The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1943
Page 6
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FACE SIX BLYTHBVILIJS, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL G, '19<13 BETTER HOMES Grow Your Own Herbs This Year It's "Vegetables .for Vitality, for Victory" this year, of course. But don't overlook the importance of Variety. And don't forget that~if we may use Cockney dialect to make, our point ,— 'erbs 'elp lo h'overcome 'utndrum monotony h'in the kitchen. GUI' ploiieer forebears had a high respect for them and carried seeds or plants to their new homes in far places. Now, when we are relearning (with real benefit) many old-fashioned, time-tried ways of living, home gardeners should Include some herbs in their plantings, no matter how smnll or larse. Even one plant will yield a worthwhile crop of leaves or sprigs, a few at a time; n dozen will generously serve a family and provide a dried .surplus for making gifts that will be gleefully welcomed. Herli grotying has real advantages. Sub-average ferlile soil is actually boiler limn rich ground. Seeds of some kinds start slowly, but established plants need little care and less moisture than most vegetables. In general they like, lots of sunlight. Using little space,! they can be grown right by the door at the window. If it isn't convenient to grow your own you can buy a few plants or clumps and set them out. Most herbs arc deco- ,rative as well as useful; since they are used a bit, at,a time, a window box planting or a row edging a garden bed or border can supply your culinary needs while helping to beautify your surroundings. -The most important factor in using herbs .is restraint, a delicate touch. Whether you are. using one kind or a. mixture, add it to a dish or a drink as cautiously as you would - add a strong color in inaking a delicate paint shade. Individual tastes differ, so don't worry if your most satisfying results disagree with other folks' recipes. Herb cookery is largely experimentation -—gastronomic gambling, you might say, but with nothing to lose and the odds all in your favor. —from American Home Caliinets and New Sink Cost Home Only $4 LITTLE HOCK, April G.—For Si a new kitchen . sink and cabinets were .installed 'in thVhbme ol-Mr.- and Mrs. Tyrol Ponder, New'. Hope, according to Mrs. Myrtle Watson, Union County home demonstration agent. Doing all the work, the Ponders paid S3 for a used porcelain sink ,and 51 for locks and handles for ' the cabinets. They used lumber, glass, pipes and paint already on hand. Tile cabinets arc painted white and the drawers are lined with 1 wallpaper. There are double doors under the sink, enclosing shelves for. cooking utensils; two bins for flour and meal; three drawers for silverware and towels, and two upper cabinets with glass doors for dishes and glassware. Waste water from the sink is piped into the garden. Many Tools Familiar Housecleaning Will Be Scarce This Year Srnice If you never gave your house tx good olcl-fitsliloncd, celtnr-to-nttlc spring cleaning before, this Is tlio to do It. Overhauling evcry- plicil. Rubber sponges cim no longer lie muds. 13iil those rcctiuiijiilnr, Swirs-chccso-llke rayon sponges slill nre being produced find ;irc very efficient. Von can also get JIaii Sach Drops From Sky ALTOONA, Pa. (U.P.)—Walter E. Piper had heard of air mail service but he was overwhelmed when a pouch of mail dropped out of the sky Into bis backyard in the early morning. Piper learned later tlm't fasteners on a nair mull pickup plane accidentally loosened and rc- • leased the sack. Dees "Hit 1 ' a< 93 AUBURN, N. Y. (U.P.)—Former Coyuga County Judge Hull Greenfield, at, 93, is doing his bit in the •war effort on the home front, Despite the fact he is probably one of '.he nation's oldest practicing at- onevs. he walks daily lo and from Us office. in the house will help "Mnke .clminois skins for window washing "'' ' "" ' '-•" If yon Imvc eoocl quality cleaning brushes (01, trcnt them gently, 'llicy'rc probably mnde of Chinese hoe bristles which can't be obtained now. Brushes made now lire of horsehair, which is less satisfactory. Scrub brushes arc not affected, as importation nt the Mexican vegetable fiber used for their bristles still continues. Vacuum cleuncrs (7) are, of course, out for the duration. dealers nitty have a pre-war cleaner or two on hand and yon have n fnir chance of getling a reconditioned second-hand one. If j-ou don't have a vnc or a carpet, sweeper, you'll have to go back to the broom. And one more thing yon needn't worry about is a mop (8). There are plenty, bul even It there weren't, you could easily make one from in slick and some otd rugs or "light rojie. Em Last," and you're going to linve o make more and more things last for ihe duration. Also think of tin.- icrap you'll probably uncover! Because our lighters »re using a lot of "clcnntng" material to sweep ;he sens of cnsmy subs and mop up the axis generally, you'll find ipring cleaning a bit different Ibis year. The chart shown here pictures some of the- familiar cleaning tools you cim have, can't have or svlll find scarce. Dust pans (I) for instance. No metal can be spared for them. If yon haveii'l got one, tliougli, you can get pnportionrd or molded fiber ones. A wooden scrub bucket (2) like your pioneer grandma's nmy have o clo you i! you'.don'l have a mclai one; Tnkc precious good care of vein- galvanized pails, wash tubs ind oilier containers. Wend them vhen they spring leaks. Because vhen your hardware dealer's prcs- tit. slock (If any) Is exhausted It. will be tough to «et more. You'll get n break on soap (3) for hcre'll bo plenty of all kinds. Don't nuke your own. Turn In Ihe hat it would take for use in mak- ng essential war goods—sx Carrif/ans Purchase lien Lincoln House Mr. and Mrs. C. W. GtirrJgnn hiivc |nirclms!(l Hie residence n(. 000 Chlckusnwbn from' Mr. and Mrs. Den II. Lincoln, who erected' tile house when they lived there a umber of years ago. The rive-room house Is of modern plan wlih a living room having a Ilreplace and bnllt-ln shelves, a huge dining room wilh window scat, :i built-in break/list nlcovc built-in fen lures In the large 'kilch- oii, smnll screened rear porch, two bedrooms and bath, all or which oj)en Into a smnll Ij.-ill also lending lo Hi? dining room. The houss Is phislcred, hns oak floor.s and several closets. 'Hie lot is a corner one with servant quarters and garage on the rear. Mr. and Mrs. Sam ir. Williams who rent the house, will continue lo live there for the present but later iho Cjairl>>nns ami daughter Clay, plan to make their home thcro' Rend Courier News Want Ads. I.ntluce liy Air— Postwar WATSONVIL-LB. Gill. (U.P.) — With the release of thousands of airplanes after Ilie \m; California vegetable and fruit growers plan to handle all their product* by nir lo the Eastern markets. Growers in . . the nation's "lettuce bowl" here or instance. Mosl water softening stale that lettuce picked one day igents arc' plentiful, except house- will be on the table of New York icld niiiinonia. .of which very little available for purposes. Steel wool (4) is out for civilian .ise, but, there's no shortage of elbow grease, which, with scaurlng powder, will rto the trick. Sponges io) ore scarce. Even in peacetime the supply of natural marine sponges never filled (lie demand, Now the demand is multi- there Is cleaning consumers the next day. Rend Courier News Want Ada. RE-ROOF NOW It is more vital now than ever before There's no reason loday to hold back on necessary re-roofing. Jn face, there is every reason to have all your necessary repair \vork done now—while high cjuah'ty material! arc still available. \Vc have in stock adequate supplies of nationally.known Certain, teed Thick-Butt Shingles. They're made to give you outsianding value —are fire-resisting—and will give your home adequate roof protcc- lion for years, to come. Come in and ask us for a free esilmatc on a new Certain-teed roof expertly applied. See samples. •< E.C. LUMBER GO. 319 W. Ash THICK-BUTT SHINGLES IS THE LUMBE Growing Your Own Vegetables Isn't Like Pulling f Rabbits Out. Of A U ( ,t reits . >' ou Sl " ni1 ' 1 J5" 1 B°»«l » <r cr 'y "»<1 ->•'»"- ft'larc. B«y I/- S. TTor Bonrf, nll ,i Stamp,. * BLTTHEVIILE WATER CO. "Water Is Your- Cheapest Commodity" Bernard Allen, Manager * ' I HflKl JUST ONE COAT LUUIl! COVERS OLD WALLPAPER PLASTER, WALLBOARD, BRICK, ETC. • This nmnzing new type of wall painl oflbis you three big savings: 1. SftVETfflE. Think of it-you now redecorate a room in 3 hour« 1\vo hours to apply Pittsburgh Tcchidc-and only one hour for it to dry! 2. SAVE MESS. No need to scrape off shabby old[paper. Tcchide gives a smooth, light-diffusing surface over wallpaper, plaster, etc, 3. SftVf MONEV -because one coat of Pittsburgh Tcchide is usually sufficient ... and one gallon of Techide is enough for the average room. Oil sale at A ('ouinlele Stock Of PITTSBURGH PAINTS An oc<otional waiMng wilS ioap and woler roilorcs ci "new look" lo Tcthid« walls. On* gallon of Piltibur^li Tc(h;do mak«l Hi gallont of painl by odding waTer. MADE IN I COLORS AMD WHITE HUB BARD HARDWARE CO. nj>s on j And Caring For Linens. Blankets TII'.S ON PACKJNCi-18 .. JJ Hack a steamer trunk with -ill your linens and blankets. It's com- Uaul., cusy to ship. Have your name or Initials stenciled on ijolli ends of the mmk for nulck and simple identification. Make your trunk a linen closet u-Ji you .reach your journey's end and finU^ill too little /storage space. Use liny for small things bottom for largo, ruck trunk neatly nuclei- bed to savo space. Wash blankets tenderly, iislng warm water, mild soap. Hlnse in »t least three waters. Don't scrub A nail brush may be used to clean soiled binding. Shake blankets often as they arc drying (a fluff up the nap Your colored linens and towels should also liana in the shade, but white linens benefit from bleach- inj; effect of sun, Fold BhecUi in thirds Instead of quarters from lime to time, or in- sLst that (he laundry do BO, to avoid the center crease at point of greatest wear. The same holds trite for pillowcases. Rough-dry bath (oti-cls and wash cloths, then "fluff" them by thorough shaking, bo!)) for looks and because they arc more absorbent when so treated. Never iron blankets, it mats down the precious nap; makes them less warm. Only the binding should be pressed and for it use n warm, not hot> iron. Squeeze water out gently and aiif In IJie shade to drip dry Never wring out. Use no clothes pins and hang blankels crosswise on line ns shown. Paste an inventory of its contents inside the trunk's lid. You'll find it helpi'ul when you pack. and move again, Rend Courier News want ads. Fanners Roofing Their Own liecausc of the manpower shortage, especially In Isolated rural ureas, many farmers faced with the need for new roofs arc now re-roofing their own nomcs and production buildings. Asphalt roofing materials are fretienlly used lo re-cover worn-out roofs because of their flrc-resislnnce, economy and the case with which they can be applied right over the old roof. Complete Instructions for doing a safe and effective job are included with all makes of asphalt roof- Ing. Easiest for the amateur roofer to apply arc strip shingles and roll roofing. The strip shingles not victual .shingles but require fewer only involve less labor thnri hull- nails as they arc notched to give the appearance of two or more shingles on one strip. house up lo per ii well polnled. II y ou J an -i I •.ure 01 ihoolin', ihe wecther will do tome damage. Point'! up— wilh Dukh Boy Pui 1 While lead Painl/ ' F ASK AJOUI IHE 5HCIA1 FJUMII fOlt l»'<OAf! t 1801 LUMBER CO. West Main (Mi. .('15 DELTA LUMBER CO. > Blythcville's Only Home Owned Lumber Company vi) t AT C'^^^IH,^ ._, i Phone 497 { roll H over HO MUSS! THIN wmi WATER! NO FUSS! COVLRS WALLPAPER! NO BOTHER f WASHES EASILY! ONE COAT COVERS WAUPAPER.poinlcd walls, wallboard, bajemcnl wolli. APPIIES EAS11Y wilh a wide bruih or Nvilli Ib* Kern-Tone Rolfer- Koater. DRIES IN ONE HOUR. ONE GALLON DOES THE AVERAGE ROOM. JUST ROLL IT ON WITH THE NEW Kern-Tone ROllER- KOATER 'f America's 7 ;! ! Favorite * House Paint V/tORE homes ore painted ATi w ,t|, Shcnvin -Williams SWP with any other brand pf pnmt: Why? Simply because in SWP House Paint beauty, protection and cconomyxoinbinc to give you the most in real, honcst- lo-goodncss paint for ivcry cent you spend A 15 per gallon. Ask us for a J'. free color card. ' KJal. SHERWIN-WILLIANIS HOUSE PAINT I Three-Purpose Varnish j For (1) furniture (2) woorhvorfc (3) floors. Beautifies and protects, resists chippmg, schilling. ' Clear 4 in ,»sios s I-; 1 iinishl *Q(. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS MAR-NOT Quick-Drying Enamel For furniture; woodwork, walls, toys. Enameloid covers solid with Dries' in 4 hours. ]>( ENAMELOID TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO. Your Complete Hardware Store 126 W. Main Phone 515 SHEKWIH- WILLIAMS PAINTS SURFACES One Coat Next to the Weather True'sW% PORE Covers Perfectly Year 'round Protection — Eye-arresiing Beatify— True Economy. Insist on these in painting your home. Use the True-Tagg TWIN-KOTE SYSTEM: • ONE COAT NEXT TO THE WOOD— True's Exterior Primer seals the pores of ihe wood _ insures an even surface — prevents paint failures. • ONE COAT NEXT TO THE WEATHER- True's 100%. Pure Paint is the perfect finish coat. A hard, glistening surface resistant to Sun, Wind, Rain and Frost. Used by Southern home owners for nearly 50 years. Two coats clo the wort of three — aflow us to -figure your home for this "Protection Plus" service. Paint Up Now! Whi!e best grades of materials and good painters ar e still available. ' THESE MATERIALS ARE ENDORESD BY BLYTHEVILLE'S BEST PAINTERS AND CONTRACTORS BUY NOW! Specials For One Week TRUE TAGG - - I0() r ;; Oiilsicle ft. 15 While — In 5 Gal. Cans .................. $ ri c v g- A i. FLOOR ENAMEL - - AH Colors ft.3() For inside or Oufside ................... w p er <r;i!. SEMI-GLOSS - - Finish For «.;;<) Walls anci Woodwork .................... W per (,'al. Enamels— Flat Paint— Varnishes of all kinds. For Those Outhouses and Sarages White Creosolc I'ainl .............. ____ 2.25 per sal. i\1«ra! Tone Casein Paint .............. 2.^5 ; )C r gal: Do yon have to be drafted into having your home repaired to give Us best services these war days? A fresh face of wallpaper will gs a long way in preserving your home's youth. . . There may come n time when we will not have such a complete selection. Nun- is thr time to put a new dress on yciir trulls. Kctler grades of pappcr in nasM shades and colors. Stripes, florals and Colonial designs. Trices you ran afford lo pay. 10c Per Single Roll And Up Wyfhevilic's Only Exclusive Painl & \Yail|in|>er Store ARKANSAS Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Co. 105 E. Main Ph. 2272

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