Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 7, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1891
Page 5
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Bonds of suretySL. written lor parties holding positlens of traBi «i»r» • bond is required. 319 PKABJL ST. S. M. C.I ossoh. MONEY TO LOAN! ii'd Notes Bought In any sum over $25 at lowest I Resolutions ofHexpeet. At a regular meeting; of Loffan division No, 20, B. of L. E., held at their hall Sunday, Feb. 1st, 1891, the following resolutions were adopted: • Whereas, It is with deep sorrow we are called upon to announce the death of our late brother, Mathew . Kanles, who, after a long and- painful illness, departed this life on January 28, 1891; and'while we humbly submit to the will of God, we none the less mourn our broth*r's death, stricken down in the prime of life and vigor by that fatal disease, consumption, that we deeply sympathize with the family and relatives of our deceased brother, and pray that God, in his - infinite '.mercy, .will enable them to bear up under.their sad bereavement Resolved. That in the death of our brother, division 20 has lost a true and faithful member and his family a devoted husband and father. That as just tribute to our brother, our charter be draped in mourning- for the space of thirty days anil that these resolutions be printed in the daily papers of the city and a copy sent to the deceased brother's widow and children. MARK WALLACE, ROBT. G-. GREEX, C. F. BEAM, Committee. Broadwuy M. B. Church. The revival loses none of its interest. After the song service last night Rev. Mr. Swadener sang with much feeling and tenderness, a solo entitled, "Beckoning Hands." His sermon following was as usual earnest and impressive. Tbe afternopn meeting was not held in consequence'of the funeral service of the infant daughter of Dr. J. B. Shultz. There will be no meeting this afternoon, but all are invited to the meeting at 7:30 to-night.. The church was thronged to its utmost capacity last night. Conversions and additions'to the church occur at almost every service. • rates. Large amounts o per cent. GBO.B.FORGY. declSdAwflm Daily Journal. , - SATURDAY MORNING, FEB. 7. To .Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bringhurst. ofQSeattie— a boy. ... Joe Williams.is laid up with an at- tacfe'.bf rheumatism. '• Onto Krans again calls attention to "figures' in small type of his advertise- •ment; - - .- - ; ' ;-'-r' Befor-e' attending Otto's sals to-day 'giance through the big .advertisement and see what you want: : , .Fjed Blassingham'has gone to take a p'd^t'ipn/'-.as ..telegraph operator at Marbhland on the.Monon. Mr. and'jfc-a r ' ; jT. .W. Frohmyer departed yesterday for Lafayette on a .week's visit'with-relatives. -.. ; : "r-Jpfiti^ Brown, an employe at Ash & •Hadley's furniture factory, had the middle finger of one of his hands cut off .Thursday. -"'..-.'. . J. : J. Shaffrey, whom misfortune .has been, .pursuing for the past year .or •-more; -departed yesterday for the National soldiers home at Columbus, O. Yesterday in 'Squire Fender's court Francitf'E.Barnard was fined and costed ''• $8.5.0''for provoking Henry M. Whist-. -> ler. .The defendant will take the case to the circuit court. . ;• Judge Frazer has returned .to -his home in "Warsaw after seventeen ' weeks.continuous.'service 'trying the .Tiirpie-Lowe .case.- He will return next month to hear the argument of ' the'.lawyera for a new trial. This is a "^great case.for"th6:lawyers. ':.,: Samuel Gompers; "who is to speak in this city on the; llth inst., was born in London, England of Dutch parents. He-came America at the age of thirteen. ' In answer to a question asked him by Hon. Herman Stump, of the .Immigration Investigation Committee in" regard to His (Gomper's) aationali- tyi, Mr. Gompers made thlF following reply.-"lam an American .in every , thing.tjiatgoes to make up an American except birth." Look Out for Him. A smooth young gentleman has been devoting his time recently to swindling farmers in the southern part of the county, says the Lafayette Journal. He appoints them agents for a patent wire fence and they are to receive a handsome commission. They are merely asked to sign a harmless looking contract. This contract is easily transformed into a negotiable note and soon finds its way to a bank. The amount named in the notes varies, but it is enough to pay a man well. Quite a number of farmers in Jackson another townships have been caught. JTohn I/ahr'H Condition. The venerable John Labr, owner of the Lahr house, suffered a third stroke of paralysis yesterday afternoon, and has sinte laid in a semi-unconscious condition. His right side is affected, but he is able to take a. little water and milk in the .way of nourishment. He is resting easy this afternoon, but his physicians, Drs. O'Ferrall and Sbill, consider that death is only a question of time. He may die before- morning, or last several weeks.— Lafayette Call. "' An Indiana "Scrap." Ed Cory, of .Crawfordsville,. and "Cliucky".Fell 'of Lafayette, met in a prize-ring at' Waynetown Thursday, and. Fell was knocked out in the third round. This was. followed by an eight-round bout between Jack O'Neal and Tom Platt, for a Dint flask filled with whisky, in which Platt was knocked .out. .During the principal mills there, were several individual fights, and a few robberies were also reported. • •Xotlce to "Water C'cnunmers. The water from the whole city will be shut off on Sunday morning about 9 o'clock for a few hours to enable connection to be made with the pipes leading to the water on the north side of the river. .The consumers of water will please take notice of this. TERRENCB McGovEKN, Sec'y, •' Water Works Board. Gratifying 10 All. The high position attained and the universal acceptance and approval of the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs, as the most excellent laxative known, illustrate the value of the qualities on which its success is based and are abundantly gratifying to the California Fig Syrup-Company. The. funeral. : of "little Helen Sbultz yesterday afternoon was very largely attended. , The services were conducted at,the Broadway M. E. church, by Rev. Birch and-the floral tributes were numerous and handsome. , An association of railway employe has been organized at Topeka,, Ktinsa. composed of locomotive engineers locomotive firemen, conductor::, train men and switchmen. The association on Sunday last elected P. C. S.cott, •• a member of the Order of Railway Con ductoi's, president and B. S. Williams member of the Brotherhood of Loco motive Firemen, permanent secretary The confederation, it is stated, repre sents 32,000 employes on Kansas roads. A committee has been ap pointed to watch their interests anc protect them before the legislative bodies of Kansas. Says the Indianapolis Journal: A member of the order of Kailway Telegraphers says that it is wrong to think that the death knell of this organiza tion has been sounded on account o; the Milwaukee strike. "The order, said he, " is a non-striking - organization, and its members had nothing to do with that strike more than to give it our sympathies as members of the telegraph fraternity. The Milwaukee strikers were composed of agents, operators and clerks, without membership in our order, and we have been misrepresented in the matter. Superintendent F. H, McGuigan, of the Western division of the Wabash. with headquarters at Kansas City, has surprised the employes with orders for a sweeping reduction" in salaries and force ia order to cut.d.own expenses The first order -was affected when twenty-five men in Kansas City : were discharg-ed. The order was to the effect that three of the switch engines should be taken off immediately, .together with their crews of five men each. The clerical force was cut down by discharging ten men. The discharges will save about §9,500 a, year. It is reported tnat the salaries of the station agents, or a majority of them, will be reduced. The order to tbis effect will be issued to-day. A Hotly Contested CJIWP. Delphi Times: The Tioga bridge .case is on! .The much talked of suit of Contractor John C. O'Connor against this county and White, to recover fifteen thousand dollars due him for the building- of the bridge . that tumbled down over the Tippecanoe river between the two counties, commenced in Logansport Monday ^.and has since been grinding. A number of citizens have been subpcened and the case is commanding considerable attention at the capital of Cass, and the impression seems to be that Mr. O'Connor will recover the full amount of the damages he has asked for if the jury give the testimony introduced the consideration it deserves. The case will probably go to the jury Monday. The Timef has so frequently published the claims of both sides of this case "that it would be a waste of space now to reproduce it. This county, is represented by Gould & Eldridge and TJhl, of Monticello, while the plaintiff's side is be ing handled by Pollard & Pollard and Judge Winfield, of Logansport. The people await the result with interest. A representative of the Pine-apple Syrup Co. was in the city this week and as it was'a new thing on the market, he gave us the following-' history of its discovery. It has long been known that the juice of the pine-apple used.as a gargle in cases of diphtheria- croup, colds, and in fact, all throat affections, was. an infallible remedy, but pine-apples can not alwa.ys be had. when most needed. The Pine-apple Syrup Co., of Franklin, Ind., have ..overcome this difficulty by copyrighting and putting on the .mav-ket, their syrup, which has for its base the juice of the pine-apple. Those mothers that have tried it in croup will not be without it. It is equally effacacious in. cases of incipient diphtheria, coughs, cold's, asthma,. in fact all throat troubles. They.have testimonials from farmers, merchants, professional men, and in fact -All classes, as to its merits. Wherever it has been introduced its sale has been simply wonderful. Sample bottles with testimonial sheets can be obtained at .John F. Coulson & Go's drug store where syrup is now on sale. The Clibnen jiprlend'8 Ball. To be in keeping with other social organizations in the city the Chosen Friends have decided to organize a uniform .rank. With si ch. a step in view the very successful dance of last night was given, the same netting- to the order quite a.neat sum which will be applied to purchasing uniforms for the new rank. Broadway rink was well filled by the merry crowd and the dance was kept up till quite late. It •was well arranged and admirably conducted ^and was one of the most successful events^ofjihe kind of the seel £02, Sot Falling. The Findlay' (0.) Republican has taken up the defense of Findlay against the reports that'natural gas is 'fiiiling in that city as -reported and given general publicity to by Lima and other,Standard Oil towns. The Republican had an interview with the 'owner, manager or .some one connected with about thirty leading- factories of that town, and the' direct qnestion is asked as to whether the natural gas supply is failing? and whether they are having. any troubie with natural gas^ as to quality or qunantity? Direct answers are reported. In every instance the reply is that they are having no trouble with the gas supply. It is plentiful, dry, free from oil, water or other foreign substance that would cause tl e pipes to (ill up. In only two cases is any inconvenience reported, and that occurred by transferring'from a low pressure to a high pressure line that was not in good working order. Sev eral of the factories have been in operation and using natural gas for five years, and the general verdict is that natural gas will be plentiful for manv years.—Ex. Tried mid True Is the positive verdict of the people who take Hood's Sarsaparilla. vVhen used according to directions the good effects of this excellent medicine are soon felt in nerve strength restored, ihat tired feeling driven off, a good appetite created, headache and dyspepsia relieved, scrofula cured and all the bad effects of impure blood over- :ome. For a good blood purifier, take Sood's Sarsaparilla". y IVortli Hundredx of Dullurx. My Wife used only two bottles of 'Hother's^friend" before her third confinment. She would not be without it for hundreds of dollars. Sad not half as much trouble as before. Dock Miles, Lincoln Parish, ,a. Write The Bradfteld Regulator !o., Atlanta, Ga,,,- for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. to8 • The fire department alarmed by a Dig blaze apparently on the North Side, made a run last evening, but found on closer inspection that the )laze was out in thp country. It had the appearace of a- barn full of hay or a straw stack burning. It not learned what the fire wo.s. T"ll v^iii- Grocer •<• Like Humpty Dumjtfy ; on the ave< W^SANTACLAUSSOAP ; corses tfjeir way; For £A!RBANIVS SOAP • has-coinetostoy MADE' ONLV BV N.K,FA!RBANK&Ca CHJCM ; CONCERNING EYES. Vt'Iuit They Are .Supported to Indicate a» to Cluiracter nn<l Ability, .'Long- almond-shaped eyes, with thick- skinned eyelids that cover half the pupil, are indicative of g-enius when they are found in conjunction with a brow which is full over the. eyebrows and which lias one deep, perpendicular line between the eyebrows. I have frequently noticed the combination, says a writer, in the faces of distinguished literary men and artists. The almond- shaped eye. however* even without this peculiar form of forehead, always means a susceptible, impressionable nature. Eyes which are large, dp'eh and very transparent, and which sparkle with a apid motion under well-defined eyelids, denote elegance in taste, somewhat susceptible temper and great interest in the opposite sex. Eyes with weakly- marked eyebrows above them, and with thinly growing 1 eyelashes which are complete without any upward curve, denote a feeble constitution and a melancholy disposition. Deep; sunken 'and small, blue eyes under a bony, almost a perpendicular forehead, are indicative of selfish and cold-hearted natures. Eyes which show not only the whole of the iris, but also some of the white, both above and below, denote a restless, uncertain nature, incapable o'f repose or concentrated" thought on any subject. The eyes of a Voluptuary move'slowly under heavy lids: Round shaped eyes are never seen in the face of a-highly intelligent person, but : they denote a-kindly, truthful and innocent nature. •• Byes which, when seen in-pro- ile,-are-so protuberant as to run almost parallel with the-profile of the nose show a weak organization of body and mind."'-Byes of rather close pene- ,ration, but close together, denote cunning' -and an untruthful disposition, lyes'/rather far apart show an honest and guileless nature. When, however, the eyes are very far apart they denote stupidity. Eyes with sharply defined angles, sinking at the corners, show stupidity 1 of mind; the sharper the angle and the more it sinks the greater ,he delicacy of perception it denotes, but when very much developed it shows als« craftiness amoimting to deceit. "Well-opened eyes with smooth lids and somewhat fixed glance, denote sincer- ty. Lines running along the eyelids 'rom side to side and passing out upon he temples denote habitual laughter— i cheerful temperament, or, at any rate, one in which the sense of fun is strong. —Boston Post. —Trials of the Grocer.—"Good morning, Mr.T." said Mrs. Newspliee, as she .ailed into,the corner grocery, "have rou any electric, currents? I was just eadingin this morning's paper that a udicious ust of. them is very beneficial jo the system; do you think once a week vould be often enough to cook them?" And the , grocer never smiled; he had once kept a store in^hiladelphia and was used to those things.—Brooklyn iagle. Something Practical. His Married Sister—What did you say Kate Pierson when she said she •would be a sister to you?. Van Pelt—I simply said it would be more to the purpose if she would be an ncfc to me.—Jury. S M O K E D M E A T Of this Brand will be found Select Goods: Slaughtered and Cured »y W. C. ROUTH, Logansport IncL For Sale &>\~ Leading Dealers. " ' "j Call on the New Druggist . And become acquainted with his manner of doing' business Res.pectf.ully, H. C. PURCELL, r No. 418 Market, Near Pearl-St. 'I iUusfcal Recital. A notable musical event was the recital given b'y the pupils of J. E. McMillen last evening in the presence of about one hundred of the friends of the members of the class.. A 'program of sixteen numbers was presented in a most acceptable manner to the evidfint enjoyment of . all assembled. In addition to the instrumental music of the class, those in' attendance were favored with several vocal selections by Miss Cora -Britten and Mr. Clarence Bennett. At the close of the entertainment, Prof. Giffe, with a few appropriate remarks, .presented Miss Etta Knch with an ;'elegant gold medal, she having shown, the highest percentage of improvement during the term, . '..••• The following program; was presented: •'. .''.,,.. . Schwelzermelodie...;........... ./...Kohler Jest>i6 -Twells. II Travatore Fantasia - Sydney Smith Carrie Young. • ; ' Song, ' Kemorles'Jn Sprta time," ...Warren Cora Britten. ' Spring Song, op. Cl........i.......,.: Richard Stahi •: Jessie Uh!. - . :Alpenglockcben, op 175...-. - .Qcsten .. . Ettle Finch. , . ... , , Shepherd's Evening Song .:.; Cluis.' Blake Flora UM. Song, "Bear Heart,"..;..:'...;...,...'. ...Mattel Clarence Bennett. ' -Waltz,, op, 71. .•.'.„. .:..,..Anton.,Strelezlci Hosa Michaels. ..-••My Virginia, Idylle. '. Knoblauch Effle Britton. BtiseDeNu.lt, Waltz.'. ::..Lamotne EOie Wlrwalro. Song, "Where the Birds Sing," .....Stewart Cora Britton, Etude, op. 243 Kohler May EeetL Duet, Sleigh Hide Galop '.Trelour Kittle Kerlin, Nelllo Aldrlch. Song, "The Ship that Carries Me Hoae.".Mi«liell Clarence Bennett. Sunset, Nocturne.... : Wheeler Eva Carney. Spring Lesson's Sudds Leonora Uhl. Presentation ot Gold Medal. Happy Moo-ter*.. ,J Win. Timmons, Postmaster of Ida- J ville, Ind., writes: "Electric Bitters j|| has done more for me than all , other ^J medicines combined, for that bad feel-, ing-arising" from Kidney and trouble."' John Leslie, farmer and stockman of same pla.ce. says. Electric Bitters to be the best and Liver medicine, made me feel like^ a new man." J. W. Gardner, hard-ft| ware >merchant same town, . says:" 1 *' Electric Bitters is just the thing- for a" man;who is all run. down and _doa't^ care whether he -lives or dies; found new strength, good appetite and^ felt just like he.had a new lease oa.*' life.,. Only 20c.. a bottle, at^JB. F. 'Keeslingr's Drug Store. to8 Lint of .AdverUscrt tetter*. Remainlngln tlie postofflce at Logansport furtlie week ending Jan, 31,1891. LADIES' LIST. Btirtch, Emma Miss Peter, GeorRe Miss . Farmim, Nancy K. ' Reno. Maud Miss Klsler, Deilie Mrs. Smith. Eeny Mrs. Lloyd, Alice M. Miss ' „ -WUtjelm. Bell Mrs. Meilman, Minnie Miss Wi aer, L. L. Miss GENTLKttBS'S LIST. Bell, Joe, H.' Hemlspangh, W. A. ZH3 Bell, D. W. Johnson, VV. K. Brioe, John Keys, Jonn B. Calamity; Kit Carson Laughlln, J. W. Cockruoi. Dr. McEnron, Michael Connor, Joseph Reynolds! Samuel Ellis. Fred Simsun, Xe.pehell Emery, Isaac Smith, C. K. Hammon, Adam "Wlnn, H. K. Ziromerel, Frunk, Persons calling for the above letters please saj Advertised. D. w, TOMLWSON, P. M. .Diphtheria. In a severe' case, there is but one thing- to do, got the nearest physician, but how much better it would be to prevent a,,severe case by having Pineapple Syrup in the house; it will do the work. Try it For sale by J. F. Coulson. Both the method and ^results' wieiJ Syrip of Figs is taken; it is pleasatt J? and refreshing to the tftste, and acto'g, gently yet promptly oa the Kidneya,^ Liver and Bowels, cleanses the fljn^if tern effectually, dispels colds, head-| aches and fevers and cures habitua"" constipation. Syrup of ,Figa 08 only remedy of its kind ever ]^ duced, pleasing to the taste and ceptable to the stomach, prompt) io its. action and truly benefickLu» y ,itf effects, prepared only from the'iraosi healthy and agreeahle substances, ^ita many excellent qualities commend It to all and have made it the mostj popular remedv known. Syrup of Figs is for sale i and 61 bottles by' all leading dr ( ug^ gpsts. Any reliable druggist Wh<r may not have it oa hand wjllj^ cure it promptly for any one ;w wishes to by it. Do not accept a substitute. . -' * CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CA SAN FRANCISCO, CAL., j } LOUISVILLE. KY. * /Kf If, W/W." #.» For sale by Bl F. Keealing ind ail draggf«ii'|

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