament is composed of Hmi( Rodrique/ and started htm bleed- Crosby. Bob Hope, Patty lierif and Mildred (Habei Didrikson. At first the tournament committee considered having Crosby and Hope play the girls, but remembering that the spectators deserved u full nm lor their admission fee of $1. the officials decided to separate Patty and Babe so that r'he match would stand a better chance of going the full distance. Another foursome will see Johnny VVeLsmuller. Eric Pedley, Jimmy McLarnin and Ford Palmer matching strokes. The match I plan to Christy Wins, Gets Ficrht Grown BJytbe AddUIou ."Vlr>. ("'. \V., fJnsru'll Retain .__ __!:; -.Jj Bnt.'iH.'ind .Rafccr X, 250' — 2f; Unknown __ H 3.1 I'Q'RJJ ^ 9'8 '!'. U'. Smith 7 2.5 1950 i <K "Mrs. lila. Jloi'l. ;{ Mrs. Mr ' 2f.OO 2.10 21''. 13.(it> 2.57 Hl.SO :?.82 14.SB 145.80 9.60 0.60 0.60 1.81 19.8? 1.9R ftO.OS) 1.18 'agiivr U 16.80 1.68 1.68 .06 32.01 . .1. T. Provint .). T. Provino __________ _.___. ___________ z. \V slfi' 1 ^ _________ '___ \V H8' .'i 27 1 29 2 29 *•* /» x -• ^ >. • w i .un -* (l.ou 26 25.80 2.58 15.90 i.f,9 45.87 Whoa* _________ __. __ „• _____ 7 --------------- _ ______ ._ 4 (5.90 G.90 9.24 tf.tiO Mrs. i! i ri* Onnlaj) ^ : __^_ 10 ;u 14,40 UftkncAvn .. Lu S'. of Lot '22 111 W/iril Kowlk.e __i & <• T> W. l>. Co],. K. K. Drivpp K*t. ' i* :jf, , . Blytlie Fourth Addition I;»iknown p, o-f) • fl I I'ilgriiit* R.-SL liapiist <*hiir<'h__l '„•< L ;> .69 1.11 19-SO 1.98 21.78 « '5.40 .M ilnv. '-1 5.40 ..v-j itj.s:: 13-30 1.32 2-i.dK 11.58 l.le 23 fJO '2f..08 2.5'l 2?'..VJ 25.08 2.51 27.59 9.30 9.90 9. GO 22.50 ri.OO r..9o 26.07 .9ft 2r .60 .09 10.51', 2-1. 8 S 10.40 7.. r )9 10.0-2 1.00 21.01 29.00 13. If. 20.40 ,2.04 22.44 16.50 1.65 21.90 2.19 24/J9 20.40 2.0J 22.-1I a _ -j u , i.n 12.21 ,„ rt - Lumber Company First Addition U D. .5 2 10.14 1.01 17.10 1.71 i.nknown ..__... '.3 . j> ](J 50 l.Miarli 1 * A. \\noil (J .'( Blytheville Lbr. Co." 2nd Additiou • Mnry Lou Taylor ; -, £ lo.fiO 1.0:1 Irn flray 5 '! lr:i l.irftv g ;> iy Bugg 'Addition Ada Robinson L _ - fj Chickasawba Additiou H. M. Ninin S CO' i» 10 1.4fj .if> Davis Second Addition S.-.'IH,-' .loli us \\y, o 4 11.10 I.M Nc-llli' .lohns ;> 4 09 .-Q o 9- Unknown \V U7 ^' C 4 lYie 1.42 Mrs. Odic FrPtMnnn 5 5 20.."2 ° oK Davis Third Additiou Max Piii-ks \\'V- o 2 H. H. Stone _ • " -l 3 Hanit- Kisliei- _. 1 2 W. E. fiilJispif __\V;V of I,. R. of Lo(' "fi W. E. IJlllisjiie 5 Mrs. C. A. Corfy __!.'! Unknown __ 14 Ufiknown -_ _j }7 J. L. Giianl 6 J. 17.34 1.7S 17.RO 1.70 '.1.00 .SO Davis Brothers Sub-Division ' AVillu- \\'or.«Ify _ 3 Willio \Vnrsl.--y I.III".!""!, a Hearn A ddition trvff ' 9 i n? 2 r, • 20.40 '2.0< Hearn Second Addition 4- I9.f,0 1.9fi Highland Plans Aduition 13 i no.90 3.09 Co. .. :__! 12 r, 20.16 2.02 Highland Place Second Addition V.". D. _ Chamblin __~ _ __ 2 7. 20.115 2.02. lO.Oi i.OO n.'?.2n CLEVELAND, Jan. 14. (UP) — Antcn Christoioridis, rugged Greek boxer, was recognized as light- heavweight champion today in follow, states under jurisdiction of the however, is the one: that involves j National Boxing Association but Frank Craven. Adolphe Menjou, j was scheduled for a defense of his Guy Kibbee and Graniland Rice, i newly-\von crown within 60 days Craven is the world's best approach aeainst Gas Lesnevich of New Jer- shot player, and that, goes for all i sey. the tournament stars. Mr. Menjou is j Christoforidis put on a closing the master of the "Gimme" Putt, rush last, night to earn a 15-vound Mr- Kibbee hittf. Lhe stralghtest clecLsion over Melto Bcttina, Italian and shortest tee shot, of any living- [ southpaw from Beacon. N. Y.. fo'r- golfer. and Mr. Rice -is the only mer champion who lost the title man who has ever written 2.000,-j to Billv Conn of Pittsburgh. The, 000 words- advising ayainst the lifting of the head and who still does. White Sox May Surprise Baseball World Once More P>Y GEORGE KIRKSEY American shortstop on the Sport- United Press Staff Correspondent ing News' team, and Bob Kennedy NEW YORK, Jan. H iUP)-y-The last year's 19-year old rookie sen- Chicago White Sox are always one sation. at third. of the hardest clubs in the majors to dope. Nobody ever expects much out of them but. they usually have 51 surprise in store when the pay- oil comes. The 1941 outfit runs true to form. Tt doesn't took too impressive on paper. On the material at hand i it seems doubtful that the White' The outfield will be Moose Bol- ters In left. Mike Kreevich in center, and Taft Wright in right with Larry Rosenthal has admitted that the guarantee I' scems « oul » l that the White necessarv to bring the Chicks to S ? x can equal Lhcir m ° record " necessary to bring the Chicks to Hope is too great in view of poor attendance, and he wasn't sure the school authorities would be willing The "clinic" will be ouen to allL persons interested in leXg more ° plfl> M at Blythevilu ' e ™* about- the °ame and how it is Smce ,, ^ cxpense * ^ l a*** played. "I equalled the amount received. The , Bobcats .suffered their worst season n school history, \vinnvnp onlv Cooler Divides Pair Against Wardell Five COOTER. Mo., Jan. 14.-Cooter divided a pair of basketball aames here against Wardell Friday nighl the boys from Cooler winning 17 to 15 and the Wardell girls gettiiv a 29 to 22 victory. A late rally gave the Wardell boys enough points to tie up the contest with only a few seconds co play, but Cooler scored in the closing seconds to win. The Cooter girls' team was weakened by absence of several players iU with influenza, and Coach Lois Tipton - also was unable to attend the contest. Cue Tourney Starts CHICAGO, Jan. H. (UP)—Th $20,000 1941 world championship , three-cushion billiard tournamen went into its second day today ne of 11 games. Breaks Up Blii :; BIG CHIEF DILDY apparently las accomplished one main ob- ective with his schedule, that of breaking up the Big Three—Little Rock. Pine Blurt and North Little Rock—which have come they won 82 games, lost 12 and tied with the Red Sox for fourth place. However. Jimmy (Svengali) Dykes has a way with him with cast oils, misfits and pitchers unable to win elsewhere. Riicl Gets Results Dykes 'success \vith pitchers may be due to the fact that the White Sox have one of tho best handlers of pitchers in tho business working quietly and tirelessly in the background. His name is Muddy Ruel, and if a pitcher has any talent he is likely to bring it out/ Last season only the Indians decision was the unanimous verdict of Judges Jim Parker and Dibby "Williams and Referee Joe Sedley. Christoforidis started slowly ami had difficulty iu solving; the Italian's unorthodox fighting stance. Bcttisia took three of the first four rounds on the United Press score sheet and then the Greek found the range with hooking- rights to the.. head. He caught his opponent with u beautiful left to the left eye that started it bJced- imr In the seventh. ue rcucs.—wnicn nave come on «->«•••>i- DI.-.I.-UJU um\ me lumau^ successive week-ends. The method i lll } rt . better Pitching than the employed is most interesting too. With the Tigers and Zebras - - -•• «"^ iig,ii?, <iuu orury^ scheduled to appear here Dildv Cng ° s{an ' had felt reasonably sure he could onlyj er{lgc of 3 ' 74 White Sox, a great tribute to Dykes and Ruel. Tlie entire Chi- brightened by the; prospect that Defending Champion Willie Koppe might be able to start late. Hoppe is Jn St. .lake's Hospital, recovering "from a severe attack of in- appeal to the respective coaches | for a swap. His proposals were met with expected rebutT. But in the case of the Wildcats It. was different, it is the Chicks' turn to repay a visit this fall. So he applied the pressure to Coach Bill Cowan threatening not to renew the contract unless the game was moved farther back in the season. He either had to comply with biklv's ''suggestion", or stand a chance 'to lose a good drawing- card So he acquiesed but rather reluctantly. fluenza. Victory in the opening matches yesterday went to Jake Schaefe " There won't be many changes in the Whito Sox. Definite improvement is likely at second base, where they were patchy last season because of Jackie Haves' eye trouble and Eric Mo.Noiv's tempor- . ary retirement. Four men will battle for the second job—Don Kollowny. who hit .281 for Oklahoma City; Bill Knickerbocker, obtained in a trade with the Yanks; Dario Lodigiani, obtained in a trade, with the Athletics: and Jimmy Webb, who played 74 games there in 1940. Tlie three leftovers are likely to be retained as utility infielders. Other Infielders Set The rest of the infield will be the same, with Joe Kuhel at first, Luke Appling, picked as the aJI- PRING6 ALBERT LIES DOWN RIGHT IN 'MAKJN'S' PAPERS. NATURALLY /T SPINS UP FAST, EASY WITHOUT WASTE. GIVE ME RA. FOR MILD, GOOD-TASTfNG SMOKES WITHOUT BIT£] f int roH-your- own cigarettes in every pocket tin of Prince Aibert A. NVIeftn 'lin? A. r>r. w. \. IV. W. A. n-immpft _____ ..... _____ H n. c .T-iViYisim, _________ r, ""*""" E. J. UeynoltliTol>accoCo.,-SVla3ton-S3lera.'N*. C. Siniith ___________ ___ _ 4 ____________________ 10 •22. SO 2.28 0.20 .62 2n.CS s.'in 20.TP 15.5R •> 4.20 •"> 13.50 I.:lr, -J no.oo •< 29.40 2.94 15.00 4 2.S2 .28 2.H4 I 15.7 fi 2.C8 -2B.10 ". 24.S4 2.48 10.50 S 21.12 2.11 5 20.70 2.07 ••? 20MO 2.01 9 27.0(5 2.71 ft i.f:i> 9.60 14.40 10.20 19.80 12.84 .",8 fi.34 .42 -l.f/2 14.85 1.00 53.RC 1.50 4S.S4 .23 j.GT i.or. .96 as.ev 29.0-i in. 02 '."..30 22.44 21. - fl.OO .90 TT. H. Srhrnup'k __12 7 1722 1*7^ , A - V> * 1<( .---**.•- U -'"T is.72 1.8' H. E. LnSho( . 1 !;•; 3 2D., r »2 2.0: \Vhilo '. s f) Unknown .,_ .__..._ 2 IT lfi.~>Ct I (V n. n. L:.S)ioi ~_ IIIIIIIII :: 12 is':!--' i'6: l>r. I). C. McU»nn : 6 12 lfi..10 PhPlipe NSO' 7 52 lfr.20 \Veml.Ml T'hiUnis K. r >' nf >'.SO' S 12 I .T» Mrs. 0. B. Philtins S V-j 7 12 n'.34 KVj R 13 =I..TS James Addition J.6C l.-'!2 .}?. .38 12.72 11.16 1G.-M 2R.P.J 1.02 7.32 0.90 1.12 .'S2.R7 L64 40.6 f. 17.95 IS.22 .10 2.r.7 .79 12.3?. ---, :_,_ 9 B 18.43 l.?. r . r ..y i-n G o .60 r Si-: 1 , rt C 12.00 1.20 _._NM-r5 7 C 6.00 .60 Jolly Addition o • 17.R2 1.7fi . f! ' T7.S2 1.73 Jones A nation '91 Luusford A Pnrol Lnn^fnM ^ «> >'tv. Sr.i'v Mr?, fiillv Krown ___I~ r, .InKn FT. Rainey Fstato ,1_^ c .Iitln H. . flninr-y Rstnte 7 Marsh A M. H,.rri»,.|nn . R ^"ftrcf Bnclinriiln E'A II flr-nrs Mnrrt<5 Arlditlon -SV, 10 B 7..TS "•«i Survey R. A. " - 9.00 .00 16.14 1.61 14.02 1.40 •1.SO 1 1 .irt 1.37 .45 .513 1 32 32.21 f.4.10 t4..r,r> 10.23 4 10. R2 1.00 23.72 2.17 21.or. I] „,., i .7.T 1.84 19.R7 •14.0? 3. 12 S. 12 P44- l.OP T.f>2 12.00 1.20 WAIT? W E D S. Special Showing of Spring and Summer Woolens from the Storres-Schaefer Co., Cincinnati Tuesday & Wednesday Jan. 14 and 15 DELIVERY TO SUIT YOUR CONVENIENCE Jim Scott, Factory Representative COME IN AND SEE THE COMPLETE LINE. R. D. Huahes & Co. Parlc Addition I 20.70 A. S. UnrHnro ,t Co. __ n \. 8. Hnrhoro ,t Co. _,~ 12 2 21.00 2.10 2 13.10 l.Rt a 2TI.S2 ~2.nR i 4 25.40 2.M 2-r.o.i ^^ .^f"i '* °0 *^ *\ 1 •* 14.10 1.41 ir,.75 i.r.s. FT. Hull KfVfj 5 ,t- T 1.04 '.71 .74 11.42 7.RT S.17 8 t 1.^0 S t.fiR .«" 4.fiS Co. ____________ " __ _ 20 H.trbftro X- To. . ___________ ____ n P Richards Addition O. 0. TTnrdfuvny & K. W. Oondman... 9 A Unknown _________ . ____________ X'A •> p. 4.80 f.tovd Sliokman ________________ SV, r> P. I.loyd ftirkmnn _ __________ W\^ SVj 4 P. Sun-Division. SWV, 1.27 1.14 .47 .17 n.r.n fi.72 ir^.oo •2^.no 2.4:'. I*- 1 * 1 : : l _? s II. 10-1S01 Sudbury Addition T>loyil WisiT . 3 i " " -7. S. Dillnluinty __~ '_'_ I r, ? Mrs. j. s. Dillahnntj- Unknown EV= >'• TO Irregtilar Lots T 2.^4 T 10-15-11 ojo ?>.or> \ 17. RS ir>».r.2 20.4 o Sec, 16-15-1 1 rnknown (SiornhiTc T T nkno\vn (Stornhfire Gin) Wilson Wfinl Company 3 Oill ._, S\* X36' 4 Irregtilar Lot-* Unknown .. 12 Kfi nr, rt.r.j 7300 R. A. Nelson Sub-Division 'Trreg. T.nt i. >TWV'^ Sec. 16-15-11 > R. A. Xeleon 2 fifi.i r . 1 >. 70 7- Irregular Lots Sec. 17-1 r>-ll fRice-Sltx AddiM*n> Kir^-Silx -_ 1 i r.r,.7r. .VRU R 2 4i Horner A drfition A. E. Hnntloy . . ^ \ 2f*.4G 2.^"> or, ., ^ NOTE: The above delinquent lUt, rtoes not Include various lots tofore delinquent and Bold to the districts. AH persons, firms and corporAtion« ini^r^st^J m nnv of nrc hi^rohv wsrni?d ftn-1 notifSH • Ihut thev src r*»quire<1 h y ln w » 0 witbin four wookR «nd rnnVe def^npp of said Miit. ^r th" same wilt h for confessed and Finn] Judgment, .will., he •ntPwJ diroctine tlie salo of Innds for thp purpose of oollpr.tSne saJd fHT<?R"or a*F««mpnts toeether wi'tV .the ps\ym*»nts of interest, penahies. attorney's fee and co r each tract. Dated this January 10th, 1941.. 1.4-21-28-4 HARVEY MORRI9, Clerk of skic

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