The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on April 30, 1926 · Page 13
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1926
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

THE OltCfTV DEJWICK FK1OAY MOKNING. APH1L M). MCE THIRTEEN Picture mi l;*V3tl% . 8:10, 7:10, liOO Vaudeville at 3:1*. 7:1«, TODAY TOMOMOW OB th* Stage yAUDEVILLE THE MMESfJC' Wino« o PilUburik «nd intercity 4U*rt«tt* keM recwiUy at tbe H«rrt* Tk»t*r, PitU- bur«l, P.. CHAMPIONS OF MORE THAN 80 ENTRANTS OEST AND PAGAN -- IN -THE S C A N D I N A V I A N FLAPPF.F Comedy, Sinjinf, Novelty LLOYD CHA5E ConedUn and Muucal Nut. "FELIX THE CAT," Comedy "HOT DOC 1 ox me CCBU:X VILUWlKK/nwtt h a n J k t r f h l e f . " A n d Sam (ound tluw (hit moriilBf wbt* lw wu poking throuih th» £r*w*r bunt- («r hli cuff bottom. Ana I h you'd b**rd (he raw hi ra!**-l about thfrr. trying to nuk* n:e l«H »hfl five Ihtn lo me. H« ihook me--" Tekr» *lltnc*d h«r, [or ft m)nu1« or two. "He shook m«. "Never mind, don't err You c* ·Uy h«-« ufllll h« comt* 10 *1 Mnw," Xri. M l d d t t l o n woth«l her. "Don't take U BO h » r d , K]o«- jle. All young msrrltrt people luv ihcs* little up* and JOKPJ," "What da I car* About up* tut do win?" KloasI* ajked, aLmMt tt ft ·hout, "1 don't'mind * food row I Ilk i rowf. What I'jn crying aboui JB my »tuff. He'* pot k all--even t h e (aryililr* rlrifc-." SJie p o u n " ihe t'fd ploilicj 1n her f u r y / ' Far down ihe jtlreet cam* fimlM*r *ound--th4 Rbiurd, | in* couch ef t h e br:d«groom'i c*r Ih* Wh«eJ«r. ' ·(To - bf conilnutd) EVERLASTING WHISPER ALL NEXT WEEK FRED HURLEY pretenU " S M I L I N G E Y E S " Muiical Comedy Company, with F R A N K MALEY bUcklaee comedian and GAIL HOOD, tbe eccentric funtter. Fa»t Dancers, Harmony Singer», Funny Coatediana, Pretty GirU One whole week of Mutic, Song, Dance, Comedy, Fun and Frolic. SALLYS VENANGO Cesmia* Ne»t Week THOMAS ME1CHAN in "NEW KLONDIKE" A 1IC ALL-STAR CAST IN AN EPJC OF THE YUKON NEW PRODUCTION Swr- )M MIX IX A \VKSTHRN THRILLKIt AMI I ' l l l t K i : (.OOU HCTS «r VAI IKVIM.K ON Till! LYRIC plUM.nAM : tt'rtlem Star Manfls- tn rid *'· b.ithrote arouurl ]HI of i !tnrlM rlo*n ch« M. l o v e l y IKil* hrsrl f 'still.;, «f X,tur,t y,,l,,,,l,,r , ,,,"{",",:; Vlui^'t" .oh.r'S'fu*' [ ""i!,."", 'I'""* "'" 'n", ^'V"*''.',·;''"AT-""' '''-·"' ""I ""oo! 1, m a i n u l n - J I . ' : . ' - . ^ . ° . , ' ' " . ; - T h « EvfrlnUr.s I V h f l p t r , " :J:h ontced at the I,yr!c ihea'.fr : nljiit nilh Tom .Mis as th* r. la i. pLc'.ur* w:lh all the rx- ettl MU, pJur TM rorninlLc ·ry at *n ucuiui) *on. It I* an ·'In-:ii!on ir,«c r«- j " H " ora lf " »"»··«·' ·"'«· L^";. !n;r Ui A qi:lp!, he.^rtbroVn "Wha 1 . ·; hj|.pfti»-l. ilirli 'X'h, 1 h^'l fa it 1 fii.l tiefn THE «· tfcf *tory IT REX BEACH tn ihe ii.Ti*n In · macna- c+at new pro- dadloa. ulrlt With NORMAN KERRY, LIONEL BARRY MORE, HENRY B. WALTHALL DRAMA spelled with Capital Letter*! A trwMndo**, ·p*ci*culkr production, with ui all tar c*»t! Perfect picturt * VENANGO ORCHESTRA EVERY NIGHT BUILDING PERMITS ISSUED YESTERDAY Cfor-e M- rhlUlp.V 3^5 Clir i -- fifihlr.iflP r * f l d * n « . M i r y M u r k y . 2 J ! T i E f o n e A\e.-- FiCDV H i f f e j . 4!! Ks.-t UK Hul',,1 new bick porch. FINE COMEDY FATHE NEWS ·ad FELIX THE CAT HENRY P.HAMMQND.M.D. OIIIJ bflX IAUHT t^« rirr f f ihe a t u d k ON THE STAGE The Hookins Entertainers De Luxe Featuring Miss Ardelle Hookins , Flutist ^^:«vt!on of Jack.ior. Gft^Qiy'i \rl and retaLti all t h e be.\'jtlf-jl n'«pb#r» of ihff boolt. To this at*.!* lli« action exp*cteJ of tht It\ tnanr plcter'i t h i r e - i o u h t Jc Tom haj Apr'arc-J ai the 11*r ot men »r.d of honts. but In h.e ErT^cIwtinic Wh!irp*r" he a r re M* Jndo.Tillabl- quil!t!ri In ite 4LTT)lh*r U!T«ctIin. Ihfl MaJ'slk Qiilr.tPttr. 'chsrn- LOVE BOUND (Coi nu*d from p*f* di\.) ha« i f a m i l y o( chllire.T to br;n« ui .in.) » h » hian'i m u c h dire in H i l f the niJuhkt In th« world. It whr won't hive the chlMrin nt- lure inter..1#J 'em -tn h*.ve, The :Ji# »dded atl^attl^ moLhf r A d i n l t t f i l . 'This notion tb«,t idfvir H*J*M^ for KW« 1'lajlni li'it" yoii a n y b M t » r ( Thcr dr:n':. Mm wjn: t h f l r fa'rn- ^·hfK.1 t f r l i l l ?I- j N u r r - l n f f *air*r. "Th.xl's tf\j pie. asion, (h'rc rsiusi b* no lirtAh elr ^cho'jlir ,:i ·xss rr.* of the probleirii i the Largest in Western Pewa. (AYMOND'S lira. . M W. 1st S t . a a t ( I i * b f i s h ; U h t Ii h i r e a h.ill « E U u g h f l , .trelcMnc h 1 k i t t e n - "I nt7«r did know r M r t i i t i f l ivh;:* h i n d * t^A( APRIL 3Oth to MAY 15th y we celebrate ihe Fourteenth anniversary of the opening of o ur store in Oil City by inaugurating a mammoth Annivenary Sale. : stock is complete with Brand new merchandise to telect from a n d we know our prices will meet with your approval. « V - I could fl»»h forl? 'Itvfn ' FIcen i3, y.-j haven't any t'ii«!- llary Roi« toM h f r «rr.**tly, mil Flo«i y»ve »n *m:j'tl inlcker. "I n t v f r t h i n k of itie things I » f i " sh* ijrAwifl. "Ihtj're Jui: j c m e l a v e i y Mis of Jtwtlry '*r,i unl Tiear 'em. Ar.-l ro:i mind l l ' i r.1 on Siiri1»y mnrnioir. ** ry Tic": n * » je'iir.jt -Sr#*««;il for ireti. ii jfjlow laxlcnh c u r n e r.r« n ^ Iifrli»rllh it. iP.-l H ^ p l w i t h c-rt»m!tig ^^aJtF» before - Ki^wir J'imp out *n1 come r.rln(r up the walJr, followM 07 d r i v e r , f . i T r j ' l R K t*o ivihruw*. « t r o n i Hov I-nlM lou-i «n-1 1 ri"-. ut oT h f r n c r i n 4 *·· ·* [·; FOUR PIECE BED ROOM SUITE--Finished French Walnut. $158.00 Price NINE PIECE DINING ROOM SUITE--in Walnut. This b · re*l V.l«. AiuramfrS* $195.00 Price m MATTRESSES Special prices prevail on all (fades of mattresses. If you · n«w OIK, neglect to come hi and loek ovrs OTCT today. BED AND SfRINGS ' You can snsrcaaae a new bed that is rtw -mj lateat in de«(n and nnwfc frem tt.»S up to $40. Off Bed Serisin are priced e if yea need e«e yea can fet it at a price yeis can afford to pay. MANY BARGAINS Floor Lamps, AnniTCTsary. .Pnca J».M LaoSct' Dtslis, Anai»«rsary Fric« Special Daroport TaUa^ Aa»mrsary Price .................... S»«cial End Tables, Asuirenary PVk. . .SfMcial Cat. Uf TaUo, Anamnaiy Price .................... Special TaMe Runne Price CriW, Wahnrt Finis*, Anniversary Gas Rentes, AnaiTersary · -frit* $M.OO Odd Daienports, Ansmenary Price W-00 Price Special Grey KHcnen Cabinet, Anarrerwry Price *».X OVEX STUFFED LIVING ROOM SUITES Ansurenary Special Price S1M.OO for tnrae pieces covered wMi Jocard Tel- r, rmrsialt i n i a i i a i , kecki and side* rend wrck sanw ·sateriaL ODD TAPESTRT DAVENPORT SPECIAL PRICE OF ITt.OOi NEW STROLLERS In all tfce latest ce*ors aari styles. Priced Special $18.85 MLRRAY-BRUMBAUGH CO. Means Good Furniture OPPOSITE CITY HALL oiLcmr.pA.

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