The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1949 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1949
Page 4
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f PAGE FOUR THE 03LYTHlSVi:U,E COUK1ER NEWS I THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W HA1NES Publisher * JAMES U VERHOEFF Editor PAUL D. HUMAN. Advertising Mannecr Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Witmei Co. New i'ork, Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta. Memphis. Entered as second class matter at the post- office at^Blythcville, Arkansas under act ul Congress. October 8, 1911 Member ot The Associated Ptess SUBSCRIPTION ftATESr " By carrier ui the city ol Qlvthcvllic or any suburban town where carriei service a maintained 20c pel week 01 8ic pci montb By mail. K'ithin a radius 01 50 miles $-1.00 per yeor, 52.00 lor six months, {100 (01 three months; by mail outside £0 mile zone E1Q.OO per year payable in advance COtmiRK NKWS Meditations BLI( I unulrl not h;ivc you fo he Ignnraul, brethren, concern ing them which :nn aslurp, tliiit >o * arrow not, CUMI a>> nlhcr-, ulik'li huve jiu hojie.—I Tlies&ahmiujis 4:13. * * * It is Impossible lo make people under* tunri their ignorance, for it requires knowledge to perceive it; and, therefore, he that can perceive it hath it not.—Jeremy Taylor, Barbs Drinks in one cafe are advertised to tickle the taster. Or do they mean pickle? » * « Give less though! to what people think nf yon and you'll have ta lot more lime to think well of them. * • » A storm In the south blew a boy out ol bed. How some mothers would love to have such storms every school morning. * ' * » It won't be lonir until you'll fiml out how much enchantment distance ailrleii to winter. * * * What the little kids would like to save for a rainy day is school. Bond Brokers Show Interest in Blytheville Taxpayers in the Blyllicvillc Special School District stand tn save a sizable sum during the next 25 years because of the very attractive interest rate obtained by the school directors sold under competitive bids. The successful bidders, a group of three investment firms operating in different states, offered the bonds at a net rate of 2.59 per cent per year which is less than the government pays on its savings bonds. The low bid is a tribute to the school district, Mississippi County and all of Arkansas for that matter. And it should be an eye-opener for some of the investors in other states who have at times been prone to look down on Arkansas securities. These three bond firms—the First Southwest Company of Dallas, Tex ; Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Bean' of New York, and J. M. Dain & Company of Minneapolis, Minn.—have shown confidence in the ability of the Blythn- ville Special School District to meet its obligations. Others among the six who submitted bids were showing confidence, too, for most of the bids were under the figure which members of the board were anticipating. The bids were much bettor for the district than was the case when bonds were sold last year. The low interest rate is gout! news for all of Blytheville and the area it serves as an educational center. I5"t this does not mean lhat the district directors mid the school patrons it, genera! will get everything they might want in the form of a new high school . The funds available will not stretch that far. Officials estimate that cost of the units planned for the high school at this lime should not exceed S^OU 000 leaving 550,000 for the purchase o'f equipment, and ?100,000 for grade school improvements. If construction costs follow the average in other parts of the slate in recent months, the Blytheville district should be able lo gel buildings with between 30,000 and 35,000 S «,uare feet ot floor space. And when it comes to dividing that space between an auditorium, library cafetelria. 20 classrooms, halls and ad- minislrativc offices in Ihe sues needed, . the planners may fin,] Ulc yoing (|jffi . One member of the board suggested recently lhat ?KOHO,<«o could ,-a-ilv be spent in providi,,,; the kind of ,,,v u school which is, lc eded in Hlytlu-vill,; but funds in .such amounts arc not available The amount (he district can borrow is liimlcd by law and the amount of Ihe bond issue sold this week brings the fiirure to a point near the maximum They'll Try Anything When the H Communist leaders went on trial at Now York last January for conspiracy, they introduced H unique delaying tactic by challenging the jury system. Just in case anyone thinks that exhausted their bag of courtroom tricks, note (his latest one: Valentin A. Gnbitclicv, Soviet engineer under indictment for espionage with Judy Coplon, came into court the other day protesting in English that he doesn't understand English. He cannot expect anyone to take this seriously, inasmuch as he has spoken in English for as long as 15 minutes in preliminary appearances. Moreover, he showed by his responses on this particular day lhat he grasped the questions addressed to him. If he goes on insisting that he speaks only Russian, the court will have to hire an interpreter. This will hold things up somewhat, but that's all. Through hard experience we Americans arc learning all the little Soviet devices, and learning to outlast the Russians no mailer what they fry. Views of Others Home Rule The Arkansas Municipal League will make a third effort next year to overcome the antiquated restrictions on municlnal financing in Arkansas and provide home rule for cities throughout the Assuming that the third time charms and the AML is successful, the earliest the job can be done will D e next November, when the question Is expected to be submitted on the general election ballot. And, It seems to us, it's about time U was answcrea in the affirmative. After all, some ol these controls are 75 years old now, established when our fledgling .state had no cities of more than 10,000 population. And even the amendments liberalizing them are still years out of date. - When the stnte constitution was adopted In 1874, a five-mill ad valorem tax was ample now. because municipal services have spread to undreamed-of fields, and because the cost ol e ov- ernment, like everything else, has virtually doubled In the last decade. The drafters ol our constitution could no more foresee this situation than we can foresee the requirements of our cities a half-century or more from now. Admittedly. In the last 20 years or so, additional mlllages have been voted: live for certain municipal Improvements, three for funding outstanding debts two for pensions, etc., and cities now get a halt- share of the three-mill and $4 per capita country road levies. But the total, over 16 mills now Is still not enough to finance modern government Little Rock, for instance, could scarcely get by without supplementary privilege taxes, auto licenses and other fees, and turnbacks from the state on gasoline and other levies. These narrow limitations virtually preclude any expansion ol municipal facilities. The constitution also^limits the issuance of revenue bonds to water, -Sewer, off-street parking and curb market facilities. Because of this the AML was told. Clark-svlllc lost an industry it wanted to help through a bond Issue and Fay- cttcville was unable to finance state-ordeicd ctian Bes , n water treatment at its city swimming pool Hegardless of what any other city thinks of cither of these projects. Clarksvllle and Paycttcvllle wanted thcm-and they were the ones to jud-e If individual citizens, voting in their own referendum, want ,o tax themselves to pa v for a municipal improvement. It SC cms to „., that they should be allowed to do so. -ARKANSAS GAZETTE SO THEY SAY Russia (has) as many atom bombs as we need —no more and no less.—Soviet Foreign Mi,u blcr Andrei Vlshinsky. * « » This is the !irst round bill this Is not the last rounil.-John Faster Dulles, dctcalcd m rcc-ent New York senatorial election. * • * The reactionaries of Jefferson's time were exactly like the reactionaries of today. Whenever tlicie is a new proposal to promote the general welfare, we always hear the same kinds ol arguments, from Ihe same kind of people, for the same kind of reasons.—President Truman. » * • Colonial exploitation of the South and West must be ended, with fair economic, treatment accorded all sections of our country.—Ellis Arnall. former governor ol Georgia. « • • We have an unfavorable balance ot trade, unfavorable to the taxpayer and unfavorable to the consumcr.-Eccrctary O f State Dean Achcsou. * * « Fiance's position in today's difficult International situation, like that ot other European nations, is dominated by the problem of the atomic weapon.—Rene Mayer, French political leader. t • , The Communists have been forcing us to spend money beyond our saddest dreams with the result that the restive taxpayer Is looking.,. .under the rug for dirt and waste more diligently than he has lor a long time—which Is a very healthy tiling.—Gov. Adlal Stevenson of Ill'inols. * * * It doesn't pay to try to be too clever. The only way to sain confidence is to treat people as normal equals....They ran'l do without us, rmr we without them.—Johan van Maarscvcen. Dutch Minister lor Overseas Territories, oil lodonesia. Greatest Show in Europe Yugoslav Sculptor Shuns Pleas From Tito That He Return Home Bv DeWIU MaeKenzIe va'i M 1 "? 1 *" Arf:llrs '*>'iilJ'sl slay st . 1Jlt)(oi . v !j; o '£ hTvohmlary exile in America, tells me Marshal The DOCTOR SAYS H>- Kiln-In P. .Tnrrlnn. M D WriKn, f or XI:A Son-Ice Chronle diarrhea is one of the most common allmeuls from which human beings suffer, rt produces discomfort and Is extremely niinov- inir and troublesome. It Is not. strictly sneaking a disease, since many different disorders can cause this symptom. The most common cause, however Is that which Is of nervous origin' Most peonlc seem to show the cf- of nervousness or cmntinrnl i know I'ilo has urged him not once bin many times during Ihe past (hr», years to return to Ivts native land —but Mcslrovic is sitting light for the present, at least. This great artist, whose work aroused (ho enthusiasm of the Im mortal Rodin, is teaching sculpture at Syracuse University Fine ArU School He says he likes S.u and Us friendly atmosphere. There undoubtedly Is a stirring story back of Mcstrovlc's repeated refusal to return to the land he loves. However, he chooses to pre serve the Mestroi'Ic-Tito mystery" I him a long chat with him a couple of days ago and he epitomized the reason for his decision thus' "fJim not in sympathy with the For brevity that's rather rcmi iim be- up- , ..1..-0 ,,i pmruinnni strain by developing diarrhea The intestinal nerves control the wavelike motions by which Inleslinal contents are parried on down the n!"Pstlvc tract. When a susceptible person come; excited ir emotionally set. the nerve control of the ,„ l<><tlncs is eisturlral, the wavr-M^ <• increased, and wint I" called dinrrVa develops. Ocl to the Source Unless one knows what the IMS sibilitles arc and how to idei tifv the source of the trouble-nnd the p methods include X-rays and or special examinations—a «,„[] trcn , ment cannot be given. Far loo often people with chronic diarrhea merely try to buy somethln. a a drugstore which will » nulct ° the, the ai i ---- - ..„.,.,,,, >,->. ni it) ii vnii know the story of Mestrovic's We Hs rather easy to add a good deal o his statement. We might wel begin with (!, CS(? kcy , ac ,°. tte11 Killed as a I'alriol * .Mcs i-ovic is rated HS one of Yugoslavia's great, patriots; he Is „ red-hot national^ ,,„„ ( lislik-P S 7| icB atorslnps of all sorts: he is stronl l.v religious and has been a staunch .supporter of the Catholic Ch c? one of h, s friends being Trch bishop Stepinac. The archbishop I. '•««• >n a Yugoslav prison uncl° r . K.-J-ear sentence on a charge of collaboration with the Aris powers Mestro comes from Washington Night dubs and Bar Operators Moan Because Patronage is at a Low Ebb Hy llouglas Larsen WASHINGTON-Oncc a year the Department of Commerce puts out the statistics which show lhat Washiugtoiilans. drink more linuor per capita ;lmn do the citizens of any other large town In America. But what the night club and bar owners here would. Hue to know is where they drink it. Because they sure aren't drinking it in the bars and night clubs The entertainment industry in Washington is suffering the worst depression In its history. And nobody seems to know exactly why. It has been on the skirts ever since the war. But since Congress adjourned it appears to have reaohc I absolute zero. It's not that the congressmen constitute any sizeable clientele of the local drink, dance and dine spots. It's the swarm of free-spending lobbyists and visiting firemen who are around when the national legislature Is In .session that k"eps the night club owners at least in business. The intriguing c.ue.stion Ls this: Just what is there pcculiai about the citizens of the city on the Potomac that keeps them out of night clubs and bars A night club owner puts it a little more elaborately: "You're always re.iding about Washington being the gay mad at!' Un, "£'„„" .h'. 1 ^,.!?.' 1 .' i*"™ r" ° f the C! " b m ' lt ™ at, Mr. Bonne's spot where the fa- "sccret" Navy picture turned and tell the people that this is Jml about Ihe deadest town this tide of the great continental divide--?, hcrc- ever that is." Plenty of Theories A lot of experts have rtoi't « lot of thinking about why Washington is so shy ot good restaurants :md sophisticated places of entertainment. One pet theory Ls that Wash- Ingtoninn-s naturally do more drinking and entertaining in their homes and a' private parties Bill Kavakos, owner of one of the oldest and mo-st pr.vjperous night clubs in up in giant size on the wall as part of lii.s interior decoration. "It's Just about, the two hours aft- explains. "When you don't get that you're almost always in trouble like every club oivner in town always is." he says The Issue of permiting the sale of hard liquor to persons at a bar Is one lhat has been kicked around . ~ — " >|uii:i [llciu down " Although many drugs ma, do this for a siiort time such self' treatment Ls a dangerous thing as t may hide for a while some serious I deep-seated condition Although it is true thai, manv cases of cnrontc diarrhea cail cxist for years without causing death or serious Injury, there are many cases p^ISS Stf XX »£* When"[h/d^LS^,t^f™ " made the underlyim; condition was too far advanced to cure This is a tragedy not only for the patient for the physician who f r , dint all stultify could have saved life if he had been given the chance. Note: Dr. Jordan Ls unable to answer Individual questions from readers. However, each clay he wi answer one of the most frequently asked questions in his column. QUESTION: What causes a erm- ™!^ 1C8e ° f cankcr sor " in die ANSWER: There are sevi slble causes for rccurrin» sores. Some arc believed lo l pos attitude toward the Tito ' . H's eaeer pursuit of art was mlr ? with fa,-,,, work. When he £: n nr* n-t* «. .- : '*- ««13 sculpture. His unusual ski] , nil v <vas recognized, and he was accent Ml by the art academy in V cnna" He went through many hard t es "" many h before he be?*,, to sell his work the city— In business for 23 years— ' feefion. some to al- Even the big shots in the govern- ment can't afford to go out for an evening and drop S3(l in a restaurant or night club. Corgrrss just doesn't pay its employes enough to out arid have a good time." And ' that's all there are in this town, gcvernmcnt workers." The most universal gripe of the bar proprietors is against Coir-rcss lor the drinking rules it has fixed for the District of Columbia. They think that this Ls really the seat of the trouble. On Saturday night all tippling must cease nt midnight to be Jumping with bij snemle'rs and International playboys. What I want to fenow Is where all this <;oes liquor at a bar in the District. N'o Chance lo Clean Up "Saturday night Is the. time when mast night club I make half of the lime you'll decide, not to have a elrini;," one bar operator explains. Maybe that's the reason for the rule. Still another night club owner has this explanation of why business Is so terrible ;n the capital: "We always have run way behind other towns in volume of business So when business drops all over the country like it has, we fold. It's all because they've extended retail credit. People buy radios, refrigerators and stoves on time with only a sniail down payment Then at the first of the month they discover -'-' they've -lone. The payments 15 Years Ago In Bfvthev/f/e on the Bar field' road by built JN_ HOLLYWOOD Hy Krskiuc Jo'hmon MCA Staff Curies dcnl Hy>inc Jnlmsnn NIJA Staff Crirre.S|Mjii[K'iit HOLLYWOOD -(.\EA)~- Hollywood has a (iiinint habit of fie- nucntly casting newspaper reporters ns newspaper reporters. It httrdly ever contiibutcs to the dramatic impact of a picture because: a> Newspaper reporters seldom lonk like newspaper rcjioriDrs and l» Their acting Ls as corny as Ivatisa.s in June. Hut Ihe practice coos on Ix-cinifo U is a very clever way of crtlini! n lot of publicity, quick, for a new Picture. After playing m>self scvcrul times on the screen, aiul srpint: Uir results. I sam-c 01; and joiiu'd ihe AA — Actors Anmij minis. [ii-Milcs. I'm not tin 1 t.vpc. I'm too huupv. fin when RKO r:i!lni lh,- n^hci d.iy and n.-k.-d if I'd like to \i\i\\ a courti'onm scene for reah/e U would be so comuliratcd The role called for many emotions |Jv" lp!> ""'- ss - • s °rrow, greed generos- "Wbal made il doubly i, ;lrl | was the f.,,,( ti,.,i t h;1( |- ((| ^ Dress all Ilinsc things with n suiKlc line of dialog. "Paul Krlly, a fi nc actor sinri enough to help me in tecmin';!v tinpo.-sible task | pointed (Hit that there Mere ; .'I'hnols o; acting—the tech I of iiiiderpl.ivin.;. exemplified (.>ary Cimpri-, ,, v i lo ev)rOvS".s pv |treme ..motion bv si : u,>lv' Vai.,fn« , | one eyeorow. And ti, r hniriue i j"i ouTplavimr. as Ix-st exemplified : »v Clark Gable, who nets thp si, mc | was this He two MU|tiC by The hand I saw, today's hand, really set me thinking. The scientific player would say, I have two spade tricks and four club tricks That Is only six. The ace of diamonds makes .seven. Where will I get the other two? It locks like the diamond suit must be set up So the average player would so over to the queen of club.5, take the diamond finesse and hope [t works. Of course it does not. East leads back the queen of hearts and the defenders cash five heart tricks. But time for relaxation Is too .-hort for the boys at the Pnsw Club to worry about scientific play. When ticrlarcr won the opening lead of the queen of spades wiUi'the king, i'celmn; acrOM bv brov.s "l.'l;[,, : Ci. lu ,;.,i y . a»'av lo re::p ; ,r,o and whfn j (Iii-crlor summoned me r raising b Kelly eye- • lirjun in n cnurironm .scene far i " : "' :nr summoned ir the Clamlettc Coluci I -Robert Ryan !<"»"«"' with my eyebr " " picture. "Blind Spot." I fooled 'cm. I arranged to send my sccretarv Leslie Snvdcr. instead. '• el Leslie bp <lisi-nvrrr:l hy UnllvMond and gel filthy r j v .l,'. Leslie scream and brronip a ravins maniac whpn slip SITS llpr.srlf on the sprppri for thp first limp. r\T pot cnnuch worries. Hrslrlps.' slip jirmiilsril tn send mp all her pxlra swimming pnnls. Leslie has never been a movie star before and the matter re- qnired some deliberation. Slie asked for time to think it over and four seconds lalev slip accepted. L:\f-Witnrss Krpnrt Here's her report of her movie debut: "The make-up department took one look at me and decided lime was nothing they cnulri do In the way of improving my looks. When I complainpd. (hey said they couldn't work miracles. They hart lo have something to stirt with "Director Mel VYner camp mpr and explained my part in Ihn pie- lure. It was a court room scene the was i nun my eyebrows dnwn. I was Innrted a script—or rather a paje. On It was this: SIXTH IJKi'ORTKR "Lciwpli -joiilcl cull anvhmlv that c.ui liplp him. He rrallv has his neck bowed A (irpal Trial "I was so nervous T shook This was mcicrstandable, as I had never P'ayc.1 a Sixth Rejv.rtpr be- I founn our ; irr t'^ V p wp,- c MclCENNEY ON >»' William r MrKi-nury Auirrlra's Cartl .Viitlmrilr "rillpn f, )r xi-A Sfrvlci Just 'hut Won This Hand *74 »«J 10853 + Q 104 Rubber—E-W v u South West Norlh Pass Pass I » Pass 3N T Pass Opening—4 Q I 2N. T Pass East Pass Pass Pass 26 where Claudctte on trial murder. She has ju st changed lid- plea from gniltv lo not guilt v i,y rei'son of Ins.uiily. "Thp camera nils: lo a ei-oup of reporters cUscns.-ini; t), c c .'.sr I'm one of tin reporters. But 1 dldivt club, i,, . v.,.i.,,ii. ^;ll(,|l£ n.^ ne:nbrr.^are the men who five us "niorrovs nrw.s. These newspaper wn.prs anmlly mii-s! try to out•">"'. 'hf thinker- of the nation 1 pulled up a ch ., :r , hl , l( , . h( , (| . h _ " <••'••' i rt!<l n,)t know .uijone at tho table. H-rf f ,• • did they k,, ow mc . he locked over at his left-hand opponent and smiled, obviously because he was glad that a heart had not, been led. Now this fellow last no time in planking down the ace of diamonds, lie w.-.s going to cash his ace of diamonds., lake four club tricks and the ace- of spades, anrt hope that the ace of hearts was right. Of cour.iC when the diamond king dropped, he made twelve (ricks. And did he give thp h.t-ha lo the boys who could have cnshrd the first five heart So far as the scientific play is, concerned. North knows that if thej ace of hearts Ls in the West hand, he must keep East from getting into I the lead, HP is perfectly willing to I lo c a diamond trirk if has the f ace of .hearts But if by chance the diamond king is a singleton, the correct play is to lead the ace, hop- ""other of Ernest Halscll. own- Er of the Pig Sland. The house'win oe ready for occupancy m eo days ami will cost about S-1,500 A plan for decorative hchiinp f nr the holiday season, was envisioned oy Blytheville Lions Club yesterdav Nonl 1 l £ ey " lct for "">eh in Ho til Noble Each merchant will be solicited for a nominal sum to defrav -••"••• •••"* on U i LCJ ueirji v the expense of the project which^, P /" C _ n ' ed X*- "- On B and C. . V. Sebp.ugh of the souri Power Co, Arkansas Mis- ing to drop the kins; If It n^ 1 "™!" 5 a " SIa " of lhc People" He always remained a man of te people. He even refused a com»?^ C " '° "'T 1 ' 0 ''""res to dec- sn" ? ^ " rtist - Pol i'i<-'al and art; ist c freedom were his bv-words hh n -> "? Praisc - From tf -en on IhtwoTd." 1 "^^ ra "-°«nd rti ,V Cn .''.^" r "^- to Yugoslavia and Then When the war was over Yuso slavia had lost her freedom to communism. so he felt that he couldn't return home, instead he came to America and undertook work at Syracuse University That brings us up to the very natural question of just why keeps g for Mestrovic to re work, declarer still % n hope t ^ V T V ' K °^' ^«"°» In hlr the ace of heart., is nsht P i Ec l r , Tllc na "°". ra »'t 'P^e him. the ace of hearts is right The boys at the Press Club told the little fellow who laid clown his lucky, but I say he played the hand correctly. rovc o re turn to Yugoslavia. Has the marshal anything up his sleeve? H strikes me personally that it's a fair guess Tito wants Mestrovic back because he is the outstanding fieiire in (he country's field of art. The sculptor Is a Yugoslav institution in him- I have no idea how Mestrovic lh'it SC " ' CelS ah °" t ™°' T ri ° ' kllow . l>e presumably will decide whether . he will return to his beloved home. Earth Pig Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL. 1 Depicted nnimal 9 It reaches a five-fool length including its 13 Wayfarer H One time 15 Lubricate 16 Fortification 18 Number 3 Recovered strength i Douay version Cab.} 5 Timber tree of South America 6 Malt drink 1 Crimson 8 Long-tailed Indian ape 9 Preposition lOllorn 11 28 Type of fuel 45 Young 33 Thoroughfares children -v,..,,.,,uv, --..„,.,.,, 35 Inborn 48 iUembranoul 19 Mediterranean JZ Camera's eye 36 Before bag island 21 Clasps 23 Typo of butterfly 24 Symbol for selenium 25 Submit to 27 Snare 30 Scatter, as hay 31 Compass point 32 Whirlwind 33 Station (ab.) 3-1 Domestic slave 37 Let it sland! 38 Measure of area 39 Symbol for erbium 40 Carries (coll.) 43 Play the part of host 46 lloundary (comb, form) 47 Flower 51 Note in Guido's scale 52 Rant 51 Taken into custody 56 Winter vehicle 57 Fondles VERTICAL 1 Type c/l bomb 2 Operatic solo 17 "Granite State" (ab.) 20 Plaything 41 Verbal 22 Hops' kiln -12 Symbol for 25 Siouan Indian samarium 26 Makers of -13 Woody plant honey 44 On the 28 Poker stake shellcred side 37 Indian weight 4.9 Malayan 40 Pinnacles pewler coin 50 Make a mistake 53 Diminutive of Kdvvard 55 Steamship (ab.)

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