The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1931
Page 6
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PAG11 SIX (AII1O COIMUKK NKWS i BRUSHING UP SPORTS By La lifer I Ccach Tcmplelon Optimistic Over Prospects Among His Sprinters. BY CLAIKB IHHICKY ,XKA ScrvUe Spcrls Writer The same young man who u le.v short months at;o may o: 1 nuiy r. K have spoken out uf tutu as Soutli- crn California ran riot o\-er KUtn- ford on Ihe yrldiron has on»i!.\l Ills mouth again. And a= b-.'for 1 . his statement oui'e move- hr.s It very uncomforliljlc for Sjui;.- ein Califoriiiaiw. The feP.ow is Uobcrl I.ym:.: (Dink) Tcmpleton. lit dors y.':.. well at teaching the young men c: Stanford University how lo run. Jump, toss weights and hurl spear:. —S3 well, in fact, Iliat Stanford :•.-. a rule occupies the. tap spot in (h lanklug of intercollegiate trnck an.l i field strengths. Tcmplcton's latest outburst, ap parently was meant to mltrm Hi•• I sports realm at larije. and p-irllcn- ( larly Southern Califouiln, Trnn- sylvania. Yale. Cornell ur.d som.- more of the big eastern to'.li'g;'-.. thai his 1931 group at I'nlj AIIL approximates the best in tract: an-', field talent in the brilliant nls'.wy of Stanford teams. Jusi-whnl :•'.feet this will have on Dean Cramwell of Southern California sni:! Lawson Robertson of remisylv.vil.i would be hnrc! lo say. but 1 liav: read in some of the paper/, tint bath were cntfrtalnlns hopes <>: winning the I. C. A. A. A. championship »i Philadelphia May 2. nnd 30. For his scoring punch tills Tcmpletcn lias turned from t^c giants. Harlov Uothert and Eric Krcnz, two of the best fhoi discuss men yet developed in lu- lercollegiale competition, to a u: of slightly-bullt runners. Tlioy ra-: Hector Dyer, lean greyhound of I lie cinder paths, who gave Frank Wy- kotT his only beating of the 13'X season; Bill Eastman, a be-s;nc- lacled soplioinote iviio. if lie l!v?: up to promise, will shatter the 15- year-old world record of 47 2-& seconds in the 440-yard dash set by Ted Meredith: and Captain Po-i 1 ;.Smith, a skilled performer in bat: the high ami low hurdles. Tcmpleton Is very optimistic o'-c the sprint combination which may become one :: the (jreatis'. yi- gathered at ?.ny university. Her Over, Ate Hables and 1'rank bnrdl arc. in the "nhi?ty-lhr?j class and Templcion bsnevcs in Ibrec may shade thai m:ir!t fr.- 1 qizently this sprii'.;. He n!',o fiij'.iro' that Dyer, and llarnles Mill b? <:->n- silently close lo 21 flpt in tin.- S~0 n-hile L-jMib.irdi. Ralpii Gih-r.^i- ard j:m lloivell should shade even ! time. Smith went unplaced In (he IC1A hurdles last year, elthougli hts performances at all other times '.lining the season were coasist^ntV b?low 35 seconds in the hi'jhs 25 seconds in, (he lows. It Is 5!; ficalU that Ins males thoi enough o! his ability to iisma captain this scascn. Eastman flsures to tal:e i-p quarter-mils duties v:h?re E-ners^ 1 .Spencer, 1928 ami ,l<v; Mormon. 1930 star. Ull r!!". I,;, year as a freshman he ran the -14' in 41 4-5 seconds, cnly 2-5 -'. second o ^T^^erc•^ith's mark whirr has stood since 1916. In dual Templeton may use him in Hi: hn'r mile, too, but for major ccnt:s>< h ^111 in all probability be saved f~ the 440 and the relay. And w^r.t : mile relay team there we 1 .:hi b. with Ik; Hables. Maynor Shove an; Jim Howell, all consistent 49-.s;c- ond men. anci Eastman in the an chor posilicn! Por replacemeiUs in the shot-pui field which Ro'.hcrt and Krjr.z dcminated for thrjc j.c.^.s:!!. T;T.I plctcn Georse Grey, who p-.;' 46 lest 11 inchss in the TC4/V gam:? last year and who has approaches the mark this season; and Harry Labord; and Nellie Gray, scpho mores, who have done 48-5 41-' already this spring. In ailitlm : this trio. Boh J:ncs an:! ND-'.^r; McLscd are avni'.able for the discus tire*-. Jones hns pa;=ed t'ne-KO- foDt mark and the others arc believed capable of making t'nat distance before the season is far advanced. A pulled muscle temporarily p-.i: ,Arn!e West. Tcmplcton's best broad jumper, out of the nmnlr.-j on; his expected to be' In shape b;-fcrr the big meets. West made the winning leap ol 24 fen 7-3-8 Inches c> the IC4A meet a year ago. lie ah: doubles In the h!jh Jump. Art Zuger and August B.)"c- have hit the 190-foot mark in tli Javelin tlvroa- this season so th:i coach figures himself well forliflv with spear tossers. Templjion b? lievcs .they will teat 200 fee; soov. But these aren't the only'point- winners on the Indian roster. Templeton has John Parker. Al Nisbct Waller Cooper, Bob Brown. A! Me Dermott, Ned Johns. Durt DcGroit Wally Butler anil Bob Atkinson everyone of whom scored point agalnsl major competillon a yea ago. Stanford won handily in her engagement of the 1931 sesson trouncing the Olympic Club of San Francisco by a count of 63' to 444. Podge Smith and Dy;r esc contributed two victories and 1 points to the winning total, . . . Courier N'C'.vs vVnnl Ads Pay. o» ONE HAW OFTHC ROOF or A LOS fe.^ SCRAPER, ftp. 3 MINUTES" Roppeo l&tlMES BV ED EI6WEEM SV THE OF TiK TuJo MAJOR LEAGUES IM owe WEDXKSDAV, MARCH 18, l<m BE SIM HEREj Sixteen Schools to Have, Teams in Cage Meet at; Armory Friday and Sat.i Tlie Mississippi county Junior, li'i'li basketball loiirnnnienl will be! Mi-Id at HOT Armory here Friday! :.uil Saturday of tills week. Rixti-cn Jinior liiuli schools over! i!«• county have entered teams lui both Hie clrls' and boys' divisions i;f tlic tournament. Coacl'.:s of several of the sen- toi- high schools in the county will :ict as officials for Hie tournament.. A laijjc crowd Is exacted lo wll-j ' ness the lourney because of the : numlwr of communities in the I :uevi. The IJIyllievllIe Junior high team the Luxorn in the Juniors rate as DID YOU KNOW THAT- Of 10 major colleges who forced or were forced to accept the resignation of their head toot- IjaU coach, only Pennsylvania has not announced n ' successor ...Ingram took the California Job and • Miller stepped In at the Navy...Wade left Alabama for Duke ami Thomas succeeded hjrri...ine other new head men are Hayes at Indiana, Catey at Harvard, \yitlmer al Princeton, Neale it Wesl Virginia and _ Veeuker at Iowa Slate...Bui'under Ihe new deem phaslzcd system at Pennsylvania, maybe there never will be another head man...Steve l-'airell, former Michigan track coach, wai: with Barnum and Bailey before he took up coach iiii;...his two-a-day stunt was lo beat a horse-' twice around the arena...later he raced a dog, but- the hound ran between his legs nnd, threw him,..:tlics • resulting injury ended., Farrell's sprinting career. 3ox hadn't teatcn his combination in 1900. he might have done it. John McGr;iw came close to breaking ihe record, loo, in 1921, IUW and 1923. After his Giants heat: Ihe Yankees in two straight world i series, the Yankees turned in 1023 \ and beat the Giants in six ijumcs." '• All these facts Connie Mack reel- : ed off In a c.isually conversational lone. If you. should gain the idea from his words that h.? has a pret- ly fair memory, perhaps you would i be right. Pour commercial a:r services arc maintained In Japan by private companies. boy.s' division of | The Luxorans- have twice] i l.-'H-ii defeated by the Blythevllle' boy.s by a one point margin. IJtllc is known of the rcspeclive nierlls of the fiirls' teams. ' >'- • The following schools have entered teams in the competition: Uox Elder. Dell. Yurbro, Reiser, Wilson, Shady Grove, Daugherly, l.onr Oak. Manila, Whltton, Bly- thevlllc, Hatcher, Shawnee, Luxora, and Brown. winner. Twice the Cubs toat the i Tigers and Ihe next year I think it was Pittsburgh that won out in a seven-game series '"I will always feel that the team with which wa started the season of 1910 should have been unbeaten for nve years. But after we had won'(he scrl«s. of 1910 and 1911, Boston stepped In and won the American league-pennant in 1912, though I still think the A's tlmt year' were a' better team. We came back In 1913 and won the series from the Giants, but in the following year lost four 'straight games in the 1 series with -the Braves. • ' - • • . • Chinee Had Chance "hank ' Chatce came very close to winning three straight with the Cubs'in 1806, 1907, and 1908. If the Track A COS at Stanford Man Operated on Walks Three in a Row? When the baseball season opens this year. Ihe Athletics will begin a five-month fight against baseball averages mid the breaks of the T mri D i U i qau:e. They will be trying lo wlui I WO Miles Back Home their third world championship ln| . a row, something which hasn't be-?n l SANDUSKY. O.. (UP) — Nurses dor.c. In the 28 years' since the i and physicians in Providence hos- [ 28 years since the modern world ! pita! here became alarmed recent-1 series lias been played, learn has ; ly whi'ii they found G:orge A. Her-- won more than two world cham- ; iKig. n jntleht recovering from an 1 pionships consecutively. ' operation, missing from his bed. j "Of course I would like to be Hospital officials notified police' tlie first to win three world cham- ! who found the runaway al his pionships in a row," Connie Mack home. • loM me the other day at Fort The attending physician. Dr. H.! Myers, "but baseball averages work ! I!. Frederick, having given Tterzo!?' anainst It (he "once over" and determined ^ [lint his condition was satisfactory, ! (he p.iiient was allowed to stay at . he me. . Ik-rent' said he became homesick • and decided lo lake French leave. HOME THEATRE Tuesday- Wednesday.. . Thursday '•• •' i In 1 d^tancc between Hc'rzoy's Lome and ll'.j hospital was said to c: civoi- two miles. "A great deal of it will depend upon the.mental state of the play ers They have a background of two fi?rics to go on, but a little carelessness can spoil a team's chances very quickly. They liave Bol to hustle to win again. I'.J.OW ON 11LAI) HIS 1,11.V Kl'N'O, "NCV.. (UP) — He placed Ir^ movement on AH Sides "Other teams • have breh coming up rapidly. Washington has shown surprising strength; The The Motior? Picture Sensation of tjie Year! • -'-.•;' !ls new Easter top hat on his head! Yankees and Cleveland ore sure to •nil f.uried out for church when be hard lo beat. But'I believe the ', liii wife grabbed liis cane, hit, him' most improved team in the league | .-.•!• the head-, crushi-d the hat.; Is the White Sox.' The White Sox | -Jiid crie:l. "I'll give, you your lily (have been Inaking great" strides. I ni-.s:". .Inlvi J. Hinmim of New bc'lbve that team will be an impor- York trained In court here and | lanl factor in the pennant -race was awarded a decree of divorce! this year. ' - : from Miilie Hinman. i "We have been very fortunate I to win two world titles In a- row. I iviuli- Koliin on Third Visil To win a third we will have to-be] ! Jl-'.l"PERSON Ore.,(UP)— A white blessed w-ith uncoininon breaks. De- lobin. sure harbinf.'jr of spring, re- troit is the only American League turned to ll'.f yard of H. D. Mars. t-:»:n ever to win three league pen' here this month for the third sue- '. nants consecutively, but Hughey ye-.\~. 'Vhc robin has spent Jennings' great team lost all three I Ihe 1923 and la^a summers here. world series to the National League l! nr)i; Caralina Frogs Enter Jumping Contest (i.iy dies- I'iom 17iin 1,1 loon will b- displayed lo shov: l.ic chr,:i^:n -Micdcs thro::jhonl thrre years. TREASURY nEPAHTMF.NT. OI- nc of tlie Secretary. Washiniiton. 1 D. C.. March 7. 1031. Proposals r.rc heieby . r olicitc<!. to b? opened i:i Ihe Oiric? o! the Supervlslns KINTTOX. N. C.. (UPI — Til? Ktmtcn K:\vani.s Club will se'.ect n fro? "te.i!:: 1 - to rfjmvrvit North Carolina in International fros iumpinc comyclls'.on In C.'.laveras County. Cilif.. this year Contests',\rcl'.!tfcl. Tr.-as-.iry Department. r.ill be hold l^?rc (iiirir.s March, in D. C. at 0 o'clock, a. which the biV. jumpers among n,., en Apiil 1.1. 1931. for Ihe sale coinpetlin frous vii; be sclfricrt. m donation to thr United Stalest Chester A .Walsh, president of' of prcfcrrjily a corner lot con-' the club, isn't so hot for the Idea. Mining approximately 21.000 square i fret, with a dimension of approxi- j :nnlc!y 1GO lineal feel, on the more important of tlie two street fio:it- njes. cent rally and conveniently: located and suitable for n buildln; s!to at Biythoville. Ar-' RiTZTkEATER 'Tuesday, \Vednesday and Thursday, • ' up, 2. o. It. factory TRIE KHST »!•] «S«>T«f> SSX EVKfE OF- B-'ElfiEM—AXJ> AT THE B.OWEST I'IIII E It's Grand! low ever. Felix Harvey. pa?t d:Mncl cov- rror to:- '.he Carolina^, is'.- i'.e local froj contrst:; a«;l cx|>cc;- ed North Carolina's team to dv- cat rivals frc::i California and 7 ior!da. Old Costumes To Be Shcum COLOGNE. (UPt—A style shavv which goes back more than SO? years will be held at Ea=!cr in th' Museum of Applied Aris vh:-. Rhenish fo'.k cc'timus and kansas. Upon application, th? Pc-tmaslcr will supply prospective binders uith a cirriuar ^:vni|T parlirulars as to requirements an;l inslructlons for preparation of bids and data to accompany snrr.e.' p. I-KSRY K. HEATH. Awm: scc-| ,'.-;•• rctary. lGC-K2'i IT NOW The best timn to buy properly, is when it is - ' d'jv.- the cosi s in home proprrtiu.; (rood terms. Burns Agency Q It) llir .\i:u Sit, DC Soto offers both greatly improved <]iin1ity nnd siilistnntiully lower prices. ? Tims lliis fine motor car rrlnins nil tin: excellent features characteristic of Du Solo nnd nt its nuw price competes even on the price basis with cnrs whose previous claims lo rivnlry wen- basi-d solely on initial cost. 1 Today's De Soto Six sells fur less ihnn any of its illustrious predecessors but it is still first ami foremost a De Soto—even more than ever n ([nalily car in performance, appearance, midstnniinn; nn economical car in upkeep and operation. THE XK\V DKSOTO EIGHT companion cnr to the Six, also offers a list of betterments Ihat make it a /. ..Y.~/«i. r jr greater value than ever. C II II V N I. K -X f.3 o T O n » P B O • V '965 A swell picture A marrelou cast! A treat you ow yourself!. THE EASIEST WAY u-itfi Constance HIGHEST at the pric ordinary 'INSTANT STARTING QUICK PICK-UP PHILLIPS 66 is made by the world's largest producers o/ natural high gravity gasoline 43 C T DeSoto Sales and Service Bennett Robert Montgomery Adolp)ic Menjou Anita 1'age Marjovic Rnmbeau II7-11 n Knsl .Main Based on thp play by Eugene Welter., Directed by Coaway. •. Admission— Matinee — 10-30a Rlytheville, Ark.; Night—16 and 40c. Press your starter, and presto! your engine starts. Touch your accelerator, and away you go in front! That thrill of power, that burst of flexible energy, tells you why Phillips 66 is famous in fourteen states as the greater gasoline. Explains why the progressive Phillips organization daily wins new users by the thousands. The very first time you try a tankful, you actually feel the difference. It is honest high test, with a controlled gravity of 65.3° to 69.6°, to match your weather. That is why it gives premium performance. Yet it costs no more than ordinary gasoline. Try a tankful, and your motor will quickly tell you that you have discovered bow to get greater value in gasoline. And it is easy to learn where to get it. Just look for the Orange and Black 66 shield. Also Phillips 66 Ethyl at the regular price of Ethyl gasoline

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