The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1933
Page 2
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PAQl (TWO BLYTKEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, DECKMHKU B, 1933 .Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Delphian Fine Arts club meeting at Hotel Noble, 9:30 a.m. Woman's club meeting. 2:30 p.m. .Reception at First Presbyterian church, 8:15 p.m., for .the Rev. and Mrs. Siuart Salmon. ; Sudbury P. T. A. meeting, 3 P. M., preceded by meeting of executive board. .-. THURSDAY'S EVENTS •Mrs. A. Cbnway cntcrtalnlne MJd-Week. Bridge club. 25ible study, Church of Christ, meeting with Mrs. Baker on Franklin street, 2:30 p.m. £. FKIDAY'S EVENTS'al Hotel Noble, 2:30 pr-in. Mines. Edgar Borum, O. E. Kfcck, J. f. Lenli, G. II. Grcar and J. A. Waterman hostesses. 'American Legion auxiliary mcet- lijJL with Mrs. Floyd White, T.30 . i... QlR.L II MUSii: C*Kb Has Me£llU£. ilhc McUoneil Music club me! Saturday nflernoon al (ho homo of Mrs. J. D. SmWi wilh Miss Wanda i^jrpirh as hostess. >In the musical program Gloria XTae Yarbro, James Alton VlcXrcy Virginia Galncs and Eleano Pounds played piano select Ions aftd Belfy Thrasher and Alice Jam I'ieslcr played Iwo violin sclcc tions "Mary Jane Waltz" and "Ti Blue Danube Waltz". A skclcl oi' the life and works of McDowci was told by Alice Jane lleste al«l Roselie Russell played on t his compositions "To A WU' se", •tVAdvice lo Every Student" wa the theme of n talk given b l&nnvlyn Briss^ndine. James Altt): Vickrey read "A Sermon lor 111 Gisters" and "Piano lessons" wa tTi'c. subjecl of A reading by Eflo Jfin Freeman.- . A solo "Whe Jesus Comes" was sung by Glori Mac Yarbro. ^In Iwo cornels Elfolcen Fr:c- i7an aud Rosalie Russell received prlics. "'puesls lor Die afternoon were itis. D. Yarbro Mrs. Vickrey, Mrs. Jr ; -D. Smith, Msses Louise Baynes £fi'd Jane Mossjy. A .fiefrcshiuenls were served during the 'social hour. t» Have Bingo Tarty. ^-Thcrc will be a bingo parly al the social hall o! Ihe Immaculate CJonccplion church at 8 p.m. when ah allendance prize will be given. Bciarr Directors Have DUnur . „.„. ,,,.^-,. The monthly meeting of tlie board of directors ol ll'.e Rotary club "was held at Ihe Hotel Noble last- evening when Ihc len members altendcd. B. A. Lynch, presidcnl, presided in the business which followed din•' ner. To Honor the Rev. and Mrs.- Stuart • Salmon. The Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church is having A reception in Ihe social room of Ihe church Wednesday evening, 8:15 o'clock, for Ihc Rev. and Mrs Siuart Salmon. Members of Ihc congregation and friends in other churches arc invited lo meet Ihe new pastor and Mrs. salmon. There will be an informal program arranged by a committee of the auxiliary. • * * Woman's Club Will Have Important Mcelinjr. An imporlant meeting o! the -Woman's club is planned for Wednesday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, Mrs. W. W. Hawkins, president, has announced. An effort is being made to have all members altcnd so that everyone may be familiar wilh Ihe business lo be taken up. II) • Helen .WcMiiiiu-i \ JY Ic.itlifi Im worn llu- S.IIIIK nlil i|«-» An uM Ijlue OIK- uilli a rollni nnil tuffs Trmiinhl uilli :,n vilfie nl Ian. i \\i\li sliv woiiU iiiili Ihc rolftT pol. Or Ictll Ki-l Mutnl willi lain, Or ilinji :i jvllv |«>H <li>un Hie fioill Alul ruin il uilli j -,l:un. I Anil nn*v 5-lir is iiuujcil, loot) llnl Ihe »iu' I'm IUIIIIMIJ! HHIIK-, fioiu lliis ) DiVMi'l know \\hyl n iluvvS will ilo. I'll IIJM- :i IK-W |jwk evuy \vi-ck \Yiun t KC! lo Irjrliing ^(KK>|, I'll iiukc il a sbniiinn rnkl AM' I'll have Urch llml arc Rood ami lu'tjli, n Anil linlsvilli a Mi.imiy |ink; Xo nnr ran It'll liy >\:ilcfnii(i me Tint I'm IHI my «.ly in \\ttrk. Anil I'll kntm my tui[iiN :irc li'.llning vcr],<i \Ylicn H'.rv sit in (jnkl truvs, of \voiiilfiiiif; linvv IM look If I ilu-^ii-tt in nkn tlolkeli! J/ ^' East's Refusal to Take Trick Puts Declarer on the Spot Bits oj Ntus Mostly Personal Mr. and Mrs. Charles llrlghl and family and Mrs. Bright's parents have niovKl lo 710 West Asli street. Miss Ifallic Wilcoxson. who was formerly employed at a beauty sho]> here and now owns a shop in t'ara- Boiild. is convali'Scini; In Memphis I fi/loivini; a major ojieratlon per-' formed al the linplLst hospital' more than two weeks a;jo. -Mrs. Ci. E. Kcrk and Mrs. Ed«ar P.orum are in Memphis today. Mrs. .1. p. Lciili will spend tomorrow in Memphis as the anest Of Mr. aud Mrs. J. A. Waterman. Mr. und Mrs. J. D. Urooks, of Memphis, have moved to Ihls eily when: Mr. Urooks is headnuarlered for his \vork as a government, engineer. William Lang Is ill St. Ixiuis on a Inlying Irlp. Mrs. E. W. f..mmons, Mrs. T. K Talc and Mrs. Hilly Williams tiro in Memphis today. Today's Contratt Problem Wlilcli is Ilia easier suil al' wlilch lo make a imiall slam coiilract—spades or clubs? Can you make a small slam ut etiher spades ' or clubs with . West oi'i'KliiK Ih'e t|Ut-cn ot diamonds iiinl I lien leadlni; a diamond when hu Is in again'; V 5 :i • A K 0 r, 4.QO G 3 A 5 3 2 KJ 107 *<! J 102 A 1'J -i X \V K fi Dealer y 3 s V D 4 SG Sullil A A Q J 0 7 -1 V AO i 4 X *AK'J7 Ion iii next issue: bid ai;aln The efore. when Nonh wml to three no trump, his bid fat came a mihi slam try. South then showed ihe heart nil unit wllh thai information \'citli conk! p'i ^af^'ly lo a slam, IL' he had all Ihe fillers in the J|!M- suits. Tlie J'luy The opening lead by West was Solution to Previous Contract Problem Wilson Sociely — Personal Typical Girl The Woman's Missionary Union met Monday aflenioon al the Hap- tlsl church wilh lii members present. The \V. M. U. Is observiiis this week as a week of pniyer and will have a meeting Wednesday and an all day meeting Friday. Dorothy Gideon, altraciive citJiit; 11:011 i/Y )yi3L \kti:>i he five of spac'cs. South, the do- Blighter of Dr. and Mrs. J. Gideon, entertained with an OIH.'|I souse Saturday evening al her Marie. 4-H Clubs Reorganize for Next Year's Work 'anrt G. C. Maybcrry. bolh ol Caraway. .•':''•'. rilts-l-'ishcr. has been made of the nun-nag*? oi Miss Eva l-'lsh- er and Eutcs Pills, bulh of Port;: esevillc, Mo. The Rev. A. j. Hill performed the ceremony Saturday, November S5. • • • Punch-llaggard. The marring.:' of Miss Beatrice flncgard und Gariand Hunch, both cl tills city, was solemnized at the home ol ih- Rev. W. J. LeRoy, pastor ol the !>akc Street Methodist church, .ft ho read the service. .' • . 'Announcement 'has been' 'hindc of Hie marriaje of Miss Evelyn Wright und W. T. Slone, both "of rlollaud, Mo. The ceremony was performed in this city by Justice Oi'car Alcxand:v. Steel e-Cooter Society — Personal AlifiiiEta. Margnrel Tancel and J W. Illncbey hjieiil ','Hli relatives at. Grund 1U. Boys an<l Cilrls -III clubs iru'ouyl'.OJil Mi. : . i -i.---sippi counly arc being rrorgrtmcd Ihls week as a part, of Ihe regular year's program tiriur to 193-1. There arc 18 chits in the north end of the county and nine (lie .southern part which are electing olticcrs and sponsors. Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration L:aei!t, and S. D. Carpeniur and J. E. Cril, agricul- Uiial agenl.ii. are in charge. The Cooler Epworlh league gave farewell party lor Hie Misses Chain, t'iirs.''T. I- 1 . Weaver and Mrs. Elwood Urown lire shoimiK In I31y- Ihevlllc Kxluy. Mrs. SldiU'.v Miller jr.. was liost- •ss to tlic Maltons chili at Cooler lust week. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wingfield spent Hie holidays with relatives at Aikamlclphta, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cope-land nnrt (Uiut-'htcr Jriin of New Madrid arrived Saturday to spend several days with Mrs. Copelnnd's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Oakley si 1 ., of Coot;T. in order lo have liljlc Jean, who has Ihe measles, nnar Dr. L. E. Cooper, their family dJc- lor. Melvln Patterson. Wilson White. A. J. and Ather Saris ami Olen Jordan have returned from Calico Rock. Ark., where tlwy were employed In a reforestation camp. Mr. and Mrs. Abncr Ashcroft and son James Abncr were diiinci Guests of Mr. und Mrs. llasil McClure of Cooler Sunday. !n the afternoon the ladles, accompanied by Mrs. Jonas', visited friends in Blythevillc. Mr. and Mis. A. U licBride and son, Lloyd, Mrs. L. C. Siwncer nnd Mra. ElwoDd Brown siH'tit Tlm'nks- Eiving at Joiner, Ark., with Mr. arid Mrs. C. N. Sanders. Paul E. Missionary Baptists Form Church at Ekron A missionary Baptist church has U(-n organi/cd at Ekron with 1C charter member; and already (here is a total of 2J enrolled. The Rev. J. A. Ilardln, of Del! presided over the organimfioi inectlnij with the Rev. J. Blulluri Calclwcll, of A.morel. Ihe Rev. \\ Wulters, of Half Moon, and tli' ricv. M. W. Lewis, of Dell, asslsl- IIV W.M. E. McKENNKr Ymlary, Auienivia Urid^e lA'a 1 always Imv? liked I'. U. Sims' cmark al;ou!. any original no :ump bid in ;'.ie Kims syslem. He i, "An openhuj bid of one no tump is the -;c]i[ stuiulaul of Ihe y.stem." I don'l care if my partner wishes i HM: a psychic in any |x>sltioii i an original hid, bo long as he iot'.-. it with a .suit bid: but (he irlfer player., loilay insisl lhal vhen you ope.i with an original bid of one no trump you must have e hand to back it up. Due lo the f::et thai an original elurcr, won ir. dummy wllh droppintj Ihe queen from his own hand. lie 11 en played Ihe nine ol heails. and Fast refused lo win, declarer pullliii; up Ihe queen. He led Ihe nine of diamonds and won in dummy with the j.iek. He iL'tiiir.ed the deuce of hearts and ai;; in Easl to win, dc-elar- r winning with (he kin!;. Din now Hie declarer is confronted with a dlfficlilt problem, tince (he c|tib f/nesse will lo:;e. He i-ashes the ace of s^mlcs and leads three rounds ol diamonds, Weil chopping a spade and a club. East discarding a spade. The drop of (he club by West practically marks East ttilh three clubs to the queen. The Romans Moled the folly ol growing ihe same croiw on Ihc land for several conseculivc 3 ! Duiilicale—All Vul. O)iening lead—4 5- Koiilh West Tforlh Kail 1 N". T. Fuss a N'. T. I'ass •IV 1'ass BiN'.T. 1'ass no Irninj) bid is' made only will an especially fine hand, any re. hy partner is considerei years, bill ullcnl'on first was called f itrcing lor one round. Even \ lo the value ot crop rotation by North had responded with iwo n :i. ! ckson of Ei'iiilmrgli in m7. I irump, South would be forced t If Ihe third diamond is won in| dummy with tne king, the ne\tj play will be the jack of spades from dummy, and Easl, to defeat ic con t met, must throw asvay his cc of hearts. If he drops the ciglit f.hearts, the declarer will thro* im in with UH ace and force him o lead inlo dummy's ace und jai:i: f clubs. This ically ts UK- natural T.y to play tht hand. However, if Ihe declarer wished 0 make a clarng play, he wouri ia^e won the third rliainond in his wn hand, and then led the fiv? if hearts, which West would win •llli the jack. West then would ivlurn tiie ten n' clubs, which should b: 1 v. on in liiuiiny with Cie ace, and now the ack of spades is played and fast s squeezed. If he drops the ace 01 hearts, declarer's len will ba d. while if he drops the nine of clubs, (tcclar-.n- will lead a small clulj from dumny, take it- with the S, and win the last trick with the jack, of clubs in dummy. (Copyrijht, ISlij, NEA Service, Inc.) iiomc a I The counlry liomciof J. it. Cullum v;as tlie scene ol much s.iycly Friday nixhl when Miss Cullum cnlertained 40 yucsls willi a dance: her houscg lies t, Miss Sarah Rast of Newport. Ark. EloL^e Wrighl and - Frank Jarrctt S|X'iit Sunday in Forrest,! City, yuests of Mr. and'Mrs. Paul Alliei-s. Bernard Keller of Poplar Bluff, Mo., has returned lo his home af- ler a \ycek end visit with his brother, Charles Keller jr. Dr. and Mr?. C. O. Williamson and sons Bobble and John Ed were guests of Miss Hannah Weiiincrg ;il Walnul Ridge Sunday. Miss Fannie Dcnhani has gone lo Columbia, Tcnn.. wlietT will spend a few days with parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Dcn- ham. Miss Jeanctta Phillips si»nl Hie j week ncd with her parents, Mr. | and Mrs. John L. Phillips, all Couway. Eugene Harris 5|>ent Sunday in: Jone-spoi'o as the guest of Coach ! F.. T. Rcnfvo. ' | Mi's. Carl 13ird returned Motulay' ~ If you take tlie word o[ ^t deiiti: in O'J uitivcrsilii's, this tho typical Ainerican girl. I'clH'eseutfid In Hollysvoft-l. Sli- Madge I'lvaus, and she look-, part, doesu'l she 1 ; Tlie ch'. was made after a vole, u laken aiK-uc Ihe collste bu> is Ixiuisiana some day may be the largest state in the union, built-up Ij soil deposits from 2G olhei r lates. Ttic Mississippi curries down nillions of tons of choice farm lar.d every yea- and deposits it ii tile Gulf of Mexico. GRADE ,\ Raw Milk Phone 11 Craig's Dairy Hester and Ester Ellis Monday Mllbrandt jr., accompanied them night al the church. Tlie hojwrees. who were leaving for Ihelr home in Arkansas alter an extended -»islt wilh their aunt. Mrs. 1: I,: Baiigh, chiefs. were presented handker- Mrs. n. C. Stecle jr., was rostess lo her'Mid-Week club al a bunco parly last week. Miss Helen Taylor won high score and Miss Helen Vlck tow score prize. The bunco prize wenl lo Airs. Rebel Johnson. and spent ihe week end lioir.c here. Mrs. D. W. Spencer and children lell lasl week for theii home in Washington. D. C., after nn extended visit with Mrs. Sjwiirer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie King, and oilier relatives. llumbcrt-Snydcr. Announcemcnl has been made of the marriage of Miss Ruih Snyder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O N Snyder, to Mr. Cllflord Humbert'. also of here. Tlw wedding was so'- cmnizcd November 2 by the Rev S. M. Watson. The bridegroom Is ihe son of Mrs. Ed Martin and has resided here for a number of yca"rs He is employed at the Blytheviile Canning company. Mr. and Mrs. Humbert arc now at hems at 229 lAimcratc « « • Compliment Bride. Mrs. R. ,7. Watson, who was before tier recent marriage Miss Dola Harwell, was the guest of honor at a shoier and bridge party given Saturday .afternoon by Misses Freida Secoy and Jennie Wren D:l- lammty at the Sccoy home. In the card games among ihe two tables. of- players J,tiss Anna Margaret Dent of Canithcrsvilie Mo *;cn the prize, powder. Personal Ellis., were presented the bride. Karo pecan, pie,- topped with ice cream, and coffee was served ' * * ^ Sndhwy P. T. A. ' " * ilans A Miss Eugenia Jenkins was the guest of Misses Evelyn Do Lisle iml Virginia names from Thursday uniil Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Southern and ion Baxter iiad as their guests Mclto^f Ca^dLr^u S Hayti Society — Personal A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Dates at Ilic Uaplisl hospital in Memphis i-'rid,iy aller- noon. The llllle fiirl .weighed seven pounds and has been nan Misses ImOKcnc Mlrhlc and Vir-- ?inia Carringlon and Allicrl Mich-! ic illumed Sunday from I loll Springs, Ark., where llicy had ac-1 :f-mpanicd MLV: Michic's mother. I Mrs. T.illie Michie, ar.n Mrs. Holl., Mrs. Micliic is to receive me tlr. and Mrs. Albert Wilson re- •nnl home Saturday i-venint | from St. T-ouis. after haviii;; speii the Thaiiks[:iviiie; holidays Oure ; J. 1,. McClanahan. a mr inner oi j the local high school facully, ,v]x-nt i the holidays In SI. Louis wilh iclalivcs nnd friends. ! Miss Daphne Gardner visited friends in L>yersb:irg, Tcnn..'1'hurs- day. Miss Inez Wright. who is altcnd- .1.3 will, the!, son and daiishivr.' lne SC " ml '" " m ^ llo ~ ' Or. Joe aud Miss Maude Alice Seven Local Stores Combine in Launching This $100,000 SALE NOW IN FULL SWING The Most Unusual Sales Event Ever Held in Arkansas FREE MERCHANDISE And A Big FRKK SHOW Af thu Rilz Theatre FRIDAY, DEC. 22nd. i iic ui i/at u i $750 EXPLANATION OF AUCTION Tins group of stores nill audion nfT t» Hie highest liidder $753 of fine merchandise including; Groceries, Turkeys, Live I'i^s, (Juns. Toys, ClotHinj, Caiulirs, Trvilct Accrsynrlc.-i and Oilier Valualilc Hems. NO MONKY IIK AL'CEi'TKD I'Olt ANV AUTICI.Ii AL'CTIONKl) OFF. Full payment musl lir imilc wilh Ihcsc Aurliort CcrliliclU-.'s. An Aucliun Crrtirirate will be B'ven FREE willi rvcry : >-:,c purchase at any cl l!:eic stores from December 1, 1533 lo llcccm'er 22, 1933, Ihfrc- toro «Iirn jou arc Ihc likbtst bidder you really get the arlirlr. FKKE OF CHAKCE. You may usu as many of Ihcsc Awrlion Certific.-ilcs as you or your friends may have acciimulaled during this SlW.nOO Sale. You m.n- give llicse C'crliliralcs (o any person you ilcsirc. This aiirlloi-i of S750 wnrlh of inrrchandisc "ill l)c held at the HITZ TIIEATHK, Friday, Uccembcr 22nd, 1333, in connection with a FREE SHOW. Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Density and' arar.clEon. Joe Marion Michie. left i last week lo spend Ihc winter at' Fort Myers. Fla . Tliey stopix-tl al ut; wilh Ilier o hrrilu mtwyp ruilw Ne-.v Orleans lo spend Tliankssiv-: The program .for the meeting of the Sudbury P. .T. A. Wednesday •afternoon, 3 .o'clock, will be ccnl- ered on Ihe Iheme "Some Factors Elsquiefing to Home and School". All mothers are urged to attend the meeting which will IK j.-ieceded by a meeting of the executive board. ' Be-vOr-y. who nllcml Tutar.e University. Mrs. w. M. Cooper. Miv Iren'.' WhitfKlcl at;d Miss Ellch Kelley ^vill drive lo SI. l.ouis lo hj>end Wednesday and Thursday uuh friends. Mrs. II. II. King has rclurncd lo lier home in Ashcvillc. N. C.. alter an extended vLsil here \uih her fisler. Mrs. John i'ramo. Wakeleijih Clari; ot H;ircij tol- iece, Morrilton. Ark., six™ ii-. ( . '.s the merc.handise to be auctioned at Our Big FREE Show at the Rilz Theatre Friday, Dec. 22nd. 2 GRAND PRIZES Suite Issued. Among marriage licenses issued from the office of the county court clerk at . the . . Blylhcvtllc rturthouse WCM to Mis* Ada Wom' cle and ' Harroll Spea'n, both Cirawty, »nd Mtsa VlrgJe of holidays nerc wilh his iiuniii.-. Mr and Mrs. I). I. Clark. Abncr Ashcroft s|>ciil List wick end at Judsoma, Ark., on bnsiiie.>s. Mrs. F. E. DaMs )r.. ana Mrs. Joslm of Ncwbern. Te;m., spent '*". week cud with llicir sister and ^-ujhlcr. Mrs. A. L. Jordan uf Cooler. Mrs. Ruel Asher was lio-^ie.-^ toj Hie Jolly club al Cooler last w«k.i nunco wa.s played wilh Mrs. l/m-i nlc' Jordan winning high rcorc! pri« and Mrs. Velmer Campbell 1 low score pri?.e. The bunco prize' went to Mrs. Gus Cooiwr. Mrs. John Holloman, Mrs. Le- vlna Jennings and daughter, Miss holidays here with l«-r parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. I,. Wriulil. lioberl Reynold;, who i.s work- iuc viih a govcinmenl flret at Osccola, Ark.. b|Knt Hundny with Ins parents. Mrs. Lois Dycus and children, who have been living in the Rian- ley vicinity, have moved back to Tiayl and are living near ihe Fris- u) slation. Mt. and Mrs. II. II. Woodside and children of Parma, were the KueMs ol Mrs. Anna Uunklin and Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Uunklin Smi- i.o.iy, Mis. Ethel UorrLs is unable lo in; al work Ihls week. Charles Trainer vislled in Ik-n- ton. Mo.. Sunday afternoon. S. I'. Dates and daughter, Eileen rclurncd home from Memphis G. G. ;€audill General Insurance 10« N. Kroadwaj- Phone 137 in HASKIITH r.i;i)ri:i;n:s l-iarh r,.u,kel t'onilins All r.f This: C Sack I'lour 1 l.b. I'rmirs I Iliincli Crtcry 1 Bo\ Salt 2 l.l.s. Ul-.ius L Sack Apples 1 ilurrh Craix-s 1 Ho\ ll.ifsins 1 l.b. Colfrc I Can Torn 1 I«»rt;c <'AII 1 IllIX S,!,! S h(-|ti 1 IVis (urn viakes 1 lli« 1 Can 'lim.ilors 1 Can 1'ork \ lleans Bicycle 2 l.ivc 1'igs 2 ( 2 KiMislets 6 TuiKcy; 2 Durks I Hams 1 2I-1I>. Surlis Hour 2 Mrn*s llor-rbiclc Coals 2 l.adirs' Silk Clowns •I Mcr's Onico Coals •I Iio\cs \Vhitnian*s (.'wnrty 10! j Ib. Kn\rs Itusy IScr Candy 2 Kvrn. in 1'jris Tnitcl Kris 2 SI Mar.lrurc Sols 1 1Val;tvrn Tnilrl ,Sc^s 2 Sr, Soil i 'lirkcts 2 llcaiilifnl Toilrl hrls 2 l)n/. {'nl <IUss TimibUrs ?. 31 l'ii-cc .Sets IHshcs 'i Fnamcl Itoasti'rs 2 C Icnun I««nips 2 Hrls Aulo Scat Covers R I'.oxrs Sliolgun Shells 2 tlrnuhc leather Funtballs 2 Hado Auto Hc.-ilers 2 Cliilclnn's Dressers 2 Men's Sucilc Jackets 2 I.ldirs' I-'lanuel Holes '3 Glen's llrarnn Uobcs 2 I!o\cs .^lixcd Caudles 2 Men's Tic Sets 2 2 2 2 Dolls Ci aster Wagons 1'lay Trucks Klrclrie Irons Doublo Iloilcn Your Am linn IJucks \\tlh Karh 2.")c Puvchiise at These Stores Hubbard Furniture Co. National Brokerage Co. McMullins Cash Grocery Kirby Drug Stores Hubbard Hardware^. Ben Franklin Store liKMKMHKU: SAI.K STAU'l'S TODAY! J. C. Kansas oni Pocahbntas. Avk., wlicre she sited her parents, Mr. and Mis. loday for Chicago and New on business. E, Tyler, during the Thanks-, a F Adams of Ca|lc GiranU-au. vmg holidays. I Ma> am t i[ ri . j. w . Adams anc! Mr. and Mrs. William Ludwis i F011 Fl . mt . ls or niylhcvllle rpent id children-have relurneil fionii^.p \veek mil as "ur^'s of Mis ran. Mo., where they visited Mr. A ; Inms . sLstcr M ' rs " Jf .^ O rcor. uctwig's parents. Nfr. and Mrs.. xlr .„„, M ,. s R E Lte wi i ?0 n II. Ludwig, for several days. Cullum. president oi the City Hhcok company, left 666 Liquid, Tablets, Salve. Nosa Drops Ihecks Malaria. in 3 days, t'oltfs first day, Ifeadiches or Neuralgia in 30 minules. Fine Laxiitive :i"(l Tonic Mosl Speedy Kcmtdies Known Watch! Don't Be I'lim I'lammcd on i'rice or Weight! I 1 CASH GROCERS ( You No Longer Iliive to Wait fur Salunliiy I'rii-cs Every l):iy is Bargain Day at Lihcriy Cash (Ituci | Specials for Wednesday - Thursday I I TURNIPS Mustard or Turnip. Frtsh. Home Grown. Large Hmu-lies PQU.K. COFFEE Ch; : Sanborn. Dated C.'ulTec I'ovnd I COFFEE' I Sunny lirook, Catiova or \vcll House. Sliced. Uirnl On, l.lj. Kind PIT, l.l>. CRANBERRIES Kalmnrc. Trcsh. PORK STEAKS SALT MEAT LARD j PGRK CHOPS " HENS PURE LARD COCOANUT I I I TOMATOES LETTUCE SUGAR _ I VEAL ROAST Fresh. Home Crown. Crisp and Ynunjf. I'ninui GROUND BEEF 1'nn MEAL "-^S^IFLOCR IU-al Nice 1'o'inrl Kverythinff You Want at I lie Lowest Prices In Town. Our Shelves Arc Jluljrins; \Vifh Frosii Merchandise.

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