The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1943
Page 6
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f AGE SIX JABK.XCOURIER NEWS New York Sees $200,000,000 Racing Season; Jamaica Has More Entries Than A Year Ago ,..*-~. w , • _._..._ D rc- Coach Arvil Green scribes Rough Work'; Backs Look. Promising The Blytlieville Chlckasaws don- jicrt full bailie dress, rjul on Ilieii fiercest war pnint and wqnl to work In earnest yesterday 'afternoon. Tliougli n lilllo shorl oil ex- iwrlcnce (lie : new Chicks are not. lucking III' iriat department known in llie more polite circles as liT- tcstirial fortitude, Tlie squad was put -'through n long fiiiulnineiital drill which was terminated by the riiilbird's deliglit, scrimmage, chief Green ran Hie linemen down under (lie punls of Harold Tlionrrison and Jim Smnrl. They Gel Distance Allllcmeh It couldn't be said that (lie ' kicks were perfect, mast of tliem hart distance and with time these booters will probably be a Mrohg iwjnt of the team's attack. . Thompson, who comes back from his tackle slot to kick, is a big boy with plenty of leg power. He could very easily develop into an ace punter- Smart is one of the newer candidates for a brickfield position. His main trouble at the present dors not lie in getting distance bill, rather in getting the height that is necessary for the linemen to cover the receiver. TJie scrimmage .session wns «r;d by the running of Smart,Monroe Besharse, Col ton Pogiie and Normaii Stone. Stone is a new addition to the (earn and is doing very nicely-at fullback. Although on „ v( . the light side he runs hnrri and J',," "" ° J gives it ail he has. Incidentally he unuctl Ill|nls eave (lie first string an armful of trouble before the afternoon was over, Triple Threat Prospect Jim Smart is another newcomer showing up surprisingly Veil Fleel. Ke,i,uc k , Derby hvorl.r, proudly ....... 11V HAHKV OIIAYSON NI.'A Spiirls Kdflor y y form in $35,000 H'oort Sleraor?al. April 17. K '" * el U "° °" ™ U ' S KAKATOGA MKKTINtl AT IIKI.MONT NEW YORK. — Slarler George; Precisely $175,158,374 was shoved Cassidy will press n billion nnd U"'oii|jh the wickets nt thn live New limit. it Is remembered that he has money. 'Conic on!" nnd they'll lie old Jairmica nnd In the nelropolltnn area for 180 racing inys—a solict six months, '['en days vill be lacked onlo Ihis. us they •ere last year—seven making up anther Victory Week nnd llirce for Hello, Sucker! The operators of [lie mints culled fle? tracks are certainly pomlng it on, but New York Is n big place ind cnn lake ft. Uesldcs, the slate needs the rinet no previous experience in high school football. Jim, along with Monroe Besharse, appears to he the only triple threat man now on the squad. At llie present, Coach Gresn is running Besharsc and Smnvt at halfbacks, Pogue at full nnd Ray Gill, of last year's team, nt llie quarter. This scents lo present n well balanced backfield with Smart and Bjsliarse supplying Hie climax running arid the Inrge, bull-like plungingof 1 Pogue rendering power to the outfit. Gill supplements this with 'Jast. blocking and snappy quarterback, sneaks. •_'•" •Kecn'Compelition But : lhis backfieU hnsn't got time lo siU back and lake it easy. For if they "do. in ft moment they can feel the liot eager breath of a couple o! other boys close on- Iheir necks. These -two boys nre in '(lie 'person of the -afore mentioned Norman Slohe and one William "Gils" Cross. From all that can be seen Stone is out.for a first string.berth, and if anyone is lo keep him from it they are going jo have to mnteh him in, work and determination. "Gus" Cross possesses (lie essential fixtures of a, good halfback In that he has two remarkably good legs. When "Gus" learns the knack of running just n shade joivor he will bs.'ah offensive threat. His kicking is much more than passable. Thompson Spills 'Em On the defensive side of the gridiron, Harold Thompson, tackle, is a familiar sight in there spilling play after play. Ray Gill nnd Cotton Pogue were potent when the No. 1 boys went over on defense. Hay's tackling .was sharp and' Cotlon brought several runners down behind the line, : Ail the.boys appear to be in good shape and no injuries are listed as yet. | • j The center problem was helped somewhat when James Vest reported. Before yesterday. Ihe squad had only -one regular center, Edwin Wecdman Track people profess to believe that the yals will he off about 25 >er ccnl, bill Hint ihn handle 'will jc us big as last year, nnd innyhe bigger. , The promoters of every other sport will lell them (hat despite cries of absenteeism, nltendancc will zoom as well as the betting. There Is plenty of money nround, nnd the good citizens nfe out to spend it. Mike Jacobs, the fight pro- noler, for example, predicts lhat given good wjather, Memorial Day vill be Ihc richest day In the history of baseball. ,, lliroiijjh Iho wickets at thn five New York merry-ijo-i'ouiuls last year The Jtnte collected $10,021,485.03' and Now York contributed 585(1,-' 209.0-! to Ihc sport's national $:i'- 20D.OCO War Fund. With the Saratoga meeting scheduled for Dclmonl Park, bigger field* and all that cabbage laying around loose, the racing Interests every reason lo suspect that they are looking smack dab into (he face of n $'200,090.000 year. Whewl The schedule: Jamaica— April 8-May 8—27 days. Behnont— May 10-Jiin; 5—24 days. the /innncial pasting (hey look at the Spa lasl With the Saratoga Association operating nl liclmont, every New York track is eilher directly oti ot within walking tlislance of n 5- c:nt fare or train or bus schedule. Pnrkliij? lols will Ije closed, anil automobiles conveying cash customers u-lll not he admitted lo Irncks. Aqueduct—June days 1-Jmic 2C—18 Empire—June 28-July 24—24 days. Saratoga at, liclmont—July 26- Aug. 2fl-;iO days, and thcii back again: Aqueduct—Aug. 30-Sept. 18—18 Delinonl—Sept. SO-Oct, 9—18 days Jamaica—Oct 11-Oct. 20—9 clays Empire—Oct. ai-Nov. 3—12 days', and (he football season will be hit-' ling the home stretch. With the Saratoga sales switched to New York, manv people will see and purchase yearlings for the first and the breeders won't take time Jnmnlcn will use no tractors to poll harrows and .slnll gates, instead it will eniploy teams of Clydesdales. The track bought four from Banker William Woodward of Qelalr Slutl. They are about as big as small ele- uhnnte. weigh nround 3500 pounds each. All Jninnlni stnblcs nre full. The bums accommodate 475 horses. Aqueduct, and D?lmont arc rnpidly filling up. There will bu 1HIO thoroughbreds at Delinont. by the lime Ihe meeting opens. Tlierc will be little shipping- this year. For on? thing, stall space is at .such a preniinin that once owners ship away, thcy"ll never gel lliclr stable room back. Jamaica will run Ihc same program of stakes, and has not reduced Ihe values of any. Nor have Ihe overnight purses been reduced. The minimum is SI500. Al,fi KtJT WHIKLAWAV AN'll ALSAIS The more important numbers arc Ihe SoOUO Experimental Handicap for 3-year-olds, April 8; the $7500 Paumonok Handicap for 3-year-old-; and upward, April 10; the $25.000 Wood Memorial for 3-year-olds, April 17; the $'10,000 Excelsior Handicap for :i-year-olds, and KIRJL1UTS Memphis Chicks Hope To Get Southpaw Hurler; lid Grecr Quits Pcbs By Uniteil 1'ress The eighl Southern Association teams all are beginning to look bellcr every day. The few holdouts are coining to-terms. Players prcv- ously on the doubtful list are showing ii|> In llio various .<3prln» training camps. And club officials are making successful trades and purchases lo fill vacant positions General-manager zinii neck of Ihc challanooga Lookouts Is es- pecliii" several more players loilay I or tomorrow. He lias 18 men on hand now and Is very optimistic aboul Ihc Lookout's chancre. At Little Hock, 'manager Duck 1-ausell still has only » slim srjund. Along wllh thai he has the Ijad news thai one of his best pitchers —Ed Grecr—had decided lo uive uj> baseball. b The well-padded Atlanta Cracker rosier Mas a few new nn-lvnls Meanwhile, Iwo Hookies— pitcher liud Tilbury and catcher Oildo Njlnch—have been showing pbniy of ability, according lo Manager Al LcHn. In Macon, On,, Ihe Nashville Vols are Mill looking for recruits Manager Larry Gilbert K ay.s lie is from Ihc majors when they be-in to reduce Iheir squads lo the °?5 player limit. At Knoxville, Mannec WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 1043 Clean-Up Man , for 2-year-old fillies, April 28; the $5000 Jamaica Handicap for 3-vear- olds and upward, May 1; the $5000 Youthful Stakes for 2-year-okls, May 0, and the $15,000 Grey Lag- liandicap for 3-year-olds and upward, May 8. , nhcro were more entries for everything except the Wood lhan last year, and the Wood had 39 Count Plset. the horse of Ihc nomcnl, makes his only start previous lo Ihc Kentucky Derby, May 1, in the Wood at one mile and a sixteenth. The only older name horses not in the handicap are those old feurt- isls, Whirlaway and Alsnb They'll ic along for Bclmonl. Jamaica, which is jammed by more than 30,000, opened to 12,000 •Kldicls in a severe snowstorm a year ago. I'll .sec you at Ihe same $2 win- 8 »y 1IAKKY GHAVSON Spoils lidilor NEW YORK.— Thcrt; is u ilioii- age oi ammunition for Mimtcrs not to mention n dearth ot manpower which Is away hunting bipeds of the non-edible type, Reports are coming in of an abundance of game animals especially deer, which are freer to wander and multiply iban they were before Columbus. The average noii-lumlcr is astounded when told Hint there nre more deer now limn when the Indians roamed the land. The march of civilization paved Ihe way for cul forests, more new growth on which deer may feed. The crop multiplied \vilh wise conservation laws limiting the season and bag nnd generally prohibiting the use of dogs. Maine approp'.-iau-s something hke $25,000 annually to pay for damage done by deer herds. Near London. Out., and oilier sections farmers claim that the number of deer grazing on wheat acreage constitutes a menace, that at times the herds nre ns large ns ;15. and have to be rounded lip nnd driven off by men on horses. At Guelph, ncnr Toronto ,an astonished motorist reported encountering a huge herd wandering nimle.ssly through n field adjoining the road. He counted as high ns fio before they became alarmed and fled into nrijncent woods Deer population in slates where Ihey nre more plentiful — everywhere except thn arid soulliwcsl— will Increase following next fall, when ihci-c will be fewer running-' boilrd exhibitors because of travel restrictions and thn scarcity of ammunition. That is why the North American Wildlife Conference, the izaak Walton Lragtie nnd other organizations favor llie release of sufficient ammunition for sportsmen to harvest n normal take of wild game nnd fowl—to protect animals and birds against diseases thai spriMd. if for no other reason. Kills last fall were tlie largest in history. There were, for example """"" bucks and docs taken in Mainq nloue. But any talk of betting down the bars lo allcviale the meat shortage Ls rediculoiis. . Wild game and fowl must bq' laken in season, Otherwise it is" non-edible, ant! shooting ol ,t O r season interferes with the lite cycle. Also it has been calculated that & V If you're a You should know about this ARKANSAS' "SELF- REGULATION" PROGRAM Perhaps you have not heard of Ihe constructive work being done by this Committee lo maintain high standards of decency nnd law observance wherever beer is sold ii\ this Stale. For 3 j-cars now, we liave acted as the conscience of the beer industry. Others cannoL be as critical of us as \ve arc of ourselves. We liave nn ancient mill honorable tradition lo uphold. We help to drive Ike law-breakers from (ho ranks of beer retailers. Decent retailers, running wholesome places, deserve this proleclion. Working closely with law enforcement officials, we ferret out tlie fads, face law violators with them, \\arii them: Clean tip or dose up! Unheeded warnings have one result. Your officials then step in, revoke license.! or issue injunctions. Pnt them out of the beer business. Thus we help to runinlnin conililions in your community on a level that you would approve. It yon hear of law violation, please report it to the proper officers, or lo us. IS A BEVERAGE op MODERATION HI ARK & N SAS COMMITTEE ^?ffi£ BREWING INDUSTRY FOUNDATION ' |Um£|8eK would do Irreparable dnma"e in a season or two. club's first Intro-squad game, will be held this week-end. There isn't anything doing Birmingham today. The who have lieen showina in practice—were given at Barons— up swell the day • -" -.--~ £,..._.. 11 Ji; \Ul V off. Binningham, incidentally, has one of 'the biggest squads in the league right now. 'Ihe Memphis Chicks arc hop- - ing to sign up southpaw Frank Vevcrka as a home game pitcher only. Vcverka is willing to put hts John Henry on such a, contract. SOI.DIEU UOWI.S SCO .- .MOULTfUE, Ga.—First JOO game by a soldier was bowled by Corp Vincent c. staals at Sjwncc Field' Moultrie. All that Is needed is the okay of the National Association. Vevcrka— a 15-yamc winner last season—is working in a Memphis, Tennessee defense plant and doesn't want lo give up his war, work to travel with the Chicks. At New Orleans, Manager Ray Blades is optimistic over the pels chances although his squad numbers only seven men at the present time. Says Skipper Blades: "Our situation is not rosy, but not gloomy either." New Orleans holies '- obtain some players in a trade so which is in the making of the annual consumption ot meal. Not n drop In Ihc bucket. Conservation experts have spent a hnlf century perfecting intelligent fish nnrt game laws. Kitua n fasf, modem medium bomber were one rout wide and Intend to end it would take an hour; to fly the ""•Plane .... „ „, „„ length of the strip nn <l the plain ., - - - •— - c 01 ! 1 ' 1 not even carry Ihc wcbh Mnrkot fishermen nnd g-.mners of the prints, much less the bulk! We Buy Loan Cotton Geo. H. (Madden & Bros, Ag'cy. Over liorum's Drily Slcirc—P. O. Box 218, Illylhcvillc, Ark. E. C. RATION Phone 23« BAKER L. WILSON Sinclair Greases save farmers money over a season because they last so long. They help prevent costly breakdowns because they lubricate moving parts safely. You play safe and save money when you use Sinclair Greases. lef me deliver to your farm B. J. ALLEN Phwe 2005 - Afent — BlytheTille, Ark. Arkansas Hunters Shoot Big Gobbler CONWAY. Ark.. April 7.—The ernnckladdy of wild turkeys, weighing 28 pounds and said to "be the biggest ever taken In Boone Coun- ly. Ark., was ths trophy brought back to Conway from a week-end hunting trip by Homer Craig and E. N. Anthony of Conway. Craig killed Ihe big gobbler, but Anthony got one that weighed 22 pounds. The men snid Roy Richards of Lead Hill, a veteran hunter of North Arkansas, who did the calling for tliEm, declared it was the biggest turkey he had ever seen in thai county. Its wing spread was ovrr eight feet and he estimated it to be about seven years old. Richards used a homemade culler to bring the big bird within Craig's fiini range. Blitlli STAR MAN.UIKK PHILADELPHIA—Chris Dundee, boxing manager, lost 19 men to the services including Ken Gvqr- lin, California Jackie Wilson and Georgia Abrains. Every war bond yon buy will furnish more power -with which to turn the lights on again all over the world TEST KTROUUM JEUYTHISWAY f Jt5i, l'"-ss Moroliue liclvvn-ii ||uui,lj /i^yt »«<1 iiriRor. S|,r«ul s l, m -ty :,,,„,. ~< -. '' >rv __ -^ »'?" <l«abl)'. l-V - Washington ami Oregon produced 'er 11,580,100,000 board feet of mhei 1 In 1!M1. Ar&soy 2913 Seed Soy Beans Redeaned^-In Bulk or Sack $3 Per Bushel, F. 0. B. Dell, Ark. EARL MA6EES .Pel], Ark,.. .....„„._ ..Phone 635 . . ,. You can spot it every time HPHE Civil Air Patrol has recruited more than a third of the 1 nation's 100,000 civilian pilots to fly for national defense. Coming from every walk of life, they are putting forth an extra something to do their trained part. To them and to you, in its own way, ice-cold Coca-Cota offers something extra, too. More than just quenching thirst it brings refreshment... refreshment that goes into energy. Made with a finished art and with a taste all its own, Coca-Cola has quality that sets it apart. Here is something in refreshment that was, and still is, original. Coca-Cola offers all the difference between something really refreshing and just something to drink. There's no comparison. Wnreimc limits the supply of Coca-Cola. Those tim« wlien you cannot yet ii, remember: Coke, being first choice, sells out first. Ask for il each lime. liven on the ground, pilots know that your lliirsl takes wings when you drink ice- cold Coca-Cola. Re. freshmen: comes to lake in place. The best is always the better buy! BOTTIED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA.COU COMPANY BY BLYTHEVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY

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