The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1941
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 1941 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE >TVT5 fOR SALE enefit CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION : Daily r»te per ime tor oonsecu-; live insertions: ' One time per line '. lOcj Two times per line per day—08c Three times ptr line per day..OSc v'ix times per lt>ie per day .05c ilouth rate per line 60c Card of ThanJcjs .... 60c & 75c Minimum charge tK)c. Ads ordered for three or six time?. *nd stopped before expiration will Le charged for the number of times the ad appeared »nd adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the aboyo table Advertising ordered tot irregular towrtions takes the one time rate No responsibility will be taken tor more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad, For Sale 260 acres, all in high type cultivation.. Good buildings. Near Can- ulou,.Missouri. Price $50 per acre. ?3UOO. cash, balance at about, half vent per year. This party is old and wants good paper to retire on. See Russell E. Riales. 101 E. Kentucky. H-pk-14 By Ownpr. 160 Aero farm. 120 acres in cultivation. Plenty of ucod buildings. Immediate possession. Price $10,000. Small down payment, terms on balance, or S9.- 500 cash. -See Gage Knight. Ca- ruthersvillo. Phone 623J or 353. 10-pk-i7 Notice r<n ihe money in ALLEN'S Oil and Coal Circulating SHOUSE-HENRY HAUDWAUE CO. Loan j? SMALTlOANS" On Anything of Value • ALSO: Unredeemed merchandise at bargain prices- EAST MAIN LOAN CO. 306 E. Main St. 300 Acre Stock farm, 10 miles west of Para^ouid. Will rent for ^51500 t< year or will s^l at $15 an acre. or will lake cart? of 150 head of aiock from October to March, inclusive, at $2 head per month. Other n months at $1 head per uiouth. See Prank Lanfe, Phone «3l, Paragould. Ark. 12 pk 1-12 Modernized Hungarian Army Rolls Into the War Scene Wanted Sharecropper family. Prefer 3 grown ones. T. V. Baugher near Dear-man. 9-pk-H Welding MOVING We muvr anybody, auywhm. anytiuii:. CALL BIKE PHILLIPS AT 610 EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE Jersey con- with youug calf. Also .sawdust blower. J. A. Bage, Manila, Arkansas. 9-pk-2-3 FOR SALE, close in, residence oi 8 rooms and bath, also small house oh Jot that, rents at $8.00. This home is suited for rooming or boarding house. Price $3000; $300 cash and 530.00 month, including' taxes and insurance. Possession, at once. Thomas Land Company.. ' 9-ck-l3 Bird dogs, 2 and 3 year olds. Must do H all. Mid-season prices. Fred Boren. Dell, Arkansas.' 7-pk-i4 FOR SALE—Hay and corn. Wiley Smith. Burdette, Arkansas. : 19-pk-I-lS Good. work, mules. Cash or terms Cash ; or terms.'See Floyd Simpr Arkansas, .3-ck-tI WELDING 1 i n »! and heavy weld specialty, Barksdale Mfg. Co Plume 19 or Res. Expert Electric and Acetylene WELDIM6 Fender and Body Work and Lawn Mower Sharpening . W. CftANFORD Farm Laud for Sale 80 CHOICE ACRES W. M.-BURNS, Realtor. Two mite* N. E. from Rivea, proposed gravel read, 3/4 mile to gin and hard ro:id. Two houses, %& acres in cultivation. A real bargain at $37.50 per acre. S«t us for lands. O-pk-13 Lost War Causes America To Take Brewing Leadership ST. LOUIS <'UP>—The European was has left America leading the world in the art of brewing, which traditionally belonged to the old world for rfcuLurles past, according <o George B. Sippel, Cincinnati, president, of Ihc Master Brewers Association ol Amoricn. Hi? snys timt UIG "expected de- pasture of beer ns the national drink In Germany" results' from economic and agricultural conditions there. The luck of abundance CAlfC vHVk c on A H| «very Uffl <»f Ka»-~Ti\nh car to yonr c*r. (Tetraethyl O»») JOYNER OIL CO. U. S. Highway «l, North 24-Hour Dell, Art. Wanted to Buy Second hand bath tub and laundry stove. Call 527. 9-ck-13 I i bay mare .mule. 1 fcorreJI 1 horse mule, l black mare muie, white nose, l sorrel! horse. I bay horse E. H. SchuUz, or notify. Lex Chamblin. Tom Little Chevrolet Co, 7-pk-l4 Minnows for Sale (JOMI'I.ETK LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES Call Ifi D101/VA 0!<'P!Cl<; SUIM'LY STOUli U.K. unit Asli Sis. of agrituJtural products such ap barley and hops has caused the Germans to do' the next be>t-'thing by developing a substitute for beer. The United States produced'-, more than 6,000,000 bathing sluts during 1039, Try Oiir' Barbecue RIBS They're Delicious Ole Hickory Inn PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stork Xirby Drue Stores FOR SALE l> room bungalow l\ Ky. Ave. Corner lot NX) feet frontage A Ii5« harffittn at .$1900.00. THOMAS LAND CO H. C. Oaniplidl, Hungary. Germany's ally of the last World War. was strangely out ol liHO's nows Her ,-jcmy ut war's outset was poorly armed, for up to five years a&o Hungary had no modern equipment Now ns this exclusive picture shows, the situation is radically changed. Here nrc some units of iluntinry's ultramodern panzer-car regiments, pictured on recent maneuvers. Many observers believe they may be used to protect Germany's flank, should Hitler move deeper into the Balkans Land- For Rent Goldfish and Shiners. 300 .E. Main St. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. 19-ck-l-19 For Rent 3* room unfurnished apartment. Phone 327, or night 555. 11-ck-u ?, unfurnished or furnished roonr with' bath on gravel street. 1901 W. Ash St. Blytheville. \0-pk-l-. room apartment. Private bath Phone 866. 621- Walnut. 9cklf 'I inifurnJshed. rooms tor rent. Call 890. 9-pk-14 Two room furnished apartment Lights, water and phone furnished. Private entrance. Screened hack porch. 2 closets. 710 So. Lilly Phone 1175. . V 9-ck-lf 2 furnished rooms. Mrs. J. C. Criner, 127 Dugan. . 8-ck-t) y "unfurnished apartments. Automatic hot water. Nice location Phone..' 727. .719 W. Ash. 7-ck-K •5. 'room furnished. apartment. Tho- Co. OR 11 5?7 or 924 One light housekeeping room. One •bedroom .for two. Cheap. Closr in. Water and lights furnished. 115 P?"st. Walnut. . irurnished. front bedroom. Next- to bath. 7] 3 W. Main. Phone 988. 2-ck-ti FUNNY BUSINESS Have L'.OOO iicres Little River lone! S. E, Missouri. Casli rent or third and fourth. This tract ran be di- /ided'ihtc :< parts. Rcnirr.s niual av: cquipincn! dear of nncimi- :rance. Sec Russell Ria!e.s. 101 E. il-pk-H Strayed or Stolen l White face Hereford heifer, weight 700 pounds. Liberal reward. HlRhrtll-Doan M.ul^ Co, Washing Ironine 7 quilts or hlanltets ____ 51.00 IJ<-H Grt'cn. hchind City Ic« I'Jant, H.W. 61 North. 0-ck-10-» r rhe cimsiKunn ol a In AJghunlslRii, the left hand is 1 200-pound human body would bo Read Courlci; New.s wniij. ads. only the wor(h Ilbou( onn clol!m : right hand is used in eating mnr|cpl Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms . intc-rnal hwnorrhofda Unit, do not protrude are oftentimes mi Illusive ullmenl. since they are usually not painful. They ' art- frequently the biusiy cause of much reflex «u(Tering, •Some of tho most common conditions that are caused more or less cllructly by Internal Hemorrhoids us well as other iX'dnl pnllwlogy nro: hl^h blood pressure, cliBRstive. disturb- SIIICHS, cxtrrmc ricrvotisncss, dull ln\v-ba«kuchc, back ol Uiiyh.s iiche. • inKomnlu «Hloeplessnews) and constipation, U ^ roily anil -dunRcrous to deter or neglect examination hiui rr«'ninif»nl thu! will rollevo nnrj ruro tills ailment..-' :. DBS. N1ES&NBES Olytlirvillc, Alk CUnir. RH Muhr • Tel..98 'J rootn unfurnished apartment Good condition. Corner of Main and Second. OH F. Simon. Phone 764 or 1170. l-ck-W room furnished apartment. Also bedrooms. 100 W, Kentucky. ll 512.9. 31-pk-l-31 •Store buildin?. Main and Lake. Phone 329. " 31-ck-U" '• room furnisTied apartroent. .Lights and water furnished. Reasonable. 5601 W. 30-ck-tf Bedroom conveniet-U. t.o bat-'n. Steam heat. Phone 280. 27-ck-tt r?esirable bedroom, twin beds. Men Preferred. ini7 Walr,-ut. Phone 102. 24-ck-tf T--VO. 2-room furnished apartment: 615 'Chickasa.wba. 23-ck-tf 't room furnished" apartment. 70S W: Main; . 23-ck-tt 3 room fuorntshed apa.rlmenl. Pri- t ' vate bath. Desirable ' location, Phone 280, ' 14-ck-tl' T.«jge bedroom. Twin beds. Steam heat Men preferred. Corner' Chickasawba • and Ioth. Phone number J. 23-ck-tf Available soci- --.wo-room office suite, window* JD Main -street,! Sudbury BIdg, Phone No. One.. j Personal Arouse 8iftnu>:i uw, work off the bile to rid yourself of consU- j oation, gas pains, and that feelinc, Take ODJ? boy <# KIRBT'S UVIB riLL» Work. I). A. ONE Cfr THE SqUACi CAR^ FOUMD A BLUE SEDAN YOUR DE6CRlpTjOW ( BUDDY Or COURSE IT MA'S A DIFFERENT LICE USE NUMBER, BUT IT , BE WORTH WELL, HELLO J rr's THE LOUELY THE -SU&URBS WE'LL SURROUND DECIDED TO FIGHT IT OUT VJITHTHOSE COM' ATTORWEV'V FOUNDED WO NAATTER WHAT THE BOffr mt »v »u sEH |VW'i More Than J SMOKE WAS 5UFPICJEMT ME IMTO THIS PALACE, IT'S JUST POSSIBLE THy^r I'LL OF/kSTRQMGER MPCTURB TO GET OUT CLEOP^CTRA „ COPH. 19*1 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T.R?BEC."U. S. Gosh, it's ii}}\ of rubber checks 1" ANCIENT GODDESS HORIZONTAL, 1 Important Olympian nswer to Previous PuzzJe 16 She was of her husband's companions. 18 To hire. 20 And. 2.2 Root <jdge- 26 Marbles- . 28 Recedes. 30 To surpass. 31 To rip. v 33 Cry of sorrow. 36 Slender lofty tower. 39 To rnako furious. 41 Pitcher handle 42 Wool fiber knots. H To plunge in water. 47 Common verb, 49 Exclamation. 50 Tanner's pot. 51 Paxt-of eye. 52 Withered, , 53 To cut- 54 Wooden.' 55 Roosted. 56 Form of , moisture. 59 3.1416.' 60 Egyptian. deity I CANVE OUT OF THE DlV/E. JUST ( SMOKE SOMB PANTS R(QHT — AND THEM VA/MAT •5 She wa? the of PBUAS— eofKks TO ENUST/ xvrn-i THAT BUT LET ME- FINISH/ 1 NOTCEO MY RETRACTABLE- LAMDIMG GEAR WAS STUCK, SO 8 She \va^ wor shiped by ancient - s MAPPEHECV DROPPED MISTAM I EGGS ON BVRD? r T He —AMD HEADED FOR HOME/ ;» Plea in abatement 16 Black mineral. Branchial. 1 9 Fish eggs. 21 Grafted. 23 Careens. 24. Box 25 To devour. 27 Born. £0 Masked. 32 Any flat fi srl . 34 Upon. 35 Female sheep. Pound (abbr.) 38 Indian. 40 Stilt ponds. To hurl. 5 Mysteries. 6 Baby bed- Aperture. 19 Genus of sheep. 53 She was queen of 55 She power with her husband. 57 Rim. 53 Musical drama. 61 To grow weary. 62 Tiny. 63 To perturb. 64 To stitch. VERTICAL 2 Paradise. 3 Worthless person. •I Measure of area. 5 Eagerness. 6 While fur. 7 Seasoned- 8 Fuel. 9 Right (abbr.). JO Weird. JI Cod of love. 13 Mister (abbr.) 15 Public conveyance. RED RYDER P.RED > 6OHE CL\FF HODSE? VJHAT'A BREAK, LEW/ PERFESSOR .AS IMS CLir\6£O DP, PROFESSOR/ Still Plenty to Explain X THOU6VTT Wi-TUE.

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