The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1968 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1968
Page 5
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Blythevffl* (Mi.) Courier News - Monday, May 20, IMS ..- Pap fltt ir ,s Man-Made Fibers Are ','•';',• i : •' ' ' Tooling for Cotton Assault Man-made tiger manufactur-1 the 1.6 - million - bale expan ers are tooling up for a major sion in man-made staple fiber assault on key markets for cot ton, the' National Cotton Council's market research director warns. • , How 'well they succeed, according ta David Hull, Memphis, deperds on the competitive relationships between col- ton and man-made f i b e r s in terms of price, quality, and promotion. He estimates that production capacity foi man made fibers in the United States will reach the equivalent of 205 million capacity, however, will be aimed squarely at cotton's markets. According to Mr. Hull: — Total U: S. fiber consumption increased from 14.3 million bales,in 1960 to 20.9 million in 1966 and then dropped to an estimated 20.8 million in 1967. — Man-made fibers .increased their share of the market from 48.5 per cent in 1966 to 51.4 per cent in 1967, while cotton's share dropped from 461 per cent to 44.3 per cent. — Cotton gained competitive bales of cofton by November,! !y against layon in 1967 but lost 1969 — an increase of 3 7 mil-1 to modified rayon Regular ray- lion bales in a two-year period j on began to sliow comparative of its production is exoected to j and lugner prices for quality account for about; 21 million ter as a result of short supply bales of thi§ increase but most j and higher pries for quality of its production|js expeted,lo go into markets where cotton is not a major factor. Most of cotton. Although cotton prices have moderated ' since December and rayon prices have con"I Saw Wrinkles Vanish or Diminish in 2 Weeks" NEW YORK (Special):—"Disappearance .of. innall.wrinklefl .was accomplished . -.'•; even'the very deepert.winktesshowed verygreat improvernent." TJiis .drauiatic report on the ingredients in' Geijava was made by a Boted physician, tpecalizmg in dermatology, after tests made on a selected-group of; women. He saw these results-with lus own eyes. With this substance new to cosmetics, named Gertava, aging fikih can start looking younger iwd younger—not older and older. The physician also commented, "The. small superficial wrinkles responded dramatically." And ha adds that the nkin was "more trans- lucent and smoother in appearance." These results arc nothing short of amazing. And it took anew cosmetic compound to do it. Developed by the trustworthy Nina laboratory, Genava is designed to be used under make-up and as-a night cream. It il absorbed.- instantly. In two weeks timo wrinkles will- vanish or diminish.^ greatly. That is the promise noip^ made possible by Genava Skia*-^ •will become .more translucent/ younger-lookingj Now available in selected Etprra—1.65 02. $3.50;- 4 oz. $5.00. STEWART'S DRUGS tinued to firm, rayon still holds a price advantage. ; • - • — Losses to both regular and modified'rayon appear in! prospect for 1968 but Cotton, could obtain a,better competitive position with: (1) improvements in the price relationship between cotton and rayon; (2) adequate supplies from the 1968 crop; and (3) an increase in consumption stimulated through expansion in the research and piomotion program of the Cotton, Producers Instt. tute. — Competitive gains for rayon are expected to be primarily in the form , of: cotton - .rayon blend's and polyester-rayon, blends. .. , — Judging from past trends, losses to regular rayon can be recouped quickly with an adequate supply of quality cotton priced competitively. Losses to modified rayon, on the other hand, might be more, difficult to regain since quality and promotion, as well as price, exert a strong influence on fiber selection. • — An estimated 724,000 bales of polyester were consumed in polyester - cotton woven blends in 1967. Of this amount, 615,000 bales "of polyester were consumed in durable press. — Apparei uses consumed most polyester staple in "7. accounting for about t • -• fourths of it. Most of this into men's and boy's trousers, shirts, and women's blouses and dresses. Among key cotton market vulnerable to polyester staple inroads are sheets and pillowcases, jeans, work clothing, knit sport shirts, underwear, and children's play clothes. These uses consumed 2.4 million bales of cotton in 1967. DESPITE PEACE feelers and negotiations to negotiate, heavy 'fighting continues in Vietnam. These Marines with armor support are on a search-and-dcslroy mission. Stewardship: A New NEW YORK (AP) - We have probably the only apartment in New York City with an electric toothbrush on the living room table It may not be the answer to all our decorating problems, bu.t it has certainly solved our tooth- brushing problems. Though a bit out of place among the lamps, ashtrays and potted plants with which it shares display space, it came to its final resting place by the process of elimination. My husband purchased this automatic tooth cleaner as a surprise—which I feared might give me something of a shock— for my birthday. I am dubious about the electricity, wisdom of mixing water and tooth- WEDNESDAY paste, but this time the lazyiside ofi my. nature won out over, the cautious'side. Actually, I was in no great danger of getting electrocuted while the busy bristles were swishing up and down at the rate of 11,000 stokes per minute. It turned out that there's no electric ,• card attached to the power handle which ; holds the toothbrushes. It operates on rechargeable batteries and the electricity all goes into the re- charger base, where the handle rests to revitalize itself when it's not in use. However, there was one drawback to this mechanical marvel, we discovered on reading the ground rules: it had to be plugged in to a "live" electric outlet in order to keep its muscle power in working order. The outlet in our bathroom is on the same switch as that room's electric light. To maintain the toothbrush in operating condition, the bathroom light would have to remain on 24 hours a day. Not only would that be a little too much brightness in our lives, but while the toothbrush was charging, the electric company would be charging too. The dental delight had to be NEW YORK (AP) - Ever since Jesus told the parable of the "faithful steward" who mul- ;iplied his holdings by actively investing them, "stewardship" rias been a standard churchly term, bringing up images of budgets, pledge cards and collection plates. But in an era when Christianity is seeking increasingly to wield an influence in the world at large, the use of human resources in that cause is viewed in a considerably wider perspective. The idea of stewardship is much broader in its meaning and application to total lite than its traditional use has indicated," says a new Methodist interpretation. Previously, "an emphasis on the giving of money has usually claimed the limelight," the statement says, but adds that the concept, in its fuller sense, applies to "all-of life." Adopted by the recently merged United Methodist Church as a basic guiding document, it sees man as a "cocrea- tor with God" in the continuing development of the world. - in that, role, man'is described as having been given, free and gratis, the main "raw materials" for carrying on his task -the gifts of time, talent and the world itself to tend and improve. "Fill' the earth 'and subdue it," goes the-divine mandate in Gen. 1. "And have dominion over ... every living thing that moves upon the earth." Again, in Gen. 2, man is .told in the garden to "till it and keep it." Prepared by a special com- mission over a four-year period, the document, notes that the word, "stewardship," stems from the Greek word, "oikono- mia," which means the "administration of a house," and adds: "The Biblical concept includes the idea that God is the architect of an entire new household. To be included in this household means to participate in the newl sovereignty through creation;;; life which emerges from God's i and is a grateful response to"; constant process of creation." Thus stewardship is defined as "man's recognition of God's God's manifold gifts"—of abilities, time, the earth, its produce 1 and life itself. Stops Tormenting Rectal Itch Exclusive Formula Promptly Stops Itching, Burning and Relieves Pain of Piles In Most Cases New York, N.Y. (Special): The embarrassing itch caused by hemorrhoids is most torturous. But science has found a special formula with the ability, in most cases - to promptly stop the burning itch, relieve pain and actually shrink hemorrhoids And all without nar- cotics or stinging astringents of, of any kind The secret is Preparation ff* :r; There is no .other hemorrhoid."-* formula like it. Preparation HVI; also lubricates, soothes irritated;,,.. tissues and helps prevent fur-'-' " tlier infection In ointment or . suppository form "-^ plugged where? in The somewhere—but kitchen,, too far afield to. make it a 'practical base, was vetoed. The'bedropms were similarly. bypassed. 'Obviously the living room, with/its multitude of live outlets and its proximity to the-scene of-dental action, was the only'possible-an- swer. So there it sits, trailing its electric cord, on a table behind a flower pot trailing ivy. If we know in advance that company's coming, we remove the appliance and plug it in somewhere else where it is at least invisible, though temporarily inaccessible. But. the unexpected visitor, coming upon this unusual bit of decor, spotlighted under the lamp,-never knows whether to comment ;on our originality or to' avert his eyes and pretend it isn't there. What Better Place... What Better Time! No matter what interior area of your home you are planning to improve or modernize; you'll find; 'electricity automatically in your plans. Kitchen modernization is a popular place . to start a home improvement program. Here—as in other areas of the home—electricity helps you to live better. Let us help you plan youti new Mtehen. Call our Home Service Advisor, today. There's no obligation, and what better time to start ihan now. Ark-Mo Power Co. ITS M MOST VALUABLE- ONE IN YOUR WALLET. ARKANSAS BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD INCORPORATED Most credit cards run up billt. But a Blue Cross-Blue Shiel bills. And that's the big difference. Especially when you need the services it provides. A Blue Cross-BIue Shield membership card establishes your credit instantly in more than 7,000 member hospitals. It eliminates embarrassing credit checks... saves time on admission to hospitals... cuts down on red tape. Arid when you're well again, Blue Cross pays the hospital. Blue Shield pays the doctor. There are no claims for you to file, no need to make payment out of your pocket and then wait for a refund. Nearly 350,000 Arkansans are members of Blue Cross-Blue Shield and carry the credit card that p»ys bills. You can, too. For free information about Joining, complete and.mail the coupon below. ARKANSAS BLUE CROSS & BLUE SHIELD 532 North 6th St., Blytheville, Arkansas Please send me complete details about the better benefits and service available to me as a member of Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield. I understandJhere isho obligation on my part. I am interested m the following (check one)> '.'. . ' -. . D Individual '". . O.tomfy • • ' ,-O Employed Group Membership . , Membership , Membership. HA«IE___—; -...', ' '..— '. ADORES _PHONE_ _ ARKANSAS EMPLOYED IY_ THERE A«__ JMPIOYEES WHERE I WORK. Jim Hawkins I Blythevill* 7634597 I'i

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