The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1933
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It Served by the United Press VILLE COCKIEK THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTHKA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 223 , D»Uy Men. BlythcrUk OourMt. V«lley Ltxter. Bly'uberUV Btnte ARKANSAS, TURSDAY. DKCKMBKlt 5, 103:5 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO UTAH SPEEDS REPEAL OF PROHIBITION Citizen^ Keep Louisiana Polls Closed BEIT UK Perfectly Lovely- Future Count ^ to Act J J nn WaturivnrL j ' IN 1BTH DISTRICT Kine;fish, Enraged at Press, Keeps to New Orleans Hotel Room. HAMMOND, La.. Dec. 5 (UP)— Mobilized citizens, some using. pas-, sive resistance and others armed I • force, defeated Senator Huey P. ' Long's political admtnistnilion and I prevailed the opening of the polls I for a federal election today in ! Louisiana's sixth congressional district. Bums in Effigy The citizens, claiming that Sen- alnr Lout's regime hand picket! a ballot listing only Mrs. Bolivar K Kemp as candidate for congress to succeed her late husband, refused to vote. Senator Long remained in his New Orleans hotel suite headquarters. Two bodyguards watched over him. The senator was enraged over grotesque newspaper displays which showed the senator hanging and burning in effhrv before a cheering crowd at Hammond. All newspapers are now classified as enemies by the kingfish and reporters are barred from his retreat. Citizens using armed force and relying ballots nrcvented the polls from opening in four of twelve parishes in the district. Polls were aliened in other parishes but there was practically no voting. Citizens watched all polls and took the name (jfrevery person who tried" lr>" vote"." At Clinton, sent of West Fclicl- ano parish, 24 employes of the state insane asvlum. holding jobs In the Tx>ng administration, were the only ones to vote during the first two hours that the polls were open there. Keeps Polls Closed At Hammond 1,000 citizens had h?en armed and deputized lo en- fcice an injunction by Judge Ty- I in- sent out a squad of armed mrtt to close it. The squads patrolled Judge Tyccr's district, comprising three parishes, all night to prevent any attempt by the Long faction to set up polling booths. The Givil Works Administration in New Orleans today sent investigators into the sixth district to check reports that persons on CWA rolls were being ordered to vole or not to vole, with threats that buildings used by the CWA would br- burned down. on Waterworks Purchase An ordinance. 1 formally authorizing the city .vntcrworks commlt- lee to file an application for u HI-C loun for pmchusc of the water plant a;id .system here as self-liquidating niunlci)iul project will be- submitted to the city council for picsage at a special meeting at th; city hall tonight.' The waterworks committee, named several weeks ugo by Mayor Cecil Rjianc to investigate tht possibility of purchase and operation of the water plunt hi' the 'city, will submit iu> report of Informal negotiations with RFC officials and the federal receiver lor Associated Utilities. It Is understood lhat RFC officers have expressed (hen-selves as favorably inclined towarJ a loan for the purchase and the receiver for the utility corporation, owning the local plant, anil committee members have about agreod on a price ivfclcli will pruoably be definitely i evented tonight. L The wolf will gnaw in vain at the door of'Mrs. Margaret-Hall 'Fiuea French,- bride .of Winsor French, 'Cleveland newspaper columnist, : for she's been given an alowance of 12,225 a month .'until she's^21. In February—and then a $675,279.93 estate, all in a lump. Mrs.-French, daughter of a stage star-playwright, Antoinette Perry! herself won fame on stage and screen as Margaret Perry. Her father/ the late P. W. ftueauff, was a Denver utility magnate.- J. P. fvicCormick of Yazoo City, Miss., Fatally Hurt This Morning. LUXORA, Ark., Dec. 5—Crushed by a dirt car when he rtepped into H.I path, J. L. Mc- Cormlck, 24, Yazoo.l. City, 'Miss. Brown Construction company em- p%e, died at the Memphis'-Baptist hospital., at ft:. o'clc-X" thl- uii>riilng five* hours --after .-the - ao<.<dent occurred on a levee Job rear Liixora. , - , McCormlck, vho.had been drlv- ii.'g a caterpillar • tractor on the levee work, walked In front ol ihe dirt car a-i It.came • down ar embankment o.i. Its narrow gauge track. . His body was clashed Irom the . wan', down land he .d>ed without regaining conscious ress. A Cobb ambulance, took him to Memphis after he had beei tjven first aid at Luxora. ' .The remalris. will be sent to Yazco City, .Miss;, where his par ents reside. He .was unmarried He was the s&n of Dr. and Mrs P. McCormlctt. New York Cotton (UP) - NEW YORK. Dec. 5 Cotton closed steady. V op in high low close Dec 9'fl 999 979 S99 D85 1002 383 1002 9.18 1010 ' 9M 1016 1000 1031 10008 1029 1021 1042 1021 1042 1042 10CO 1040 1060 Jan March Way July Oct Spots closed steady at 1020. up 15 Neiv Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 5 (UP! — Cotton closed steady. open high low close 986 988 986 988 U78. 994 978 994 M4 1015 993 1010 10-^C 1029 IOW .1024 1021 1040 1021 1031 1048 1038 1054b Dec Jan March May July Ocl Spols closed steady at 988, up 13 Closing Stock Price* Earned in Connection With Huey Long's Fight on Bank Reform Bill. WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 (UP)Charles S. McCain, chairman of Ihe board of Lhc Chase National bank, was llnlred today in testimony before the senate stock market committee with the 21-day filibuster by which Senator Loii; (Dem.. La.) prevented passage of Die Olass bank reform bill in 1931. WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 (UP) — Chairman Fletcher of the senale banking committee announced today that teitlmony would be heard this wci-!; on the $10,000,000 trading syndicate In Seaboard Airline stock In which Harvey Co pa Fletcher said Charles S. McCain, Chase bank ofllrial, who was interested in the Seaboard transact : on. would be in Washington tomorrow. Roseland Road Gravel to Be Shipped at Once County Jud;t Zal 13. Harrison was informed in a telegram from a CWA official at Little Rock loday that gravel for the all-weather surfacing of the Roseland road, from Highway 18. south to the Luxora-Liltle Kiver road, will be shipr«d today or tomorrow. Surfacing of the road is one of the projects approved by the Civil Works Administration for employment of idle persons in this county. It will provide good road facilities for residents already in that tcrritoiy and aid In open- ii'g up the LHt!e River section. 1MHKE Observations i by C. R. 1 Construction Company Has Nearly Completed Levee Work Here. :ouch, W. W. Atterbury and others I M rs _ Lawrence PoSCy Rob- -arliclpaled. L 1 C L J • L^ bed Saturday night on Wilbur Underbill Married in Oklahoma COALOATE, Okla., Dec. 5 (UP) Underhlll, desperado, Offices of the Trinity Farm Construction company, which have been maintained In this city since last January, will be moved to Opelousos, La.. January 15. Tills company, which Is completing a contract with the United States government for Improving levees on the Mississippi river between Canithersvllle, Mo., and Wilson, Is now employing only 500 local men. Most of the families with the company, who were headquartered here, have already gone to Opelousas, and the remainder of them except the office force, will leave In about two weeks. About 1500 men have been employed at one time by the company in its work of mo/Ing three and a half million y.-.vdj of dirt at 12.69 cents per yard. All of the Thur.'iiliiy of this week there will be heard by Chunci-llor iaulney at .Imiirsboio u suit the uU'uiLit- of which nuiy cost or .save lie taxpayers of the St. Francis .-HX- District some J210.000. U is Hit- ciuse of Janu-.s Haki'r, aimi-r living wi-sl of Lnxora. pe- Illonln)! for a restraining order 0 prevent the St. Francis I.evec District board from fullllUng nn .gnjemcnt to pay $15 per acre, .mounting to about $240,000. lo| 'ucini Point landowners In compen-' atlon for damages allegedly .sus- nined bv them us a result of the ,i-tllntr buck of the levee. Most taxpayers of Ihe district. imagine, say more power to Mr. Baker, and may he be successful 11 blocking this payment. The facts if the matter. HJ> 1 have them, iowever, are that Mr. Baker Is not Interested in winning his suit, :liat It was broughl not with the :iope or Intention of preventing .he Pecan • Point payments, but rather with the purpose in view of facilitating them by obtaining a cyiri decision authorizing them. The case of Baker vs. the St. levee board, U hbt a bona Tide attempt \o! block ' 'the Pecan Point payments, 'but Instead a friendly suit designed to eliminate any passible legal objection to such Puvment. Concerning the legal aspects of this cnsc ! am not competent to comment. Bearing In mind, however, the facts that Iherc Is serious doubt that the levee district hns anv moral obligation to the Pecan Point landowners, that the $75 per acre settlement agreed upon was based upon no appraisal of the actual damage's sustained by the landowners, and thfit payment of the »240.000 would almost Ortalrilv: force the 'district-Into recelvershlo. it «ems to me lhat the interest of tlie property holders of the district at large ounht to be represented In the ucndlm, litleation to the end lhat the cose against payment of tlie damages may have the strongest passible presentation. The whole matter is one of vita importance to all St. Francis Lc vee District land owners. Heavih, burdened with taxes already, they can 111 afford to have nn addition al (240.000 burden thrust upon them. I have talked with member of the old levee board, parlies t ihe aureement lo pay the $240,000 who have expressed themselves a rcgrettlne what they now call ai Ill-considered and unwise actior 1 have talked with members, o the newly elected board who feel that 'the payment • should never lave been promised. No one con- ends that the Pecan Point property owners should receive no. com- )ensatlon for damage actually suf- 'ered by them as a result of the evee set-back. But before $15 an acre Is paid In compensation for such damage It should be dcfintte- y established that damage to that amount was Incurred. That has never been done and there arc nanv who believe that it never can be done—that no such damage or TiX PL! FORCE IULTHT Tfl Pro|X)sccl Changes Would Increase Federal Revenues by $^37,000,000 WASHINGTON, I)CC. 5 (UP)— Tile liuiusv \va\s and means', subcommittee tmlny , recommended i»j , i>ni! tuxes which revenues of lu|>|)y (lltristnias For AII Is Goal ()!' Good I'd lows Viuuld bring IP 000.000 iimmnll.-. The sub-committee, In a prutlu c|»rt to the full committee, |iro- :o.sed changes In Ihe present lax Undine which would sharply In- Tense revenue from wealthy tux- Tiiyeis. It pru|iesrit taxes OH dlvl- .1'iul.s, Increase.! on capital gains and loises,- and Increased tuxes n various other categories. ' The committee, criticizing ovas- on of federal' taxes by million- nil cs through cutting up of -iicr- soiml holding corporations, pro- jcsed a 35 per .cent .'tax ' on Ihe undistributed" net Income 6f such ipliling companjcs. • The siib-co-nmlftco estimated .hat by increasing surtaxes up lo the point w>:erc revenues would 59 per ecu', on Incomes in excess of Sl.000.000 th; federal lu- cerne would L-e Increased by 000,000 annually. .Hcvenm: of approximately $85.000.000 would result, the committee si'ld, by reducing by 25 per cent allowances for reductions for dc- 3jjKlatlon and depletion, • Changes In the capital.gains anil i'/Kts section Iiy which ' the ricr- cerilages of ga'a or loss Is recognized, for example, as 100 per ccnl for (ax purposes, if the capital assets have been held for not more than one year, would rrsult In revenues of $30,000,000 annually. Dlyiluvlllr cli'mis arc going to I* lilvt'ii tin- npixirtunily to play Sanln Clans (o 300 destitute fum- Illva who still iji-lli!\-c Ihcre is'u S.iiila Chins. Tti'j CiOixlfelkiw.s, 'liirj'iiri-d by (lie local American IJ-KIOII | with Ross Stevens us ih:ilimun. plun (u MI- nvcry !-™>i< hi l!ly'.>icvllle and Its Im- millulu vicinity liar, plenty lo i-nt hiul u bit of HOIK! cheer for tin 1 children, I;IH! gruwn-ii|» ton, • in Clirlslimis. This u»|»r will ncknowli-duc all cluiiHllans of in.mi.-y. toys, food or I'lcthliiti and \.lll nnnrmiuT the I nines of club;;, church groups mid Indhldimls why will care for one m more families. This ulll be Inuiui'd in the ho|H! that lluu wwi are blessed with worldly goods Ill-ails to way by may And it l:i their Bllliri; Jll II lU'l-.-iOIMl '"dupllnt" a itiniiy, Mr. Hteveiis iiiiioiincuil today. The ncodtellows lodny wnntctl c, amimmce Hi-: iimnc of the first o adopt n faii^ly but nu one liar •el ollcred, Who will be flrsl? :nll Courier New.s,. 'JfHi or :!07, or low Stevens. Downtown Street. Police today had no clues as to the identity of the thief who snatched a purse, containing about Kt), from Mrs. Lawrence Posey on North Second street early Saturday night, The robbery occurred on Second between Main and Walnut streets A. T. ami T 118 3-4 Anaconda Copper 151- Bcthlehem Steel 353-8 Chrysler 41 1-8 Cities Service 17-8 Coca Cola 97 7-8 General American Tank 30 1-: General Electric 207-8, SEEffi™^ SI* «*"«** *™*»* * Monlgomery Ward"!!". » 7-8 *«* ^.T^LM^ New York Central 36 1-4 Packard 41-8 - •• PS - Pctrole » m 1J Memorial day with Harvey Bailey lone side'of the "walk to allow the ' „ and nine others applied for the! other pedestrian to pass. Her 'T |*| license In person. I purse was grabbed suddenly by a 46 7-8 Radio Corp Simmons Bedj .....'. St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. j Texas Co U. S. Steel ..'.' work is finished except for the moving of approximately 10.000 yards near Cottonwood Point. Mo This work was done lo make the levees higher and wider In the ex peclatlon lhat furlher floods will be prevented. W. F. Johnson, of Dallas. Texas, was in charge of anything approaching It resulted from Ihe levee scl-back. Movies Fail to Recognize Sally's Dramatic Talent HOLLYWOOD, Cnl., Dec. 5 <UP) —Sally Rand. Ian dancer of the Chicago Century of Progress, winked out of a mi>t!on picture studio here because the movie role assigned to her did not permit her to display her abilities as a dram- Repeal Finds Legislature Far From Agreement 01 Liquor Law. ST. LOUIS, Dec. 5 (UP)-Crim inal Correction Judge Butler, wh handles all cases Involvlnp viola of the etnte bone dry . lav here, announced today that speak casies m&y "operate •wtyloujiMH.' prosecution despite ffnlliire'W stnto legislature to complete llquo control legislation. Commiitee Named to Investigate Possibility o' Obtaining Building. Commiltces were named at las night's meeting of the Dud Cason American Legion post to tnvestl- •ale the possibility of construction of n Legion hut and attain? mi-lit of an improved airport 1'erc. It Is understood that erection el legion hilts Is a type of construction contvr.iplnted under the CWA program ."ml that Ihcre is considerable lli-.elihood lhat the CWA will provide labor, especially veteran labor, and possibly certain materials for the hut. The larger parl of the materials and the site, in Mip event the con- slructlon is ' undertaken, will be lurhished by the Legion post.' The local poi: owns a lot on North Second streel. Post Commander Nelll Reed an- JEFFERSON 01TY, Mo., Dtc. (UP)—National prohibition rcpsa taught Missouil. without legal today, a condition descrlbct by the attorney general as "clmo lie". The slate's bone dry • law re matncd In f>iil force while 5]>ccial session of Hie leijlslalur worked fevertsl-ly lo enact a regu- Iiitory law. Htadwny was slow. The senate, working until 1:30 A. M. today, ixrfected a bill allowing the salr: of liquor in HEEDS PUB OF •inal Action Is' Expected Shortly After 3:45 p.. m. Centra! Time. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Dec. (Ul'l—Tho Utah repeal conven- lon recessed llils afternoon until :45 p. m., mountain standard line (3:45 p. in. central standard line). U|x)n reconvening U was expected immediately to cast the •old ratifying the 21st amendment, hus automalically ending natlon- for the rest. il prohibition. .Out of sympathy packages :.ll over the slate sale of Intoxicants by the inn) and c'l'lnk In wet si-clitms. Counties, cttL'.s and Incorporated towns, are given the right to determine how. when, and where iiiloxl- cnnts can be dispensed by the drink. After the senate pnssci (he bill either Wednesday or Thursday it will go to 'the house where definite action will come In two or three weeks. rif the nation the convention -decided to advance Its vole on rat* llcntloii of the 21st amendment by Ecvcrnl hours. ..,,, Change FUns . ••After a 15-mlnute recess Ray L.' Olson, the convention chairman, untie the following announcement: "Ueciiusc of conditions in other jiaiis of the country we have changed our plans and will recess for one hour only. Under the plan the convention should reassemble before 3 p. m;, mountain standard time, and dls- of the final vote shortly uf- ter that hour, making repeal effective for the enlire nation. Tho delegates prcvloasly had decided to hold off the vote until about 8:30 p. m. central standard time. * . Wanted Radio Spotlight Tlie reason for the proiwsed delay was said to be twofold: A desire lo make sure that Utah was the 3<ith slale and a desire tn have speeches at the convention broadcast at what was said to be a good, hour of the evening for radio, listeners. Never before had an Important governmental schedule been Influenced >iy such 'conslde'N atloris.' ••' r- •-•-•' •:•;;••••»;*/• v- : Mcnnwhlje comment on the de- lav was' widespread, vigorous, .and adverse for the most part. Hotel and restaurant men and scores'of others In large wet cities had made elaborate plans for greeting repeal, which becomes effective the mo^. men I Utah votes. I . Costs Hotels Money Chlcnjro hotel men said the de-. lay vyould cost them thousands of dollars an hour. In New York, Boston and other largo cities the •c|»al program was to be set off by the flash from Utah and the delay dlsruotcd. many plans. Broadcasting companies said. :hcy had not nsked lhat the vote be itelaved. It was stated lhat in~- ituirles had been made'from Salb_ Lake Cily regarding time foe ?roarlcastlng and that the hour c* R:15 n. m., c. s. t. had been me'ri^ . tlohed. The Columbia broadcast^ Ing system, however, stated that it planned to broadcast the proceedings regardless of the hour. Emmett Colvin at Home of Father in Oklahoma ncunced the committee of ?puolntment of n three, including Henry Layson, chairman, George G!sh and Ed Rice to report on (he hut propcfal. mittee, composed Police have been Informed that Fmmclt Colvin Jr., 15 year old ;cn of Mrs. Beatrice Jackson, 13; West Kentucky who disappeared from his home here Saturday, has arrived at Ihi Oklahoma City Okla.. home of his father, Emmcil rnlvln. Sr. Pennsylvania and Ohio Act COLUMBUS, O., Dec. 5 (UP) — The state of Ohio today formally ratified the 21st amendment to the federal constitution bringing na- tlola repeal (o within one step M Its goal this afternoon. Pennsyl-, vnnla ratified earlier In the day t> leaving only Utah's action neces-- sary to complete repeal. ' '' Another com- of Warren i lie actress, it was announced lo- Wright.-chairman, Major Ivy W.I day. | Crawford. Floyd While, II. Hlgh-j fili, • Clarence Wilson and James' % STOBYcP t&-« •*• ^ .' Paramount officials said that she had left in a huff when she learn- fA that the dincing role in which the had been rast carried only n few spoken Iln»s. Miss Rand won her screen opportunity on the publicity she LBlned in her fan dancing act •it the Chicago world's fair. the- project. The contract was extended a near the heart of the buslnes. section, during a downpour of i rain. Mrs. Posey, walking alone | and carrying an umbrella short time because of the excessive rains last spring which greatly delayed the work. ember 18, it was revealerf today. The trl-state terror who escaped »i[u ttuQiiig an umuiciu ncntui from the Kansas state prison last I steps approaching, and stepped to 1 . 26 -8 46 3.4 hicago Wheat open Pec 81 1-2 May M .1-8 high 84 1-2 87 i-B low 81 1-2 close M 1-8 r<l,;^^.^^ fn-rn Lnicago oorn I man, believed to be a negro. She ! scuffled with the purse snatcher jfor a moment nc ner Dec Kay open 43 50 1-8 high to I'l 5< o-o low on the pocketbook and fled close with his loot. J5 !~S Allen Posey, brother-in-law of i the thief's victim, and Ernest Rld- I dings, passing In a car, noticed the California contains about 12.000: struggle and chased the thief who sequoia trees ,*hose diameters arc-b.r.oke .and ran as they reached .„„ MM|] 0 ieei or the Mrs. Leona Armstrong Dies at Hospital Here Funeral were held yes- t"rda" tor Mr*. Leona Armstrong, 43, who died late Sunday at the Blytheville hospital following a from a congestion brief cHll. Illness Burial was made at Coleman cemetery near Holland, Mo. The deceased Is survived by her husband, John Armstrong, and seven sons and daughters. The Moss Undertaking company wa.', m charge of arrangements: Will Identify Mob Leaders from Pictures ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Dec. 5 (UP)— Newspaper photc-graphs of the mob 'vhlch lynched and burned n ne- gro here a week ago will be used to Identify leaders of the mob action, Asst. Ally. Gen. W. O. Sawyers said l^day. Sotnar was n^tned to make plaasl for an alrpor 1 .. Curtis J. Ltllle' v as appointed chairman of a committee to .-id enrollment of unemployed veterans in the civil \iorks program and E,-rl Parker and Welch Fost:r were also named to the committee. A total of $40 was reported as the net prov.'eds of the Thanksgiving dance and was turned over tc the Gcodf.:Iows club. Bevel) Baby Dies The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Bevdl died early today »l the family home in the Sandy Hidge community. Funeral services will he held to- di>y at Sandy Ridge cemetery. Tlie Cobb Underlaying company Is In charge of funeral arrangements: Find 100-Foot Whale Stranded on Cape Cod CHATHAM, XfBSS., Doc. 5 (UP)—; One of the biggest whales ever, A , , shepherds 'r"i rrtTVm ocli «•-.•* nt\ f oru* /^/M^ rlrt- •••« -><n.)ikii,tua Churchmen Denied Writ WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 (UP) — Justice Letts of District of Colunii bla supreme court today dismissed a pelitlon for n writ seeking to restrain acting Secretary of State Phillips from proclaiming ratification of the prohibition repeal amendment, *The writ had been sought by Canon William Chase of Brook-' Ivn. N. y., and the Rev. George S. Duncan of Washington of the International Reform League. They contended the slate ratification conventions were not held tn the manner contemplated by the constitution and they sought to prevent Phillips from Issuing the proclamation. come ashore on Cape Cod, x-rtbed as more than 100 Icet; 3u:g, was dkcovcred today byi : U. S. Controls Liquor WASHINGTON. Dec. 5 (DP)— The end of the nation's 13-year experiment of prohlbltlns; the use of alcoholic beverages found the government In virtual control of the liquor Industry today with far reaching economic and social cf- (Continued on Page Three) The lookout at Monomoy Point' coast guard station, who first saw] Ihe marooned mammal mistook it for' a stranded schooner. Tils spy glas- :is soon lold him. however, lhat the black object, perhaps a mile rnd a quarter northeast of station, was a whale of record tlze: WEATHER ARKANSAS—Local showers, colrl- er tonight. Wednesday partly cloudv. showers In extreme east , portion, colder in south and east portions. Memphis and vicinity—Showers tonight. Tomorrow partly cloudy and colder. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 73, minimum 3.42, clear, according to Samuel F. Norris, official vetther

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