The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 6, 1933
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Served by the United Press RLK-JLUEVUZE COTJIOER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANn iinminria* ^ioo^,t«. '- T * ""^ ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ROME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 22<l > Daily New*. Blythetill* OwrMc, Valley L*»dM. BlrttMTlll* Henld. BLYTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, DKCH.V 11KK <J, 1!K DINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS PLANT LOAN Lindberghs Span Atlantic LAND IN BRAZIL * Make Flight From Bathurst, West Africa, to Natal in 16 Hours. NATAL, Brazil, Dec. 6. (UP)— Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh, flying a true course for 1,810 miles! arrived in their big seaplane over the Nalal harbor at 12:55 pjn. eastern standard time today after a spectacular flight frcm BalhursL, British West Africa. The Lindberghs had traversed the south Atlantic ocean in a straight air line, landing a'. 1 p.m., 10 hours out of Bathurst. The flight completed 10,000 miles of aerial touring since their de- pir;iurc from New York on July 9. Tire Lindberghs came down to a city thai had declared an unofficial holiday in Iheir honor. They were greeted by cheering thousands, swarming on every vantage point along the rocky shores. Rowboats, motor boats, and launches jammed the river where H sweeps into the ocean near the new ' Pan-American naval airport. All business had been suspended since noon and the entire population joined to make the reception the most notable ever given a visiting celebrity. Stamping" Oul Tuberculosis I Observations = hi C, R. HEALTHJEASII Seek Elimination of Breed- .ing .Places •,of. Malaria Carrying Mosquitoes. Three hundred men were put to work today cleaning drainage ditches In what, will probably develop Into the most extensive ol the relief work projects promoted In Mississippi county with CWA funds. . . Cleaning of hundreds of miles of drainage ditches In the county was approved last night by the state hcalih department as a.part of an anti-malaria program to be carried out with CWA funds alloted for health work. The health department's program In the county will be separate and- distinct Ironi the regular CWA activities 1 - and in- addition to funds spent' through state CWA/officiate for other county pro- Ijects. CWA Laborers Clean . . Ditchtfs in Blylheville Approximately 40 laborers were put to work yesterday cleaning drainage ditches In Blytheville on approval of a CWA project in this city. Already workmen had started repainting, decorating and renovating the city hall, city hospital and city garage. A supplemental project for further repair work on the city hospital, Including practically an entire 're-roofing job, was approved today. Construction of a concrete storm sewer east from Franklin street has also been approved provided the city can furnish cement and oilier materials for the work. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec 6 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close !>98 998 902 902 998 1000 B93 993 1012 1015 1007 1008 1026 1028 1019 1023 1040 1041 1034 1034 10W 1055 1050 1050 Dec Jan March May July Oct Spots closed quiet at 1015, otf New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, I3ec. C (UP)— | Collon closed tte.idy. high low close Dec Jim March Mas- July Oct MO 101U 1024 1034 1052 000 903 1012 1025 1038 1054 988 983b 939 980 1005 1005 1018 1019 1031 1031 1049 1047b A ceremony opening the annual sale of. Christmas seals Is. pictured ThrM DI *Wc«s Established . " " *^ T*Ko »mmt.. Vin'n I_A._ JI..<<IAJ here at Washington as Miss Martha E. Riis, of Richmond, Va., presents thu first! seals of the 1933 Issue to Otto Waited, Danish Minister to the United States. Miss Riis is-the daughter of the late Jacob Rlis, Danish immigrant, who, as a social reformer in New York introduced the Christmas seals' in "America i:;: n means' of' raising funds to combat tuberculosis. Huey' Lons Forces Will Present Her as Duly Elected Member. HEW ORLEANS, Dec. 6 (UP)— Mrs. Bolivar E. Kemp will be. presented to congress-by. the Huey p. Long political machine as the duly elected successor of her late husband as representative from the sixth Louisiana congressional district, it was Indicated today. Mrs. Kemp was elected yesterday nlthough no votes were cast in three of the district's 12 parishes. She was the only candidate but she polled. approximately 5.000 votes in a district which ordinarily hns a vote of 40,000. Citizens groups, opposing ' what they termed the political dictation of Senator Long, organized for a "peoples election" December 27 which will be held without sanction of the state government but whose winner will be presented to congress as legally elected. The hectic election, marked by scattered violence, closed Inst night with the burning of effigies of Senator Long In two towns. Anti- Long leaders had -wught to keep voters away from the polls and in three parishes tied up voting by court Injunction. Many of the votes recorded were cast by em- ployes of the state which Is dominated by the long machine. Mrs. Kemp today offered to resign the seat in congress if the F. H. White, Yarbro's Oldest Resident, Dies P. H. White. Yarbro's oldest resi- . ^~~, "V" ;"""„„ S1 8n me seat m congress if tnei dcnt . died at eight o'clock this cioiea .-.toacly at 988, mi- cM . Kns wol]ld cnrM . c i the Decem- 1 morning at his home there. He I ber 27 election. In Ihst case a W OB 90 years old. regular primary would be held Funeral services will be held this followed by a congressional clec- afternoon at North Sawba cemetery. The cobb Undertaking com- Doctor Travels . Snow Choked Canadian Trails •With Diphtheria Toxoid WINNEPEGiOSrs VIULAGE, Manitoba, Dec. C (UP)-^-Traveling ujainst icy winds'-.and', over, snow choked -'wilderness trails/.Dr. 'M. E. Medd. reachc 1 an lajlated. diphtheria scoiirgeii settlement S0 ; miles firm here todov with toxbld to 1'nrriu'nlie 50 children. Dr. Medd nr-d Miss E. Ring, public health nurse, set.'.out on the-'dangerous journey by 'snow-, mobile when word reached here jcsterday one child was dead and more, were dying of 1 diphtheria. News of the outbreak'''reached" Ihe outside world when a -dis- Irp.ught father placed.his stricken son, William Hrmpbell, 5, on a o.rg sled and look him" 16 miles through bitter cold to the Pine River Indinn i nervation. Campbell i:o'.ified Dr. Medd. who reached the rrrervatlon' only in lime little to we the girl. Lydia child, die. Anderson, was the other victin of the scourge at Duck Bay. Chicago Wheat open hisrh low close I fro u<m. Mrs, Kemp mode her statement home of her son in New pany is in charge of funeral arrangements. Dec m 1-4 85 1-4 83 7-8 8-i 1-8] Orleans. She reviewed her political Tr.e deceased is survived bv two Mn,: 01 ,_« »7,.. « , . „ !,,,.,„„ „ „., .„ M. ^^ 3^^ ^^ ^ ^^ '•- who Is serving in the United States 1-8 077-8 86 1-4 87 Chicago Corn •Dec May open 45 7-8 52 1-4 high low close 4li 3-8 45 1-2 40 53 51 7-8 52 3-8 history and sai "There are two political lions In the sixth district, one un-'na'vv' der the leadership of Senator' nnd tlie other under that of ex- Governor Sanders. Sanders, long barred from political office, has wanted to seat his son In congress." Closina Stock Price* A. T. and T Ill Anaconda Copper 14 7-8 Bethlehem Slcel , 35 1-4 Chrysler 51 Cities Service 17-8 Coca Cola ' _ 93 General American Tatik 30 5-8 General Eleci;:c 20 1-4 General Moto:s ........ 33 7-8 International Harvester . Middlcwest Utilities Montgomery Ward .. New York Central . Packard '.... Phillips Petroleum ....'.'. 42 1-4 1-U 23 6-8 36 1-2 4 1-8 . 16 7-8 Radio Corp 5 5,3 Simmons Beas 17 St. Louis-Sa.i Francisco 2 Standard of N. J « 1-2 Texas Co 28 1-4 o, s. sieei ; ....I;.; « r-« The county has been divided Into :hree districts to .be known us the Blytheville, 'Osceola .and Leachville districts, Approval of. dilchl cleaning work in the Blythevllie ; and Osceola districts lias already been obtained and. similar action'on. the Leachville .district proposal' Is anticipated.. • . .... .While Uje primary purpose of the proeram U to destroy breeding".pise- es if mosquitoes, known u malaria r,UTlert.-the.ultimate .i&ult, will also "be to improve cfrairiafce fa'cllfi ties, the program.will produce the same resiijts . sought . In projects contemplated by Drainage District 17 and other drainage districts and supersedes their proposal. . Dr. A. M. Washburn, head of the county health unit, who took, an active part ip obtaining approval of the d)tch cleaning program In the. county,' declared that the work ic essential- to. forestall -a'real menace to the public health next summer. -Recalling • the. almost unprecedented . prevalence-of\mosqultoes.'In Uie.cbunty^ last summer and fall; Dr.' Washbtirn. said.. because of' tht presence of a : large.number of human carriers of- malaria and the additional infection that might be spread by . mosquito carriers next summer, destruction' of 'breeding places is'essential!.''." O.. Sbonjro. In Chart* Workmen started 'cleaning ditch- es'near Blytheville, 'Osceola and other centers of population and will gradually move toward the mral districts from these centers of population. .... O. Shonyo, former sanitary inspector attached to the county health unit, has been named supervisor for the county anti-malaria program of dlt«h cleaning. Howard Hastings, assistant to the state health officer, was here yesterdaj surveying the project. He was accompanied by a Mr. Martin of Newport, head of the state district ol the health department's program which includes Mississippi county It was following the visit of the state officials that approval was obtained. Purchase by the city of Illylhc- He of UK? local waterworks and distribution sysloin for J1M.OOO lo prove a good luvcslnii'iil 'or the ix'ople ol lliis city. If the money for the purchase is lnlJicd und the'deal goes itircnuh liu|» the city administration will provide for ihe oiwrulion of the system on a basts thai will keep its finances separate from those of he city. Tt-.e water system sliould ilnixl on Us own flnancln] feel. U ihoiild not be permitted to dip In:o (he city's tnx revenues under any circumstances, nor, on the other mnil, sliould the city be pennlllcil Jo lake water department revenues for other purposes. The clly should Pay for Hie water it uses, just Ilkn P private consumer, llw water de- imrlinenl should pay taxes on Us properly. J,, b i like a private business, reserves should be established or liquidation of Indebtedness and :o provide for plant replacement nd expansion, and profits, if anv. over and above adequnte oncrutlng •escrves. should be turned back to water cotMmers I" tho form of reduced rates. <-Oo Tticre Is much said In favor of (Ire system In effect In Wis- -omin. where municipal!;' owncc utilities nrc subject to the same state resulatlon as privately own- fcd utilities. Just because a water or electric system Is publicly owned is no reason why. it sliould be permitted to earn excessive pro- nts, thus penalizing consumers for the i-enefil of taxpayers or tax HiTELJOICIttS Cliicagoan, Dropping wtm'is hd.i in U }nii. Bloody Knife, Threatens "" WBS um " sk '" lo Destroy Building. Yoiitijj Kidnaper Holds l ( 'or t Kunsom WWIIAM, N. C, Dec. 0 (UP1- A plot lo klilniip a \xl (lu« nncl hold aim fur $5 ransom was confi'swd -okl Ik'iny Polls, HOT SPRINGS. Dec. 0 (UP) — Jack WnUnn. 3d, of Chicago, futul- )y stabbed a woman, critically wounded hei- dnuglitcr, ten-orlxi-tl n hold niul then killed i - •- "* *"A|7,ljcih ur lax spenders, nor Is It anv reason whj it should be permitted to srxmTC p(f Hie public trcasun 1 . penalizing taxpayers for the benefit of con~" "?rs. have iust received a copy of rnv old home' town newspaper published In a Wisconsin town slightly imaller. than Blythcville, reporting on order by (he state public service : commission rcoulr- uw, the municipally owned elSctflc svstom to reduce Its rates because of excessive profits. The 'city In question owns its 'distribution system but buys Its current from a private company. The new rale schedule may he of Interest. The residential and commercial rotes follow: "Residential: 6 cents per kllowntt hour for the first 30 kilowatt hours; 3 1-2 cents for the next 36; 2 1-2 cents for the next 90, and IS cents per kilowatt hour for all over ISO'-kllowatt hours. ' Commercial: G cents per kilo- W»jt hour-.for the first 150: 3 1-2 «nts for the next 450. and 2 1-2 cents for all over 600. oOo himself here today. A few minutes after Walton Hi- vailed n halcl room Mrs. Stella Sliiiltni;, 30, and her daughter. Irene, 14, both of Chicago, ran out screaming and bleeding from slab wounds. Mrs. Slmtlos dropped dead n few . feet from the door. Her daughter fainted. She was taken to n hospital In 'a critical condition. The hotel malinger, Adam. Tala- clm. ran to the aid of the ulrl mid EOUBlit lo apprehend Walton. Wallon threw down the. blood stained dagger. . pulled u bottle from his pocket. and Bliouted ut Talaclia: "This Is nitro-glyccrlne. If you move (mother step I'll blow up the hotel." Talaclm stood away. Walton waived the botlle aloft, threatening the manager, then drank from It and fell In convulsions. He died a short time Inter Mrs. Shnttns established residence here a short time ago lo secure an Arkansas divorce. II d last night and , police snld. to kldiinpliig i <luj{ o*ii':d by ti'.t BriimU-hltrtren of S. J. Tyson. "1 nmk-d $5," wus tlie explanation I'olts gave tile oinrers. A lew hours nfu-r the dog van- Ishcd Irom Hie Tyson home Monday night Tyson tcuiul n note on Ills front porch idling him lo. leave i> 55 bill In a lln nin behind a bill board next nlglu. . I'olice arrested the boy as ho ux- Irutlwl the bill from the'lin can last night. He readily adiiilllcd tlie plot and led olllcm lo n vacant house where' (IK kidnaped doii was tied up. ZISTITESTOOff Little Drunkenness Marks Celebration of End o Prohibition. ll.v Ilnllrd Tr«» For the flrst time In 14 years Americans today were rcgnlatcc only by Uiclr consciences and locn rules In their approach to th drink question — that Is, ••' happened lo live In tho' where the end of ' Apnlication Will Be Made for Government Money to - Complete Deal. The city council In special session last night approved the ac- llon of Its waterworks committee In obtaining an option for purchase of the water, system hero . for $150,000 and formally authorized the committee to make application lo the Public Works Administration for a loan sufficient to cover ihe purchase price.and make needed repairs and improvements. The council's action wns tuten In the form of an ordinance, pasj- ed with emergency cluuse, making. H effective Immediately, authorlt- Ini; the. committee lo proceed at once to obtain a loan and binding Ihc- council to Issue revenue bonds, against the water plant, to cover ' such a lonn if It should be grunted. The grass annual Income o( the local plant lias been $40,000, the council heard. The annual ex-? ixinse of operating the plant and system and upkeep hns been $21.'000, under receivership, which always entail* added expense, it was stated. Reduction- of expense to al least $18,000 under municipal management was anticipated, leav.- Ing a substantial amount for retirement of bonds- and. probably discontinuance of the heavy municipal water bill for fire hydrants and other service. ; Frtra Believed Bargain . Mayor Cecil' Shane told the ••ncil that the city's- formil !ni\n Savs Element in Congress ' Favors Extensive Paper Money Program. . EARLE. Ary,,,Dec. : 'G (UP)—Senator Joe T.' Robinson, running mate of Alfred E. Smith on llio 1328 national ticket, last night Joined foes of currency Inflation. Senator Robinson said he would nte his influence In the 1934 congress to combat "the unrestrained printing of paper money." The Arkansas senior senator he believed Alfred E. Smith's We are not in the habit of look-1 attack on the -baloney dollar" rc- Ing to Mexico (or ways of irnprov- fulted from "a fear that the Ing our conduct of public affairs, rtooscvelt program would lead to but possibly in some particulars we could do so with advantage. Discussing the recent trial at the printing of much paper money to carry out inflation." He asserted that there nre movc- .rivfuunns a nation .wide drive } against tho bootlegger,' the gnnS- fter, and rithcr criminals bred of the ;diy e>V'!>rcit(iant l -liMMvttt called far,tcni|>eranc'e and law-'observance. J His proclamation,- Issrt- ed soon after a proclamation frorji the state department officially declared the 21st (repenl) amendment in effect, rescinded over >200,000,000 111 federal taxes which will be replaced bv llmior taxes. : The moment Utah, the 30th stale to ratify, took official action, prohibition ended. But In many wet cities anil states regulations kept- the supply of legitimate liquor from being made quickly available, Tlie wet cities and wet states celebrated but In all cases HID celebrations were orderly and comparatively few incidents of drunkenness or dlsordcrllness were reported. In Washington federal officials took arbitrary charge of the drink industry under the sweeping powers of regulations which will re- Benton, Ark., of Mark H. Shank, ments In congress lor "paper mon- pblson slayer of a family of four, | ey" but predicted danger for the Predicts 4,000,000 at Work by December 1 WASHINGTON, Dec. 6. (UP)President Roosevelt expects 4,000.000 men to be at work by December 15 under the civil works authority. It was revealed at the White House today that 2,000.000 already .are on the Job and that another million will be added hy Saturday. Nabs Wandering Billy Goat in of Butting Main Street Stove Door University Student Says He Was Kidnaped KNOXVILLE. Tenn.. Dec. 6 (UP) -Kidnaped and held captive 25 hours was the story today of Jimmy Droke, 26-year-oM University ol Tennessee engineering student from Memphis and manager of a Church street filling station. - ,. - - - —-- • ---. Droke stumbled through the door '"J,' 011 to Kntal1 a {ront door » l 1 Robinson's drug store, Had his aim A billy goat with a yearning Jor light life and an overdeveloped urge (or butting may be one of the culprits who have made life miserable for Main street merchants by breaking five display windows in the past month, police believe. The traditionally stubborn animal was discovered early yesterday morning by Patrolman John Foster attempting in the accepted goat Into his tome last night alter an absence of 25 hours, seeming dazed and almost incoherent, he mumbled that he had been kidnaped. Com Paid Way been perfect there is no doubt but that the marauder would have smashed a glass pane. As It was, he was venting his wrath on the j wooden frame of the door, the of- I ficcr reported. ACTON, England (UP) — Irish 1 The rover Is said to have dls- cows pay their way. When a car-1 played an undisguised desire to try load shipment arrived from Fish- his luck on doors at the Ritz thea- guard, it was found that six had! ter and Foster's shoe store before a firm grip on his prisoner and escorting nun out of the business district. It is understood the goat was sent on his way, probably with a well dlrccled kick and a warning that he. would be locked up II birth M> onlm *tl roirt«; tht (Mtroiflilh WftcMdtd In fttttlnt window, caught wanderlnj in the business section again. While it is known that windows of four stores here were broken by thieves, because loot was taken and partially recovered, officers believe that a fifth window was possibly broken by the roaming goat. It was pointed out that the window was broken along the lower edge, no articles were removed from the window and no brick or object that might have been hurled to crash the glass was found inside the window. The goat had been seen In alleys in the business district before his attempt on the drug store Alex H. Washburn. editor of the Hope stnr. points out that criminal cases involving a plea of Insanity are handled moro intelligently by the Mexicans than by ourselves. Insanity is no defense in Mexico. The appearance in •• court of rival sets of alienists Is unheard of. But after the trial -is over. If the verdict i»'0ne of guilty,'an-impartial tribunal of tax-supported alienists Is called in to determine whether the prisoner shall receive the penalty law for Ehne persons or shall be committed to an asylum lor the criminally insane. j Youth Plays Phonograph in Room With Dead Girl MONTE CARLO. Dec. 6 <UP>Police, sought vainly today to extract from the incoherent mumb- lings of an American boy the solution of a mystery presented when they burst into a hotel room and found him cranking a phonograph! near a bed on which lay the bodyj oi nn American girl, dead for 3G hours. The Americans arrived here Thanksgiving day and registered as Marie Wilson, 20. and Fred Wilson. 17, brother and sister, of New York city. They remained in their room all the time. Food, wines and liquors were sent in to them daily. At all hours the phonograph blared hot jMz tunes. It seemed the elrl died from poison. An autopsy was planned today. country's economic structure If the plan succeeds. Discussing experiences of France anri Germany with an Inflationary program, he asserted that the United Slfitcs could not afford such a procedure. Schoolgirl Makes Pet of Boa Constrictor ROCHESTER. Minn. (UP) — Marian Mngatli. 12 years old, keeps a baby bra constrictor a pet- The snake wns given her whc:i It was only 27 Inches long. H hvj been found in n bunch of bananaj. Since she has kept it. the reptile hns grown 11 inches. *> STOBYcf here «^- Strvices Held Monday for Lepanto Pioneer LEPANTO, Ark.—Funeral services for Elzlc Adams, 68, who succumbed at Marked Tree Sunday fojlowlng a heart attack, were held r.ere Monday afternoon by the Rev. Gray, pastor of the Methodist church. Interment was at the city cemetery. He Is survived by three sons. Roscoe, Lawrence and Roy, and one daughter. Mrs. Flora Mae Smith. He was a pioneer resident of Lepanlo. uuotlcntion must be filed. .with, the PWA by December 10 and .that the application . probably will be' nlaced. with 3(8^ pWV .ofllcli^ Friday.. In J thc event. "of u Ibaft rr-pfiyment of. the amount sufflr cient, lo cover the purchase pr\ce would have to be made at. par, or ICfl cents on the dollar, while repayment of the amount loaned for Improvements and -repairs above the purchase price would be lit the rnte of about 70 cents on the dql- "• Inr. Mayor ' Shane and members of the waterworks committee have already conferred informally with officials of the .government loin main In effect until congress ,,„, ' frames permanent legislation. Quotas were assigned to Importers under which foreign countries may send In liquor tascd on their total shipments before prohibition. Engineer and Fireman Killed in Collision Purchase of the city water-plant and system for. any sum less than $200,000 was to be considered an exceptional bargain. Mayor Shane and members of his committee told tiic council they had been informed by F. G. Proutt, former owner of Hie local system. Mr. Proutt'- received $282.000 from Associated Utilities for the plant several years ago and the actual replacement of the plant at this time would be $262.000 It was stated. Tell of Negotiations L. L. Ward and B. A. Lynch, two members ol tlie waterworks committee who arc actively asso-. dated with Mayor Shane In negotiations for purchase of the • plant spoke briefly. Eacli expressed approval of the proposed purchase and ooeratlon of the plant • ns " self-liquidating municipal tllat °" 1 QUANTICO Va Dec (i (UP)— • The engineer and fireman of a!, , , Seaboard Airline FIorlda-to-Ncw ! wollUI not ** ln (iu '° r of Mt l ulrln E ",:the plant If it would mean nn extra burden In any way on the York express were killed today when Hie train plowed into a freight which had been derailed by a landslide. None of the pas- tenders was injured. Tlie accident occurred Mayor Shane and Mr. Ward reviewed negotiations leading up to nenr last night's session, telling of a Clery Tt ,,, 4 half miles north of here on the to L Ule , MRo * '° d )i, cus ! the . pr ?' line- of the Richmond. Fredericks- i P osnl wl "l, P ^ A officials and to burg and Potomac railroad Tlie i Kansas < r' ly ',, M °" t ,° C0 , nfer With R. F.and P. tracks between Rtch-| R B - Caldwcll, receiver for Asso- mond arid Washington are used by ns well as several tire Engineer E. E. elated Utilities and representatives of .a bondholders committee. They told of "dickering" with Caldwell, who wanted lo sell Ihc the Seaboard olhcr lines. The dead HIL- U,L>KLIJ[I-| r, r. I . Kuhii and Fireman W H. Jordan, 'f 1 ', 5 >' s ' cm wit ^ » Jonosboro Ice both of Richmond. I* 1 ", 1 ™* »""« n ?. lhe f sma11 P 1 ?' ___ . |«rtics of Ihc utility in one sale, and Iheir subsequent inability to arrive at an agreement before returning here. Later an agreement was readied on the $150,000 figure and an order obtained from federal court at Kansas City yesterday = r' - 6 authorizing sale of the plant by — United Stales delegates to |tllc ncs \^ r (the Pan-American conference were Ncw committee Named on the defensive today, watching! ADpo lntment of a new water- v.-orkTcommittee consisting princl- paHy „, members 0{ * Latin Nations Seeking Discussion of Tariffs \Vlicn the angel liart fone away from ihom into Heaven, Hie shepherds said, ono uuto iinodicr. I.rl us go Into llcllilcliein and soc- llil* tliliiR wlilcli lias come to pass; let us look S'vlour. upon our SHOPPING DAYS MlM CHRISTMAS C ' « t . Hii ,, tes toinjcc he debt and tar- Iff problems Into discussions. , tce name{ , Mvtr|>1 WMks lth At each committee meeting of , lmt few cnanges ,, s nnl £ uncM . he conference the problems bob- llp ' WEATHER commlUC( , s corap osed of B. A. Lynch. L. L. Ward. G. G. Hubbard. J. M. Jontz and E. D. Fcr- j guson. Nfr. Hubbard was the only ' member of the committee besides jMr. Ward and Mr. Lynch lo at- ARKANSAS— Fair, slightly cold- 1 ten(1 I* 5 ' night's session. er In southeast, warmer In ex-] Mayor Shnne. also announced Memo northwest portions tonight. ! "PPointment of himself as atlor- Tlunsday parity cloudy and wurm-, nc y to advise the committee, deer. | clarins he would serve without Memphis and Vicinity— Slightly W- tllc PWA requiring an at,colder tonight. Thursday cloudy t°™ e J' to assist in application for and warmer. , R loan. The maximum temperature here! Hatpins B»JT«d' :: yesterday was 68, minimum 53,1 LONDON (UP)—Women's., hock- clondy wilh .43 of nn inch rain-ley rules in Britain for T 1933-3* fall, according to Samuel ,F. Norris, provide'that "no player shall wear official wenttof 6bvtv«r; * bfcW-brlnim'ri hSl

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