The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, NOVEMPER 26, 19<i!> OUT OUR WAY By J. R^wniioms Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople AWV M6SSASB ? HE'LL B6 SOOM—A COOPtSOF DOYOO MA3OR AMOS 8, HOOPLe? T'f/\ TO1«D He He AWT we VOUR ORDER IF YOU'RB LOOKIMG PDR A BUSTED UMBRELLA, A CALENDAR .ORAlsl ^SPIRITS Of CLUB. \NORK6D A FEW DAYS TWlS WEEk AMD IT'S ODO. PAV T>AY/ IN AND SIT Ori A POOL TABL6 THE CONVALESCENT He/p Wanted, Male By Virginia Feale BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS Man to collect A: sell Health. Ac- clrteni and Life Insurance. SetlliHl Man with family preferred. Will train 3 or 4 weeks. Must b« sober, honest, and willing to work. See Jhn Brown. Poll Hotel. H[26 pk Ii30 ^ men to work in cotton em Vatley- tleta Oln Co.. VarDro ph 66J5 11|7 ck tl One good mechanic, preferably with General Motors experience. See Kari Stone at Noble Gill i'ouliac Co., 21G So. Lilly, Blythevillc. 11-25 ck 29 Loons WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. RI ALES LAND CO. W. T. Barnett—Russell Rialcs i —Erey Williams— 2262 two phones J809 _ ^ -11-25 ck tf For Rent Wurehouse 30'x40' on railroad siding. Mldvm Dilry Products. Ph. 4447 _ H|ia ck tr • Flash cameras ror all occasions CrSTEEN-S STUU10 4]5-c*-u FUB RENT: r lr . 2cr , Puna locxcn Blajlock'. Hlgbway 61 Phnne 3l" ._ _ _ 6r23 ck II r FOR HENT — Severaf tmcts ot good land wltn Improvements located nonr I-.:ino and Hughci. Arkansas ranslng • irnm 4U-ucrcs to 641) Annlv t« H P MasntM. Earle. Ark.n«i 'Iclcpnoiin 2081 and 3591 pit Wanted to Bov Pom tnr CHKJKENS- "' °™«T * Ma,k« «IV c* U Salesman Wanted , • »« m »« Kooa in selling position, but reels he has reached the limit ot artvnncc- r»r»ti ' fmd °" r P™P"*'«'on orre^ * '1 L , """ ' Or h ' Sh «'« ae K "'M- Saln'lr ^ '" I> "" 1 dllr ' n » "tcnslr. r eu,,^ B " "' Wrlte Blvln ^ '"» n»rt- l lemurs a, to nge> education, ejnerl- * tnce, married or single, present em- ?onn m , Cnnt ,'!" d ™"" f '- U wi » <"> no good to call personally until letter Ulw ,","s etl ancl "PPoin'ment made! Ove telephone numhcr. THF NATIOK- *'; <;ASH REGISTER CO. P. o Bo« 115. JOWESBORO, ARK. i,, 26 ck , 2 "5 sinnv, ,,„_,., Bl . lr- "rkln K I,, I,., . T.l.nM, r.^ru which M,,Mln KnK,r. ,- .r.Ul rmmrrt | n O !Th. *cl nnt lo n.nk* H flpn] »rK^n *hr HnH« Ihr cnMro'a hJ>T In hpr rnr. niii^n «*d M*iMy. >1>^ rinmlnPK ihf ho* iinri fln.U "...Ifr tlir llnlnc n .erlr. nf B c - nrr,, 111.4. R. 2 . Bllrt „ »i, B ri.vr« I. Ihr hoi. Sl.p c.ic- on (r, Knl(«-r'p rlnrr anrt fln.U him rirnd-^MHr- ilrrrd In h!« l.cil. She krcrU hrr- XI CUPPOnTINO (he cud of (he box with her left hand. Hagar Blair liped her ri«;ht to push np the «nd of the bolster. Martin Falter's body stopped sliding. Ha^nr blew out a breath ot relief. Waddling forward, she eased the end of the box onto her knees and. still awkwardly supporting the holster, she managed to raise the lid of the box just a crack She caught a glimpse of what looked like .several bundles of letters, each one tied with a string and bearing a-label such as those usually attached to transient luggage. As she squatted there, she was galvanized by a staccato of footsteps on the front steps and porch. She beard a muffled pounding on the door. "Mr. Falter! Mr. Falter!" Hagnr bounded across the bedroom, shut (he door behind her and sped to the front door before Stephanie hart lime to call again. "Shut up. Slephanic!" she whispered fiercely, yanking the door open. Stephanie stepped back in astonishment. "Hagar! What's the matter? Where's Mr. Falter?" Hagar pulled her inside and closed Ihe door. "Dead!" Hagnr exclaimed grimly. "Deader'n a doornail." Stephanie drew back, trembling, her face marble white. "Dead?" she whispered. "Was he murdered?" Hagar noted wilh a kind of nerverse satisfaction that the girl's tcetli were chattering. Now. she thought, now somebody else could feel seared for a change! "I.onks like he was slabbed." Stephanie didn't move. "Is there—is there a knife?" "Knife?" Hagar looked dashed. "To loll Ihe truth. I didn't Ihink to look for one. Come in with me and we'll see." Stephanie was swallowing spasmodically. "Oh. no! No. I couldn't! I don't want to see him!" Hagar squared her shoulders "Then you keen watch out here." • • • T-TAGAR approached Martin Fal*••" tor's bed. In stories, she thought, there usually was a dae- Kcr projecting from the corpse More, there was nothing, no weapon at all. She got down an all fours and peered under the bed No knife. But there wns a crumpled piece of something. A small square of distinctive tapestry She medilated a moment and then stuffed Ihe material into her pocket ! "Not a sign of a weapon," ilflgar declared xvhen she returned. "Murderer must've taken it away with him. Let's get out of here before somebody conies along and calches us hobnobbing with the corpus delicti. Hope you didn't touch anything in here?" Stephanie extended tier hands. "1 have my gloves on." As they closed the front door behind them. Hagar suddenly paused: "Stephanie! How did you get up here to Falter's?" "fn a cab—oh!" Hagar clasped her hands prayerfully arirl rolled her eyes skyward: "In a cab. she .says! Now ['II have to think up a good reason why I was there when you walked in!" • • • QUIDING her car up Rodin Avenue toward her house, tlagar wonderer) whether to tell Stephanie about finding the empty silver box. She compromised. "Who d'you "''* (Tnl rhr crimco"**' she askc-rt lip «wimi; Iho car into the driveway , I wish I knew niiocvcr has •>..• no rir-hl lo it." nttjjr su-itcfied ofT the entrine 'in"lnrt hor ireys. seloctlne the ono for Die honse. "TloiiFC 1= cold." n'nqnr com- monlrd. rnhhine her hands. ITer "lanro came to rest no the class •lonr Inn'lin" to Ide ride nntio Tm- ni(""intolv Hio ctrotle toward It: "No wonHer it was cnM In bore, tlic natio Hnor's oncn." She closer? anH Intchrrl it. Rlenhanie had come in and was bcndinc before the ens heater. hni''inr n linhied match: "That's nrobahlv mv fault I went oiil fhi<s morninc to nick a few Geraniums. Maybe I didn'l loch it when T came in." Klenhanio tilted a pale, troubled free: "You're not—nren't YOU RO- ine to vn lo the police?" "And have tliat bunch of retarded innnkcvs clnmnlnv; around bore- all nishP I should say nol! We both need fnod and rest hofort we slnrl fending with Chief Pelers." She went to her room and drr-w the window shades against (he night, and. as she did so. she Ulanccd fondly at the glass-fronlcd cameo cabinet which stood between the bed and the windows. Now here, she thought, was something worth looking at—this carefully arranjrcrt groun of lovely miniature sriilnlurcs: The one in Ihe middle, top row she had talked away from Reverend Charles King's collection, using warm words and cold cash The small one next to it. with the profile of Ihe ugly Roman emperor, she had gotten after a lone tug-of- war wllh the Chicago Museum. And there on the third shelf was an interesting piece. At this point. Hngar's familiar little parade of thoughts came to an abrupt hall! She stared unbelievingly at Ihe piece fourth from the left on the third shelf: It was the dclle Corniole carneilnnl The exquisitely carved weeping woman, the frame ot pearls gleaming softly around her. the diamonds lighting tiny fires on the frame! (To Be Continued) Position Wanted Experience farm machinery «alea- m»n would lUe * job selling r.rm rn.cmncry and tractors. «tc. In Bly- Lnf^ * 6»rro U nrtl n(f towns. Write "on 3« c;a Courier News. Hnve c»r 11123 pk Il|27 Lost billfold n I'r.nT ^',°" n '""i ir »d<""<Jn. Thllrs. nrM . rc L on '<""""":»"on OArd. HE- u , 2i k nj27 wn. con '<"" WAHO. Ph. 6919. MW ? , , " Span " ;l !"'Pn>-. m»le. mifls pel Bew«ra. ctiii 907. 705 II|23 pk 27 y ' ght ' alr I"" 1 " «« Wp«t la », ga ° n b " rrcl lrl<1 "CM. w n v Hl?hw ">' o» 8'»™t. Hew»rU w. o. Van Bibber. Ph. 4»3S. _ 11122 pk IIjJS Ench year the earth rotates on its nxis about 366 l l times. SICK? Stomach, Liver and Gall Bladder upset, Tongue coated, Bad breath. Bad taste. You have heartburn, gas and dizzy spells, gas in your bowls, may press upon your bladder, causing backaches. Getting up at nights, pains in your legs, arms, you feel dizzy, nervous, irritable. NU-AID Contains twenty-two herbs that help to go right to work on the cause. Miserable people soon feel different, so do not go on suffering. Get NU-AID — Sold at OWENS DRUG STORE, Blythevillc. Dell. SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work foi gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Cuslom SheannR up lo 1/4 inch Ihirkncss Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soulh HroHdway rh<m , 2fifv| -Master Plumber-' JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Oiiaranlcrd For 12 MnnUts Fresh Sl Guaranteed Rest I'rire* K_'_rby__ Dr u9 Stores F O R SALE CONCBKTF; CULVERT TILE con* ro. than *n; CONCRETE SKU'KR TH.B Sli<* l-b.k Inrrie* fOS'CHHTF SKI-TIC TANKS Illut Price, .„, , M1Tt , A. H. WEBB HlEhnaj 61 al Sl^le Line Thone 7H 5,iT North lOlh" Phone fiilO] WINTER IS ALMOST HERE SO Painting Interior & Hxlcrior • R\|)ert ^opei Hanging !•*! (males Gladly i Miiinc Price LLI QQ LU Q See Our Dependable U sed Cars 1!H7 Slndcbaker Land Cruiser—a shiny black color, clean inside ancl out ovcr<lrivc ' wiii(c "' iw - n urcs k "" s- ™AcS - Sednn - h « K"'*' ", excellent motor and a bargain Check These Older Models Jricl loin «?^ , ? UP ' 1!)33 '''-vmonlh 2-door 19^0 SI udebaker-Commander 1-J37 Chcviolol Coupe 1939 Chevrolet 2-tioor , 935 ,,„,,, 2 . door CHAMBLIN SALES CO •A.UOAD »^A^T)fc- . //•it ""*"• "«' " "r> ««»tcr. IKC. i. M. F.IO u. s rtt. orr "The idea, giving me a parking ticket! Why, I still have yo,, arrested for breaking my windows "t" baseball when you were a little boy!" PAGE SEVEK F1<£CKLE8 AND HIS FRIENDS BY MKUKILL BLOSSEH laird's Jlove IMMSCII.I.A'S I'OI' Villk- Sim,stir; HY At. VBRMBER DON'T LOOK LIKE THAT. DEAR WHEN WE RR-5T GOT MARRIED ">OU ENJOYED CARRYING MY BUNDLES! THOSE DAYS YOU SAID WE I WED OH LOVt= _ - NOVv WE'RE LIVINC5 AND BELIEVE ME THEY'RE / HEAVIER 15 Y rMICIlAICL (VIMAM.BY «nd RALPH LANS NEITHER OF YOU IS WORTH THE JUICE TO BORN YOU I HARD RACKET AIN'T T=NOUGH lOOkS LIKE IT TAKES VDUNG B10OD TO SHOW THESE BOOKIES WHAT'S HEALTHY FOR THEM. YEAH, KIO, WE TRIED OUR BEST .' UT THEBOOXI! WOUIDN'T GO TOE PRO TECTIQM YOU HrtDNT OUStlT TO TALK TO US LIKE THAT. CAPDWE NEVER DID. CAPTAIN EASY Annthcr Hlasf HY LESLIE TURNER HOLD IT, ROSITAl I HEAR VOICES AHEAD AMB THE sftUE MEW I SAW MJD WHAT T I THIMK. I'M BESINUIUS TO SEE IS ALL THAT \YMM- THEY'RE AFTER- ° UT "' WITH SEWOJ2 IQBBS, EASY! T WH(VT ARE- THEV DOIKJS! LOWIHG- THE TEWL FROM THE CA.WP SEVERAL MILES. EASV SUDDEWLV STOPS HUGSKUNNY B-BUGS/ WHY ARE ) IT AIN'T PER Y-YOU BUYING j<ME, PORKY IT'S UMPERWEAR? /[ p^ ELMER'S BIRTHOAY... SOMETHIN' HE CAf ALWAYS USE ON B-BIRTHPAV5, HWPV BIRTHDAY, PEOPLE LIKE THINGS THEY'D NEVER THINK OF THEMSELVES/ N-NO/ POM'T B-BUY HIM ANYTHING 5-SO lie's Kcnlly Pouring i IfJ^tKV HY V. T. HAMLIN IN VIEW Of THE EXCELLENT GIVEN OUR B> TELEVISION, WHY YOU KA.VE HERE TONIGHT. 3 AM B'JT A ' SIMPLE SCIENCE SA.VS THE VET r HAVE EATEN THElE FLESH A.ND RIDDEN . THROUGH STEAMING JUNGLES.' HOOTS AND HEH IHIODIICS BY BDfiAR MARTIN

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