The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT B1,YTHEV1U,B (ARK.) COURIER NKW8 I'LL BE PIH5EB TO Pork Shoulder, Thrifty Roast THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1C, 1937' Home Made Candy Still Is 'Prime Favorite As Christinas Gift ___ I Home-made candy, like the fa- j jnotis speaker, "needs no inlrcduc- tion!" So we shan't, give it one 1 (knowing all the time you like candy, .find a thousand uses for it from now through the holidays, live bound to make some). Let's Just eel at r.:me new light on tins o!i subject— which, in this case, menus bright new recipes! .fruit Pudding Halls 3 cups sugar 1 cup evaporated milk 1-3 cup white syrup 1-3 Ib. seeded raisins 1-2 cup chopped walnuts 1-2 cup cocoa 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 3-02. pte. mixed ready-sliced fruit peels 'l teaspoon vanilla 1-2 teaspoon salt Blend sugar, cucoa, evaporated milk, syrup and salt in saucepan and bring to boil stirring con- star.'.lj* Allow to boil to soft ball -stace (23-! degrees F.) stirring occasionally. Remove from fire, add vanilla anl cool till pan is warm but not 'Sot. Bcr.t till creamy and .Miicolh. Fold in raisins, ready- mixed fruit peel and nuts. Pour half on sheet of waxed paper, shape In tluy balls and roll in chopprd nuts or confectioner's sugar. Simile remainder in long narrov: roll in dampened cloth: pin in shape. Store in refrigerator and j cut off in slices as needed. Keeps ' well for 10 days. Candy Canes 1 cup sugar 1 cup white syrup 1 tablespoon vinegar Peppermint flavoring Red coloring Combine sugar, syrup an;i vinegar and bill until little tried In cold -ivnler forms fairly firm ball (252 degrees F.). Pour into lightly oiled platter and when cool enough to handle a(ti flavoring and pull, When pulled, form into strips and curve ends lor cane handles. Red coloring may be added it desired, just before pulling. Fasten to branches of tree with bright colored threads or ribbon. Date-Nut Eon Boils Pit pasteurized dates or use the ready-pitted variety. 1-2 Ib. walnut meats ,, 1 egg jvhllc 2 1-2 Sups pasteurized date 2, tablespoons sujjur. Put 'dales and iiiitr,' throiigii food chopper, using fine knife. Knead Mixture and form into shape. o[ a date. Let stand in ice bax over night. Beat egg white slightly, add sigar. and dip "bon bons" in mixture. Plare on buttered tin, bake as (300 degrees P.) until crisp. . Oranjc Sugared U'ahmls 1 cup sugar 1-3 cup ihitc syrup 1-4 cup 'jraur 3 tablespoons orange juice 1 teiipoon grated orance rind 1-2 ib. fuelled walnut "halves Ccci rjgar. rater, karo and or- zr.-ff; jiiire together to '245 de- ET«S F.I or 'jnti! little dropped ic co-d i»ater forms a firm ball. E«nK>re ftom heal, add orange rind and Kalnuts; .rtir until s>-iiip beglio to look cloudy. Before It hardens, drop by spoonfuls on waxed paper or oilcci surface. Fill cornucopias or small "stockings" arj hang on the tree. C-.indictl Apples 4 UK. sugar 1 cup while syrup 2 'i-3 cups irradiated cvaporat- .ed milk Small, jinn apples :\ rolled shoulder of pork, described In I lie article below, Is the ideal solution to the Sunday dinner-on a limited budget. lany Suggestions On Cuts And Stuffings Are Given The number of hearty meat servings which any particular cut. yields Is of pitme Importance to lite housewife In planning and serving family meals. Some cuts are made more attractive and the number of servings increased by boning nnd stufTien with n savory dressing. "Take for instance the laiixb •rhonldcr. If boned and rolled, this cut is p more easily carved, will vielj a larger number of servings iml Is more attractive iu appearance." tays Ine;: S. Wilson, home economist. In purchasing the lamb shoulder, ask the retailer to rc- nove the "jonc and sew the shoiil- •ler o:-i two sides, thus leaving one,tor Inserting the stulllng Wiirn stuffed. Vcvv or sucwcr the edges together, roast in exacllj hc',»i\me way as any lamb cut.. " 1.3mb iiconcmical Describes A Sunday Roast That Fits Limited Budget furnish the grand finale of till deltahtful meal. I a pork shoulder roa5 large enough so lliorc will be somi left over for faiuhvidics al suppe Housewives, as n nile, make an occasion of tlie Sunday dinner and something extra-special f,ov It, When ihc budget Is limited, it oltcn requires careful planning to do llie shopping. | time. Co!d baked potatoes A roam is Hie usual choice fcr the best creamed potatoes to b Sunday t'.'c Sunday dinner, because 11! makes a incut, dish which everyone likes, one which is easily prepared, nn done which can be used with no additional preparation for sandwiches at supper time. The park shoulder roast pictured here fills all these requirements anil yet 11 Is net hard on the food budget, according to Inez Wilson, hcine economist. The picnic shoulder is boned nnd rolled, nnd can lie cut into a roast of the size desired. Ideal Rcasl In Kvcry Ilcspcct The rolled |X>rk shoulder makes an idenl roast In every respect. II is easily prepared and easily carved, nnd when t-oroughly cooked to the .w f cll-donc slage, it Is d*llcliusly : "flavored 'and tender. The park shoulder, like all other cuts, should be cooked slowly, nt a low temperature, about 350 de- found, so you may want to bak two or three extra potatoes u dinner Just to be stire some wi be left (or supper. Tr.c lamb breast is another eco- grccs F. cut which Is excellent! To roast pork, place ti-.e rcll fat when Elullcd. A pocket, for thci s !de up, 01,. a rack A pocket ituirnnj may lie cut along next :o the bane, or the cut may bo boned, the dressing spread on lop and the breast rolled, after Hip fashion of a jelly roll. Veal breast nay te treated in tlic tame -f desired. Thin slices of beef or veal wrapped around a savory bread dressing make dish whenever mown as beef or veal birds. way, Pul ugar, syrup and 2-3 cup of " thc milk in large", heavy kcttto; stir to blend well annd heat slowly until sugar is incited; then boil briskly to thick syrup. Add remainder of milk slowly, keeping mixture boiling briskly and boll to firm "ball stage CM2 degrees F.). Wash apples, dry thoroughly nmt stick on wnodcn skewers. Dip in caramel mixture, twirling io g?t rid of excess coaling. Dry quickly by twirling or use electric fan Caramel should be kept hot so lhat. coaling will not be loo heavy. If it becomes too hard for dipping, add a lilllp evaporated milk ana reheat. Sufficient for coatin^ 15-20 apples. •Orange Qocoanut JJrops 'i cups sugar 4 ;cups shredded fresb-keeping cocoa nut Juice and rind of 2 oranges 1-2 teaspoon salt 1-2 cup white syrup 1-2 cup pecan meats, broken Cook orange rind in large amount of water until tender; changing water twice; drain. Cut rind in thin shreds; add sugar, salt, syrup and fresh orange juice, and cok until small amount of fynip forms soft balls in cold water (230 degrees F.). Add cocoa nut and nut meats. Drop from tea- in un open roasting pan. Season It with salt and pepper and place uncovered in a moderately slow even (MO degrees F.I nnd roast until dene. Basting by hand every few minutes Is not necessarry. because the fnl on top a.s it mclls runs down over t^e meat nnd docs the bivst- Ing. For roasting unboiled pork favorite meal cuts, allow approximately thirty to served. These arc thirty-live minutes per pound; for ' roasting boned pork cuts, add ten StuHed Pimientoes li-4 cup cooked rice 2 tablespoons fat 1 small onlcn 1 stalk celery 1-2 Ib, round st?ak, ground 1-2 teaspoon salt 1-4 teaspoon pepper Few grains cayenne 1 egg 1 7-oz. can pimientocs - 1-2 tup buttered crumbs 'Cook chopped onion mid celcr <tn fixt until tender. Add meat an rook for a lew mltiielos; reruns from fire; add cooked rice, slight beaten egg and seasonings. Drai ciunied pimientoes on absoibei paper. Fill \vltli the meat and ric ml.vtui-c. and place in well grease tnuflin pans. Cover with buttcrc crumbs and bake In n hot ove UOO dcgrcse P.) about 20 mil: utcs. Serve with mushroom < other savory sancc. Other meat cuts which arc eas- j to fifteen minutes per pound to .ly stuffed are boned pork slioul- Die cooking lime. All pork cuts lers sewed together around edges, (lank steak and chops cut double arc cocked well-done, because the long cooking brings out to the extent the delicious pork (till i f'.uvor. thickness with a pocket in the, o cheese one which is not loo irh, letting the pork Itself supply the delicious flavor. For this reason, an apple sinning is a j avoi-lte. because the apples lend | ilie .right amount of Inrt to make] the whole dish enjoyed. With veal, meat which contains little fat] I !hc richer dressings may be used!! Mass and green beans with salad o( pineapple and salad srcens were chosen. Perhaps ice- cream or cnkc and a beverage will I Monthly average of airmail ex cced one billion pounds a mile. QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices On poultry at all times. $ SAVK MONKY AT GAMES MKT. US W. Slain Phone 33 LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Friday Just Received 2 Carloads oi Xmas Trees. Get Our Prices First Oranges Doz. IQc 25c Pride Memphis ('ill-ton LETTUCE . Head Each 5' CELERY Junibo 'Stalk APPLES Delicious •> Km- OlOKS Yellow •! l.h. I'm- 15' MALLOWS I Lb. Cello. OVALTINE Can 61' ^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^MIM^BBBBBI^B^l Bananas Doz. 12!c Coffee Maxwell House or 27!c GRAPEFRUIT Texas Q1 Ka.V 7 TAN6ERINES ,20 CABBAGE I'ound PARSNIPS OATS Hostess •12 a'c. Uo\- 15' APPLESAUCES 8 SQUASH While or Yellow, 1,1). CAULIFLOWER 15 CRANBERRIES Lb. PEARS Libbv's 2!/, Can FRUIT COCKTAIL hy's 2 Lib- Can GRAPEFRUIT Juice No •> Pickles Libby Sour or l>ill 22 07.. jar 12!c Peas Lye Libby Sweet Tender No, 2 can 12Jc Pineapple SU9c STALEY SYRUP 55 POSTTCASTIES, MILLER n When! •Large Box (Jan GREKNS Can CUACKBHS 11' CAKBiSCUIT : 10 DOG FOOD Victory or jJC Hightcst, Can BROW. SUGAR ',./ 7 SALT V/, Lb. Woodbui-y's 2 For 15 C MINCE MKAT None Such, 1'kg. CORNED UJCKK No. Anglo 1 Can 17* CRISCO Lb. Oin 55 l APPLE BUTTER ,,13' OMEGfl FLOUR '35 CORN of Illinois No. 2 Can FLOUR Shibicy's Ik'.sL 24 LI). Sack 85 spoon on candies. greased surface, 3 doa. Tropkal Confeclion 1 1 .cups shredded cocoa,mit 1 1-3 cups chopped pasteurized d.ilcs 1 cup walnuU, finely cut 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind 1 1-3 cups sweetened condensed milk Combine ingredienls in order liven: mix thoroughly. Pack in greased pan. Bakb in moderate oven v(?75 aegrees P.).. 25 minutes. When'CcId, tut in I'-inch"squares. 64 sqs. Modern Meat Loaf 1 Ib. raw beef, cliopiiccl fine 1 lililc;.iioon chopped onioii - teaspoons salt 1-8 tcasnoon pepper , I c;i)i foft. bien.l crumbs 2-3 (-up maslu-d bairann t'J bnnsuia.'i) 1-3 ti-nspocn dry inuMnrd 3 pcclcri bananas, cut lengthwise into Imlves Mix together . t!ic meal, onion. :alt. pepper, bread crimilis and unshed banana. AM mustard which lias been moistened with a little, water. From mixture into a lat. roll and place in ;i greased baking dish. Hake in ;, moderate Kelt 1350 dcerccs F.i. basting oc- .-aslonnlly win, juice from meal When loaf lias baked about, 45 mlmilcs. place banana halves iroim.1 ami on (op of leal. Baste bananas win, juice from meat and •Winkle with salt, conllmto bak- uig for about Is to ia minutes longer or until bananas arc do-ic Six servings. Suggestion: Two strips ol bacon .nay be placed mi top or meat loat wfore baking [or basting purposes and to add flavo' Farmer? Fear Wenl 1'cril FARGO, N. D. (UP)-Control ot noxious weeds is becoming a na tional problem worthy of federal iiiFpcrt, according to "farm leader; who answered a questionnaire sent out by the national weed committee. REGULAR 2 FOR 5c SELLERS A good bulb for little money. Have a supply on hand to replace burned out bulbs. 15 volts. Imported. Assorted colors. <• LIMIT 24 TO A CUSTOMER SHOUSE HENRY HARDWARE CO. "THE The,. "Old Burnt .church" at|J.- Jact'onbovo; -s; c.," was- erected' more than 200 years ago, i \V. - PROGRESSIVE Phone 35 STORE" Wilson H',nry Butter Process Pound 36c Crackers ^ 15c KidneyBeaiis r 5JC Prunes A 4c ROYAL GELAT1H ,5 Chase ft born. ai>n- 1 LI). 26' SCOTT TISSUE ,;;,,.15 l SALMON ('ink, No. 1 U OXYDOL Large .'.H- POTTED MEAT Libby's :) For 10' SARDINES No. 1 Tall CATSUP Oz. Bottle PORK & BEANS , „ 9 MACARONI -OR Standard Box .. 2'/i Can SPAGHETTI PALMOLIVE 15ars For 11 CHOCOLAT CIIKKUIES. ^COVERED Lb. l!ox ... 21' DATE NUT 1WKA1) Can PEACHES 2'/, Can 15 C PUMPKIN 2'/ 2 Can r TOMATOES No. 2' Can CAMPBELL Tomato "Soup, Can TOMATO SAUCK Scot I Can r Lard Cnnipniind Pound lie ('Imps. Koiisl. I tfleaks. Beef Chuclv. Ib. Shoulder, Ib. . Thit-k Kilis. Ib. Bacon Fancy Sliced Lb. 22!c Picnic Ham Ib. 18c Country PIG Shoulder. Picnic Style. If) Pork Chops, Ib. ISc Pork Sausage. Ib 15c Black Hawk I'll u m! 28 C Pound SALT ftlKAT Pound Libby's 2'/2 Can Pkir. PEG LIVER found IV SALT MflCKEREL. 5 14' Lb. NAVY BEANS Lb.2 OYSTERS Pint 23° HAMB URGKR All Meal Pound DIME BRAND POBK CHOPS 20 WESSON OIL Briintl, 14'RICE Ulue Rose pound STEAKS Aled. Grade Potintl 18c HOMIHV , 7 MEAL 21 I sack FRUIT CARE INGREDIENTS Citron, Oi'ange or Lemon Peel, Ib.. Glace Cherries, Ih Glace Pineapple. Ib Shelled Pccau Halves, \l>

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