The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTHKA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION I'OL. XXVIII—NO. 1 Ely UieviUe Courier, Blytlieville Dally News, HI VTl Blythevllle Herald, .BJlsaisslppl Valley Leader. __ HI/1 I Q Tiii-Hcn i v MADrn 10 in-ii b, IllliKblJAt, MAUU1 li), I'.Kil SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS OSCEOLA GRAND JURY INDICTS Cotton Queen Indications Are That Miss- issiopi County May Be Self -Sustaining This Yr. Mlssissipoi county, for oerlmps the first time in its history, may lie self sustaining from ihe standpoint of food oud feed after this year's crops are harvested. No definite figures are available, but from every agency in touch with the situation, and from every part of the county, come reports of gteatly lucrenred corn and hay acreages, while nearly every farm home already has a good sb^ed familv vegetable earden and potato patch well under way. Taught by Necessity What, years of propaganda by agricultural workers, civic organizations, and progressive farmers failed to accomplish, dire necessity Eeeins to have achieved. That is a general realization that it js bcttei to make certain of nlenly to eat for man and beast than to gamble e r orylhlnff on a cash crop tha may make money and mav fail to make enough to pay grocery bills While the prcat majority of farmers are voluntarily expanding their corn and hay acreages, th' 'firms under which federal drouth relief loans are made are undoubt edly an important factor In thi movement away from an all cotton farm program. Farmers obtainm federal loans for feed, seed, fo« and clothing must agree to plan adequate acreage of feed crops t provide for their stock. Nearly $65, CCO of such loans have alread been' approved in the ChlckasawtM district of the county, and new ap .J ollcants are coming in • by th ..^•* .mm V. Si Loans Praised U'ore. . Most of the.. aerlous objection which-existed to the federal loa program In the form In which WBS first presented have been elim inated, according to J. E. Critz county agricultural agent, who di Clares that the government's flnan cial assistance is proving a vertta b!e salvation to hundreds of farn ers who, as a result of the droul and otl-er misfortunes, would ha\ been unable to furnish the crec necessary for loans from any othi source. T.ccal dealers report that the d mand for seed for feed crops greater than ever before in the exccrlence. Corn, soybean and a falfa acreages in particular a being increased. A drive through any part of t county reveals home gardens plan cd or in preparation. Thousands of pounds of vegetable seed and proportionate amounts of cabbage plants and seed potatoes have been distributed by the Red Cross, while those able to do so have purchased farden seed. A supplementary shipment of Red Cross garden seed is expected hew within a day or two. which it is hoped will be sufficient to provide for most of those who have been unable to obtain seed in any other way. brilliant social event at Clenisou Allege. South Carolina, was the otton ball at which charming Miss Franres Young, above, of Anniston, Ala., was crowned queen. .Attired n cotton evening gown. Mlas Vouns was crowned by Lieutenant Gover- lor James O. SheppiJd ol South Carolina RED CROSS.WILL Apple Blossom Queen REBEL LOCKEDJ CELLS 'enitentiary Inmates Go Hunqiy Following Latest Outbreak at Statesville. JOLIET. HI., March 19.. (UP) — •Women- prisoners' confined .across the,street "f.r$m tfie/rlof scarred old penitentiary'here ' threatened in outbreak shortly 'before noon today', Mrs. Bertha Finnega'n, matron, reported to Warden Henry C. Hill. One hundred' and- forty-five wo men are imprisoned in the cell house' and are threatening to rise tri riot, Mrs. Finnegan told the haggard warden. The matron 'refused an otter of additional guards but carried 24 tear gas bombs across the street to throw at the women in case they rose. JOLIFTT. TIL. March 19. (UP) — An ominous silence hung today over the riot torn model prison at Statfi- yllle, and rebellions convicts went unfed while more than 600 armed | guards patrolled the walls and trusties fought the last of sercn costly Ires which the prisoners themselves had started.' • Every prisoner was locked in his ell In the circular model cellhpus- es, and orders from Warden Henry' C. Hill were that they be kept Conditions Through o if t Stale Rapidly Returning to Normal Says Chief. LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas, the nost severely stricken state in the. drouth area. Is the first to achieve: a nearly complete resloralion of normal liviny conditions. Willlum Vt. Baxter, Jr.. manager of the; Midwestern Branch office of IhCj American Red Cross, said todav. in. announcing that the Little Rock elate'relief office of the organlza-i lion will close April 1. The office i was opened hero two months ago.: This is a real triumph." Baxter \ declared, "for the more than 0.000 j volunteers of local Red Cross chap-1 ters who neglected their personal affairs entirely, laboring without; stint on behalf of- their friends and! neighbors in distress, assisted by: the National Organization. Headed j bv state chairman, Harvey C. Couch of Pine Bluff, the volunteer! organization extended to the small-1 esl townships of the bottomlands i niul Ozark ravines alike." I Parnrll Thanks Red Cross . Commenllns on the announce-1 merit that the state Red Cross j headquarters will be closed at the; end of this month. Governor Har-- vcy Parnell. today issued the following statement: . [ "With the comln? of spring, the! at the annual Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival In Winchester, spirit of hone which is always char-! Va., on May 1. Smiling Patricia D. Morton, above, has been acclaimed icteristlc of this particular season, j thc mffl beautiful girl In her home city of Winchester, England. 4nt US advers» de caused^by 1 drouth! Shc ^ a dal '8 ntcr ot Mrs - E - st - Anne Stroud and the' late H. George Morton. Jkll Hops Play Spendthrift; Get Jail Wagon Trip WASHINGTON. March 19. lUI') —A sad-oyed unemployed candy j vendor brightened up considerably i at tea time yesterday when two|- wcll-drcssed you Training School Supcrin-, , |IC , IM1[ ,,, onilc rauntcred up ttlKi tendent Called by Gov-'p" rcnlls|;<llllscllllre stock or cHoco- L Ml 1 A ' llll ° bRrs - ernor to Make Answer. His eyes bulged when they tied big bouquets of roses to the candy BIRMINGHANf, Al»., March 19. j bars, a bouquet lo a bar, and tossed (UP)—Testimony that girl Inmates were brutally beaten, conllncd to their rooms lor months, strlp]>cd of their clothing, and thai their wrists weie tied and mouths taped with adhesive plaster for Infractions of rules at the Alabama State Train: Ing School for OlrLi, was made public here today. The testimony, obtained from the records of the legislative committee which held a meeting at the 1 school as part of an Inquiry Into douttiess of 'I 00 k Deposits After First Slate Bank of Osccpl.a Was Insolvent Is Charge; OSCEOLA. Ark., Ma'vch 10.—The _ ~.' Mississippi county e rai "l Jury, .dls- staiiders"scrambiLi"l"f'or ilie'souve- | charged here yesterday alter ..a' nlrs but Patrolman f!, E. Cross was! U'reo duy session, indicted A.. B. the administration of Mrs. Ira I Champion, superintendent, was published, with names ol i omitted by agreement. witnesses not to bo diverted from the discharge of Ills duty. "Better take a ci>b homo and sleep It oil," he advised the youths. As the suggestion failed to appeal to them he sent Iliem home Instead n a largo black motor cnr. via the police station. There the dirt was spilled. No, lliey were nut sons of phllau- hroplsls chasing their parent* footsteps. They were bell hop- spending for prosi»rl'..v. former Little Hock banks'. 1 ind president of the chain of Ar- sansos banks which collapsed here . last fall, for receiving deposits In .MONTGOMERY, Ala, Mnrch 10. (UP)—Mrs, Ira Champion, suiwr- Inteudent of tbe Alabama State Training School at Birmingham, was called before Gov. B. M. Miller at 10:40 a. m. today at the opening of a special session of the school's board of trustees to hear charges by a legislative committee that Mrs. Champion treated Inmates of I the- school with cruelty and bru- allly. She's an imported beauty who w|U reign as "Queen shenandoah V11I" conditions, and with work to be done, the .citizenship of Arkansas .has put- Its shoulder to the wheel of j future possibilities. ; "Because of improved, conditions, the American Red Cross has been[ relieved- to such-an extent that a! discontinuance - of- its • field office i has been decided upon. Although we are triad to realize this lm-| proved condition. It Is with reluctance that we will witness the oarture of these noble people, .«, , in the functioning of .their djtiesj Foot Structure Oh Route. they have endeared themselves to. / i 11 M . L C 1 11 the manv thousands w'ith whom! 01 [Near NatChCZ falls. Fear.Brophy Forced • . Down on. Manila Flight . MANILA, P. I. ( jklarch 16. (UP) 1 —Four United ; States, navy destroyers began' 1 a search today for William O. Brophy, Los Angeles LITTLE ROCK, March 19. (UP) , r ,_ : v .1 T • i wn irvft aviator who was believed to have I — w - U '' McCabe, member ot. the - °°'\ lOUtllS Injured When iUU been forced down in an Isolated! hous * of-representattves from Bax', 1{Jr '. r-. f, n i ^««»t n « ~«.r,.~~~ _.u-ji_ a..) t I t*r coimtv. WRQ nn thi» i-n«rt In i-a- GOTO PROTECT. the First Bank of OK_eola, ,B BULLETIN HERRI Examination Reveals Missle Lodged in Representative's Ri|hf Auricle.' ' ''" they hfivtf Had contact. "When the local resources were; , i ter county, was on the road to re- Icovery today although tluoroscqplc Brb'phy" left".niucao" : Hong.Kong,'examination revealed.a .22 calibre at '8:50'a; m., with, fuel estimated Miss inn 10 (rmi sufficient to-carry him urit.ll'6:60 i, MISS., Jan. 19. (UP)—. , ^. - ennT[ _.i ,(»vn«. '.t.1. exhausted, and outside assistance : Motor traffic on U. S. Highway 61 plane 15 rnlles out of Red Cross promptly" responded.^'ss suspended today following the !j?ved '" "" ™ * Their task'has been Indeed a large: collapse last night of the 200 foot bullet lodged In the right auricle of heart. McCabe was shot during a _ v.-hcn It wa', in an insolvent cor.- . dlllon. • . ' • Tlic indictment l« the first' crli.n- ' ncl charge placed against the bankrupt, banker sines the financial structure he maintained _'. 'In tiio . slate went racier last . November with the closing In one day of 63 of his chain of banks. The First Slate Bank of Osccola was one of the G3. Claimed Bank Snlvont rrosccutlng Attorney S. L. Gldd- ish and D. P. Taylor, his deputy, conducting the grand jury Investigation here this week, arc tald to have Introduced evidence showing that on Saturday before the bank failed to open Its doors Monday, November 17, the cashier of the Osccola institution exhibited a ,teh- gram purporting to come from A. B. Banks, stating that d f ?s'»'t' 1 rumors of the bank's Insqlvvency, which followed the' Caldwcll crash in Tennessee, the First State Bans of Osceola was solvent and that $100,000 In cash would bo dispitch- i ed to Osceola by airplane on rho- ernor Harvey Parnell Mississippi j ment's notice, should It be needed county's protect against the Me- to avert a run. On the strength o: Local Men Will Urge Veto of McCahe Measure by Governor Parnell. County Judgo Zal B, Harrison, Sheriff W. W. Shaver, and J. F. Tompklns left early this morning for Little Rock to pace before Oov- Cabe highway turnback bill, which Is now awaiting the executive's signature. The bill, by changing (he method of apportionment <)f highway tnrn- Jja'ck ,f(inds. amcmi, tUs counties, would reduce Mlss.issfppl county's share of such money v by about S20,- 000. and, In view of'the fact that the. first-.$58,000 .of this county's share of the turnback fill go to pay noad Improvement district bonds this assurance deposits were made : . and accopied by the bank all day • Saturday. On Monday morning th; ' Institution 'tlld not open its doors : and subsequently, passed into tho ;• hands of a receiver. . .. , Goes to Birvc WarriJnt""''"\ Sheriff W. W. Shaver left early, -j this morning for Fordyce, Bank's ! prcsertt home, to rcrve '.the Missis- : slpp'l. county warrant on the capl- .' tallst and his formal Arraignment ' nrd tedious one, but the nisht w bridge over St. Catherine never too dark,- or- the • dav Ico creek three miles south long .for. the staff workers. Alwavs T»'o youths, Henry Hoffner. . 11, conscious- of the . human! tariantsm and Antony Larrie, 20, both of New involved, the relief worfc has gone '. Orleans, were painfully injured in forward .anc\ the. task has been tne collapse. The youths were at- largely completed. . • tempting to start their automobile Helped Meet Emergency i *' mch had stallMi on tnc brli se "There never has been In thei T ;, !len ^ stracture plunged into annals of history an expression of : the ravin , e ' H W"™y officials were public faith to comoare with that! Investigating the cause of the crash. (;. Hill were inai iney oe i«:p< JJHUJIL luun iu uumuurc wirn mat z; . u : " there, deprived of all orlvilegss and invested in this noble organization j ?' D T ge Jwas Suspect Incendiarism in Brinkley Farm Fire OSCEOLA. Ark., March 19.—Fire believed to be of incendiary origin destroyed Brinkley brothers burn on the Luxora-Llttle River road. 9 miles west of here. The barn contained besides t large quantity of feed, cotton seed and peas for sprln? nlantins;. TV loss is estimated at $2500 and Is not covered by insurance. The farm, owned by Roy and Henry Brinkley. Is the place op^r- • aled by the brothers for a number of years as the Mississippi county convict form. shorn of all merits they had won 1 No question has arisen or chal- i since 1905. Several troops of national guardsmen, city, state, and county police were among the men who patrolled the prison to prevent a recurrence of yesterday's riot which resulted in serious wounding of three prisoners and destruction of almost $500.000 worth ot state property. One of the wounded prisoners. Ray Arney, died today In the condition. to have FORPOIIJO salesman, was arrested 'In connection with the shooting. He denied shooting McCabe and was released on $2,000 bond. Examining physicians said the rnlsale entered McCabe's chest nnd embedded Itself In his heart. with the failure of the Bank there. Guns Boom Salute as Exec- would leave Mississippi county with j-in tha criminal division of circuit little or no state aid for. farm to court, which la In session here thii market roads.- •• week', may come lat; tcday. Mr. Shsver, it is understood, .will B ' lnks and llls associates owned . go on toTordycc to serve a war- *38,000'worth of the S50,ODO capital stock of lh» First Stale Bank br Osceola. and on the dole of Its IItuticn lu the approximate'sum cf j S53.000, with Hcme Insurance com-' ROCK March 19 <UP)!l )an S' nnd oth " ^'crUiless stacks as. rvey Parnell will cirad-.iet [securities, according to the receiv- a public hearing late today a' I <"" s Inventory filed in chancery which proponents and opponents of ™ UT h . crc following closing of,til; the-McCabe house bill providing Institution. for county "turnback" of highway «-,_., „ funds will be heard. , .^tol^ as Tinner LITTLE HOCK, Ark—Fifty-years' ago a tinner in a small Arkansas town attracted the attention.of his LITTLE .—Cov. Harve High School Training Costs $53 Per PuPlli The measure passed both houses r j after stormy sessions and was sen!. icnge issued when an appeal has] L ' E ' K " rrls ' West Memphis, Ark.-. been made' for funds for suffering I and J ' E ' Fyror ' Sharon, Tenn.,. humanity. A very concrete sub-1 ""'tractors, narrowly missed plung-1 WASHINGTON, D C' Mar 19 pan rtantlKllon of this faith araln has' 1 "* Into the creek when lh*y fall-1 (Up)_Th 0 navy department was por recent em--™} <? heed tne s 'gnals of a woman : ndvlsed by radlo today that the M: Df Arkansas!" " le "PP™"" o hieAbridge and j battle-ship Arizona, carrying theipe been evidenced In the ergency. as' the people ol gladly will testify. "Our citizens will always re- : member and appreciate the won-' derfu! assistance given them by the j American Red Cross, and the ft- ! would divide part of the turnback Burton Banks—after rlsin? to - r. a j I »» i. , I weixufc oiujj *xi IAUIIH, it*4i)iLi£ mt;, ! raced onto the collapsed span. Pry- • pr . ;sUcn . and partv was 75 m |] e s „„„ ^^ CU , B , u ..u Ju » e , ^, v» v » - . v- ..... «,. u ,.„„ l ., t ,„,,..„ u . -• J i T as ,™% Ille car ' man " :east of Norfolk at noon today costs at Luxora, Manila nnd Leach- " fltlt> " :o area , , P°P' JI -« lon - = 5 ia prison sentence confronting'him. ..aged to stop It as the front whoels ; hf .., ln , , owald tne wcstcrn C0 ast. ville. ' °?SJ^,?, re . se "L.^, YK?'^.™ ! . Eanks ' ™ 3 ''-« stood out as tha He was shot In forts of the Red Cross in dis-| the stomach at the height of the j bursing their fund?; to needy hu-; inanity. Because of the assistance! rendered by our fellowmen. lnno-i cent people, unfortunately affected,! i Five Year Prison Term lot Po:to Rico. The weather wasj ! reported good. The Blythevllle schools, with an riot yesterday when guards rushed the dining hall. Arney was from Chicago, serving a term for robbery. Both prisons were quiet at dawn but the 600 guards remained on duty. ' Orleans Cotton 14 Perish as Steamer Sinks Off China Coast ( U I C 1. 1 i ABOARD BATTLESHIP ARI- I0r Helena ttnuCZZler ZONA, Hampton Roads, Va. r Mar. j-u^.o ... ...^ ~..,..., .. -w •. '19. (UP)—The battleship Arizona finish high school, according to the. woula Mner 't. LITTLE ROCK, March 19. (UP) : weighed anchor today and sailed report, a percentage exceeded only have been permitted to tide the i —Robert Gordon Jr., former teller for the sunny southern waters of by Wilson, gap of misfortune and carry on' of ' ne Interstate. National Bank of: Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands] in their various pursuits of life." Helena and prior to that vice ores- ! with President Hoover and party. "In the lost analysr " Barter ' 1deTlt of the First Natlonal Sank l Salutes boomed out over the said "the problem confro'nllne thk' tnere ' was sellt « nc ct! to four con- j roads from guns at Hampton Roads and other states Is one of under- i «, urTe £, ter . ms cf , fl ™ >' ear5 , cacl ? ln ! " aval tralrln £ Cation and Fortress Child Weakening Under i Walnut Ridge Murder Defendant Is Freed LONDON, March 10. (UP)-The | clolhlng and health, which were steamer Chsng Klang struck the surface Indlcottons of difficulties ting national banking laws. *" The special train bearing the ied Into the building and loan busl- I ness with a small agency at Fjr- • dyce. : With his building and loan en- sura'nce so rapid! (UP)-Rutus Honey was frea to- -voted"hitTnllre^ime^t^hVlnsurl day after being found no: guilt": ance business. In 1D10 he In-or- by a Lawrence county Jury operated the Horn-- Life and Acil- respirator charges of being an accessory to.dent Insurance company which Artificial Respiration WALNUT RTDOE , Ark .. Mareh 19 . NEW ORLEANS, March 19 (UP) —Cotton closed steady. open high low close March May July Oct Dec Jan 1079 1085 1019 1083 bid 1098 1126 1151 1117 1102 1095 1128 1121 1157 1150 1171 1174 1184 1184 1187. 1099 1125 1154 1174 1183 rocks off Heihan Island near Halmen on Monday and sank with a loss of U lives. Lloyds was advised from Shanghai today. The vessel was a total loss. The French gun boat Marne was standing by taking the crew and passengers on board. . Snots closed at 1MO. unchanged. New York Cotton ,NEW YORK, March 19 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. ODCII hl«h low close Goldfish Free Man From City Jail The former banker left for At- presidential party hai tarrlwd ey er since his throat and lung mus- the killing of Roy Justus, near here f ormed j'hc nucleus for the three that reached down Into fhc whole lanta today In charge of a deputy ' shortly before C a. economic-=" T^ imme^e^ *;.™^.^°»™^^ ™ **" ^ ed with embezzllni effect of the removal of the 'relief-™ r'" emD£ ?f" ngT »";"' psvcliolosy' should be business re-'^ P •» the , , Intf! F s ate . covery and improvement or morale." . , n il"L™ k "L ± C , C . nt "" $12.357 while bank m and the cresi-' cles becwne paralyzed two weeks i two years ago. ; co; ward a little later ' tt ?°> was slowly weakening at a i The verdict was ordered by Clr- i in savings deposit accounts. :t also was charged he embezzled J19.000 while vice president of the First National Bank. Negress Draws Fine And Jail Sentence Cooter War Veterans Obtaining Bonus Loans , C vf^L Mo r u T mimhm J Market « ot ""partial of World War veterans In this vie-! Inlty are receiving -Ihclf 50 par: PHILADELPHIA. (UP)— Judges cent loans on their adjusted com- who play the stock market are poor ; pensatlon certificates. It Is esti- Judges. \ Millie Young, negress, was fined |S15 and meted out a 15-day Jail by Judge W. D. impan'.es r-nabiished later. - - Expsr.detL Rapidly hospital here today and physicians cult Judge Bone who declared there I Several yars a<-o B;ink= rrr-ed : satd he had but a slim chance lor, was insufficient evidence to ccn-' (he headquarters ° for the" H"rr,-> . recovery. ; nect Horey with the killing. ; companies To Little R"c-k snd "ex" Roy Clarey Is being sought 5-,: panded fcy leaps and bcur.ds At the slayer Honey lives in Broker, •. the time the Home Accident' and Arrow. Okla. Horns Firo companies were thrown : .Into receiverships by the state Insurance department they were op- Perfect Real Estate Titles Are Rare of of estate are rare things, ac- to Attorney George W Marion Gray Leases, Dixie Service Station 1 (Continued en Pag? Threj) SEATTLE. (UP)—Seven starving goldfish rejoiced with A. C. Hultse. 42, over his suddfn freedom. . . _ -. The fish were responsible f or i mated that approximately $25.000 At, least this is the opinion Ol Hullse being released from jail, \ will be brought Into this cominun-• Judge Leopold C. Glass ol the Ju- where he had been held on a ! Ky through this medium. ; venlle Court. Hold Services Today For Former Officer March May July Oct Dec Jan ;ose 1097 1122 1155 1115 1182 1037 1102 1128 1158 1180 1186 1084 1096 1121 1152 1174 1182 charge of intoxication. : strict of title experience. The discovery was brought to ! light In the settlement of the es- . tale of a Robert F. Jones, who :dled about a year ago. The title The majority of th^ war veterans' "When Judges commence playing : Funeral services will be held In ' 1s to 40 acres of property near here. WEATHER , ..„„ _., „.„, ..„ ARKANSAS - Occasional rains Oesell. who has operated the sti- • 'onient a:id Friday: warmer to' night except in extreme northeast I way and Ash streets, has been I leased by Marlon Gray from N'e^l i tion for a number ol years. Mr. Gray, who has lived hare for i portlon many years, attended tho local! According to tho official 1085 ( When Hultse appeared before the ' arc preparing to use the money for the stock market, ' trouble usually ! Memphis, Tenn., this afternoon lor ! It Includes three perfect papers all . schools end Is well known, particu- •• observer, tlw niirlmv.m tempera" " ' m U02 1125 H55 ino 1186 closed quiet at 1005. court, he pleaded that he be per among Ihe younger people of j turo here yeslcrday was 39 milted his" freedom, declaring that! payments en city lots, a few are a Judge looks"In the mornlr.j paper i Blythevllle police force, who com-: Lackey. : me city He will-continue to handle , and the maximum Gl &;rees, he was the sole caretaker of seven I buying "flivvers," while one "ce!o-. and sees his stocks have taken an mltted suicide In a Memphis hotel t In explaining the scarcity of per- ! a complete line ot accessories at; cloudy. On the same day a year goldfish and that they would starve | brated" the arrival of a $250 awful wallop, he can't be Impartial Monday. jfect titles to real estate he sald| tn€ station. | ago the minimum temperature Vas If he remained away. The Judge re-i check by making "whoopee" and. because he Is worried about his I Interment will be made at a Sen-1 failure to record patents was the I Mr. Oesell will devote his time; 35 degrees and the maximum, 6S lented and let Hultse go. ] "taking in" the town. [losses." latobls, Miss., cemetery. j cause. I to his wholesale business. • degrees, clear.

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