The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1968 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1968
Page 2
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ttjt **» ** JrtytinvflUi (Art.) Court* ftm_<•» Mariff, May ». iiltt^ Report Says Skeletons From ROCK (AP)~Arkansas State Police investigators have concludes thai the three human skeletons uAUfthed St a stale prison farm came from a pUperS tery, hot from unmarked graves . forianurdered inmates as sorrie charged. d6Bclusion in refort, 1930 snd 1960. Many of the names in the report, primarily those who allegedly killed someone, frere blotted out by the governor's effide, Some of the alleged murdered convicts are identified, only by such names as "Red Light, ParagoUid, String Beari) Red nclusion in un: icMvivj - A.. fF „, . . Saturday by 6ov. Win- 1 Hooster.^ to. Monkey thrtp Rookefellef, Was ex- p^ssed by Maj. Ml Stfuebeing, w|6 ltd tfie inv»stigatiOn, on Jan. 30, or* day after the skele r tons were exhumed from_ an oj^n pasture at Cuihrnifis Pfis- 6fi.-FarrB ab6Ut 70 ffiiles S6U' eSSt of Little ftoCk. --At that tinifr- Slrufetag teid newsmen he believefi the Biifial grauna was aft aid prison eeme- asked, "do you tnst?" replied, tay afid rtaliy Believe "YeS, I 86." The 88-page fepart. Which Rockefeller has Bad fo? about two months,' contained fium= erous Interviews with present and former inmates Who to have knowledge of mUrders at Uie prisdh between Peter Pitcher, Blue,. Caddy Airplafle and Hickory Nilt," TH6 skeletons were 1 reffibved from crude wooden boxes after Reuben Johnson, a Negro convict; task formef prison Supt, Thflffi(i§ 0, Murton to the- pasture and pointed to a spot where, he said a Jake Jackaon was buried, One of the skeletons Wai fouhd at the Spot and Murtofl had a crew of inmates dig for the other two at iriaentions in the ground nearby. Three holes were, dug and three skeletons found, Johnsofl claifned he helped bury Jackson, who he said Was murdered, He. also identified another skeleton as Rev, But- Daily Record W.ofh.r U, S, Wtatntt Boris* Agricfllltral **fvite Ktlset, Affc Ma rkets Opln High L*# List 6 Wheat High pressure with eeol, lively dry air is covering Arkansas. These conditions will likely .prevail through. Tuesday. Moisture WU1 begin returning to southeast Te-fcas late Tuesday, Asu:tesis4 cifcUlattftn SrOuftd the high pressure center causes winds to shift to southerly, moist air is expected to begin moving int8 Arkaiisis By WeHhttday of Thursday. Weather Sff«U «fl- Agriculture — The rains of the past 16 days and the cool temperatures are hot good news, for farmers. It is too early to fully evaluate the damage 1 caUs6d by the adverse WeatheF 66haltl6flS but certainly considerable dairU age will result. The 8561, wet weather is conducive tb seedlifig diseases and widespread insert infestations are likely t6 develop tlie Agricultural fiftensloh service has already issued a special Warfliflg due W heavy infestatian &f cUtwofrhS in sdfflE areas. Mifiifnufn IWMnch soil temperatures reflect the cool air temperatures with readings this morning at the twa-mch depth ranging from 55 at Reiser to 6 at Stuttgart " FiVfrisay Outlook ^ Tuesday thrsugh Satiirdiy terniieraiures will Wef ag* heat normal *itn cool trend until midweek then warming the last half of the w«k, Naraffll high! ?? a ts ,64 Normal loWS U ta 63 f»f*cipi< tatiafl will- average ttm ene- haif ta an* ifich eeeurring after Net Prejudiced resist eif¥. Km (AP) » st ia* i youth sitting M the back Itetrf of th* chUfeh IHd prw*ed MM <6r thf 45-minUte maffiig* amm® of N*H AftdeHoft l»d Oharksl Gartii. After the eefembHy the aftked the bay his niwe. -I'm a»«|»i«di" th« »tld. "My fithM ii of the LuthefM church th« *trt*t." May , Mv. Sept . 142V* 271% 272% Chicago Soybeans May . 272 272 271% July , 273 «3V« tei Aug . 271% 2M J7A New York Stocks Texas GS ................ Chrysler ....i ............ W* RCA ,..-. ..... .. ....... .,» 49V< AT&T ;..,...-. ..... «... «fe DoW ...................... 77% Xerox .................... 276% GM pan 120% W'house .............. ..... 72% US Steel ,. isi!i ,. ..;->... 39V4 Curtis Pt CamSat '•",...!,.>. ..t.«>:. 57% Amef Motors . Sears ....: ......... ....... 67% Pare Davis .,,,....« ..... Sfl 1 Gen. Elect .., .......... ». 90 Beth. Steel ............... 29 j /4 tob Standard NJ Ihh ler. State Police however, that the skeletons did not conform te deseriptiens of the two meti and added that there was 'subitaritlal Jackson and evidence" that Butler "actually escaped from the pen." . .. * * « 'A pathologist who investigated the skeletons said there was ne eviaenee ef violent death. Th« repert said., they had Irani § "prison cemetery known as Bodiesburg (or Bolics- burg)" and that it was used to "bury numerals unclaimed had' les until the late 1940s." '•the existence at Sediesburg was a matter af common KnewF- edge t6 inmate, prison affl and local titiielis," the reSOrt said, ; The investigators ai§0 said that evidefict did not'sUppai't Johnson's allegation that -a score of inmate§ he said were killed in a '-Labor Day mas§a= ere" in 1946 Were bliHed ifl 'ffift pasture. The report noted that "sttena- ant publicity aiid public .stste- meSts implied that numerous prisoners listed as escapees were aetualiy vialims of brutality' wh6 were buried surrepti= tioiisly te uhfflafked graves at Cufflmins." * * * ' ' Raekefelier gave na expiaha--. tion far suddenly r?lea5ihg"th6 report Saturday, flawever, the ArkafiSaS General - ASSefflhly convened at n'oflh today ifl a speelat SeiMoB 8t Which R0ek§^ feuer is requesting an aaditian- ai |1,8 million appropriation for the prison system, Rockefeller Had declined ta release the repflrt previously, sayte'g tie Waflted t9 get authorization -from federal- affieiais first, one af his adies said the FBI approved the release af the report, Attached to the report Wag a memorandum from the governor's offibe, It Said: "As you will note, the report is a collection of unproven, eveii c6ntradlc^ry claims, so even contradictory claims looked upon as established fact," 62% Ark-La Afk-Mp (Bffi) Divea-Wayne • Ret. Wdrldeatrit SOMfiRSBf Pa. (AP) * Army capt. fhomfts F. jf,i wha played taps tor tfie first American soldier killed in Wand War i, died Stiflday fraffl ifijUfieS suffered in ah aUtbfflfc bile crash. Barey, n, eaiidueled "" ta Artny ALBANY, seph 6, Nv(AP) - Jo- Vtimyt; 56, retired wha reported the slaying af gangster Jack (Lep) Biamend in an Albshy rooWing house, died Sunday, o'tieaney, wha retired fram the Albany ¥iffl*s4midn in 1SSS, accompa wed paiiee i» i)ecember ml when Biamand, * gilflman and boetieif er fratt Ni* Yark city, wu kiited. ¥6KY6 (AP) - Yasetara otaiii, M, who auit grade schtra : and came to Tokyo fienniitsB at the Age of 16 ahd became one Japan's richest men, died Sim day of an ititestinal tUtiior. Ota- til, president af 6tt«i Heavy in dUitries ind chairman af Hate (Haiti, bought enterprise* durtnj the postwar period that were an the verge af bankfUBtey atid tonverted them ihtft highly prof iUble BURL'S BEAUTY SALON ng lit tn» LirfMf Half FeiMon anil Colon Announw Two N»w Optratonl r»*t*y FMt aMl U* HM tffum (fttmtYty w MtMphb)' Eveningi by Appvinrment PO 2*3356 Emmett Guyton Emmett GUytBH, 75, a retire'd farmer and resident Of Dyes's, Ark,, died yesterday in Osceola Meffl6ftal Hflspital. Born in VeraOn, Ala., he moved to Arkansas iii 1916, He had lived in Byes§ Mr 25 years. H6 wa§ a memBer of the Assembly of Qod ChUfeh. rie leaves his wife, Mrs. Mary LoU GUytOH; A, sister, Mrs, Myrtle J of , WiLUAMSOtfi former ffi'aflapr af the Biythe= villl Agriculture StamlHatibfl and eOnB'gfVation (A80) dJfifie, is the new fflaflapr ef the eettflty A8S offiee-in Oseeeia, He, suceeeds the late Marry MeBaiiiel, WiiliafflsOB 1 moved here from Poifisett eounty where he was manager of that county's ,.(Courier News Ptets) . WRECKS (Continued fraia Page One) old Hiahwajf .18 eufceff beeefti' irig alftone, dallidmg head en with a 1§65 feuiM»heeklrlve jfeep wagon and injuring the driver Mrs. Lily May and her passenger, J. W. May, both of 51S Maple, police said. The Zemane'k Vehicle came tb fest upside flowfi, pinning Z6- manek undeffleath, authorities Said. Zemanek was first taken to Ohiekasawba Hospital then transferred to the air base hospital, where' hospital authorities had hiffi .moved to'the U, S; Navy Hospital in Milington^ fenn., a spokesman for the air base said today. Late yesterday Zemanek was transferred for the fourth time and is now in the intensive care Unit of Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Memphis, where he is in serious condition, authorities reported, Mrs, May Was taken to Doctor's Hospital and is in satisfactory condition, a spokesman said. Her husband was treated p and released following the accident, authorities said. Zemanek has been charged with reckless driving, according to the Blytheville Police Department. services will be 5 p.m. Wednesday ift the Assembly of God Ohureh at fiyess. ftev. tt a i p R fiaberts' will afficiate, 8 u r i a i will be in fiassett demetery, tidbb funeral Moml in ehafge, His nepheWs Will serve as pallbearers, Trumpeter's Sister Killed BOUTTE, La. (AP) -.The sister of jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong was struck and killed by a car Sunday as she was walkiHg across U.S. 9d here, peiide reported, state Bailee identified the victim as Bealfiee CeliBa Armstrong, 4S| of New Orleans, BoUtte is just West of NeW Orleans, Br/vernen ftieted FOJC of Manila .died at his heme Friday night fallowing a lang 111 ness; He was 84, He was a \rstired having practiced in Leachville and Manila. Born in Kentucky, he had lived in Manila most of his life. Joint Services .• ;" ''' i- ..'• •'.'' Set for Two fiavid SMi 28) and L«*n Williamson, 94, bath af Blyihe- vUle, were killed in * threlear eellisien Saturday night OH Highway 8t about ate mile north of fllythevlile, Jaint serviees far the men w ill be held 2 p.ffl, Tuesday in First Baptist OhUrehY Rev, At vis earpente and Sev, Jaek flearden offieiatini, Burial will be in Dogwood eeffletey under the direction ai Gabb Funeral Hems, Pallbearers will be Bill Fan* fito, Leland Blaekshear, Bill Edwards, GefiE fteid, 61il» Me= Adoo, Bon MarriSi Tofflmy Ba= ker, W, H: Richardsbtt Jr., James Prise, tftaries' Johnston, Billy 36e 8eaB, and Thomas Borris, '- . ' *.*.•.* Ford was born in New,. Ma= drid Bounty, Me,, and had lived here nine years, Me leaves his wife, Mf.s, Buih fard af llythevillej Hi§ parents, Mr, ana Mrs, Retort L Ford of Qkeeehebee, ia,| A sen; Keith f ard of the darafial at New Orleans, and Mrs, Mary Ash af Marstan, Ma, * * * WilHamson was a life-long fliytheviile resident, He leaves his wife, Mrs, M Williamson) His parents, Mr, and Mrs, aahn WiiHam&n af Btythevllki Two daughters, Paula Kay Williamson and Lisa Wlllto son, of the h&ffiej • '. A SOB, Miehael tsaa mtoitte sen ef thehamej fwa brothers; Ma* William^ son ef Blytheviiie and J, W, Williafflgan of Seekford, lli.i fhree sisters, Mrs, Bonila Al> ien and Miss ioyee ABB Wil= liafflsen, both ef fiiytheviiie, and Mrs, Naney. Beff ef Wll= fflington, Bel, Rulid Q Suicidi _ Five brothers, Robert L Ford Jr.- ef Quiney, 111,, Baiten for,d of Houston, Wayne Ford, etiarles ford and.. Jerry. Ferd, air of Okeeahobeef Three sisters, Mrs, Viva 'Hughes ef 8t, yuis, Mrs, Sue 1 ToliS .LOS ANGELES (AP) - Government agencies will be spying on Southern California .from planes during the, next two He was a member 6f the J weeks-to see if satellites could First Baptist ChUrch in Manila. dO the jdb better, H6 ISaVes his wife, Mrs. Mur-i The "feffiflte 'sensing" jro- iel FOic; Meet; borfBWlng technique's USed Two sons, Bill Fox of Cairo, ] by military satellites, over for- 111., and RichaTd Fox of Ann Arbor, Midi.; A daughter, Mrs. Mar of fewer," Colo,; ' . A brother, firyon Fox of Crayne, Ky.; Two sisters, Mrs. Katheryn Stephenson of Crayne and Mrs. fiessie ftussell of Oetfoit; And 12 grandchildren. Service's were 2 p,rii. today at First Baptist Church in Manila, Rev, Carroll Evans officiated. Burial Was in Manila Cemetery, Howard Funeral Service in charge, Has Mumps SANTA FE, N.M. (Af) Gov. alia Mrs. David F. Cargo returned to New Mexico one day eariy from a Hawaiian vacation aiid last Week's Wes'tefB Stiver^ liars dahfei'enee in Hortoluiu, Mrs. Cargo has the mUfflps. Police Altrted eign lands, is designed to survey national resources, such as land, Water, minerals and peo» file, If. it IS successful, similar equipment will be installed in' satellites surveying this country,- '...'" '• The project is conducted by the U.S, Geoiogieal Survey in cooperation With the U,S", space agency. The planeS will carry Cameras with special filmS Snfl filters, infrared scanners and radiometers, arid radar and passive mi 1 cTowave sensors, TjHe latter survey lartd Use, soil moisture and other properties through CldudS or in darkness. . . Extra's Glory HOLLVW&QD (Af) = gome of the world's least known actors and actresses .will be accorded their moment of glory tonight. Tliey are screen extras. In what th4 Screen Extras Guild calls the First Annual Screen Extra Awards, 15 extras Will re> ST. LOUiS (AP) — Samuel ceive spetial statuettes for"dis- Linder, owner of a pharmacy in tinguished performances" at a St. Louis' West End, has asked j black-tie dinner at a Hollywood police to keep an eye on the' restaurant. The wiilflefS will Be picked.for distinguished performances ih A crowd, as ,8 gambler, ,1H A store at aboUt 1:30 p.m. each day. That's the tlnife a yfluHg robber has held Up Littder three times within 10 days. Under;ing vehicle, with or on an ani- feaid the youth took $120 at knife- j mal, at a cocktail party, in a point in the latest holdup Satur- j riot, ifl a Roman=or Greek- day. I arena, aftd so an. DAVfOMA ' BSAeH, Fla, (AP) = The death of a student traiaing te beebme a eammer= eial Bilet was deeiarsd a suieide Sunpy after he radioed 'Tm ganna erash this plane" and sent the light aireraft in a dive ta the ground, . : Justiee 'of the Peaee dharle§ Luke made the ruling after 11& tining to a tape reeardmi of pt lot James. Bayer's eanversatien with the Baytana Beaeh Air= port, fieyer, 24, was frara Ink-- ster, Mieh,, a Betrait suburb, *'He said he'd been having trouble with his wife, Apparent iy he'd been brooding ever tuisjtt. the justiee af"the peaee Wrong Man ST. LOUfS .(AP) - Although Oliver E. Anderson, 6f St, LouiS wants to be known as a musician, singer , .and composer, somebody, in Washington wants him to be a Wafhero. . The. 26-yp'fieIS,Afiders6n has received '.the.'Bronze Star and a PUr-ple Heart'for meritorious service in Vietnam. The correspondence reached Anderson thraUgh R6TC headquarters at Washington University. He told officials that he has never been to Vietnam. Anderson served his Army time as a private. Sewing Arts Certain tropical ants use silk- spinning larvae as HeSdlSs and thread. Holding the larvae in their jaws, the ants work them bask and forth to pull the edgSs Bf the leaves together and t8 fasten them with silk, thus making their nests in trees. POLICE (Continued IMni Page On«) McKee could receive a medical discharge based on a service'' connected disability, a possibl* goiudOH that had 8up«sted Itsell: 19 me at- the outset?' Scott laloY Seatt said the Mem matter': would be disposed ef at thurs« day's meeting of the State Pa-,; lies Gsmtnleglen, ' • •:;, "i will make a firm and defl« nltlve reeemmeHdatiflti to thr commission at that time," Seett said, "There Is ne doubt when. 1 stand en. matters involving; fiiiseenduet of paiiee .eKIeeri ahd tee will be Be fivers tlSffl.". . .,;. Regarding polities, Suott said that any personnel wha involved themselves' "will be summarily dismissed," aeett said the prevision's wer§ eiear -and that they left «« roam for doubt, "They will bt rigidly enforced)" he said. "There will be ne eiideptiens," Be ordered all personnel Is sip the memo and return it ta him so it could -be piaeed-in their p=!'8-nne1 file, . - . , -;•_ A First ' - ? OMB (AP)-*' for the first time in fienisoh •UfliveMy's l§?=year his-tary, a father and sen team wlHdelivef.' the baisaiaureate and . earn* . ffleneement addresses, The Rev, Dr, Jitsua Mafe "' m, seeretary ef the BivisioB af • ByaBieliBm efthe American. Baptist eanye-fitioH, will give thi baeealaureate address June S, - : Mis soBi Bennls, was pieked fram among 12 student eandk dates as the speaker far the edfflffleaeement June 3, He will graduate with § political seienes Services By COBB FUNERAL HOME F0BD WILCIAMS&Nj 8 p,m, Tufeiday, , . Wednesday, ti s m Assembly of God ChlircH, MILLIE'S Gift & QtUtt Shop NOWOPENI HI4VA¥ 18 Af TOMATO Open 9t30 to 6 P.M. Millie Maiiory em, OWfier GOSPEL MEETING Tue. >• thi>u » Suh k yjlO'.JUn.. Ni$hHy Public /hv/toef Special Music FIRST GRACE CHURCH Marguerite and Harrison, Street Add Blytheville Federal would like fb salute Mi* Blytheville Realtors. You build the house! and we'll build better home loans, itfive to give our euitomers expert advice arid service, no matter what their home Idah needs. Why n6t Come by and let us WOrk but a loh§»t»rrh ham* loan to lult y«Uf bMdffh The Realtors supply the n*Uies> we supply rhe loans. NATIONAL REALTORS WEEK AN A«*0«IATION 200 N. S*cond SC

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