The Ogden Standard-Examiner from ,  on July 16, 1936 · Page 4
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from , · Page 4

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Thursday, July 16, 1936
Page 4
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THE OGDEN STANDARD-EXAMINER THURSDAY EVENING, .JULY 16, LENS INVENTED TO PHOTOGRAPH FLOATING DUST New Camera May Prevent Silicosis Fatalities In Industry NEW HAVEN, Conn.-- (UP)-- A "dust camera" which will actually "shoot" dust in the air, and provide the only permanent record of dust which can be obtained today by scientists making- studies in the . dust content of air in various industries, has been invented by Lawrence H. Ott, of Cleveland, a student in the Sloane physics laboratory at Yale university. -Ott worked two years with J. B. Ficklen, chemical engineer for the Travelers Insurance company, in developing the apparatus which, it was said, would have prevented the recent silicosis tragedy in West Virginia, where several people died as the result of an over-abundance of silica dust in the air. The camera is extremely useful, Ott says, in industries usinj: brick- making, quarrying- and burnishing in their manufacturing processes. "As soon as employers are required to keep the dust volume in the air down by legal statutes, such a method of counting dust as we have devised will be even n-.orc interestins: and valuable," he asserts. DUST PARTICLES COUNTED · The camera takes a picture of the particles of dust in a very small amount of air. These particles arc counted and the percentages of dust in cubic feet of air estimated, similar to the method now employed by physicians and physiologists to determine the number of blood cells in the human body. The simple and light apparatus was fashioned and assembled by Ott in the machine shop of the Sloane physics laboratory. It consists of an upright shaft with a camera box on top and the lens within the tube to which are attached three cylindrical pipes. Each of these three pipes contains a flashlight bulb, such as is now used in commercial photography, wired Thirsty Cattle Crowd Around Water Hole COUSINS KILLER MAY JET HELP Test Case On Legality of Surgeons' Judgment Considered ,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,* ,,, «,, TM«.t ,, drouth. «.~ o..«l« «» «» ^ l C (Associated Press photo.) i r Rain-Maker" Offers Cure For Drouth, If Costs Paid TAKKN A. rubber tube is attached to the upright metal chamber, and air s "ucked into the interior through a rubber nozzle. When this sample of air? which contains the dust to battery-three bulbs being touched off simultaneously. The present equipment weighs Ci 4t pounds but Ott is working to develoi) a dust camera with one about the new camera ?'?«»· The camera provides the onlj means known at present of pre- srrvin" a permanent record of the amount of dust in.a given local.ty at any particular moment. ^ Wine Served By Hour, Not Glass BUCHAREST, Rumania--To cut down the surplus of wine, innkeepers of Bucharest, Rumania, are selling the liquor by the hour instead of the glass. In all wine- shops have appeared the following notice: "Drink all you can m an hour-for sixpence." The customers are clocked in as they pay the equivalent of 12 cents, and at the end of the hour they are asked for another sixpence or told to leave without delay. The termite queen is a giantess compared to other members of. h« Xln-dom. As she lies helplessly in her royal chamber, she is attended constantly by thousands of workers, which carry-out the eggs, and feed and cleanse her, while soldier termites stand guard. _ 4-4-- · · In most states, licenses must be obtained to hunt bullfrogs. DEPENDABILITY By LEO BARON United Press Staff Correspondent GLENDALE. Calif.. July 16--(UP) --Charles Mallory Hatfielti, a professional rainmaker of some 34 years standing, offered to break the great milwest c'.roulh today with his time and your money. Give him expenses and hes will- in to ri£j up his apparatus and sprinkle them liberally with his chemical formula and in a week or less coax out of clear skies at least one good gully-washer. A tall, stoop-figure with a long thin face, professional manner, and a profound faith in his profession, Hatfield. 61 years old. once \vas public enemy No. 1 to circus parades, lawn fetes and croquet tournaments from Dawson City to Honduras. Along came the depression and rainmakers went out like the two-wheeled shays. NO RAIN SINCE 1930 H'ltfiela hasn't made a rain of 'any kind since 1930, but believes it's be«-n because of the depression, rather than any slacking of public confidence in his ability. Said he: "I could make It rain anvwherc you name and will do it gratis free and will do it for the bare expenses. It is because it makes me sad "to think of crops drying up and cattle dying, when it's so unnecessary." SYSTEM IS SIMPLE His "system" is simple and he says it hasn't once failed him. He erects four 12-foot towers about 50 feet apart and places on top of each .a shalloy galvanized tray, 4 inches deep and 4 feet square. He fills them with a chemical solution. Time ana the atmosphere absorb the liquid solation and down com:* the rain, Hatfield says. The how of that Is a secret he shares only with his younger brother, Paul Hatfield. Hatfield got in the rain-making business by deliberate intent. Tt was in April. 1902, when he mixed his first batch of chemicals and when he was through down came .03 of an inch of rain. He *sst h;s rain trap for July, the dry- est month in the year in California. Alone' came another shower that drenched San Diego with more than an inch, according to Mr. Hatfield. Mr. Hatfield has carried out 30 ·'commercial contracts" from the Yu- I kon to Honduras, Sometimes his results get out of hand, as when it rained 41 inches in 26 days in San DioTMo and again when he started a rain in the Mojave desert that washed out three miles of railroad track. Six-Year Study of Co-ed Food. Habits Starts COLUMBUS, Ohio -- (UP) -Whether the modern college girl eats more or less than her predecessors of the last 45 years will be answered when the school of home economics of Ohio State university completes a six-year study of food habits of representative university women. Starting last year under direction of Prof.' Hughina McKay, coeds have been testing the food they eat to determine how many calories and .proteins they consume each day." · · t- When" the . study · is completed fabout'19*1, according to Prof. Mc- iKay, the results will be compared' [with those obtained in previous tests. In 1894 coeds ate twice as much as they did 30 years later, studies at the University, of Chicago showed. Vassar girls in 1917 and. Iowa State coeds in 1928 also were comparatively well fed. Studies at Oklahoma A. M. and at Oklahoma university in 1930 indicated, however, that the girls of this period ate much less than those of the generation earlier. NEW ACREAGE BADLYNEEDED H a w T e l l s A g r i cultural Leaders of Scarcity of Sugar Beets PORTLAND, Ore., July 16--(AP) --A picture of possible scarcity unless irrigation places additional land in production to keep pace -with the nation's growing population confronted the American Society of Civil Engineers today. j. W. Haw, railroad agricultural dirpctor of St. Paul, Minn., told delegates more than 3,000,000 more acres of vegetables, fruit and sugar beds will be necessary for the 141,000,000 estimated population of the United States In 1961. Haw urged that irrigation be viewed from a national standpoint and contended that western irrigated agriculture is supplementary to established agriculture in the humid areas. . "It is a mistake to characterize it a s competitive with farming in the east, south and middle west," he In another section at the 66th annual convention of the national engineering group, Colonel T: M. Robins, United' States engineer'of the North Pacific division, envisoned a rapid growth of shipping oh the Columbia river. SAN QUENTTN PRISON, July 16 --(UP)--Albert Walter, Jr.,. young Bostonian condemned to die for the strangle-murder of Blanche Cousins, may receive aid from an unexpected source through a contemplated test case questioning the legality of physicians and surgeons who are not psychiatrists to pass judgment on the man's sanity. This was revealed today ' when Bertram ROSE, attorney for Dr. Mervin Hirschfeld, defense alienist in Walter's trial, said he was studyng possibilities of making an appeal for the slayer on the premise-that he had been pronounced' sane-'by incompetent persons. Walters case hinged on his mental condition because he pleaded no: guilty by reason of insanity. The jury which heard the case, in which three state alienists testified Walter was sane when he committed ths crime, found the defendant sane and therefore guilty. Ross said he would not question the qualifications of Dr. E. W. Mullen to pass on the strangler's sanity because he is superintendent of Agnews state hospital and a noted psychiatrist. But the attorney said he may appeal on the grounds that .neither Dr. Frank Sheehy nor Joseph PoheLm, the state's · other alienist witnesses, claim to be psychiatrists. Dr. Sheeny-Is-a member of the San Francisco lunacy ' commission, but is said to list himself as a surgeon. Yugoslav Dances Self To Death BELGRADE, Yugoslavia -- Trying to make good her boast that she could dance the "Kolo," the Yugoslav national dance longer than the band could play it, Marija Novakovitsh danced herself to death in a cafe in Belgrade. As the band played faster and faster the girl whirled to and fro with ever-increasing speed. Suddenly she fell flat on her face--dead. Her heart had failed. Hero Celebrates 100th Birthday KALENBACK, Bohemia -- Believed to be the last survivor of the battle of Solferino, fought on June 24, 1859, Herr Anton Neabauer has just celebrated his 100th birthday in Kalenback, Bohemia. The battle was fought by the French, under Emperor Napoleon III, and the Sardinians, under King Victor Emmanuel II, against the Austrians, led by the Emperor Francis Joseph, GIFT Three Survive Crash of Plane LOS ANGELES, July 16. -- (AP) -- Three men who plunged 500 feet to earth in a crippled airplane and scrambled to safety as fire broke out were treated for burns and bruises today. Charles Stanton, William Moore and Frank Lane miraculously survived the crash. Investigators reported the three had taken off from a Belvedere Gardens airport and cruised for about 15 minutes when the plane seemed to lose speed and suddenly plunged downward. 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