The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1931
Page 5
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\VKDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 1031 (ARK.)' COURIER NE<Y3 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word tor fire I insertion and one cent a word f or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken lor less Uian 60c. Count the words and send the cash. Phono 300 ==== FOR SALE PAGE FIVE LAURA LOU'BROOKMAN'.,g.;J4::.,. Author of *HEART_ HUNGRY$t& $ 5 S S S 5 5 $ USED CARS $25 TO $55 WILL 1!UV •25 FOR!) TOUKING CAll •27 STAft COl'l'Ii •2V FOKD COUPE •21 1'ONTIAC COACH §75 TO 512". WILL BUY •28 NVIllM'KT COACH •28 CJ1KVSLEII SEDAN •28 FOHD COUI'E •28 CHEVROLET COACII $150 TO $195 WILL I!UV '28 FOKI> TL'DOU SEDAN •28 CIlltYSMIU "G2" COACH •29 FOUH SPOUT UOADSTEK •29 FOHD TUUOU SEHAX •29 FORD STANDARD (.'OUl'li Convenient Terms, See Oiu 1 "Many Special Values AL Rc- tlucecl Prices On All Our Used Cars and Trucks. Phone 811 TODAY PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers s s_$__s__$ $_$ $ FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, BlyUievillc. 20-CK-TF MUUIft HKHK TODAY C.\ I'SY KcIIHinr:, 10-jrnT-old l>li[»t In a Neir York ndlce. l» niUrralilr nnil Innr-ly nlurtt »tu. r.m;,. iiiiin ALAS cuosiiY. lu.t ri-luriiri] fruni n yfnr nui] n ball lu I'urlx klujjlnc nrl, mi luuccr ruri'« fur her. <'roibj U furntu- alrJ »l Hi 111IS. LAX(il;i:Y, «rriltliy divorcee, Mho conftldfXB hi'i^lf n |::miin of url. Cylur titM-imif* dU^ti^d-i] \fllh bcr Jiib mnl ulicn ulii- N i-rlllclicd for i';:ri-Ir>.MicMt InipuMi ,'lj- rcklcna. flu 1 m-rriitx nn hulliillun from »rr nriillh; ruunln, AXNK TIIUW- UUIlKJi:, to liikr thr plnre of nn- olhrr j;m-*l ll( n forma) dinner. Thr imrlj- [9 Jl l>0re. She Icavfa in m-l IHT urnin mid RO linnir, hii;rx M liular In lllc ru-il riKJin mid u|K-n> thr thior lo nee >L «im» rllmljliig III Ilir nlniloiv. He l> J.i.Ml'S U'AU.ACl-:. fiiu'*t nl tlir Trimridwr". *>ho tin* fnlcn-i! liy III- llrr retain- (n nvuld tlio iHunrr fc-urM... \Vnllnvu tHU <!)[»*} hr lull JLISI IIIM-II Jllteil liy hi* flunrr. *!)» :iiliuiu fchc lia» Litil tin- >.mnr I'.xlicrlrliL-c. T<1 -iiltc (lie pli-1 hr vrtri-H fur \V«llnrr n»ti (!)LI») (n miirry him. SLe flrat n-fusr. hut Intfr ucrrplB. Thcj- ore nlnrrlrd HIM mine ami liKinl Ihi- irnln «iir I'lirrM <MU>. U'lillncr Irll. i:>LM.y [hrrk. U Aitujvlliln^ A!<« • Lii IIId l.ninr. .\uw cu ON \vri'ii 'rni: STOIIY CHAPTER XIII |T vvns philn from Wallace's -* iiKiinier that wlmt lie had to Eny \v;is Iniiiortaut. "It's almiit my family," he said "I'd rpthcr tell you myself tliai have you hear it from anyoni dse." (lypsy waited. Her heart wa healing raiiUly. 'I'hero was iiottui! lltnt slio cniiUl think of to Eay. "l^st ntslit." went on Wallaci "1 tolil you I'd Itvpil with m &i;::t Rvcr since i \vas a kltl. Aun Rllen ivas my father's slsler. Sh ji^rt-r married. 1 \vas 12 whe my i:iothcr dieil. Pneumonia. SI was sick less than a week with I Katlier was away on a btisine: trip and lie didn't get borne I time. \Vhcn he did — I yness was rather terrllile. They'd never licen sciiaisitcil lieforc for innre llian a ilay or iwo iu all ll-e tbne Ihoy were married, fl'cll. two weeks later Katlier shot uimseK." 'She'll Lo gliul to BOO you. youns mau Insisted. "Sho'B ueen tcllliif mo for tho last Bis months that I ought lo get married Thinks 1 should Belllo down." Uu grlimed. ludlcatinE tuat Ibis was humorous. IT wns on Hie Up of Gypsy's! tongue to nsk If lib auiil] rvnteil him lo marry or if sho j anted Mm to marry n particular rl. That would make n dlttcr- KC. Tlicu sho remembered It ouM lnirt Jim as much to lull; >out Ills former naiicee as U wan nrtins I'cr now whenever she lought ot Alan Crosby. I'oor Jim -it must lo a trying moruliiB (or I m Ico. Wnllaco lielil m> his ivrlsi and ookeil at liis watch. "Twelve 'clock." ho announced. "Are you eady tor lunch?" Gypsy snici sl'.o would rollicr valt. For lialf an hour Wallace levotcd himself to Ills newspaper nil the K'-rl stared at tlio printed >....i »no dlil iiot. "I'd rather bavo trull." was wliat slio aiiavj-ered. "Is tliero grapefruit?" * « • yES, lliero was grapefruit. Wnl- laco ordered bluo points for himself. Alter Hint llioy had chops and u salad oC vegetables nnil Gypsy cho;o Ice cream for dOEserl and her husband nto u largo wedge-shaped norllon of apple They were having llio desserl when (Jypt;y snillcti across nt lilm "Here," sho said. cullliiB Inlo halves tlio liny square ot cake lhal was served wllh her Ico cream. "You mutt oat halt. Jl's Itic wcildlni; cake." Wallace Hushed. "Xol much ot n party. I guess, Is 117" ho said, "Wo'll havo lo mnko up tor U when \vo pel homo. Havo a dinner parly with ono of thoso fancy cakes two feet lilsit—" Gypsy shook licr head. "I'd rather not." Elio said. "1 Uko Ihla could do. Gypsy ta^od duwii ai iho pnreo In her inp, mrchiiulcally orcned It and drew out Iho red cuaiacl vanity CBEO, Sue snapped ihc lid hack nud lusiicctcd herfclt In tlio mirror. Tho rcflcclllon was nol flatlerlns. Gypsy palled povulor on her nose and chin mull il:o slilue was gone, Then Blio reddened her uioiilli with lipstick, smooth- lug It wllh her lltllc nnuci lo iniiko H even. She was irylne lo KOI her lialr Into order whcu the mauazlue her lap (ell lo Iho lloor. "l.ct mo get It for yon!" Thi] youiiE man III tray who had been walking through ilio nu smlkdaa he relumed Ihc magazine. "Thank yon." Gypsy's lone wns c«d nud dignified. Tho young man hcslliitcil, apparently thought belter of U und went on, disappearing tlnoufili lliu car door. Gypsy laid nsldc .the nianartiir. Sho begem lo wish tint Wallace btlll'llLg OUR BOAKDING HOUSE By Aherh FOR BALE— Cottage-, 0 rooms and bath, Dusan Street. $1900.00. Small cash payment. NICE HOME on South Division. Will let, it go for what is against it, SH5U. Small cash payment, balance S17.&0 uer month. 4U ACHES LAND, Clear Lake, $1700.00, 20 acres of It in cultivation. WE HAVE any number of nice tones at right prices and easiest of lerms. Thomas Land Company, . FOR. SALE — Well located comer grocery, nice stouk, fixtures and at considerably loss Ursn invoice cost lor quicrq sale. Addrt-ss "13", '.i Courier News. 18P-K23 Used Car Bargains 1 Tontiac 2 iioor Sedan, 1029, Looks new. S355. 4 Sedan, J920 S250. Coupe, 1929, ages before her. Not (into in that lalf hour did she turn tho i'hen a colored lioy In Etlfily starched white uniform came brough tho car slnsiiiB out, 'I.unclicon now beluir served In tho lining car!" Wallaco glanced over :ho top of tho newspaper and y uodded to algnlfy that she' was ready. A solicitous licad waiter ushered vhcm to a tahlo In tho center of, the car and oficrcd tho menu. Only about half ot tho places nt the other tables were occupied. Across Hie car at tho rlglit Gypsy noted tha woman with the beautiful mink wrap. S!io was eating her luncheon rtlone. Gypsy glauced at the young man facing her and felt a thrill of possession. Ho was her husband—and a husband to be proud ot! Whatever madness cho had committed, however much bhe might later regret the morning's events. Jim Wallace lookc'd strous way boiler." Slio hold Iho plale lor him lo take hla bait ot the bit ot cako with Its hard, Jry ichiB. It was not very good cako bin each of iliein ale 11. They bad coffee and llion went back to the other car. It wns a long aflcrnoou. There wero a dozen llilngs about the new iifo in Forest City that Gypsy | would have liked to ask ahoul but Ebe was hesitant. Sho wonted to know about Iho liouso. All ho had told her was Hint his grandfather bad built It and three generations of Wallaces had lived thero. Sho wondered about his trlonds. They would conio to call Gypsy's shocked "Oh-h!" was j and dependable and a young man at tho vanishing landscape. It must have bcc-n 20 mnmics tip- fore she beard Jim's voice :md looked up. llo was lieslili: her am' 'ust behind him was Ihu yuuiig innc in firay. Jim was smiling, "(ijpsy." hr said, "I've run on to an old frleui^ Frank Gibson. HC'B one ot oui neighbors In Forest City. Glh—Ihlr is my wife." "How do yov. do?" Gibson took the girl's hand. "I certainly nm glad lo know you Mrs. Wallace." he paid. Ills lone anil Iho way In \vhlch be salil their mado tho words seem a coiiiidlineiil. Gypsy's checks colored, "li'u on her she supposed. Gypsy had to meet some one from FnrcEt i;i:v.' heard that peoplo Iu small cities she told him. "I'm Bclnu lo lie s wero neighborly, always "drop-' complete stranger Ibcrc, you kuuw." ping in" In friendly fashion. It "Not for lone. I'm mire ot tint!' was a little frlybleiilng. I Wallace had dropped Into hla She gazed out (be window tor Ions periods at a lime, staring ol Ihe countryside. Otten they passed throuoh towns witboiit stopping. Did tlio lltllo towns feel slighted. Involuntary. The csclam.-uion out before she could slillo it. Wallace was watching her. "Most people." he said, "seem to think it's sort of a disgrace. That's why I wanted to tell you myself. Somehow I can't think of It thai way. To me it's grown lo be—beautiful." new. .. L Plymouth Low mileage 1 Plymouth good buy 1 Chrysler 70 Coach, OIIB See Them Now S175 good Lee Mo lor Co. • FOR SALE—Good, cry cook wood, Buchanan Coal Co.. Phone 107. 11P-CN FOR SALE—Shrubs of Hedge and Evergreens, all kinds. Lombard}' Gypsy nodded slowly, lie could barely hear her words. "Be mu^t have been awfully fond of ber!" she said. "Ho must bavo loved her." "He left a nole. 1 lliink Aunt Ellen lias it yet. All it faid was that rib couldn't live without her • arid-he didn't want her to be anywhere alone. Of course : :lli!n'l . understand at the time. Tonsil! for a kid to lose lioth parents but Aunt Ellen did everything anyone could to make up for s father an.1 mother both." Gypsy put out ono band and laid il on Wallace's arm. "I'm glad you lold me." she said. Jim Wallaco looked out the wind:: i aflcr lliat and the girl had i:;i way of knowing what be might be ihinking. He turned his head again when she spoke. ".Your Aunt Ellen—" Gypsy bc- Ean, "Do you think she'll like nc?" An uncomfortable premonition was stirring at tho girl's heart. "0£ course she v.-ill," Wallace assured her with bland masculine serenity. "Why shouldn't Ghc2" Gypsy smiled. "Lots ot reason?," she said. w,\5 ; lo ho relied upon. She liegau to iiotico attractive features ot his appearance that had not Impressed her before. Not. of course, that ho was band- some. Jim Wallaco was almost Iho ejact opposite ot tho type of man Gypsy admired most. Hi.- face was ruddy.but it suggested Gypsy wondered? Wallaco had met a man In Ihc club car who knew ono ot his clients. He came back lo Gypsy, mentioning Ihe lacl. She told Him she did not mind being alone and soon he was gone again. Now it was four o'clock. Two and a half more hours and they would days iu tho open with the wind ! "Anullicr hour and Alan will be E.GAD,Bus-fer?, I've I(AP A OPPorrTDMlTV OTFEREP To -fids MORMIMQ ! ^V-VAU HARRIS, A or- Mi^e,wAri-fs Me -ro -zToiM HIM -THAT WOLIUD ze. KIJOWM AS "llARRIS-lvOQPLE 1 5V«f(ile-TiC 6CLD-VISH WOULD S MOST" T?eALIS-flC AMD OF A GELAfiM COMPOSITION, 'So WOULD WI66LE EASILY ( ^^ THE WATER IM BOUJL WOULD ciRcuLA-re BV A. SV\AUL TEC-LA -~ UP -TT?ee 7 OR •TALK 1b A isfif wrio WAS GRAPEFRUrr WI/JPSril&LP T EM ARQUMP -THE BOWL. Cr!AUGl*i<3 CiF WA-feR T en BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THE SKKI'TIC! By j Poplars 12 to 15 led. Special for ten days Sl.OO. We arc bonded licensed to sell. Flowers, Blythc- 17C-K23 ten days Sl.OO. nurserymen and Heaton's Home o: ville. FOR RENT FOR RENT — uedroom, uiivale bath, close in. Phone 765J. Mrs. Belle JL Wood. 18C-TF FOR RENT—Furnished apartments. One for $17.50 and the other S30. Thomas Land Co. 17C-K20 whipping against his cheeks. II was Ihe ruddiness that goes ivltli bright blue eyes aud with ll.-uen hair. Twice that morulng Jlrn had surprised her with a quick, flashing sinils that was like sunlight 011 steel. The smile hnd completely transformed him. j-io?t of the time, however, lie wns rolicr- fnced. and tho eyes held a look which Gypsy could not understand. She noticed for the first liuie that Wallace's chin mijiit have been ntork-led from the figure ot alblelo in a Grecian frieze. Stror.g. Splendid. Kirm. She lifecrl the well-tailored, careless look oti his clothes. Gypsy heaved a tiny sigh. Her husband! N'ov? Wallace was frowning over the menu. "What would you like?" ho asked. "Any suggestions?" "I'm not very hungry," Gypsy admitted. "Do you good to eat. I didn't have much breakfast myself, linr.- would you like to start with oysters?" Sho might havo Informed him that her own breakfast had been exactly one cup of black cofic* leaving (he oETice," Gypsy thought lo herself. "What Is he going lo do '(oniglil? Why docs U make any tlirfcreuce lo me? lie said he was going lo paint Airs. Langlcy's picture. Thai's whcro he'll be. ot course. \y*hcn will be find out I'm gone? If ho should telephone Airs. (J'Haro's they'd tell him—. If he'd telephone tonight—hut be won't! 1 know lie won't telephone! Some day he'll find out. thougb. Some day he's sure lo know aboul tl!" She thought about writing a letter to Jean Fo'ster at the ollicc and while die was thinking about it had [he grace to blush. It was only because she was gropinE tor some chair across the nlslc. Tho real \r. irout of Gypsy wns vacant. t;ili.-»,n turned this aboul and i.H facing the girl. "Quite a surprise to hear t',ial Jlni was married," he tolil licr. "iS'ot. however, slnco seeing ihc briUc!" tiibsoiL was as lall as JIUL uiu : slim. His fralurcs iv«rc regiilur IU bad dark hair am! gray eyes aiul al;ovo his lip llicre was n ctose- cliiiyed black mustache. There \vae n slighl similarity alwut hia face [o some movie aclor, (iypsy lold hr-r- sclt, but she couli! not rcnuMiiMur which one. Tho young man remained v, lib them mull the hnilLcniau apprntcd, calling out "Forest Cily!" MHSI uf the lime Gibson lalkcd lo Gypsy. Occasionally Wallace put In u word. As the train slowed belore pulling liilo ihc station Glbsnn said goodby and left lo get his baggage. Gypsy was lugslns at her iint Jim had his coat on and the porter was brushing it. Suddenly the trniu slopped. "This way oul!" came Hie con- duclor's voice. "Tht.'; way oul!" They Elcppci! down lo Ihc plal- form. Wallace caught Gyppy's arm. "Over tills way." ho said. "We'll way to reacli AUn that slio had i get ahead ot the rush." considered writing lo Jean. Had sho " ' ' -•-••-•forgotten Ihat slie was married? f~* YPSY turned away from the car ^ window. It was tbo flying telephone roles, the flying houses aud towns that had Inspired Fiieh thoughts. The landscape seemed to leer back at her: "You're running away—hut yon can't! You're running awaylmt your thoughts won't let you[" If only lliero was something sho KOR RENT — Beautiful suburban! One spot In the Pacific, forty : son yet founded. The depth record- home, block otf paving, on large ' miles cart of the Philippine Ls-'ed there wns about 5900 fathams. Gypsy took a quick glance around her but before the confused picture took organized form sho had been whisked iulo a cab. She heard Jim give tho address and they slartcd down the sired. A moment later his voice slariled her. "Do you think." Jim Wallaco was saylug in a cool, restrained looes, "il was necessary to make a spectacle of yoursilf flirting with Frank Gibson!" (To lie OoAtluued) in the Atlantic is off Porlo Uic terraced lot witli shade. Resilience land 1 :, is the deepest'part of the. or seven miles. The deepest Mint FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS i where 5228 fathoms were rcgis-1 has bath, lights, water, sewer, gar- —7,; ages, chicken _ house. -I acres alfalfa adjoining It, servant house. I Ideal home. Rent cheap lo^narticsj who will take care of place. Thomas Land Co. ' 17C-K2 FOR RENT—5 room bungalow on Dougau, newly decorated, liot and cold water. Apply Ike Miller, 11C-TF Phone 339. FOIl RENT—TJnfiirnishcd flat and j unfurnished house on Ilearn St.' Phone G78. DC-TFJ »Vi REPAIRED FAY 0. DAVIS Phone 421 AJJ, KINDS OF MACHINE WORK Electric and Gas Welding done al OSI5UON ULACKSJIITH 115 N. franklin SI. FOR RENT— 3 room furnished flat. parar-e find coal house. Call C18-W. FOR RENT— Two nice lurnislird little apartments. Sn.50 and $30. Thomas Land Company. FOH RENT- -Five room house. HO W. Kose. Garden. Phone 61!. 10P-K20 Invest With Safety G^" ]>;iid qiiarlcvly on full iiaid stock, $100 and up. Guaranteed by first mortgage loans on homes in Blylhcville. Secured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association \V. M. Jjiirns, Sec. WANTED SALESMEN WANTED — To Hrbcrlin-; business in M County. Many mr.kc SCO io S7.i P !t]y—yrar around woik--n;i lay ofT Writ-i 1 today for Iroc booklet. 1 G. C. HEBERWNG COMPANY, Ucp'.. 27. Ulooininston. III. HC-K20 WE HAVE a client who wants lo borrow $200 on gilt cage security, payable Dec. 1st. Thomas Land Company. POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. U Bcnnelt Co. Feed Co. 510 N. Hallroad St.. west of ccnrthoiise, J. E. Fisher. Phone 64. 24C-TF SATURDAY IS THE LAST DAY OP VWIMTEE... AM GLAD '.! SUMDAV IS "TV1E FIRST DAY OF SKIDDY! \\ By Hlossei W ,5SP^& WATER AL\ FREEZES V-OITH TW£ 1== §7 SLIPPERY sioe UP!/ if.ffSrUtS&g'Zfc SHE'S A HIT! POULTRY WANTED—Market, prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF L:tci'iA. tl'c African ccini^-y (. \vhich many of the colored race oE ,the U. S. wont !o C'cap, 1 bondage. Is now about I lie only renl slave (country on the globe. .'£ EttW LOiT T«JO I i KNlO'.U S'Ol)'K.G JUST WAWI£D! CHttR\O,TrtO, i MTLKD TO TrtKT. THERC'S AM 1SIAND CLOSE 6V, AMD_, WSH OVER ANO HW1E A PICW1C. ^ S ^l -'"-^-wsfe M-\ to -E4A ^=^a^ TrtERt'S ft BO* OF CoU> BISCUITS M9 SOME COFFEE UMDERTrtE SEW, AWP I'VE JUST CAUGHT A SS OF FISH \MP WfrSH IS rj(JM?FOUMt)6D ' To OISCQ\.'£« TllW THEiS. RtSMER. IS f\ PWlNO B£j\OTV,' (-.C6! '-(00 DON'T TrtiHK VO OIXRETo RUN r^ROUNP , TX) SOU? VT'S TOO tM>V To GET LOST. EVEN THE OID TIMERS WS&PPEAR SOMETIWES. vita, HERE W£ ARE. N^ME'30t^N, VULV. MtUW (ASHORE, frNO l'LU?>TART ft F1R6.

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