The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1943
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME 1—NO. 200. ARKANSAS, WKDNKSIMY, TIIE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORl'S NEWS Published dniiy except Sundays in the Interest or ihc personnel of llic Army All' Fortes Advanced Two Cut'I no Hying ecJi'pol or :i)lj'the\'lllc, by tlie KlylhcvllJe Courier News. H contains the news ol the Air Btise. Bombs Away! fl-'s graduation clay for homhardiear at Snn Ansclo. Tex.. Army Ail- Field, and bis demolition missiles come pouring (nn of open bomb bay doors of training planes. Their targets included battleships, aircraft carriers, oil storages nnd clocks (all construc(c<i on the 'cxns prairie) and the three sad-faced guys below. T BfflflLLMEEI ENTRY Post Here Invited To Participate In W i c h i t a, Kans., Tourney An invitation to niter a team in (lie National Scml-tTo Haseball Tournament at Wichila, Kan., scheduled to begin Aug. 13. has been extended lo the nlylhcville Army Air Field, Ucul. Bill Adams, post athletic coach, announced today. Invitations for other (janies have been received from Army posts and semi-pro teams throughout the MidSouth. The transportation problem probably will prevent the team from accepting challenges other than from teams In this vicinity, according to Ueut. Adams. lie plans to form a team from ainont: members of the physical.IralniiiR classes and an officers' learn, to play as frequently as duties of the players pennll. Ucutennnt Adams sain that invitations fur games have been received from the Army Air Melds at Walnut Nidge and Newport, from semi-pro teams at Joncslioro, Dyersburg and Little Rock, and from the University of Mississippi ami Vanderbill ' University varsity squads. , • Officer Assigned To Signal Section 01 Snb-Depol Here Second Went. Ifobcrl L. 1'ovtcv has bri'H transferred from Harks- dale Plcld, LH., to the lllythcvlllc Army Air Field and been assigned lo duty with the sli'.ual section of ttie sub-dcpol. lieutenant 1'ortcr received lil.s .-oiiunlssloii In the Signal Corps Dee. 31. )ie cnlLslril In December, 1311, and In March of the following year wns made first sergeant of Die Signal 1'latoon at, McClclInn Held. Cal. After completlnjj Hie course at Stgnal Corps Officer Ciui- didnle School, Fort Monmonth, N. J.. he conliiuie<l lo study at' Hie Signal Airborne Kjidlo Supply School, Wrlglil Field, Ohio, and at Kelly yield, TP.\. He Is ;i 1937 graduate "f Hie Warren (Ohio) High Srlioo! and attended Wlltenbcrg ami Youngstown College. Jones Boys Lose—24-16 The FIJ team dcfealed the Jonc« Uoys 2'l-IG Monday afternoon In Ihe first game of n Hound Hobln Tournament, between Cudet teams. In n latin- game, the lledjje Hoppers beat (he Zool Suit leam 18-12. Six teams are entered in this tournament Lieut. Cecil Garrison, junior physical director, Is In charge. I'l Home Run Breaks Tic And Defeats 701st Softballers Policing The Grounds "It's tlisrcspecl to a .superior officer," said Firs; Lieut. I". Darta, engineering Harold offieor of , the 7COtli Sfiuadron. "They all said the picture in the Historical I'ic- tona! Review of tlic Post looks just like inc. I'll prefer charges." . Gapt. John F. Mead, commanding officer of the :)2Gth .Squadron, wears a cast because ol a broken ;lxmc in his unklc, He stomps when .he walks. The clumping reverberates down the corridor of the J3OQ. "H wakes me every morning." said Lieutenant Barta. -I don't know how I'll gel up in time after he removes the cast." (o none. .Serai. Steven Pappus got thrown from a liorse while he and Pfc. Lewis E. Daniels were weekending there as gue.sts of friends. c. , , . He sprained an ankle and, he said Scrgl. Frank nomin went to th«| nc couldn't have received moic dentist to have two tcclh filled. so lidlk>us care and consideration ,,'lhc dentist filled four. Then lie al | lomL . P,.iaid, "And now we gel lo the two ' " _____ that must, be pulled." rV'ly,-<< '^i v ; ' "* ' ^^''IfSfe!. 1 '] would go far if we only had two new men. We hnvc a couple of weak spots* in the lineup," Sergeant Mack McWliortor's home run in th? sixth Inning broke a lie and K.IVC the Athletic Department team a 5-4 victory over the 701st, squad in a softball game Monday aflernoon. It was a close contest with Garrison of the viclors and Owens of the lasers contributing tlic heavy hitting. Garrison hit a home run with a mate on bnse to give his team two runs, Owens scored a I base runner with a long thrce-bag- .jcr. Lineups were: Athlctii i)cpt. Stabler cf West 3rd Angel! 2nd McWhorter ss Adams c Dicner p Garrison sf Morrison If Tubbs 1st Pvl. Reinhold J. Page, affectionately known ns "Pop" Page, had a tear in Ills eye Saturday. He was leaving for home. The Army had decided to release him because of his age. to accept a job In war Industry. He handed a 55 bill to Ihe barrack chief, Staff Scrgt. Edward Riddle. '"Flint's lo buy the boys a di'ink on me," he said. During seven months in the Army "Pop" Page was a good soldier. "I never missed a cnlisthenic period," he said proudly. "So long, Pop." hospitality is second Thief Scuds Birthday Card LOS ANGELES, Cnl. (C7.P.I—LH- flc consolation was' fouiHl by Mrs Anctta niisetti in the thought that her particular swindler was well grounded in the social amenities. She told the. police Ihc nun sold her an auto for. which'she gave him a check, bill he never delivered Ihc car. On the occasion of her birthday, however, he sent her .birthday greetings which read: "I am going to San Diego. I wish you a happy birthday." • ' ' • „ ,, . ----II all depends upon whom you call for news from the Athletic March 31. 1043, will be remembered all his life by Staff Scrgt. Norman Lcdew. assistant personnel sergeant major at Post Head ----- -_. •.-•••• • ----- -•» ,,v,,,,.i,,, | U , sergean maor a os ea "?';!vSl'. ° " rcsl " ts 'lqi>arli.-i-s. He was promoted to staff for examo!? Licut. Hill Adams, athletic offi- and fructiiKd H c cngngcd lo marry ' al football. Mrs. Tliclma Harris, clerk at ccr. speaking: "The Athletic Department has one of the best soft- , ,„,„. ,,,,j,,, m ,,i,,,, 5 , KKIf . - M ball teams in the field. Tlie only Special Service Office, celebrated weakness is .U second ba;c. All i a birthday Saturday. She would- we've got for that, spot is Lienten- in't say if il, was her 21st or Mud. ant Angell." I ' Lieu l. M. J. Aii'-jcll. junior puy- sical director, speakiny; -\ve li,ivi> a good team, or we would have if a coach. lo we had a Lieutenant catcher and Adams liins but he's yelling pretty old for that sort of thing. And our coach, Lieu' ' . tenant-' Hurley, Mils sport." Lieut. Allen has-been at A. inn-icy. pliyncal director, speaking: director, spiking: "We , where from Guadalcana well trained team that! land. Pfnns Postwar Reunion NAl'rt. Cal. <U.!M-'Mrs. W. P Iilackburn, 08. is already planning a pr,-lwar family reunion of all her de.scendants who participated in Ihe war. [f all respond lo her iiui- talion which she is now sending oul, ilii'ic will bc present two sons five, grandsons and a -son-in-law Jti:st now Ihoy are all about any- il lo 1M- FUNNY BUS1ISESS .t.'^^- •"• • ''•.'/jtfifo.j,, fe, -™.M |V$l?$t w b^;%% "Tliat new gunner is quite a IminanitanMn, lit!" Lipsky rf Kamen rf 101st. Uernilcy c Pyres 2nd Blng 3rd Barrett ss Haricsh Kellner rf Baker If Owens cf Slone Campaign In Tunisia Is Subject For Debate Will tlic Tunisia campaign be prolonKcd? Trie question was , debuted diulnij tlic oilcnUUIon hour of Ihe 3Mlh Siiuiidron, by 'Tech, riil. How Q-Hallaren. Tech.! Scrgl. Novniiin J. Hrault, Corp. Jeroinc 13. Daniel and l>fc. Nurninn A Weiss. Well, will it ? Nobody knows 1 . It was a no-deelslon debate. Capt. Lowell E. Martin Transferred To Florida Capt. Lowell B. Martin of the Medical Corps, who has been sla- lioncd here si/ice November, has been Irnnsferml lo McCHI. Vield, Pla. . : Commissioned June G. 1930. hi) was called lo active duty In 1!H1 and was stationed at Camp Bowie. Tex., and nt Helena, Ark. Before coming to nlylhcville, lie had computed a special course of study at the School of Aviation Medicine, Randolph Field. Tex. Capiain Martin practiced mcdi cine,in Hamburg, Iowa. He Is a Read Courier Hews w«m *6i. Hold Everything 1939 graduate of the University of Iowa. Rickenbacker And Coe To Take 30-Day Course Staff Serjjt. Nicholas B. nlcken- backcr of the 326th S'.puidron and Corp. Jim A. Coc of tlic 25th Flying Tr.iininy Group left Ihls week. for Maxwell Field, Ala., where they will take a 30 day course in cias- sificalion. Sergeant Hickenbacker was one of the first men to he assigned to this field, coming here last ,)ulv from Greenville, Miss. He was chief clerk in the Message Center, and lalely was assigned to duly as clork in the orderly room of the Squadron. Through Thick and Thin KATKS'PN REQUEST Laugh It OfiK If yon are n soldier i: In North' Africa, II would \>u a pielly good dca to keep your trusty Jeep ' iroiiwl ill nil times. - ' • \Vc base tills statement on ji re-», nark made by n certain French North Afrlcrin soldier, who 1 .'--'.had Just knocked off two N.i/1 pnia- * .roopcrs. , Tlic N.uh hdd the ricndi ! •lor putted foi a minute All, but*-' le lilcVM llicni a "\ You .sec. lliey' told liltn they \Varif Americans, lint llie .Ficnchman,. with Gallic piaclk'iillty,- quickly an- •lywd the situation mul shot them, "I know they weren't Aincikaas Hiey didn't hnvc n Jeep," ^^^ Gen. Freyberg IsTimicd-Aroimd Southpaw Who Foil gl 11 In Harlem NEW YOliK.-EvrryDody knows A liivncd-sinnind southpaw Is mm; hat It wns n soldier ol forluin;,'p»i s ,,,,. lly now. Kommd lias a Lloiil.-Ocn. sir llcrnurd C. Frey- rough idwi that ih w Is no wav UerK, whoso New Zenlnndcis nnd ID oilifJuhl »r oiilfliitire unc llliihlandcrs IjroUBhl the good I Di-imy Krevlierir "horn In Umdon fortuneIn North Africa. |nm. rutal in New x",.!!',,,. nit lint. U remained for Hob Alberts biixini; bmui,w h,. "didn't Ilki- in of Jamaica to reveal why Hold l lm t .myoncV ,u,,l went to San Mill-film) Erwlu Rommel was .so Will, Wurlil Win- I on IharouBlily crossed up nt the Mm--. In, won ( .n ( iu«h mmicy In a swim-' Ten m Wins Tourney Monday The ;li!flih -iiiilntH. dcf, Medical Ucliu-hiui'iil lean tlio first name of tin; Dili..,.,.,.„,.„„ Im.sketball Iniirnnnicul nl, the I'osl Oyin Moiidiiy nl(|hl. lliiyliiirn wns hlRli point man of the victors with y led Uio losers «'i||i DKJ i li, ' ml "K to buy- ills pussnuc 10 eth line. <iin| To Alberts, UciUcimnl Cii-iierol Li)rtiioii."iviici-c-"l'n."jolii('d I'luMirUlih reybcin Is Denny FrcybsiK, fellow .Nnvy. One during and brilliant ex- Sam Urobcn nnd himself were work- ins in Mexico tor Pancho Vllln and whoever else would hire them us machine yinmers. etc. Following the (Mexico experience, Frijybci Blind Alberts went loTiilsa. where they worked for « sjiis mid ollfcompany on Ihc stall Unit' they were geologists, They collected 100 silver dollars a week nple.ce, and nil Ihe company got was dry holes. Tliey didn't know u salt dome from a suit cellar. 'Ihey iieadcd for New York, where Alberts' folks lived, aiul who weighed days, decide; have had more sense than lo tackle a liirncd-nroiniti wmllipaw. Scribner }Yill /'/«// For Dunce on Friday Sei-fil. Don fii.'rUmcr ivlll piny his electric ori;an ror llio weekly dune Hi points, M points. The ni),| Hi,. 7onih (eiims G'nrpoi'iil John Greco Is a man who wnnl.s to ue't innrrlcO But fate*** twined to lie asnlnst him. , i The coriioriil ijol leayo from Gump I'lckcll, Vliijhiln, (o ninrry the (jlrt .n New York. Hut nuiiH'iivqrs wcw.. ordered nnd (In; inun;l»uo wni oft. . 'I lien he sot leave nijuln But In!' ivn.s iimiranlliicd. And tlic manlaKOi was orr. , Me KOI leave uunln. nut nl "tile inlnulc lie wns awtencd, (juard duly. The miurliiiic was off. wurk-cnd ho fin illy got' * away. Ho had c vcn remembered to,* liet his license before he IctL Hut ilmi wns the rub. They don't' 1 honor Vlrtiliiln .licenses in Hew', York. Aisnln, Hie man-luge v,ns off Next Clrcco, who wns gctliiif craf- • ly by Ihls time, decided lo ufliiu his ijlrl to camp mid (jet jnuirled Ihisre Ihls week-end. * •'llo onu'l. Mnnciivcrs iigolii. Orcco: "Miiybe I'm 'trying ico hard. . ems each iidvunced In the timrniimenl, when tlK-lr respective op- weru ponentK, both Cadet lJinn.iV to pluy licentise of asn.K..- nicnls. l-.lncups and points scored )>« each pluyer were: HyDin-n Ifi ' Vjiicsby'l-t' lloaeli [) Slymtic a Sllverman 1 I'eterson 2 Kvou\)a n ' Kn'osp 0 Eiiijebrclson f) '1 LIlllClls '!. lieuls 'I Fisher « McWhorlcr •! •Schfclboi- (I »\lowciy a This Illlle scono looVr plnci; In tlio United Stiiles Eniptojment' Huvvki' ofllcp In Dnyton, olilo. A man walked In, faced H clerk, nnd Mild: "Look, 'rile War Housing oniii- mfeloii. nlier n long, period of wnlllnu. tells mo II, has an apartment for mo. And now f am iciidy to move In." , Snld Ihe clerk: "Naturally, and what call \\a do f6i yon?" "Well, tliey siiy I cunt move In ""HI I iiel n certificate fiom sou' s|n(ln(j that l am essential to the H'nr effort. llo\v aljotit it?' 'I lie clerk looked at the man and t'lilpcd. lie wns elnd In tile imifoiin of a anlted Stales Army OniHaln buc lit tin- USD Onler i-Yldny ii| B |il, with I'vt. Cn-inld J. liolli, who records cadet /lylnif tiiiio ill (iroup O|iera(lons, nt the trap diviis. ••- * *»-j"i->Mi H lia.s liccn a lout; lime since thi: i i 115 pounds in those 0. l.s had a cluinrc to dance lo the 11 to pick up n few. miiKic Scrllincr"inii.slii, nnd ll's (ho War fl llruiio 0 With mllonlni! putlinn more cars In tlie |jiirn|,'i> nnd less liquor on ! (he market, llieri: will be fewer its this slimmer. ; , n, f -n , nral llm = wre « n ™ l »""«' sllcd Oiliy Gibson, who wild Roth at, (hi- drnins iiotli used ™ slo1nnl " 1| * (! """'Vilo be a member of the bund; but Face-Lifting Operation Fails For Nazi Prisoner GRAVENHUKST, Ontario. April 7 (U.P.)—A C'icrman prisoner who changed his facs by self-performed plastic surgery has ten brought oul of an Internment cnmp hiding; place where he lived undiscovered for four months. Last December Lieutenant Siegfried Schmidt of the Uifwatfc had an ov.-il face. To forestall identification, he skilfully cut Ihc skin on each side of lib face and forced more flesh to his fore-chin to give it length and a point. He ventured from his hiding place in tile mtiin camp building yesterday and was discovered. Fellow prisoners are believed lo have brought food to the Uculcnnnt'.'i hiding place "If you ask me, this is carrying , the 'share the ride' stuff too larl" Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drag Sttre Main & lake Phone 2822 Just 4 Miles To The State Line Service Station SAVE on Phillips Quality Gtsa- linc & Oil. Prompt, Courteous Service. Operated by Mrs. H. Reynolds, Any Shoe Can Bc REPAIRED If (lie uppers arc still goad. Bring them lo us for quality I work. HALTER'S Quality Shot Shop W. M»ln Ph. 2733 Leonard and Gene Tiiiiney. nt the; New Polo A.A, In &st llnrlcm. liciinj' Freybcre fuiitflit n NeRro nnd flattened him with the first, punch. The ixiyoff was In the rtnrk. Benny collected $li.5U, as Alberts recalls II. The foll(7ivlii(f week he a fellow named Smith, but Unic Benny demanded nnd got He finished Smith In Round One, and when he scored lour additional knockouts, the rush of the managers mis on. Not until then was it discovered Hint Benny Frcyocrg was ti tnnii-d- nround southpaw. the erstwhile dc.scrt fox. didn't know that when Llenleminl General Frcyuei'B and Ills veterans of Crete and France labored across 200 miles of desert lo flunk ihe Mareth line and lake El' Mamma and Gabes. Any good fishier will tell yon lhat a southpaw is toutjh cmiuiMi. Bf <mce a drumnu-r. idways n diiiin- mer. it's suinellilnu a fellow cun't 'Ilie room for -Improvement pltnly bin enoiiijh ior all of us. F L 0 W E It S Sity il Ik-si Al Easier It wiiuldn'l lie Kusli I'lowcrs. l'l;irc your f-iii-strr onli-rs early fur corsages of Orcbicls, llnscs, ('•anlrnias, Siiriiij; I-hiwcrs and Pliiiils. \\'r. arc [ircp.ired In serve you in Itlythcvillc or distant cities —we lclrj;i;ipJi I'loiit-rs niiy- whcrc. HEATON'S GREENHOUSES AND FLOWER SHOP 200 Davis Avc. Repair M'nrk on (Jciii-ral Aldiors Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY Il'rlivsy ,t- IVulnut J'Ji. 853 KI'JTIOI) ItY Doctors J. L, *nd J. t. GUARD OI'TOAIHTKISTS SPECIAL Complete Motor Tune-up $3.35 Includes cleaning and spacing of spark plugs, adjusting and cleaning of carburetor, distributor, and fuel pump. COMPLETE STOCK OF CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5lh & Walnut Phone 453 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 rs For W ASHING :inil POLISHING Clean .Your Car U]> For Spring! LOT rim* n» Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Across from High School Till: Milltctil In: Hn.v ' COOI.KHATOIt I'ur I'N-iiiinmy :nnl Hi-rvin-. Tom Little Hwde. Co. I'honr 519 SMALL LOANS On Anrthln* tt V»ln«. Rnfi Main Loan Co. .W« r. Mita — Phont ZfiM PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock ' Giiaranlcc'iTltest' Prices' ' Kifby Drug Stores C- S. Webljx Cities Service , ; l( Station. ; (llwy. (il at : <;i)Uun Bell. Tracks) I'lmiii! 321 , ] WP MX Hals — _ _ ' . Washing ,t Grcasliij Our' WE FILL ALL DOCIOE8' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MONKT STEWART'S Drug Store Main ,t i,ak« Phone 2822 I'liii'e Teli'Ki'iipli Ortlurx iS'llH'. Cnrsaccs nf every dcccriplluit. THE FLOWER SHOP IlEt.fVEKY ANYWHERE G1.EMIOB IIOTEf, BI.DG. rlionc 401 — Nile Thone 2610 FIRESTONE Still Makes Ihe BEST TIRES! Hrinj; Us Your Ccrliflcates— KKCAI' JOHS' •Si-ill In To Memphis Faclerjl I'lDiniit Sr.rrlrc. THE-. .,„ FIRESTONE STORE 213 W. Main ' " HUDSON CLEANERS Special care taken in cleaning uniforms. l Muttons carefully handled—Pleats and I creases hand finished—2 day service. '• . . 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