Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 12, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 12, 1897
Page 21
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John Gray's .. .Corner on Plain and... Fancy Dress Goods In all the fashionable shades aod weaves, Including all Covort and Granllt Cloths. Something new In Sllki for waists in Roman Stripes and Checks. New Ribbons and Gloves. Come in and look through this stock. ME I TCI Tender JUtAlJi and Juicy! Enough to Tempt a Vegetarian. Win. Howe, Cor. Broadway and Fifth Sts. Phone 247. G/W. Campbell Has removed his Second Hand Store to 212 SIXTH STREET Next to Moynlhan's, And wishes to inform the public that he is still in the business, Stove Repairing a Specialty. W.J. Barnett, suoc.«orto<xi,woii. Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. 417 Marketstreet Calls attendee 1 day or nl£t The finest outfit In the D.b. LOI. ^. *<. The nest out •will remain with me E. H. GRACE, D- D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market Street. New Aluminlte Rubber Plates. gANLEV^jHANAHAN. Buys and Sells Second Hand Goods. Give u§ a cal".. 209 6th street INSURANCE Of all Kinds Written by GEO. GONSER, DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Comer of Fourth iind BTOfcdwy ^ Now iTYour Chanced You cun buy you a home or pay off yiur »ortOT*e by sendliiK M.M.Gordon a buyer £?Heaf!«i«e. Who will divide the oom- MUslonwlthJO-J, M. M. Gordon, Old Phone office 306, residence 1S9. When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GOTO- F H. Wipperman, KM Fourth Street Opp. Court Hou«e Entrance. DR. C. D. EVJSRSOLE'S DEDTAL PALLORS Over Porter'! New Dru? Store, Corner of j Fourth and Market Streets. New Undertakers. — — ——• - -s, 303 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. Call? promptly attended to, day or night. Mr. KlUUn was for many years foreman for Charles 1. Woll. Telephone 381 McConneU&McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. • DAILY PHAROS TUESDAY, OCT. 12, 1397. OITY JSLRWS Walden sells John Kelly shoes. Attorney Boeder Is at Delphi on legal business. HIM Emma Daggett has gone to Marlon on a visit. Judge Chase will rule on the Mc- Gilfl will **** tomorrow morning. Frank MoGraw, the retail liquor awtler, who was burned out, will vnet a butloes* house on his lot near the south end ol the Clcottstrest bridge and open a saloon therein. CHICAGO K1RKKTS OalJy by W. W. MUner, »t 6. A. K. Building. Chicago, Oct. 12, 1897 . Wheat—Dec., opened. 90{@90fc; high, 90£c; low, 89fc; closed at 90J . Wheat— For May, open, S9|@90c; high, 90Jc: low, 88ic; closed, 89@ . Corn— For Dec., opened, 28i@28Jc; high, 28Jc; low, 27Jc; closed, at Oats— Dec., opened, 19}c - - 19Jc;iow, ISJc; closed, 19c. Rye—Bee, opened, 47c; blgh, 47c;low, 46 Jc; closed, 46Jc bid. Pork— For Dec. opened, •". 32; high f 7 . 82; low, $752; closed, $7.60. Lard— For Dec... opened, 14.30; high, $4.30; low, $4.20; closed, 14 22. Klbs— For Dec., opened, 14.52: higb, »4 52; low, 14.40; closed at $4.40. Hogs today, 14,000; left over, 2, 000. Estimated receipts lor tomorrow, 30,000. Market opened 5c higher, closed active. Mixed, $3.75@*4 10; heavy, «3.50 @4 12; rough, '*3.50@»3.65; light, $3.75@4.12. Cattle— Receipts 5,500; sheep, 9,000. Dec. wheat— Curb, 90}cputs,S9Hc; calls, 91Hc. Kicked by a Horse. Last evening while "Rdward Dolan, the 17-year-old son of Patrick Dolan, of 1301 Spear street, was walking through the alley east from C. J. Hildebrant's cigar factory on Twelfth street, he approached a horse hitched therein without speaking to the animal, and it kicked him in the pit of the stomach with both feet. He was taken home In a buggy by Wm. Gall, and Dr. Hetherington, the attending physician, says he is in no danger, unless in lamination sets in. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Package coffee, 8Jc per ID.— Traut. Fancy Catawba grapes at Foley's. Fifty bushels choice tomatoes 25c bushel — Traut. Fancy cranberries, 61c quart. — M, McCaffrey & Co. Large quinces in ball-bushel baskets, 95c.— Traut. Black sateen petticoats from 50c upwards.— Trade Palace. Buy potatoes, faccy quality of them, 55c— M. McCaffrey & Co. Ask to see our $15 kersey jacket lor $11 tomorrow.— Trade Palace. The "Step- Husband" company went from here to Warsaw tnis morning. The best quality of uncanvassed hams 7:Jc per Ib— M. McCaffrey & Co. See our line of dress goods before to late. Come everybody.— Trade Palace. John C. Kuns, bookkeeper at the City National banlc, has returned from a short visit at Chicago. William Henry has returned from a visit with his nephews, Thomas and John Matthews, at Chicago. Forty society girls will give a minstrel show for the benefit of St. Stephen's church, Oct. 19, at Terre Haute. Owing to the heavy rain last night the attendance at the opera house was very small. "Our Step-Husband" is a fairly good comedy drama. A number of society young men have organized a dancing club tor the winter. Their first hop will take place on Friday night at G. A. R. hall. There Is a freak of nature on exhibition at Dunn Bros.' grocery. It is in the shape of a fully developed ear of corn, to which is attached thirty- seven small but distinct ears of corn , Harry McSheehy left today for Buffalo, N. Y., to attend the national convention of the Brother' hood of St. Andrew. After the con- venclon he will visit Boston and; New York. General relief from the long' drought that has prevailed in the central portion of the country and in parts of the east is shown by the map issued by the government; weather bureau, E. M. Walden and H. J. McSheehy have returned from Maxinkuckee, and Walden Is now circulating the report that he not only caught more fish than McSheehy, but beat the latter at his favorite game of cards . The Logansport Oil and G-as company has arranged for a special train to Peru next Friday. Train will leave Wabash depot at 2 p. m. Fare 50 cents for round trip. Citizens are generally invited to visit the Peru oil fleld. No one dieputes the fact that the Trade Palac* has the finest line ol underwear In the state of Indiana, and bought direct at prices that defy competition. Prices range from 5o a garment to 15, 00 each. Come now before the rush-. A few daj 1 ? ago, at a point north o!' Kokomo, the IS-months-old daughter of E1L Hurley was playing near a stOT«> and pulled a stopper out of a hot water tank, permitting the scalding fluid to fall upon her Tiead and shoulders. The child died later from the Injuries. Tomatoes, 30c bushel.—M. McCaffrey & Co. Culver military academy has 132 cadets this year. Save 25 per cent on fur collars and collarettes.—Trade Palace. Walter B. Lewis and Julia M. Shade have been licensed to wed. Potatoes. 55c per bushel: better buy tomorrow for prices may change. M. McCaffrey & Co. The Peru oil field is larger than at first supposed. A good well has been struck one mile south of those already drilled. Charles Siegmund left today for Toledo, Ohio, to take a position as traveling salesman for a wholesale shoe house. 50 double beaver cloth capes, upper cape trimmed wir.h 4 rows braid and fur, regular $4.98 cape, tomor- 82.98.—Trade Palace. Sam Hefflick has been engaged as bartender at G. W.Kennedy's saloon, on Sycamore street, and will RO to work Monday morning. Wabash county will honor its soldier dead by erecting » memorial building that will be useful and ornamental, costing $21,000 Mrs. M. Tyner. of Clinton township, went to Indianapolis today to take medical treatment. She will be absent two or three weeks. W. B. Sinclair, of Knox, who was nominated for state superintendent of public instruction last year by the Democrats, wants tfc.e nomination again. In Esquire Fender's [court today Albert Berndt and Wallle Hendricks were fined 15 and costs upon the charge of trespass preferred by Wm. Hammond. Jones a Twelfth street shoemaker, got drunk last night, and was committed to jail. He hadn't enough money to settle with the mayor this morning and was sent back to jail. Burglars attempted to force an entr ance tojj Samuel Caw's residence on Bates street, Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. C. were away from home, and two young ladles who are rooming there were badly frightened. The annual tlower show at tbe Masonic temple this year will be held by the ladles of the Eastern Star, instead of the Baptist ladies, as heretofore. The date will probably be the second week in November. The dis- plpy of flowers will be twice or three times larger than last year. The Chicago Bargain store has been delayed in opening at its new location on Market street, next to Ferguson & Jenka, by reason of tbe arrival of new Jail and winter stock and the big job of getting shelving, counters and goods in order. Opening in a'lew days. Wait for It. PERT PERSONAL-S. So Bernhardt Is to play "Hamlet" now. There'll be nothingfac ami scanto' breath about her Prince of Denmark.—Boston Globe. i Will Minister Angeil please let loose B, few pigeons so that an anxious people may know where he ig located?—Cleveland Leader. Bliss Carmen says he never reads the newspapers, perhaps in retaliation because the newspaper men never read his poems. —Exchange. The aged General Longstreet Is married again. Age does not seem to have dulled the old Confederate fighter's love for warfare.—Denver Post. Mr. Eneeland of Missouri is the Star Pointer of the matrimonial turf. Mr. Bates of Chicago is hardly a Patohen to him.—Kansas City Times. Russell Sage recently gave the children of a .New York village a free ride over one of his railways. The cause of the rash act has never been explained.—Exchange. GLEANINGS. Women of every rank go bareheaded in Mexico, There were 300 applications for a single chaplaincy i-Q the United States army recently. The anthor of a boot entitled "How to Get Rich" was imprisoned for debt in the Ludlow Street Jail, Mew York, last week. The latest thing In the way of social entertainment is reported from the Black Hills, where ladies in the first circles provide their guests to 5 o'clock tea with a gold pan and invite them down to the running brook to prospect. At a recent function of this sort one lady took out $1.19 worth of gold, it being a bargain day. The Boydcn premium of tha Franfc'in Institute, Philadelphia, is to be awarded at tbe beginning of nest year. The premium is $1,000, nnd it will be given to "any resident of North America who shall determine by experiment whether all rays of light and other physical rays are or are not transmitted with the same velocity." 5(Tonetarr Commission In Session* Washington, Oct. 12. — The monetary commission reconvened at 10 a. m. yesterday at the Arlington House. Neither the metallic: currency commission nor that of the banking system are likely to meet before- the last of the present we^k- About 100 communicatiocs on the general subject of currency reform have been so far received, and today's meeting was largely taken up in their discussion. Was Arcenic in the C&bibage. Saginaw, Mich., Oct. 12.— The entire family of John Dapper, except Mrg. Dapper. Tvell-known and long-time residents of tha Saginaw valley, are lying very ill from poison, occasioned by eating bofled cabbage. The symptoms are those of «rs*nJo«iJ pcisonlBg-, and It is surmised that It cam* from a substance used to kill worm*, wbi«h -was placed *n the la tht .garden. Our Shoes Fit Like gloves; And they wear Like Iron. We treat our customers Fair and square Because we appreciate Their trade. Our prices are Low— Wonderfully low— And quality is High- Very high— And we want iToiir trade. Elias Winter. GERMAN TAUGHT -AT- HALL'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 'j he great and increasing demand for the German language m business circles has led President Moore to add this branch to the practical bu&ioesE course. We have been loitubate enough to sfcure Mrs, Edith •'otter, ihe pooular and efficient teacher ot German, to take charge ot this line of work. Mrs. Potter has *on an en viable reputation as a teacher or ine natural method and comes to us highly recommended by educators and by score* of pupils lor whom the drudue of the "Gmmmer Method has been changed to a pleasant padtime by the Colby Natural Afethod. Day a nc evening classes Cail at the College office and arrange tor a practical courpe la German. Ball's Business College. Comer Broadway and Sixth St. Second floor. Miserable Lives Made Happy. Ill health brings misery Into our lives and into the lives of others. Continued physical weakness that the family physician cannot drive away brings serious forebodings, depression and gloom. Great numbers of people live out their lives under these hard conditions because the underlying cause of all la beyond the reach of the treatment'knowa to the ordinary practitioner. It tnkes a specialist like Dr. Greene to cope with these despairing cases. Tbis distinguished physician is the most successful and experienced specialist In the world,and consultation and advice can be had, personally or by letter, absolutely free of charge, at the office of Dr. Greene's remedies, 148 State St., Chicago, 111. His discoveries in medicine are truly wonderful. One of them is the world-famed Nervura. They are so nicely adjusted to repair the waste of the system, so potent, in their general Influence, and so permanent in their beneficial effect that no claim seems too broad for them. They will positively cure all ot the diseases which afflict mankind; and the enthusiastic thousands who owe to Dr. Greene their present comfort, and in many cases life itself, are living evidence Of bis unvarying success. COOKERY HINTS. When baking fowls, wrap the wings and legs with thin slices of fat pork to prevent drying. Meat and fowls, may be made more tender if, when they are boiling, a teaspoonful of vinegar be added to the water. Fish, bacon, kidneys, etc., cool very rap- Idly when not served from the side, but gent to the table on a platter. When other than piping hot, they are, too, detestable. A hot water plated disti is therefore roost desirable for their presentation when cooked. SAID OF WOMEN. In''love affairs a young shepherdess is a better partner than an old queen.—J. de Fined. She who spit in my face while I was shall come to kiss my feet when I am no more.—Michael de Montaigne. There will always remain something to be »aid of woman as long as there is one on the earth.—Stanisla de Boufiers. The man flaps about with a bunch of feathers. The woman goes to work softly with a cloth.—Oliver Wandell Holme*, TVcll-Kuown Turfman Demd. Lexington. Ky., June 12.—Byron McClelland, the well-known turfman, died at S:15 o'clock last nisht. Cleveland's baking powder was first made in Peoria, ILL, in 1869. More than twenty- eight years of steady success among intelligent housekeepers. Is it not worth your trial? Guarantee* •roc*n are So fl»; Our Fan and Winter Styka. •It in elegant combinations of color in up-to-date fabrics In pltida, chockt, stripes, tweeds, twills, sargfti are waiting for your Inspection. Skilled workmen are also waiting to fashion them into the b«8t fitting and finely finished suits that would cost you twice as much if landed under the new tariff, Tailor and Draper, Garl W. Keller, 311 Market St THE TATTLER. It Is reported that Denver has the newest -woman np to date in the person of Mrs. Louise Levelle, who aspires to the plaoe of chief of police. The Duchew d'lTzes bus some 14,000,000 bottles of chain pague in her cellars in Paris and as many more in her wine Taults at Rheiins. Mrs. Elizabeth A. Reed of Chicago bag bean elected a member of the Royal Asiatic- society of London in honor of her successful work in Hindoo and Persian literature. A prosperous farmer is Mrs. Adelaide E. Sherry of West Point, lud. She is a young widow and owns and manages a farm of 1,000 acres a few miles north of Baden Baden Spring. Miss Barry of the Women's Trades Union league has Leen nominated by the London trades' council us one of its delegates on the technical education board of the London county council. The Baroness Burdett-Cotitts has the absolute disposal of her property with the exception of her share in Coutts' banking house. This large slice of her fortune will ultimately pass to h^r nephew, Mr. Money. Mine. Maretzek, the widow of Mai Ma- retzek, the famous pianist, who died a few months ago, is threatened with becoming totally blind. She is living at the Maret- zek homestead in Pleasant Plains, N. Y., and is nearly 70 years of age. Miss Stella F. Jenkins, a Kansas City schoolteacher, has been made a minister o:' the Friends' church in that city. Her mother, Mrs. Frances C. Jenkins, has been minister of the QuaEer church for 45 years. Another sister has also occupied a pulpit in Richmond, Ind. Mrs. Hitty Smith and Mrs. Deborah Hall of Bnrnstable, Mass., probably the oldest twin sisters in the country, celebrated the ninety-second anniversary of their birth recently. They enjoy excellent health, and, it is said, look as hale as many people 20 years younger. Miss Dorothea Klumpke, an American astronomer, won a place in the Paris observatory over the .bends of 50 Frenchmen. Miss Klumpke is one of four remarkable sisters—Anna, a portrait painter in Boston; Augusta, n physician in Paris, and Julia, a brilliant pupil of Ysaye. Lutie A. Little, a colored woman of Topeka, has been admitted to practice law in Memphis. She is 23 years of ago and bag received a good education in tJ)C Kansas schools and Inter in the law school in .Nashville, from which she has received a diploma nnd u certificate of good character. Many of the loading members of French society possess it motor car, which they use tor their daily "drive." Among them is the Princess de Saguri, who may be scon every day speeding along the roads which lead from Trouville to Honfleur, Lisieux, Cabourg and the other places on this charming coast. FAMOUS BATTLES. The battle of Saratoga was /ought, Dot Immediately in the town, but on the heights surrounding it. Blenheim, where the Duke of Marlborough won his most brilliant victory, is a village of Bavaria, on the Danube, 20 miles northwest of Augsburg. Worth, where the French and Prussians came into bloody conflict during the last •war, is a small town of Alsace-Lorraine, t«n miles to the southwest of Weissenburg. Salamis, where the Persian power on the §e» was broken by the Greek.fleet, is an inlet between an island of the same name and the mainland of Greece. It is ten miles west of Athens. The great battle of Leuctra, where the Thebans defeated the Spartans, was fought at a village of the same name in central Greece. Kven us early us the age of Strabo, Leuctra had ceased to esisi;, but its outlines have since been distinctly traced. The battle of Chalons-sur-Marne, where Actila and bis Huns were defeated fay .i£tis and Theodoric and the Hungarian conquest of western Europe arrested, is a walled town of Champagne, France, 90 miles east of Paris. The battle was fought on a plain within sight of the city. Cunasa, where Cyrus the younger was defeated by his brother, Artaxerxes, is a village of iiesopmainia, on the river Euphrates, between one and two days' march from Baby Ion. The retreat of the ten thousand began from this battlefield. In point of fact there were not 10,000 Greeks, but only about 7,000. KLONDIKE NUGGETS. There Is less mention of gold in the resent Klondike reports. It is "cold" now. —Springfield Republican. It is noticeable that most of the returned Bondikera are generally long on advice and short on DUggete.—New York Press. One advantage of the Klondike fashion of using beans for poker checks is that the winner gets something to eat—Rochester Democrat. A distressing story comes from the Klondike, that some unprincipled dealer* are gelling wolf meat for the high grade dog mutton". —Denver Post. Science tells a man bow many pound* be eats in the course of a year, bnt the way to realize it is to pack the amount over Ch.ilkat pass.—Arizona Republican. It Is tiarely possible that tome of these tele* of fabulous wealth in Klondike are put In circulation by Klondike people who have •ometbing to §elL—Philadelphia Inquirer. Ax authority on Alack* MJI it U not ••ft to drink wbi&ky or ooffee np there, and that cold water is the safest boverago. Water ill obtained in winter bj melting tt* loe.—Buflmlo Time*. ere«k, * BBU1 II* in Iowa, and which through the eastern part of county^ Mo., i> found to abound Reasonable Prices. The most Reasonable Tailor in town is Craig. He will make up a Suit lor you that for Price, Style and 'Fit (Cannot be beaien. His Stock of NEW AND STYLISH FABRICS For Fall and Winter, CTn-to- date and includes everything desirable. Call and inspect. W. D CRAIG, Tailor 416 Broadway, Next to Frazee's. No Pain! No Danger! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and painles. The Finest and Best method of CROWN and BRIDGE Work. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method COHESIVE PLATES, guaranteed to fit. 4fe^-No charge for extracting without pain when new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, nT7TJTTQ'T~l 311 1-2 Fourth8t. UC.1M 1 IO 1 JQver fisher's Drug Stor« THE SHINING LIGHT —The New— Wheeler I Wilson SEWING MACHINE is the most Up-to-date. 308 Third Street. J. Ho well, Agent Senator Til) man Terr XDL Columbia, S. C, Oct. 12.— Senator Tlll- rnan arrived In Columbia yesterday afternoon from Trenton, his home. He 1« a very sick man, suffering from catarrh*)! jaur.dice. His condition la not serious at present. __ ______ ^^^ "TELEGRAMS. The Prince of Wal<is has refused t» act as arbiter in the engineers' Btrike. Pittsburg- steel manufacturers propose to erect a colossal bronze statue of Tubal Cain. Misa Ella Hoberton, of Trempcleau, Tvas badly burned while lighting a gasoline stove. A sympathetic strike to help the engineers will be ordered In England that will involve 400,000 men. The largest canvas sign ever painted Is to be used in advertising the Chicago horse show. It will be 600 feet long and eight feet wide. Tramps robbed the contribution boxe* in St. Michael's Catholic church, Monroe, Mich., and destroyed the costly vestments and chalices. There are 623 convicts in the "Wisconsin state prison at present, 610 male and thirteen females. This is the largest number reported in years. X, A. Paplneau. yardmaster of the Wisconsin and Michigan railway at Fisher. VV f is.. was seriously and probably fatally injured wnile switching. The residence of A. E. Purdee, on the Delavan. Wis., road, near Jancsvllle, Wis., was damaged to the extent of $1,000 by fire. Mr. Purdee and his family were absent- The United State? board on geographic names has fixed the spelling of many Alaska names. "Klondike" is adopted, and what is commonly called Dyea in ipelled "Taiya." James \Venab, a. demented Creek Indian, killed an old man by the name of Jones for fish bait, and used part of the corpse for that purpose before he w;_s discovered. One hundred and sixty-three cities are represented at the -sixth annual convention of the National Horse Shoers" Protective Association of America in session at St. Louis. Game Warden Miller, of Prairie da Chien, Wia, during the past week captured and destroyed over 1.000 feet of trammel nets and seine, most of which belongs to parties living in Iowa. Illinois Republicans at Washington complain because John C. Ingersoll, appointed consul at Copenhagen. i» charged to Illinois. They «sy He bM never been a citizen of this state. A great »old si;rlke Is reported the Revenue tunnel on Mount In Ouray county, Colo. Test* run ** high as 1200,000 to toe ton and &Mt has. been taken out of two cubic tat of rocJc. ' ' ____ • ,'p., .-..." .T-^VWifid.

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