The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1933
Page 5
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1933 •LTTHBVILLB. CAM.) cointmt wwi PAQB nvi .?-.;. CLASSIFIED SECIION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line lor consecu- 'l\e Insertions: (live average words to a line) One lime per line lOc Tv;o times per line per day .. 08c Inrcc times per line per day .. Ofic faix times per line per day — 05c Month rat* per line 6flc Minimum charge BOo Ads ordered lor three or limes and slopped before expiration v.ill ba chargec 1 . for Hie num- tcr ol th:ics ll'c ad appeared and adjustment, ol bill made. All Classified Advertising copy «ul milted by persons residing out cida ot the city must be accom 1 anted by cash, Hales may be easily computed Irom above table Ho responsibility will be tasen I HONK 197 BUCHANAN "Our Coal It BUek- 'But We Treat You WoMe" 9c k!2-» Brilliant and Ky. Con!, -quality and wclehl guaranteed. Bait- ick Coal Yard, Railroad & Afli. hone 179. -4*1-1 xpfrt fur npalrinc, coat lions reasonably priced. Abo buy isurdcd furs. *)(«.'".SJuJHHeflipW',' 11 Walker . Are., ,CarelktrsVUle, CaU 572. 17-(c-12-J7 for more tlitm c£ anv one Incorrect classified ad. In Advertising crdered lor Irregu lav insertions lake the one lim lale. Phone 306 or ,307, WOMEN'S TAILORING!' 1 GUchrlst farm south of town. Billy FEMALE HEW WANTED QaUies,' court house. Ic-k5 FOUND 1V4 Ton Arkansas Truck License No. 250187. Owner may have same' by coming in to Courier and paying for ad. . 10 ktl FOR SALE \USTTN COUPE, perfect running condition. O. M. Morgan, Phone J93-J.. .'.-...ii r.. )r ,..4ci •-"• i- i«.j-i»»» BLACK KID gloves for lady. Owner may have by identifying and paying for ad. Courier News. Telephone 306. MAN WANTED to supply custoii- crs Midi Inr.ous Wutklns Prod: nets In lllylhcvlllu. linslnwB established, carnhiyi rtvcrnp.0 $25 weekly, imy Mails immediately. Write J. n. Wutklns Crinpany, 70-92 W. Io\va Avenue, Memphis, Tcnn. 301 S. Uke moat saw*, 25«; Hand s»»s, Be; cross cut, SOc. PERSONAL If they won't cut rail Kd I.»uj;hrd Srlf to llralh HOUSTON, Tc-x. IUPI—Antics ot hr.Klni; wrcsllers struck Conrnd liiuschc. 60, as being funny. His liiitli ended us abruptly us it hud bc-gun. He slumiied In his clmlr nl Hie- city niulUurliiiu i»nd at- i '.ciidiints curried him Into u cor- I ndor. A physldim snld he had Smith, died of heinl disease. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahem Will ... .. ,,, S1 [ood condition. Apply B. II.' Cissell, or Idaho Grocery Co/ Basil a, Ark. LOOK! 4 yds. Rayon; 3 yds. Voile; BUSINESS DIRECTORY New ?nd X'sed Furniture Bausili: and Eold Stoves Repaired—Any Make Alvin Uardy 311 W. AsB 20p klii-20 Price reasonable Guy Walton; 201 EXPERT Typewriter and Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Blank- cnship, 110 E. Rose. Call 10S-J. 21c 4:12-21 FOR SALE—Pontiac Coach, 1829 model, sood running motor, lour lew tires. Apply Hubbard Hdw. Co. 27ck5 TWO JERSEY Milk Cows with first calf. Cail 211 or Inquire a I Hnynes Men's Shop. 1c klO WARNING .OKDKl N THK CHANCERY COUNT ciiicKABAWiiA Dis'mrr, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AUKAN- SAS. 11, V. Cnrirenlcr, Plaintiff, vs. No. 5735 Jiunes M. Uuckncr et ft!,' Defend- Ms. The defendant, James M. IhK-k- cr, warned to npirenr within incly days hi Hie court, niiined In the caption hereof and answer (he complaint of the plaintiff R. V. Cnrpi'iiter.. Dated this Will duy of Nov. 1033. B. L. Oulnes, Clerk. By Elizabeth Ulythc, D. C. P. C. Douglas, < Ally, for Plaintiff. 2T-4-11-18 Cotton has an average annual tu'|> loss of a.311.000,000 pounds. Autos Tr^tped by Cement . BROCTON, Mass. (UP)—When tvro trucks were Jn collision here recently a lank of shoe cement was spilled over the pavement and several automobiles became stuck . to UM road like flies on flypaper, The second crop of clover, being more highly fcrllluved by bees, produces belter seed than the first. j ciop. LLEY 001' AN AIll RAID! By Uamlin BUT,FOOZY- •Ta WECCfTTADO WEUCM8TH^ SOMETHING.'/TREE? IT'S WIDE. VJE CAN'T /Et«U6HSOTHEX rCWMSEE.' iMtGOi A PLAN THKT SHOULD See Us for Boiler and General Blacksmith V.'crk by John Wade. Tom Howard's Machine Shop Co kll-30 L. G. Moss s Cut Kale Undertaker lOp k 12-10 CLKANBUfc. TAILORS Look nice for Xmas! Have your clulhes cleaned & . retexcd W Uniiiuc Clciiiins Service. . CaU 171 20-ck-12-» REAL ESTATE WANTED LAND—We have buyers for land in different sized tracts. Thomas Land Co. 17ckl2-n Come in, lisj yonr rul otale See what we hare to sen E. M. Terry Ueenced Dealer Terry-Worlhintton TlUe Co. Bljthcvlllc Phone «17 23pk 12-23 FOR REN1 % r\>r Quality Cleaning Phone 180 Barnes NuWa Cleaners. 12ckl2-12 "AIITOMOTIVE Tow I'RICES on winter car nce/ls, alcohol. GPA glycerine; tops & side curtains, WOLF AB1AN, 126 E. 22ckl2-22 NICELY FURNISHED BEDROOM 3UU BT. ' 2-CK- NIGELY furnished bedroom, me prcii-rrea. XU17 \V. Walnut, auer [j p. 111. Mrs. Ed Hardln. heater.-,, Model T 51.93 up. Main. Calf 308 - Red's Place - 118 E. M»in For Auto Painting Body and Fender Sen-ice 26ckl2-28 LARGKST STOCK USED PARTS Between Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Glass-Phone CS JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2ckl-2 FOR RENT—Furnished Apartmei with private bath. 1030 W. Wa nut. 27-i' MODERN Three room Apart me with bath, unfurnished, Phon 761. ' 27-ct- THREE room furnished apartaent complete. Phone 785-J alter 6 p.m..Mrs, Belle Wood. 27ck5 SMALL lurnished apartment, 811 W. Walnut St. Call 3I3-J.- AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wait. Call us lor better service. Phone 633. Shonsc-Little Chevrolet Co. l.Ock.12-10 rOUiv room newly lurnished apartment, 1015 W. Ash. 'Mrs. M. G. Goodwin. Call 412-W. 2lck-tT Nice, large BEDROOM. 310 W. Walnut. Call Us When In Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tires-Batteries - Iteplaccment Parts IIUBBARI) HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dcpt. IcklS Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc k!2-10 WRECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker, Day a:id Night Service. Call 633. Shouse-Littlc Crcvrolct Co. 10ckl2-10 3RICK STORE ruom 25x140, located West, M 8 i n street. Avail- WANTED TO BUY ! WAKTED TO BUY—Iftctl Electric refrigerators. Must be In good condition, Phone 164. 27-ck-I. WANTED TO RENT Wanted To Rent—TWO nice unfurnished rooms, Call at 312 Efist Main. 27pt5 Get Your Car in Tune for Cold Weather. Woii Guaranteed. RUSSELL ANDERSON Dodge & Plymouth Garage Pho;:e B«8. Gckl2-6 IJATTERIES Battery & Radiator Service We guarantee yoj better battery or radiator work for lese money. Any make radiator repaired or re- cored. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call G33. Sliousc-Ijttle Chevrolet Co. 10ckl2-10 WANTED BAGS, Jin-it !.-e cle- but'.ons. C0"_'.ii?v CORN WASTED MARILYN HATCHEBY Wo par mo'c fa 1 |xi i-r, i:\\". hides. briiKS, (oppnr, radir.tois, aluminum, lead, batterieo. llfi, Woll Arlan, 128 E. Main. 22ckl2-22 Ne\v Ford Batteries Tti-nlst - Recharging - Repairing 7'I7 TIRE fc BATTERY STATION 25c k!2-25 RADIOS AH Radios, inc'nidlng R. C. A., arc being closed out at cost for CASH at Hubbard Hardware Co. Ilckl2-ll SPORTING GOODS LOST LOST—Ring of kcyr, in Graber's store. Finder please call 308. Ick5 Large male pointer DOG, with while spots on stomach, lost, an Yon will find a complete line of NEW MODEL BICYCLES at Huhbard Hardware Company. 16C M2-16 COAL & WOOD We arc exclusive iji-nls for orljj- iml Genuine Monlcvallo Coal and iSipscy, Arkan.vs Anthracite, Illinois and Kcnlucky Coils. Ihonc 477 E. F. Fry Wonder City Coal Company 9ckl2-Q See E. A. rislicr Before Buying Good Coal. Retail & Wholesale Out ol Car On Track Between Ash & Main 7c k!2-7 GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST COAL There is nc coil, * Wfsl at Uw Alk- gheny Mountalni, as hi»h In heat and ••K low in uh u the S UPREME* Supcr-HeatJJf «•__ That is a b»ld M. CS)" statement, hot it ta ethkal, \xx*<at it's trw. We hire authorilative aiuljsis on nic on all coal actl can preve this claim. SUPREME Super-heat Is the only coal of Us kind and Mid only by this company/ 6x3 Medium Size Lump Per Ton S7.50 Cash Half Ton - - $i.0» A Rich Man's Coal at A Poor Man's Price Superior Cca! * Mining Co. 304 W. Walnut • Phone 700 IF THEY'D HIT YOU, AS THE? OT> ME, YOUt) KEEP YKSELF BEHIND THIS TREE! THOSE SPEARS ARE SHARP, BITE 15 KECK- DARNED THINGS EVER SEEN? 1 SEE 'EM-IlLE ROW'S/ WEVRE SHOOTING THOSE vmiE SPEARS win LONG BENDING STICKS? IF. I HADN'T LOST W AXE. I'D WADE INTO 'EfA? I GOTTA ALL irA ASWN ^OK IS TO GET BACK ~tb CHICAGO, ILL "DEED OVER ~VO VOLi tAV fA!Nri;'TH£ UTTUt PWOEBE, IN COLORADO J-Trf W6W --"— |v\Y TPUtAV, OR ^D 'BE OUT THERE,HOW ?—\OU TX3N"V N^ED ^ PICK fcN s SHOVEL-,ON 1HM &UV I <SOT \T FROrv\ US>tt> A TLOCK Of CHICKENS TO UP TM" CSOUD J-^-WHY, WE ON'C& SOUt) A "PROSPECTOR FOR THEY WAS 6OLD fAlNE A 6LSX WWO (WINE'S TOTAL OUTPUT VJE CUIAB UPJHE REST NOTION TO, AWHOWf OP TOR , AN'GOT rife VEINS ONI /SEE! THERE THEY WE, DOWN BELOW.' SHW-H-GET SET- HERE VJE 60.' BOY, I SURE GOTTft HAND TO YOU? BOOTS AND HKR BUPDIKS COUVO OMVV BSVVV '. TtLL VS Wfr« T'OO TVSN TOR f\ RVOt W» WWCft LOOKED VOR ftVVTWE WOROO UVlt OT- CCUOK>-W\'aE OVl WASH TUBBS pSSTl WERt'S A TRAP DOOR- READY. AND EASY TRAIU ROBBER ESERTED,THO ALL EAD INTO SMACK. SH-Hl I THINK A KOISE- SORT OF A5CUFR.IW& LWOER ROOR. DOKT 6E SILLY, GAIL RE'S BOONDTO SAM'S LKFT AT THK TOST! SALESMAN. SAM KMtiO VOU'O Hene-i CftM GUMW, RI&HT BY BLOSSEI FRECKLESAND HIS FRIENDS youvs EA.TEW MUCH BEEFSTEAK WHY THE APPETITE TOR rrj HAVE >OT BEEFSTEAK FOB. DIMMER, MOM ARE^^• >tx.l OF >foUBSELF....HITTING A BoV R THAW Yo\J ARE ? ONLY COMES 0° TO V3U(t MOSFit ACE YOU COWNA HOLLER'UNCLE'? IF I HAVE STO6M6TH ENOOCH LEFT Tt> 'LHJO.E', i ST\LL MEBBE ME DOES, BUT ME CAMG UP TO IT ABOUT six TIMES To TAG THAT THE HANP IS QUICKER THAN M J liTJlV__( •> i- : . ~r -™ ~t\ ' Close in. 13citt

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