The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1941
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 14, 1941 BLYTHRVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ConUnur-o on Page *J Freight i-ate, .should be adjusted and u'aiiali^ci. "We mast develop 'our natural rc.soum's. To do Uii.s requires ample pourr ,;u Uic proper raUr.s, and ttiis v.'ill be one of Ltie uiujen- objects ol my admhmiration. "We must, coopttnuti with our Senators uud Congressmen in urg- iiiK the coiLslrucuon of dams, (jot.h for hydro-electric power and flood- control, and utilise every ro.soinot- :it am- command. Uve stock "Because of UK- loss of our foreign markets for cotton, we mmi redouble our ell'orLs in an expanding program of our livestock industry. H will do more thain any one thing 10 subsiitute for cotton and other crops in mainudnm»- <>w farm Income. " First in importance among- the inatier I want LG present io you Ls the refunding of Arkansas' high- wiy indebtedness. 1 want to emphasize the necessity of early enactment of refunding legislation. Most --of you are I'a.'iiill.-ir with the refunding legLs- L'tticai which is proposed. It has been made public- and your attention has been called to the main features. I have devoted a great dea! o! effort, lo the preparation of a refunding bill— which will be submitted to you. It was drafted with the assistance of an advisory 'committee in collaboration with rhe Reconstruction Finance Corporation bond houses. bond brokers, 'banks, insurance companies and other investment nancies In-presenting the bond buying public. mend your approval or [he mo;is- iire without undue cloluy, in addition io providing for thi- refimtliny of our highway indebtedness,' :i maintenance fund will be provided for approximately' $3,500,000; and approximately $2.500 000 for highly construction - i-ither io march lY-iif-m! aid or fur oiher highway purpose.-,. I shall tj u ,i -.710 .dim-Lot . . Of hijih\v:iys ami the higher com immedJaie a I tent, ion .sections which mission io ro;'Hh in have been discriminated against, and LO sjjtfnd our maintenance and coiistrui'Uon money in the most bu,;ine.v-i-Jike and economical tmiii- to get the best resuh.s pledge every necessary resource— imuerial and spiritual—to the National Defense. Let as co-operate with evpry agency of federal, .stalo and locnl government, which is engaged in defending the institution of freedom. However, l want ;o make it. plain 1 do not favor, sending our soldiers to foreign' .sol) this country shotikl be •utncked. " ! AND Ruptured Appendix Is Cause of Boy's Death A ruptured appendix caused the death of 13-year-old Ixnmie Hector, ol' KeistT, early Sunday ul , , , • -'• I V * * *.', •. «N » p * »4J. *J OH ami inc most lor our money. , Memphis Baptist Hospital. U shall be my lo cooperate in evm'way possible with the United states Bureau of Public Roads, to the end that Arka si- Stricken January l, the youth was removed to the. hospital bill, his -appendix had already ruptured and no operation was 'performed. PAGE THREE sa* geis Us full .share of highway Funeral rites were held at 10 .'mprovemttjus. . :i . m . tottay at Sandy Ridge (>me- •St.'HOOl, IMtOCiKAM Jim- by Rev. PlM.eher Spruce. '•In accordance wuh my cam- ! lie is swvivwl by his pnrem.s. paign pledge and the pledge of | Mr. and Mrs. J. H, Hector; tivfci the Democratic platform, w«> com- hroihrrs, Lyman, Leon, Vemon, mit ourselves to a serious .study ol our school problems. "'To tin's end l appointed a committee of GiiUuuidlng- fidiu-utor.s i and laymen io make a study and ; reciinmendat.ion.'i for the best .solution possible of our school problems. Thr-y have been diligent, ijj work and have made their and bills will be pre- have been approved. by the various interests almost unaiu'mcmsly. and the legal features have been approved by outstanding bond attorneys — both in Arkansas and throughout- the country. The sale of $137,000.00(/ of state highway bonds is of such tremendous Importance to the people of the state that the refunding pro- g-ram should not be put into effect until they are afforded an opportunity to study its merits and to approve or disapprove of it. I have no objection whatever to having this measure referred to the people— if you believe they de- side to pass on it directly— in fact, 1 am ready to help circulate the referendum petit-ion when you have passed the bill, and stand ready to call a special election for submission of the act to a vote of the people. However .there arc two existing emergencies confronting us which I consider it my duty direct your .attention. to to Hoyd and Fred, and one sister. Cynthia. t JlolL KuneruJ Home was in charge. Jack Bondurant Shows Lions Industrial Film Jack Bondurant,, former Mem- seniKl embodying their honest and ! phis newspaper man and now a amsdemiciw recommendations. \ representative of the Ford Motor "1 approve or' the re-organi/'ai.ion company, talked to members of ot tlip Board of Education and the the Blytheville Lions club at the Textbook Commission and the se- i regular weekly luncheon meet in" i*,.,,,,„ , >f lMa 1X)0k _ s by a collimiu . u Hote{ Nobl ' e tQclny> Mr ^ Bondu- edueaiors. _ I ^beHeve they | rant followed his talk by showing ' an industrial film of Ford's River Rouge plant at Dearborn, Mich. Five Dairies Given Grade A Milk Ratings v , lection of know best what should be taught in our schools. "Vocational education is more and more recogni/.ed as vital to the The financial features of the oill i »ceds of our time and deserves sympathetic support and wise supervision. "We should recognize the urgent need lor better salaries for teach- Five Blytheville dairies were givers. Our schools will never be en Grade "A" milk ratings in a stronger than our teachers. Teach- j report released today by George er.s salaries m Arkansas are cie- Shamlin. Mississippi county health plorably low. It Ls my belief that the stale should assume the responsibility of setting First: the federal government i funds g' up a salary schedule, whereby teachers of a certain training and Experience will be guaranteed certain salaries ADDITIONAL HOS!*!TA1, FACILITIES NEEDED "It is my earnest hope and desire that in the, next 12 or IB months we can provide ways and means for the establishment of two hospital units in connection with our University Hospital CO-OPERATION WITH FEDERAL AGENCIES "It is going to be the purpose of my administration to cooperate fully with the various Pedeutl agencies, to the end that Arkansas may receive the greatest benefit from the expenditure of Fedcrnl unit sanitarian. "A" grades went to the following dairies: Karl Green (pasteu- meci); Midwest (pasteurized); Fiiught (raw); Dickinson (raw); Robertson (raw), and Sanders (buttermilk only). is contemplating; and probably will demand, that a federal tax be placed on the interest earnings of future state bond Issues. Second: If cur country should become involved in war. it would also necessarily affect our refunding and might even postpone it indefinitely I call these contingencies to your attention so that you may consider them In your deliberations and give them weight as you chink they deserve. Having said these urmgs—3et me say n more Important one. The people of Arkansas' have already in effect approved by large majority the principles in- the proposed measure; for it follows faithfully the essentials of my pledge LO the people in the campaign of last summer. Therefore T unreservedly recom - ECONOMY IN GOVERNMENT "We must practice economy in our state government. "Proper business management of our state government demands thai we live within our various budgets. This necessarily will require the elimination of'many requests that will be made of the Budget Committee and this entire body. There must be some way found to prevent the appropriation of more money for a given period than is gathered by taxation. To this end I promise the most rig-id and exxacting pre-axt- dit .service through the comptroller's department. NATIONAL DEFENSE "I record my faith and confidence in the president of the Unit- New York Cotton Mar. May July Dec. Jan. prev. open high low close close 10"43 1048 1040 1040 1048 1047 1050 1041 1040 1049 1037 1041 1031 1031 1039 988 991 983 983 991 984 988 980 979 986 1028 102(5 1026 1026 1032 New Orleans Cotton Mar. . May . July . Oct. . Dec. ., Jan. . prev. open high low close close 1045 1053 1045 1053 1049 1053 1045 1051 1054 1045 1043 1045 1036 994r 997 988 992 993 985 1035 1035 1034 1036 988 985 1032 1043 997 993 1040 Definite Reactions For Or Against Mark Growing Confidence By MARIAN YOUNG Ni;A Service Surf Curr«»])oua«»t NBW YORK.--After learning something about furniture and the other things that go into a house, the next su>p toward becoming your own highly competent Interior decorator is to cultiviiitt definite rf-;u'ilcnx to everything you do •and sHi. So says Mary Davis Oilles. decorating expert and author of the smart book. "Popular Home Decoration." ".Stop i a king things passively," continues Mrs. Gillies. "Learn how io define your likes and dislikes'. Try making lists of things you like and dislike, even if you feel silly doing- it." Mrs. Gillies confides t'hat she herself happens to like very much yellow, flowers, deep woods, autumn • foliage, .spring flowering bulbs, oceans, ponds, streams, wood fires and fabrics. And that she actively dislikes drab .surroundings, huge cultivated flowers, so-called domestic Oriental jrugs and CONVICTIONS GIVE CONFIDENCE Sound Risk-Ruling Replaces Old-Time Appraisal Methods Tin- days of horseback appraisals lire over. Sound in«»thod.s oj home mort:;:t:!f risk-rating imrocliu'vd by Die Federal Uousiuft Athntnto- ure ciriviii" them into tration, oblivion. The development ot u,,. -sy.steni ol home financing lui.s ilem- onstnuecl tlie htllm-y ot uiii'mpiiiiK U) judj.;v nil elements of risk in making a home loan | JV ;l .standard, FHA iMTIdids say 'Hie FHA has evolved sal«?iy for iht- lender through insurance' and lor the individiiiil honn> builder as Wi'll. by furnishing standaid.s lor construction. design and lorn Ion Furilui the FHA plan .wolds <m>r- iht> family income. fill-ini:)u.slvi' momhlv p:iy- m;uie on an PllA/insun-.d ^ increases tin- u mount oi -owner.ship" the lamlly has In ii.s home. Families iusod to plunge into home ownership with nothing but blind enthusiasm and u hope thai tho mun«ai;t> amhi be paid off wlu-n tluo. If .secondary I'humctng was mining tho buyer ol'irti assumed u scc.ond and .sometimes n third morUw.i 1 . The,sc )oan.s bore high rates, and were ally subject to discounts utul other costs inn of proportion to amounts involved. inevitable re.suU.s ckxsnre. break-down of the home- mstrket, diMijearunce ol lore- credit faviliiie^, und .sundry oilie ills and ubune.s. Under .such "hit-or-mlss" methods many home owners wore doinjj nothing more than ehunsjlna- landlords. They paid interest, foe.s, nnd other ehiirne* in MUMS equal to or In exces.s of rent. On maturity of UK; IOIULS the buyer hud no more equity limn n le.^sH; mlnht <:lnlm by reason ol passers inn ri-nt receipts. Thi- home owner today, I'inrtnced with i-u|iilnl Insured by* the FHA. hu.s the .security ol knowing that' the house will be debl.-i'rcc when the morttirtyi' mutures. K<'V lo A])|>eal 1< Good Proportion The appearance or a room may of! en be improved through the simple means nf improving proportions. To make a room seem compact, jgood proportions muss be omplui , . . . ,, , i a-"*- !••• ^|ju 4 tiuii;> IUU.M. ui' I'mnim- , big crowds, limy . thlues. j siml. This may be done in a num- •iV.™VX?. 01 uuyLhm ^ I* 1 ' ° r wu - vs - Il »cl « number of dlf- Stock Prices A T & T 16 7 3-4 Am Tobacco 74 1-8 Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel . Chrysler Cities Service . Coca .Cola General Electric General Alotore 2G 1-2 87 69 3-8 5 104 3-4 35 1-8 47 ed States and in his leadership Inl Harvester 52 i through these present critical M " on teomery Ward 39 hours in our national life. Let us Try Our "Warm-Morning" Sentry Coal For the New Warm Morning Stoves ' GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. New York Central 141-2 North Am Aviation 16 5-8 Packard 31-4 phniips ;;; - 39 Radio 4 5_a Republic Steel 21 3-8 Socony Vacuum 91-8 Studebaker 8 1-Q Standard Oil N J "' 3g j.g Texas Corp 39 U S Steel _ PHONE 76 Chicago Wheat open high low close May 865-8 871-4 865-8 871-8 Sept. 821-2 821-2 821-8 823-8 Chicago Corn open high low close May 02 3-8 623-4 623-8 623-4 Sept. 621-2 633-4 621-4 62 5-8 So plentiful are large-mouth bass in Lake Mattamuskeet. N. C, thru there never is a closed season on them. "Even though at first you are unable io interpret and inuice helpful deductions from your lists." Mrs. Gillies advises, ".simply determining your likes will train you in making Quick decisions, if you develop the nblity to feel reactions clearly, you won't yo into a tailspin trying- to decide, for instance, what kind of material to use for draperies. You will know .what you like and that will be the thins to use. '•Incidentally, you will find that having a nice solid core cl" convictions (likes and dislikes) tucked away in your conscious mind will give yovi a new confidence in everything- you do. It also will make you a great deal more interesting- person." Mary Davis Gillies points out in« her decorating book Unit only an extremely small amount, of money is needed to give a jaded room a new face. A can of bright paint, a few yards cf inexpensive although really gay cotton slipcover and drapery fabric, plus new and imaginative re-arrangement of the old furniture, often are all that L' required to turn a dull room into a stunning one. Mrs. Gillies warns against a great striving for original, unconventional effects .by anyone who is decorating for the first time, or even the second. DON'T FORCE YOURSELF TO CREATE "If you strain to develop an idea ( that is different, one of two things j may happen," she explains, "(l) You may never be- able to make up your mind what to do and a r a result you will do nothing; or (2) Instead of developing something, you will have something tricky and hard to live with. "Don't force yourself to create easy. Look through magazines and books. Look at store windows. Study model rooms. If you see something you like, copy it. After a while, when you have developed some actual experience, you will find that you can create your own ideas. "For some reason, the mere doing leads to Invention and originality." ferent effects may be obtnincd. For e.xmnple. low ceilings i>i\v tho feeling of reslfuhiRSK. while high coil- ings tend toward formality nnd stiU'ness. Many features which Lend to destroy proportion in older homes may be corn.'cted with funds obtained from Qualified lending institutions under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Frequently decoration will give the desired utl'ecL. features decrease apparent height of the ceiling: Ceiling not extremely light in color. Direct lighting system. Horizontal lines in furniture. Straight-line molding in wnll decorations. 'Floor emphasized by use of luvfjo rug of heavy texture. ,\ Features which increase apparent height of ceiling: Ceiling very light, in color. Central lights to call attention to ceiling. Vertical lines in furniture and window decorations. ... No moldings in wall decorations. EUR small, plain, and inconspicuous. Features which decrease apparent si/e of room: Dark colors. Warm colors, red or yellow, predominating. Design in rugs, wall*, upholstery, or draperies. corurnstir in color, lint-, nnd design. Hmivy massive furniture. Many decorations. Feuluivs whk'h Increase apparent, siws of room: Liylil colors. Cool colors, blue or gray predominating. Plainness instead of design. Unity in color, line, and design. Li^hlwt'luht furniture in fill lines, rv?w decora I Ions us possible. <' to Hollywood SALT LAKE CITY, Utah lUP) — Ellon Anderson, 10, is an usher- t-Mk- tit f i .salt Luke City-theater. The oilier day * Producer Boris MOITO.S came here to screen his latest picture for Intmnountaln bookcr.s ,und Miss Anderson was bookers, and Miss Anderson was best Hollywood scenario fashion, signed Miss Anderson to n «>n- tracl. Read Courier News want ads. FRESH DRESSED POULTRY AT LOWEST PRICES You Select them, we dress 'em free! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Free Delivery Phone 154 L K. Ashcraft & Co. AT OUR NEW LOCATION 112 E. Main, 2 doors east of Blytheville Bakery Read Courier News want ads. Fudentiai FARM LOANS Low Rates Long Terms Prompt Inspections Prepayment Privileges You May Have A Free Copy Of "Small Homes" lYEAR BOOK THE STANDARD GUIDE FOR First National Bank BWg. Blytheville, Ark. Authorized MortcMt Lo*a SoOdtori for The Prudential foranaet Conptny «ff CLARENCE H. WILSON RAY WORTHINGTON SEE WEDS. PAPER This iuformalivc, profusely illustrated copy of "SMALL HOMKS" is available, wilhout charge. :il our office. Of ureal benefit lo the small home builder or owner, this fall and winter YEAR HOOK edition thoroughly explains how you can" build your own home and pay for it like rent. "SMALL HOMES" is packed with information and hundreds of illustrations. Nothing is left U> guess-work. Kvery step is fully covered. Be certain to .tret your free copy today. You'll he amazed and pleased with the- building information contained in this book and the time and money-saving plans from which you may easily benefit. FILL IN AND MAIL THIS COUPON OR PHONE 100 FOR YOUR COPY PLEASE SEND MR THE FREE COPY OF "SMALL HOMES" Name St. No City & State E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 100 FOK SALE SHIBLEY'S BEST FLOUR Barrel 48 Ll>. Sack ............ 24 Lb. Sack ......... 100 /As. Sugar G. ABRAHAM Ash A hroadwav ....M> S ..... -6Sc .... $4.70' ('hone 81G A Dream Come True! Everyone dreams of a home of their .own. Many have made that dream come true thanks to the simplicity of F. H. A. Financing. You, too, can build your own home. Inquire, NOW, and learn how you can do this on your present income. Your payments need be no more than the rent you pay every month ....... F. H.A. Financing THE ARKMO LUMBER CO MIRRORS ALL SIZES AND SHAPES CUT TO YOUR PATTERN Mirror Table Tops ctrr TO voun PATTERN . * ' Crystal Glass Table Tops CUT TO YOUR PATTERN Hath room & Full-Size Door MIRRORS Cut and Fitted to Your Satisfaction Mirror Specials! 16x26 inch Mirrors . . $1,19 18x28 inch Mirrors SI. 39 28 inch Diameter Circle Mirror $1.59 Arkansas Paint-Glass & Wallpaper Co. 105 E. iMain Phone 711 John Burnett, Mgr. R. C. Coleman —;_ Dick Stone

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