The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1943
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, .APRIL 7, 19-13 BLYTHEJVILLE. (ARK.).' COURIER NEWS f • EPSON IN WASHINGTON^ Plight Of Wartime Employers HY I'KTKK I'DSON Courier News Washington Correspondent Here Is the plight of nn employer concerned with his labor re- liitipmi I. Wage mid hour problems are under the control of (he Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Division of the Department of labor, which administers the Fair Labor Standards, mid \V;iIsh-Healy Acts. 2 - His union labor contends, if any. arc under ihe jurisdiction of (lie National Labor Relations Hoard which administers the WHS- ner Act and lioids elections of em- ployes to determine proper ' b:ir- t'liiiiing agent. '•I. If lie gets into a pickle witli liLs unions over u new ronlracl, lie lakes his troubles to lUe U. H. Conciliation Service. •1. If ihe Conciliation Service can't .settle Uic issue, ihe secretary ol labor may certify the ease to the National War Labor Board. I f>. The wnr Labor Board also I has firml authority over appeals for wage increases, although in tiie first Instance these appeals nre handled by regional w(,B offices set up withih the Wage niul Hour Division, fi. Appeals for pay increases of •salaried 'employes making more thiin S1COO a year, however, are made iu the Bureau of Internal Revenue of the Treasury Department. • 7. If Ihe employer is in one of ihe critical labor areas which must KU on (lie 48-hour week, coiui' April 1, uny appeal Irom that 48-hour mnminte must be made to (lie ^regional office of the War Manpower Commission. 8. It is recommended .though not absolutely compulsory, thai all hiring be done through the U. S. Employment Service, a branch of tiie War Manpower Commission. 9. If Jhe employer is in aircraft, shipbuilding ov related industry, his conilitions of employment are further governed by (lie slabili- wUion agreements covering those fields set. up by the Wnr Production Board and Wnr Manpower Comnii&sion. 10. His unemployment compensation payments, deducted Irom payroll, are paid to the treasury of the state or states in which he operates. II. Old nqe nnd retirement, social security benefits which Ihe employe rmusL pay, are administered by the Social Security Hoard in the Federal Security Aclnn'nis- tration. 12. Labor- Management, committees, though voluntary and not compulsory in nny way, nre set up under the inspiration of the Labor Production Division of the War Production Board. 13. Conditions under which women and ihildi'cu may he employed nre determined by state laws, and the codes vary in every state. 14. Atvy lime ah essential worker is about to be drafted, an appeal must be made to the local board of the Selective Service Administration, under the War Manpower Commission. 15. The War Manpower Commission, through ils regional find local offices, also takes responsibility for assisting in t!)C .solution of labor recruiting, pirating, training and various manpower problems under the voluntary system of control now in operation. Whew l SCATTIiKEl) KESVOXSiniMTY Maybe (his list overlooks a couple of factors, such as state or municipal fnctory inspection codes, but it seems complete enough. War Manpower Commission is responsible for five of those funttions, Department of Labor two. and the othe reight are scattered, independent agency controls. The Truman Senate Committee investigating the war effort is currently in the midst of hearings which arc intended to bring out ways of increasing Inbor efficiency in wartime. A parade: of labor lenders lias been before the committee lo give testimony. The witness din not begin to bring out the. nuiltipilicity or complexity of agencies and functions enumerated above, but they did point, up Ihe issue by calling for the suspension of the Wagner Act for the duration of the war and giving 1 the opinion that some reform was necessary In the present War Labor Board setup, to free li.< docket- of accumulated cases. Aside from Its Conciliation Service and Wage and Hour administration functions which run themselves, the U. s. Department of Labor is today a dead letter, concerned with gathering jjliuMics. All the functions which should be centered In a strong Departmem of Labor arc scattered among a dozen agencies or more, as listed above. Some months ago, there was a move on foot to reorganize this sprawling mess, centerall/e it, head it up. The idea was abandoned, but maybe it's still a pious thought, lo tlo away with all this typical Washington duplication and division of ainhority. MIND YOUR MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: J. Is it customary for a girl's mother to send out engraved an- nouncemenl.s of her engagement? 2. Is is correct for a mother lo announce her daughter's engagement by telephoning the Information lo the newspapers? 3. When an engaged girl and man live in Ihe same town or city should either one date other people? •>. Sliolikl a young man In ths Army write his girl at home about. the dates he is having with oilier girls? S. Is it all right for a jnnn to offer his hand to a woman when ihcy are Introduced? What would you do if— You return to a store lo buy a you looked at the day before — (a) Try to find the clerk who wailed on you before anil buy it fiojn her? b) Don't bother to look for the clerk who showed yon the dress originally? Answers 1. No. 2. ijertainly. a. No. 4. No. It only sounds as though he is showing off. 5. He should wait for her to offer her hand. Better "What Would You DO" solution— (a). Dead Courier News Want Ads. Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly II .vn.i Minus .>r r <1 si" 1 Inl .".•mil." an' IIMIIK. del n |i.lck«Ko nf Jtn- >••* <• inninil, i Iwn-iro-k MI].lily. Milay. Mix II u-illi a .]narl of wnlpr, aiM (lie inire nl .1 li-iiums. K's easy. Xn Iruubl,' :il nil ami H'-aMiut. Yon' IK'LH! "illy :l lalili'si.iiniirnls n»-f> limes „ i]ny. dn.'ii iviiliiu .IX hours — M>IIII>I!IIH'S nviTiiiitht—s|ilrii>licl r.-suHs »rc- nlilain- Bit. If I he imiiiK <!" in.I quit-Mr leave .-lu.l if Vf.ll <ln not feel Wller, rdtilr.i llj" iiaekiiL-K and lln-Kx 'will vim nnlliins 1,1 Iry as ii is suit! l.y your .Irn^ nnclrr nn absolute money.l,»ek --ffi.ranl,.|>. ICu-Ks C'riiii|,,nin,l is for sale am] rei-iuniiii'inleil by Kirby Hrrjj-. ;,u,J ilru^ Mures everywhere. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- \VTltioul Calomel— And You'll Jump Out of Red in ihe Morning Rarin' lo Co Tim liver should pour out nliout 2 pLnta of bile itiirc into your liow&U every clay. If llfw inln La not flowing freely, your fowl tnny not tliRi'Al. It may just decay ;n Iho bowela. Then i;n.i Mo:U.i i>|> your Btomnch. You gel cnn- Ftijiated. You Ice) sour, sunk and (lie worlJ look*! punk. It tal:ca those gnort, old Carter's Little Liver Pills (o pet tlusc 2 ptnla tit tiilc Itow- irjc freely to make you (eel "up arul up-" today. Take as directed. Kffcrtivc }r\ making ~Hlc flow freely. Ask "jitlle Liver 1'ilis. 10# anil 25£. for Carter's Lit SAVING NOW OH New Spring COATS and SUITS! Read Tomorrow's Courier News For Full Particulars On PRE-EASTER of Fresh New Spring Coat and Suit Stocks! Mountaineer Runs Into Shopping Complications OENTRAli CITY, Colo., April 7 (U.IM—Like Mohammed, (he OP,\ didn't go lo the mountain. So when mountain dweller Alex Anderson, the self-.stylcd hermit king came up against OI'A regulations, there was a showdown. lie apparently had never heard of radon books. A man who trudges doivn a mountain barefooted doesn't bother about coupons for shor.s. Dut then lie couldn't get fowl he wanted without n rijlion book, Nosv he's chained with whipping out n tun In n scuffle with Iwo peace officers who tried lo nnesl him for stealing food. He argued with jailers before he would wear sho?s into court. Bailiffs had lo remove liLs hal when he stepped before Ihe judge. Anderson says he had been living In a mountain cave for .several years. There and while in the jailhouse—he doesn't need ration books. Civilians' "Rank" Ignorance Is Rude, Says Miss Millett HEALTH TALK Sponsored hy Arkansas Medical Soclely HOSITI'AI, VISITOUS Visitors usually conic to tin- hospital out of kindness niul sympathy rather than curiosity, snys today's Uiillolln from (lie'Committee nn Public Kdiilioiis of Hie Arknn- sns Mrclluil Society, yd, doctors iiii'l nurses often wondor if iho visitors can be Inil.v coni'crncil with (he patients welfare. Kind-hearted relatives and friends would not like to think thiil their visit iniuht retard the convalescence ol tlic jmticnl, or even make his condition hut this happens every day when tiospital patients are visited by people with colds, coughs or Infections. Hospital Authorities can govern the activities of visitors to n certain extent but cannot cxiunlne each jMM'son entering a sick room to determine if lie is carrying a contagious disease which will endanger the recovery ol the patient. The visitor mast be his own censor and make hospital calls only when he himself is in the best of health and spirits. When the physician sends bus patient to the hospital, Hy HUTU Ml 1.1 .KIT Civilians men! us dumb us n lol of ihciu m;t. Tliey cnulrt Irani to tell n lleu- lonant from u technical scruoanl —il they woih<l just put their minds to It. • ' Hut thuURniids of jneii niul women sjitt nsk men iu uniform. "Now just WHAT Is your ninkV 1 don't kiioiv n thing nbuiit nil Hint." Well, Isn't U about, Hum lliey took the Ironulo lo Icnvii? Wo I'onl- IM llml It is. important to know the mimes ami titles of dvtlluns and liow to Introduce them. We wouldn't. Introduce a civilian doo- lor us "Mtsler" or yet" the di'iit o( u firm confused wlt|i a elerk or office boy. • ' , Vet we tlilnk it Is excusable (nml women nre (he worst offeiKtm In this) to be so ignorant, nboul '! Is titixlous lo secure for him proper Vnre niul the benefits of every ineilii'iil skill Dint wl)l Hid Ills recovery. Yol llicse may be lost if the patient's illnss Is complicated jy u cold or other infection which 1ms been brought Into llio room by x visitor. Almost IAS imiwrlant to the wel- fnre of (lie. palli'iil is the conduct of visitors. It would seem unnec- cssniy to point out (lint visiting hours should be observed,- Hint crowds are disturbing to tlic sick, llml calls should be brief, niul llml no or doubts .should be placed in the mind of (lie sick person by unthinking friends, Lieut. Reichel Overseas milfonus mill nink In (ho tinny, navy, unil jimrlnivi llml we soino- lluies imve to usk wlinl branch of service u mnn la in. Of course il Is » little, trouble lo familiarlw ourselves will) IHe Inslijiiiii ol our mined forces. Hut l ts certainly not very linrii. And It is (lie very leiist we ciin do to show our uniformed n\eu that we «re inoud of them niul Ihal we consider their Jobs Important. How do you think n nuiu feels who hi\s worked hard lo «el n promotion only to Imve Us Insignia umeeoynl/cd by hl s civilian friends? IT's ISII'OliT.VN'T -co WIN If women would put us much effort into memorl'/liii; the Insignia "f the different brandies i)f .service lluil they have In the pusl nut Into memorising the Intesl brlilse niles-tliey would have It down pat In no time. Hut most of them Imven'l bothered. They fitlll ihlnk llml it doesn't mutter wheilior or not (hey can tell a lieutenant or « private l.fl class from (i muster seryeaut. ft matters n whole lot to Hi? lieutenant t'oinniiindei' mid lo the master sergeant. "" ^^~^--^™™^^ } > l 1 i l 1 i 1 i I Hoar World Renowned Evangelist Gipsy Smith, Jr. at I lie First Baptist Church Eighl li and Walnut EACH EVENING AT 7:30 P. M. 'i Mr. and Mrs. H ci. Rclchcl received a cablegram yesterday from ttieli' son, Lieut. Maurice Rr.lchrl of the U. S. Marine. Corps, thai, he had arrived safely at his destination overseas. Mrs. Maurice Rclchcl, \yho Ims been thQlr guest for a week, wilt leave today for Cullman, Ala,, for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ci. A, Turner. YOU CAN'T BUY ASPIRIN Oc. Demand St. Joseph Aspirin. BARELEG CHARMERS To Flatter Youthful Legs! Alf New Suirtmer Shades in these New Bamberg Sheer Bareleg Styles. (400 Needle, No Seams). Cotton heel and toe insure sturdy wear. Special At 1.25 per pair 'BUY 3 PAIR One to wear — One to wash — One to dry! rAA^,©B®\ ' /yfflffrfffe-snir-^ ^^a^mMii^t^.. FO SPI\G KARPEN for lasting on in its beauty? Here is climic mabogftny framing that laiils tone Hi your room and affords real com/urfc Kngtiilt Chijiprnilale ti iilmys nfm'nr- lit lilmrc Hooilfuruititie is utsemblvd. The Favored TV ' I ' renod Styles modemicl-y priced. KARPEN Brighton Group Ufep fringe ntniniscent tf Victorian ilayt Hhen elegant* prnailed. '. Dotvn i>illmv luxury multta Ms a popular clinir. 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Hubbard Furniture Co.

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