The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1943
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BLYTHEVILL! THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP xi,~i\o. Hlylhcvllle Dully News Hlylhcville Herald ie courier Mississippi v«iify ARKANSAS "ANri eouTMEAsr MISSOURI < j * ' ~, -, / , /~" * *,^r FLIERS : .......... •>.-,. .,,,...- .,.-.., - 1M A'THKVtl^hi/AlUCA'NSAS, THUKSJMY, APK1I/8, I'M SilN(jlj,K UJl'lKS KIVp OKN'K JAP Today's Wai' Commentary Italy's Fufure Unhappy Naiiou Faces Grim Onllook By THOMAS J. DONOHIIK of United I'rrss Italy's immediate 1'ulurc never looked lens promising than it docs now. The defeat ami doath, and servitude lo the huled Germans, which Italy has gotten HO far from this war, were as nothing to the trials which face her now. For Italy Ls on the froul lino as surely as Uns.sia and Tunisia «re front, lines and as Knglaml was in the Summer and Kail of 1!MO. Tlic advance of the Allied armies into the northeastern tip of Tunisia is an inexorable advance toward the heart of Italy. If seems that she is about to pay for the blunders committed in her name since 1936 by Mussolini and his ilk. There have been Increasing indications of laic that Italy may be the next objective of Allied armies. Italian broadcasts beamed to the people of Hint unhappy laud have told them frankly that the war is coming to them and to brace theiii- ' selves spiritually and physically to meet it. The relentless assault of Allied bomber planes on Sicily and Southern Unly strengthens the belief thai they are the forerunners of ai massive sea. nir and land attack. Perhaps significantly, - within the past 10 days a powerful Allied battle licet has steamed from Gibraltar for some unrevealed destination. Italians Call For Help The. Italians have appealed abjectly to Germany to do something about the storm that is brewing . over their land. They want more troops, more planes, more anti-aircraft guns to defend themselves. The Germans, who never have displayed authing but scorn toward the Italians, probably already have written off Italy as a defensible point. Nevertheless, it is reported that the German and Italian high commands will confer shortly at Brenner Pass to review the situation and take measures to copi with it. :•• . • | Foreign..Minister"Von Ribbcntrop either is on his way to Rome or —about to leave for the Italian cap- for re-conquest. Tended Alps stil! ital to_ tell Mussolini-just what "can exfrecl 'iirthe';'vs'ay^6I""Help. . It probably won't'lie niuch. Tlie tvemendous coastline of Italy makes it impossible'-to defend adequately at all points. It is believed that the Germans already have decided lo rely mainly on, the Alps as a defensive barrier fbr Einopc at the top of the Italian peninsula. Alps Still A, Barricade The Germans apparently figure, and perhaps accurately, that Allied occupation of Italy would not necessarily open up "fortress Europe" The easily de- would constitute « formidable barricade protecting the German heart of Europe. That would be small solace to the weary, disillusioned Italian !>cop!e who went to war in June of 1Q4Q on tlie crest of a frenzied wave of enthusiasm stirred up by the voice from the balcony. Their dreams of empire arc gone, blasted by thc loss of East Africa. Libya and (he impending defeat, in Tunisia. Their once proud fleet has Iwcn in ignominious hiding almost since the war began, Us units ballercd every time they nosed timidly from port. Their battle casualties from Russia and Af- 1 rica number in six figures. Their people are hungry and' cold nnd their cities now . arc being laid •waste by assault from the sky. .Defeatism is rampant; resentment against Germany is mounting. Stripped By Nazis Thc Germans not only have sent Italian soldiers to thc forefront of battle in Russia and Africa, Uiey also have stripped the country of laborers lo loil in Nazi war fac- lories. And Uiey have lakcn more than one third of Italy's wheat and fruit. Under these circumstances, it seems hard to understand what keeps Italy in the war. Thc explanation, of course, is the horde of German troops and gcstapo agents honeycombing Italy stiffening her spine dulling her will with threats and coercion. Germany cannot ailord to let Italy slip out of the war, if only because of the terrific Impact such a development would have on the other occupied or conquered lands and on the Axis structure as a whole. It still is possible for the Italian people lo revolt, • for a thriving, anll-faclsl underground Is operating within Italy. Early Kcvoll Unlikely But there is little likelihood that they will attempt to overthrow their Fnclst and Nazi masters unless they are made to believe that they can profit by It, Prime Minister Churchill told Italy long ago that if Mussolini were overthrown, a separate peace could be arranged. That was before the unconditional surrender dictum at Casablanca. But it may be possible that the Allies would be tvilllng to 1'ield enough to the Italian people to risk a revolution BS an alternative to destruction. The Italians, ft seems, haven't much more time to decide. Chicago Wheat May , H4>» I44U H3 143"i 144!i July . 143-^ H3Ts 142% 14251 143?i Sep. , 144% 14471 142X 144 14471 SENTENCE Louis Gorman Fount! Guilty In Slaying Of Companion At Hickman A seven-year sentence in the state prison was meted out to Louis Gorman, Negro, charged with murder in a trial which Intc yesterday reached the jury of Criminal Division, Circuit Court. Gorman, charged with fatally shooting two other Negroes. Josh REVIVE House Committee May Submit To Pressure And Offer Some New Form WASHINGTON, April I). (UPI- Tlic dny of resurrection may be at hand for Ihc pay-as-you-^o lux pliin—with ur without forgiveness. The heat is en—from Republicans and also from a group of Democrats. And it now appears as If Hie House Ways and Menus Committee may submit lo pressure nnd report out some new form of tax plan. Sentiment Is developing mmms committee members for the adop- lion of p plain 20 per cent withholding lax with no forgiveness slid no discounts. This would be the same bill they reported out before, except I he previous .susijcs- tion did embody a discount system lo reward taxpayers who became current in their payments. The storm of crUlcljiin rrilsccl over the discount plan helped send the bill back lo committee for further sluiiy. Action might come next week, since bolh party leaders of the House have agreed there should be some definite move' before Ihe Easier recess,, tentatively set for « week from Saturday. Meanwhile, in'a Senate committee, Ihc farm bloc is pnssina its i torch for higher farm prices from I the Bankhcad bill lo the Pncc bill. Curtis "and Texas Grant, as th= I Bolh bills would raise the farm climax to an all-night gambling parity base and consequently form British c}nd American Armies Close In From 3 Sides on Cornered 'Fox'; Montgomery and Pattern- Join Forces • • • ' . . . The •Haulers meet at Hickman liciid, was tried only for Ihe shooting of Curtis In which he pleaded self defense. Virgil Greene represented the defendant and the stale was represented by Marcus Fietz, prosecuting attorney, and his deputy, Graham Sudbury. Case of Mose Houston, charged with muider in the fatal snooting- of James Hughes,-also Negro, at a Dell Negro night club, was underway in" court .today. '''"'". The jury was expected to gel Ihe-case during the afternoon with two more witnesses to be presented immediately after lunch before arguments were presented. Lucian E. Coleman is representing Houston, operator of the gambling place who is accused of shooting a customer there on a recent Saturday night. Final case sol for this term of court is that of Lloyd Clark, charged with burglary, which is expected to go into tomorrow, final day of this court term. Jail prisoners who pleaded guilty also will be sentenced- tomorrow before Judge Waller Killough of Wynne adjourns court. It is expected that all prisoners in the jail will have their cases settled by conclusion of this term. Judge Killough noon. said this altcr- Blythe v i 11 c Ambulance Driver Was Injured In Memphis Train Mishap Cecil William Griggs, 2!), ambulance driver for Holt Funeral Home who was one of the most seriously injured in the train accident in Memphis Sunday afternoon, was brought home this afternoon in an ambulance. Extent of injuries lo his back and hip have not been fully determined but physicians said he could be removed from St. Joseph's Hospital lo his home here on North Fifth Street. Mr. Griggs was en route to Lambert, Miss., to visit an aunt critically ill, when the passenger train was struck by a freight engine. One person was killed and 34 injured to the extent !hr,y required hospitaii- zation. A. brother of Mr. Griggs was killed last Fall when his car wa.s struck by a train. Following the accident, Mr. Grigg,? wa.s the subject of ,1 feature story carried In the, Memphis newspaper, along with his photograph. Mrs, Griggs accompanied him home. Joe Pride Jr., Sails For Duty Overseas Joe P. Pride Jr., chief petty officer in the Navy, left San Francisco two weeks ago for active duty but his destination has not yet been disclosed. With the Seabces, Mr. Pride will be in charge of construction In a war zone. Enlisting In the Naval Reserve. Mr. Pride was given his present rank upon enlistment and was call ed into service four months ago. price's. Bui the Bnnkhcad though not dead, Is now dormant following its ' return . to committee by farm senators who couldn't muster enough voles lo override the President's veto. So they'll now concentrate nu the Pace bill— which' would rnlsc parity- prices by adding the costs of farm' labor, . including that of the farmer and, his wife nnd children., '" .; Strong : opposition pit :th'c . floor of the Senate nljo returned .this bill to committee. fi^ " the committee bas hopefully" reopened hearings and may seek to' report it out again. Price Administrator Brown, whose strong objections, helped recommit it in thC) first place, .is scheduled to". testify today along with Secretary, of Agriculture Wickard. . '• In the meantime. Food Administrator Chester David- has announced a government guarantee of higher prices lo growers of five critically important war crops' soy beans, peanuts, • flaxsccd, ' ami dried beans and peas. And observers arc: wailing to see if this move will appease the demands of Ihc farm bloc. ' Kiwanians Are Shown Film On Health Topic A movie on health and social diseases was shown lo'.flhe Kiwanis Club, by Dr. J. F. Bronson and Dr. K. c. Budd at their regular weekly meeting yesterday noon at Hold Noble. ' '.'••; President Hoscp Cralton appointed n committee to chose delegates for the International Convention held in Chicago In June. The Hunted Mcut.-Gen. Gforje 8 Proposed SuiuWould Ask For Distribution Qf Highway Funds .Both Blythcvillo nnd Mississippi Comity will receive substam|al sums ol money from state.Jilgliway funds If a 1 suit being prepared Tuesday tor Illing i.s successful The stale will be Basked 'to' dU- tribute approximately 5354,000'.'ad- liltional hlgiiunj fund's to j cltfps and counties with the (.onlrnlton tluil cilie.i- yucl counties are «n(l- tled lo tiie funds .tinder an auxiliary act to the 1941 refunding h), according lo Ccoper Jacowaj til- tle''nOck city attorney , : Officials; of the" Arkansas''Mu- nicipal' League arc sniil lo'tie cooperating In the aclloii which is lo be filed In Piilnskl Chancery Court within a week. . A provision • has.'been cited In Act 385 of 19-11 distributing $750,000 annually of highway.;iindtj for clcbl service on road and 'bridge district bonds, municipal pnvlmj 'dlstiloU and municipal turnback.' • Shortly after the bill was passed, Mississippi County received $2503.81 July 1, 1941, for Its shore and In February, . 1912,' received $367fl.S4, it was announced lodny by County Judge Roland Green and P. E. Coolcy, auditor. • - . • , .The City of Blythcvlllc received <Julj 1 H41 and the following Februaij recalled $2000 nc (.01 dint, to ITnul WhlUoitU cllj clerk. Neither the county noi cits has since received any money, fvom.lhls source. Allocating $?2B,OOB a ycnr to be dhliled Viunll\ between the cities nnd coiintic'i (lip act also niithoi- l?ed. the mate trcnsmer \o cicdlt Ww ' immlc'liril tin I'bacK fmid at Hit end ol'.eaoh. nkil jcor \iHll the tunount, Hint the allocation to the bridge bond retirement funds exceeds (lie debt service retmlrc- mcnls of each bond, nnd wllh the ,-unoimt thill the allocution In the road bond redemption account exceeds the debt service of such Accounts,') The state treasurer's olflce reported lhul,5OT,C05.67 was In (lie bridge bond retirement fund nnd $14(1.061.85 In '.lie road • redemption account lust July 1, bill, .contended that the money was needed for debt .service on the bonds during the 1042-13 fiscal year. Counties mid' (owns should hnvo received additional (units last July and during the post February, according to sponsors of the Mill. FREE IB CLINIC El County Judge Faces Malfeasance Charge ItUSSELLVILLE, Seven Seek Divorces Divorce petitions have been filed by seven men and women during Hie past week. They > were: s. 1C. Stewart vs Christine Stewart; 13. Ernistlnc Moran vs Galncs Moral); Elvin P. Ingram vs Edelecn Mcllaficy Ingram; Buford w. Halsell vs &- lelle Moore Hahcl; Dorothy Tor- Tcll vs. Nellie L. Terrell; Everett 'Glover vs Lucy Govcr; Troy Mayo vs Evelyn Mayo. Arkansas Briefs WYNNK, April 8. (Ul'l—A. V.. HussTiam, eastern Arkansas nrchin'rHM, says that cold weather in the Klbcrla ptach or- rharils this Spring didn't hurl the rrcp as much as had been cxpcrled. He says that if all sor.s well. Ibis year's crop will ' lii^ ahoul 50,001 bushels — or about live-thirds of ll<c lop production. Oowlcy's llids* production will be about normal. UTTI.K ItOCK, April 8 (UP) —Various labor orgauuutions in Arkansas arc roopeialinff in (lie circulation of petitions to refer the Abinglon picketing la«- to llic voters in 1311. Sn says Stale Ilcprcscnlalivc John ',. .Sullivan of l.itdc Koek who fought the Aliinglon and Sntiffi hills in (he legislature, lie says Iliat if Ihc circulators can jet 7,000 signatures from 15 couulics, Ihc law will rc- nialo Inoperative until the people vnlc on H. Tlic Ahlnglnn taw makes it a felony In use force or violence or (lie threat of force or violence to prevent a person from engaging In a [ aw r ul occupation. (U.P.)—County Judge J. N. Grant U .vla'led now to go lo trial on April 19th on a malfeasance in office Mobile X-Rav Will Rn cl ""' BC - C|I ' C "' 1 Jlltlif ' ! Atl<llcy strnlt mount, A i\<iy will DO set thc tr | n | artcr lt hn ,i , )CCM |M)5l . Available For Use Here "°™ (l lllrcc tl " lcs April 20-21 Allied Aix Closes In Tunisia; Stinison Says Victory Is Assured Hy llnllril I'rrss An arc of Allied nrni!c.s— Dulled now hi military . fact us well »« l.hcoo'--!,s closing hi on cornered Axis forces In Tunlslii. 11)0 foices of Crdi I'lllun^ doughboys, MonluOlilory's , Brltlbli l)th Army nnd Anderson's iiorUwn hi Aims am stilkhifi In lunklii froii) tho wlllh wirt[)iorlli and from tho nil 3rcrtlmy of W»r eiimson silNs Is might) SBI- .<fa.cloi) and \lclory id asHUied And Citii ^licimov-or Allied oith Afi kan i.oinnmndi'i , dcolinii llmt the Altai kan Drltish and Fidl-h folccs 'mo now rcndj lo ":xnct tha 'full prlco from' Hi cue- piy Foicfi of Moulhomu) mid fotton tare iCjioitcd lo hitvo minlc big giilns In pursuit of Itomiucl. Vrtlilcr) 1'Ujs 1'nrl The British First Army pushed the AxU back ihorc' Hum two nille.slowuvd: "11'Vo' northern Tunisian nftoi n Ijonvy nitlllci> bin hnd i: opqnqd holes for the In- lanto Tlis, Ili,hlli!(j rntef on a Eovcn nlllo (tout with IlrUJsli fepll /Ires providing .ctBsclcas all' cover. tcrcc.'i l arc hdvauclnj, uj) the Bfux-Oibes roud Utter thq fleduu Afllkn Corps ut- ier uniting nboul 40 miles west of Oabcs Anil Allied ccnlial front forcet aic keeping tho mllilmy mi. flii'l ^idUicsJiiii; towaid th only 40 mlki awdy lii \oui A' free x-ray diagnostic clinic for The Irial will be on thc first of a nine-count Indictment returned against Judge Grant by thc Pope County Grand Jury last November. sectors.. '• The Axis forces arc fighting with llielr backs lo tho sen In ti pocket 200 miles'long and about 60 miles wide. Allied planes continue lo cross the Mediterranean to blast at Italian .ports;of supply for thc Tunis Ian campaign. Palermo Docks lilt . American Liberator bombers scored hits on Ihc Palermii docks near an enemy seaplane IJII.HD In SJcliy. All returned wifely after .shaking off. enemy lutcrcRpldr.s. And British bombers spread tire aiid dcstniclton through Italy's second port, Naples. < assaults on the soullwin edges of the European continent coupled with the' impending climax of Ihe Tunisian 'campaign,, have Inspired fresh ; Axis alarm. Algiers radio reports the Italian Army has been put on nu alert basis against an Allied landing Adolf Hitler and Mussolini arc reported planning lo confer on the defense of Euro|>c, London radio says Berlin reports Italian Gen Mcsse has Won put In commiuul of Tunisia with nommcl and Nny.1 Gen. Von Arnlin under him. if, Iruc, Ihls indicates an ntlcmpt lo stick Italy with the responsibility for the final dofenso of Tunisia. tuberculosis will be held in Blytbc- olhcr Indictments still pending ville April 20 and 21 it was an- f hil 'S c Orm\l with fraud and cm- iicunccd today by Dr. E. C. Build, bc/./.tcmeiif. director of the Mississippi County Onc 'ntllclnienl charging mal- lleallh Unit. ' fcasance In office and listing scv- "IndlvldiiaLs who wish to make crnl "Winces of alleged malfcas- use of thc services' of the x-ray n " c ' (llsmisscd March 22. clinic are rccmcstc'cl to call at the lnTll « ''"""tincm up for trla] Baptist Evangelist On Rotary Progran A man must "know dry self,' "control thy sell" and "deny lh> self" If he Is lo Hive tils best In „ * ui. i< in IL.II UUI11 IJM | [/I LI ill] 1\IMI\ .,,.11 T i n n County Health Unit office ,n Bly- ^ru^Tf, 0 "? Tn^ "'^ It ^.."^M^,1 thcville courthouse as early as nos- cclmt y lrl '<* and driver to deliver. „,;,/ „,„„,,,„ i,,,, n i 1Bnn ,,,^,i,,,, m. slblc to obtain further Dr. Budd said. early as nos- "", J. ,.'.f',", "'"" l " " . ra .their weekly luncheon meeting to Information,",'' 0 "' '°. " ^IduaLs In Ru.ssellvll e. l d , a ,,„,„, Nol)|o ,.f ^,™ s "i 110 ™ 1 rrom ° «« Lives of philosopher* were brier will not be accepted ' plillosophcrs were™»"" lcd . lo tll " str ' llc tll(: tlire<: >'lr|il Mtu>;iiul Itiimnu:! Russians Hit Back On Donets II) 1 ' llnltnl 1'rcks . •• The licit Army has struck, back at'lhi! C'crmiius aloug''lhc Umicls Alter withstanding repeated un- c'my blows for 'weeks .Soviet foice: lodny moved deeper into. Oevmni tcri'lloiy smith of Ihe ilVpr bclov ly.yum. , -• 7;*- ' ' .J '•In Ihc words :of ,'lhtj, rUi'b$iiui>t;am muntqiie, Ihe Rctl Army llus seta scvcrol favorable positions an widened llielr blrilKclmul on tli Clcrmun-hcld side of the river,, '. At least 101) enemy troops wet killed, nml guns ami uqiiluniunt de slroycd In the advance. Hour Na? ,iie.s trying to sculler tlie Ing Soviet soldiers-were shot dow< In Heel Army nlmicn. To Iho north, tho Rmilnn line of Leningrad, drove u «'«tge Inti the Hovlcl on the Volkhov . front, Ip Inkc; u coimiuuullng linlght Tile HtLssInn troops countor-ivUnck I'd nnd/eciipluicd the hill. Auiithor German attack came 01 Ihc SeVBk front northeast of Kursk Here Ihe Germans novel 1 rcachcc the Russian lines at. all. The Russians set up a hot blast of rlllc i nmclilnegim fire, Unit Ihe Nar.l wllhdrcw with the loss of at leas 100 officers and men. Artillery exchanges marked Hi day's only acllon between the .lw( opposing armies before the Na/ central Iron I ballon of Smolensk 'flic iiialn lUisslan offensive h Ibis urea Is wiilllng fur liiu dry. ; ' . - o r in c r Congicssmai Accuses Companies 0 " Government WASHINGTON, April H. (UP) — Kniirnsnitnlivc Clyde Kill , ' Novcml)cr points' \IK believed necessary lor ctiiirgrs (hat southwestern powe Dr. Budd r urgc,l-that individuals X, lT" I™! new Term January '1'° """' '° rrac " lllc "" nl >"""t °' «-r,in,*mlc., arc "Bonglng" ll, B fed Livestock .suspected of having tubprcjiilosls or those who have becn~Tn contact with known tuberculosis cases al- lond mi's clinic. "11 Is to be emphasized that ua~ Ucnls must re|>ort to (he Health De| not Tlie unit through the Stale Board of £"* Health in Little RSck probably will Gen ' £,"'';..,: not again be available here (or (.,«-n Mc-loVs some time, It was pointed out. The Montgomery Ward unit will not be held over and In- N y central divlduals who arc late In rcrjiie.sting r n t Harvester, body, mlud mid soul In Ihls world 'of tot.'ny. Thc Rev. Mr. Smith, who Is concluding an evangelistic meeting nt, J-'irst Baptist Church, was a guest iiils must report to (he Health ,„. ,, T . " 3 •"' :partmcnl a.s early as possible and ')'"" 'otacco 511>l later than April 17," he said, j ^°'Jf,' , Collpcl ' ?' Thc services of the mobile x-ray Cn ,..,jp r „". ill tlirn.i(rl\ I V.« ti«4 A nnn^il nf _ J->t.I rl 1- of OCiic 98 3(i I to thc services cannot be accommodated. Livestock ST. LOUIS, April 8 (U.P.)—Hogs O.OOfl head, all salable Top price $15.65; 180 lo 300 pounds $15-M> to SI5.60; HO lo lfi» pounds SH.35 lo 514.85; sows $15.00 lo ?15.35. Cattle 2,850, salable 2,500. calves 1.000, all salable. Slaughter steers S12.00 lo $17.25; slaughter lielfers SI 1.00 to $16.25; mixed yearlings and. heifers $13.75 to $15.60; stockcr and feeder steers $11.00 lo. S15.25; emitters and cutters $8.50 to $1100; cows $11.00 to $1350. „' i 18 3-8 63 1-2 II .4 lell. recently made educational and Itholr director of this conRrcgii- |tlon. who sans "I Love l.lfc". accompanied by Mr.s. Murray Kmart, church organist. Other Biiest.s were Dick VVcl.s of Whcatlcy. S. J. Smith of I.uxora and thc Rev. O. J. Chaslnln, pastor of Flrsl Baptist Church. North Am Aviation .. Republic Steel 18 Hadlo- 10 Socony Vacuum 131-1 Studcbakcr SlaiKlard of N Texas Corp ... Packard . ... U S Steel .... II 1-4 J 53 1-1 -19 5 57 1-1 New York Cotton open high low close | Mch. . 2613 SOU 2005 2001 2010 May . 20T3 2074 2068 2068 2070 July , 2057 2057 204G 20-19 2050 Oct. . 2027 2030 2017 2021 2023 Dec. . 2020 TO24 2010 2013 2018 Sharp Selects Staff LITTLE'BOCK, April 8. (UPI- I-loyd Sharp, the new slate war manpower director, says Ills staff ol three persons to man key positions In Ihe new set-up already has been picked. He says personnel of the new olTlcc will be limited—since the WMC program already Is being administered by existing agencies. Sharp says he will go to Kansas City early next week to confer with regional WMC officers. He has disclosed that he will stay on as stale WPA administrator until liquidation of tho relief organization Is completed. ap,s Meet Disaster Tiying To Attack U. S. Vessels At Guadalcanal enil government, on their conlrac ivilli (lie Defense i-lntil Corpora lion. 'I'he I). P. C. operates Ih Arkanw nliiinlinrni piuiil nt Lnk Calheriuc near Hot g|irlng!s. Kills, now manager of the National Association of Rural Electrification Cooperatives, ciitlrtec.-l a retcnt iittnck by the Arkansas Ulll- llic.s Ccnnnl^lan on tho l-'cderal Power Connnh'slon. He .said llil-;: "It h iiolcwoiihv Iliat the uiiwcr trutt, though It Is » monopoly . - . nlwnys cbjcck to whatever Jiirisrtlctiou It in least able lo control, as between the slate and federal, and always .seeks lo play that jurisdiction against thc ollirr." He w'cnl on lo fay that "when it Is able lo control Iho slate commission and not the federal, it objects lo the federal. When It is »blc lo control thc federal nnd not Ihc stale, it objects .to Ihe .slate and claims that the CUD Is encroaching on Ihe jurisdiction of the other." Ellis concluded that, "a.s lone as Ihc power oclopus dominates stale utility conimKilans. we certainly need a federal power commission to Interest itself especially |n efforts ,of the power, trust to thwart Ihe efforts of the federal government in a wa<- crisis. America';! flying mni luiv^i? icorod H ifieat new victory ivci' Hit 1 Japanese in Ihc hky tbovc Ciiimliilciinal Island. - Nincly-oiglit J n p it u o s'c )luncs, li> ( iii){ to attack a :lustet' ol American 'shipb, ,vero bet ii))on by American Ightor planpa uiul S7 of them were .shot down. - " l Ainciiciin loHsib tottilci) seven planes, and the' 1 pilo'C of one W«H .saved. 'Ihc Navy,,In ravelling llic d?- ulls of one of tlie most furious air idiom, of the entlie Solomons ilgn, said nodilna atjoul * ^ K Amcilcan Hlilpi which were thc bjcct of the Jap attack. H was the biggest Japanese acilal Mimulu against American ones In Ihe Solomons Tticic were 30 bomlius In llial attacking flce't. ciaorted by 48 '/.cro flglilcr;, Hicli Uirgct—the American shlp- ng ooncenlnUlmi—must iiuvo been of' trtmendous ;iui[>ortnn(;6 :to war mil slid) mi allact lu forte. But the Ntivy, picsumably ot security reasons,, luis no..comment to olfci- about Ihose ships. Nor Is' It knottn ivhctlici the Amcilcan vessels were engaged In landing tioop.s oh Guudalcaimi, 01 DPI Imps- embarking on some new untuit! lij the solomni arc,) At anj late, the atlaUluj Japs met u smashing defeat ThTc 31 J|tp planes 6?sicd by our alimcii .1 ihat battle, plus ( a giant four-cn- Illncd sonpluue destroyed in un TOiltci uttack on Rekata Ilay, biought-th 0*3^|AjHnmb(>), nj iap, 'ifie Navy'nlso irevealed thai on^ Tuesday and tarly Wcilnesduy oUr UaunllLss ami Avenger dive boinb- ers LStnrteil by Wildcat flghturs twice nllnckctl Vila In the central Solomons nils v,erc tcored in tho laiget urea anil a large fire was stalled Vila was atlacked ogiitn Tuesdny jjljjht by Culiilln.i patrol liombcrs whllo Flying ForticsbUi, Wiistod Jap posltioiiA at Kahili In , tlic-Shoillaiul Islands and shipping olf finntii.ISttlwl, In the early evening of Tuesday, llneo Jap'phincs Imubcd Guadal- ciiiiai but caused no casualties and only Jlghl dniuage. Today's Navy communique solved ns conflimntlon, however, of recent warning-, Iliat Japan lias greatly, iuci cased her ucrlal slicnglh lu the Soiuhvvcat Pacific. In this connection, Secretary of Wai Stlmson bind In Washington today that America still commands un aerial edge In that region, bolh (liiantllallvclj and qualitatively And llic New Zealand mlnistci lo Mm ir.,ii 5 d States, Walter Nash, 'said al rtn advanced South Pacific Ijiisp that Allied forces have the situation on Guudalcaimi under complete control. Convene!}, AUblrullan Aimy Minister I' M Forde warned today at Sldnpy that the strengthening of Jap bases and llic construction of new ones In tho Boiilhwcst Pacific means more Allied lives will be lost in Ihc final .showdown. He said the war in the Pacific can bc:shbrtcucd only If strong blows against tlie Japanese are not delayed. And Australian Prime, Minister Curtln said the first anniversary of the lull of Bataan is a sad reminder that the Pacific had. become u (roiil of "lost opportunities." In hiiima, llir Japs arc surging tack They claim to have annihilated the main British force on. the Mayu Peninsula But latest word from New Delhi says the British ha\ c repulsed the Jap attack with point blank artillery lire after with* drawing up the pcnlnsuli American planes arc bombing Jap troop concentrations and communications throughout Burma,, concentrating most heavily on Y«a- laung and Rangoon. Chungking says Jap attacks across the border of Yunnan Province In South China have been halted. And Chinese .forces have 'occupied n village iii tlic suburbs.of Ichaiigv A greenient Reached On Telephone Rates •LITTLE ROCK, April S Thc State Utilities Commission and Southwestern Bell Telephone" Corn- pans Iiave reached, a tenlallvc basis for agreemeiil.!on telephone rate adjmliiienls at some Arkansas points. However, Chairman A. .B. HtH';of Ihc Commission says that no nc- lion hill be taken until the'proposed revisions In rates arc placed before telephone company executives in St Louis. • , ,

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