The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1933
Page 8
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KUiHT (ARK.) COURIER MKWS A Play That Ended Army's Hope for a Perfect Season TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1933 Could Probably Equal Ruth's Level Except for . Aclvcrsion lo Ballyhoo. By WINTIUtOl' I.YMAN 1,'nilcd Press Staff ('orrcsrtunilral INDIANAPOLIS. Illll. 'UP) — Hcme (own fans of Chuck Klein. Indianapolis baseball player fold recently lo Ihe Chlca™ Cubs by Ihc Philadelphia Nalimials, believe he would Siiccerd F!aln> Ruth as Uic major IcsKue's i:re.itesl draw- Ins; card if he wnou'l so com- plelely lac-king in color. He refuses to ballyhoo himself, or be ballyhooed uy anyone. He is the hardf*t tall player In the majors to inlcrnrw. Many Honors During liis .six ycnr.s in Ihe majors. Klein has bfcn'batliiiK champion, hcmie run cliainplou and <: mosl valuable" player In Ihe nn- tloinil league. He has malor !o:u;un balling average of .353, bis poorest year hclii!* in 1031 when he hit .337 and his best year in 1MO whrn he baited .380. Kloin Rives liis Irs! to baseball, but there is nolhin'f flashy in the way lie proceeds. Off the field be ta shy, reticent and of exemplary habits. Ho never breaks training nor becomes Involved In any affciir . which would place him liefon 1 Uic public eye. !•>«' Iloljhirs He liar, no rcrriurlnllles. lilsj'; hobbles durh',3 the off season run-' sist of such prosaic .sixirls us hunt- in'- 7 , bawling and hiians. Klein livrs wilii his vtdmved mother and an older brother in a'.. six room IninyaSov: ouf.sjdn the city. The house is located on property whieh wns his father's farm. H is where Klein Ira llvrd all his life. To Illustrate how the sliiitnini! outfielder hater, publicity of any sort, lie left en a hunting Irip as coon as his sale lo the Cute was nnnounccd so lhai he would nWi * - • .„ '^^-^S^tV) .''• h:- bothered with newsimper Inter- , V,r, *•*•'!! p- ; "' fife'-v^-^iffl II Jiich Hucklir. Army's slar back, hud Louii'd Uic i.vll you .w Indicated by arrow over the ml! 1 hi linu- vunnd up ils season inicMcali'd (or i:; ix>sU In Hie yajne .successful year .since 13IU. Uul Hie kick wenl uiiiv fur Dame i.iiui! Imk lo Ijj the inaiijin "f 13 I" I-- More limn 71,000 ]«;rsons crowded New York's Yankee Sliiillnin niml elt^.sle. will: N' :\ lir.l lo si"> nlre Dame Army piilm, and Noire '.lie liirlllni" an- ClUSfllENO Gills Are Gridiron Giants BRUSHING UP SPOKTS viev-'ers and photographers. Hooks and Slides by Bill Braucher Notre Dame Note 'the following story H imaginative, but it Ini a bit o! value ill that it corvcy:; tonic, of the icciins of Ihc laiU 0:1 the campus ft Soulh Bcnil. It is lo'.ii lo me h< a voting mrin v*ho lives in Korin liali. and here it is: "After the Kansas game Ihe fctjys got up :i little story about Coach Hunk Anderson. If you •recall, the field was slippery that day. In the thud quarter Hunk became very excited. The boys v.cre slipping about pretty I'.clly. "Nick Lukals came running to Hunk on (he tench and sliuutcd. "They reed rosin out (here, Coach!" "To which Hunk replied: " 'Look up his number, I'll put him in!" 1 The Criticism All sorts of criticism have come to this department concerning the sad Hate of affairs al Notre Dame, .^oe SavoliS! I lasiicd Ihe depression, saying Hint, boys who would be bi»-tlme stars were not being attracted. Even on the Notre Dame campus is heard (alk ;o the elfecl ibat mr.ny young m?n who might have been stars on fe Irish e!even have chosen instead schools like Du- qucsne and Fo.'dham. attracted by U;e colorful personalities of Coaches Filmer Layden end Jimmy Crowlcy, of the Four Hejsemen team. • * « Srnd in Yqtir Guess! Plain talk from some of the undergrads at Notre Dame charge; that Coach Anderson allows personalities to enter Into his run- i.lng of the team and that he blows up when !n a tough spot. Well, what do you think? Tlicro probably is a jre.n deal in what .you have to jay, too! DID YOU KNOW THAT— In the first six games Ibis year, the p-.oiessional Boston Redskins entertained 100,000 persons—whi- paid more than $90,000 for Ui-3 fun....the Redskins are s.vd to have thrir eyes on two college boys who now are pU.'ing—and hope to see these Ifd's Redskins next year—they sre To?.i, star curt at Boston College, and Dave Kopans, strode tackle at Har• vard....but the matter of the Redskins' designs must bo hushed, of course because the pro [rrid league has a rule against prosMytlng among the collegians.... So. maybe Tosi and Kopans c-.on't even know their fcrvlcci are wanted and, maybe Coach Lone Star Diclz of the Redskins is a cousin of Alice in Wonderland, too. Roy Welch And Masked Marvel lurn In Wins ,jCardwe!| Basket Teams Will Meet Hayti Friday CARDWELL, Mo.—The Cardwell school basket ball leain.s will their :;ea.son Friday. Dec. 8, j pinsins Huytl al Cardwell. The llayti uam.s are said to be even ••IruiigiT than last yeai. Card- v/i-H's learns are promising, but rvcral of last .season's .slar.s were graduated. The .schedule is: IXr. 8.. Hnyti at Card'.vcll. Dee. 12, llorncrsviUc at Cnrdwell. Ik-c. 'J2, Maj-iuaduke nt Marnia- diike, Ark. Jan. 5, Reelor. Ark., al Cardwclt. Jan. 12. Sfiialh at Cardwell. Jan 19, Marmaduke, Ark., al Cardwell. Jan. 23, Horncrsville al Horners- sllle. Jan 2C, Arbyrd at Cardwell. Feb. 2. Rtclor at Rector. Feb. 9. Holcomb al Cardwcll. Feb. 1C, Sennth at Cardwell. I-'eb. 23, Arbyrd al Arbyrd. Members of Gill Family,! All Ri(/. Make California Grid History. By NKA Strvlce | IIKRKELKY, Calif.—If four i!llls; make a pint, what do five Gill.s' nii'ke? An.sver: California football history. | jNo University of California line-' up looks ofilcla! unless there Is a Gill in [he stalling eleven. II has become Berkeley tradition. l-'ive Gills—nil brothers—have rlarred for the Golden Hear:; on Ihc gridiron. One of the five was AP-America. Frank, a red-headed halfback, iva.s the of the Royal Family of gridiron Gill.s. He enlered California Just us the lale Andy Smith was ending the sensalionai four-year reign of Ills undefeated wonder learns. Frank .starred un- Ccach Nibs Price in 192fl and 27. * 4 • Ralslon, the firebrand of the family, came next. Rusty ended lis career in 1S31 as All-America fullback. Charged with break- in? training, talking back to the coach, crossing up the .signals and oilier high crimes, Rusty still remained one of the greats in Berkeley grid history. Following graduation, he has led a tempestuous career as a boxer, wrestler and movie actor. Harry, who played guard and end, was a rugged lineman under Price and Bill Ingrain. He was ns lough as Rusly, but did not have his color. fiiirn, rcfiular guard, graduated last year vith Harry. Ingram did not have a more rugged lineman. Carol, nicknamed Pinky, is the latest of the Gills to make the Hear varsity. He is a handsome 2(,0-pound sophnrnore, picked by ninny lo out-Gill all of ills brothers. Xmas Chilis to Pay 5510,000 SALT LAKE CITY. Ulah (UP) —Utah holders of Christmas Club savings accounts will receive ap- proximalely SS1C.COO tills year, ac- rordins to an announcement of Ihc naiional corporalion. The ChrLnmas Club in Idaho shows r-vnilnbility of $160,000: Wyoming S?20.000 and Nevada S1S7.000. The average account was $4li.75. Read Courier News Wont Ads. I •!/> Tuesday - Weds. Mill. 2::jfl, 10-2;">c Nile (i MS, 10-3fic Henjamln West was a famous COLONIAL 1'AINTEH. Jasper National Park is .in the CANADIAN TIOCKIES. PIKE COUNTY, ARKANSAS, Is the only placo in Norlh America where diamonds, .art louiiil In any quantity. over Randall Hicks Ir. the feature match on the 1111110:7 wrestling card last night. Welch won two out of three falls over the strong man. a prellpiinary mutch the Masked Marvel defeated Wild Bill Henry In two ttraiyhl falls. M.-.rvcl will meet Welch week It is understood. The <i Five Gills who have given a good measure of football to the. 'University of California . . . fie big boy is Carol, a 200-pound sophomore playing lor the Bears now. Below, left to right, ore: Hed Gill, 1 former halfback; Harry Gill, who played guard and end; Rusty Gill, former fullback, Sam C51I1, who played guard last season. Cancelled Shoe Debts During Celebration IRON MOUNTAIN. Mich. (UPJ- Thc several customers of Fred Hord, lion Mountain shoe shop proprietor, who owed him accounts are debt-Tree now so far as he is concerned. Hord recently informed his patrons that he was cancelling ail unpaid accounts amo'.inling 10 aboul Sl.OOO. He explained he was happy because he was ccie- brnling his 50!h wedding anniversary and wanted his customers to enjoy the event with him. British Orchestn Leader To Teach iiulus Jazz Jules Verne Dimmed by Frenchman's Forecasts; PARIS (UP)—The businessman of 1580 will step into an airtight T rtvnnvT ,,TTI* i, r, , eoaipar I men t on top of a New LONDON (UP) -The Zulus of yor i skvscrnM r hist after break- c hinli hivf tiVfti \r\ \i->-> I AVU * ;>n.>i>i_ni^i just, itiu-i uitiitv , . Mini nay taken o ja«. J fast am , t o(|l Qf u hcr( , , n Umc . Vh Tlic tro'.ible is. however, that hey seem unable to gel the proper' hylhm or orchestration. So Chief Uidison, ol Kithasi, Ashanti. has applied to the Colonial Offce for assistance, Ihe United Press under- ids. and his application has seen passed on. Jack Hylton. lead- 115 British dance band conductor, •ow Is dealing with it and has agreed to act as Hon. Musical Adviser to Chief Addifon's band, Kuir.asl Wnrraba. Hylton. who already is musical •idiijer to the Emperor of Annam. *ias arranged to supply tl-.e Chief vith modern tunes and orchestration and is suggesting suitable tur.os including these: "Ail the King's Horses' 1 Chief has a racing stud). 'The Lasl Round-Up" (There (The The Czarlst Ironclad coast guard irsscll Rusalka, which sank in \\v CSult of Finla'.vl during a slorm 40 years ago, has been folmd and •*Cva<«i by S.ivict div*n^ A m As1;1 » U) - or lunch. Such is the prediction! of I,!cutenant-Colonel Weiss ot the French army. The olllcer made his forecast in a recent article in the weekly "Ix>s \nnnles." the object of which was o prove the necessity of increas- ng the speed of French fighting and civilian aircraft, and encouraging stratosphere flying. Cqionel Weiss predicted that within ten years an aviator will have flown nround the world at the latitude of Paris without a stop. In fifteen years, he promised, regular passenger planes will cross the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans: Paris-New York daily In 20 hours Thieves Stole Tombstone KUH'MONT, Pa. (UP)-Thieves . who ".slcal from the dead" are 1 ing sought by |»llco here. Recc "A Bungalow, a Piccolo and You" (Most of the Ashanti popu- 'allon live In huts). ROXY Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. & NITE—lOc - 2Sc LORETTA YOUNG, RICAR- 1)0 COUTir/,. FRAN'CHOT TONE, ANDY DKV1NE UNA MKKKKI, and WARREN HY.MKR in 'department, ncie unit someone re- (m*ii\%iiniim i¥ i ¥\tr« Hot, moved a 400-pom.d tombstone from, MlMNinilT MARY ^ the grave of Gabriel Priest in St. "l*l'JTlUI*.l ITinil 1 MOONLIGHT TAVERNCAFE N>xt Door (o Xabers Grocery 1M.ATE LUNCH - 3()c Home Made Fastrirs Fried Chicken - Steaks BKRT DUGAN. Chef IT'S THK LADIES' TURN TO GET EXCITED NOW! Meet M A X DABR, t h o screen's n c w "It" man, in ;i twn-iislvd love s t o;r y ynu'll never forge!! HERE'S SOMETHING NEW A DATED TIE GUARANTEED TQ WEAR 1 YEAR The New Gebralter Crepe by Beau Brummel oo ii''la lh nY° l ,i H £° ? Uti Mc Herc "|'y « r<>l»rl came into the 'Link with ihe Empire). Idem "I.a7lbones" (Ashanti Is a ' ' and languid country). 1 ~^3S?$j&- >•?&?£•>" The Hessian fly Is injurious rhlefly to wheot. but may attack bar IPX unrt )yf g Mary's Cemetery. The complaint added that not only was the tomb-1 stone stolen but four corner mark-' crs ot Ihc lot as well. (TrtnrlPT Romantic - - Thrilling And I'lenlv of KOX NEWS - - COMEDY NEWS - - COMEDY Broadcast Dailj Over KLCN at 12:30 YES SIR! When you buy one or more of these good looking silk and wool ties we will stamp the date on the lining..If you are not satisfied with the service from these ties at the end of 12 months return them. OTHER BEAU BRUMMEL TIES $-1.00 $O-50 1 NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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