The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1937 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1937
Page 14
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PAGE TWELVE JIHE5E JOE ILL EQUIPPED R)R_FIGtllli NiV'-on's Soldiers Outfitted With Implements Of Modern Warfare ItY II. O. THOMPSON llniled l'r*ss SlafT Correspondent TIENTSIN (By Mail) flJPJ—The Japanese soldier at tli|> front Is one nf l!io worlds best equipped figllt- fis- "ten. There Is nothing cheap or shoddy, or in any way resembling the flimsier Japanese gadgets sold abroad, in what the Japanese .soldier has at his dispoal in actual combat. The Japanese at home has dainty, under - sized possessions. Everything Is on Die small side as befits a small people. Not. so lu battle. The Japanese soldiers have German knapsacks, French trench-coats, rifles resembling the American type bayonets like those of the Brltish-in short, tnev have used Ihe best points of i each army in Ihe world. The uniforms nre ill fitting. The ' Japanese does not have the same £ense of military trimncss thai other army men possess. Officers except where Individual personality makes itself felt, are not of the <lashing; variety. Their trousers nre baggy, their boots are loo ulg for them, their tunics bulge at, the back, they use the choker collar mid shun the smart Sam Brown belt. But on a cold morning at the r " nl, the men have what it takes to carry on efficiently. The officer who seemed so sloppy on the streets of Tientsin a few days ago Is a different man now. He has a fur-lined sleeveless garment which leaves his arms free, or a fur- Hned jacket. His pistol, dispatch rase, field glasses, ammunition and rnnleen are trimly attached to Ills belt or slung over a shoulder. The soldiers have warm coats wart catnel-lmlr wool, hooded to keep off rain or snow. They'buUon back In front so that the knees arc not Impeded in heavy going. Their comfort kits, weapons, emergency '-'•ions are securely stowed on them. The soldiers arc small' but Husky, with strong leg muscles and shoulders broad for their height The artillery and supply trains are on the European model. They filood ithe test of North china's atrocious.roads in splendid shape Ihe horses were a problem. Thousands were^brought over from Japan but the; strain of haullntr heavy guns and cargoes through n foot, of mud was killing, in some places I a lalse step plunged a horse np to , its belly In mire. ' Army Rations Good The soldier is better led than in former wars. In the first Sino-Japanese conflict 50 per cent of them had berl-berl n dangerous disease, caused by n diet deficiency, which cripples the muscles, in the Russo-Japanese war 85,000 Japanese soldiers suffered from It. Officials say there has been none in .the present North China campaign. Unpolished rice has been substituted for the polished kind and other Items have been added lo the met. On my visits to the front I ate soldier's rations and found •them palatable and nourishing There was canned beef, canned' risM^bcan soup, rice and vegetables i°or emergency rations the men carried, In cheese-cloth bags hardtack biscuits in which essential food values had been blended. Supply officers told me the biscuits would remain edible for 10 years out that the ones we were eatine were only 2 years old. Always Boil w»ter Water is a problem in china and he rule of health here Is always to boll water and never to eat anything raw which grows close lo the ground. The Japanese were extremely careful about water. They sank deep wells, then filtered and disinfected the water. Whore no wells were available water was boiled. Foods gathered fro,,, me An, Ex-Emperor HORIZONTAL 1 Former emperor of Germany. U Imbecile, 13 Electrified particle. M Winged. 1$ To yelp. 17 To peruse. 18 Previously. UNot wet. .<0 Obese. 11 Arrived. 823.1416 »3 Exists, J4 Short cask. ,»5Too. 16 Chum 17 Skillet, a To (urn toward th* cast 29 In Older 31 To slide. 42 To scatter. J3 Girl, 34 Before Christ. 35 Electrical mill 38 Grit 37 Blue grass. 38 Slight 'depression in the cheek. 40 Dower property. 41 To apportion cards. 42Saclike cavily 44 Dispatched. 4 5 To debate. 46 Demigoddess of fate, 51 He was also king of 52 The World War . during his reign. VERTICAL I Knoti in wood •J. Breezy. 3 Kind. 4 Southeast, I Tumultuous disturbance. 6 Wus victorious 7 Within. 8 Inslrument. 9 Otherwise. 10 Upright shad, 11 Mountain, 12 He -^- afler the war's end. 15 He lives in in Holland. 17 Taxi. 18 To relieve. 20 Merriment. 21 To snip. 22 Butter lump. 24 Mnrbl« used as o shooter. 25 Diy. 26 Parent. 27 Seed bag. 28 Fetid. 30 Resident, 31 Wise. 33 Shaded wnlk. 34 Political dictator. 36 Gaiters. 37 Harbors. 39 Bill of fare. 40 Instrumental duet. 42 Keather scarf. 43 Data. 44 Spain. 45 Musical note, i 47 Either, 48Right, 'i 49 Northeast. 50 Paid publicity. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS or work himself Into n stale nf nerves over the deprivations or even Dip horrors of war. The Infantrymen work un a holy zeal In Ihelr rushes. It makes lliem hard lo withstand, wiml the .Japanese call cbushido," or cixle for military conduct, regards each soldier as a "human bullet." Ills life is not us Important ns lliu mission to which he is dedicated. A soldier killed in action Is delfisil. There Is no more honorable <lcntli. New Liberty News Miss Maggie Marshall has returned home from the Memphis Baptist hospital when' she underwent, tin appendectomy. Mr .and Mrs. R. J. Pillow ami son, Boss, of Oxford, Mls.s., spent llic week end here will) relatives. J. W, Williams and family of Trenton, Term., spent Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. Curl Williams nnil family. Hiram McDnnal, who 'has been working at Sardls, Miss., for several weeks, spent llic week end here 'with his family. Work hn.s begun on (he new Baptist parsonage on tho church grounds here, Elisabeth Lutes, daughter and Mr.s, Clyde Liitr.s. is icr home. Too Woman's Missionary Union ( of llii! New Mherty Baptist ctiurcli j met at Uie home of Mrs. D. C. I Pillow Tuesday afternoon. [ After the business meeting, Mrs. I Mildred Aycock was given a surprise shower of miscellaneous gifts. Refreshments 'of sandwiches', cake mid hot chocolate were serv-' cd. dear Luke Newa The llev. M. n. Griffin is ut- tcndlng the Baptist state convention In Fort SinlUi Ihis week. Mrs, George Shepherd and .son final, .spent Sunday in Blytli-- vilJe visiting Mr, and Mrs Uov 'Stieplu'rcl and family. [ Ivir. and Mrs. ,Ji-i> :t . Tillman ,-,,. :«'iitly move<l to f'crryvllk., Tcnn I where lliey will make (hc-ir hc,;m> ' Mi, und Mrs. Jess SmilJj f /,f»l i. Sunday in nye:,s vlslllni! llii-lr ««>. Girtlmr SniUli, mi d lanmy. lKHlloii of a Joint, stock com- y for finllier It is possible u, (1 y, jion-Mop, from Kansas City, Mo., across the -WKlcrs of tbc United States, in :.ny direction, XERONK HM'I-HIKK'/.K HHATKRS 507 Ward Carulhi'rsvilln TIUJRSDAY,J^1JC£WIJEII 16, 1937 FREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS '' Get X'OUf* <Miimil/i(u n-lii. Kr/\'»'/ii Gel your comjjlcfe winter aulo needs ami FJIKK GIFTS W AUTO PAST'? Moron on. BATTE1HKS KK K. M:'.iii Jilylhi'villo (iultl Fuuml in \\V|| SI'ARKS, Kits. lUI'j-.lU'sidi-iHi M Sjxii'ks and Fiimiing, Kiis., IKUY i become' so aroused over lln>' fiml- ins uf Riild In a well near hi-iv ihnl tiny arc consUlc-rlng tin. „,.' of Mr. Ill in anything rail'. Tho danger Ls dysentery, which caused such havoc among Southern soldiers in the Civil War In America. The fighting qualities of (he Japanese army are debatable. There Is no question of individual courage. There is ample evidence tlvat Ihe Japanese soldier Is as courageous as any living rnnn. Perhaps lie is loo courageous, for lie is prone to make nn Issue an lu-; one, like (lie samurai or Japanese warriors of feudal times Instead of relying on team work and organization. It Ls said that the Japanese arc not good aviators. It is true there arc many accidents among filers In Japan. Weather conditions Iherc may be partly responsible, as con- Icntled by Jajmuese officials. The aviators did a neat bit of bombing around Tientsin, picking off objectives cleanly. But most of lhal bombing- «-as done lit iiboitl, 300 yards, and the bombing abilities at high altilucles were not tested. Gunnery Kerords Sfrrrt The artillerymen ;ire 'said to be poor ufmrksmen. although would be a question of persona opinion depending on just how much experience one bad hud with It. The Japanese do not, publicize their gunnery records. Excitability, inherent in the race, ' Is a drawback. Japanese crowds stampede easily. The Japanese have had so few defeats in battle Hint they Imvc come to think of themselves us invincible, admittedly a dangerous attitude when coupled with the tendency toward individualism ami excited actions in emergencies. Lack of Imagination is nn asset. The Japanese soldier is not inclined to grumble about hardships Yarbro News Mr.s-. Lee Styles mid Mrs. C E Parker spent Friday afternoon in Caruthcrsvlllt!. Mr. and Mrs, Will Purcell visited relatives In Portagevilli; Smi- dny. i Miss Louise LnFerncy, of port- agcvHle, Is visiting relatives here tills week. Jolni Walton Is seriously sick from an attack of appendicitis Mrs. Agncss Holnmcs anil diuigh- ler have returned home from Montgomery. Aln., where they attended the funeral of the child's father. The comlltUi of Dr. E. V Hill who Is sick from Infhieim remains unchanged. ' More tlinn half tliT^p] c In the Dominion of Cunndn nre less thnii 25 years of age. SPECIAL WR HAVJC A Vi:\V Brand Netv Firestone Tires AT KI'RCIAI, Low Prices WH1I,IC' THKV |,AST Don't Forsol Our Fret 1 Son 1 ice J'Vir linikos, l.i^lil:;, NaKery, Anli-Froe/e \\hecl Ali«nnion( FOK1) ANTl^KUKK/J'; F'UESTONK WINTIOU Oil- PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. SHi & Walnut I'honc 8111 You Still Have Time to Save at Joe Isaacs r* FOR CHRISTMAS Ho will appreciate u quality giil from uur whiskey simp . . Whiskeys, Wines, Gins and Cordials CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main ami, Division SPECIAL Merchants Plate I.nnch ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY 7 LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Securities OSCEOLA, ARK. EXTRA RICHNESS OF "SLOW MASH" That Takes More Time and Gia O (HJALITY KENTUCKY s L WfflSKY Made As Brown-Forrnan Makes It ** ^. \ s -, _*---'.>- ' You'll Say It's HOTEL NOBLE "Where Hospitality I» a Rralilj." B StOW MASH" Bottoms Up KENTUCKY STRAIGHT • BOURBON WHISKY MOWN-FORMAN D1ST1LIERY CO., tOUIWlLlt. KENTUCKY-SINGE 1870 SPECIAL At The PRICE A BROWN-FORMAN QUALITY PRODUCT 90 PROOF n.wi.H * COMPANY, Exclusive Illslrlluilors for Arkansas Loth- R«^ Pillt BlM(ti, Fnrt sm ; ni ladies' Coats & Dresses-Men's Suits & Overcoats (live Your Wife One of These Pine Coals for Christmas LADIES' COATS /''»>• Trimmed and Tailored Styles S "Inv! 1 "; f 1 *" 1 '" !' llosf Coal r " s l»«»» in Sport, or Dress ii;i^i-M tl()st pnt ' os UIV( ' l)l ' u " <>iit » w «'- (| '»jfi.v... ™iu« Complete Range of Sizes and Colors V;il »» HcL'lllHI- SI'I 7-, 10 s :rge (ii l).!)5 O $745 -,o-s ils $1G?5 Large f;ioti|> Sll).<)5 dials S27.:>0-S2!).7f, Coals Now S22.50-S2-l.Rn (.'oafs Now Regular Sf)9.f) ('oats Now What Finer Gift Than One of These Beautiful '*•.. All Offered at Sensational Savings 2 Groups $1,9.75 Dresses Now Now high shades. :ds3 dark colors in the sei- son's favored stvles. S7.95 Values $5.75 $!.!>;> Values Our finest Classy Jean Prock.s nre all offered in this special group . advanced winker stybs, desirable colors. 15 95 $16.75 Dresses Now S3.47 DRESSES Silks and light, weig'it woolens In a wide variety of now and up- IJiiilinu .styles, fdi-il ten- business, street or dress wear. Classy Jean and other good makes . . . new .Miinrt color combinations . . . every S1G.75 Dress included in this group. $ 13 ; $12.75 Dresses Now JQ25 $7.95 Beautiful new style Dres- .scs that oiler style and quality at a real money saving price. Get yours curly . t MEN! TREAT YOURSELF TO A NEW SUIT THIS CHRISTMAS - TREMENDOUS SAVINGS NOW ON MEN'S FALL SUITS No\r you may srlrot jour suit from (lie largest showing ;„ jiisstssippi County ;,l sulistanlial saving . . . just in lime (o brlp yon m:ik e your Chnstnias dollara ico farther. liejiiliful new pullcriis in fine woriitcil anil nanimercK. single: and dciilita lirraslcds, plain and sport harks Si 7.!)5 Suits S 10.75 Suits 822.50 Suits S24.7. r i Suils $14,95 $16,75 $19.45 $21.50 Stnglp a n d double broaslcrts, plain nml S sports Lacks. CURLEE $27 JO SUITS The Finest for the Money. i\»\v Men; Here's your riiance lo a Curlce al .1 S3 saving. New pal- Icrns, regular, shorts. lou^s, sliorl slollts for (lie hard to fit men. 24.50 I Lot Men's Worsted SUITS glp a n d do aslcrts, plain rts Lacks $13.45 S17.93 Values MEN'S NEW TOPCOATS Here's (he pick of the crop in Topcoats grouped into four low priced nin^cs. New plaids and Kolid colors in greys, |,i llt , s ant | browns. Comptulc range of si/.cs. S17.SO Couts Sin.7. r ) Coals S21.rifl Coats , §21.75 Coats $14.95 $16.50 $17.50 $19.75 JOE ISAACS, inc.

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