Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 27, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 27, 1895
Page 2
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BUDS, Society buds, young women just catering the doors of society or womanhood, require the wisest care. To be lie.iutiful and charming they must have perfect [ic.iHli, with all it implieh — a clear ski:i, rosy checks, bright eyes and igood spirits. At this period the yomn,' v.'om.'iti is especiany sensitive, and many nervous troubles, which continue through life, have their orifrin at this time. If there- be pain, headache-. b:n.'.;ache, and nervous disturbances, or the general health not ffood, the judicious U'-e of medicine should be employed. Dr. I'ii-rce's Favorite Prescription i:; the IK.-) rer.torativc tonic and nerv- ine at this tinii:. The best bodily condition result!-, from ih* use. It's a remedy specially indicated fi>r those delicate weaknesses and deiaii;;eiin-uls dial nfllict wo. •mc-nkiiid at one p:.-ri,«l or another. You'll •find that the v.-oman who lias faithlully used the " r-rc-ciipiiun " is tin: picture of health, she louks -i-cll atul she feels -nil. In catarrhal itinamiiialion, in chronic displacements common to women, where there arc symptom 1 ! of backache, di7,/.iness o fainting, benriiu; dou-ii sensations, clisor dcred stomach, nioodiuess, fatigue, etc. the trouble i.. Barely dispelled and the sufTerer brought back to health and goo spirits. "WOMAN'S ILLS." MRS. \V. R. HATES, of Dilutorth. Trmtibutl (~u.. • Ohio, v/rites: "'"A few years :i(;o I took Doctor I'ieree'-i Favorite Prescription, which has been a jcre.1t beocflt to me. I am in excellent health MOW. t hope that every wo- iBAn, who is trotiblcfl with 'womcn'H ills,' will try the ' rrescrip- don' and be benefited m*I have b«en." Mus. BATIIS. STREET ACJROCATS IN ClOVCr I.lltll: 1VH|)|!' V.'llll I'll AlllKUl IlH- posslliin 'I'i-li'lei roi- ' in;;'.: I'ny. Purinjf ;i jijirilci.-lia ride ;ilon;r tliu Streets of any Japanese oilyt lie traveler is almost MII-C In .-'-e;' a ;,TOH;> of younff street aercbuls, ([r.aird- li'.tU- people yroteMHioly di'i'..:.ed. Tin-irajres v.'ill mcffe fft'i'ieniily between thri-e and twelve ye;:i':;, und all have IK-I-II 1'nj.f- 'JL'hcir dress i.oi'..-,i.-.!s mainly nf loose trousers, a bri;i'lit-i'oloi'i.-d jaoicet und n peculiar lieaddiv:,s. The Irousers nro blip,";;.', made ol' a stro;i;r material rCrtOnibliii^' iilne ;:ud \\'ldte bod tii.'kin;;', Iiud tio.tl at t!,e :m!:le. The jacket and Bliirt aro lirlj.-lit and eonsjiienous. The! friiiit of tbe headdress repre- Bents the liali'-opened moutli of :i dr/igon, while the back is umamentcd witU many ei»uk:,' plumes. l''rom under tho hcucUh'oss Tails a curtain ot thin reel material, thrown carelessly baek over tho shoulders, the whole be.iny Bcutirely bold on tho head by a picco of reel cloth which tics nndeni.jatli tho chin. These littlu imps are always laughing, full of fun, ever ready to play harmless jokos on one another, Somu of their most skillful unties, says Youth's Companion, will be 1'ollowuil by simply throwing tlicmselvcs into ridiculous positions, intended solely to ' keep spectators in a yoocl humor. ,' You arc startled to sec them stulclon- ]y stand upon their heads, heels in air, Or bond backward until their saucy little faces -will be seen inverted bc- "wcen their knees, Afnin, tlicy will walk on their hands, und quite unexpectedly cliatipre from their position, rolling and tumbling over each other, jumping, kicking w prancing-, and trying in every \v.iy to attract the attention of the passer-by. One of them continually beats a small drum and sing-sat the top of his voiee, doing his host to add to tho din. Their entire por'i'orraance. is given iu the hope of carniny a few rin-a small copper coin, wortii less than the tenth of un American eent. "When a. foreitrner passes Iho littlo acrobats redouble theiro.iVorts, for they know that ibey :-t.and a chance of {jet- 'tiug fi silvi'r i;oin. These little people have often followed my jinrikishafora long 1 distance, continuitifr their gymnastics, and some. timcsthoir persistence becomes troublesome, always hupin;r for at; additional . coin, and bein^r ever ready lo work for it, they cari-y out tile, d'eep-rootcd principles of the .lapar.'.'Su character—industry. i)ati'.-n_co_and iK;«_evera:;ee. THE PERIDOT. • A rrccimn ; tono \Vliti-;i Is Just Now tha A precious stone on which tin; decree ti^.'fashion h;i i, at the present moment, seta fancy value is the peridot, or "evcniiijT euieraJd," as it has been called. It !.-=. certainly a lovely stono, with its exquisite shades of transparent green, the best siifrifesticn of whoso hue is the euect produced by lookinfr at thelig-ht through a delicate loaf. Jewelers say that the peridot is a •pecies of divine, of the same class as the beryl, aquamarine nnd topaz—and that it is, in fact, the ancient "topnr.ion," otherwise known as the chrysolite. It Js fouud in Ejryp* 1 - Ceylou and UrazO, good crystals beiiur extremely rare. Ot its various shades of gTecii—olive, leaf, pistachio, or leek—the clwir leaf green is the most admired as a rule. At a recent fashionable wedding 1 ono of the most beautiful and costly o.f the presents w;;.s a sot of ornajnents composed of peridots set in amethysts; tho blending of the soft mauve green was exquisitely artistic. Of toll the precious stones the peridot la the most difficult to polish, says tho Philadelphia Times. Tho final touch is given on n copper wheel, moistened •with'Sulphnrie acid. Tho stone hns the peculiarity of becoming' soluble. Sometimes it is" cut in rose form, or en cabochon, like tho carbuncle, but it is better and more valuable when irorked in small steps, as the brilliance is there* by/increased. ...-'.' , ' DETECTING A WEAK EYE. A Sltnplo ExpiTiiiicii: !>;• V.'lili-li Anyonn DEPRESSED. DEBS CASE' OPENED. "Yes," said tin-doctor, to a writer for ! . veraD .g p r j ce or . All Commodities the .lowelers' IU;vicw, "the. makers of •, iO-»^". o u ^ optical instruments are turning 1 out | some wonderful appliances nowadays I for discovering iuiperfections of vision, j but I'll tell you of a plan for testing 1 tho | respective .streng1.li of your eyes that is | a.s simple as it is trustworthy. All you j jiced is a stereoscope and a photograph, j That arrang-emeiit in which the picture ; holder slides up and down a Hal frame, j trombone fashion, is the host sort of ! stereoscope for the purpose, although I any will do. and tlio photograph that I will <, r iv(; tho best results la a cabinet si/.e view of some locality with people in it, Tho modus operand! is simplicity itself. 1'nt the photograph in the holder , and focus it just enough so that you , ran NOM tho faces clearly. Then close ; the left eye and look at the picture in- ! len'Jv with you i 1 rig'ht eye iviiileyou : count tliirty slov.-ly. No^v close the rif, r ht eye and look i/t. tho picture with ; your left eye for t!ie same length of • time. Then open bo'Ji eyes and look \ ::t tin. 1 picture without cliringin,'; the | focus. a {; Jfc s LoWSSt Point, I Reserve Down to S5S,OCO,COO Industrial Forces Not Increased —Trade Review. j viirlcty of lliKinciul ilut'ior-,, I;IK-!I unoring-lils rommly, ilous not pruiuls.1; healili fur tho 1111- llcnl. Aaollifr nlTor of luiluls, umlfr tin. 1 oM law anil i;.\i.-,ln:;.' i-ir(,-uiii» l .iii."«". iinu'ln result uu-;itl>fin-ionl.v. At, 'JuUOin. l)usii.i.'.-s lui^i- uncj> bL-CiiUMi tlio riHuro Is i-loiulcil und llic consuinlnf; di-inunil has nut incruasuil In .laiiu- . iiry as wasexpeciud Ju bclii-f ihat it would, over, they move with a very precise re- ; i m i U j,i r i us i l;u i uiilarsecl protluciloii. mill until The iij|-ui-es on l.he one siile of the picture will seem to move across the view a.ii-.l griinp themselves with those on the other side, and—this is the point of tlie experiment—file figures will always move away from tho weak eye. More- hilinn of :;peod lo the weukuess of vision. If the left i-yo, for exiunplo, is ((iiiti.' wi'itlv, the lifftire.s will move very r|ifu:Uly iicross the piano of sight to the i-i^-ht, siik', while if there is but ;i slight delVft the movement will be gi-aduul, :ui(l .so on. A queer thing- about, this experiment is tlntt, wimple as it seems, it will bring 1 out defects of vision that have, never been suspocte", and another queer thing- is that it will demonstrate the casea in which both eyes are of equal power to be surprisingly exeeptional. I have tried it in a scoi'O of mixed gatherings, and never yet without having tho experimenter observe some movement of tho figures. There was ono old lady, I remember, -up at Tort Jefferson last summer, who persisted in saying that she saw precisely with both eyes as she did with one eye, and well she might, for when I examined her eyes more closely I found she wits stone blind on the left .side :ind didn't know it." J IJitve lift*)) llnjll":.'. I'url, OlNcllNi: l,ll<1 Dcillh. Did yon catch cold during tho last cold spoil!' Dili U leave you with u cpug-h, or tickling, or soreness in your throa',, or a alight dischftrgu from none or ear, or ringing in the hesici? ]f any erne' of the.~e things are true you are in tho drat, Bla^o of ehro&ic catarrh. Po-ru-nn will cure you now in a vary short time. It you wa.lt until the catarrh becomod chronic it will tuko mush louger to get a per. manentcure. Besides, no ono is safe a raomoat while chronic catarrh ie in the system. It ie capable o! produc- a multitude ot diseases, such as bronchUis, pneumonia, quinsy, dys- spopsla, Bright's disease and many mii of female weakness. This (act should lead everyone who has the slightest cold or cough to b-'gln at onco the pioper treaiment. Fe-ru-ua s tho remedy for all this claes of C 1 tseases, used by DP- Hartoaan, one of the most renowned physicians of this country. People go thousands oi miles to see Dr. H -tinman for catarrbal ind all sorts of throat and lung dla- oases and he invariably prescribes 'e-ru-na. It Is the use of this remody that has made him £9 famous. A great many other physicians beside* Dr. Hartman aUo use Pe-ru na in their practice, but no ono 30 extensively us ho has. Pe.ru-nn baa become so well known through tho Doctor's immense practice that it is kept n all the drug stores MEDlCAi; BOOK FKBB. A treatise on catarrtial discisef, coughe, colds, hv grippe, couaumption, etc., will bOi-ent free to any address >y the Po-ru-na Drue Manafacturing Company, Columbu#, Onlo. KKEE HOME TREATMENT. Dr. HarimaD has agreed to advise roe of charge 10.000 cases of chronic catarrh this winter. Send your name. iddress, ace, sex and symptoms, and directions for tho lirst month's treatment will bo sent free. Medicines 2an be obtained at nearest drug store This treatment not only cures, but :ures permanently. I'h-i-iry ApiJi'ul for Ait.-isinnco. ST. JOHN'S. N. I' 1 -. -Ian. 20.— Tho government is inereusing tho. number of no n on tho relief work. These em- >loves receive twenty-five cents a day. JL'hero are still hundreds of persons without the visible means of support- The nppcal of the clergy for assistance will be forwarded to Great Britain. Cruiser Ol)'ni]il» to Up Delivered. SAX Fr.AXCisco, Jan. CO.— The cruiser Olympia, in tow of three tngs, left the Jnion iron works shortly before 10 o'clock Saturday morning for Mare Island, where she will be formally de- ivered to the government, by whom the big warship has already been ac~ pted. It docs tho I'.xcessor proiluuliitf i.-iip;ii-liy oon- sluntly lends tu douri-'S^ jiritH!^- V*'lll.'llt, I 01-11 "IKl CllttOII. ••\\'hc;iL !i;is sold ut thi> lowest iiomt ever linow.'i for May option !i:iil ^I)ol hasi ilct'lliicd four cents for L!IU wook, liiiuiilutiou of '.lie iin- nicnso holdings of the F.nr ustutii bi'iii? ru- inorccl. J'"or most people, tlie k'l'oat visible supply iiiirl the pressure of tlio quiinlltli!!, curried for spoculiit,!o.'i In olovuLcrs, justify extrunn' lower prii-cs, as there Is aothlns; :is yet to Indiume material decrease In tlio crop. Corn lia> ilccllneil ^!-io, though receipts uro .slii-inltln^. Lliiuklution In pork has Iiroitu'Iit a sharp decline Cotton uuroly osuapos thti lowest point on rocord, <:<ilil i^vpurts. "Kiportsot S7.-I50.000 ffokl this weoii. making uliou'. S-i'O.OJO.OJO in ,laiiii:iry, huvo been partly for Illinois Central sutHomonts, but mainly duo to \vlthdriiWiils of foroicu capital. Cor.skl- cruble sales of stocks, und ot hlfju-prleed nul- Wiiy cui-ruaey bonds, cellor llftecn days, show doubt about the monetary future, Of tin: sumo siKnilliKinco live purchu-ses of bills tor Iu- j tun; rciuiltiiaco by importers, as a cliuii(!0 In j tho currency wouldsubji'i.'t them to loss. Mniiy i banltei^ talk sui-luu.sly of tae dangor Unit, a | .silver basis may suddenly come, unless congressional inactivity ceases. Tin) l-'iiiliu'd Kci-iird. "LlitUllltlBs of faihu-o-i for suvuntoeii days of January n'uro if7,ftOl,iilll, against ,>K!.CoS.ii90 in i.'iKllfJCii iluys last year; manufuc'tnrin^ lla- uilltics weiv 8l,r,7i',0i;i, against jiJ.07.',s:!7 last year, und tradinj,' Jj.S.i-l 100. in-'nlnst :r(l,oOJ,;ir,:i last your, l-'alhu-us tn,s week have been :W8 In the linked States, asainsi -130 lust year, ai:il ai) In Canada' against 5.'i last year. "Special tcloxr.ipmc and mail atlvii.'es i'roro tlio more iniportiiiit distributing ccntt'i's fall to reveal any m.u'ked Impi-o'.uinonJ in the r.iovenii'nt of nioi-elMiulisc and products and tho conclusion is forced that the general trade situation remains as previously eharacicri:'.cd —by small volume, low prices, hand-to-mouth sales, mill tlw i.utlook fnvorinK a very coc- scrvuilvB trail') for some time to come. WANT BUT ONE GRAVE. La.->t l 'L'o- c*t of u Couple- "\Vlio K<.'tlit-r ut tiiwrnnci 1 , .tins'*. L.-uvi{i-:xci;, Mass., Jan. ac.— Walter C. Wright shot his wife, Annie, Friday night in their rooms, No. ->~" Kssox sti-uet. He tliun turned the weapon _ upon lihusolf, un< the lifeless forms of both wen: found, in bed SutiinUvy raorniny. \Vri.Tht \v:ih nbout -15 ye.irs ot' age and worked as a. machinist. 1. 1 is wife was 'M yoai-.s old ami was employed a.t the Arlington mills. Upon a -note j found in :t pocket of Wright's clothes during tlie investigation of the medical examiner it was written that the couple had agreed to die together, and wished to be buried in. one grave. At the bottom of the note Wright's initials were signed. i:n;iilpts of tlio Irisli I'urty. LO.VDOX, Jan. m.— Justin McCarthy, chairman of tlio Irish parliamentary party, has issued the following statement of accounts for the year ending December 31, showing the amounts contri bit ted. for the- e:<peu$<.-s of the party 'front various parts of the world: Caiijt'.a navoi'3,010; Hie United States con- trlbuted i".T15; Australia. New Zealand. Slam ami Newfoundland locctiiur sent i-191: Xrelancl subscribed £5.i':>5; England and Scotland presented tlie party with .f'.iS. 1 . Total. .'_'!.', -193 Cot Hut S750. ST. Louis, .Tan. 20. — Local ollictals of tho Pacific, express say the train robbers at McNeil, Ark., took but. STJO from the express messenger and _a. package of cheap jewelry. Tho rail- i road company lost nothing. A reward j of 5:">00 is offered for the capture of the i two men, of whom good ricscriptions j have boon secured. Suri- of L'onvlcll - ll£ "J-IL/.." SVILVCUSK, X. Y.. .Ian. 20.—Th,e Ou- ondagu county authorities sr-.y they are confident of convicting liob Fite- simmons under indictment here for the killing of Con Paordau. Tho anaigu- niont of .Fit7.s,inimons has been set down for Monday. ro.Htmast.cr in Trouble. ZAXKSVII.I,K, O.. Jan. u'U. — 11. L. Curtis, postmaster at Xashport. this county, was arrested Saturday morning by United States Deputy Marshal Mason on the charge of-cmbezzing 1 -5H- of tho money order funds of the post office. warnlnoto ' Expectant ff , Munr IJirernil remedies ire bcincaklllMiy O 3 ivn<1 pllbly imvL-rtised, urofesjliii; to Shorten g > Labor, Lessen P.iliJ!i of phUd-blnUi, 0 - Coinpj~.i-.-i. o£i"~*"enr ST. Louis, Jan. 2G. — In spite of the fact that Bill Cook and. most of the ot,her bandits of tho southwest have ( jeen gathered in by the authorities, | the Pacific and Wells- Fargo express . companies have not resumed tSe carry- og of money packages into the Indian , :eic.,»nd with i 'ttstt mfnstraatim. Common «en» shoaln 5 tench n:,r wOTii.in th»t»prei»ratIonadEp'l«l S torSlKXSTKOAI. DlSOKpERS wl I prepare ihe system for Cbtld-blrtli: .o scontrarT.inti-rnoJ remedies at this tlmerriRTf tlmportl'herllfe. Wo eamestlT MyarWiKE, Jot all SUCH; iJmy cannot. « thu critl»l. 'ucrlod. do .'HIT possible BOOd. and ttelrii«: rove fatal. Hla only bT pertinent 1LX-] iL treatment while cnOrntr. Uim rel.«- J } 1 iiC and *o£temnc all the part*. th»t lie hour I Xu\v Yoi-.K. -Inn- :.Ti.—i:. ''•• 1'un i Go's, \veeldy.rovieu' or trade .-.avs: "Events linvi; riol hclp''0 Imsiiii.-.-, Mi.s vx-cli. About ilUSsU.UOJ |.*olil iiii> I)LI.':I ^'fll!H;ra^vIl from tlio irt-usury, mainly I'l/r itxpurt. anil ihi; uolJ rusi-rve ha-i l)U«» n-iliiccii. loaUou'. .^5(1.000.000. Simx- Ducombor S tiiL- treasury lius ln>l. in Uilriy-nino workir.!.' ilays. about .fr,» . WIO.OOO foht. and il.illy hu-reasi:.^ diM...-' :. ll:ibli; 10 ufJocl mnrkuls unfavorably. l.uwi-sl roiiit Toiil'lH'il. "rnilustriL's have not >vi founil su'"'-i.'iu ilemanil for their product-i to iirm-eui i-...i- .- (Icullnc In prioi-::. anil tlii^ we ok llie ..>- orut,'*: for all commodities lia-s ii^'aiu louvhud ttio lowest point HVOI- known. Tuo HUinDiT ot liaiidi employed (loos not increaMl, und a.striliiih.s eul of.' fur tuorc i!i.:n a wae'.! abouilialf the Ir.isiiiL'ss or UrooUlyn lo some t!X-tui]l:irfcol!ti(, r triiili!lii!r«. Coni;re»s l:as doiio Sometliinir (jileefwill happen. | nothing t» ri-|jlc!iisli mu iroasiiry. a:ui a i;ruat Attorney l>:irru*v M:i.ki-s tut-k 011 Courts nmi (Ii-i Mnni*£cr->. Mr. J. F. Cole Like a Lump of Lead Distress in the Stomach, ! Nausea, Etc. ' Hood's Sarsaparilla Cured. ! Tlio following tcslliiioni.il comes from Mr. J. F. Cole, who la wltli C. A. Cole., t'.ia well known '. Jeweller and dealer In druggists' sundries at j Wintered, In.,who because ofclosocoiidiiement ! «ullerct! from indigestion and that Urud feellus: i " C. I. flood & Co., Lowi-Ii. Mass.: "^"itliout any husiU'.tlon I can recommend Hood's Sar.snp:irillu. As I li.-ivo worked as a watch niaUcr and jeweler a IK", have lieen closely confined to my business, I w is someumu slnco Troubled With Wly Stomacli. It seemed as it there vra.s :i big lump of lead In It and I was unablo to tak! 3 lone breath. Everything 1 ate distressed im 'ivy much and caused me many sick spells. I v-i ,\il not sleep nlshts and would KCt up in 'he rr.oniln;; feeling worse Uian when I went to bed. 1 hud no energy Whatever. I thmlly U'ied a bottle of Hood's. It Helped Me So Much that I got another, and I have now taken Jour bottles and feul O. K. I cau sleep well and eat Hood's 5 ^" Cures hearty for which my thanks arc i!ue to Hood't Siirsaparlllii." J. F. (JOLi;, \Vmtcrset, Iowa. Hood's Pills curea.ll liver ills, biliousncs», Jmndicc, tndlj^sUou, slclc lieadaclio. SSo, WATERY GKAVES. Twelve Lives Lost by Sinking of Coal Bargcs.in Long Island Sound, Uon mldress The Bradfltld Rfrnlator Co. Gale's Deadly Work — Victims of the Mendot-i (III.) Explosion Number Eip;ht. Ni-:\V I,OM«>N. Conn., .hin. ~(i.—The :u-i-iv:il nl' tlu- tny Si-a. Ivin.i;' Saturday inorninir, 'bi-in^s ID li;'lit ui;u of the u'or.-,t disa.-^ti'V.s Lli:il iitis l^iplX'iH'i! in years in I'.ony' l.-l:inil siiuiul. 'The Ui^' lal't Ihiinnioinl Klals Thursday cvcr.ii.i(i' for i'l'oviiicneo anil No\vpi»rL with live coal-laden baryx-s. \\'hcn "1t" 'Point J'.idilh, about :.' o'clmjlt in tin- morning, the .U'ule svas so strong and the sea so heavy that tliu to\v broke apart. Atil o'clock- tin; head bar^e >)f the to\v finuidered and only one man and a 'boy were rescued before she wont dou'ii. The eruw of the liarpe Xett.ie were taken oil, but the other barges suffered severe loss of life. r J."W«-lV<- Iji\'l-« ljt>*t. There were twelve lives lost by the disaster, four women and eight incn. As soon as tho Sea Iviiiff took off tiic Kettle's cre\v and it was apparent th:it no other lives eouhi be saved, tbe tug- ran for the harbor to escape the tremendous fury of the storm. She had labored heroically to make headway against the wind and sea, but no power could enable her to do that. >'umi^ ol* VicUms. The names of the lost are: Capt. Frank Hott'man. Mrs. Frank lloll'iuan, 'Miss Hoffman :md a deckhand, all of the barge Crocus' crew; Capt. l.Iartshoe, Mrs. 1 lartshoe, deckhand of barffc Kafjle Capt. Harry Tucl<er, and deckhand oi barye Albert 31., Captain of barg-c 33ing-le. his wife and deckhand. Their names could not be ascertained on the Sea Kin^ when she arrived hr-re. The sea. outside .Saturday was terriliu and a dense foy prevails. DEAMI.Y 1501I.EKS ItJcw t'p :» ISri'Wt-ry anil Destroy Murh 1'roporly and Kisht I.ivrs. MK.VIWI'.S, HI-, Jan. SO.- A terrible boiler explosion shook this city and the surrounding' country for miles Friday afternoon. The explosion was in ihe brewery of 0. llcuuhig; iSons. Victims X»m!>i-r Kiclit. The remains of William Lony were found i.u the ruins of the llenni;ijj brewer*• by the searchers Saturday morning-, increasing the total of the dead to eifrht. The searchers are still at work, as two other men are. missing, and supposed to have been killed. At the time of the explosion a party of men employed in cutt.in.qr ice were warming themselves in the brewery and it is not. known yet whether any of them have perished, as many were strangers. The bodies recovered have been placed in Bailey's morgue and an inquest was held Saturday afternoon. <.:iu.-*< t Uiilino™ D. Xo definite account of the cause of the explosion can be given, us all who were near the rooms containing the maciiin ery are among tbe killed and the rubbish has not yet been cleaned away from the machinery. The boilers were provided with every appliance for safety and their engineer was a. trustworthy man, for a long time employed by the firm and had their confidence. Some accounts charge it to tbe explosion oi t-he ammonia '.anks of the ice machine, and it is true at the time of the explosion the air was filled with ammonia fumes. XEW IBEEIA, La., Jan. "i6.—A cyclone of considerable violence passed over the 'eastern end of this city blowing- down tlie shingle factory, fences, some small houies, and uprooting- trees. iSo' lives were lost The residence of D. Miller, of Port Lfifrer, was completely demolished. -Miller was killed and his children were badly injured. A number of buildings were unroofed and others demolished. Cilir.voo. Jim. -ii.—Thi! jury iu thd Dobs case was .sworn in ;it tlio bejiiu- niu<., r of Saturday morning's si>s.-ioii. afK-v which Asststiini IH.sti'ict Attoruoy Milclirist opcneil for tho ^-overniiH'nt. conAiiiuir hiiusolf to :i roviovv of the evidence which has lioi-n pro- p.irod. JIu was l'i)llo\vod by Attonu-y 0, ^S. Durrow. \vlio .-soundly :irr:iii.riH-d tlio otliuors of thy <ro\vriii>K'iH for wh:ii he c:illo<! ;i porsi'CUtiiin of tlio diri-cti.TS of the American Ilaihvay union. !lu ;iO'-.usod .^Ir. Milchrist with bein^ :t p;iid tool of tlio r;iilro:ul> instead oi repivseiitiny the jjovornuient in tlii.s case. Oil tho i.sstio ot' this oii^c \s'hiv'h h;i;l bot'ouio h\siorio;il i in; declared depended tho i-nti:v f;il>ric j of per.-M'nal liberty. He did no! iliinlc cvun the. court whoso duty it would In; lo expound the law in this case knew rightly wliat that law was. and. eon- j tinning, s-.iid: ! "You will Ihid when yon L-iiuw the. moil :ieeii.sed of these crimes that iho lowest one of then) is iiiiinileiy iiitriier j tlian the best of the general inanairer-,. Tiii-\' tiid not h;:\"e to holij t.lu'ir mtv'i- i.'si^'s in SL'croi. as iliil tiu' general inaiia;^ors nor did they have to have :i private wire on whioh to send Their ! teii-.LTi'iiins. liveryIhin^' they did was open and above, board, and 1 do inn believe the minions of the railroads will be nbU 1 to convict them of any crime whatever." KnUre I-nmlly "III-.HIH-. .ST. .liisKrli, .Mo.. .Ian. I'd.—The re- luainin^' meinbers of. the llol/.olau family. consi.st.ing 1 of father, nn.-l.hcr and .seven children, has beeu broiij>-ht to this city and placed in state ii!.-.a.nc asylum No. S. Tlie entire family is now in the madhouse, and the history of tho case is one of the strangest over recorded. THE .MARKETS. Crulll, J'l'ovisions. Ktr. CHICAGO. .Ian. '.'li l-'i,ui:u—Wus quk'l and easy, winter Hat- cuts, i—TfOiiU.TTi; stilii^llts. >'J Itii '&!. tW; cii-ars, Ji.]S {,'.'.:tli. seconds, J.l'0.'u,:M)0; low Armies, il.tiC I'lil.S-i. SpriUK'—Piiti'.nts, ^t.^u,/,:i., r )i); sirdi^'lits, S±-Ofi-.SO: bakers'. SH'UiirJ ->'. low crailes. •:!.?£ CJil.Si); Ked Don, jLC-'ns!."•">: J{y«. M-SUjsiM. Wni'JA'1'—Aetive. uuseitled and Ju'A'er. Xo. 2 cash. l>0.i> r <l KC; Jnnu.iry, 50 .iOlf. May. S.'l'v.i CuHN-Quiet and steady. .No '„' a:ul NO. ',' Yellow, -etc: Xo 3, -lie, and Nu. I! 'I'eilow. -ll'.ii 1 : Jauitiiry, 4:!'>l.-l'-fc; February, -HU'i 1 : Jla.v. l.">'-j (tcilj^i. 1 ; -luly, -irv.-i' M,.irf-' M c. OATS —Fuir tradlnt,* ;i:id uiist-nloil. t'asli Xo. 2. S9c: .May,-".M.; (..U; a c. .Sam;i;i.'s linn: supply small. No. s. :W.!JLSII.'; Ku. :t While. Hi;-; u:f."<c: Mo.-,-'Ol^'.J-'.l^c: No. '.' While, :).•:/.:« -..u. HVK—steady. Cash rye in demand. Inn futures dull. Sjiociilaiivi! inar.ii.-i dull. Xo. i hi sLore.- r 'Ui'. Sample lois, ;'il -./-'d J -jt-; .May delivery. M l-Sff.'tfc. UAHI.KY—In modcratn ilciuaud and niTi'ri»;:s small. Common to nood Xo. -I, -IN.^rv.'i:; No. 'J, SOjiiVi'/ac. am! No. -, about r>I'iv.'.">fu'. MESS I'OKK — 'I'radint,' w.is r.iihci- in-live. Prioi.'s lu\\er. t^uotailuus ranj,vd at SlOJiUii) 10.50 for c sli re-ular; fIli:ij;il0.-,o To:- January, und JIO.'iOf/.lD.r.-) for May. LAUii—KatlH-r active and Jowrr.. (^iiuimiiins ranjt^'il ut JC-l'iitH.-'iO for cash; f,i>. iriiiUSi 1 .. for January, and .r(l.t!J^»G,7U for May. Llvu POL'i.TiiY—i'er pound: Turko-y.s. :>Qt'*:; Chickens, 0(^^/;7i'; Ducks, St^Oi-; {.;eose. IKT c!o7« i (JH.OilJjO.UO. IH'TTKii—Crearnoi-y, J-^^-'te: J.ialry. siri'JOc: Packing Stock, Sii'Jc. OILS—Headllxnt, 175 test. S'.ie; Gasoline, S7 dzd's. IQo: 7-1 dec s, 8c; Naphtha, (!:! ileirX 7c- LiQUOH.S—\\ r liisky quoteil steady at sl.^J ]>er gallon for hi;;!]wines. XK\V VOIIK. .Jan. *MJ. Pi.ouii -State and western dull, weal;. WHEAT—N'o. ^red inoder.itely active, steady: March. 5S'-jiiJ.'iS r-iiie: -May. 5S i-io.it.VJ :(-!('<:; COHX— Xo^dull, !>tuaily: Xo. -. is.'.^/iiO'ie; OATS—No. ^ dill!, llrmer. State;, wifi'iilo: Western, 3-1 t,lOc; February, SSJii'..- May. ;:;lv. _ I. steady. Kxtra mess, :«7.!'i0:;>i.0i); ranjiiy.SJ.roftli.2.>c. PORK—Quiut. steady. Mess. JliOOjtr.'.so. LAKO—Quiet, llrui. Stoam-rendered, ;i).?0. CM BUSK—Quiet, easy. Slate, law. ni.il I i/c: do. fancy colored, Ii;- 4 'c; do. while, lo^idli:; Oo. small, 9-.'.-ill-'ii;: ;ian skims. a'^.-A-: full irnn-r \Vi-«li'rii. -:!c: /Ai^^. KNOWLEDGE •rimrs comfort and improvement six!. ,.i- to personal enj'wment. when ..vitiy uscu The many, who live bet-<• rhiin otitcisani] enjoy liiV more., wills -•v- exiietidiuire, I.* 1 nwiv promptly • iMi't.i:"-' tl». wnj-lii'.- best products to .. :ieed^ "•' si!: .*ic;ll hoi'iisr. will attest • I Viiitu- ; .f ii-.-akh of I.IK' pure liquid , v,:i\\ j>:-ii,i-i;>!<'s ejiibiaci'J ii> die '-,:.i-i;v. .-'yriiji •>'. Fips. ii • ••:\!-i i !l'': i i i ! i> line to its prOM'titins; ,i! f-.i tin' fa.str. li.e refreshing 1 ;;nd truly iv,' ; oiiivt'.iaiiy cU-auMi:--' tin- system, '-irMiiii,: <'<i : i!.-. !io:id:\ohes and fevers ,.! i!i-rm.'i;ient; •• ftiriiij; constip.'iiion. lia.s srivi-u s:tti»!':i'.i.nii) to millions :iiul • •: ivit'n the approval of f he mi'ilica! i.ir.'-siiin. )n'i':iu-i- it nets o» the Kid\:i l.iviT Mini I'>o«Tis \vithotii weak•1:11: them .-nui i: i.- |,er!V,CT.ly five from •^ynip'of ! r i;-'s N Cm salt- by ah drug-is iii .".Hi- MI.-I •?' linvtles, bin ii is man- '...-fnred In '.I-' 0:»iJ!'oriiia Kij; Syrup .inly, \v|i.i.M- naiiif is printed on every i.-kanc. .-i 1 - tin num..-.-Syvupcif Kip-, SUCCESSFUL SPECULATION OPEN" TO ALL. Oiiriiewiilii«tr.-iKl p,']ii!]itiii'i- on speculation ,-i' d nivi'slni'Miis ;md MIC I'sstnl Wall Sire«'t op-ration niniliHt Heooii iipiiln atlon Ou r lilscirtlo'inry ^iii-i-nl;i<ioii \itflu our cus- oonHTS 1,'irti' monthly prullts UT mml-n invrtst- •ii-iiis IIIHI n-c^lv. .special atlPntlon. Ciisli or on aiiiarijl'i rtt ;s t»5 iirrcriii. Ooiiiniis>Iuii i-G per cunt. 'W'lte tor Kiuticiilars. 10 Wall Strni-i. Ni'»' *'orn City. Li vi- SI'H-k. lions ••• .M'u-'ncl activo Prices So !i:i:!ier ili-.ui yi.'.-.l mil f'-i.'!in;,' .'irni. jay'-. ,'in:il i(;;ures. r n r J':;:s: •>';.7-'"', •!.'.:• :or livat: f.:t M) 44.J.', lor rom.-h px-kiii;;; i li.i,''.•!. !u Mr inixi.-ii, utiil >'l. Ii.'llj for lu::.vy C.ITTU: -.Mar'.;.:'. :',illi"r i!iii!. !-i,-t'iiii:i iveiij anil prii.-i.'s IMS''. IJIIOL iiio.'is rancfvl :it-M'•".*•£ 5. ii 1 ) for cnok'i 1 lo CNLIM shippi^ Suvr*; >i :i.V> 4.>.'i for :;oo.l i.-' 1 ohoiiM: <!i) ; ^'..so ;-I.."! i for fa.r Vo X'-.-o'l: S 1 !. n .• I o i for co:n;ii ia '••> mi'.lium do.; jii'0"-".'W I".' i!iui-;u'rs" Sii'i.-rs: • -.-'0 •',-.'•> J for • :o"lii.-r-: I"-.M •W-.Mur l->..-ilurs: •.•!.'.« .•.'..'. 70 for Hull.-.: -•-'.."'. I. Ill for Ti-xa-Sti-i rs. : .;:il >ii v ';J ItfTorr " Full H-nil orfli'nm [s cathered b; thnt tremendously destructive ,lnp, malaria, nut on tlie brakes with Hu.s i-r'i Stomach i-Uters, wbicli will rlifcX Its .---Kressand avert disaster. Cnllls ;ind f"vfr, )i Ions remittent, dumb SKUU ami ague cake an? prompt'! relieved und ultlimitely cured bi this enlal speclflc. wli-cii Is also a comprelenslve nmlly medlalns. speerillr us-ful in cawofdjf- epsln, biliousness, constipation, sick headache, nervousness, rheumatism and r.enralKl'i- .iintust the bnrttul f Itects pf sudden changes oi emt>er?itur*>, exposure In ^'ct we«tber. close ap- illrailon tolartorliiqs mental pursn'ts, and otter ntlcer.oes pr jifllclal to tio»l;h. It Is most rrnstwrtbj saVjruartJ. It fortifies the •-vp-f-rn aralnK dl^eas**, prnmotes api>-t'tfl and i-ep, and hasten* cnn^il^scence after debllltat- Children Cry for >i - oher's Castoria. If your child is not growing 1 Or •hriving 1 , give Rtcebarvs Worm Ixi- lenges. Sold by B. F. IvefeSiiog aud Ceystone clrujr store- Children Cry for Pitcher's Caytorla. If you lack energy, are weak and tired, take Riceh&rv's Pills. One a .e. Sold by B. F. Keeiliug nod Cejstone drug store Children Cry for Pitcher'* Cas^ria. PAP CALEHPAR For e * «• 1895 © ; A Desk Calendar is n necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse for memor.ind.-i. Tlie Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest O f a )i — full of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and cntcit.iining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of the sunerb quality of Columbia Bicycles' and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five z-ccnl stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFC. CO., Mention this paper. Hnrtford, Conn. HEM-+** I 1-1*11II M M 11 M Siumitt Children. If your i-t'i'o i- noi crowing is stuu'i-d iir.d iic,.-:-Jin.nv. iho cause <s mo.-'i. liKuly tn rn: o.vln^ to tho presence of worm-, '-'•<! iioless! tbey are expelled it« chili! win oot improve, but graduaily ^'!-ow nervous, frc-'.ful and pale. Cne rijmed v u> u-e Is "ine- bari'o Worirj Lo/ooiie-. 'J'bev reraove th,' »nrmr urn: 'h^ worm ni'st. Sold bv B. K. K-'-^i'i^T iird Ke>>lone drugstore-. When Bt&y «"a« rick, we ear* Wben sv <«TUI a QiUo. sno cnea tor VTtien sue occamo Slisa. see cinnK to OasH>rl4. e DJKI Cniioiruj, *ine guvc cacm cossorta. «e oftec JLuck of Stri'i-u'h :>n<t '.hial9 the »t:itO'i wo feti tired aid vvtthk. wiih liulo rfcilfh for food. The cisu-u ir- •> torpid liver. owlog w tbe »'ipn-r"s effect on the svstera. A fc lv uo^te < ' Riner art's Liver Pills will :-'>on aroute ihe liver- and make you 'ei?i rirong und like a new perborj. Or<ly oce a dose; ect plea&antly. S.)!<i by B. F. Ktebllnff and Key rioce drug store. Vur Or«r Ylnj Yearn 51r=. Wjndlow'r Sooibicj, Syrup has teen u-eti for over fifty \6ara by millions of rootbers Tor their children while teeibiup, with perfect euccets, It eooibe-s ibe child softens tee game. allhjd all p»in, curec wild colic, end 1« the (V-SL remedy for ciiafrtaj*. It v\. I :e]ievh '.he poor little t-cfferer im- tnediR'ely Sold by drucgist* In e v ery part oi tbe wr.rld Twenty-five coats R bottJe. Be -jure and ask for -Mrs. Winslow's Soothlce Sirup," and Utice- no other kind.

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