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Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida • Page 1
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Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida • Page 1

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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IEWS FKT lAUBERDAUE THE WEATHER Partly cloudy with few widely scattered showers through tomorrow. Warm today. For complete weather information sec Page 10-A. Woman Rccomcs First Y2 Falalily story, picture Page J-JJ 0AP Wire photo Photo fax Member Of The Associated Press And PI Full IS'EA Service 51st Year Three Sections FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA. SATURDAY, JANUARY 6, 1902 38 Pages PRICE FIVE CENTS 1 Bead, '63. Hurt 1,500 Homeless fo)f LTQ i i 0) 111 wreckage with fears moie dead may be found in the community of 10.000 residents. "I can't see how it tore up so much without someone else being killed," Highway Patrol LL Joe Livingston said today following conferences with rescue officials. "This thing cut a path about 300 yards wide and more than a mile long. It's the worst tragedy this town has seen." Damage in Crestview was expected to exceed $1 million. The twister, apparently spawned in the Gulf of Mexico, skipped across the town from the southwest to the northwest about an hour before darkness and did its worst damage in a business and residential section on the northside. The tornado dipped down first in a semi-business district along a highway, wrecking an auto agency, an auto parts shop and a supermarket. (From News Wirt Services) A tornado boiling out of a squall line tore zig-zag path through Crestview in the North West Florida Panhandle yesterday, killing a six-month-old girl, injuring 63 persons and smashing at least 300 homes, including 50 house trailers. An estimated 1.500 were left homeless by the deadly funnel which apparently dipped to the ground three times. Rescue workers toiled around the clock sifting through the Then it moved to its major punch a devastating assault oil a large trailer park. It was here, in the strewn out pieces of twisled metal, that rescue workers set up spotlights that cast an eerie glow through the misty rain, and went about the grisly business of looking for possible victims. Around the trailer park," young National Guardsmen with rifles slung over their shoulders, blocked the intersections, watch- ful for looters. 5- GHOSTLY SCENE Off to the side, the last flames of a house fire touched off by the storm were dying in the slow rain sliortly before midnight. High in a tree, a piece of metal siding from a trailer reflected the glare of the spotlights. Down the road, a truck with its load of lumber still tied securely in place, was on its side in a ditch. In a street the smashed remains of a television set were scattered among the 1 ill I I ft --JtKtilN; 1 it I stuffing from a chair or sofa. Beyond the trailer court, (Continued on Tage 10-A, Col.1) i i Vc- MM. OA. I CtlSTVIIW jl Ntw OrlOf Ovll Of V. 1 Miami 0 "I Kry Wt :4 I 1 Al LS- W.iMii.- A. MILES (AP WlrtpholoO Roof From Restaurant Is Ripped Off By Tornado but dishes and cups on the shelves were not disturbed WHERE TORNADO HIT in Panhandle area It Iflit Infant Died In This Del)ris At Crestview on estimated 63 persons injured by tornado Sn(iiu Sleet Freezing Rain Then 6I Heard 'J The Roar as M'Y ionn bprea ilk- 1 a i' I rem CRESTVIEW. (UPI) "All I could think of was 'Lord, if you're going to take me now, I'm Those were the words of Mrs. Ann Holmes as a tornado battered her home yesterday. Kansas and Missouri. The same general area was crippled by another storm three days before Christmas. Kansas City was nearly paralyzed with a 10-inch snowfall that caused monstrous traffic tie-ups. St. Joseph, had seven inch- By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The first major storm of the new year buffeted an area from Texas to New England with snow, sleet and freezing rain today, piling up huge drifts in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri and glazing roads with packed snow and ice. Blasts of Canadian air that accompanied the storm spilled into the South. The midwinter snow storm brought near blizzard conditions yesterday to parts of Oklahoma, ft Mrs. Holmes, who with her son took refuge last night in Cuba Gels Red Cross shelter, said' she was "alone in her living room when the tornado struck while my son was visiting a neighbor across es and Olathe and Topeka, had six. Six-foot drifts were common in the area, where 50-60 mile winds reduced visibility at times to a few feet. The snow belt extended into Texas, where Chillicothe had five inches whipped by 73 m.p.h. winds. Schools and roads were closed in northwest Oklahoma where snowfall measured up to six inches. Several college, and high school' basketball games scheduled last night in the storm area were postponed. The snow and sleet also extended into northwest Arkansas, coating highways with ice. Snow flurries were reported as far south as Hope, which the street. "I didn't see the tornado but I heard it. It sounded like a roar Abuses Prolonged Amex Revelations Expected To Grow WASHINGTON. Lfh-The biggest stock market scandal in 23 years has hit the American Stock Exchange and further revelations seem certain. ing train getting louder and louder. -Then the next thing I knew the serened door on the front porch took off. Then one section of the porch blew away. I ran into the hall and all I could think of was ''it 'Lord, if you're going to take me iwiinmriMnri it um vuimmft i' itmr im i rrt New High In Budget KEY WEST. U1 The Cuban Council of Ministers has approved the highest national budget in the nation's history and has wiped out all municipal and provincial tax systems, Havana radio announced today. The new system "abolishes all encouragement for private investments," the broadcast said. The budget, equivalent to $1.8 billion at the official Cuban ex-change rate, calls for a progres. sive income lax which imposes a $36.75 monthly levy on those who earn $50 a week, for ex- I is 40 miles north of the Loui I'm ready. The nation's second largest, Mrs. Holmes said the home where her son was visiting was (AP Wirepheto) BIG ARKIE IS FEELING, MIGHTY LOW rests under sun lamp hoping to cure his ills untouched by the twister but a fastest growing stock exchange was blistered yesterday by federal investigators who cited evidence of "manifold and prolonged 14-foot boat and trailer in her MILTON H. COHEN directs Amex probe yard was lifted into the adjoin ing yard of a neighbor. Arkie's Low- abuses" of market safeguards The freakish tornado tore up adopted after the 1929 Wall St. debacle. all but the rear of her garage 60 Flee N.Y. Fire; Girl, 14, Loses Life NEW YORK. Fire swept through the upper floors of a Murray Hill tenement early today, killing a teen-aged girl and forcing the building's 60 residents to flee into the street. Another child suffered burns and Mizzuble Gatoi In a 127-page report, the staff Bing Better After Third Operation but a freezer inside the building was undamaged. Mrs; Ashley Odom, who with her husband and their five chil of the Securities and Exchange Commission ripped into the American Exchange in terms LITTLE ROCK, Ark. IP) If Arkie's trouble as a deficiency of vitamins A and D. This has am pic. luoan wn earned 000 per month would pay $697.75. The radio said the budget would mean the Cuban economy would reminiscent of a similar reform you have a cold, and you're sick of sun lamps, sprays, ointments dren and his sister with two vounpsters were also in the led to a fungus infoj-tion around probe of the larger, neighboring SANTA MONICA. Calif. (UPI) and tonics, just be glad you his ponderous mouth. New York Stock Exchange in operate without a deficit under Singer Bing Crosby was recuperating today from an operation 1938-39. three policemen received minor in a single fiscal system. The order stripping provinces and muniei. shelter, they both heard the tornado coming. TIED DOWN "Mr husband went into the performed yesterday to remove siana line. Roads in several states in the Great Lakes area had areas coated with ice or packed snow. As the storm moved east of the Missouri it changed to a freezing rain and sleet in some areas. Highways were reported 100 per cent ice-covered in southeastern Iowa while drifting snow limited visibility to 50 feet on highways in the south-central part of the state. SOAKED Rain, at times accompanied by lightning and thunder, soaked most of the lower southland. McComb, measured three inches, yesterday. Macon, reported 1.58 inches last night, Valparaiso, had 1.36 inches. Rain also was reported in the Pacific Northwest, extending into the Northern Rockies. Temperatures ranged from the 30s in the rain area to the 50s in southern California. Readings were mostly in the 40s in the Southwest. Frigid air that rushed into the storm area kept temperatures below zero in parts of North Dakota and Minnesota yesterday. Grand Forks, N.D., reported a high of -11. juries. The American Exchange had no immediate comment on the docu two kidney stones. The 57-year-old crooner was re Police identified the dead girl as Joyce Higgins, 14. Her brother, Dennis, 10, was not hurt. But a friend who was spending the ment. Three developments were expected to flow from the SEC's action: ported excellent condition" following the two-hour and 20-minute operation and his physi yard tie things down," she said. "I was waiting at the kitchen door for him to come back when the roof was ripped off. I cian, Dr. Frederick Schlumber night, Ileana Delguardo, 14, suf fered minor burns. 1. Increased pressure on the told my children to stay in the ger, said he saw no reason why Crosby could not attend his Peb Police said the fire, which was living room and be calm and the Lord would take care of us. He aren't an alligator. Big Arkie, a cantankerous old 13-foot alligator which Little Rock Zoo director Raymond Squires claims is the largest in captivity, has the mid-winter miseries, and he's feeling mighty low. Squires, the alligator's nurse, placed two sun lamps in his pen yesterday. They helped a little. Then Squires began spraying Arkie's nose and throat with a medicated substance in an oil can. And as if that weren't enough Big Arkie must suffer the ignominy of cod liver oil. A veterinarian diagnosed Big ble Beach, golf tourna He lives in a cage apart from the other alligators, because alligators sometimes have a tendency to fight, and Squires doesn't want him hurt. Big Arkie doesn't feel like fighting. He doesn't even feel like going after Squire's hand when the zoo director wields the oil can. "But he sure doesn't like that cod liver oil," Squires said. The alligator wighs 600 pounds and was caught near Hope, 11 years ago. He was healthy until the skylight in his indoor pen was taken out in a renovation. "The poor fellow just isn't getting enough sun," Squires said. under control in 15 minutes, exchange, known to Wall Streeters as the Amex, to adopt reforms more sweeping than those already in the works. (Continued on Page 10-A, Col. 4) palities of tax revenues apparent, ly would convert the Fidel Castro government into an even more monolithic structure than it is at present. The budget earmarks $237 mil. liori for public education; $89 mil. lion for public health; $32 million for science and culture; $48 mil. lion for communications; $175 mill lion for social security; $194 million for administrative services, and $9 million for recreation and sports. The broadcast made no mention of any outlay for the Cuban armed forces, described by the U. S. State Department in its did." ment starting Jan. 18. started in the Higgin's fourth floor Schlumberger said a couple She said the rain fell so hard that 4 to 5 inches was standing on of stones about the size of lima apartment and spread to the fifth and sixth floors. Policemen from a nearby station house raced into the house after hearing screams beans were removed from Cros the bed of her 7-year-old son, Clayton. The roof covering the TODAY'S DIRECTORY by's left kidney. A St. Johns Hospital spokesman, (Continued on Page 10-A, Col. 1) and routed the sleeping tenants describing Crosby's attitude Amusements 9-A Broward County News 1-B toward confinement said, "he's Classified 2 thru 9-B Comics 10, 11-B not taking it like most patients. FIRE LOSS $100,000 JACKSONVILLE. (J) Fire destroyed two firms in the heart white paper this week as the larg. In fact, he is a little bored with TO FILL A FUNNEL est in Latin America. the whole thing." of Jacksonville's business district Bing's wife, Kathy, said after Crossword Puzzle 11-B Editorials 4-A Horoscope 11-B Movie Time Clock 9-A Sports 6, 7-A today. Damage was estimated by the fire marshal at $100,000. the operation her famous husband refused to let her serve as his nurse, although she is studying Flames swept through the Mock Television 10-B Firemen Douse It Eiffel Toner Blazes PARIS. IV) Fire broke out today about halfway up the 980-foot Eiffel Tower. Firemen climbed rapidly to the second landing' of the tower and put out the blaze. The fire apparently started in a pile of rags left by tower maintenance workers. Damage was slight. nursing at another hospital. Crosby, operated on twice before for removal of the stones. Weather Report 10-A Women's Pages 5-A CRESTVIEW. tP Looting was at a minimum in the wake of the tornado that struck this town yesterday. But one officer reported arresting a man he caught stepping through the smashed-out show window of a liquor store with a fifth, of whisky in each hand. CUBANS DEFECT MIAMI. IB. The captain and "several members of the crew" seized control of a Cuban patrol boat today and sailed to Key West where they asked for political asylum, the U.S. Coast Guard announced. "No one can go aboard and no one can talk to the crew," a Coast Guard Officer in Miami said. IiUe Missetl High School INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (IPI) More than two-thirds of the persons who apply for unemployment benefits here never finished high school, the Indiana Civil Rights Commission has reported. Mexican Food Enchiladas, Hot Tamales, Chili. Mexican! Steak House, 4050 NE 5th Oakland Park. LO 4-9734. Adv. Furniture Co. and the Mai Houghton a mortgage firm. Both were housed in a single structure on Bay near Main St. Firemen blamed a short circuit an electric hot plate for Jack-ion ville'g second major fire in a News Phones: JA 2-3711 Classified Ad. JA 3-5425 entered the hospital Jan. 1 for surgery. Fabric Close-Outs reduced 30, Commercial Storage. Furniture Fay's Custom Upholstery, JA and Auto Sfnrape. Ph I.pnnnrH Adv. WarnhniiKO TA Av fteek. '4-9316 .1

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