The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1933
Page 7
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Y, DECEMBER 5, 1033 BLYTHBVILLB, (ARK.) COUKBK KBWi PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily ra.le r*r line ror lie insertions: to a Ihie) .. ICc .. 08c UGo 05 c 60o I'llONK 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal is lUntk Hut We Treat Ygu While" 3C k!2-0 Brilliant and Ky. Coal, quality uiul weight Giiiuantecd. llarl- nlck Coul Yard, Railroad it Ash. 1'honc 110. 4ckl-4 (Five average words One lime per line TVU times yr-r line ix?r day . Inrec times per lino i»r day . blx times per Uui; i»r day ... Month rate per line Minimum charge 50c Ads Dittoed Jor three or six times and stopix-d before expiration v.ill b^ charged lor the number ol limes tre ad appealed aud adjustment, of bill made. All Clasblf'Led Advertising copy sulinltled by persons residing out- oids of the city must be accom- 1 anted by cash, Rates may be easily computed fioui above tablo. No responsibility will bo tasen \ for more than one incorrect iu- se. lion of any classified ad. Advertising; (rdered for Irregular insertions take the one time rale. Phone 306 or .307. WOMEN'S TAILORING Expert fur repairing, coat alterations, reasonably priced. Also buy discarded furs. Mrs. Slubblefield, 511 Walker Aye., CarulliersvUlc, 17-pc-l?,-17 Mo. Call 572. PERSONAL If IhW won't cut call Kd Siultli, 301 S. l.akc — Hand saws, Z5c; meal saivs, 25c; cross cut, Sue. The cental i-rnln bell of Hie United SlnU'.s L'i'ls its lain from Ready Built Homes Solved Magpie Problem SYDNKY. Austrnitn iUl»— AIIS- .u^...,,_jr^ i Italkin mu^pios ami the govcrn- '' "" | incut iKislul department have set- lied amicably Ihcir long feud. For many years the birds have insisted uixm building I lie nesls ol altt'inpliuu lo pxlennln- al<' all the magics in Aiislnillii. a lllK"-mini veiTiilly built an artillL-lal nc.M and placed It on the cross- arm of i telouruph j»k ¥ . A pair 01 muijpH'.s promptly "mmvd in." As a result of the siK'ti'.-.sfiil experiment, Ihe |xi.slnl .system Is having inllllclal placed ;H hundreds of :iMj!slurc! evaporated from the; between telegraph wives of the: wlu-u- they will cause no inter icutlicrn and roulhi'axtern stales ixislal system, causing (rvciucnl! fiiption In U'tcyuilih service, and carried in the clouds. ' thurt-clrcnils und broken lines. 1 Bu [,u- the ix»tal system hits OUR BOARDING'HOUSE By Ahern FOH SALE -I IlILUAKD EQUIPMENT, cheap for cash. Uus'ness (jooil, rent reasonable. J. !•' Mtlle, Holland, Mo. 5p kl-a AUSTIN' (JOL'PK. iwrfect running eondillon. O. M. Morgnii, Phone 293-J. 4c ktl BUSINESS A No. '2 American Saw Mill complete, saws, Mandrels, Log Turn <r, 24 H.P. Elaine, 32 nne boiler. Will Iradc for mules or car in toed condition. Apply TJ. II. Crs- sel!, or Idaho Grocery Co. Bas- .'ilt-, Ark. 2p-k9 ->•//(' -YES,SIR—7UOTS A ••A TO'THE: LITTLt WOP-Bt"<SOLX> ' fAlNt IH COLORADO,THAT NO\N OWN J 1 —GOT IT TROrA r MV T — HE TO 69£T BACK TO CVUCAGO? found'no .solution (o-the problem of lum 1 lo deal with BuliilLs which illicit In numln'r.'i on (he wires. 'i;lu-lr nvlKlil causes these to make conlacl with wires bpnttilh, ilLs- nipllng letcgraph sen Ice. Detroiter Loved Auto' As Much as Wife Ten words make up S5 l>or cent ol cm- ordinary speech; lliey aie "Hie, of, and, lo. a, in, thai. II, if. I." Al.l.KY 001' tui')—i/iifii Piiisioni- i;re, ivtrolt, lovw his automoalle as much as Ills wife, .te told Ku- currti-'r's Judge Donald Van ZHc licie reronlly. Cirady Wll- cur • In his. possession, I'rlnlonlgri. taid "r have r.nd that car for three 1 jcars :nul I like 11 very much.";"'.! •"Whiit do you mean, 'very, much'," Judge Van.ZHc nskeil. •••• "1 like It. as much as my wlfft'i I'rlglonisre replied. Wilson wns sehi, lenced lo a. flO-day Jail term. "• The lust sy'hWe' lii the naiiii; with hiivlng ti stolen Mncklnac L. iirowunftd A OM':-WOMAN H K VOLUTION! By -N'cw .--nil (. ; scil Furniture BoiiKh'. and Sold Stoves Repaired—Any Make Ah In Hardy 517 W. 20p kl't-M YEftH,OUtO- HIE CHIEF AHD i cm TWE CWE OF 110 OVER TO HIE RWER WHAVlXWE OOWIIH HER? UNCLt &OL-C) VIE FELL t OORPAttrVf-IVS WE v/\s, BftCK! ,3^-50 OUT OF TW \— -DAY, AN' WHtN HE AH^CHANICES CAME. TO, SOME THERE'S SNOW OM TP.E SO THE NU6&&TS WIUU THWE UNTIL GLEAMING S ALONGSIDE W3 HAT- IT WAS VOU'Lt <3ET OUT OF IT A LAME LOOKI 4 yds. Rayon; a yds. Voile; 3 yds. Pcrcule for only S2.08. Rush your oroV'-s to W. C. Rich- ivoud, Box 241. Carnthersvillc, Mo. 2pkl-2 UTHERGO? AVL R16HT,. IF YOO sm— OH-HO, fAV SHJ-DEVIL' I\L sw WE Westmghouso Automatic Flavor Zone Oveii r.Mite. three burners. Price rcasoiitibl.1 Guy Walton. 207 West Vine St. 28pk7 UT GO OF HER.OGU — SHE CAN'T GET FROM U& first calf. Call 211 EXPERT Typewriter Ilnynes Men's Shop. Machine Reiniiing. U. S. Blank- E. Rose. Call ICb-J. 21c kl2-21 REAL ESTATE WANTED LAND— We for land in different sized tracts. Blackbinith \Vcrk by Jolin Wade. .Come in, list your real estate See nlut we have lo sell Blythcvillc's Cat Kate Undertaker CAN WA\T TILL THE SNOW Terry-Wurlbinjton Co. Phone 617. 23pk 12-23 CI-EANEIJfc. TAILORS Look nice fur Smas! Have your '. clulhcs cleaned i iclcicd bj Cleaning Service. Call 111 ao-ck-12-20 \VIl,l.lK DOlvS 'fHiN/.-S! ' WES* Wt ART.'. MOW DOOT OW ,'CMJSB Wt AND HKR MUDDIES NICELY l-'UitNISIIED BEDHOO.M. 300 LAKE ST. 2-Cfc-9 VWO CJlNVv. v '.% C^\.1M6,M\&«:> VJHK DO Nt)O TO StVL \WA TOW furnished bedroom, men preferred. 1017 W. Walnut. Call after 5 p. in. Mrs. Ed Hardin. : . 20ck-tl Cleaning 1'honc 180 Barnes NuWa Cleaners. MODERN Three room Apartment with bath, unfurnished, Phone 764. .„-.,.; 27-ck-tf. AUTOMOTIVE liOW PRICES 0:1 winler car needs, THREE -room furnished, apartment heaici.s, Model T BK up. Iilnin. side curtains. RIAN. 12B E. .Mrs. Belle Wocd. rootn newly furnished apartment, 1015 W. Ash. Mrs. M. O Goodwin. Call -U2-W. 21ck-~ Call 3(IS-Kcd's l'Lscc-118 E. Mam I'ur Auto 1'ainlinsr llocly ard Fendtr Service I Nice, larjje 28ckl2-28 BEDROOM. 310 W. Walnut. LAItOKST STOCK USEI> I'AKTS Between Memphis and St. Ixiuis Also Aiuo Giass—Phone CG JACItSOX zVUTO I'AKTS CO. RICK STORE room 25.1UO. lo- calud West Miiin Street. Avail- e Jan. 1. Address courier News, .ylhcviltc. Cckl2-C THK MOIHO oi' 1 i:xrn 7HEV DID. BUT WHAT GETS >, MK IS HOW THEY GOT AWAV WITHOUT LEAV/INQ ANV TRACKS. HEUO- ,WASH TUBBS -"""/ A "\ (TUNNELS; T WANTKU TO BUY WHAT THE BLAZES HAPPENED, PODMER? VJftS ACES O'BRIEN AN SOME COPPED OUR 60LO, AM' WHEKl 1 TRIED TO GET IT BACK— YEH.THEY MUSW ' LEFr \HMLE I WAS KMOCKEO our. AUTO Ui.ASS INSTALLED We instali glass in your car while you wait. Call as for better service. Phone C33. Sliuu^e-Lillle Chevrolet Co. 10ckl2-10 'ANTED TO BUY—Used Electric refrigerators. Must be in good cndition, Phone 7C4. 27-ck-f. WANTED TO RENT anted To Rent—TWO nice unfurnished rooms, Call at 312 Main. 27pk5 IAGS, Must be clean and free from buttons. Courier News. xxx CORN WANTED MARILYN IIATCHERY 3ckI2-3 Vc j>ay more for ijccans. furs, hides, brass, copper, radiators, .luminnm, lead, baltericK. Phone VG, Wolf Allan, 123 E. Main. 22ckl2-22 CAN'T (!KT USD Or HIM! ALESMAJS SAM 'OH BUT tUtVTs t'.ft.DUHCAkl OVW^S Koon! "-TOURS OIJ6, PiT tHS. EWO «=Tt!' <UM_ul, LOST LOST—nint; of keys in Grater's slorc. Finder p:eaie call 308. Icko , &t\ri ( i 'M SUfte. o-V-hO To SE.E. ! -fc)U' " Hc-u) i\'e FWE.O "tvie PLfvce up 3VJST UOOl<,PvT THIS (lOOMl OEL1-, HERE SOU Koopu'e KiJoafi 'lou'Re corviwc-so P. LOTTft UeRVG BETTER. F;UM cJ f*uo oe- FOfi ft R.VO& KNOUJ I'M GCWWft UKE.IT \ «ope evere. ^ee. OR HeAR. OF" hron-n irule pointer DOG. with white spots on stomach, lost ilchrisl farm south of town. court house. lc-ko .OST—Green s'jwins bai; conlain- iny pillow slips and other inati-r- i:,'is Saturday nin'it. UEWA11D Mr.s. Eddi-j B. David. Call 302. 4c k r COOI) COAL IS THE CHEAPEST COAL Tlirrc i coal, "f <I'C Allegheny Mountains, as liijli in heal ami .is low in ash as the AND J11H 1'KIENDS IT'S ALLRiGHT TO BE -AW FUZZY SAID," I I'M SU2E I CAW KEEP HIM DOVTM !' SAiCTO , Y6'J YOU SHOULD »JE\JER HIT A HOV/ DIP II STAPT, TAG? ABLE TO TAKF. -Sey-IE PUMCHF.S- Birr ^ KID WITH MUCM BACi;Br»,'t. I,, -.-^-j our A FSW/IOO? TO ME AS IF ABOUT ALL YOU DID ' AMD TAKE IV. SWUMS I IMJCliEP, A1J' T. ' HE AN AKGUMEWT V'lTC. FUZZY DAVIS, AND t WAS VJHEN i SHOULOA BEEM LISTENING.' r-wuM-i AW s Fosfioi Tti DUCk ; TVt=Sl A MAM CAME AM' STOPPED TU "•V FU27Y DAVIS, AMD 01SPLAY6C" A SWELL Call IJs \Vhrn III Need Of Guaranteetl Mercbandise Tires-Batlcrics - KL-plact-mcnl Valts IIUl)I)AI(l) HAKDWAKE CO. Aucomulive Dcpt. Ic kl-1 Au!r> Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-^lo Lumber Co. lOc k!2-10 : WKKCKEK SEIIVICE Call us \vhen you iR'cd a wrecker Day oixl Nielli Service. Call C33 Sliousc-I.ittlc Crcvrulcl Co. Get Your Car in Tune for Cold Weather. Wo:k Guaranteed. HUKSFXL ANDERSON Dcdge fc I'iymoutli Garage iSATTKltlES )!;illcry & Kadiator Service We cuarantec yctu better battery o radiator work for less monej Any mnke radiator repaired or re cored. Gi-t our prices on nc-.v an 1 rebuilt bath-ries. Call CM. ShoEisc-I.illlc Chevrolet Co. Ilrnlal Til TiRK Ford Batteries tcrhartin^ - Itcp.iirin BA'ITKRY STATIC RADIOS All K.uliof. inrliidiii; K. C. A., ar bein~ dontd cut at coil for CAS Bl^ Hiiabard Hardware Co. Ilckl2-l Sl'OHTlNG GOODS Vou \vit| \\j\t] a rnmnlcte line of NUV MODEL HICVCLES at Hubb.ird Hardware Company. " ICc r.12- & WOOD \\> nre r\rlnsivc acenls for nri inil Hrnuinp Mnnlev.illo Co and Sipsi-y. Arl.ansa^ Antlirncilc, I linnis and KcntucXj- Coils. Hinne 477 F, P. F \Yonilcr City Coal Company 3c!!l2-0 Kce C. A. Fisher IJrforn Buy:]-,-; Good Coal. Retail >^ \VTifilesalc Out of Car On Track Betsccri Ash & Main Vc k!2-7 S " bollt sl.ilrinnU. but it is ethical, licrause it's Irue. We have aulhorilalivc ainlysis nn file on all (oal arrt can prove this claim. Sb'l'ltKMK Supcr-lieal is (he only co^l of its kind .ind sold only by lliis company. S\3 Medium Size Lump Per Ton 57.50 Cash Half Ton - - Sl.OO A Rich Man's Coal at A Poor Man's Price Superior Ccal & Mining Co. 301 \V. Walnut - Phone 700

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