The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1955 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 5, 1955
Page 12
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BLYTHBY«Xa (ARK.)' COURT!!!} MONDAT, SEPTEMBER 8, 195» Air Force Colonel Sets New World Air Speed Record LOS ANGELES (AP) — An Air Force colonel has bettered the official world air speed record by more than 70 jn p h bv streaking high over the California desert at an average'speed of 822.135 ra. p. h., North American Aviation said today. The pilot. Col. Horace A. HAnes, t the new mark in two high al- n P100C Super Ewards titude runs in ar Sabre jet fighter over ADB. The runs were at 870.627 «nd 773.644 m. p. h. The old record of 755 m. p. h. was se tOct. 29, 1953. in low level runs over Califc. by Lt Col. P. K. Everest, flying an F100A over - " u:1 "" timeter jumped just as I was passing the speed of sound," Col. Hanes was quoted. Special equipment developed by North American was used to time the runs. This included specially adapted speed graphic cameras with 40-inch lenses, high-powered California's Salton Sea view-finders and an electronic counter chronograph which clicks off time measurements in once one-hundredth of a thousandth of a second. North American said the Air 15-kilometer course. . Col. ttanes was to make a token flight in his plane today at Philadelphia at the National Aircraft Show before being presented with the Thompson Trophy for his feat. His flight will be in lieu of the Thompson Trophy race, which is not being held this year. Made Aug. 26 Col. Hanes made his reel Bights Aug. 20 over an 18-kilometer (11-mile) course. "The only indication I had of •upersonic flight was when my al- May Sen. Johnson Return Next January STONEWALL, Tex. (fl>) — Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson, loafing on his ranch to recover from a heart attack, says he thinks he'll be weU enough to take over again as Senate majority leader next January. Johnson said yesterday he will go to Atlanta, Ga., in December to check with Emory University medical specialists and visit with Senators Richard Rxissell and Walter George. Later that month, he said, he'll •visit Sen. Harry Byrd of Virginia and then get the word from the Mayo Clinic on whether he can go back to leading Democratic forces in the Senate. Chinese Hurl Charges at U.S. TOKYO (tf*l — Red China accused the United States today of deploying its military forces in the Formosa area despite talks now underway between the- two nations in Geneva. "Two squadrons of the U.S. 18th Fighter Bomber Wing on Okinawa flew to Taiwan Formosa Saturday for 40 days of so-called mobility training," a Peiping broadcast reported. It continued: "Airfields on Taiwan are being extended and the United States is supplying them with fuel and ammunition. "The United States Is negotiating with the Chiang aKi-shek clique on plans to equip some nine to 10 reserve divisions. The American . . . program already covers 21 divisions of land forces and two smaller armored divisions for Chiang Kai- shek," the Nationalist leader. About 60 .per cent of all United States visitors to Canada cross the border at Ontario. Force will not disclose the exact height of the run. Nor will it disclose the speed of sound in comparison with Col. Hanes' speed. If that were known, a spokesman said, the altitude could be computed. The F100C was a production model of the nation's first supersonic fighter plane similar to those now flying at the Tactical Air Command's Poster APB. Texas. It is powered by a Pratt and Whitney J57 turbojet engine which, delivers more than 10,000 pounds thrust. Col. Hanes is a veteran of 30 combat missions flown in the Mediterranean theater during World War H. QUAKE (Continued from Page 1) lock doors to other cells in case of another jolt. Sheriff's deputies, armed with shotguns, waited to herd the 165 prisoners to a nearby park. Chimney Shifted Reporters found a 25-foot crack in the old .building's brick wall. Mrs. May Restibo said she saw a chimney in her Willow Glen section of .San Jose iopnled through a roof. Thomas Fitzgerald, who also lives in that section, declared: "I don't think there's a chimney in the block that wasn't shifted or turned around.' 1 At San Francisco, there was a quivering movement and then a back-and-forth motion In some places. Some residents felt a sort of rolling for as much as 30 seconds. Water mains burst at San Mateo, a San Francisco suburb, and in (he Alum Rock section east of San Jose. A deputy sheriff at Hollister said it was "mighty rough here," but added he had been unable to discover any damage. E. C. Carr Services Today OSCEOLA — Services were conducted today at church of God for E. C. Carr, resident of Rt. 3, Osceola, who died Saturday at his home. He was 63 and had been a longtime resident of the community. Burial was in Garden Point Cemetery. The Rev. O. H. Meharg officiated. He leaves three sons, James Carr, Reiser, William and Harlan Carr, Osceola; his wife and five grandchildren. Swift Funeral Home was in charge. Hattie Miller Dies in Luxora Services for Mrs. Hattie Belle (Granny) Miller, 87, were conducted Sunday afternoon at Assembly of God Church in Luxora by the Rev. Cecil Howell with burial in Sandy Ridge Cemetery. She leaves a son, Bruce W. Miller, Luxora, a sister and two grandchildren. Swift Funeral Home was in charge. Slight Damage In Accident In an accident at Main St. and Hospital Alley Friday at 2:30 p.m. two cars were damaged slightly. A car driven by R. L. Simpson 623 Lake, while backing from the curb, struck a car driven by Mrs James Bracken, 119 E. Vine. A broken tail light and slightly wrinkled fender were the exten of the damage. In another accident involving two cars at 15th Street and Main Street at 10:45 a.m. Friday Prezel Me Cullough, 1313 S. 9th, was driving west on Main, preparing to make a left turn onto 15th, when his ve hide was struck by a car driven by Detroit Williams, Hospital Al ley. McCullough's vehicle was in tin intersection and the driver hat made a left turn signal at the time of the impact. The fenders, grille and bumpers of the cars were damaged. Revival Starts At Gosnell Church GOSNELL— Cleveland Smith, New Iberia, La., wilil preach a'; 7:30 to night at the open meeting of a week-long stewardship revival a the Gosnell Baptist Church. The Rev. Gene Snultz, pastor o the church, said the public is in vited to all sessions of the reviva which will run" through Sept. 11. HELP WANTED Men and Women Cabinet Slakes, Bench, Machine, and Finishers. Experienced and Inexperienced. APPLY SEPTEMBER 5th THROUGH 10th 9:00 a.m. through 12:00 noon IN PERSON PARSONS CABINET CO. CROMPTON ST. OSCEOLA IT'S FUN TO EAT Smorgasbord The word Smorgasbord is a modification of three Swedish words, meaning butter, cheese and bread. It has become so popular that today to people everywhere, Smorgasbord means "Table of Plenty." OVER 50 DIFFERENT FOODS! SUNDAYS 1130 A. M. TO 2:30 P. M. WEDNESDAYS 530P.M. TO 8:30 P. M. REASONABLY PRICED JJ.75 ALL YOU CAN EAT SPECIAL RATES FOE CHILDREN (Cotton J4otef 515 R«t St Phone 8-4612 KENNETT LOUIS W. SHELBURNE, MANAGER Tries to Help And Gets Robbed of $35 CAR UTHERSVII^LE — Thirty- five or forty dollars was stolen from a 33-year-old Caruther&viUe car dealer on a country road near Bragg City around 6:15 p.m. Friday. Charles Townsend, owner of Townsend Auto SaLes, said he was driving from Pascola, where he was trying to sell a car, on Route A between Bragg City and Highway 84 when he approached a 1863 blue Oldemobile coupe. A woman, in the driver's seat opened the door at her left, partially blocking the road, Townsend said. The car dealer pulled up along side the OldsinobiLe, stopped, and asked if any help was needed, he said, Townsend explained he thought the car might be out of gasoline. A 5-11, 190 pound, clean cut man hopped out of the Oldsmobile so Townsend turned off his ignition and got out. When the two men met in front of the cars, the heavyaet man's closed fist knocked Townsend , who weighs only 130 pounds to the ground, Townsend told the courier News. The man kicked Townsend and then took the money from his billfold, Townsend said. As the two drove away in the Oldsmobile, Townsend related that he saw the license was from Arkansas. Townsend said the man was about 25 or 30 years old and was a brunette. He was wearing a sport shirt and gray slacks. The woman was around 35 and looked like a "hard working girl ... not pretty." Townsend said she was a brunette. Arkansas authorities are cooperating with Missouri officers in the investigation. Rainfall Damage TAIPEI, Formosa (ff)— Pair weather came to Formosta today after rainstorms caused at least 16 deaths, extensive damage to property, destruction of millions of dollars worth of crops and disruption of rail and highway communications. More Arms Cuts LONDON OP)—Poland and Albania are the latest Soviet satellites to join Russia in announcing cuts in their armed forces. Like the others, they kept secret their total strength. LABOR DAY (Continued from Page H third labor-management agreement reached in Detroit in four days. Most Americans could count on fair weather as they closed out the summer, at beach or mountain resorts or simply relaxing at home. But the newest tropical storm, Gladys, was prowling ominously in the Gulf of Mexico, aiming showers at Texas and Lower Mississippi Valley states. Thousands of Labor Day vacationers left Padre Island, off the Texas mainland, as Gladys was reported on her way inland this morning with 50-60 mile an hour winds. And there was sadness with the mounting traffic death toll across the nation, promising to fulfill the prediction that more would die on the highways this year than during Labor Day weekend in history. Prom an economic standpoint, the American worker could look around and say once again that he's better off than a year ago. Here's why: Employment — approximately 65'/2 million Americans have jobs, a new high. Unemployment, at 2,471,000 by last official count, is down nearly a million from 1954. Wages—at new* record levels. Average weekly earnings of factory workers are $75.76, nearly $5 more than last year. Prices—down somewhat. The government measures living costs at nearly one half of one per cent below this time in 1954. former President Truman today stepped in with a bid for labor's vote for his Democratic party. The Republican administration' is "afraid of labor" because of what it will do in the elections next year, he said in a Detroit speech prepared for the Detroit and Wayne County Federation of Labor. Truman asked his audience to support the Democratic candidate for President next year. CIO Secretary-Treasurer James B. Carey hit hard at the Republican administration In a speech prepared for broadcast over NBC radio. Continued Prosperity Predicted "We are aghast and appalled," he said, "at the self-serving, greedy tactics of the present administration, and administration keyed to the belief that 'what's good for us businessmen is good for America." Secretary Mitchell, in disclosing the latest employment figures on an NBC television program last night, predicted the country would continue to enjoy its present high level of prosperity "for the balance of this year and into next year." Plans for stepping up labor's political influence loomed large in the Mtany »nd ReuUter M«t4- mentfi. "Once labor \f united," Meany said, "we are resolved to intensify me political activities of labor and free the trade union movement of these shackles forged by the political power of big business." By "these shackles", Meany who is slated to head the combined AFL-CIO, referred to the Taft-Hartley law and the "right to work;" laws now in effect In 18 states which in general bar the union shop—the requirement that a worker must join the union to hold down his job. Reuther said "the new united labor movement," which will claim 15 million members, will "be more active than either the CIO or AFL separately." Among other things, he. said, it would be move active "in helping to elect the best qualified candidates for public office." Both union leaders expressed! dissatisfaction with Eisenhower administration progress Jn enacting school, highway, housing and social security legislation. However there were some rumblings of criticism among other union leaders over the approaching merger. "In Name Dnly" Lewis predicted that if it is carried out as planned "it will part like a rope of sand" under the eventual "strains and stresses." In New York, Michael J. Quill, head of the CIO Transport Workers Union, demanded a referendum of all CIO unions on the issue. He said in a Labor Day statement the merger would be "in name only" and may spell disaster for the CIO. Democratic National Chairman Paul M. Butler and Secretary of the Interior Douglas McKay exchanged harsh words in weekend statements over a strike at the McKay family-owned automobile agency in Salem, Ore. Butler accused McKay of "antiunion" activities and said this Labor Day marks the first in history "when a member of the President's Cabinet was openly conducting a union-busting drive." "Sheer nonsense and political! demagoguery," replied McKay. "Responsible labor leaders and labor union members will not be deceived by Paul. Butler's below- the belt tactics with which the nation is familiar." End Adv for 6 a.m. EST today, Sept. 5. G/i 'Run WiW TOKYO tfP) — The newspaper Asahi said today "seven or eight" American servicemen "ran wild" in Maebashi City, 30 miles north of Tokyo, and battled police and bystanders for an hour but were finally subdued with clubs. GLADYS (Continued from Pag* H Flora was a bit coy about her position. Little information was received from near the hurricane during: the night, but her center was estimated to be about 1,050 miles northeast of San Juan, tier- to Rico. Her present movement is estimated at about 18 miles an hour toward the west-northwest. High est winds were 80 to 90 miles an hour over a small area near the center, but winds of hurricane force extended 175 miles north and east and 100 miles to the southwest. Indications were for movement toward the west northwest at about 16 miles an hour for the next 12 hours with a slow increase In size and intensity. State disaster headquarters at Austin, Tex., alerted local agencies along the Gulf Coast to be prepared to lend assistance. Some 7,000 to 8,000 persons Sunday streamed off Padre Island, a low-lying, 100-mile long island off the Texas mainland. It is a popular resort area. The Coast Guard at Brownsville said the island was cleared by midnight Sunday. Breakers w ere ' crashing over the island early today. The resort area is mostly beach and has no protection from storms. Longer Hours For Navy Office The U.S. Navy Recruiting office at City Hall will remain open from 6 pjn. to 8 p.m. daily during. September as part of the Navy's program to step up recruitment, George C. Wray, USN, in charge of the local recruiting office announced Saturday. 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