The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1937
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JE COURIER N VOLUMK XXXr -NO. 232. Blythevllle Courier ISIylhevllle Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Illylliovlllc Dally News Mississippi Valley u-ader ILL-HKD 1ELLS OF ARKANSAS, T11UUSDAV, Says Pianos Div«l Low lo Attack Boat Boannij Stars and Stripes -SlfANGIIAl, !):.<:. 11. llIP(_],l. .1. W. deist. niii> of Uie woundi'd i o-ttk'crs ci tin. Ameru-iin gunboat' Fanny, i-hnrgc-d Iw-re lorin;- thai the .( sinking of (in: shl|i was unmistakably delltxrate. Lt. fielsi. ivljo arrivitl mth Din American and Hrilisli n-stne Ilei-l, recomileil liow the Jupaiu-se planes Iwjnbed Uie {ilalnly marked ami- boat and u Japanese boanlln./ »:ir- ty swept her deck with inii-.-hlnc (?(lii fire although (lie slurs ant Stripes floated Iran DIP nr.iti. "It was at my position aft as Uio planes came owr us," he said. "The Panay's decks buckled, .. was tearing through the gunboat's light armor like paper. The attack was so unexpected that, we were all stunned and unable immediately lo realize that we were targets ol a deliberate attack." Court of Inquiry Meets Meanwhile a United Slates naval court of inquiry was underway aboard the flfigslilo Augusta and it was learned that a small life boat from the Panay had been taken aboard the Augusta as evidence that |he Japanese machine gunned the survivors after the tombing. The boat was full of machine gun bullet holes. Eight Die In Bolivian Air Tragedy l.A PAZ. Bolivia, Doi'. 17 <ui'j -Tlif tri-moloml plane, Himiumi. M llii 1 Lloyd Ai-rlo l.lne. llyliiu towards Apolo in Ciuipulirun province, crashed into u mountain aMe. today, killing c'iylit persons. •['he (load comprised Die pilot. i p «i-l>ilnl, radii) operator ami liu- l)a.'wii(!fi'.v Him- ini'n anil two ',S (Jtllfll. 1037 U. ^ Cunboal Thai Jans Sank On Yangtze ' , •' • - .-'.,_, , * SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT*: •S> * % $M . * - - < &\ •) fk~L> * - i - '/ ~ ihi* ¥11 . J > - KilRli'.ll I'iliHs Kill.., CHICm..STKIJ, Klli-liitld, OCT. 17 'Ul'i -Doth piiut.s wen: killed today when two Royal Ail 1 IIIITO plaiH-.s oullidi'd In (hi- air. -$ "The first attack was made I)V nhatic In Opposition to Ltidlow Proposal WASHINGTON. Dee. 17 (UP)-. President Roosevelt wns asked today whether he thought, a nation, il referendum on war was consistent with the representative form of government. He answered .vitli an emphatic no. A national referendum before my declaration of war— except in case of invasion—would be provided by the Ludlow proposed three bombers from 7.0(10 feel. Gelst said. "They matte either one direct hit on tiio. port side or a bomb exploded so close that the Panay was damaged. Then six light bombers came down in dives and bombed the Panny from a low altitude." Small Boats Gumicd Lt. Oelst confirmed that the Pn- nay's machine guns had been turned on the Japanese planes. Tlie planes showed bullet holes in their wings but there were no effective )V ...,, n ,,,i '. '."" ,~ ..... "" i""i"jw" " ' ' " to lile constitution. A petition forcing the Ludloiv proposal to Mie house Moor January 10 lias just been completed. Mr. Roosevelt's sharp "no" was his only .statement on Ihc war referendum issue. When the question was asked he- replied simply that ttie easiest way lo answer that qur-ition was in Ihe negative and said nothing more. Woolworlh Heiress Gives wings but there were no effective ,, . . "" . "•"•" hits. It was impossible, he sard, to up American Citizenship irain some of the gun. 1 ; on Uie plane .! the gi.-... _ because the armor, shields had been bent in the sudden attack. As the Americans abandoned (lie ship the -planes continued to dive over the scene atid turned their machine' guns on Ihe small !xmts In wlilch the injured from the Panay were being taken ashore. I.I Gcist charged. Night Of Ic is The temporai-y lii]iinction recently granted against operation of the "Twin Oaks" Nlglit duo. >;ear Pnra»ould. was madsT-(x'rma- nent by Judge G. F:. Keck at a hearing in nflernoon. Thc . lemporary \ ' injunction jvstmlay after a i^tition had be^'ii liled by residents of that vlc"m:ty asking thnt Tdm l.aswoll be re- fmined from Derating the ptare. also known NEW YORK. Doc. 17.—Countess Htiugwilz-Revcnllow, the former Barbara Hiitlon. renounced her Amerlcnn cilbenshlp this week the Wail street law firm ot White & Caiy: nnnounced. 'The statement given out by the countess' attorneys .said that'such action was deemed necessnry. be- j cause of her marriage to, count j Hauirivitz-Iieveiitlow. a-Danish sub- I ject. which resulted iii a dftal na- Itionality for the Woolwortlr-lieiress as an American and n.'punish stib- ] ject tliat had resulted in legal complications for her aiul her child. Before she departed unexpectedly for Denmark after n brief visit in the United Stales a message was sent to Ihe countess from strikers in three Woolworth stores in Now York city asking: "Will you give your employes a Christmas present by insisting Woolworth management, concede a living wage to thousands now pxist- Inj on starvation wages?" DETROIT. Dec. 17 (UP) — A icore ot persons wore injured to- liiy when four car.s of a Pere Mnrquctte passenger train were derailed nl Beech. Mich., one nnd mo half miles west of Detroit. Railroad officials said that a pleading rail caused the accident, Hie train, enroutc lo Bay City ind Raginaw from Dclroit, was '20 ninute.s behind schedule. Michigan slate police said that lie injured were laken to nearby 1)051)1 IJllS. Tlie four conches plunged' into n Htch along the right or way:- Tlie engine ami Jernlled. Funeral Ritetj-Helfl For Rogers ^Council To Raise Money For Dam Project ROGERS. Ark., Dec. 17 IUP1— Taking action to raise additional funds for completion of the lake | In Diamond springs valley near here, the local city council last week made plans for borrowing the needed SJ.COO. This amount ifpreswils the city's sharp needed (o match J3G.OOO In WPA foiinds which has been allotted to complete the project. The dam is 80 percent, completed now. and it is hoped that the project, \vlll be finished by spring. ill T€l t ,- BOB ;. BUKMS Government's Debt At Record AI! Time High WASHINGTON. Doc. 17 (OP)— Thc public debt soared to an all time high of $37.562,835.913 on Dec. 15. the treasury disclosed today. Tlie previous record, established in Sept. 14, wns S372 1> 0897.842. The renson for the overnight incrense of more than $450.000.000 in tile government Indebtedness wu.s the sale of approximately the same nmount in bonds and notes lo the public. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Doc. 17 <UP>Holiday dreariness developed on the stock market today as shares I drifted lower under lack of sup- I read the other day where someone wns tryin' to pass n law in New York City to do away with all house (logs, and if thc law goes, _^ ullv v , K through, by 1940 there won't be standard of N'. J. | port. i A T & T Anaconda Copper Associated D. O. ..'... Beth. Slcel Boeing ,\lr Chrysler Cora Coin Cieneral Electric Ooneral .Motors Int. Harvester Montgomery Ward .... Now York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum ... Radio Schenlcv Dist Simmons :ocony Vac a dog in New York City. I don't .see how people who have once owned a dog can ever get along without one. because after you get to understand him, 'lie's the most valuable possession you can have. [ One lime I laughed nl. ,111 old : lop-eared mongrel (log that Uncle i Squincey had. Uncle Squincey said I n "Don't Inugh at that dog—he's' D(>c the best watch dog I ever had!" He said "t can jest watch thnt clog's actions and tell the minute a bum or somebody that don't belong here, comes on the place" and I says "Well, what does he do- bark?" and Uncle Sqtilnccy says "No, he hldc-s under thc sofa!" Texas Coi-;> u S Smeltiiip tj g j;t rc j ' 14G 1-4 31 3-4 7 1-8 5ii 1-2 28 1-4 55 115 43 1-4 32 7-S 34 3-4 18 7- . 40 1-2 6 1-2 25 . 21 1-4 14 1-8 45 1-4 40 7-8 Most critical International Incident, of , -.esc ar resue wen Uie u s Pmuw was bombed nnd sunk in the Yangt/e river, where It | s pictured above, by dl I y "'iipaiie* "u , la Ainericnn autliouilies. striving tn nn,i nn ,i -.1.1 u ,i.-. • . . ."."''' J ''P'""-'-'. »«i pmm.i. nnd and ! , • • r j >,...,>ij u.>piint-.-i: rtm ])nuii.f. aid survivors, fenrcd ninny hnd boon klllod. OIK- M'nmiin -/as known dead, nnd Ihe commander and executive oil leer wns wounded. Several u K mils wcro aboard thr- boats. Three U. S. merchant vessels, owned by Standard Oil"comnan'; were bombed. One was missing nnd believed sunk, one u-,w burning, nnd ,ho third wi,s lx"oho,l neso utceptod responsibility for the Incident. ulict 1 , Coasl Guard and Soldif-rs Seiirdi; May 1 lave Drowned .'^A* HJANn'iCO. |),'C, 1?. ((KM -vSoldli-rs. must, K ]iardsnifn nml ii'omon bliH-kaili'd Sm, I.YHIH-ISCO lluy liKlnv to sniivii ii,r («-o okla- lioina di'sijoradoos. win) osnipod frinn Alcnirai., Island, Iho terror of ,'ory fotlorat prisoner. I'ollct' soai-i-hod nil, u'hnrvos nnd *'l<s. soldlors pairollod (),o stioro line aroiin.l th,> several von ;i nm \ nrmy imsl.t, ooast gciard Ixuits ••Inn-nod Miniiigh Iho bay In a Winding fo;c with guns stripped for notion lo clmllenijo every t;us- lilirlnus craft ID' ih,. wnlois Mrs I liM-apo ^ All criminals know Alcnlnu as "Th,> Hock," No oiii! had ever cs- nii'"d from tho Island since Die do- piii-lmeiit of justice look It over In oin- mid worst "bad men" of Train Is Derailed Near Detroit Early 1 oday a iHUt cur we're not, OSOEOLA. Ark.. Doc., n.—Funeral services were' held at eight o'clock yrslmlny morning at St. Mary's church in Memphis for •'. J. McHiigh. 7li. wlio died Tuesday morning at St. Joseph's hospital in that cily. Mr. McKiigh formerly lived in Oscoola where he hud property interests but moved to Memphis about Iwo years ago following llv- death of his wife, and had -since made his homo at St. Joseph':; Hospital. Mrs. McHngh was a sister of the late [•,. \v. Hampton ofi , K Osceola. j f01 ' Mr. iMcirngh was litirn in Ire-!.. in iUtes-issippi. later moving lo Osceola. He is survived Ijy live brothers, Arch and William McHn^ii of Indianapolis. Ind., and a slst?r in Ireland. Among (hose att"".'- from hero wo'o Mix Drops Charges Against Mrs. Minnie Rose Jenkins urn,K HOCK, Aik.. nee. n.-- Proscciillng Attorney Prod A. Donliuni (iiuioiinccd yesterday that the slate hnd dropped all cliarges against Mrs. Minnie Hose Jenkins, three times tried and twice con- vicled of first, degree murder In connection with the ]!W4 iwlson deaths of three ot her four children. Both convictions were reverswl by Ihc slate supreme court. Her third Irinl ended when a jury failed to agree on a verdict. Juries which convicted her in the first two trials fixed her sentence tit life Imprisonment on both occasions. Officials Predict Spending Revival To Combat Recession UY UODNKY WJTCHKH Cuiirlcr Ncivs U'astiiii|;( 0 n Carruspniiilrnt WASHINGTON. Dec. H.-_SomC of I tic . . Importnnt members of the administration'..! inside yronp nre now convinced that only an in- crensc in government spending will simp the nntion oul of depression. They nre sure Ihe New Deal will "start spending iijjntn" in Ihe near future. The prediction comes from men who usually know III -advances what President Roosevelt Challenges Validity Of Deed From Levee District Challenging the validity or n 31, Francis Levee District deed, D-ii- sy E. Stntt,-; of Joneslioro hiis fi)«l •-•mil in chanccry-courl-herc ask- to propose. ,,ltl,oY,ni.TViSoFy'cl' rug that a district deed to E. 1.. being whispered 11,0,1 the i>,o°Idem Kln» be cancelled and that King h im | c , r actually has conch dod be. restrained from trespassing on U >ut there's no hope foi °"s ,,, n her properly In Lcachvlile. | u ol \ of ,. C c OV ei-y c.wm lin'oi lh The plaintiff charges llial King spending, has trespassed on her property ,,., „ ,', , Ihe drive for a private IIOIISD- •rty ^'"'""8 !)00111 ""(I such co-oi>era- and destroyed having entered upon the pro in Aiiril. 1937, prcsmniiblv by tue of a deed from the levre tiict. which he holds. A nunibe)- of reasons for ,» adn.ln- edlallon or l),e drnl alleging j economic spiral it IV nnl ir/illi linl/l ni-ii ,-nl f.,>.lli . J - ..,-^.v.tx.v, ^ v *n_ ij/. UUV UlLi (, li\ IIQ Indication Hint private enterprise to be able lo chock the and that means. . , ^^«*.wi.u^ ^putu UIHI iiiai, means forth according.lo Insiders, that Ihe job f lie J eco- it Ls entirely void tr'c.ra 1 '^, 1 v'^ce f r j %,**•» ^* re Irict deeds Have been obtained fiomlc system by other parlies to property m „ Mississippi county the suit would , Ool '<™'»<»" spending hold fon.sidfn.ble i,il m . s l ,'w las ,7" kc " 1 wcl1 olll> ' 1 «Uh ths ' IVl^r.lKlo nl,f,l\< unlit 1.1^1. property owners. achinery (he und I'Vndlcr ai-e atlonu-ys Dcualas. Ciordnn llamploii. and .Mrs. Charles Hnmplon. William Niokol. t;. A. Davis, nncl \y. W. Prewitt. Burial v/as in Calvary Cemetery. Improvement Completed CAMDEN, Ark.. Dec. (UP) — i After IS years of campaigning for . ovoment of thr; roiul between John'here and Hope, lorn) citii-ens Inst Sets 1937 Farm Income Around $8,5^0,000,000 WASHINGTON. Dec. 17 (UP) — The Agriculture Department today estimated the 1937 cnsh farm income at $8.500.000,000 in the a i-z """I" 0 ' 1 . r f.R fft » r . "i* >'ear. This j Kosston compares with a 1930 Inrm ens income of 57,620,000.000 and \vas the largest since 1339. it n . as n |l most double the depression' low farm income of $4.328.000.000 in k realized their objective when the stretch bctwc-n Ihe Oiiachlla \y. county linn audit Rosston. NeviuJn county, wns completed. It wns tho last stretch of highway -I to complete the link. The highway Is one of (lie oldest, in thc stale. It was the Washington Post road, used as a military route years ago. Tlie project's completion wns a matter of years of work. The .stretch was improved In small sor- n time, and last year only le link between here and remained l o me tmprov- posslblc eventuality, which seem,, Increasingly probable. In view. spending program nre as nccurnte as they nsunlly nre in their prophecies, the government debt Is In for another si/nb!e boost. Will FiRlil Over Flrenrms Attorney General Homer s. dimming;; nnd lobbyists for munitions Interests nre girding for u fiulit which will come when "Ihe A. G." to the National Firearms Art. Especially hitler oprxisltto)i~\vIJl he rcglslerecl against a proposal (lint any man buying n gun bo required lo furnish his llngerprliit.s. Cummlnes contends that any lion ti0ns • VorA- Cotton ed. j Funds were appropriated by thc [slate highway department for j bridges and the dump late last i year. Highwaymen were intcrmll- tont in their work, but by tins I fall thc road was ready for grav- elling. It wns opened to traffic Snlurriay. , Us prisons there, behind high rocky walls, n mile, ami n hnlf oul lu the bay. Whether Ralph nor anil TIIPO- ilore Cole from Oklahoma nindo it safely (o short! was problcnmllrnl. Warden jnmos A. Johnston suld It was highly Improbable that Ihi-y could have swum thioni>h Iho Irencherous currents and (lint unless a boat picked them up ||,i>y probably drowned, t'loit During llo.ivy Fug They liroltr n look on ii lilsli vvlrc fence, leaped | 0 n rock lodRO and reached the water yesterday iiflor- noon when llio fog w , ls . Kt] u^ Hint guards could not even see Iho coast guard bonls llial niipronohcd lo within i, few yards of the Island In res|»nse to calls by rndli). Roe Is 29. Cole 23. One wns a robber, tlie other n kidnaper. Cole cspoclully wn.s known In Oklaltnmii as n desperate and slippery fellow, an escape nrllst who tried Ihrce limes to break Jal! n( Oklnhonin City, once by hiding In a cm-bane can. He was a killer. Uttln was known of ellher man's swimming prow-ess but Sheriff Stanley Hogers at Oklnhonin city said "Colo was like a grcnscd pig mid I wouldn't be siirprlse<l at nnythlHif he could do," H«l!cvc CativMs Ilroivncil WASIIINOTON. Dee. )7. (UI')~ Pedernl prison uuthorlllos lic-llcved today there wns a strong possibility that Ted cole, kidnaper, nml rjnlph Roc, bank robber, wore flrownccl In the swift tides of Snii Priinclsco Buy In an nttempt lo oscn|)c froln AloatraK ]>cnltentlnry. | One doiiartmcnl or Jusllce oni- clal said It wns "very probable' lhat thc Oklahoma dcsperndocs hnd been drowned, lie said scnvchcrs— scores of coast guardsmen, fedornl aiui other ollk'Ors—expt'elod lo nnd their bodies. Second Mistrial Ordered In McDonald Fraud Case ngreo on n verdict in the ens. of Ed P. McDonald, former secretary of slate, accused of false, pro- lense, in circuit, court hero. A mistrial was declared yeslerdny when a Jury, which hcnrd the state's cnso against McDonald at his second Irinl for fniso pretense In connection with janitor's sup plies for the stntchouse, wns mi able to agree 24 hours nftor receiving the case. The Jurors were roporlcd as being divided sis to sis. Tlie Jury which Irlcd McDonald last May and wns unable to reach est man would lie willing to give I ft verdict wns divided seven lo live. Cotton closed steady, open high low •'an -,. 820 8JO 813 Mar 830 830 820 May 83-1 835 822 July 83!) 839 820 Oct 844 3H 835 D« 84G 84G 846 „ S?po1s closed (|iiiet al 831. oft Legion Commanders i Club Is Organized 820 | 831 i Et, OORADO. Ark.. Dec 17 (UP) (,37 -The Roy V. KInard past of thc S40n! American Legion, located here, Ills fingerprint.*;, bill, llial a crook would not, and hence wouldn't get a gun. There's a small clique of lobbyists which always appears at tiny stale cnpilal or In Iho national cpital whenever n firearms bill Is proposed. Department of Justice officials can rattle off a list of about a dozen names of iiersons sure lo be on hand If and when Cummings' bill comes up for hearings. Here's How- Tl's rronomiccil International .secretary o. M. Bugninzel of Die Brotherhood of Klcclrlcnl Workers hns been somewhat In Ihe-news lately, especially .is a conferee nl some of the A. F-. of I..-C. T. O. meetings. U may be helpful, for oonvrrsa- tional purposes. Burninzet's rir.w "boon-ya-zet." lo is report Hint pronounced Chicago . . 'V (?W (j.! Sunday will organize a post com- o». ., . IIT-II 11 j manrier'.s club. it. has been an- -JlUttgart Will Have Rema{iona | Park Mav Dec. open Iii'^li 91 1-2 84 7-8 DI i-: 1 . ni ;i-4 low close 9.1 3-8 94 I -4 90 a-« 90 7-:! NEW ORLEANS. Dec. —Cotton futures closed three to 17 (UP) Chicago Corn six points down on a stcndy kel today. Oi>rn high tow 829 840 ninr- open high r.7.1-t 57 7-8 501-2 59 1-2 low close 57 SI 7-8 58 5-8 58 3-4 Jan. Mar. May July Oct. Hoc. 845 853 P52 high 829 840 e« 8*5 854 852 I. Tho twelve |jnsl ,com- i matKiiM-s ol the chapter and l.con- nrd Bull, present leader, have been invited lo join. 829 833 m 837 846 852 32Gb 335 330 Schools To Close Today For Christmas Holidays ,? l ° city ' s l' ul)11c lllls « Il «r»ooii for schools •STUTTGART. Ark., Do.-. 17 (UP. —A recreational park which will involve an expense of tnoro than $-15.000 will be ronslriilf-d here by the WPA, It wns announced last week. Elect Butler President of Osceola Civic Club OSCEOLA. Ark.—Ben F. Butloi member of (he Osceoln Schoo "lard nml Cllv Council, was elected president of Die Osccola Civic Club at their final 1937 luncheon meeting of the year yesterday, succeeding Welby Young, attorney. Mr. Bullcr was out of the cily being In Chicago thc past week attending the convention of Ihc American Farm Bureau Federation The Civjc Club, organized in 1920 nnd composed of Uilrty-f) business nnd professlonnl men the city, functions as a Chamber of Commerce. Elected lo servo with Mr. Butler were: E. I.. Talliaferro. president of Ifomc Lumber Company, vlcc- prcsldenl; and Joe Rhodes, attorney, ns secretory. At Ihe January meeting standing committees for 1938 will be appointed. Regular meeting days are the (Irst and third Thursdays of each month. Helena Council Grants Spur Track Connection Ajwlogiw; To He Made For Mac's 'Kvc NEW YORK. |jir. . .Wesl's lirnadcnst with Don Amcche on (]«> Charll,, Mcrnnliy piosiam to bring n slKtcmi'til ri-nm tin- Nalloiuil lii'dnili-ustiny. i:oinp:iuy. it hns been reliably nnviilc-il, I'KiU'.sl.s Imvc IhKXh'd Ihe nlllccs I't the NIK! KljllT llll) iMOlldniM, n which Ainochc nml Miss wi-sl participated In an Adam nnd Kvc I'omrdy, Iji-oiidciisllng « law .scene. Objedors lo Iho bronilcast have (|iieslloned pro]n-|oty of llm script, ivhlcli Nile oltlclnls In Ifollywoud luive Inslstoc) wns liiolfi'iijilvi! whi-ji read In the ordlnnry wny 1ml. which, iccordltiu tn Uio., .soundctl (HITorenlly on th,. nlr. It Is undevsUKKl Hint lu UN stato- ni'nl the Imwdc-nstliiK company will <ny licit, both U mid llm sponsur ivero sorry that (lie InclUent hud inpiK'iiod nml thin steps would bo In ken lo w,. that it similar cnso did not duvelup In llu> diluro. The broadens! has h(»l only bei-n |)rot(!sti:d by mi'ssimes to the broud- cnslhijf company but public slati.'- meuUi Imve been Issued by chinch ollleials coiulonnilnn Uie broadciisl. Former University President Is Named Parly's Chid Slralegisl ST. UDUIS. Dec. H. (UP)—Ur, Olenn Prank, clasalllod ns a Republican lllicrnl. wns ofllclnUv nnmeil lodny lo head the pnrly's sprelu! committee to formulaic; polities with which lo combat (he Roosevelt administration In Ihe approaching caiu|)nlqns. John D. Hamilton, cliulrnnn of HiB Republican national conimlllce, officially confirmed Dr. Prank's appointment Just before he left for Chicago. Frank, former president of tho University of Wisconsin, wns chosen by Hie party's executive, committee ycslerdny. H wns understood last night thnl. lie hnd been selected bul official coitllrmntlnn was d<>- luyoil until today, Fiijieral Home Is Named ;ja $2,500 Damage Suit Fmicrnl Service has bcciv'iinm((c.l,.(lofcndf>nt. In a suit filed In di-ctil(,:cour(. here by rionrBc Gordon n'sklilf; $500 iirliml dnm- ngcs ami $5,000 pimlllve damages for the nllcsed nnnulhorli'.ctl removal of the body of Ills wlfo, Opal Gordon, from the lilythcvllle hospital am! the holding of Ihe. Ixxly (or several hours. Gordon clinrges Hint the body was removed without authority and held on a demand for payment of live dolltir. 1 ! for services rendered for several hours, delaying preparation for burial, which was later made by another undertaker. Parllow and .IJradley are attorneys for Gordon. Wynne Would Forestall CCC Camp Abandonment WYNNE, Ark., Dec. 11 (UP) — Local merchants and Cross county ofllclnls this week began taking action In efforts to prevent the ibaiidoneil CCC camp near here from being dismantled nml moved to a new location. The "Information" of the plan came from an unofficial but reliable .source, nml County Judge K. ft. Cooper ami former Highway Commissioner Dave Block wired llif congressional representative of tills district and both Arkansns .senators, requesting them to use their "Influence to keep the. camp at Its present location." Spot;,- dosed quiet :;; J26, oil The park will be equipped with j HELENA, Ark, Dec. 17. (UP)— a modern swimming pool, (cunts i The Helena city council htts passed .. - courts, softball diamonds, swings . an ordinance granting the Missouri Wi; " 5 \ y vv " re ' B " (I other P'aysround apparatus.' and Arkansas Railroad company h':rT Momlay ' Ja!llla '7 ihlr<l, It . H will be located In the tract of the right to build n spur road which ins been announced by Suporln-I land, which now Is wooded. In the will connect thn New South oil cciMcnt w. D. McClurkln. eastern exlrcmctle.i of the city, i Mill here with thc mnln line. If your lamp goes out Christmas. morning, according to a Middle Ktiropean superslilion, you will see spirits. And it yo» burn elder on Christmas Eve, witches will be revealed. £k»f3)ain Tdt<2ki FIHM BILL ilLYJTTra Cliwtccs For Enactment At Special Term Appear To Be Fading WAHIIINCITON. Dee, 1'f. (UP) — Ailiiilnl.slriillon loaders fought to- ilay lo break a legislative Jain 'on. "10 ^age-hour und farm bills nnd o.v-enllal portions "f Pres- Rflu'ii'Yi'll's legislative ident rum lor tho special session. Tin-It 1 tattle appeared almont upi'tc.s.s. \vilji Adjournment len- itlvi-ly set for Dec. 22 tho obsta- i's In tint 'way of completing nc- '((i "n both blll.-i and reconciling dllforaicos In conference, Iji 'llio rrimilnliiK days sMmprt lasnr- niountHblo, ' •'" Spi'i'il llouihiir BUI Mcnnllmi>. however, tins house rules committee, expedited action "i Hie housing bill proposed 'by President Roosevelt to touch olf .1 building boom. Tim committee ipliroveil n rule sending the bill '.o thi.' house Door from coiisJdera- lou tomorrow. The bill lowers payments loir liowi'.f costliiK up to $6,000 from !U lo lu jx-r cent with proporttai- itf'ly smaller tlecre-ivses for homes In lli« $G,<H)0 to 110,000 bracket. In Uio hoii.ii! iMiys mid nicuri-i lux sub-coininlttcc n Republican proposal fur repeal ol DIB vmdis- trllxilcd iirofll.s (ax, .subject of .'Xtreme pressure since opening of thu special session, was defeated (I to 3. The proposal by Hepraenlatlve Hunk Cwtlier (Hep., N. Y.), >iW.itttl n one; per cfnt Increase in tin 1 noriuul corporation tax and n tint la 1-2 per cent capital gains '«v.v to replace Ihc present system. Study McAdon Proposal Weary ( ; [ter working fnr Into Ihe night under thc odmlnlstra- Uon whip Iho senate resumed work in tin; farm bin considering u iuUslltiite dementi: allotment plan of Senator William V.. McAUoo (Dem., Calif.). Tho McAdoo am- judmenl, submitted without Jliul- tntlon of debate, was expected to itnvelop new controversy, further dimming hope, of completing a tontj range farm .program In Hive for adjustment in confercnci! be- fon." UK? Christmas deadline. r.U'mpllun.s Allowed The house, under -pressure Kr .1 Html vote on the wage lioiu- bill "If It lakes tmlll midnight", resumed work \vlth debate on extra pay proposed for workers on Industrial "graveyard" shifts. An amotidment tentatively was adopted yesterday providing time nnd onejiulf pay for workers on shifts between' midnight und six a.m, Roprcjien/tnllve Robert Harris- peck (DcMu.;, OL), aiul Minority M- -Hflrtnoncl i Snell forced, through a vcv!slotj_of the amendment toddy to 'exclude mining, milling and smelter knd paper mill employts from' theU.xlni pay clnsslflcotloii. 'Mil Pemiscot Prisoners Art Removed To Penitentiary CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Dec. 17 -Chief Deputy Slferlff W. A'. Thomas, accompanied by three special deputies, yesterday transferred eight prisoners from the county Jail to the state prison at Jcflersou City. Three of that number were of Uie five who broke Jnll Jierc Dec. Stli They were Paul Webster, Lawrence Wilson and Luther Boyd. A fourth member of th c Jail breakers, Monroe Bell, wns also sentenced for Jail breaking, but was left In Jail" here awaiting hearing on charges of felonious assault In connection with the shooting of Luther Covery. farmer of Ihe north part of the ' coirtity. Daughter Is Born To Companion Of Slayer ROCKPOED. 111., Dec. 17 (trp> —Bernice Felton, 18, whose sweetheart, Lester, Is under sentence of death In an Arkansas prison, gave birth to a rtftiigliter last Tuesday, it was learned today. Tho boby's birth forestalled temporarily the hearing the young mother faces at Little Rock, Art. on charges of violating thc Dyer act. The charges were filed against her n.s a result of her arrest with Brockelhurst In a stolen car, near Poughkecpsle. M. Y., May 13 WEATHER Arknnsas-iPartly cloudy rcllh light rains in extreme nortlieast portion tonight, colder except in extreme northwest; Saturday generally fair and colder. Memphis nnd vicinity — Partly cloudy and colder tonight; lowest temperature tonight, 44 to 43; Saturday partly cloudy. Tiic maximum temperature here yesterday was 62, minimum M, cloudy with 144 Inches ot rainfall according to Samuel F.'Karris, oft- cial weather observer.

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