The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1941 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 13, 1941
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VOLUME XXXVII—NO. 255. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEW** : :__ IHE DOMINANT «WSPAPBB OF *OR«U*8T ARKANSAS AND lOW^^^* -11 -LJ ? ? kJ Blytheville Daily News Blytheville Courier BlythevJlle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader BLYTHEVILLE, -.ARKANSAS, MONDAY, .JANUARY IZ NEW SUSPECTS IN OSCEOLA SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS "Invasion Troops" Attacked By RAF; Italy In Shake-Up Area Covered By New''Arkansas Valley Author ^^^^^^^ P> ^^^**^*^ M ^^'**^ B ***fr**^* M E*^'* JIM ¥rtTiW|iiiM^ai^MlT »!•• ii-- - ._ ** LONDON, Jan. J3. (UP) — London newspapers today I lead lined reports that the Koyal Air Force had machine gunned German "invasion troops" on ihe coast o 4" France a.s powerful forces ol' British bombers .smashed at vital Axis oil facilities in Germany, Italy and Belgium. The London Evening News appeared with a double banner line in big type proclaiming: -Royal Ah- Force fighters ma- clune gunned invasion troops in daylight attacks. The headlines followed the report of the air ministry that the Royal Air Force in following up its new policy of daylight raids on the German-held invasion coast had attacked German troops in trenches, on the' beaches along the coast lacing Britain. Official sources declined to speculate on ihe purpose of the trenches, it was thought, might be designed to repel British invasion attempts, protect troops against air raids or for carrying out drills and maneuvers. Hit Oil Supplies The attacks on axis oil supplies were made at Porto Margera, Italy Regensburg, Germany, and Ostend' Belgium. (Rome announced that Turin Venice and Catania also were raided during; ;the njght.) The target'" atr r Porto Margera was said LO hav;e. .been lighted up by incendiaries -'dropped by the first attackers. An hour later, the air ministry, .said, anti-aircraft guns were silenced tfr.-machine gun, fire- and a heavy ( bomb blew up one of -the-larger, 'refinery"' buildings -At Regensburg several fires were start- en and at Ostend a large explosion lollowed by fire wa.s observed. Oil storage tanks and a 'large building nearby also were set afire at Porto Margera, the air ministry said. The building- hit by two bombs was seen to collapse, the ministry said. The sheds and work-! ships then were machine-gunned j at almost ground level "The target was left blazing", the i communique said. ."From these op-1 erations one aircraft is missing". British planes were reported earlier to have bombed submarine bases shipping and troops on the French By United Press Benito Mussolini reshufVlcd the Italian again today high command in the face oi important Greek ^ains in Albania. * General Ubaldo Soddu. Italy's undersecretary of war, wa.s .sen*. only uvo months mid four days ago into Albania to retrieve the disastrous Fascist campaign. Todaj. Scddu quit tor what were described as reasons of "health" and Con. Ugo Cavallero who took over Italy'* high command a month ago assumed personal Charge of Albanian operations in addition to hi* post as Italy's chief of staff. Cavallero took over as London reported that Greek successes in the neighborhood of Klisura hud forced the Italians to throw almost an entire division, about 15,000 men. into the area to meet the Greek threat which has the povl rf Valona as its goal. The retirement of Soddu seemed to indicate that his two months work had failed .to .stiffen Italian resistance enough to check Greek advances which have continued slowly and cautiously despite the handicap of bad weather and inadequate roads. __ Athens hailed the retirement of Italy's Albanian commander as an indication that the Greek capture of Klisura had cracked the Fascist defense system in serving Albania. Greek troops were pushing up the coastal road toward Valona ' and fighting forward in the Kli- mra-Tepeiini opinion was area, and Greek that an important hingef of the Italian-Albaniaiv defense-system had been smashed. »t Klisura. - "•" |1$w55# * v . ^ *•»_ J**. 1 - •» f GULF,OF /MEXICO The creation of another "TVA" to be known as we - Ihe aiea . --- direction of on the map is seven Limes a.s largo as the TVA, and it will take over ,11 projects such a.s dams, reservoirs and hydro electric planLs.-(NEA telephoto). Osceola Is Site of Civil Division Hearings; Will Re-Convene at 9 A. M. occupied France. In Judge G. E. Keck opened n week- Stock Prices A. T. & T. 167 7-8 26 1-2 87 3-4 70 5 1-8 . 105 Am. Tobacco ............. 741-4 Anaconda 'Copper Bethlehem Steel . . . Chrysler ........ :... Cities Service ....... Coca-Cola .......... ; Gen'l Elect ........' Gen'l Motors ....... ' Int'l Harvester Mont. Ward ........ New York .Central .. North Am.. Aviation Packarc^ ............. Phillips Radio ........".'.'.'."' Republic Steel ..... •-. . 34 7-8 47 7-8 52 3-8 39 14 5-8 16 5-8 •J 1-8 3fl 1-2 4 3-4 21 1-2 Socony Vacuum .......... 9 Studebaker ............. 81-4 St'd of N. J ......... ... ' .' " 35 j_ 8 Texas Corp ............. 391-8 U- S. Steel ............... 68 !_ 2 .. . court, civil division, m Osceola today, and two 01 three cases were disposed of before court recessed until Tuesday at. 9 a.m. In Blytheville today a divorce petition was filed by Thompson Walls against Pauline Walls in chancery court. A lawsuit was filed in Common Pleas court by Webb and Robertson Cotton Co. against O. O. Hardaway, seeking $986.03 damages allegedly resulting,, from failure o. f the defendant to fulfill a contract for. purchase of 350 bale.s of cotton last Oct. 6. The petition asserted that the defendant took the cotton, kept it for 20 days, then returned it and that - Webb and Robertson company was forced to sell on the open market at a lower price than had been expected. Released Truck D r i ve r After Four Hour Ride Early Sunday Morning Police of two states today sought two negroes who held up a truck driver between Peach Orchard, Ark., and Wardell. Mo., at 6:30 a.m. Sunday and forced .him to drive them through Arkansas and Missouri for four hours before releasing the man and ; his ' truck In Knobei. Ark., at 10:30 ji.m. The truck was owned by Gideon-' Anderson Lumber Co.. Gideon. Mo. Limited information received by state police here gave neither the mans name nor knowledge of what was taken from the driver or truck, but it was learned that one negro, about 190 pounds, had a deep scar across his i'ace and the other was about 145. pounds. One had a pair of .38 caliber revolvers and the other a .32. according to reports. PORT HURON. Mich. (UP)— James D. Balmer won't be accepted by the selective service army because his heart Is on the right side of his chest. Balmer. a 21- year-old .telephone lineman, has known of the condition since he was 5 but was ' unaware that it. would disqualify him for service. Suit Charges Pickford Caused Broken Contract LOS ANGELSS, Calif.—Mary Pickford and Charles rBuddy") Rogers are being sued for $150,000 each by Arthur T. Michaud and James V. Peppe, personal managers, who charged the former actress with inducing the orchestra leader to break a written contract by threatening to divorce him. Chicago Wheat May Sept. open high low close 877-8 87 861-4 867-8 827-8 827-8 823-8 825-8 New York Cotton prev. open high tow close close Mar. . 1050 1054 1048 1048 1054 ,May . 1051 1054 1048 1049 1053, July . 1044 1048 1039 1039 1047 Oct. .. 989 9S8 989 991 995 Dec. .. 986 994 986 986 992 Jan. . 1037 1037 1037 1037 1041 ; W7 ~v. 7T7 ~ •- !Wanted To Live 90 New Orleans Co«on| Ye a re , But Death Came To Him Early Chicago Corn open high low close May 623-8 631-2 621-8 621-8 Sept. 621-2 623-4 623-8 621-2 Missouri's Inaugural Is Held Up JEFFERSON CITY. Mo. jjan. 13 t UP)—Forrest C. Donnell, Republican, had expected to be inaugurated governor of Missouri today. He had appointed 70 colonels, and they had spent $170 each on uniforms and gold braid. Brass bands had bo en hired, an artillery .salute arranged. But instead of going to his inauguration. Donnell goe.s before the itate supreme court, • asking Mint it make the. speaker of the house of representatives declare him governor, .while a -legislative committee investigates charges that he wa.s fraudulently elected. If. the court granted : a wrli of mandamus, it would not be in :'me for/him to be inaugurated today, nor would it prevent the investigation. The house speaker opens and publishes election returns, and he has published returns .showing that Donnell was elected by 3.613 votes over Lawrence McDaniel. his Democratic opponent. But. of the investigation, he has not declared Donnell governor. If ths state .supreme court forces the speaker to declare him governor, he could be inaugurated, but the inquiry would continue. The supreme court, while -solidly democratic, ha.s been "taken out -f l>olitic.s" by a constitutional amendment,. Meanwhile, the lieutenant-governor, secretary of state, state auditor, attorney-general and .state treasurer prepared to be inaugu- lated today. All are Democrats. Gov. Lioyd B. Stark, who promoted investigations that sent Thomas Pendergast, former boss of Kansas City, and many of his henchmen to federal prison, re-, mains in office. 10 LEfll f Helena Man Not Given Oath Because of Contest Suit By Opponent LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 13. (UP)The 53rd session of the Arkansas legislature opened at noon today with invocations in both the house and senate. In the the first order of business after Secretary of State! C. G. Hall certified the membership was election of Rowland Linclsc-y Chairman Walter P. George's of Searcy as temporary .speaker. -senate foreign relations committee meets tomorrow, but Ls expected to go no further than to discuss procedure to be followed. George, who luis endorsed the objectives of the British-aid bill provided It Ls amended to require "reasonable" security from any nation lo which Montana Democrat Will Lead Group Opposing All-Out Aid To Britain WASHINGTON. Jan. 13. (UP;— Congressional opponents of PresU ilnu Roosevelt's bill for all-out nut 10 C.reivl, Britain picked Senator Burton K. Whci-ler, D.. Mont., today Lo bi> co-leader of their bipartisan strnlogy group. At a meeting planned for early this week. Ihey will numo u Ile- inibticun—diner Sen. Robert. A. Tut 1 1 of Ohio or Sen. Arthur H« Vundcnberg of Michignn—lo help Wheck'r lend the fight against tho bill thut tlioy charge is equal lo u "dochirution of wur" and u "dictatorship for the United Suites." Their flr.sf objective will be to limit drastically Uie powers to be grunted the president, Court Fig-hl Recalled Orgunl/atkm of the opposition group Ls similar to the one set up in 1937 Lo fight Mr. Roosevelt's proposal to reorganise the supreme court. Wheeler direcU'd the strategy then, too. The apposition's buttle lino was funned even before Congress started 'working on thu proposal to give Mr. Roo.sevi'11 blanket powers lo lend or louse wur materials Lo the anti-Axis nations. Preliminary debate may come in the house today when it voles on H motion by Chairman Andrew J. May of the military affairs committee Lo take' the bill from the foreign affairs committee and refer It to hl.s group. But the Jurisdlc- t'ional dispute clocs not Involve the merits of . the legislation and will not provide n test of Wtrenglh. Chairman SoL Bloom', or the house tordgn affairs committee appeared unconcerned about the outcome of the attempt to tnkc the bill away from his committee and .scheduled hearings Lo begin tomorrow. Secretary of State Cordell Hull, Secretary of Lhc Tren.s- ury Henry Morgcnthnu Jr.. Secretary of War Henry L. Stlnison.und Secretary of the Navy Frank. Knox t ""'"_ " '"'" win hi* iha n,.,.t «,unn eKn « • Most serious Try To Connect Osceola Slaying- Oklahoma Crimes >' iifclnrtj^f- S ?". r( j Uo . wi " lfi . iirr ^ t<df two ™sa~ Uner Manhattan Runs Aground In Florida WEST PALM BEACH Fl» Jan 13. (UP)-A Coast Guard -utter lumk'd nnd tugged nt the ni«e> United sintcs liner Mani»n tmi curly today, trying Lo pull her off u sand bur 250 yards off shore. The sea WJLS glassy culm. ymed by n yellow moon, and tho ship, ho,- t 9 <j passengers, and her crew of -150 wore In no danifer. It wan unlikely that Lho ship, which is of 24,28!) tons, the .second largest and lastest flying the United States nag, hud been damaged. Three Gars Are Demolish eel In Sunday Crashes Involving 12 Persons At least a dozen persons miraculously escaped death early Sunday in two automobile mfchnps that sent four persons to hosoitnls required first aid treatment for an as WL'1.1 ns of the Oklahoma + Eddie Collins, 24, of Tulsa, Okla,', find Thomas Raymond Nance, 27- of Huntingion, VV. Vn,, who lids recently been milking.his home In Tulsu, arc being nelc! by Mississippi County officers, and FBI rep- rc.sentativcs are also questioning the two men. Described by officers a.s "tough enough to commit any crime" both men have confessed, according to Chief Deputy Sheriff John P. Reinmiller and Deputy Raymond Bomar, thai they,,.stole a car in recently, drove it to Cairo. 111., where they sold It ami then' stole another car and came to Slythcvllle Saturday, '." They have also confessed, offl> cer.s said, to sewing numerous terms in several slate penitentiaries on." charges of urmccl robbery, bur,*- <*lary and highway robbery. " '-' l " Questioned at length, both men have, so far, denied Implication • lii any of the three, recent slnylngs, Still Hold Negrot's Although county officers believe there b u strong possibility chat the killing of the Joyner Service Station operator will be solved itv the "circumstantial, case" based on investigations which led to arrests of two Memphis negroes, now In jail, Jim. Davis, 28, and Wash iSchool Boy), Thomas, 35, they arc investigating every lead" of any clue mitintUfc'" is ended, thev said. . ' I' Killing of Waldran, who was battered over die head, with /a blunt Instrument before he was robbed, Is very similar to the slaying of James Owens, manager of nn oil well supply house, two miles was be the first- witnesses. Will Discuss rrwcdurc Next the oath of office to house members. wns Means Wilkinson, Sebastian county legislator, then was elected speaker without a dissenting vote. In the senate. John Ike Moore of Helena, s^tor-elect, was not iw,f« between - found dead at the steering wheel was the head-on j of his car in front of his place of a machine driven business the night of Dec. 23—his head battered with a blunt tnstru- Arkansas—Occasional rains and warmer in the extreme east portion. Colder in the northwest portion tonight. Tuesday, occnsionnl rains and somewhat warmer. Memphis and vicinity—Cloudy, followed by intermittent light rains tonight and Tuesday. Warmer io- nlght. given the oath with the rest of | vvnr materials are loaned, said his the members because of the announcement by Lieutenant-Governor Bob Bailey that John Sheffield, Moore's opponent, in the November general eletcion. had filed suit contesting Moore's election. Bailey named a "committee to hold hearings concerning the contested seat. The senate after swearing in its'members adopted a joint resolution with the house to hold a joint meeting Tuesday at 10 a.m. to hear the farewell address of outgoing Governor Carl E. ,Bailey WEATHER might .start Independent hearings , if house hearings were prolonged. The senate is in recess today, but when both the house'and senate convene tomorrow battle lines were expected to be .sufficiently formed to .set. off debate on the majt'.r subject now before the new A prelude of what Is t.o come In the weeks ahead was given In a radio debate night when Wheeler denounced the plan us "llu- New Deal'.s 'Triple A' foreign policy—plough under every "fourth ; O n American boy." He spoke with John T. Plynn. newspaper writer unc; economist, against Sen. Josh Lee D.. Okla.. and Herbert Agar, editor- ol the Louisville Courier- Journal. Lee contended that Germany "is at war with America today" in all senses except militarily nnd that the only road to pence bv Paul Fowler of Mcmohls und that of u car filled with negroes on North Highway fll nt 1:30 o'clock Simrinv mornlny. Fowler was taken to Blvthevillc, then to a Memphis hosntlal with a fractured I<HJ and other injuries; Ben Per- monlor of Luxora was in Wix'lU hospllnl here and Evclvn Burchell. Ltixora. was given first aid treat-' mont. Police salf.1 when they arrived at | the scene of the crash none of the ' norrroes were thm-. Thnv wf>ro be- in(r sought today utter thu wrecked nntosnnbllo was taken from Blvtho- vllli! to CWeoln bv nolico, nnd it wns understood, thnt some of cnrful of negroes had received t refitment at the homo of an unknown necrro doctor. Rtote Policeman I?rUli<> B. Dnvld nnd Gcno niovjt^nn <--nld rh« machines co]]irj<Kl head-on after Ihe JK-qrne.s' car. annnrontlv nt- tpmn'od lo on<:s nrnt.hor mi'-hme tho hi"hv«:nv. Both machines demolished. Pour nftRrnps: escnncd with ""'" ready for Hitler before i;. "to he gets ready for us." r injuries nftor their car hit n ; and cnromcrl Into a deen on Hi^luvnv 18 Fnst of towi n'. 4 n. m. SunHov. injuring Clara l-^olh of Blytheville. Robert Pofr,s. Liixorn. thp driver, and James Harris. al.«o of Luxora. Jim Grain Neiv Highway Commission Head Under Adkim Mar. May July Ocf. Dec. Jan. prev. open high low close close 1056 1058 1054 1053 1059 1056 1060 1053 1053 1061 1050 1051 1001 1003 995 1000 1043 1043 1051 995 992 997 1002 993 1000 i When James Henry | of Wilson. take.s over the- lask of i at 'l Ua , ble P r °P erties - estimated .sion diiecLs the policy of the state , liums of Osceola. was appointed a.s scrJoiw injuries loiri noiine that the liehts on his automobile, n new machine, went. out, us he ncwfyl tho bridge nnd r.hat the car struck a corner of ths brfdqe nnd plummeted Into the ditch. The cnr wa* so badlv H'rooked that it. Corned n mlrnnle tbnt anv occupant could ment and $GO missing. There was also a .similar crime a short time before''which ..occurred at McAlester, Okla.. according-"to authorities of that state who•;are coopenuiny with state and cpimt-y officers here in those slaying*. Mr. ReJnnitller visited' Oklahoma several clays ago to study similar? Ity of the cases there and at Osca-. ola nnd also went lovCairo, following arrt-st o. r Collins and Nance in Blytheville Saturday. Arrested By Boniar Tiie men were arrested by Mr. Somp.r a.s they left the parked car near Main and First streets. Told that officers were on lookout "for' the car stolen in Cairo-Friday night, .hey admitted that they stole this machine, across the Mississippi River, down through Kentucky and Tennessee and Into Memphis before Doming here Sar- nrday morning. ""••'. They said they sold a car stolen in Tulsa to a garage dealer hi Cairo before they picked up the second machine. Collins confessed to serving two one-year sentences in the state prison at McAllster for burglary and armed robbery and aiso ;' f a part of a 40-year term in a Missouri prison" for armed robbery. Nance admitted serving prison terms in West Virginia. Missouri and Kuutsville. Texas, on charges of burglary and robbery. he ate e n De - __ His 'desire to live to be 90 years of age was unfilled when Edward paitment. after having been appointed commissioner Sunday by Governor-Elect Homer Adkins. it will be just another job to this 52---- —-»--- ---- -. ...». vv ^ j «*•.) v imv/vllVtfl JVJU \,\J vl Li. - J° J1 »son. of Cooler, died early j year-old man who alreadv is ' en- morning. He would have ' gaged in directing operations of 1046 1040 1040 1040 1050 celebrated that birthday May 25. j businesses totaling several million Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., Jan. 13. (UP)—Hogs: 17,000—16.000 salable Top, 8.00 170-230 Ibs., 7.90-8.00 140-160 Ibs., 7.00-7.60 Bulk sows. 6.40-7.00 ' Cattle: 4,650—4.500 salable. Steers. 9.50-10.75 Slaughter steers, 7.00-14.00 Butcher yearlings, 8.00-11,25 Slaughter heifers, 6.75-12.50 Beef cows, 5.50^6.75 CuUtis »n4 tawUutters* 4,35-6,35 In very good health despite his dollars. age. he was stricken suddenly ill last Sunday. Funeral rites were held this afternoon at the Cooler Methodist church with burial in Number Eight Cemetery. Born in Evansville, Ind.. Mr. Johnson lived there until 26 years ago when he moved to Cooter. His only vocation was farming, which he had followed throughout most of ,his life. He is survived by two sons, E. E. Johnson, with whom he made his home, and c. O. Johnson of Evans- He controls affairs of the trust estate known as Lee Wilson and Company, which owns 0 ^ a million dollars, highway department business. j commissioner bv Gov. Harvey > ^ too, is an extensive planter} This term it will have the job of j nell—a position he held for four or oven death. snid. in his own name. He has held these most, responsible positions since R. E. Lee Wilson, called the world's largest individual farmer, died in 1933. Prior to that time 'he had been actively connected with the late Mr. Wilson j administering an expanded high- j years. way system with more funds avail-; Announcement of this appoint- i thn"niiddi^ '7 able for construction if udminis-! ment Is the second honorary posi- j tration plans to refund the state's j lion to come to Mississippi County j Both Potts and Harris r.scnped Jininry. The womon WR.S lyine in the ditch, imcon- $137.000.000 bonded highway works out satisfactorily. debt j .since Mr. Adkins was nominated I governor. since he went to Wilson Brandon. Miss., in 1912. Other members appointed were: j Cecil Shane, of Blytheville. was' trow j Lawrence Sloan of Strawberry, j chairman of the Democratic Cen- farmer; -R. D. Bogart of Prairie Ural Committee in its meetings fol- _ _ - | ----- — ., ... «. , W^M»W >-•• •.«v.-«-v|k.<.t«| X^WllAAIAlblrViV 411 * VO H»Vt-VI.J Iff. Mr. cram and R. E. Lee 'Roy>j Grove, retired capitalist and farm- j lowing the August primary. tensive addition to owning 50,000 acres of rich and numerous gins, compresses, dehydrating plants, canning factories and cotton seed mills not included in ^the towns' businesses of banks, stores and other financial concerns. ..,.,' Also one of the two trustees of the estate of the late R. E. Lee Wilson, lie assists in dtrection of and Mr - Cmin dustriali ' st: Donald Barger of - itheville are hoping to be appoint- P mnwii ' banker: M " U Sigmbn ofjed to remunerative 'positions. «1- of the late Mr. Wilson. i Monticello, lumberman, and Sam though no announcement has yet v towns of Wilson, Evadale, ( j. Wilson of Montrose, farmer. been made. Three Victoria, Marie and Armorel are owned by the, trust estate and extensive interests are also located, at Keiser and Bassett. The position of State Highway Commissioner, while an honorary one, is considered one of the most important offices in the stat« government. because the coinmis- are publicly Mississippi County has been hon-1 known to be seeking the job of dis- ored by having had three State Highway .Commissionevs since 1926. Dwight H. . Blackwood, then of Blytheville, was elected to the office that year and reelected in 1928. In 1930, when the elected office was abolished and an appointive commission created, J. Lan Wil- trlct revenue agent, held by R; B. Another Blytheville resident who has held a responsible position under Gbv. Carl E. Bailey is Mrs. Bess Proctor, who is connected with the State' Department of Labor. '• ' ' • ' •-.. ,• , ; .. ',;•.. „, ,. en police an>lveri at German Raid Repulsed LONDON. Jan. 13 (TJP)~High fighter patrol planes and anti-air- W?st Plains Man Leaves Fortune To The Red Dross WEST PLAINS. Mo., Jan. 13.— Most 01' the large estate of Joseph J. Freeman, eccentric bachelor chain store operator who died here last Monday, will go to the Red Cross for use in Missouri and Ark- iansas. a probate of the will re- |vealed today. i Freeman, aged 75. left a Jong (list of minor requests that included ' gifts of -$1.000 each to managers of his stoics which recently were craft gun gatteries held back many closef l at Paragould. Walnut Ridsre. German bombers during what ap- Jonesboro,. Conway, Russellvilte parentlv was intended to be an unusually heavy attack on London during the night. (Ark.), and Missouri towns of Warrensburg, Poplar Bluff and West Plains. The German raid fizzled out after I It was estimated that the Red three and a half hours. Consider- , Cross wouM benefit by approxini- able damage was done, but the roar ately $150.000 of the $250,000 estat$. of British fighter planes and .'the ( The former Paragould store mah- biu-sting of gunfire on the out- ager Is Frank Wood,'Another Para- skirts indicated, that most of the gould beneficiary, Mrs. Robert Mil- German planes were headed off. ler, was given $200.,

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