The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on August 20, 1938 · Page 2
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 2

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 20, 1938
Page 2
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THE OGDEN STANDARD-EXAMINER . « r mrVAV PVFMNa. AUGUST 20, 193, 000 Austrian Jews Smuggled toSuntze J i+ TI .-**.. AI mi iriu mic IIATC CMU COUP 'UNDERGROUND' OF CjVIL WAR S e c r e t Organization Aids Refugees to Flee Nazi Rule Across Border By Edwin Shanke Associated Press Staff RANDOM REFERENCES BERLIN, Aug. 20 r (AP- Ko License-Salvador Carrera ROW 35, was free on 55 bail today, following .his arrest by sheriff's officers on a charge of driving without a driver license. Special this week, wash grease and vacuum, $1.50. Les Ogden s Service, 23rd Kiesel. (adv.) For Marriage--A Malad, Idaho couple, William Clifford Jones, 26, and Ramona Hughes 23, obtained a marriage license U, S, LEADERS DUPESOFREDS (Continued /re i Page 1) former Amateur Athletic Union M r y Woolley of Mt. Holyoke Chairman Pnilip Mur- Jay. _LJi_,J.ViJJ.A., =· , fa-lire ZO, ODUUI1CU 0. """ - "-= More than 1,000 Austrian Jews, Weber county clerk to it was estimated today, have been smuggled into Switzerland the-past month by the modern versions of the scarlet pimpernel and the underground ran- college- ray o" the C-I.O.'s Steel Workers Rep. Wis.), /hree hundred Swiss frontier guards are trying to cope with the problem and all available police in the northern Swiss cantons have been mobilized to help France reinforced her guards at border points. Germans, too, promised increased vigilance. Secret Society At Work The migration has been help_ ed by a secret organization of Kodak Finishing: - Any size 2 5 . cents. 5 hour service. roll Organizing committee; Thomas R. Amlie (Prog.. Sd Sen. Lynn J. Frazier, (R. N- P?of Robert M. Lovett of the. University of Chicago was de scribed by Matthews as the onlj man in ihe United States'whf had participated in organizin: Communist front organiza more he had. Nothing Simpler"^Rep. Noah Mason asked Matthews if, it was no (R.-IU- Gennans and Austnans who, with earlier fugitives, supplied money and shelter lor fugitives on the way to the borders, much as Negro slaves were aided secretly to reach the Canadian frontier by the underground railway in American civil war days and as Frenchmen escaped during the French revolution. Jews, fearing "for their future under the Nazi regime, frequently are willing to take desperate chances to get away. Emigration from Germany has become increasingly difficult as a result of international border regulations and German and foreign laws despite the expressed Nazi determination that they must go. The "underground" border traffic is particularly active near the Swiss town of Diepoldsau, whose limits extend five miles along the former Austrian border. Jewish men and women, young and old in every walk of life, have found this area suitable lor fleeing Germany. Some Jews have crossed the line by jumping from trains, which barely crawl along the border near Buchs. Only a few have valid travel papers. Some have birth certificates only. In most cases the 10 mark: ($4.00) permitted by Nazi lav is their only money. Anythin above that is confiscated or re turned to families in Austria. E^tra prints 3 cents each Lien mo. hardt Drug Stores. tadv.J | Get License-John H. Valberg ^__ 26, Brigham City, and Nancy hundreds of famous Emmett, 22, Ogden, had today ns were duped into support- obtained a marriage license f Comm unist front orgamza- from the Weber county clerk. Biff Discounts plus extra large I ar/iTave -done it myself in- trade-ins on genuine Estate numera ble times-than to get Heatrolas and ranges. L^.? d these well known people to put CHINESE CLAIM FOES BLOCKED ON ALLFRONTS Nippon Confusion Mounts, They Say, Due to New Onslaughts By MOKBIS J. HARRIS Associated Press Staff SHANGHAI, Aug. 20--(AP)-Chinese declared today their forces had checkmated the Japanese on all fronts. Th° Japanese said a new large scale drive against Chinese guerrillas in Shantung province already had scattered 10,000 irregulars near Tsinan, Shantung JEALOUS MATE OF MAID FIRES (Continued from Page 1) ber of the board of governors of the Chicago stock exchange. Krueger, educated musically in Vienna, is former conductor oi the Seattle Symphony, director of the New ork Music guild and' has acted as guest conduc tor of various orchestras. McDonald told police: "Things all began about three years ago when she (Mrs. Krue g er) began trying to take my MOTOR SHARES SET 1938 HIGH FAMED DIVORCE JUDGE PASSES Thomas Moran Granted So Many Decrees He Lost Count RENO, Nev., Aug. 20--(AP)-The career of Judge Thomas F. Moran who ended and started marriage for thousands flocking this divorce capital, was clos- Lead Quiet Advance Stock Market; Rail Issues Finn on HONORS HEAPED ON OGDEN PAIR Eccles and Hinckley 'Are Complimented Guests at Banquet SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. . (AP)-- Two of-Ogden's "favorij« who have . risen, high sons . governmental circles were honored Friday night by the Salt Lake City chamber o i ^ - provincial capital. Warriors Active But the Chinese insisted the time only. Boyles. (adv.) their signatures on lists of sponsors o: these front organiza- the witness replied. TV,« T n 3 Sixth tions " the witness repiieu. *TMTJ-TM*^L will He' added that Hoffman with- ward primary association hold graduating morrow evening at seven o will to- ;ociauuii «»~ I exercises to- drew his name from the ust as a ice. ' 42000 fight-and-run warriors in Shantung still were active and that campaigns in other areas were "continuing to be successful " Guerrillas were said to have driven .within 25 miles of Nanking. West of Kiukiang, the Yangtze river port used as a base for the. campaign against Hankow, 13D miles upstream, the Chinese claimed to have won a smashing victory when a detachment of" Japanese, being landed from warships, was routed. Invaders "Confused" In southern Shansi province, members from throughout the HUGHES AGAIN SETS RECORD $1 ,25 Per Week buys a band which Matthews said he had to organize were jsi.*"".-- ,, -- - i v, m neitt Congress Against nd furnishes individual lessons. | JTM«TM the gUniversit y of the wife away from me ·"I raised hell about her working for Mrs. Krueger and she quit in' March of this year. "My wife was wrapped around Mrs. Krueger's finger. Things reached such a state my wife threatened suicide. I had to shoot this woman. I had to. "Abnormal Interest" Mrs McDonald recently sued for divorce and McDonald filed a cross-complaint accusing her of undue friendliness with another woman, and alleged that this unnamed woman "has an abnormal interest in her, which is in conflict to the plaintiff s obligations as a wife toward this defendant." There was a hearing at which the court ordered McDonald to ed today in death after 27 years as a jurist. Unable to recover from a year- 74-year-old '.'Barney' Robert H. Hinckley, recently as a member of the long judge illness, the known as throughout Nevada, died Friday night but a few weeks after announcing his retirement. Not even the veteran jurist, a native of Ireland, knew how many thousands of couples he ' J - or married. In he estimated he had" granted ' 1,500 decrees annually. Among them were prominent personages in almost every walk of life, every'state in By Elmer C. Walzer United Press Staff NEW YORK,. Aug. 20--(UP) --General motors common stock made a new 1938 high and led a quiet advance on the stock market today. ^ Automobile and steel shares. inducte( j ,,,, _ made the best showing among civil " aeronautics authority, and the various groups. Industrial Mar riner S. Eccles, chairman shares generally were firm and ^ the board of governors of. the average rose from the sixth j the Jedera i reserve system; consecutive session. Last week there were six consecutive- declines. . . . . . . Market Hesitates Opening firm, the market were the guests. making the evening's principal address, out- the 'authority's goal and to it's establishment as had divorced recent years ^JlJCilllig J-ll.Jli.lj ll*S* iiiw-..^ , p|_/J.J,il,tW. V« - - -- hesitated for a time on profit- typifiying""the true attitude oi taking and then moved higher the ne w deal toward business, again. General Motors was the "Business got everything it most active issue but volume in as ked for--and more,' it was small compared with a hey, former western Hinck- regional short time ago WPA director, said. pay his wife §20 a week pend- ,ing trial of her suit. -'She also was given cusfody of their 23- months-old' -daughter, Emita, where the Japanese have been nam ed for Mrs. Krueger attempting a new campaign to H o l l y w o o d boulevard was carry them across the Yellow crow ded with its usually late Wit- .len Bros. Music Co. (advj « ^ Ig32; Nationa i student " , league; International Labor DeGating: - ^publican par* L . American League _Against river, invaders Chinese maintained the afternoon throngs Friday. Wit were becoming "in- nesses saw a woman walk rap- creasingly confused" before the id ]y across the street, then stop residents from the union and many foreign countries. In 1935, Judge Moran granted a divorce to Princess .Barbara Hutton, the Woolworth heiress, from the late Prince Alexis Mdivani. She now is separated from Count Court Haug- witz-Reventlow, whom she married here the next day. O t h e r prominent persons awarded divorces by Judge Moran, who had granted as many as 40 uncontested decrees at 10- minute intervals in one day, ^ _ from Estelle Taylor, film "actress; John. Wan- Most of the gains were frac- Major objectives of the au- tional. Exceptions included thority are development of airi Chrysler which reached 737s, up ports and reduction of air ac- 1%; American Smelting 48/ 2 ; cidents, Hinckley said, up 1; American Can preferred The two Ogden men were 170 up 1% and a new high. - - praised by Governor Blood for New Highs Eecorded the "Honor they have brought New highs were made by In-1 Utah." gersoll Rand and Bendix. National Biscuit equaled its were: Jack Dempsey nd Fasc i sm , now the tate will gather tonight at Salt- L ue For Pe ace and Democ- resort on the Great Salt Lake · ' · L * AV '^ ' Friends of the Soviet Un- or their annual Republican day ion . ' Amer i ca n Friends of Chi uting. nese People, and the League of Women Shoppers Linoleum Eemnant sale. Save | "Un-American Cesspool 50 per Boyles. cent on some pieces. Earlier, a witness testified be(adv.) fore the committee that a New York official of the federal Guests-- Mr. and Mrs. Lorin tnea tre project had told him F Wheelwright have just arriv- that he cou ld not "clean uptois be- ed from Washington, D.C. They I cesspool of un-Americamsm" be- will spend the week-end at the cause he was "controlled b y _ a n hoe of Wheelwright's parents, | unse en force in Washington Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Wheelwright 1286 Twenty-fifth. combined onslaughts of Chinese and tu rn to face the man with amake r, Jr., Philadelphia cap- and then firmed' to around the CUinUlllt-U uno^v-t, ^ i-ll.i -- rr Ma .. .. . -TH--,-- A -4.,,_,-~ A-nn TTn fA - I _· _T_^:«^r 1o,7Qlc .TTlCfVlPr held here beginning Sep, , , ^i..^ 10 and continuing about Strength in the steel issues three weeks . Delegates from Pa- was based on outlook for a- L ific coast and eastern cities will pickup in operations next week. be ^ attendance, it was announced. Demand for the motors, motor ~ equipments and rubbers hinged on outlook for a pickup in automobile production on a large scale. Railroad issues were firm. Mercantile issues were better,notably the department store shares. Utility issues opened , lower troops and irregulars whom she had been talking. He JUUo eUlLl ·*·*- ·"·-£ MA***. -" . . i V V A A W A * - » . ··»· -- ---- . The defenders declared also snatched 'a pistol from his pock ey had destroyed again all. the e t -and · fired. One bullet struck railway trackage in Shansi. that | her ln the chest, another in the Japanese had repaired arm, another in the leg. She I LI CLAICOC AitiVi * v^j---- -- -- --- i +*.*. .«···* ------- , , Unconfirmed reports said the co llapsed and he jumped into a high command of the Japanese car waiting at the curb and armies in central China was re- sped a way. moving its headquarters from "She Only Tried to Help Shanghai to Nanking, 165 miles « S he pulled up to the curb and I - drew alongside her," McDon- a ld said when he · surrendered. f a r t h r inland. Fate of Americans Charles Walton, a I the theatre project, George Kondolf, _ oi said that production August Sale calfskin oxfords, $2.50. tenson's Shoe Mart. Prices - Men's board chief, admitted that he is S2 50. Chris- could not eliminate alleged con(adv.) trol of employment on the project by the Workers' alliance be- Priesthood-- Monthly priest- cause hood'meeting for the L.D.S. Weber stake will be held Sunday at two p.m. in the Eleventh ward chapel with Pres.-James H. Riley in charge. ; his hands were tied. Tells of "Bed" Party He also told of attending a party given by Stuart Robson, The -plight of 100 Americans I "j as k e d- her, 'Where are my and British who took refuge at w jj e - and -baby?'' Kuling a month ago was unce-r- "She got out of the car and tain Chinese said they killed sa id she was going to call poor wounded 100 Japanese and lice . I pulled out the gun and captured munitions near Kuling. fired . That's all I remember. Japanese troops hammered McDonald has been employed again toward Nanchang, 90 miles part time as a "grip" man in south of Kiukiang, but the Chione O f the movie studios. He nese reported the invaders stale- n ' as been living with his sister ; mated on the north bank of the | Peggy McDonald, 1 " -- * Yangtze. italist; Film Actress .Ann .Hard-, ing, Consuelo Vanderbilt Smith, Jennie Marston Adams, now Mrs, Lawrence Tibbett; Edith Gould Wainwright and others. "I am one of those who believe that when married people reach the stage where they want to enter a divorce court, their marriage already has ended," Judge Moran once said: The judge himself preferred marriage. For 29 years, he was happily married to his first wife, Mary Lloyd Moran, who died in 1934. A year ago he married his court clerk, Jessie Smith Moran, who survives him. Trio Deadlocked in Canadian Open previous closing levels- . prices for the coppers paralleled a firmer tone for the metal in the export market. Gold mining issues were dull but firm. CHINESE WILL MEET BOISE, Aug. 20 (UP)--National convention of the Hip Sing tong DANCE TONIGHT Glen Marston's Famous Band and the new Hammond Organ Admission 25e OLD MILL «0gden'» Historic Fun Spot" (Continued from Page 1) transcontinental record transport type planes. for Landing at Floyd Bennett airport at five twenty-six a.m. (Ogden time), Hughes and three companions said the new type oxygen mask held great possibilities for "future flight at extremely high altitudes. "Ultimately," Hughes said, "transport operations will be conducted at altitudes of around 30,000 feet. . "A good oxygen mask, permitting the pilot of the transport to breathe oxygen and air of the same density as that at sea level is going to do much toward making high altitude flying easy and efficient." * He explained that passengers in high altitude transports would not be expected to wear masks but would obtain added oxygen by direct injection of the gas into the cabin of the transport plane. In the mask he tested, oxygen was mixed with air before it was inhaled. Hughes' average speed was 238 miles per hour. Terry Speaker -- William Z. Terry will be the principal speaker at sacrament services in the L.D.S. Nineteenth ward, Thirtieth and Wall, at seven p.m. Sunday. Lecture--Dr. Hugh F. Webb will give an illustrated lecture to the eiders quorum of the L.D.S. Eighteenth ward, Twenty-seventh . and Jefferson, Sunday at nine a.m. Members and friends are invited. For . Ceremony--John Montgomery Bailey, 73, North Ogden, and Ella Amanda Hudson, 62, Ogden, had today obtained a marriage license in Logan. Birthday-- Mrs. Mary Bay Millor of Ogden, will attend a birthday party Sunday in Fairmont park in Salt Lake City, for her mother, Mrs. Ann Davis Reese, who is 90 years of age. Highway-- Plans for widening the Provo- Ogden highway were advanced Friday when Christen- which he charged turned out to | be a Communist meeting at which Negro youths danced with white girls and speeches praising the alliance were made. Walton said about 40 or 50 persons attended the affair. "I became so disgusted I left right in the middle of the evening," he added. Walton said that Kondolf told him that he would not "clean out the Communists" because of the "unseen'force" in Washington which "controlled" him. "Most Vicious Power" Walton testified after Francis M. Verdi, elderly New York playwright and actor, attacked the Workers' alliance as "one of the most vicious powers there is today" and asserted that -he had been demoted from a director to an actor on the New York theatre project because of op. position to an alliance affiliate. Sally Saunders, petite Vienna- born actress on the theatre project, told the committee that a Negro youth on the project tried to "date me up" after meeting her at a rehearsal. Miss Saunders charged that the Negro's advances were an RACKET MONEY USED FOR VOTES make-up woman Jean Harlow. He was booked just testified that Page 1) the for the late on a charge of "suspicion of assault with intent to murder" pending the outcome of Mrs. Krueger's condition. '"Poor Mrs. Krueger, she only .tried to help me," sobbed Mrs. McDonald to detectives who mobsters contributed thousands of dollars in tainted racket money to election campaigns in 1933. It was Pompez, now guarded CoVmH-r I questioned her. Schultz | * ., Never Harmed Anyone' TORONTO, Defending Cooper of Chicago, Paul Runyan of White Plains, N.Y., and Sam Snead of White Sulphur Springs, .Va., were deadlocked for the ead and far out in front of the ield in the Canadian open golf championship at the completion "She knew about my family troubles and took me into her home as a governness. She never did anything to my hus- day and night by four_detectives, j b a n d _ jje was insanely jealous of a woman who never harmed anyone." Attaches at Good Samaritan hospital reported Mrs. Krueger in a highly critical condition during the morning. They refused who" said he had felt the lash of the Dutchman's venomous tongue, had seen the tough-talking gang lord draw a murderous gun out of his jacket. Made Employe of Schultz In 1932, he testified, henchmen of Schultz demanded that he pay protection Dutchman. money to FinaDy after the the sen Gardner, Inc., Salt Lake City, bid low at 3144,340.53 for widening the Provo-Pleasant Grove portion. FRANCO SEIZES 5,OOOCAPTIVES (Continued from Page 1) . quently ; in the past .before big drives. . ... Franco Will Lead Insurgent military leaders, confirmed 'later that Franco himself : would lead a new offensive. . ' .. Several insurgent - officers ·who had b'een on leave were recalled-to., duty. Large -scale troop movements also were underway. Italian shock divisions and Navarrese units, the- cream of Franco's forces, were being Catalan front, reinforcements Picnic--A Sunday school picnic will be held on the lawn of the Methodist church, 2604 Jackson, Tuesday at, six p.m. All Methodists and friends are invited. They should bring a basket lunch. Hot drinks will be served.. . . . shifted, to the while Moorish i tooiTplaces in central and eastern Spain. ENEMY PLANES ALARM CZECHS PRAHA, Czechslovakia, Aug. 20 (AP)--More "foreign planes" over Bohemian territory in Czechoslovakia today caused a sligh.1 stir in · government and Sudeten German camps which have been trying with little apparent success to 'find a formula for In ternal pacification of the cbun "HUMAN ENGINEERING" URGED : PASADENA, Calif. (UP)--Dr. ? ; Thomas Hunt Morgan, distinguished biologist of the Califor- i 1 nia Institute of Technology and il- winner-of the Nobel prize, has - proposed that the term "human 5 engineering" be given to the '·' study ol the science of heredity 6 as-applied to human beings.; try. Czechoslovak evidence of Communist activity on the project, and that directors of the project remonstrated with her for feeling that the Negro was out of place in asking her for a date. "I'm Surprised At You" She said Harold Hecht, producer of the "Sing For Your Supper" theatre project play, on which she then was engaged, told her, "Sally, . I'm surprised at you" when she protested to him against the incident, which occurred last May 30. "He told me," Miss Saunders said, "Sally, he has just as much right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as youliave." Miss- Saunders said that she spoke of the incident to Trudy Goldrich, secretary of the Workers' alliance unit of the set. "Encouraged Attention" "She said she was J very sorry I felt that way because she. personally encouraged Negro attention and went out with them every time a .Negro asked her for a date," Miss Saunders testified. / ' Miss Saunders was the fifth henchmen took him in a bulletproof car, "heavy as a truck"., to see Schultz' and the gangster warned him he would be "the first nigger I am going to make an example in Harlem," he capitulated. He reluctantly accepted a proposition that Dutch take over the bank and pay him (Pompez) $250 a week and 40 per cent of the profits. Pompez' testimony concluded a- drama-packed week in which youthful District Attorney Dewey_a potential Republican gubernatorial candidate if he'wins --accused the politically potent Hines of going on the Schultz payroll at $500 'to $1,000 a week to say whether she would live. BOY SPENDS RARE COIN MAQUOKETA, Iowa (UP)-Bobby Powers, 10-year-old son of Willis Powers, Maquoketa numismatist, is in bad repute with his father. The lad took a 100- year-old hall-dime from his'fa- ther's collection and spent it by mistake. sources said a as a "fixer." Lloyd Paul Stryker, chief counsel for the defense, termed the fixing charge against the 61- year-old Democratic boss a "diabolical falsehood." Hit No. 1 Richard Dix in "Blind Alibi" LAST DAY Hit No. 2. "Whirlwind Horseman" STARTS SUNDAY Another Fine DOUBLE BILL monoplane from Germany flew over the Friedlaender region, a triangular bit of Czechoslovak territory along the irregular north border. They reported another German plane elsewhere over Czechoslovak territory. An official inquiry was started, though the government did not seem disposed .to ,make a grave issue-of "the" incident. employe of the theatre project to testify before the committee concerning Communistic activities on the project. All charged that the 1 Workers' alliance, frequently branded from the committee's witness stand as a Communist front, wielded tremendous, .power throughout the theatre · ; proj- ·ect and was the controlling factor In gaining employment on the project. Comgan Greeted by Chicago Irish CHICAGO, Aug. 20--CAP)-Douglas ' Corrigan, · hero of', the famous- aviation detour, fluttered into .the midst of a whacking Irish welcome at the municipal airport,today." ""· " " . " . . ; " · , The, diminutive flier landed from Indianapolis to be greeted by · yells from an estimated crowd of 10,000 to 15,000, which included Mayor Edward J. Kelly and'a distinguished entourage. TALL RESIDENTS INVITED . BUTTE, Mont. (UP-)- Butte has definitely entered the field of offering special inducements for tall people to come here and settle down., - Police have been instructed ,to see that all awnings in'the city, measure up to the .city ordinance altitude ol 7Va ieet from the ground. "LESSON.TM MATR1.MOHEY1 First Showing in Ogden Ace Hit No. 2 )Low Popular Trices Adults 15c, 20C Kiddies 10c LAST TIMES TODA of 54 holes today. Eighteen holes remained to be played. NOW! Yes; it is even greater than they said it was . . . truly a picture you'll never forget. TYRONE POWER ALICE FAYE DONAMECHE JtTHiLMERMAN.-JACKHAUY 20lh CtnhiryFoit' PIdor* Great! You'll ,, Boar with Laughter Through Happy Tears Al«0 Color Cartoon "STRING · | BEAN JACK" 1 __ "Alexander 1 * Ragtime Band" ' ftt 1:58 4:25 6:68 9:19

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