The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1937
Page 7
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1C, 1937 BIATIIEVILLE, (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS This']] Keep Spirits Up GIFT ILL GEI Delicious Touches On Holiday Menu Aid To Kn- joymcut BY MRS, OAYNOK MAUDOX NEA Service Stall' Wilier Children rather than dinner arc tilt big iievys on Christinas Dtiy. However, a few dellcntc touches on the menu won't hint the youngsters' feelings and will add 'to Ihe irrncpfiil nili/ll pleasures o! (lie any. Here lire three small suggestions thul bring large satisfaction. j .Shrimp Paste (makes enough canapes for );>) One-half pound butter. 1 Ib. cooked or cnnned shrimp, sail, Worcestershire KIIKX-. celery s;il(, cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon Ecriiped opion, 1 drop garlic juice. Cream butter iinlil nniry. Cirincl shrimp very fine anil do no(, its usual, remove the dark veins. Add all the other ingredients. A drop or so ol' heavy cream can be .smoothed In if needed to make the right consistency for molding. Pack tightly into a bowl, pressing down to make sure the paste is firm. Then chill In refrigerator for 8 hours. Slice thin an<l serve on .smnll oblong crackers as an appetizer before dinner. Brazil Nut Turkey Stuflin^ (for a 10 pound turkey) Two onions, l-'l cup melted butler or oth»r shortening, 2 cups sliced Brazil nuts, salt, pepper, sage ami herbs, such as paisley or celery leaves, 8 cups soft bread crumbs. Mince onions and cook in butter for 2 minutes. Mi>: Brazil nuts and seasoning with bread crumbs ,in;l then stir in Ihe onion butter. Cook another 2 minutes, stirring all the time. Add a Hide hot water if more moist dressing is wanted. Cranberry Apple Slices (serves 8) One cup raw cranberries. 1 1-2 cups brown sugar. 1 teaspoon vinegar, 1 stick cinnamon, 4 whole cloves. 3-4 cup water, 4 firm apples with red skins. Core apples but do not peel, cut in 3-4 inch slices. Combine sugar and water in saucepan. Add cloves and cinnamon stick. Bring to boil slowly. Remove cloves and cinnamon. Place auple slices in this syrup, simmer for 4 minutes, (hen remove apples to large deep disii. : Boil syrup until very thick, then' add cranberries, lower heat, and simmer until cranberries begin to pop. At once remove saucepan from heat. Pile tliese syrupy cranberries I in the center of the apple rinijs. liny your rich plum pudding from your baker or grocer aud sew u xirainir... hot with a hcjiiu-inude brandy s; uice or els,.- a ' special Ciilstmas hard .sauce, if you like to keep Christmas traditions. [IISIIY IDE Confection That Made New Orleans Famous Is A Tasty Bit BY BETTY Pi-alines arc as closely associated will) New Orleans as Baked scans are with Boston. Except that you might visit Boston ami forget to cat Bilked Beans. But you'd never come away from New Orleans without having sampled some of these famous confections. There's an enticingly large variety of them— coconut filled white mid pink wafers of a particular daintiness and rte- Jidousness. while almond wafers, creamy white pectin wafers, and the delicious brown su<;ar pecan- tilled wafers. It's this last variety thai we've been able to imitate in n wafer-like cooky that's almost a confection. For like the famous New Orleans wafers, they contain very little more than the brown sugar ami nuts. In fact the word "praline" really means "sugared' 1 in French—and originally was applied to sugared nuts- in no way related to (lie delicious Creole dainties of New Orleans. The word figures In very old French rook books, too. And one tradition is that in Prance some centuries ago Ihe Pralfoie was a species of drawee which derived its name from the Marectml cle Plessin-Pralin. who was very fond of almonds, and whose butler advised him one day to have them coalcrt with sugar to avoid indigestion. It's iiilerostinj to remember these things while you're enjoying the famous descendants of the Marechal's famous sugared almonds. These are pnrtiflnd waters —delightful tor toppinz off an afternoon tea or Kaffec Klatsch. They'll add ii new and interesting note to a tray of Clirislmns cookies. Best of all. they are easy to make. Here is the recipe— Praline Cookies 3 tbsp. buller 1 cup brown sugar 1 Pgg 1 Isp. vanilla 1 cup pecans, lightly toasted nml broken into large pieces 2 tbsp. all-purpose flour Melt butter and blend in the sugar. Add the well beaten egg. Blend in vanilla, nnts and flour. Drop only 1-2 tsp. of mixture for each cooky from tip of spoon onto n well greased, very heavy cooky sheet (or double pan). Drop them 4 or 5 Inches apart ns they spread greatly; in the baking. Bake 10 minutes In a moderate oven, 350 degrees F. Allow to cool for 5 minutes before removing from pan, use vide spatula and. loosen around. Mince Meat Pic Recipe For Noted Restaurant Chef JtV jritS. GAVNOR M.ADDOX MCA Service Staff Writer Here's ;i recipe in the true Christmas spirit. The chef of a famous ri' noted for its mince meat pies, gave it to m e even though he wants to sell nil the pies he can. Mince Meal 1'ie One chopped apple, 1-2 cm) seeded raisins, chopped. 1-2 cup cm-rams. 1-4 cup butter, 1 table- .spoo;i molasses. 1 tablespoon boiled elder. 1 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon cinnamon. 1-3 teaspoon powdered cloves, [-'2 nutmeg, grated, 1 teaspoon salt.. 1 cup chopped cooked meat. 1-4 cup brandy, stock or canned consomme to moisten. Mix nil ingredients except the meat, and simmer an hour. Arid meat and cook 15 minutes. .'. ,., Prepare a tender pie crust, Ks follows: One and one-half cups pastry flour, l-'2 teaspoon salt. 1-2 cull lard or other shortening, ice water. Mix sill with flour. Reserve 2 tablespoons lard. With linger tips, case knife or pastry mixer, blend rest of lard with Hour, then moisten dough with ice water. Place on Homed board. Pat lightly. Roll out. again rolling gently. Line a pie plate will: 1-2 of (lie pie trust, rolled to 1-8 incli thickness. Pill with mince meal, llieu fold other half of the pie crust, also foiled lo 1-8 inch thickness, over the top of pie. Press edges together with fork dipped in water. Then trim edges. Prink top crust u'ilb fork to permit escape ol .steam, j Brush lightly with milk or CBE I white if glaze Is desired. | If you buy your plum pudding J ready to heat, as so ninny wise housewives do these clays, you may want a brandy sauce lo serve with it. Brandy Sauce (For 10 portions plum pudding) One and throe-nuarte]- cups granulated sugar, l-H cua lemon f juice, a cups boiling water, 1-4 cup , Ooui 1-4 cup buller. pinch .suit. 6 tablespoons brandy. Mix sugar, flour nml Mill lordlier. Rub in butler. Mix well with lemon : juice and boiling water. Put on i itove and boil for 3 minutes. Re- j move and add brandy. j After all. despite the traditions | of plum pudding and mince pie. | there's lot to be said in favor of vanilla ice cream and hot black :herries for Christmas gala diu- | tier. Called Cherries Jubilee, this remarkable rccijic is his Christmas gift to us hungry lesser mortals from the world-famous chef of a New York hotel. Cherrie Jubilee is made .with fresh black cherries, but jumbo canned black cherries can be used with delicious result, 1 ;, loo. Tim) the cherries into a chafing dish with a very little finely crushed tapioca <o thicken the syrup and still leave it clear and colorful. Just before serving, add 2 or more tnblospoons of the sherry. Then comes the dramatic moment. Pony this regal concoction over slices of rich vanilla ice cream placed iu shallow bowls of clear gloss. Serve at once. How do you make hurd sauce? Thai's a d-iily Christmas question and the answer is in the same spirit. Christinas Hard Sauce One-half eu|> butter, 1 cup brown sugar, 3 tablespoons brandy. Cream butter and sugar until as smooth us (hick cream. Add brandy, bit by bit. Do not under liny circumstances ndd all the brandy at once. Serve In large spoonfuls nlop each hot serving of flaming plum pudding. Chicken And Nut ' Croquettes Melt 4 tablespoons of bntler •mil blend in 5 (ablcspoons Hour; idd I cup milk gradually; cook over low h«H. stirring constnntly until mixture Is thickened and inooth. Add 1-2 teaspoon salt, dash of pepper, 1 beaten egg yolk, and 1-2 teaspoon lemon juice' •lowly. Stir, in 1 t-2 dips chop' |)«l chicken meal nnd 1-2 cup keii irnlmit mente and mix welt. Reason to taste and cool. Then shape into croquettes, roll bread crumbs, then in egg and again in crumbs, nnd fry ia deep lot mtiitoln, (37S degrees P.) until delicately browned. U-1 croquettes. Luscious Ham Apples '.'. I-a cups diced Irani :i teaspoons prepared mustard 3 leus|Kions graled onion 1-3 cup chopped green pepper fi large apples 'i lablesoons butter Mix finely diced hum with inus- anl. onion line) green pepper. Hollow out inside of large Baldwin or Northern Spy apples and nil with ham mixture and brush top with biiller. Place in « buttered casserole. Cover and bake in moderate oven (350 degrees p.) for one hour "''until apples are tender. In spite of the wide spread of Us front legs, Hie English bulldog passes- Us hind legs outside of the front legs when running. Head Courier News \VniiL Ads. edges of each cooky before attempting to lift them from pan. This will prevent breaking them. Place on wire cake cooler to become crisp. Do not stack tliem together and do not keep these cookies in a tightly covered container. Amount: 2 1-2 dozen flat praline-like cookies. l''iils every linking frying need. SPECIALS Fridiiy-Saturdiiy- Kundav KUlKiK-PKCAN I.AYKK, each . RASPHERRY ROU.S, J)oz. .. FRUIT TWIST Do/ ir 16 Large KARO-PK- It 1C CAN PIES, e;ich . . **t FRUIT DROP COOKIES, Doz. ... I.<H us make your Christmas Cakes, 1'ics and lulls. I'lioiie IIU. Monday, December 20tb is the lasl day lo Ret your free [mil c.i lies. BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO, Piionc lin PAGE SEVEN: SIMMONS INNER - SPRING MATTRESS and the Choice of Discriminating Women Everywhere Make it a Beauty rest Christmas and Rest in Peace Simmons Ace Spring $1(175 Here's whaf (hey |>uy for il in other litnd.s—I'arls 127f> francs, Tokyo M5 Yen,,'Calcutta 120 Rupees, London 8.O.O, .ShaitKhaj §125.01) Chinese Dollars, Singapore SS $85.00, Huenos Aires Pesos Arg. $150.00. No mnflcr where you K<> you'll find this f«- inoiis mattress. People everywhere, know and demand Hcauly- rest biH'iiusc of its' luxurious sleeping (|ii;ilitir.s. J,ila> 2,500,0011 American families, they know i|' N Ihe world's lies! (H'csuriplion for :i Kood tiigiil'H slcr-p. Bemiiyrost Floating Action. 8M tinv toils in separate pockets— itislantly themselves to the. shape of your body. No matter what you wetgli, no matter wlml your slcepim* position vo'u hiivo deep, refrcshiiiK com for I. / . ' • " MO "i!' h |» ft ?"'? y 'i!'. C " 11 hlly "'* f """" ls lk ' illlt >' v «st anvtimc for ».W.5I). Kut fur Ins week only, we offer il to you on terms that art- really lilicivil. This makes it possible for you to have the JvorWH fln est Duress. , my f ()r „ hl nm((U[l( > £'^Vu'l, nr l)y mm thorn, ,md enjoy real sleet) luxury for vears ' Hut Ursl romo in, see Ihe Mcautyrosl, nml ] m | B<! fl j r jo For the Living Room - Simmons Studio Couches Slumber Kiny Princess Attractive pillow cniiibtiutlion. contrast- <r>/%^»rn^ 'mg welt. Uounded corners. Simmons in- IbvDbU iKT-.Mirinir mattress. Opens lo donhle or (wiii beds. $ 39 5 Omifmlable arms. Bark In support riil- lows. Opens li> ilouljlr »r lulu licjls Inner-spring; mattress, wide selection of altr.K'tivo colors. 50 Pull Rosy Famous llrantynrst slylr nii ( ] construe- * linn. 11 us two inurr-spi ing mattresses. |9 Choice of !hu> (|U;ilil>; covers in all c«l- OJJPIJS lo (JoiibJt; or tivin lie Is-. Beautyrest 75 59 Tiltaway $CQ75 \ slight pull en back rail opens tt. Two imrr-spiing ...stirc-^s. Ann rrsls anil Kirlr. OfM'iis to (touhlc or twin l>ods. ,o«cr scrii'tn rises automatically to cored sleeping height. Your rhoirc -^»r mart new covrrs. ^ W-AUTVKKST Pull Kasij Fronl tiUs up and inner section slidc.s to front lo make tied, Ai*m rest 1 and Ijurk, Inurr-slii'ing waitress,, Opi'ns 1" iJtliitlc or (H'in l>r(Js. Has sjiaoioiis Itwl- (liiic liov. rn 3U HUBBARO FURNIT HcniiljTost sljle ami comfort combined »Hli famous I'ull Easy fen lures. Has 2 Rcmiine Henulyrcsl inatresscs. Back to Mipppit liillons at eonitoriable posture. Ann rejls. Rounded corners. Mortem cnrvcd feet. A selection of lovely car- ers. Opens lo Iwiu beds or a double.

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