Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 27, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 27, 1895
Page 3
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^ff'^Pl 5 ;^^ F. W, KINNEY, .113 BIUMIMVAY. IX Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. dress our own Poultry anj therefore have everything fresh. THE — ServJ«s 'dliiy at uxnal iD.jr nu< iind H-rr-nln, 1 br K-v. nl-^isity ot>'blMei .S-»htwth Youn^ J^ajple a me u tlng nt ti 0 WILL I'rtKVKVT FKOM CHAFFIXG, SOLD OVLV BEN FISHER'S DRUG STORE rR. F. M. BOZ-"R'9 DENTAL PARLORS. Overstate Rational Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTKD! KEAL ESTATE. W,vitml ch» intjuttittr '.s For Sale, Wnrit"! Null i" I Aur« '•'jr. Site. WiuilM I -iinili KaruiH Fur 'iilh. Wan .—I Hinui-a. KID-IKS l''nr S;iM. Wmir,*'! in Kic(.'ti;i'i!:H •aririMfo- City Property. Wjint.-il v(,irdi mdn« n Tr iln For t'itr us. ADDitKiri .11. M. KOP EYE* A SN'FF. l.oij.ti snort, Iixlliimi. INCH EASE YOUR INCOME I OthHr.i r idolnic It why not ynii? invust jm.nfl in Ductimbnr wimiLt, Our «yxt»in Uii'uigurxtflrt For the b <ntil|r. or uinall trncer-, flora yon nn nxu«l ent up -rtunlty to try It. Writ* ns tml r For Full mrormiiriiin. PBttKlNS * CO., an Riuiio tii'ii?. niiiciiKo, en. NOTICE FARMERS. Mfswr-i Mj'JulrnA Ilily-ron will 1>» .'it .T. W T,O-'K KiM'il •i-nrn on North .scrnttt Sli nrdnyo to -oxlub.t i Wlr-l»rf.i Ulit'cK Itoivrt un wlilcti ilioy Jmvo bfiin hlluwtnl n initent. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS IX KXT1L1 FINK. m'K ANI> PltOAD POINTS TO SUIT ALL HANDS. THE MOST PERFECT OP PENS. If. E. TRUAX, M. D. to No.se, I.ung, Liver l nttMitlon p;ivt>n •and Chronic; Dlsi»i.H«<. OnictMind Ituxlddiice ovi>r State N'litlonnl Blink. •Hours 10 tn 1J u in , 'J tn •) p. in., (mil 7 to 8 p. m. All eiills promptly attended. KKOE'JER & STRAIN, UDdertaRers and Embalraers, -iMliini \Vn-<: vi-ii S.in K-nncrty llllll 111- "nix h.V S:i'M-III' II •iililtlll-K— A«i Am m ii i to Itri-uu Juil. Sim Kmnedy, wno >vit,T hirinrother D.-ivo Kennedy, is unOer indictment On a nuciibjr of counts fur larceny and burglary, wtis made to give up a guo- barrel saw yo*terdn.y mornlrg by tte Sharif]-, who fortunately diocovered that one of tne steel plates at thu north end of the uppor corridor, wan in cuoh u condition that, it could have been pried Out withnul much trouble, leaving the wall unprotected against thu elTurts of four desperate men. Harry Wordan, who U indicted for tbo shooting of Warren K'>oirlr6; VVrn. Connors, who has u chirye Of lorgfry against him, and Sam and Dave Kon nody. both charged with minor olTenees, could have rmid» a break for liberty at tae lirst opportunity, had tho Sheriff nut h*vo noticed that a plate had been tampered with, the riveis having boen cut in two on ono side of the plate. Twice ihe act has been performed successfully in thn calls occuidod by the four, but their olans were blocked this time. It is. supposed tbat Dave Konoedy, who was no anxious to servo time that he ilod to effect an entrance to tbe jail, convoyed the gua barrel saw to bis broihi.ir S im, ai.d assisted la tho work Tao utmost vigilance h-ts been maintained siaco D ivid wan added to the little brood ihit -ihorlfT H.jmburg hovers over, and the result was the disclosure of yesterday morn. ing. The dam«ige h'is lecn repaired. BAPTIST " u iur. Pr«a -dl Fl-.scher • f me st-liuul at 12 m, p. m. CiKJKCHOFCimi.-,— (-cl-ntlst)— S»n-lces <"H| be held In uit-lr new room* in IK) M;u?,i< block, corm-rufalx ti nil Braid™/. BISIo Cln-n at iniS-i -unUHj- murnlns. A.II are curdiall/ In- vltf-i tout end. CrMIIEKLASD I'KhSnVTKlIlAN CHOHClI-ChM. B. SVrllbjrn. pjtstur. .San • ,y Scuo 1 W:4o . ni, P o eh Hf,' ,-|i 11 *i. m, mid ^ p u !)• IIK [)'Lst r. Kvtfniii-: .-.abject" Vilureaiid KxerL'ls^ofMrtrLT" Sundii'- sob f> itt9-r>. All u "l,ivil«l. KlKsT PKKalnTKKl.vS I.'IID CH - U'l'. U. P.. Pnt- nani. p ,j>tor Pr-nCBl p: «t ]1 c "clock a- ui. aiM7 p. in ,tuii in c iincctlofi wtili-tn HM nine .it-rvlwa uoro mill n i Wl I lie udnllilislxnvl nnd. tud ie -up 1 ^n uf n••w iumuOnrs s -lis unlz-u. ST. LUK-K'n EVA^GBUCAL li'THOUS Cll IICH. KHV. J. C Knoll ,i-ii. Piistur. >erfl e nt ! 1 a in. and 7 |j. in by tlio p L'lor. sunil'iy sctiu'il at 9;; i, Junior EniKtvur. HI '2:'M. i lirl.stliiii Endeavor uc 0 v. m. Ev'erjbuuy we come. VASiuti.iCAi. CHURCH—''cv. S. J. Xciclal. pastor, tfrvicrs t d;ij a- fa luws: oabOntii suliool u \liWa. m urtsicnliii; :ic mi*) 11. in by HIM p-sitir. 1. p. A. «t B n. m freiicnliw In the cvrnlnitatT •. in. by Ko*, Jos. Klaiter. All <ir<i curilianr Inv «l. SllOADWAY HUSBYTKHIAN CliL'ltCili - Slindliy Su-uml .-it 0 .'tu. a nt. Pr^U''.!!!'^ t.i ornl n iiii'l evening Dy ilin Rev C. D. Ho.'V-r "t W.upii- koiiftit utii". \, P -i.C. E. nirel.lni: HI U:*i. Stilitiuers and or.bura ure cinMi.illy Invite! tniitit'ni! tn^se 'HrvlCfS A, M E Council—C r cror Clcntt a-d Mar"f>t str-'t*t Rev. it. v lu ( >inM past r. ii'rwic'hli'KaC 1U30'1 MI mid 7:30 p. in. njl'M D'i t.)-. si.iii- uti) -Chun 1 atii .1 in. T« urliHiV uii'i* tnj; i-very v nd r^dny HV nifij;. Pr-'fr niti'-tln^ ve Tli T-iI.-y-v iilnj,'. *ll are cwMl,illy Inv t-d CHHISTIAN Cuuucn—Corn r xi. tn • nd Socar sirufts. ll-v 'iveiiuin. D'.i'ur. A?rvi,- s .'it. 1 a i .;in 7 p in .Muriiln>r>-u'j'-ct--CoiiVfrsl.il! nf tlinKlMIOiilaii Kiinuon" -.mi.la) Si-nuol MI I):3U a in, (r, H. rtc r y Suut. Y. P. n. i; B. ,nt fi:4n [i. in oiibj-ct "Accfp 1111; Curl.-t" All MAiiKirr STIIKKT SI K. nnciicn-llxv. Vf. R. "uii-s, Pa>titr Pre-iciil K ,-u liirfn ii. m. anil 7 p in. »y til" p.-ntur. dahbiih sc'i nl a iii.'in a. in. Cla.s~ in i-tl-ii' iir. '1:15 «. in. and lip in .Junior I.Mjuii'' ^t liHiij, ni. K u'orf.n I.MIKUH in ii i). 111. I'linltf. "Dai i. ll Pr.oi'r I'ur Ccillnt-s" All .relinlti-ii. BROADWAY M K. (JlllJUOll-ltfv. 11 .1. Norrl- I'.-ist -r. - Tun rvnijK^.itl.i will wu'slilp III HID Ice u t' rti'iiio tni' i-nn v:h. p.vailil ,i hi th- IH-tiira II i. in ;UM| 7 |i, in ,-iuii'tay School nt ii:!-~t n. 111 .liniiu 1 ' l.wuu- : it •! p. in. .Senior L-JUUH HI. ii ji in uiiilujtfd uy TOt. r'. I'. Stullllyr, « M ari» invited. G'NU'KiiSALiST Ciiiiitcii- U-v T, S. Gnthrirt I'liMor. STVIHK tmliiy Mt II a. ni. iiml 7 U. in. Snblt'i'.t In tim f'lrii'iijiin: "Th': L wand Us Pcniil'lH ." I til" MVi-niiiK -Tne Hi-ll nr ihi'Olil lu-iam-ni w'hii Is i '.' Win-n- Is ii'f Wl I iell»v.-r in- n-si'ind?" Sun-lay -iclMiii nl !U a. in. E-iWiM iSiii^ -iupt. All are In- vlteil. TUINITV El'l.-icol'AL CiiURCH— Ri'V. I)oni»|. ss 1 llnhljs. iiticior. Sfrvlccvi loday a.s f llo v'.s: !l;.l() '. ... undiiy nuliO'>i H -i ill. iii'irnlnL; prayer ami s<Triion, Subject. "Tile Uinry nl ill- Divmti So ." 7 p in. pV'iiiti' priiy^r ji.'i-i .sHnn-'ii, Tne Sniulay scliinil will ba lield in tlu> -^U'lflny KB ho il i-on.u. TlmotbarsH.-.lc.a will Oe held in .lUCaffr y's hall. DAMAGE SQIT AUAIN-T THE WABASII. Artnur A Rininhon bar filed a suit at P«ru for $10 000 damages against cbe VVabasfi railway. The plaintiff WHS B, fireman on the road, and on the 13th of July, 189-i. was employed as such oo an engine at Tilton. 111., Rngie^d in shifting cars, and while 8O engaged, by the gr iss neg-igence of tne defendant ral w*y, ran uff the main truck and tnrou<rn an open switch do «n an embiokmeot acd the pialn- i.ifl wa= violently thrown a considerable distance and bruUed and wounded, susininiog pf>rminent Injuries. He is to'ally inciipucitaied for work and un- nble to e'arn his own living, and Is now an inmate of the National Soldiers' Home at Mirion. DAILY JOURNAL. SUNDAY MORNING. JAN. 27 Head Iho BJO Hive's Sunday adror- I tisomcnt. Tho balance of tho remaining remnants of silks dross goods ciotas and linens at half prlco to close, at the Trade Palace. Tho Pmsburg. Fort, Wayne & Cbl -capo road bus laid up all Us work tralnd throwing sororal hundred men out of employment. S. M Uto.-non has a fuw hundred dollars prlvato local funds, also E is: ern raonev in any amount to lonn on | mortuaga, sjtturliy. (Cilice Nv. 319 Pe»r t-trout. Mcfoto^h & 8rolhcr, of Milwaukee, railway contractors, hnv t > fi'«d a lien upon tho IndUna Illinois & fowa railway oump-iny for 00 000. Toev con- strucwd the road from Kao.v io Souih Bend, lad Word has been rccoivod that Mrs. Ford, wife Of G-jneral Passenger Aeent Ford, of iha fannsylvaata lines west, who went to Pasadena. Cftl , for her health. Is much improved. Mr. Ford will remain with bar Indefinitely. We will place on our counters tomorrow no* dress goods EnclUh colorings, new silks of our own importation, and tbe prices will put to sDama all bankrupt prices or auction. We acknowledge no competition. Como with ihe crowds —Trade Palace. O. U. Ashley, president of the V?abash svstem, tails the friends of tho T0i"-riy tbat tho not ear-.Ings of De- ujb-r wt 1 be $70 600 ahead of December, 1S93, toe ioore«s-i com log from economy in expanses ohlefl/ aad at tbe SHtna time on account of some improvements ia butlaesj in (he Southwest. Hu Could ,'. O.iv • .V.HM. Jonas S vdnx Hirivllle, Oaio, relates an experience- all tbe more wonderful because he is now nearly seventy. Hj savs: ' I wou-dn't tnko $100 for thn good Dr Wheeler'a Nerva Vita h'.er has dune mo. I always worked hard and was careless about a litlle stomach '.rouble I had and s eep- lessaosa, whi.cn I suppo-e accounts for tbe narvou.i trouble wbtcb struck me about 'our yenrs KSTO L'mbn of my riirhl side got so i couldn't control them; at times I couldn't hold a cup In my hand to dnnK from It. and in a crowd would unconsciously hit people wli-h my jerking right urm. Toe doctors called it nervous paralysis und S-tid that at my ngn, [ coulda'i be cured 1 saw Dr. Wheeler's Norve Vitalizer advertised in toe R->po.-<iti>ry and got a s-unple bottle of ii, which I thought helped me, ^o bjught a b jttlo. Tolnk I have usod throe battles, and they tttvo m ide a steady mia of me. I h*vc not (elt j.s well in four years nnd am still improving. \\ r oy, for two years 1 Couldn'c drive a nail.' Mr. G-dldlingrtr, in wbo^e s-urd the Interview took place, fully corrobota- tod Mr S-vartz 1 dtat iment. aiyinghls cure was a surprise to nil wno knew of the case. We are authorized to say, tals medicine for ooulrol and cure of nervo troubles, is *old by Bea Fisher and by ail d A ClidUceto Malo Money. I hnvo h'id my SMI ftroak of luck Hnd I wiu,t 10 tell yi-u about It. A hula over four weeks atro 1 began .telling dish w-.^h'^r^, and have cleared la ihat tirno HUO. Nn't vu-u pretty g:)od for itiij ti-st m'.)ntr.•' [ am sure I CUD do' b itrtr every month right, along n-i evary WHoO'ir I jiMl flelpd 10 sell otberr-. £ can. wash und dry the dishes for aa Ordinary family in two minutes, and as soon as people see such a machine, toey will buy it quick This is a business anyone can no well at. in any locality. Y m can t'et full pan.iculu.rs by addressing tbe Irua City Dish VVusner Cu., E. E., Pitisbu-g, Pa. Don't wait till surae one filje get your boms territory, but start to svurk at once MRS. W It now said to no setUuti mat the Prerby lerlaa Oaautiuqua. A-iseinb!y will ba locii.ed a 1 , 3-iss Lake in Smrka county. Wort wul oegta on tbo pro- j.i(s;ed resun us planned by a (JbiuajiO arcbltoct February 1st. J'ho conditions) on ivhloii Swrkd county t-ecuraa iho suaim«r ^cbO'il are said to have bei.-n complied with. Fivo thousand dollars tire to be given to the eater\ prioe uuu ide ciuzaaa o[ the county | taKe §10 UUO s-.ock LQ an electric railway to run Irum KDOX to the lake. TuBri^ntot way /or ma railvvay wan aldu piicirautcod. Siarkj couaiy iho priza, wubout any doubt. H'liut id tho «orli >,f tin; Jimu JLu lOLQjve Ii'uui iOo uloud ii.5 pariiled i'au p^utiucis ol cell vi walcti nave b^ea burned up la tjiij i&g iHe -iod gi-iaK sn'cugib lu gets lui ttie Evary tbe nudy every ifl Obris Pau 1 ha- rdpisfaed hia poeltloD In tbfi L E & W. shops at Peru and it is said contemplates moving' back to this city. Pan Handle road men are complaio- intr that tbU month has been the duMest (or ten y«ars m-iny of thorn having- worked DJI twelve or fifteen trip,- and gone out every day that they •«ere called. Railroad oflljialf who aro in posl- >t >t.s <a kaow s vj that the outlook for ',n.( railvuny oonapanie- esuecially tho^e in '.ho west is very frloomv. Tharo i- ut pre~e:it coi.hmtr in the country ihaircan miterially al'er the c'Ondi- ilons for the het'Q" »nd whether nuj-i- nt:>-3 will show any marked Improvements nt-xt fall will deortnd altogether on td« oropt ami the Pi^aQCtal condition of thi- country. A petition Is In circuiition against the two com per mile pisseotfer rnie nin now be'ore the Indiana i> fjltslature iu>d tho pnner U bemir r-l^nnd hy every trainman, clerk, shopman and aection- man in tde service of the railway Companies. The potit'oners ur^uo tbat any lecislaiton affecting ihe earnings of the railroids will revert to tbo disid vane -g$ of tho employes, whose earnings will bd reduced proportionately. K. B Slaughter, the veteran bae» tr»ge ajfeat of the Pin Hiudle lines wtjo died recently ai, ColurahiiJ. was a m umber of tbe PaansylvaolH. Voluntary ' A^soatacloa. a'nd on F<-lday hie heir» were ptid $750 u.nd ^12 s per week during; his illness In adj.iSMng ihn ciairu a novel thine" occurred. He died just as ihe balls were ringing In thn new year, aud It wasa question in which month and ia which yen"- it should be recorded. In the adjuitmeru Jinuary and 1895 were fixrd upon as the lima of tbe < emi^e- R-'ga'-dipg the rumor that n. number of clerg\ men had abused their privi- leees of traveling on reduced fare tickets Assistant General Passenger Agent G-t-orgs W B jyd of the Pennejl- vnoia byetem sayt>: "There is no foundation wh-uuver for trhe siatement that clerical orders have been mis.- u->ed, us far as the Pennsylvania Rill, rotid Company is concerned List 5» ar this compacy iosued between 13 000 and 14000 orders to clergymen residing on Us lines east and west of Pittsburg. acd no case of misuse or abu^e of the privileges baa come to our DOtico. Through many years of service in that branch of the railroad which Is mofll intimately connected wiih. the traveling- public my expert, ence is that no class of people are more careful of the use of such privileges than ministers of the Gospel. DUHTT PBESS THE BUTTON. The Jarr Dili Xoc Know How, no Wmlitd Pailcuil3-, The^Marioa Chronicle contained the following humorous incident that occurred at the Graat county capital: The Couaty Sheriff is a much wanted person io the various offices of tbe Court House and ID order 10 do away wiih tie necessity of a bailiff to guard the jury and to act In the Commis slonera 1 Court, the sheriff has put ia electric bells which connect with his office, and which summon him w any part of the building desired. One afternoon ab jut '2 o'-l.ock, 600n after tbe electric touch button was placed in the jury room, the bailiff conducted "a twelve" to the place to „», ,, ,. ... . . . - . r whoso dally life is nwkiu;: severearaica on meditate upon the evidence in a cer their viuUity, require something tbat wlU tain case and It was expected that a | brio- m-w matorial io iho wore out nerve verdict would be reached in two hours. Before leaving them the bailiff told the members of tbe jury to ring him up if anything wis wanted. Tne two nours passed by and nothing was beard from the jury. Supper time came aad went and still nothing from toe jury, and the court, weot home. About 1 o'clock that uight tne nalliff wtjni up vo the jury rOjtn and several voices culled to him to let them out. Opening tne door he fouud that they had reached their verdict wlihlo an nouraftrr being placet m the room, but not one of them know how to "ring bira up" hv the electric call. They had t xamined ihe bu'tnn cirefully. eivcn it up and waited patiently for f orro one to come. SIO'» lti>iv •••<!. SI Oil. The roa'l^rs of IM!* napi'r will tw nl^i^d to Icar" that tli r» Is at l-"'ist iim» ilrn. dfnl rfls»iis# tii.-ir scl»nii< li;is hi>i>n nhle 11 riiiK in all Its st.'iti-s ami tlMt •« Oaw'ti. Hall's ('.-iturrh Cun> Is tln> only Mti^ltlvt* i:nr^ now known u> ihn in^dlcal fntijni'ty. Cutirrli h-lni; n con-tltntlnnal dls- Cawrrh Cnw Is l.-ilti'n Inti'pnnllv. Hr.tini; rllrwtly. ' ntnin r -ln> -ilo->-l anil MHI VMH ^ii-fii/v^ of (.he system tl'n'n'hv M^si.r-»vliu: rhn f.umrtallnn of thi» 'it>rti.<f and ulvinor.tix ui',i.>nr. SITOIII^II '»• linlidl u up tlu k onst.l'iitl't'i ii'nf assNMnt; niitnrt'In dolnirUs work. Tlif> nr prmt'i-rt liavos'i nincli fnli.h in Its cnniMv" I,IHV,T<. tint Mini i>(T(ir On» Hu dr^d Ouliars rnranv CH"" tint It lalls to euro. Ssnd for list nrcft<ilinnnl4l«. Adil-«si v, .1. CIIRVKV & CO.. Toledo \ Kil>l« lt-H<li"£. TberH will he a bible meeting at the Hume for tho Friendle-8 at 3 o'clock ibis afturnfiOn. MemHers of the W. C. T. U. and others interested in tho work are especially urjjed to b-) present and bring tb-ir bibles along contort. This is just what J).-. Miles' BtoratiVT? Nervine Qoi^. "f lintl been nvffcrii:a f.ir year? from Ijt'adaciios, noiiriu.r::^. Mtx'JlicssnGSS, and jroneral nervous urosir:Ltioii, unflttinj; me lor social, housoholc and busixicsa duties, and. puriodicaliy. \v:i.s Coiiittletely itrostratcii ' in't/i pain. I Lriod sover:U physicians aad .1 proai many recii'Uiiv. bui reci-.ivoij uo wncfiis until I t'ne^l Dr. Jlili'jt' Jtentaratii'C Xerrinf, wium I fonnu :iimosi> inimoth;iu^ r^ilic*. nnc have hooomo qniio n;y torrai-rsclf and .im Aytiitt able to (tttciiil ?o tint business, whlcu i? tn:n o; :i brusr. ni:L:iu(:Lc;.urt!r. I havo ri'oonitn^ndod Tno Xcrviao 10 others | vho have us-.'u: il with iho sanu';.'OOi : , ro,^ulLt" | MihvaliK.V. \Vl.,. Mi-.S. AS.XA ITCSCK. i Pr. Mile?' Nervino if sold on a positlyo jr-,;aranUT iluit Lin.'llrsi lumlo «';]! 'benefit. All urugL'isissfU U :ii SI. o bortlo,- 1'orS.i, or it u-ill ho sent, prepaid, on rcrcrot of prioo bv the Dr. MiJOi.Mcdjcal Co.. £llcn:iri,"lnil. Dr. Miles' Nervine Restores Health r.-. Heav. I'll- OiMcov.-ry S.tv,-<l U i- pr^-viilc, III, s>i>t: "To 1) - K'ng'a NM-» Di-^c i very I o>ve mv life. \Vag tnkeo *"ilh lit^ripp-i nnd trl«d aU iho physlcla.ns Tor miles »b>u', bui. of no aviiil nnd was glvan ui) and mid I coulo nut live Having D.- King's New Dlsco^erv in my store I Hfint for a bottle and b^cran to cet belter, and afior us^oi; three bottles was up aad about, atr-iin. It is worth it weight In ijolri. We won't keep store or bouse without it " Get. » fiee trial bottle at B F KeveliogV dniLT"tore. liiii'.k'cn'n A -i»ica Naive. 'The bvsoi salve In ihe world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum lever sorea, tetter, chapped hunds, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay _ required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 ceots per boy. For sale by B. F. Dispatch: Wednesday clght- a Loganifport marauder m«de n lour <if ihe town and stole all the tberninm- etern in mgiH Tho thief was doubt., ler^ Buffo 'ing from n mercurial hff jc- lion, and if apprehended will escape on ihe plea, that h-j was simply lakinp I cold. _ Tho Journal ha-i a low birdseyo views of Logansjort left. Thi-y can he bad in pasteboard tube* for mailing Or preservation for fifty conta. A New Hack Line. I havo started a Hack and Parcel D^'ivery and in the fufurn I can *e found at the comer of 4r,li street, and Brondway. wherel will be prepared from 9 o'clock in the morniog to 9 in The evening to deliver parcels or earrv pusseugere to and froul any part of tlia city- My Charges Will Be Reasonable. Drukenness has no comparison in evil effect to the opium or morphine J U*t K. C Two car loads of sieig brated duller Buggy & frona the cele- S'e gh Co.. Jackson, Oume one. come all. come everybody; we nave slcigLa for the millions. Prices below, the lowest. Call at GEORGE HARRISON'S, 6 17 Broadway. Hbe O«m F uui "All Over" A womao, WAS Oirod for las r . week at tbe Home for the Frlen- less wbo claimed to be an evangelUt. Sbe states that >he is from nowhere in particular, but from "all over," ^d blood remedy. XITVOU» Debility. 1C 'ur.v ue»on having nervous debill- ty oryiinic wenkuHrs or f-.ilinemc ory io eotitied 10 sjmpalby of every honest pardon, u.nd sbould h-tve ex 'end>--ri medical aid such as is found in StUl Jak Sold by Ban F'shnr. druggist. j fair trial. I ca-es of hi ntual conssi- CtariHtlan <;uurcii Fmlr. | paiioo Electric Bitccrs cures by giTlng The ladlus of toe Niaia street I tbe needed t-ne to tb'e bowels,, and a Christian ohurcb. are preparing to jfive ; B * o »ties long resist the use of this a f»lr at tb.« Vaughn b ook business room, beginning February 22, and ooatioulng for several days. : : parilcio ol olood ia i<rs Lorouiih tpe kiant-ys tninuiod. u-od if these j hanit. when Srm'.y fixed on the hap- are uoitble to perfurm their Jess victim, work fully, sooner ,.r later the svstera Mothers ?hocld be careful in use of •s poised. Tnerefniv, SID Jukis as simple a thing as acough cure witn thwr chlld'reo. Md.ny so-called cough cures depend upon the stupefying tffccc of tbe ojium they contain to hu,-h the cough. Brunt's Bilsam is one wtilch 0-i.n giveyour children with psi frci; confidence that it is entirely free from opiates, as well as a reliable cure, .not only to stop ihe couch, but also perfectly heal the diseased parts. Lirge 25 cent bottles at Ben Fisher's drug store. Will Hni. '/.Id Cat. ^ A wild cat in ti_o neighborhood of Gra-3 Creek, which has caused a great deal of commotion .in th»t section, ia to be attacked ia \-j. s ->ailve wilds by eome of L igansport''?' '' t "an huntere. Tne hunt begins tomV'ronf. "Xothliur T^ntnrc. SotUog- H»TO" Rev. Jjnn K=id, Jr.. of Great Falls, klont , recomoaeodea Ely's Cream Balm to me. I can emoaasiza his statement: "It is a positive cure'forcatarrh f used as directed —Bcr. Francis W. 'oole. Pastor Central. PresbyterlaQ Charch, Helena, Mont. Ti is the medicine above all others for caturrh. and is worth leg weight ia gold. I can use Ely's Cream Balm with safe-.; and U does all that Is claimed for it—B. W. Sperry, Hartford, Conn. Wtiliuiii Krtt-ndsi. Shelter was Friday nigat jrivfn a wanderer at the Home for the Friend- ler-s Toe wivfarer's name was Irving and he was taksn ia because of his sickness and lack of means. He was on his w*y from Portland, Mo , to a polni in Wisconsin. Tne sick maa is a civil engineer aad is highly educated. Cure For Uo*d»che. As a reoDiidy fur all forms of headache, Eiec;ric Bucers has proved io be the very oest. In effects a permanent our* and the most dreaded habitual 3-ck headaches yield to ice influence. W» urpe all who are afflicted to pro- j cure a bottle, and give this remedy a I "will endeavor to give the best gerviftes possible for the money. If you have a parcel to deliver or a pameni^r to deliver, or ttuy liirhc wort that can be done with a street hack, [ will be glad to <Jo it. Wnur, could you do that a customers would appreciate more than calling the hack for him? Special rates will be given you. Leave orders at !3ch screet Livery Stable or (Jeo. Hitrriaon's OlTBroad wav. SToars Truly. Lynas The Indications Are TMt Walker SL Raucii liave tbe kind of Rubbers and Overshoes you want. Try it on Wf\LKER 5c RftUGH 42O Broadwav. medicine. Tryltonce. 5C cenu at B. F. Lirge bottles paly -'*',("> •'•'ftsore See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases and " ; Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that DM given wonderful resolr*. D ici'c forge' that tb»ir vapor treatment. for all Chronic Lung Troubles *ets th* remedi-s to 'he di-eaxwd spots nod care« when everything else failj. Cull acd inveslixate anyway. It costs yo« nothing for^onsulcatioo. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, AiTbe Medical aad Su.-flical Iflstiiiiie. 1417 Market St, g-_ - Logansport. Ind.

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