The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1950 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1950
Page 17
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THURSDAY, TONE 18, 1950 f iLTTHEVIIXE (ARK.V COURIER N15WS PAGE SEVENTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hobple iNe seew .... ._ VJWTE A NICE CHCCK — t R_. A MEST ESS OtO THAT WRESTLit-sG MATCH.VCX KlJOW/-"*-SUPPOSE X MAKE IT OUT FOR •FIFTY-"- VJlLLTU POT WE IN GOOD 2 / I OFTEN THOUGHT I'D LIKE TO HOWE BEEN A BIRD, SO WILD/**!' FREE, BUT 1 6UESS MOT--LIFE IS TOO MUCH Of A PICK. ANP A LOOK-A PICK. AWP A LOOK— He's STILL ear \ IT OM us-- we GOT \ TH 1 PICK AND A I LOOK, TOO, BUT HE'S &CTC WIWGS; DON'T *XI TRY FOR ST^NOINS, VOJ MftDE « 358 ON THAT MATCH —A CHCCK FOR *15O WOOLO MAKe THE BLUEBIRD OF HAPPINESS SING >-,, , swee.Te=R.' /vr^i U I IJST PUT A ONE'IN FRONT Of THE rlfTY= THE WORR.V WAKT FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS-BY MERRILL BLOSSER WMCT Television on Thursday 1:30 p.m.—Headlines 1:10—News I5— MiilSimlh News ovie MiVltace ioil Parade 2:-ln—Household* 3:00—Hcrl Olxwunscr 3:30— Howdy Dourly 4:00— Cactus Jim 4:30—Hello, Ladies 5:OOJ-Kukla. frun & O!ll«. 5:30—Spinning Im.lRes 5:45—News Caravnn fi:00-~Slnp llm Music 7:00—Kay Kyscr, 8:00—Marlin Kane 8:30—Blind Dale 9:OO^Morcj Amsterdam 9:30—Gurrou'ny At Large 10:00—Allen Young 10:30—News FOR FREE ESTIMATES TELEVISION & RADIO SALES AND SERVICE By Groce Nies Fletcher Tim STOHYI whrn c; i « 11 » Ilr»\vn Irnni.x how ro Ijnke N!>p!«- wil'h tivr MlrlH'n klllve*, her IIUM- >.:iliil MJItEtiili-ii is Jiiilcd »nd Mr. nml .Mrs. llr-tiofil Mini live rit-xt l)<inr lire TIM Jeivi't (licit «UKiirclx. Cliirlii Irnrn.s Him Mrs, nnioni lilr. Clorj:i KritilN ivurtl 'til ->l rtt. ' i tli.-il Kljf "III lirhiK Ihr liir. l^:if to . fur Inforiuiiti.nt Hint will el Mil tltnlrs. II u i wJii-it Ct itilo thv Ilfinitil npnrlmci 18E MAINST BLYTHEV1UE. ARK Ktiu'll Love Our Flowers! |t BI.HHKVII.LB FLOWER JyVART, Memphis Hlvmy Phont 600 '£ IS/OFF On Your (pieman FLOOR FURNACE If You Install It Before July 31st Do H Now] Save money, be ready -for winter before the rush. And get the famous Coleman that gives you Automatic Heat—'Clean HeaW-.Warm- Floor Heat. See A Demonstration Today Chas/S/Lemons - Furniture XIV /""" LORlA's tactics had worked ^"^ too well, she thought in panic. Suppose the detective llansen got the piece of pie with the key in it She started for the table where :he pie was, stumbled awkwnrdly over a slool so that it fell to the floor with a crash to wake the dead, and even Murphy stoppec snoring outside the door, moved his big body uneasily and his chair creaked ominously. "Murphy's waking upi M Gloria gasped, grabbing up tru; precious pie. "I got to get out of here! Wha would he think? r Or—or my husband?" She had already unlocked the kitchen window, was out on the fire escape before Hausen caugb her by the ami. He whispered urgently, "I'll in tomorrow for* my piece of pie Could be I ought to find out wha kind of apples you use. Toots," lie gave her a little shove am even as she whirled inside -he own window into the living room the lights behind her snapped of She sank down in the big chair panting, listening, but by now th party downstairs going ft: blast, people screaming wit laughter, the radio blaring, so sh .couldn't hear n 113'thing else for few moments and then Murphy snore came blessedly, She tiptoed to the door, opened carefully, and picked up the cmpl cup beside his chair and put il I the sink, suddenly realizing how .very weary she was. Vets Want Refunds )~ Nearly- . 1,000 A^ex-servicemen liviiig in Britain af'e deluging the American Embassy here wHh inquiries 'absut their Gl .life insurance refunds. Veterans -Administration 'officials -say they get between 75 , pncT.'lOb 1 HE telephone ringing awakened her next morning and hen she answered sleepily, a range man's voice said, "This is lexandcr Grant, your husband's awyer." "But," she puzzled, "my hus- an<l hasn't got one." "Your husband's office engaged me Ihis morning when Mr, Brown ouldii't go to work," he explained. We may be able to get him re- eased within 48 hours. He said to ell you not.lo worry, that il was very comfortable jail—'guard- lOtise* was, 1 believe, the word ic used. Visiting hours are at p, m." "I'll be there!" Gloria cried. "Just a minute," the lawyer irged patiently. "Mr Brown sait' o tell you {hat he'd rather you didn't come to sec him. It isn'l any place for a girl like you ant; here might be photographers . . / Which was probably just as well Gloria* thought, hanging up ihonc. Miltiades would know she mil plans and worm them out o; A rap oh the door halted her .houghts. She tossed a pink trail- ng house coat over her white chiffon nightgown and went to thi door. Good morning, Mulligan,' Lieutenant McGann greeted her May 1 come in? In spite of you loiiguc, off which slip the mos beautiful lies, I want to ask yoi some more questions." "Come in if you mvist," Glori; nvited ungraciously, trailing ove /o plug in the electric pcrcolato still half full from lust night. " haven't even had breakfast. Wi you have a cup of coffee? No don't use that cup!" He had picked up Murphy's cu as he tried amiably to be help ful. She 'washed it carefully unde ihe lap, fixed a small tray [or eac of them with coffee, toast, an English marmalade and was ju seltling'down in a pink and whi chiffon ball on the gray velv inch' when th2 janitor began his aily wail up the dumbwaiter. She lid him no attention but the licu- naut said, watching her ctosely, He tells me he's'lost two shelves om his dumbwaiter." L'• heavenly day, she had ' been so tired she had ^orgol- •n lo put them back. Gloria tried ol to look at the tiurnps under green broadloom carpet where he'd stuck them hastily last night, nurnmring, "Dear me, how odd 1 . hat would • anyone want them or?" Next he'd ask to see the pie. Or naybc Hanseii was planning to do is own investigating, earn him- elf a promotion maybe. Well, she "idn't have lo admit she knew /hat the key woa for and by the ime they know, maybe Gloria /ould have found out something ron? the Benonis. "Little Sam's prints were all iver the knife that killed Sal," ic said casually. Gloria murmured, "I'll bet he ite half our lunch." "Mot the coiTce," he told her. 'He's only six but he's smart. He iays a man and woman in batting suits—he doesn't remember vliat they looked like—asked him what he had for luncii and he bowed them and then they played mumblety-peg with the knife and hey lost the knife. And another nice lady gave him • dime to go ;et some candy, the fair floss kind. and when he came back,-she was gone. A convention no less," he said bitterly, "and not a single identification. The m o t h e r—1 quote—'don't know nothink.' M "1 should think the man's fin- gerprfnt* rWOuld be on Ihe knife," "loria said eagerly. "The mumble- f-peg man, I-mean/* "He'd••hurt his hand, Ike says, and had wrapped u hanky around it," the- lieutenant explained, heavily. "No, the only other prints arc your husband's.*' "Naturally. When he put it in the basket,'* Gloria remembered. "By the way, lieu tenant, I wondered—were there any fingerprints on the knife that killed Jack the Cork?" "Only yours," the lieutenant lold her sweetly. : (To B< Continued) letters and phone calls fl week. Embassy officials said veterans living outside the United States probably will be paid last. WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 We're Proud of Our Work • Machine work • Manufacturing Woodwork Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. SHOE REPAIRING |' } It's all right this time, Mr. Morgan, but re' member—in the future 1 suggest you get your personal loans'from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." SAVES MONEY! Prompt Service Expert Workmanship H-HLTCRS QUflLtTY SHO€ SHOI IZI W M S I N ST. BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Swim IVunks 2.95. Tennis Raquels Caps of all kinds Jiifimie "B" Boats $50. (Jaseball & Softball Uniforms, all prices, lettering All iypes Summer Ath- leic Equipment.' "H It's Sporting Goods, See Us." i21 W. Main t'h. 6762 Our Telephone Number 4438 Snelton Motor Co. PRESCRIPTIONS . Fresh Slock Guarante'ed Best Pric Kirby Druq Stores FLAME CULTIVATORS 2-Row . . . $230 4-Row . . . $360 -BARKSDALE MFG. CO Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your friendly Studebalcer Deafer" | RAILROAD & ASH • -' PHONE MM WAS YOU SOUNDING OFF.' NOW VtHJCSN PL/W.rOUR SCHMOZ2 SOWATA ALLTDU WAu r / ME SWF OF THAT,, COT row i I'M THE OWt WHO NCEOS IT' ACC /irMsr/ BUT A BLACK CLOUD OV THf OAKK HORIKM A WO POP HAS UP IHf HOUSE / "Look, Pop! I picked up all the change you forgot and left on the plate—now can I have those roller skates? 1 ' RV AL VERMEER REMEMBER CARLVLE... HIT FOR DISTANCE VO SINGLES AFTER ALL. HE CAN'T FIRST VOU WERE SROOM1NS HIM FOR THE PRESIDENCY! NOW IT'S FOR THE BIG LEAGUES! OH, 1 DON'T KMOW... r-*i b i_rs ^i_u, Me l^MIN * I BE PRESIDENT AND A V ... BASEBALL SEASON ONLV \BALL PL AVER, Toot LASTS SIX MONTHS OUT OF THE YEAR! HY MICHAKL O'MALLEY ami RALPH LANS WHAT D\E WANT. (N THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT LIKD THIS? SHUT UPTI6Hr. LET'S GO AROUND BACK. MAYBE Wf CAN ROUSE SOMEBODY. WHAT, MAV I ASK, APE YOU AFTER W A WOMEN'S WAR STORE AT THIS HOUR? DID YOU TEAR M3UR LAST PAIR OF NYLONS, OR SOMETHING? SQRSY TO DISTURB YOU. BUT WE'VE COME TO S€E YOU ABOUT A MURDER. HY LESLIE TUHNER NOW I'LL DRESS AU TILL THEW S DUD6 VISITORS OP LOLKs X Hfts COME HW GOME- i HEV! WOT KWfEUED J TOWf CLOTHES? / THftT LOW-DOWU L GUBE McCALEBl HE- S i OK, MV STARS! HEBE V ? COMES Ai BIG HERD OF THIRSTY COWS! TH'WUL <| AIW'T PUMPIW, ft I)' TH' f •WMER'S MREP.DV / KIUDA LOW,,. ^ SOOH TH6V LEWJE. FLASH/ BECAUSE O' TH DANGER O'tflRROTVITIS TH' BOARP O' HEALTH OBPCRS ALL SROCEKS T'TOSS OUT THEIK CARROTS (JUJT^IB OU6HTA BE TOSSIN OUT A LOAD O' Y6U-EK YUMMISS ANV SSCONP WOW.' ,-.WO VJ/ fNEITHEE HWc L. [ T CUNMC! eUZ.^g TH.NK IT I VET.' BUT WAlYLL / HE TOOK OFF kg VAS ME ?\ I'VE HAD A \IORO\ 9-JCOENLY.' TK GPAND WIZEE : OH. VEH...BUT WHV , ME? 1 THOUGHT { ME * IT WA5 >i3U HE VXS AIMIN'AT.' I'VE DCNE ( WITH 1M.' WHERE

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