The Ogden Standard-Examiner from ,  on June 21, 1943 · Page 3
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from , · Page 3

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Monday, June 21, 1943
Page 3
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MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 21, 1943 THE ODEN STANDARD-EXAMfNER Sunday Morning Car v O liccident Claims \\m Lives in Idaho FATRFIELD, Idaho, June 21 (AP) Three young persons ot Gooding were killed early Sunday when their automobile left state highway 46 'i miles south of here and plunged into 3 deep waterhole adjacent to the Malad river. m Dead are Betty Je?n Ikard, 17, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. E. H. Ikard; Gertrude Kornher, 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.. John Kornher, and Lylo Magnuson, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. I. Magnuson. The throe, members of the Melody Kings orchestra, which they hsd organized only this spring, were en route home after playing at a dance in Fairfield Saturday B ight. Five other members of the rchestra had preceded them in another car. There were no witnesses to the accident, but persons who assisted in pulling the car from the water with a negr-by rancher's tractor, said there was evidence a tire blew out as the car was about 15 feet from the bridge, forcing the car out of control and over the bridge railing into the water. It landed, badly damaged, upside clown in nine feet of water. Secrch for the three had been under way since early morning, » /hen their parents became wor- icd when they failed to arrive home. The car was not f o u n d until 1 p. m. Sunday, when fishermen discovered it. All the orchestra's musical instruments were in the car. The accident occurred in Camas county, but Gooding County Sheriff Sherman Stump was jssisting with the investigation. O«denites Gain Postal Positions c? HOLLYWOOD -- Brian Aherne stood there with his arms encir- the lovely Merle Oberon, There was an exchange of soft I words. The scene lasted for about j fifteen minutes. Then the director said, "I think you'd better do It again." "With pleasure," said Mr. Aherne. "The pleasure is all mine." So for fifteen more minutes Mr. Aherne stood holding Miss Oberon in his arms and whispering sweet words that came from the movie script. fc Again the director said, "I think ; P'ou'd better do it ?gain." "Gladly," smiled Mr. Aherne. For forty-five minutes we sat on a high stool behind the camera and watched Mr. Aherne and Miss Oberon. The love scene for "First Comes Courage" was so convincing it was d i f f i c u l t to imagine that this was acting. Not the real thing at rll. For, as you know, Mr. Aherne is jiily married to Joan .Fontaine. s Oberon is happily married to lexander Kordo. One hour later Mr. Aherne joined up on a companion stool and sipped his cup of four-in-thc-aftertioon- tea. "What do you think of war marriages?" \vc asked. "Hasty ones." "They are all right," Brian said. "Look at me and my l i t t l e wife. I think wo knew each other two weeks, or maybe it was three. And we arc certainly a happy pair." "Do you think you should have waited for a church wedding?" we asked. "Rather than an eiopement --which doesn't bring rice and old shoes-and certainly, few wedding presents.' 1 "But we did have a church wed- Bins all right," said Mr. Aherne, h?ppily. "I don't know how Joan managed it nil. She's wonderful, that's all I can say. Simply wonderful! For we had a church wedding with bridesmaids and flowers and everything. She knew I didn't know much about weddings so she even went shopping for the gifts for the ushers and the best man and the bridal psrty. A most amazing capable little woman. She attended to everything. Wonderful to have a wife who attends to all of the details--ami leaves a man free m the bother. Yes, she's wonderful," he sighed. "I certainly don't think people should wait forever to get msr- ricd. I think it works out right well. We've certainly not done any repenting at leisure--because we married hastily." Mr. Aherne said that he and his wi'fe were about to go on a vacation, up to the Russian river country in northern California. "Joan is going to make "Frenchmen's Creek" up there for Paramount, rll go along to keep her company nee this picture finishes this f-eek. Lucky, eh, what?' 1 Mr. Aherne was feeling very lucky about it all. A vacation for two months for Paramount plans a two-month location on the Russian river. And that's Hollywood! ELECTED ... At a convention of two Utah postal organizations, which concluded Sunday in Salt Lake City, Lloyd Lund, Osdcn, above, left, was elected secretary of the I'tah Association of Letter Carriers, and Kolx-rt Hazen, OK- den, above, right, was elected president of the association. Mrs. Chester Garlick, Ogden, at side, was elected president of the Letter Carriers auxiliary. 20-30 Ghb Confab Set for Ogden The next semi-annual convention of the Intermountain district of 2030 clubs will be held at Ogden in December, it was announced at the conclusion of the convention Sunday in Provo. Wilson Chandler of Idaho Falls, Idaho, was elected district governor of the organization, which comprises clubs in Utah, Idaho and Colorado. Air. Chandler who succeeds Arthur L. Duckett of Provo, will assume his new post August 15. A district secretary will be named by Air. Chandler to succeed Charles Miller of Provo. A. G. Gaskill of Ogden was named district governor of the Utah-Colorado sub-district to succeed Tcodore G r i f f i n of Grand Junction. The Idaho sub-district district governor election will be held later in Idaho, it was announced. Robert Rodman of Salt Lake City, national trustee, was the principal speaker at the general convention session urging the clubmen to continue their splendid efforts despite the heavy inroads that the war has made on their membership. At · the annual m o r n i n g breakfast in Kelley's cafe. George R. Putman, superintendent cf the UPM Construction compiny at the Geneva, steel plant, gave an interesting talk on the huge plant. Later, the group inspected the plant. The convention opened Saturday night with a boat party on Utah lake attended by more than SO couples. Clubs represented at the convention were Idaho Falls, Grand Junction, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Boise, Nampa, Payette, Twin Falls, Pocatelio and Provo. Box Elder Youth Is F. F. A. Winner SALT LAKE CITY, June 21 (AP) Elaine Welling of Riverside and James Leak of Midvalc have been nonminated by the Utah department of education to receive the American Farmer degree, highest honor awarded by the National Future Fgrmers of America. Mark Nichols, state director of vocation agriculture, said the nominations were mailed to the U. S. office of education in Washington. Boatman Killed as Earth Dam Breaks MURPHY, Idaho, June 21 (AP)-The 70-foot high earthen Sinker Creek dam collapsed shortly before midnight Saturday, sending an estimated 2,700 acre feet of water flooding down the narrow valley below, doing thousands of dollars damage ?nd resulting indirectly in the death of one person. Sheriff Claude Sullivan of Owyhee county said the damage would approach $100.000. Thomas Bowles of Marsing, 25 miles northwest of here, was drowned near there Sunday afternoon, Sullivzn said, while attcmpt- ng to recover lumber and other debris washed down Sinker creek and into the Snake river by the flood. His rowboat capsized, and he sank before reaching the bank, the officer said. Sullivpn said the reservoir backed up by the dam was nearly at its 2,700 acre foot capacity when it broke suddenly. Because it was known to be in a weakened condition, ranchers living below the dam were warned early in the evening pnd had removed some personal property from homes in the path of the waters, and also had been able to insure the safety of all residents of the valley. Robert ten Named To Lead Utah Letter Carrier Unit SALT LAKE CITY, June 21 (AP) --Robert Hazen, of Ogden, and Fred Cooper, of Provo, are the new heads of the two Utah postal organizations. At an annual convention which concluded Sunday Hazen was elected president of the Utah Association of Letter Carriers and Cooper was elected president oC the State Federation of Postf- fice Clerks. Postmaster I. A. Smoot of Salt Lake City addressed the delegation with an appeal for continued high standards of service despite the heavier demands of the war. Other officers of the clerks in- ijluded Vern Beck, vice president, and Robert Henderson, secretary, both of Ogden. Frank Davenport of Provo was selected vice president of the Letter Carriers' association, and Floyd Lund of Ogden, secretary. Mrs. Chester Garlick of Ogden was elected president of the Letter Carriers' auxiliary and Mrs. R. \V. Coon of Salt Lake City, president of thf. Clerks' auxiliary. Mrs. Robert L, Henderson of Ogden was named vice president of the latter organization. The next convention of the two groups and their auxiliaries will be held in June, in Ogden. The event is conducted only once every two years. Contingent Expected To Convert Resort KETCHUM, Idaho, June 21 (AP) A navy contingent of from 1,200 to 1,400 men is expected to arrive soon to expedite a conversion of the Sun V-l.ey resort into a convalescent hospital for navy wounded. Capt. J. T. O'Connell, commanding officer, said a smaller detachment was on hand to carry on preliminary work. Capt. F. M. Rohow of Oakland, Calif., is here to take over the post as medical corps executive officer, Captain O'Connel said. He said the navy planned to requisition many of the vacant houses in Ketchum for use of personnel. The famed resort was closed last fall due to wartime travel restrictions and employe shortages. John J, Code Heads SALT LAKE CITY, June 21 (AP)--John J. Code of Ogden was elected commander of the Utah department. United Veterans of the Spanish-American war, at concluding session of the a n n u a l convention here Sunday. Mr. Henry Moore of Salt Lake City was elected to head the auxiliary. Other auxiliary officers included Mrs. A. Q, Moulton of Ogden,, junior vice president, Mrs. John J. Code of Ogden, chaplain, and Mrs. S. Marvin Dickinsson of Ogden, assistant conductor, Gus Dyer, first counselor of the Riverside Latter-day Saints church, appealed for a "dcglarmorixation" of the elements of war and urged a more widespread practice of Christian ideals. Memorial services were held during the convention by both organizations. Farmer Sentenced WEISER, Idaho, June 21 (AP) -i Clabern Widener, 45, Rock Creek I farmer, was sentenced to serve 7 I to 20 years in the state penitentiary after pleading guilty to a charge of statutory rape. He was accused of attacking a 11-year-old girl. Ogden Pastor Gets State Position SALT LAKE CITY, June 21 j (AP) -The Rev. M. V. Blankenship of Ogden is president for the coming year for the Utah state convention ol' Christian churches. Mr. JBlankenship, pastor of the Ogden First Christian church, succeeds the Rev. J. L. Wilkinson of Salt Lake City. Mrs. Allison Henderson of Winnipeg, Man., Canada, was a speaker at the Sunday afternoon sessions in which she described a voyage en route to the Belgian Congo to serve as a medical missionary which was interrupted by the ship's capture by Germany. She said she was released in an exchange of prisoners late last ] year. She described German treat- j ment of prisoners as "humane." i The Rev. Alvin L. Kleinfelt of j Burley, Idaho, spoke on coordinating church activities with war conditions. a · o Why Take Chances Just to Save a Few Dollars! The UTAH AUTOMOBILE FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY LAW says you must pay damages and costs assessed against you as the result of an Auto accident or you may lose your right to drive. You may never have an accident. But, automobile accidents do happen every day. Suppose YOUR car does seriously injure someone else. The amount you are required to pay may be a staggering sum. It may mean the sacrifice of your home, or the savings of years. For your own protection--your peace of mind --insure today, before the accident occurs. The new rates for Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance are very low. Only $14.75 per year for complete protection ("A" Ration Book rate.) ACME INVESTMENT CO. WM. J. BLACKBURN CON E. BOHN CARLYLE C. EUBANK FORD'S FINANCE AND INSURANCE CO. B. H. GODDARD AGENCY CARL C. GASKILL NEFF INS. AGENCY ROBERT C. NYE AGENCY REALTY-INSURANCE CO. TRACE A. TURNER WASATCH INSURANCE INVESTMENT CO. MEMBERS Ogden Association of Insurance Motorists Starting To Obtain Stamps Operators of only 1,500 motor vehicles out of the estimated 18,000 in Ogden and Weber county have obtained the use tax stamps which ·' the government requires be affixed to windshields by July 1, it was re! ported today. 1 The stamp window at the post- office is open Mondays through Fridays from eight a. m, until six p. m. and on Saturdays from eight a. m. until one p. m. Persons are urged to obtain the stamps imme- i diately in order to avoid the antici- ! pated rush to beat the deadline. 1 Persons operating motor vehicles I after July 1 without the stamps are I subject to a penalty. Bridge Breaks, Car Falls Into River LOGAN, June 21--Four Logan youths- narrowly escaped serious Federation Slates War Convention SALT LAKE CITY, June 21 (AP)--An abbreviated war convention of the Utah State Federation of Labor will be held Sept. 19, the injury and possible drcwning Sat- j executive board announced after a urday at nine p. m. when a side j meeting Sunday. road bridge into the B3Ugh camp, about eight miles up Logan canyon, collapsed and plunged their car into Logan river. Jack T. Sorensen, 19, son cf Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sorensen of Logan, owner of the car, reported Fullmer H. Latter,, president, said convention activities would be held to a m i n i m u m this year because of the war. equipment of the Logan-Cache fire department, after working more than 12 hours, got the badly dam- that as he was about to drive across the bridge into a camping place the bridge began to buckle. , , He told his passengers to get out aged late model coupe out of the and attempted to back onto the \ water late Sunday evening. road. j As the bridge continued to sink, i young Sorensen, unable to move the oar, left it and got out. He and Bill Davis, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy N. Davis of Logan, walked to Malibu lodge and called a wreck- , er. When they returned the car , and bridge had disappeared into the ; , river. ; j The machine was found Sunday, j ! Sheriff Jeff Stowcll of Cache; j county, who directed salvage oper- | ations reported the car was sub- : merged about 10 feot be'.ow the i bridge. The radio a n t e n n a was j sticking about two inches above i the water. 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