The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1933
Page 3
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TUESDAY. DECEMBER 5, 1933 (AKK.) COUNTER NEWS Upward-Looking President Building Is Modern in Every Detail of Construction and Equipment. s Employes of llie Blytheville IXKlolflre will liavc a 53,000 room ,'i their r.ew lifjme, which Is virlnally co'.npleled. Although the $75.0(10 b.'ildiivj, erected on B/oad'.uiy across the strcel irom; the I-otL-1 Ncb:e, will be finislied! l~y net ember 1& no mail will be. if'livjrfd Irom there uulll Janu- i-.iy 1. moflero conveniences as li'. -..:••.!> i".';at. a hi'iie :•_-:•!Lali;j;l i i-"- e.-ieudin-' i|it- \v:dlh. of the' cuilding on th • back, a renr porch 1 lor unloading i>iail, an elaborately (ii-slgned ollic-.' for ihe posunnMi-r, i i:t! a i'.:!inj! :ur ihe obser\'atlon vuits. :r.e ii:e!nc!cil. , The enlj-ane.' is on llroitdway v/lirrc diijiiinc'^ cables look i!uwu i P'jii lar^.- wlh;e culunins and iion l.i'hl post:;. 'I In- yard lias torn K'-Jiied, walks laid and a drive- v.ay insik- i!ir r ,.ixh (he grounds. ' Irlail: a:id ^i-;d Arkansas mar- 1;'- ^:-.o:ar(:: :he interior, with a whilL 1 backpro.ini! in llic walls, c. ilintj and coli'nins. ThD floor Is cak, In basket weave design, and (.!;): panels fo!-n thu walls in Ihe I.ostms.-.ter'j olfu-e. Here are Uvo : a'l: 1 .. ". \Y. £^m- black marble is used I.-: -i::: rest' room-; and the wash ::"•• :•>}• :ii;!il carriers which ad- ;i;1ns the Inrfje recreation room. '-•r.iaps th: most intriguing ti>irr< about ll.e new iwstolfice is ihi? IEMU12I rini'-inj,' overheiid where IJ:L- obsenatio;r units are installed. A a thickly e !t '-peted passageway, v.:th three entrances, to which no - re his the key except the post<-."ice inspector, extends MO feet ovtr the enli.-i; building except the ijtslumtcr'- office. Small slits in the walls, which look like vcn- ti>'or:j frutn the lobby, are where '.),'- insptcior ocvji-ves Ihe employes ::•: tin:,' ',',Q aboul tiieir work. /houl 30 :i:-j:i have been cm- I J.-ed in (he building of the I'ostofTice. which cost SGO.COO ex-nisi-.: ol furnishings. McCarthy ; I • m.. cf St. Lcuis. have the con- i-act which was to have expired f'ovtaiber 10. Tho excessive rains Iwl spring anil materials nol ar- li-.-inr; promptly caused a delay ol :(-vr-ral weel:s. EOS PLUS OF PAGE THREE The "Drink Merchant" Appears iCimtiuui'd tvom l'ni;e Onel feels expected to resnll from the eliaiiKe. Utah's ratification was the final move required to Jegah/c lltinor, Ihc fiuht for repeal IDIIH bellev- 1 I cd hopeless, hab been nccompllsli- | ed with such .sfWi'd since ' Mlchl- Rim Noli'i! lor II April 3 thai many ilctails of the KOvenuiH'iu's pro- ^injn of temporary control remained !o !*• worki'ii out. Tin 1 proniuliiiitlnn of codes and uiarkelini; agrccnu'iits in the last two v i'cks however, has established [he Kovcrimu'iil's i-c:!iilatnry 1'owei- ovor distillers. Importers, mid brewers, with pru.'-iifcls thul it Will Ijr- I'Xtcl'.llnl to w!rj!esali.;s und reclilicr.s before the wej-k Is over. «jii [!>.• Utah lalines Presl- : dent Rouse-veil plans to prwlaim , re])eal. st.Mlin-; a shift of the j < burden c,f recovery luxes from bus- | —— ' iii'.--s lo liouor. the levies and t:ir-' r rii- jiffs on v-hii-!i are e\iii-:-led lo yield .., j upwards or S^OO.OflO.OOO a yeav. | The .shift, of tin- tax "burden, i *'"' : j (o^ethcr with a renewal of ein- j pliiymei'.l in the liquor and allied • Crawford Noble Wins Katie Bronson Dies Poultry Show Awards Kmicrnl „ wm hcld _ terday aftermm for Kntlo Bron- CiT.wfovd M. Noble of Jnnesboro mill lllyihevllli', picmhicnt Trl-! ] Wale poultry finicliT. wii-i the bla i • winner ul iiiir Greater New Or- I Inuis t'oullry AsMH'iation showi, v.l : • i enitul Sumliiy. j ' i ' • of hli While l.i'ghorns was. . III-M bird in (lie .show, and was!' I clump;,,]! coi-k bint. A llluck AII.S- l |li.ilni|i hen owned by Mr. Noble. |w,is ;,!>,) fhamplun hi-n. ; i I'liiy In tin- Mcdllcrninciin class, A lnv:> ^cur. u ' 1(! »t Hie most un- :l:n-.:t'!i nnd U-sl dlspiuy In the lllvllal "" !l *'»«•• spiclcs-of.the hoar' 1'iv-lMi i-l!i>.s: Hie American Har- (:<'"uf. was cauu'-.t In a coyote trap' I'll liu-k Chili uiiw fur Ihe llt! 'ir hcie recently. The bruin rijimi-d inn! shuped [nualo. nnil we'slicd over 50 pounds. l!n- bcii colored male. Mr. Noble ' — — ' h:r; won imny prl/cs nt (he poultry ::liow of the Mlil-.Sunth Fair. : 17 year old (laughter ol Mrs., who succuinheti- f-'imilay ul tliu family liottie. 1700' \V;sl Vim: 6t:v:t. Her death was" ifibulcd to tuberculosis. Intel mint was marie "fit Sawyers i-ietcry. Til! 1 (Jobb Undertaking ,iii> any was !n charge o[ fuiier- Ort. 1-cpanto Negro Hcld for Fata) Shooting I.Kl'ANTO. Ark.-lioy crnvi-ns. '"•>. nemo. Is held In Jail hero li.r llii'.faliil shoot Ing »( Frunk Willis, 2:i. ni'iii-o. near Li-|i:into, Sunday ulliTiiixin. Cravens claims tluit he v.n.s Jiistllli-d In .slmadni; Willis, f<ir Hir-uidliii; to Cravens Willis wleld- , and h.vMi'iiuilic tnuniier in which Jiipior will be relnlleti nl n sharp knife nnd (hen n itun ates Is shown in this over-llui-cmmler preview ol a N'-w m ' 1 ' 1 ' him. bevi-ni^c More. In er.iuiast to pie-Pro'ilDltlun s,ellinK, new ^j^.i'.'/^ j v ^] s ?| L |! , ii!-i!ion.s (or retail sule nnil comiiiupllon In tliu uvei w-lK-limin:ly in | ; ,j| {, v r [ tj . Mm-simi •!" Kinpirc KUilc specify the amount at litiuor to bu purchnsed al , Smith. from llic Kovmimenl's viewpoint. ol sale, whu may nnd may not buy—anil who may j and iriiiv not si-li. i The healihlul, lanniny elTecl of Dixie .suns wa.s apparent in the '• '-i-rl-: i:r.C' ^vlrjii. as .shown in this nnusunl '--o^e, he ^a^cd skyward (o .salute the unfurling ol Old Glory at ceremonies dedicating lla;; pole al Wiivm .Springs, Ga. The l!:<x v.:is presented to the Fourth Generation !<lf"ls who caiVi rornel waffles nn<l:r n mnr»M • • .... . ,, isu-'i. the scdii fountiih) Ls a Ooil-l V ' ulll l jre5s Of Family at Missouri U. !.-<n one O r ihe fountain lads' . -'I'-iiiul his soda-jerking behind' COLUMBIA, Mo. (UP) — Eli/a- I'"- "ituiler ul a confectionery oil' W.OUO Mukl Covdy i AI,M,\. Wis. (Ul'l — Coiintv com- iiiii\5l;,neis h-ru puld SJ.ZSI In : bounties f<;r mobs ilnrln-j I .e '"••• months. At ten cents n moic. Wilkes. senior at (he Univcr- ! '•' •>• •»• Avenue. . village by the Presltlcnt and llic Ha'jpole was piuvided ty mcniters fily of MKsotirl. is the. fourth gen- '•" of the Civilian Conservation Cor;\s c-i-fttinn ol her family . ver.sity. . at the unl- I Her father. .. , - ^.. RrtntdfiUher and pcalnis fur the cooperation of land officiated and Dinial \v.c, made at |;rnil-grandfather nil have rccciv- vueis who are willins to give ac- :hp. Morlh Suv.!;;i cemetery. • ed degrees 'here live support lo the movement and sh- is survived by her" parents. I Thc f,,,:,,.. F ",i,.,,, n .i wi i kr ,. ,.. do a little work in it.s behalf in Mr . „,«! Mrs. W. II. 1-oLtcr, ol was Br a U ,at c 'd i Tow- hh Hti e, : neir communities. i cvsnell. and two children. . „.„ L0( ^ c!Ls ^i SBQ, wX Ihe a>:<ociauon feels that unless 'i.v .M«s Undertaking canipany. Lanccford Dramlel Wilkcs yrcnl- 'he prcfcnt tangled highway fin- -v/as :r. charij'? of atr.injemenl.s. | piantlfather ol Eli?abeth received ,..,:.i S j|i JC iij 0ri cnn {„, so ivcd the : - i,i s dcgice In 1R40. Miss" Wllkes was (lin official I The lllythcvillc Amrrirran lias a slumliiu,'' rv<ll:rnl Comprew inul wnraioine ,,< < ; | 11VS tor Px!lc t]y 0]1 ". conipany received 105.315 bales of i <!•«•): l-iiisicil siiidwlLl'nV rotten season up to. last l-'ri- 1'iices are reasonable lor abroad. {lr< J'' "-'•'•mber 1. This is cons!:lor- i H iiui'A idle;; ro'ii about 10 ci-nt ' S-. vliile mallcil milks hilii] "cents. Here Total 105,315 1IlLs m - ns " t' i|!t 5>.smo et \\\i- tiny jiiiilinai.s v.ere killed. The cmimil:- Ijlunls ol the U ably mere ibnn i> tenth of llu- r,'.!\le ;y total of 8-lli,uil!l, nn;l exceeds re- ,ccipts al Pine Ululf. ••j'jcontl Arkmi- to n( 01 ^sk Property Owners to Combat Road Taxes The Arkansas Road District Protective association, nn organization of taxpayers in prc-.Martin- enu law road districts created to l-v to prevent the return of road dslricl taxes (o the land, is ap- lax burden is sure to return road district lands. Land owners in such districts m; Commence Winter Term Mississippi county who are wilting \. to devote a little time in this; ,.,„.-,,,,„., ,, „ , . county'toward tWs cause are in- ' lj( f™f ^^T^ !1 " ub .approximately four hundred en- volunteer ro!lc(1 in the entire system, con- sislini! of the high school. Ihe vwiet Recognition Will erectcr at the homecoming tlav : vilcd to write either K. E. Mitchell, chairman, of Morrilton. or E. W. Hognn, Russellville, and their services. Services Held Yesterday {Of Mrs. Penothal Chism : sas |K)lnt. by nearly 20,000 bales. Hecclpts al lilythevllle last week were S,151 bales. Shipments last i-, »r ,| p i 'week were '2.1M bales, for a se.i- Aid Northern explorers coirs total ot -H.KH. stock on in lo:al KtiN!lr,ii:ici> Friday was 17,- rr.GHF.SlEn. N. Y. IUPI—RC- 58!) bales. celebration and anniversary of tiic" c - : ;tiu!1 of Rovie l Rns.=la by HID Following arc receipts lar.l v«cl: Clos-s of '09 ' |Ln:t:!l Rtatp.s was scc-n as an aid nnd for Ihe sensnn ia Icadlivj Ar. I 1 " i-cirntino csploriilloii in ihe xansns and Missouri compre.s; '""" M J *J r • C J ;!i!:l;er(i i:incces=ab!e reaches ol ivuh Madrid hn]oys oodas |r-.iu™i A-J« by or. uoy cnap- uiHi> Andrews( noted explorer. I Coopeialion of Huwlan scientists tx:en assnrctl following rccog- I!c sure to ask for a I.adlM i il.ijr Almanac before they are al 1 fune. At ynur nearest druf store. Correct calcul.ilfous ^nd almannri fuel* for 1M4. Wcatlicr forecast^ K thq dru]CKl)t'^ M-PP'/ ^ pxliautlci) b«r«r£, you K't one, ttrlle lo Tho <!li%U>no«£y Mullctno Co., ChalUnooia, Tcdn. ItMIG.MNS IN NEW * UHEI> FURNITURE.- R.I.DODSON .... .. . . ... I5:i Anrl And TI S i U. 3.; city arade school, and the Anliocli MADIilD (UP) --The trick | term j\lon day. ^J. Floyd Pierce i - - A cnfe. owned bv several broth-! _onduclcu yes-' principal and Mrs. Pierce assist- er n •-••ho also opcra'te the capital's Penotlml Chlsin, ant. l! :'Jjl:{ l-dl»S jewelry store, is Vnti,,,, 1-isl riles ••' r tcvday for Mr.-. 25, who died Saturday after s?v- (rsl month.'; iliness ffom^ dropsy. '; he Kcv. W. V '"" " ' ol the First Methodist church, 1 was 127 miles JXT hour. ucli valuable prehistoric "This little explored territory is i In Hie world' a' big the from the standpoint of natural "piny" from residents who science." Dr. Andrews declared. ss from, dropsy. The average spted of Gen. Halo have'dcv'clopcd n liking for"toi-si- '"fir"AndmvV"is";icr-dir'pc'"r of' Womack. pastor j Palbo's ilc°i or ii.s nio to Ciiic:i s o cd sandwiches and ice cream .sodas, the American Muiuim of Nnlti'Tl • To lonesome United Slates rest- History. ' OF FIXE TURKISH TOBACCOS 4 ALWAYS the finest tobaccos ALWAYS the finest tvorkmanship why LucKies taste better, smoother On certain mountains in the Near Knst is a limited collar of earth — called in Turkish, "" Tul-jccos grown tlicrc cost as hi^h as SI.00 .1 pound. Can-fully they are cx.innni.-il, k-.if !iy leaf. Often it lakes a nun a \vliu!c iljy lo select nvo pounds of ccrt.iin vf tlu-jr fine (obaccos. Lucky Strike i-; tile world's 1 L'y^st user of (inc Turkish tokiccos. 1 or (lu-se tender, delicate Turkish leaves arc blended with choice tobaccos from our own Southland — to piako your Lucky Strike a cigarette that is fully packed — round ami /inn —free from loose ends. That's why Luckics taste better, smoother. "it's toasted" FOR THROAT rUOTFCTION-FOR BETTER TASTE l/i ft few days ifoii'll know till ahoid it! Ulythnville Jonesboro Utal Little Pine Hlull Walnut Helena America's newest low priced 8-cylsnder Automobile Watch this paper! JUST OUT- A Magnificent Hew 1934 PHILCO New tone —new power—new hcauty '. The marvelous i'HILCO 18 lliijhliny, nuti>cr- forminr; higher-priced sets, is an outsfiindinn value—a (rue Musical Instrument of Quality! Aninii-; ils many new features arc Shadow Tuning, Bass Tone Control, new o\ers*c Iectro-Dynamic Speaker xuuiring exceptional tone quality, Knlauccil I'mvcr "Class A" Audio Automatic \'ulunic Control iiml I'llll.CO HiKh-lCflicicncy Tubes. Ktceive-s police and airplane calls in addition to regular breed- EASIEST PAYMENTS Niw co»p«<t model ID I wo- Ion* cahlnrt •. Rccrlrri rcr- f\at police tnd /4sA' ahout our Frro Trial O$CT and Generous Trade-In Allou-anco HUBBARD FURNITURE CO.

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